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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in 1970 in Los Angeles, California.

(Also named "The Natural Man".)

DR. KINLEY: Thank you ever so much. I'm always glad and happy to bring unto you the,___ that I have received from our Father Yahweh. Now I did tell you that I would deliver a special sermon, one that you need to know something about. Now if you noticed, I pin-pointed that by saying, "A special sermon." And I requested you to go to all of them that you know had been in this school from one time to the other and that are now delinquent, and try to persuade them to come back. Now if I attempted to give that message tonight then what I would have to do would be to repeat it. I would to Yahweh that you, all of you, got around to the place, most particular in this year 1970, where you could learn one thing in particular. As Yahshua the Messiah said.., now you listen to what I'm saying! He said to the Pharisees and the Scribes, and the Sadducees and Zealots, in other words He said to the seventy, who had followed Him around first one place and the other and observed what He'd done, and His disciples. And they saw that He did perform things that none of 'em could, that no man had ever done. Now they saw that! That was expressed by Nicodemus when he said, "Rabbi" or Master. Said, "Now we know.." Now who did he have reference to when he said "We know?" Well, let me tell you who he had reference to. He had reference to this Sanhedrin Council that was composed of Nicodemus himself, and John, (no I'm not talking about John the Baptist and whatnot), -- ------, and Gamaliel, and just quite a few of 'em. In other words it was seventy of 'em altogether that belonged to that Council that they held up at Jerusalem. And on that Council they were the.., characterized as the Masters of Israel, the teachers and instructors of it. Now it originated from this seventy back here. And while I'm on that score, that was what the Papacy has tried to do, was to appoint Cardinals and whatnot and bring this number up, you understand, when they die off, or for some reason you know that it becomes incomplete or inefficient, and it necessitates an appointment of some more Cardinals. Now Cardinals are way out next to the Pope. So then what they try to do is keep that Advisory Council and that Instructive Council, they try to keep it up to par. And that originates from the idea of these Seventy Elders back here and the Sanhedrin Council. See, in other words, it's a copy. I want you to see what I'm talking about. Now of that clan, Nicodemus was one of 'em and he went to Messiah by night. And he said, "Now look Master, we know," (now you see who the we is, it's the Sanhedrin Council). Said, "Now we know that you're a teacher."

Said now we know that! "You're a teacher come from Yahweh." Well, how do you know that? Well, said "Because no man can do the miracles which you do except Yahweh be with him." Now that's how we know it. Now let me tell you something about the miracles. See He went around and healed the sick of all kinds of diseases, didn't make no difference what kind it was. And all kinds of miracles He performed that the Sanhedrin Council, they had to recognize, even though they did not wish to endorse Him. See, but they had to recognize the fact that, you understand, Yahweh was with Him. Said, "Now we know it because no man could do the miracles which you do except Yahweh be with him." Now, I said that to say this. Out of all of the doctrines and the false illusions and all -- now Israel had quite a few of 'em, false teachers and false prophets. They came along and people followed them off, and that work come to naught, it went down. Now in this school as I have tried my best to point out to you, that I can't do nothing. And I, I'm no smarter than nobody else. You understand? I'm just as Paul said, "Be as I am." Well, why do you want me to be as you are? "Because I am as you are!" Now that's why I want you to be like me, is because I'm like you. The Messiah Himself . . . [Glitch in the Tape]. . . He said, "Now I can't do nothing, My Father in Me, He doeth the work." Now, here's the cardinal point that I want to bring out that He said. Now Nicodemus called Him Master, Rabbi. And quite frequently somebody would run up to Him of that Sanhedrin Council, and try to interrogate and catechize or ask Him questions, because they wanted to show how smart they were, and to trap Him in His words, or to make a fool out of Him. Well now listen at what I'm saying to you. Every last one of 'em, He could perceive, He could perceive why they asked Him that question. And the question was an attempt to tempt Him, you understand what I mean? And they thought that they were hid. Now bear in mind that there is people that come from every walk of life into this school and they want to, when an opportunity presents itself, to ask some kind of a question. And it is not all the time that they seek information, see, it's not that at all. They don't wanna know. But for you who don't know the difference, I wanna let you know I do. I don't care how humble you try to appear in your presentation, I got your number. Now my reason for saying this, I'm gone make it clear, my reason for saying this is, now if I am as Messiah said, "Why do you, why do you call me Lord and Master?" I'm putting it in the King James terminology. "Why do you call me Lord and Master and then do not the things I say?" Do you get it? Now for example, we'll say this so you can catch on. Now if we say we'll have a meeting, a special meeting for your special benefit. you see, Where as the Apostle says this: "Forsake," he's talking to the Jews too in Hebrew. "Forsake not to assemble yourselves together as the manner or custom of some are." Now listen! "And the much more as you see the day approaching." Said "Now don't forsake to assemble yourselves together, as the manner, as the manner of some is; and the much more you see the day approaching." Now get the thought. Now I'll tell you, see, come on down, bring your friends, bring your enemies, let's fill this place up. You've been sitting and listening all the time. Well now look! When I say that to you, see, you can take it with a grain of salt! And then you don't know no better than to come back and hand me, or somebody else, some flimsy kind of an excuse for disobedience or don't obey the commandment.

