Introduction to Divine Metaphysical Philosophy and the Divine Pattern of the Universe

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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, D.D., Ph.D. Founder and Dean of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc.


In a world abounding with religious philosophies and dogma--why should there be yet another Philosophy seeking to reach out to the multitudes and embrace them, saying, "This is the Word of God--cast out your former beliefs, ideas, superstitions and rituals--here and here alone is TRUTH!"

This question should and must be in the mind of every serious seeker of Universal Truth who reads these words.

You possess the answer within your own restless, unfulfilled, still searching self: because all of the numerous ideologies and creeds, sects and cults are at variance with one another--to the point of direct and vehement conflict--even within their own groups...due to the one fundamental failure common to them all...the inability to solve the mystery of mysteries (the universal, unceasing search for Spiritual Truth) through evidence and proof that is valid to the reason and intellect, consistent throughout the concrete and abstract states of existence, repeated and verified through examination of every or any animate and inanimate, organic and inorganic, limited and limitless conception possible!

Mark this well...I tell you that I have had a great Panoramic Vision of the DIVINE PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE--and I tell you more; I tell you that on the same day I was chosen to receive by DIVINE REVELATION the Key to the only correct, authentic interpretation of the Divine Pattern of the Universe, His Spirit Law and Eternal Purpose! I further claim this: that by and through this Divine Vision and Revelation it has been given to me to KNOW, to know and UNDERSTAND the one TRUE GOD of the Universe AND to be able to prove by science and fact that I did have such a Vision and Revelation and here and here alone is TRUTH!

Where other philosophies and doctrines tell you to accept their word, believe with unquestioning faith--here you will find the reverse--we say, "Let us demand proof. Let us question every concept. For how else can we know when we find the true answers to the mystery of mysteries than by receiving concrete verification, irrefutable proof, unerring answers that once and forever dispel all doubt and disbelief?"

The function and motivating purpose of the INSTITUTE OF DIVINE METAPHYSICAL RESEARCH--through our written and spoken word--is to provide every thinking individual everywhere with the ability, the techniques, the methods by which to investigate all evidence, to learn to correctly interpret the intents and meanings, to cut through the chaos, conflict and disorder (be it physical, mental or spiritual); to examine, weigh and evaluate every philosophical and theological precept and concept rampant in the Universe--from whichever pulpit it arises--and measure them against the one, the only Divine Pattern--revealed and manifested and repeated without variation throughout the Dispensations and Ages of Time.

You will be provided with the knowledge and awareness to dispel skepticism, denial and rejection--in yourself and in others--you will acquire the capacity to strip away the camouflage, mockery and deception perpetrated by the false prophets and their self-serving mysticisms--and by so doing, to unfold for yourself the irrefutable, immutable facts and knowledge of cosmic, ethereal and ecstatic Spiritual TRUTH!

This I promise to every sincere seeker of TRUTH: Let there be light along your way and when we have traveled far enough along the road, you too shall understand and possess the precious Keys to God's Kingdom.

I ask you now to reflect and consider. Now, your own self make answer. Is THIS what-for and whereof you seek and want and desire: To find, understand and know the one and only Pattern which is manifested consistently throughout life and history--past, present and future--and which will explain materialization of God's incorporeal embodiment from spiritual force, thereby unlocking the door to the reason and purpose for spiritual reconciliation and the achievement of true spiritual realization?

Are you willing to seek with seeing eyes and find with Inner knowing, the TRUTH about GOD, the Archetypal and Divine Pattern of the Universe AND His Spirit Law and Eternal Purpose throughout the Dispensations and the Ages...through illuminated perception and interpretation of the God-Given word in the Holy Bible? Are you willing to cast out superstition, pageantry and false concept? For I say to you, only with true belief and everlasting faith through the Powers of Knowledge and Understanding can the Reality and the Kingdom of God be reached!

The Panoramic Vision of the Divine Pattern of the Universe

From the earliest days of my childhood I thirsted for all the knowledge of the Universe. I walked in the majestic fairyland of Mother nature and wanted to understand the elusive whispering of the wind as it cavorted with the trees. The musted call of a bird to its mate filled me with joy and wonderment. I listed to the splash of raindrops as they met and engulfed the earth and marveled at the works of nature. My eyes beheld the splendor of the rainbow and thanked God for the beauty of color. I watched the ocean as its waves moved ever onward, relentlessly and inexorably--just as the sun and moon rose and set in the heavens...and I formed questions for which I could find no answers!

