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  • Def: Concept 1. a general notion or idea; 2. something conceived in the mind; 3. an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars; a construct; 4. a scheme; a plan;

  • Origin: 1556, from M.L. conceptum "draft, abstract," in L. "(a thing) conceived," from pp. of concipere "to take in" (see conceive). In some 16c. cases a refashioning of conceit (perhaps to avoid negative connotations); conception in the womb sense was c.1300;

  • Synonyms: abstraction, apprehension, approach, big idea, brain wave, brainchild, conceit, conception, conceptualization, consideration, hypothesis, image, impression, intellection, notion, perception, slant, supposition, theory, thought, twist, view, wienie, wrinkle.
Source: Unabridged