Do you all understand what I'm talking about? Do you see through what I'm talking about? Now I have told you this. I told it to you, I don't know how many times, until I'm getting sick of it myself, getting good and sick of it! I told you that Yahweh Elohim caught me up to the 3d Heaven. And I saw things, I heard things. In other words, as the Apostle Paul said, "I come to visions and revelations." And it is hard, irrespective and regardless of what language you speak in to impart it, the clear concise understanding, to someone else. And that's a hard thing to do under any conditions and circumstances. All right, now with that being the case -- and I've asked you to sit back there and be quiet! Keep the children quiet! Now, nothing is not going to be revealed to you, and you just sitting up there chewing gum, and nudging somebody else, and whispering all around, and patting your feet down against the floor, and all them different kind of things. Now I know what I'm talking about! Now when we impart all them instructions to you and tell you all them things, You should take heed! Now, one other thing I wanna mention here before I go any further is, now if I've made a statement like that, now you ought to at least sit there and listen to my story to see.. Now that's the way the Corinthians did, the Grecians did, they sat and they listened. And they expected to hear some babbler come along and say something, you know, that they hadn't heard nothing about before up at Mars Hill and Athens Greece. And they were noted philosophers, see. And they'd sat there and give your attention, I mean give attention to what you said. Now listen folks! Now, we talking about having the Holy Spirit, knowing how to conduct and to behave ourselves in society. Some of us don't even have good manners. That's right. We just don't have good manners, not manners enough to know how to conduct yourself in the Congregation of the Assembly. Now you may wanna abuse me for saying these things. But now if there was, if there ever was a time when you should give heed to the things which you hear, as we said again to the Hebrews, lest at any time you let 'em slip and some root of bitterness springing up in somebody.. These offenses must come. Some root of bitterness springing up in somebody, whereby many be defiled or corrupted. Do you see what I mean? Now if you that come here all the time, you understand, if you're going to jump up and say: "Well look, I don't think Dr. Kinley should have said this or said that or said the other, you see, because thus and so forth and so on, or for some reason." You understand? And you're saying it a lot of times to some new person or some babe, see. Then if you're gone bring an accusation against me, you get the point, because I discern them Satanic Spirits incarnated in physical bodies and try to warn you about it, well, what do you expect from the other fellow, if you're going to do it? Now, do you see through what I'm talking about? Now you're suppose to be my helpers.

I wanna to mention something else to you that I think is absolutely necessary. I'm going to repeat it, I said it many times. There is no one in this building, not a one, from no where, but what, what hasn't been indoctrinated in some kind of a religious concept. Everybody have! Somebody said, "Not me." Yes You! You may not realize it, but you have. Satan indoctrinates everybody with something. Well you say: "Oh no, I'm an atheist!" Well, you're just unaware of what's going on. You see, get the point? Now somebody in these days in which we live in now, (now you listen at what I'm saying). They've been out here and they've got in these different organizations that's come up in front of here, in the last few years. And now here they come running in here, you understand, telling me something about somebody else off somewhere, you understand? Now you expect me to go along with that! Now listen folks, if I did, if I went along with it, then I would deny my calling! Now why would I say that? I just got done telling you that Yahweh caught me up there, now if I'm gonna go along with you, then I'm a liar, if I say He caught me up there. Now when Yahshua the Messiah come along, He told the Pharisees and Scribes and them, said " Now I didn't come to be ministered unto but to minister." Do you understand? Now why should I sit down and listen at your long drawn out story about some hypocrite preacher or some so-called, you understand, theologian? Why should I? Why waste my time with that? You get the point? Listen! I'm unconvertible! See? Now that ought’a, that at least ought’a clear out some of it. Do you understand what I'm talking about? You can't convert me to nothing! See somebody wanna come along and tell me what the honorable Elijah Mohammed said, and junk. You see what I mean? Now listen! It is claimed that he is a reincarnation of the previous Elijah that ascended in a chariot of fire and threw his mantle back on Elisha. Now listen at what I'm gone say, He can't tell me nothing! You get the point? Now if that real Elijah back there can't tell me nothing, what do you think I think about somebody talking about they're the reincarnation of something? Want me, want me go 'head on and throw that on out some so you can see it? Moses can't tell me nothing!! John on the Isle of Patmos, he can't tell me nothing!! I'm trying to discourage you from trying to, so you can save your time. Now why did I say that? Because the self same Yahweh is in me that is in everything else and that’s what’s in all the rest of you. Getting quiet in here. Getting awful quiet. Now you bear that in mind and respect that and you'll do well, and it'll kinda open up your eyes to a few things. Now I've tried every kind of way you can think of to find words to make those plain, make you conscious of it. Now let me try one more time. I've asked you these questions: Who do you know? You tell me something about 'em, who you know, that has did any greater works on this earth plane than what Yahweh has done through me. I'll go take my seat and sat down and shut up and never have nothing more to say. That's right. I won't have no more to say. If you can show me somebody, in history, take if as far back or as close up as you want to, it don't make me no difference. Now I'm asking you, see in these things, to pay attention to what I try to tell you from time to time, you understand?

Now this is some of the things that you're gone have to do. This is what you'll have to do. You have to unload your mind with all that trash and old satanic influences and doctrine, which all of us have been loaded up with, you get the point, and get it out of the way. Take it on to the dump. Now you're not gonna get a thing from Yahweh until you do that! I want you to look, ah, 2nd Chapter of First Corinthians and the last three or four verses there. Now you tell me somebody that has the ability to do this, and then I'm going and sat down again. All right read. Get the natural man.

READER: But the natural man... DR. KINLEY: But the natural -- where are you reading? READER: The 14th verse of the 2nd Chapter of 1Corinthians

DR. KINLEY: Now listen! Listen folks! I believe that you better hold that for just a second. You better hold that. The 17th Chapter of Acts of the Apostles and the 10th verse.

READER: And the brethren immediately sent away Saul and Silas... DR. KINLEY: Now they've had this conclave or this meeting, all the Apostles were in attendance... READER: by night unto Berea...

DR. KINLEY: So then now, they've departed from one another and they sent these away, you understand, from the rest of the brethren when the congregation broke up. Now they're fixing to go somewhere else to preach. you see. So now what's happening?

READER: who coming there went into the synagogue.... DR. KINLEY: Naw, see we done lost the continuity of thought. Repeat. READER: And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) Read on. READER: by night unto Berea... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: who coming there... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: went into the synagogue of the Jews... DR. KINLEY: and they went into the synagogue of the Jews, not Gentiles. All right.

READER: these were more noble... DR. KINLEY: These were more notable READER: than those in Thessalonica...

DR. KINLEY: Than those in Thessalonica. Now you have two epistles here written to the, thessalonians. Right? But these in Berea were more notable than them in Thessalonians....

READER: in that they received...

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute now! That's just what I wanna get down to, you see. Now what made them more notable than them at Thessalonica? Read.