Why did the sun and moon rise and set? Why did the water in the oceans ebb and flow, ebb and flow? From where or whence did the colors come? What was the reason for being alive? Why was I not a bird or a leaf or a blade of grass? Why did man have the form he had? Why not like a vegetable, or perhaps like a drop of rain instead?

As I became older and learned many things about the physical and material world in which we live, my questing gradually directed itself toward God and Spiritual things. Did God really create the world in six solar days? Why had not man ever seen God? If no man had ever seen God, how could Moses write and Eye-witness account of the creation of the world? I searched in the books of man and did not find my answers. I searched in the wonders of Nature and found no answers there. And as my Inner self cried out, "Wherefore Art Thou, Oh Lord, my God?" at last I began to search within myself!

As I pondered about the soul or spirit of man, I fell into a deep and tranquil state of reflection and meditation. My consciousness drifted and seemed to move apart from my body. I seemed as if asleep, yet fully possessed of awareness. Without being conscious of my surroundings, my body--any material substance--I yet was not unconscious! My earthly knowledge became diffuse and dissipated into nothingness; my mentality seemed to depart, until my awareness was merely that I was in a state of existence, that "I" was. I did not exist in relation to any other animate or inanimate organism. All that I was might be defined as ectoplasmic spiritualness--without shape or form but yet with an inner awareness!

I could not see, yet I felt or sensed that I was hurtling back through the realm of time and space into an extra-stellar void of Eternity. There was no time, there was no space, I had no physical form or substance. I had, I discovered, communication--without speech! I felt, without body. It was as if from within my inner self, suddenly--an awareness came to me that I had become as one with the Universe! I was a part of the Universe and I was, in part, the universe. And incredible as it seems within the limitations and inadequacy of language--as God Willed that I know a fact--I knew. The entire Universe, with me as an integral component part, reacted to God's Will--as He so Willed!

Suddenly, it was Willed that I be at a point and place in the past--and I responded instantaneously to His Will. I was there and I became aware! It was the time in history just before Moses entered into the cloud which enveloped the crest of Mount Sinai. I was not in the cloud, nor on the mountain, but rather, part of all and everything there present--attuned and sensitive to the entire event.

I watched the Children of Israel approach the foot of the mountain. I sensed, rather than observed Moses and the Seventy elders enter onto the mountain. It was as if I were part of the very mountain itself and I seemed to feel their material weight upon my awareness. The very vibrations which were my sensibilities seemed to be disturbed by the many feet intruding into and upon the immaterial presence which was me. I understood, by God's Will, that these were mortals--composed of Spirit and of Flesh. Then, abruptly, the disturbance to my vibratory state receded and almost ceased. A minute continuation of energy made me aware that a mortal soul continued on toward the essence which I had become, and that it was to become pure intelligence with my intelligence as it moved on toward its perfection.

I knew from within myself that the seventy old men had stopped, while Moses, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu continued. Finally, only Moses, the one most advanced soul, entered into the cloud--which was the connecting link between spirit and matter. The cloud itself--too dense to be spirit, too ethereal to be pure matter--became the meeting place between the soul of a mortal man and The Eternal Soul!

Still I experienced vibratory disturbance. I was spirit form and man was invading my very essence. Then, swiftly, with a convulsive sensation as of nerve ends tingling, we became One in spirit and were fused together and were inseparable and indistinguishable. Now we felt the command to lie down upon the ground...and place the earthly physical form of us upon the earth, of which it was a part. Once again momentarily I experienced the sensation of hurtling through time and space as the part of Moses and of me which was made in the image and likeness of God separated from the physical counterpart and became transported into Eternal condition. As Spirit recommuned with spirit, equanimity and harmoniousness was restored.

As though I relived my life in the Age and Time of Moses, and with Moses, I could see the prayers I had prayed being unfolded and projected across the screen of cosmic consciousness at the same time as were Moses pleadings for the Israelites. Our prayers combined and blended into a unison of universal longing and desire which to be requited and fulfilled before we were returned to the confines and limitations of mortality. Yet we knew that our return would include a promise--to be given only to those whose spiritual insight and perception was enlightened. He and I had become as One in the Universe and we awaited the God of Creation.

