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  • Def: Age 1. the length of time during which a being or thing has existed; length of life or existence to the time spoken of or referred to; 2. a period of human life, measured by years from birth, usually marked by a certain stage or degree of mental or physical development and involving legal responsibility and capacity; 3. the particular period of life at which a person becomes naturally or conventionally qualified or disqualified for anythin; 4. a particular period of history, as distinguished from others; a historical epoch;

  • Origin: 1225–75; (n.) ME < AF, OF aage, eage, equiv. to aé (< L aetātem acc. of ae(vi)tās age; aev(um) time, lifetime + -itās -ity) + -age -age; (v.) ME agen, deriv. of the n.;

  • Synonyms: epoch, era, period.
Source: Unabridged