READER: In that they received the word... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: with all readiness of mind... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and searched the scriptures daily....

DR. KINLEY: Now see you won't do that, see, search the Scriptures daily. You'll let somebody come along and tell you something,see. For example, you'll let somebody come along and tell you that the church is ruled by tradition. And there's a vast difference between tradition and faith. It didn't say they searched tradition, they searched the Scriptures. Now look who you got up here! You got the Apostles up here preaching!! AND THEY SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES ON THE APOSTLES to see whether what they were saying was so or not. Get the point? You won't do that! You let some idiot come along and tell you something that is no where in the Scriptures, then here you come dragging that bone in here. Then soon as I tell you something, then you all tore all to pieces. For example: Now that idiot in Chicago, said that the black man come with the earth 60 trillion years ago. Where do you find that at in the Scriptures? Tell me where you find it at or shut up! Do you see what I mean? Then you wanna tell me something else this one or that one and the other one said, you understand. Well, where do you find it at in the Scriptures? Now listen folks, this is what the Scriptures are. The Scriptures are the revelations of Yahweh shown to mankind. And the man just wrote down what Yahweh revealed to him, and I mean by looking at it too, by looking at it in a vision, he wrote that down. You see? Now if the Scriptures is coming from Yahweh by inspiration, you understand, and the man is writing this down, then you ought to have sense enough then to search the Scriptures. And if it's not in the Scriptures, that's how you got in all the trouble that you're in, because it's not in the Scriptures. It's not a revelation from Yahweh. Can you see that? Now I just don't have time to fool with that kind of stuff. See? You get it. Now, you can go back.

READER: but the natural man...

DR. KINLEY: Now this is the 2nd Chapter of the First epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. Corinthians are Grecians. And listen, they were the most notable Philosophers there is in the world. All right.

READER: But the natural man.... DR. KINLEY: Now Paul is telling him, "But the natural man"... READER: Receiveth not the things of the spirit of Yahweh...

DR. KINLEY: Now Nicodemus was a natural man. See, and when Yahweh or Yahshua told him, now you must be born again. He said, "Now how can these things be? Can a man enter the second time into mother's womb and be born again?" And Yahshua the Messiah said, just don't marvel or don't wonder at what I said, you understand, for you must be born again. Now how do you expect to come in here, you understand, with a lot of carnal minded junk that you got out there from the devil, you understand, drag it up in here, and you haven't got no scriptures at all or nothing for it, then you wanna start an argument. Why don't you just take a seat and set down and hope for the best, that Yahweh will reveal something to you. Let me tell you this. Now the devil had better sense than that, to argue around about tradition or something another, he had better sense than that. You wanna know, you wanna know where it was and how it was. Well, I'll tell you real quick. When He went out here in the wilderness ,you understand, to be tempted of the devil forty days and forty nights. We're just saying it that way because that's the way it's written in your book. He wasn't tempted, you understand. It’d just been better to say tested. He went out there in the wilderness to be tempted of the devil forty days and forty nights. Now listen to what I'm gone say. Then you ought to be able to kinda compare one thing with the other. Now the devil would say "It's written." Now here you come, nothing written in the scripture, and you're trying to tell me something about what somebody else.., about what some other idiot said. See, you at least ought to do as well as the devil done, even if you had to mention some misinformation or misinterpretation of a verse, you ought'a at least point out something in the book, or in the Bible, you see what I mean. But no you don't do that. You come in and say, ah, talk a whole lot of fool talk. And I've had 'em say this to me. Now it sound wonderful to them but it was idiotic to me. Said "I'm looking, trying to find the place where I come from." Have you ever, have you heard any of 'em say that? Said "I'm trying to find where I come from,see, who am I, and what am I here for?" That's not a hard question to answer. You want me to tell you where you come from. I mean give you the book for it! Now that will save you from further wondering where you come from. Hold your finger on what you got there. 17th, Back to the 17th Chapter of Acts. Read.

READER: For in Him we live DR. KINLEY: That's right. READER: For in Him we live... DR. KINLEY: Now where are you reading? READER: 17th Chapter 28th verse.

DR. KINLEY: Well now see, for all you that didn't know that was in there, that's the reason why I ask him to read it. Now this is a history, but just since it's there in plain words it's a history, see we just give it to you. Now we don't have to resort to that, we can go back here and show that to you. You see, you get the point? What is it you said?

READER: For in Him we live... DR. KINLEY: For in Yahweh, we live... READER: and move... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and have our being.. DR. KINLEY: Now that's where this thing you've got come from here. See? Read on. READER: as certain also of your own... DR. KINLEY: As certain also of your own philosophers or poets READER: have said DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: for we are also... DR. KINLEY: we are also READER: his offsprings...

DR. KINLEY: Now you see that now? Now anybody capable out there in the world to teach you anything ought to know that. Ought not to have you running around talking about "Well, I'm looking to try to find out where I come from." He ain't capable of teaching you nothing! See? You understand. Now if he don't know where you come from,he don't know where he come from, and it goes without saying, he don't know where he's going to. Is that right? See now let's be sensible about some of these things. Think twice before you come up here with that bunch of junk. We're also what?

STUDENT: His offspring.

DR. KINLEY: We're offsprings. John 3:16. And that's the reason why on the chart we have Philo, (as in philosophy as you have there, philosophy), pro, see, genitiveness, you understand. The definition of the word is this: Instinctive love for the offspring. Now listen at that,listen at me to what I'm saying. Now you take a mother, birds, anything, old hen with some little chickens out here see. You can go out there and all when she ain't got no little chickens and all, she runs cackling and getting out of the way. But just as soon as she's got some little chicken out there, she accuse you. Why? Because she loves that offspring. See the whole thing is exhibited and manifested in nature. You see what I'm talking about? A mother will risk her life for her child. It's just the instinctive love for a offspring. You see? Well now, if we're the offspring of Yahweh through Elohim, You see, get it now? If that's so, then that's got to be proven. All right prove it.