Just as one senses the approach of a source of tremendous power, so all around us became as one tremendous, limitless electrification. It surged and flowed around and through us, emanated from us--was as one with us. It was universal and celestial and ethereal and we were part of it. Now the radiance which had possessed us gradually dimmed and waned. There was no need to see! We sensed with increasing clarity as the source of sources came closer and closer. Greater and greater it became until we were vibrating with such intensity as to approach insensibility. For, we were not God, and it was a provision of His superior, omnipotent and infallible Wisdom that no man would be able to see His face. Our surroundings changed from the twilight of diminishing brightness to a state of darkness, then into unfathomable nothingness of extracelestial space, where darkness becomes an impenetrable mass. Here in Eternity, as it is Willed--so is it!

In order to become comprehensible to us, and our limited capacities, God did not present Himself as the Great Source of Infinite Power we felt Him to be. Our minds were not spirit minds but rather human, mortal minds--merely freed for a moment from physical embodiment, functioning on an exalted spiritual plane. The human mind cannot in its capacities accept what in fact it cannot see, visualize nor even conceive. We had seen and could visualize man. In fact, we were also men and had some understanding and knowledge of the limits and bounds of man. Thus it was that God appeared to us as a man--but with Infinite Power and Capacity. Great Anthropomorphic Being though he appeared to be...he was yet recognizable to us in the manner of a great man...a God Man!

Now, at this time, was Eternal knowledge imparted to us as God appeared before us in all His Magnificence and Glory. And as knowledge was imparted to us, our finite selves KNEW GOD!

As this illuminating Vision continued, before my presence and into my awareness paraded the complete and total essence of universal knowledge. Everything that had ever happened, was happening, would ever happen--from the beginning to the end, throughout the Dispensations and Ages of Eternity--became part of my existent state.

After this preternatural experience was concluded, my spirit sped and gyrated back through the kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of time and space back, back to the earth plan and the Here and Now of physical materialization, back to conscious through energy, and I called out voicelessly within myself to the Almighty God, the Ruler of the kingdoms of the Universe. "Now I have come to KNOW, Oh Lord! I Know Thy Grandeur and Perfection. I know Thy Omnipotence, Thy Omnipresence. I know what Thy Will has done, in the heavens and on earth--I even know what is yet to be! But what, Oh beloved God, is Thy Divine Purpose? What is Thy Will, so it may be done?"

And from within the intangible recesses of my Being, the answer enveloped me, pervaded my every cell and tissue: "So that you may know--and UNDERSTAND--you shall receive through Divine Revelation, the Keys to the Kingdom of God. Thou shalt know and understand the Divine Pattern of the Universe--the Great Three-Fold Archetypal Pattern of the Godhead--as it has been infrequently revealed to other mortals in other Times."

You shall know and understand that God foreknew and planned and caused to happen every aspect and detail of the Universe and all things within it. You shall be enabled to strip the deception and hypocrisy from all false dogma. And be able to reconcile science and religious find verification and substantiation in each and every minute concrete and abstract detail of the Material Universe...prove beyond all question and doubt the Absoluteness, the Infallibility of God's Will...the authenticity, the TRUTH of the Living Word as it appears in the Holy Bible!

And so it came to pass that I became the recipient of the Revelation of the Divine Pattern of the Universe and His Spirit Law and Eternal Purpose throughout the Dispensations and the Ages.

Now I say to you: "Abide with me yet a while longer and I will teach YOU to know and Understand this great Revelation so that you and I together may use and exercise the Keys to the Kingdom of God and reach TRUTH and Spiritual Realization through Oneness with God, the Archetypal and Divine Pattern of the Universe--and thereby achieve ecstatic Peace, Spiritual Exaltation and Immortality throughout all the Ages of God's Eternity!"

To Our Friends:

Our Purpose

The Cardinal Objectives of the Institute Are:

  1. To accomplish Universal Brotherhood of Humanity--without distinction of Race, Creed, Sex, Caste or Color.
  2. To encourage and promote the study of the Scriptures, Comparative Religions, Philosophy and Science.
  3. To know and understand GOD and HIS Eternal Purpose.
  4. To investigate the unexplained Laws of Nature and the Powers latent in man.
  5. To extirpate Superstition, Skepticism and Ignorance.
  6. Learn to use the Divine Pattern of the Universe.