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Yahshua was the fulness of the divine nature bodily, which makes HIM the Son of the living Elohim,as Peter said with the father in Him. Remember that Mary was impregnated BY THE HOLY GHOST, Their is a father and son relationship. as You have father and son all the way back to Yahweh the father and Elohim the son, Yahshua said father glorify me as i once has WITH you in the beginning. Yahweh gave Him son to die for us.Yahweh never did die I and my father are one is a bogus insursion in the bible for the witnesses do not point to making that a true statement. Yahshua said many times,that its the father in me that doeth the works. Now in the moderation when talking about the godhead I would say,instead of its the self same spirit that went into that physical body know as Yahshua,I would have said that its the self same nature that went into that physical body known as Yahshua. In the beginning was the word and the word was WITH Yahweh and the word was Yahweh(alone and by himself,before His in part took on shape and form in part known as Elohim. and the word(the divine nature)was made flesh. Yahweh and his 2 manifestations is liken unto the 2 fold atom hydrogen.its not a 3 fold manifestation.

their for in the above statement you cannot say that the father ,the son ,and the holy spirit are one,cause it folows the 2 fold hydrogen manifestation. that is in the 58 video. why Doc said that these 3 are one,because He has to say whats in the book before he corrects it,as in the unity of the spirit lecture,He corrects Deau.6/4 saying that Yahweh is a unity then proves it by the physical body. water is a compound of 3 elements H2O theirfore it is a unified

substances that make up water. their fore water is 3 fold.