READER: For Yahweh so loved the world... DR. KINLEY: Now it come from Him, and Yahweh so loved the world... READER: that He gave His only begotten Son DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) Read. READER: that whosoever DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: believeth in Him... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: should not perish... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: but have everlasting life...

DR. KINLEY: but have everlasting life. Now that was Yahweh manifesting His instinctive love for His offspring! When He gave Him out here on the cross, that whosoever believed in Him would not perish. And say look here, maybe you think that just can't... Try that over again.

READER: For Yahweh so loved the world... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: that He gave His only begotten Son

DR. KINLEY: That He gave His only, His only! I SAID HIS ONLY begotten son. And He was the only begotten Son. See Adam was a son of Yahweh too, but there's a difference there. This is a created son, you see, you understand. THE OTHER IS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN! And this was the only created. And if you don't think he was a son look at the 3rd Chapter of Luke and the last verse. Adam was a son of God. Now "Yahweh so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son," now you get this straight and here's why I called your attention back to it -- that whosoever believed in Henry Clifford Kinley...

AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: or whosoever believed in Elijah... AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: or whosoever believed in Moses.. AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: whosoever believed in Isaiah... AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: whosoever believed in Peter... AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: whosoever believed in Mary... AUDIENCE: No!

DR. KINLEY: It's not that. Now do you see that? That's something else you need to stop and think about. Did you know that? Now they're saying that they have plenitude of power to put you in heaven and all those kind of things. 5th Chapter of 1Corinthians there, see. Now I wanna show you something about that. Now I haven't forgot where we was at there in Corinthians, but now what it shows there, I think it's the 5th Chapter. Paul says now, "It is reported to him by the household of Chloe that there were divisions among them." And he said "I partly believe it." You understand? Now listen at what I'm saying. "Wherefore one of you say, that I am of Cephas." That's Peter. Another one was saying, "Well I'm not of Peter." Even though Pope Paul did say that at the International Council of Churches headquartered in Geneva here not long ago, he said "We're Peter's." Now, it says that "Wherefore that one of you says that I am of Peter," or Cephas, you have there. Another one says, "Well I'm not." Now these are divisions among 'em. Another one says, "Well I'm of Apollos." Apollos was from Alexandria Egypt, you see. And he didn't know any further than the Baptism of John or the Baptism of Repentance. But he was a eloquent and a mighty man in the Scriptures. Now you're talking about scriptorial oratory -- that boy was eloquent! So much so until they were saying: "I'm of Paul, and I'm of Peter, I'm of Cephas,...

MAN: and of Apollos

DR. KINLEY: “of Apollos, of Apollos, Cephas and Peter.” Now then the Apostle wants to know who they are. He wants to know who Peter is. And he wants to know who he is. And he wants to know who Apollos is. All right read.

READER: Who then is Paul? DR. KINLEY: Who then is Saul or Paul? READER: and who is Apollos? DR. KINLEY: Now who is Apollos? READER: but ministers by whom you believe... DR. KINLEY: They are just ministers by whom you believe! READER: Even as Yahweh gave to every man.... DR. KINLEY: Now listen! And even as Yahweh, what? READER: gave to every man... DR. KINLEY: Read it again Doc. READER: Who then is Paul and who is Apollos?

DR. KINLEY: See, now when you're trying to tell me something about somebody, you see what I'm talking about, and how mighty they are, (get the point), I wanna know who they are. And this is something else I wanna know, and you'll read it down a little further. It's a question, see. Read on Doc.

READER: but ministers by whom you believe... DR. KINLEY: Now they are just ministers by whom you believe! READER: even as Yahweh gave to every man... DR. KINLEY: "Even as Yahweh gave to every man." Now listen, they were ministers by whom you believe. What else? READER: I have planted, and Apollos watered, but Yahweh gave the increase. . . DR. KINLEY: um hum, that's right, see. READER: The first chapter there he wants to know, said "Was Paul crucified for you?" DR. KINLEY: Where are you reading now? READER: The first chapter. .

DR. KINLEY: Un hum, that's in the first chapter. All right now look! Look up here! Look up here. Was the Pope crucified for you?

AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: Was Peter crucified for you? AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: Was Paul crucified for you? You understand? AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: Was Mary crucified for you? AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: Was Cardinal Stritch, or Cardinal Givens or Cardinal McIntire or somebody, was they crucified for you? AUDIENCE: No! DR. KINLEY: Was Henry C. Kinley crucified for you? AUDIENCE: No!

DR. KINLEY: Now I'm laying it on the line folks! I'm really putting it on the line for you. Now if they wasn't crucified for you, see that settles that. Now we just read where "He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish." And this is Him that was crucified. It wasn't Paul, it wasn't Peter, it wasn't Isaiah, it wasn't Jeremiah, it wasn't Moses, and it wasn't Ezekiel It wasn't.., it's just Him. Is that coming up clean? But they're ministers by whom you believe, that were sent out to preach the Gospel. I think I'd better say something else on that too. 1 Timothy 2&5, see, to keep you from believing you know that we left out something.

READER: Remember ye not that when I was yet with you, oh... READER: For one is Yahweh... DR. KINLEY: Where are you reading? READER: First Timothy 2:5... DR. KINLEY: Is it in the Bible? First Timothy 2:5... READER: For one is Yahweh. . . DR. KINLEY: For one.., now you listen! READER: and one mediator. . . DR. KINLEY: Oh hold it! One is Yahweh, and what else? READER: and one mediator between Him and men. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now I want you to get this straight, and don't come back with that stuff! Now listen, now let me make it real good and clear. Somebody you know, they still yet don't understand after you read something out of the Bible to 'em, they don’t understand it. Suppose you read it again.

READER: For one is Yahweh... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and one Mediator between.... DR. KINLEY: and one Mediator. Now get this straight! One Mediator between Yahweh READER: and men... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: the man Yahshua the Messiah....

DR. KINLEY: No, sir! See you wanna bring me up, see, is the Pope. And here you're out here praying to the Pope. And here he's telling you to pray to Mary to invoke her divine son. You get the Point? Now there isn't but one go.., Mediator means go-between. Now to keep you from getting confused on that, Peter is not a mediator! Paul is not a mediator! Jeremiah is not a mediator! Mary is not a mediator! No Popes, no Cardinals, and no Preachers no where on earth is a Mediator between you and God! Now you get in your place! How you like that? See, just one mediator. Now look this is what I've told you. I told you through the Apostle Paul there, he said that they, the Apostles, were ministers by whom you believe, not mediators, not go-betweens. No, sir, and they're not intercessors. See, now you've been deceived all your life time about them kind of things. And these preachers around here in the Roman Catholic church and the Protestants churches and the Heathen outfit, they wanna show where their leaders is, uh, they have to talk to God about them for you, you see the point, and you are indebted to them. You do all you can for God, and you got tears running down your cheek and bouncing off your chin, and your hand in your pocket. And you're just as deceived and fooled as you can be. And there isn't but one Mediator, that is not the Apostles. Just one Mediator. Who was that that you say?

READER: The man, Yahshua the Messiah.

DR. KINLEY: Outside that there ain't no go-between. How do you like that? Do you see that? If you could just see that it would help you so much. If you just got that much learned tonight, then you'll quit putting confidence in these Satanic Spirits incarnated in physical bodies lying to you about them being mediators and go-betweens and intercessors and all that kind a thing. Do you see what I mean? It's just not so. Now don't come dragging the stuff in here to me, you see, you get the point? If you wanna talk about Fhared Mohammed, you understand, or if you wanna talk to me.. It would be the same thing if you were talking about Elijah. It would be the same thing if you were talking about Peter, now you see that. It would the same thing if you were talking about Paul. Now if I'm not gonna accept them as no mediators, you understand, don't you see why it's foolish for you to come in here and bring some stuff to me. Do you see it now? All right go on back. But now we're in the Corinthians now, back over here in the 2nd Chapter, and I'd advise you to look at it!

READER: But the natural man...

DR. KINLEY: But the natural man. Now, you see when we're trying to tell you these things, trying to make you see, trying to make you understand something, then you wanna debate, you wanna argue, you see. You wanna tell me about Jehovah's Witnesses. You wanna tell me about the Roman Catholics. You wanna tell me about the Baptist, and you wanna tell me about the Methodist and so on, you understand. Wasting your time, and trying to get me to waste mine. I, I, see, I, I don't wanna hear it! See, I know better. You see now? See it ain't no need in you trying to make nothing out of me that I am already.. See as Paul said, "By the Grace of Yahweh, I am..," Am what? "Just what I am." Do you see what I'm talking about? It is not by the grace of Peter. Do you see what I'm talking about, you understand? Now they will tell you these things, but you see they can't tell me that. Those are nothing but erroneous doctrines. And then when I try to tell you to save, TO HELP YOU TO SAVE YOUR SOUL, then you got your mouth all shot out, understand, got your mouth all shot out. All right. But the natural man.., now that's why you shoot your mouth out 'cause you're a natural man just like Nicodemus was. He couldn't understand that. He said "Just marvel not I said unto you you must be born again." Listen! "That which is born of the flesh.." Now everybody in this building, including me we're born of the flesh, everybody. There's nobody in here or out there who hasn't been born of the flesh. Jew or Gentile, male or female, every last one of you have been born of the flesh. "But that which is born of the flesh is fleshly, but that which is born of the Spirit that's spiritual." And until such a time you're born of the spirit, you can't see a thing. You can't see nothing, any more so than Nicodemus could see how he could go back in his mother's womb and be born again, you understand. You can't see nothing by virtue of the fact you haven't been born. I don't expect you to go along with me and to agree me. And if you come up and you get to to to greedy with that agreeing with me, see, you get the point, you know what I'm gone tell you? You ought to quit lying. That's right. See, you can't agree with me, you get the point. You might try and say "Yeah, you know old Doc's a nice fellow, he's all right." And try to fix it up so you can get a couple bucks or something to eat or some kind of a convenience or something other like that. Said "Old Doc sure is a wonderful man." See, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Trying to go along with me. See and I just tell you right, just stop and tell you right then, "You ought to cut that lying out." You don't know nothing about what I'm talking about. You don't see nothing! If I hand you a couple of buck, you might be able to see then, a piece of bread, a piece of meat or something another, give you some place to stay or something, you can see that. The natural man just can't see, you understand. All right, read.

READER: The natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit...

DR. KINLEY: Now see, he's not gonna receive the things of the spirit. Now wait! Now just a minute! Now here we are up here, just to give you the idea. Now here he is up here and he's praying over some bread and some wine. And he's claiming that through his prayers, see that bread and that wine (although it has the same appearance), it is transubstantiated. Or in other words if you don't understand that three or four syllable word there, you see, see it just means that it's changed into the actual blood and body of Yahshua the Messiah. That the bread and the wine is changed. Am I saying it so you can understand it? Now let me tell you this. Now this is what he would be doing, see. He would be standing up there creating Christ. He would be creating Yahshua the Messiah. In other words if he changes it into His actual body and his blood, you see, you get it now, he would be changing it into the actual body and blood of Yahshua the Messiah, you understand. And then he gives it to you and he said, he’d say to you that Yahshua said "Take," (26th Chapter of Matthew and 26th verse), said "Take, eat, this is my body and this is my blood of the new.., (is that right), of the New Covenant which is shed for the ransom of many." Is that right? See, and you're sattin’ down there, haven't been born, get the point, and you can't see off the end, or no further than off the end of your nose, and say, "Yeah, well, Jesus did say it. Jesus said for us to do it." And He didn't say no such a thing. You don't realize He was in another world or another age, under the dispensation of the Law. And He dwelled ---- there with the Jew to whom the covenant was made. You see what I mean? And that has never been said to a Gentile, and they never have ate the Passover. And now for your information, to just to keep you from being deceived and fooled, you never have either, nobody in here. And that ain't all, you never will, not like that! They're, they're just kidding you. And because you wasn't smart, you see, you're sitting up there you know.. And look! You tell on yourself too.

Said "Well look here, it says this over here in the 11th Chapter of 1Corinthians and the 20th verse, say whosoever eat of this bread and drink of this cup unworthily, eateth and drinketh destruction." It says damnation in that particular version of the Bible. Now listen at what I'm gone say. There you are down there and you're looking all around to see who does take it and who don't take it. See and if you don't take it, somebody say "Ahhh you've been in to something! Ahhh you've been into something!" And you'd rather die and go to the lake rather than for somebody to think that you've been into something, and you're telling on your own self. See because you're a natural man and you can't understand the things of the Spirit. You can understand grape juice and crackers or something other like that. See, you put it in your mouth and masticate it, chew it up, swallow it on down. And it goes down your throat and goes on down into the intestinal tract. See, it's digested and assimilated, is that right, and the substance of it passes on through the abdominal cavity and on in to the blood stream, is that right. It gives you strength in your physical body, but it don't do a thing for you otherwise, ain't that right. Your conscience's all condemned and you don't know what to do. It condemns you because you just don't understand spiritual things. And everybody comes along wants to jump on me about it. Said, "You folks down there you don't believe in the Communion. You all don't believe in Water Baptism. You all don't believe in Washing Feet. Now Jesus said as often, you understand, as you eat this bread.. "And if I being your Lord and Master wash your feet." Say look fellow I know what's in the Bible! Well, said "Jesus washed the disciples feet, showing a stoop of humiliation, and how humble He was.” No! It wasn't a stoop of humiliation. “Well if it wasn’t that then what was it?” It was fulfillment of the Law and the prophecy. Moses brought Aaron, Nadab and Abihu to the door of the Tabernacle, (every time I.., it's so nice until I can't hardly find it up here. It's right here), and washed at the brazen laver and puts on the garments and poured the holy anointing oil on them before they could officiate in the sanctuary.

Now here, you got it right back here again. Here's the Passover. And just like this here. The blood the water, the blood the water, the blood the water. Here's the Passover. He rises up from the table and He began to wash the disciples feet. And look what He said to them. He said "You don't know what I'm doing." You think that they were all that stupid that they didn't know that He was washing their feet? And to show you that they wasn't all that stupid, Peter said "You'll never wash my feet." He know He was washing feet, evidently, didn't he? And so He said "If I don't wash your feet, you understand, you'll have no part with me." Listen! Said "You don't know what I'm doing now!"... Is that what you got there?... "but ye shall know hereafter!" Now here comes the Apostle Paul. Said "Husbands love your wives as Messiah also loved the church and gave Himself for it. That He might sanctify it and cleanse it by the washing of the water by the Word." And He's the word. He's the Word. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yahweh and the Word was made flesh." He's the Word washing their feet. Get it now? You got to have your blood and your water! And when He did that that night it wasn't no good, no parts or none of that, because it had to come of effect after.., the New Covenant is of effect after His death. See and so, He has got to resurrect from that and go on into heaven before this come of.. Said "But you shall know hereafter." On the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was come, it revealed to them that thats what He was doing. That's the washing of regeneration. Where Adam degenerated, that one was the regenerator, (Is that right), washing their feet in fulfillment of this back here. It was a type and a shadow, you understand. Now it's washed by the water by the Word. Now here you are sittin’ up here. You're washed by the water by the Word, you understand. Listen! Paul told Timothy "Be instant in season and out of season. Exhort and rebuke with all long suffering and doctrine,” you understand. “And I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ," that you have in your King James Version. Said "I charge you before Yahweh,” is that right, “and Yahshua the Messiah, preach the Word!" And look folks! Let me tell you something about that. See, when he did that and the reason why he told Timothy to do it, I want you to see what happened. There were riots and mobs on the inside. You talking about somebody getting up in here arguing or trying to dispute somebody, see. Every where he preach the word, see, the real word, (because they were natural people), see they couldn't see through these things. They were carnal minded, you understand, it caused a riot. They had it right inside the building and out on the street too! See, you see the point. I think we're doing pretty well. That's right, we're doing pretty well to be able to preach around here. You see, with all the carnal minded intellectual so-called giants, theological giants, and then don't have no more fights, and riots and disputes and debates and whatnot. You understand?

Now since I mentioned that I'd like to say something about Hebrew and Greek. Now you see when we come in here and tell you this, (I'll try to make it clear). Now this is the true Hebrew name of the Father. I said it was not Jehovah. It is not Allah. It is not God, Bishop! Now I said that. Now somebody say, "Well look! Do I just have to speak in Hebrew?" Now let me ask you a civil question. Does Yahweh have a right to raise up Moses out here in the Wilderness at the burning bush? And do you think He's got sense enough to know His own Name? And listen, when He told Moses, (Moses was a Hebrew), and He spoke to Moses in Hebrew. Now He did not speak to him in Greek! Now here comes along somebody, He didn't speak to him in Aramaic either, He spoke to him in Hebrew. Now that's why we say that's the True Hebrew Name of the Father. You get it now? Now you don't have no right to come along and say "Well this is not.., that's Hebrew and I don't have to know Hebrew." Now here's what you're to dumb to realize. You're to dumb to realize that you're arguing with the Creator. You're just to stupid for that, you understand, you get the point. Now that's what He said His name was. And look folks! They couldn't even pronounce His name, I ain't got time to go into all that, see, without the consonants and the vowels. Now look! At this time now, for your information, at this time now, you can go in bookstores almost any where and pick up the --------- and they'll tell you that that's His true Hebrew name. Any dictionary, any encyclopedia and all will tell you that that is it. Do you see what I mean? Well now, why do you wanna argue, you get the point? We told you this was a school. Well, why would you wanna come down here and argue around with me about His name being Allah? Now let me say this. Another person sat here, he said "Well what difference does it make?" Let me ask you this. What difference would it make if somebody called you out of your name? Would it make any difference with you? Your name is Bill Farley, (isn't that right) or, William Farley. If somebody come along and call you Bob Harris -- do you see what I mean? We gone go into that in this special lecture. We gone go into that very thing in this special lecture, and I'm gone show you the reality of it. I will, see without any ------, just get right down... Now your name we gone keep it, whatever your name is, and we gone tell you what we know about it. But we're not gonna do that tonight, but you come on back. Now don't come back here trying to argue with me. Get the point? But the natural man, he don't understand the things of the spirit, for they are foolishness unto him. Listen! Neither can he know 'em. He can't know 'em. You come saying, "Can't you see? Can't you see?" Naw! He don't see! How's he gonna see? How's a blind man gonna see, you get the point? If he seen, he wouldn't be arguing with you. And when you do see, that's the end of the argument! See that's the way it is Doc, and tell the story it like it is. All right. Read on.

READER: Neither can he know them...

DR. KINLEY: You see he can't know. Now here's what you're trying to. You're trying to make somebody know something that there ain't no way in the world for you to make him know it. "Don't you see?" "Don't you see?" Naw! He don't see! "Well, look like to me like he ought'a know." Naw! He don't know! If he did, as I said, that's the end of the argument. Read.

READER: because they are spiritually discerned...

DR. KINLEY: See, now you have to have the Holy Spirit to reveal it. When he get the Holy Spirit, you understand, through the Holy Spirit that's the end of the line. See, he's born, he's in the Kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah.

Let me give you another one. Now look! If His name is Yahweh and you wanna insist on calling Him Jehovah or Allah. Now look! And you're saying "What difference does it make?" Then you tell me why it was that Yahweh and Joshua told the children of Israel and Moses ------------- that when they went across here and worshipped idols, (they had idols down here in Egypt), the Egyptians had Thebes and Isis. Is that right? Went on up through here and went on up into Caanan's Land, you understand, they had Baal. Listen now at me! You're asking what difference does it make? See, whether we call Him God or Jehovah or what-not, you understand, out of His name. Well if it’s that, if it don't make no difference, why don't you call Him Baal? Why don't you call Him Moloch? If it don't make no difference. Why don't you just call Him Yahweh, if it don't make no difference? Why don't you just call Him Allah if it don't make no difference? Just might as well call Him Baal, that's what they done! That's what they done! And the difference it made, they were sent away into captivity for worshipping idols, seventy years (70). And if you don't change your story, you understand, you're going to burst before the Judgment seat of Yahweh and Yahshua. Are you listening to me? Well, let me carry the thing on through like it really is, and show you what difference it makes. See, right where you are sattin' in your seat, you either have the Holy Spirit or else you don't have it,you understand, you see what I'm saying! You just don't have it, or you do have it! And if you do have it, as I told you before, (and I'm doing nothing but repeating it), it does make a difference. You know where you come from. You're not searching to find out where you come from, you know! You know where you're going to. Now look, it's too far for me to go into all that detail, but I'll give it to you this way real short. You're either sattin' right in hell right where you're sattin'! I mean now, I'm not talking about after while, or in heaven. Somebody say "Don't you know I don't believe that!" Why sure I know you don't believe it. See, 'cause you don't know that, just like all them other things you don't know. That's right, see. I'm noted for telling you things you don't know. Is that right?

Now since.., let me get to it real quick this way. Time is passing by and we don't have but a very few minutes. And unless y'all get me straightened out with this doctrine, see we won't get out of here. But I do want to take this discourse, so I'll have to hurry now, and that mean then that you'll have to listen. Now pay ’tention to what I say. Them Satanic spirits that were cast out of heaven, the Angels that sinned, (so says Peter and Jude now), they were incarnated in men. And listen! Yahshua sent the twelve, in a sense out, to cast out them satanic spirits that was in men. And this is what they were doing, see some of 'em. Some of 'em were foaming at the mouth, mentally deranged. Right? Had all kinds of diseases. And some of 'em were cutting themselves with stones and carrying on. Is that right? And He sent, He cast.., they say He sent 'em out to cast them out. Now look! If the Angels that sinned was cast down to hell, you see and he's lodged right up in you -- You see where hell is? See? Now the Angels that sinned.. If He sent them out to cast the devil or satanic spirits out of men, then if they were cast down to hell, then you could see where hell is. See what I meant by what I said? Of course it has a twofold meaning. It means grave too. But not withstanding, see, this thing you got here is a grave, if your inner man is dead. Isaiah said hell, (the hole in the ground), is moved from beneath to meet you at your coming. You got the grave all hanging up here on you and your inner man is dead, dead from the fall. Did you follow?

Now that's why I said you was in hell sattin’right where you are. Now you got the song "Where Jesus is, it's heaven there," and you say that He ascended into heaven. Is that right? And you said that He's in you as a quickening spirit -- well that's where, that’s right where heaven is. Now listen! There's no pill, (now we ain't gone go into that tonight). There ain't no pill can get you as, get you any higher, you see, no dose (but that's about the only way some of you are gonna have a change of mind, or a good imagination or a good hallucination). See, and when you're in that condition you don't realize what you're doing, so it really don't make any difference. Then got the nerve to think that somebody intelligent wants to be bothered with you and your foolishness. I ain't got no time to be bothered with you with that kinda carrying on. See, I gotta stand up AND HELP SAVE YOUR SOUL. Now you see what it is? Now the natural man don't understand spiritual things and neither can he know ’em. Why? Because they have to be revealed or discerned by the Holy Spirit. Now if you don't have the Holy Spirit you don't have nothing to discern with. Read on. Now, I want you to see what we're talking about. You remember that I told you while ago that Paul can't tell me nothing, Peter can't tell me nothing, Isaiah can't tell me nothing, you understand. Ain't none of 'em can tell me nothing. See, and you can't tell me nothing! Listen, I can't tell my own self something. See that's what's wrong. See I was telling myself things, and I imagined I was something. Ha! boy I was important! I used to get up and preach and if you didn't pat me on the back and say, "You sure did preach a wonderful sermon.."

AUDIENCE: Laughter

DR. KINLEY: All stuck up in myself. See but when I had.., when I really received the Holy Spirit, I quit preaching. I haven't preached no more since. And when I learned what, what it was all about, then I quit. I give it up, no more preaching. See, it has to be the Holy Spirit in there. You understand what I mean? All right, read on.

READER: But he that is spiritual...

DR. KINLEY: Now look! See when I tell you about these Carnal Ordinances that was under this, (such as this, and all this), when I tell you that that's all nailed to the cross, and all it was pointing to was spiritual things. Now he that is spiritual; he that is spiritual, (now the man is standing out there telling you and passing this water around, see he's carnal). He's not talking about him. See but he that is spiritual -- what about it?

READER: Judgest all things...

DR. KINLEY: Judges all things. Now wait just a minute on that! You see? Now what he just said there -- and I could refer you to the 6th Chapter and the first verse where Paul said this: "Dare any of you having a matter against another stand before the law of the unjust and not before the sons of God." Is that right? "Don't you know that the sons of God shall judge the world." Don't you know that? 7th Chapter of Matthew the first verse, Jesus said, "Judge not for fear ye may be judged." You understand? But you see He was talking to them people, they didn't have the Holy Spirit, didn't have a thing to judge with. They were all in the same boat. You understand, they didn't have a thing. But now when they got the Holy Spirit, you understand, then they got the judge in them. See now, he that is spiritual that's got the Holy Spirit in him. Now what about him?

READER: Judgest all things...

DR. KINLEY: Everything you say! See, you can preach until you drop dead, you haven't affected me none, talking about what some honorable somebody said or the Pope said or some Cardinal said, you haven't burden me at all. You ain’t even, you haven't even gotten me even stirred up. You see, get the point? You just might as well been talking to yourself. That is what you were doing, you surely wasn't talking to me. You understand what I mean? Says, "Well I know, but look where he is; he's promoted on up. He's come on up from a Lay Member to a Priest, and from a Priest to a Bishop, and from a Bishop to a Arch Bishop, and from an Arch Bishop on up to a Cardinal, and from a Cardinal, and he just might make the grade of Pope." Well it still don't make me no difference. I don't care nothing about what the whole gang of 'em says. See He ain't, he ain't burden me at all. See, I know what I'm talking about, and I know what it is. I'm capable and qualified through the Holy Spirit being in me judging everything anybody saying. That's reason why I say you ain't gonna get up out there and say something to me -- I know what's ahead. And listen! The reason why I said, one of the reason why I said, sat still; and keep your seat; and keep your mouth shut; and be quiet! Now listen what I'm saying to you. If you want, if you have a question and you want it answered, you understand, just sat tight, sat tight and think, you understand, and I'll pick you up and answer your question and save you all that embarrassment. 'Cause I'm getting them vibrations, both negative and positive all the time, see. That's right. Read on Doc.

READER: Yet he himself is judged of no man..

DR. KINLEY: Yet he himself -- See there, ain't nobody bothering me, ain't nobody worrying me. You see what I'm talking about? Yet he himself is judged of no man. Read.

READER: For who hath known the mind of Yahweh....

DR. KINLEY: Now here's what I wanna get you to see. See, now it’s ------. Now listen we're right down to where, where I’m trying to get you to see. Now they say the church is ruled by tradition and scripture you understand and this and that and the other, you understand. And they haven't even got sense enough to come up and to point out the scripture to you. They're trying to tell you something that somebody else said, and they ain't got no scripture for it at all. And you remember I told you that the scripture was revealed and Moses them wrote down, the prophets wrote down what Yahweh revealed to them in the scriptures, you understand. And you ain't even smart enough to go and take the scriptures for it. You see, get the point? Now look! Yahweh, what He has in here, you understand, in His, about His own purpose, see. Now who is it among His creatures that has known His mind? That what?

READER: That he may teach Him…

DR. KINLEY: Now how in the world are you gon'teach Yahweh? See, who's known His mind in the first place that He might be able to instruct Him? Now this is what we're telling you. Now listen folks! See now Yahweh is in me, or the Holy spirit is in me or in you. Now if that be the case, now who is it..? Can some Cardinal come along and instruct Yahweh? Now this is what Yahweh had in mind from the very beginning. See, you come out, (we're the offspring), you come out by Yahshua the Messiah or the Elohim. Now listen at what I'm saying. Now you don't go back by no Popes and no Cardinals and by no apostles. You go back by.., and therefore He is the only Mediator and intercessor. You understand? Now who has known the mind of Yahweh that he might instruct Him? Don't you see why it is that I'm telling you all the time..? Do you see what I mean? You're around trying to trouble me about something that somebody said, you get the point. "You ain't nothing." Well, I'll tell you one thing, I try to be nice and listen to your story. Now Dr. Harris told you something this morning, Dr. Dennis did too. Now he said the black man come with the creation of the earth. I say that's a lie. Now somebody say, "Well in Africa, see he come with a devil?" Well for your information He’s black too, He come from heaven and I just got through telling you about that. And all them heavenly creatures according to John's record of this, see, His countenance just illuminated the earth. And you never seen a black man that did that in your life. You never seen a white man do that. Do you see what I mean? And you never seen a yellow man do that. You see what I mean? And you never seen a red man, you haven't seen no earthly creature do that. You see? But the devil come along and just tell you any kind of stuff, see just any kind of stuff. And got you out there just arguing around and will make you hurt somebody too. Keep you all locked up and in jail. Got his hands on somebody, and you running around, see, make you shoot somebody; make you even shoot your mama. The devil is a terrible fellow. That's right. It's nothing but the mafia and bunch of murderers, ignorance. No, nobody has known the mind of Yahweh that he might instruct Him or tell Him. You see what I mean? Have you all gotten anything at all of what I've said to you?


DR. KINLEY: Well, I'll make this announcement while I'm on my feet. Now I'm gone give a special lecture. I'm gone give it by the Scriptures. And I'm going to take you on into that heavenly realm and tell you some things that you did not know. And look! I do mean about you, personally and individually. Everyone of you individually and your personality. Right where you sit at in your chair. It’s for you individually and personally, but I do want you to be here. Don't hang out, you understand. And you come on down and I will give it to, to you. See, you understand? Now if I'm announcing it in advance, then you come down and see what.., see if I don't point it out to you in the scriptures. You get the point now? And I mean right to you by your own name. Let us go home.