Verification of the Pattern in Biblical History

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in 1959 at 1347 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.

In previous lessons we have studied the verification of the Great Three-fold Archetypal Pattern of the Universe as it applied in the Godhead. That is, (1) the Father, (2) the Word, and (3) the Holy Ghost. We have seen how the Three-fold Pattern was ever-present and always in operation according to Universal Spirit Law throughout nature and Science. We also learned how man -- made in the image and likeness of God -- also was completely within the Three-fold Pattern structure. In this lesson we will take up the study of Verification of the Threefold Pattern and the operation of the Universal Spirit Law in Biblical History.

Out of the multitude of possible Historical Events related in the Bible, we have arbitrarily selected a small representative group of major incidents and events beginning with Adam, the first man, and going through biblical history to the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, according to the Scriptures. As you will readily understand in fitting the Three-fold Pattern to any particular event, we may find an Upward Pattern from concrete or physical through the intermediate or incorporeal stage rising to completion in the Spiritual or abstract part. On the other hand, it is equally possible for a particular event to travel in reverse Pattern. That is, starting in the abstract state - as in ne Creation of Heaven and Earth and transcending down through the intermediate stage to the physical or concrete stage.

The first event in Biblical History which we shall analyze to see how the Three-fold Pattern fits, is the Adamic Transgression - the Fall of Adam and Eve and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden. This is a downward operation of the Spirit Law in the Pattern. After God created Eve from the rib of His first Son, Adam - Adam and Eve were in an innocent or abstract state of consciousness, sharing in the Eternal Love of Spiritual Existence. Here were two souls united in a state of Mortal Perfection, dwelling in the Garden of Eden under the beneficent warmth of God's love and affection; knowing no Evil, knowing no fear. Thus Adam and Eve were in the abstract or exalted innocent state. Then came the time for Adam and Eve to Disobey God's instructions. As you know, Eve was tempted by the serpent to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Following Eve's act of disobedience, Adam joined in her transgression. This represents the fall from the Garden of Eden, or the Adamic Transgression. This fits into the Intermediate or Incorporeal part of the Three-fold Pattern, since their choice represents the Soul or intermediate area of the Pattern.

The submission to the Satanic forces, represented by the Serpent, were swiftly punished and God pronounced the punishment which was to befall Adam and Eve. Unto Eve, God said, (Gen. 3:16) "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow. Thou shall bring forth children, and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee." Here we can plainly see an end to Eden, that wondrous place of superior elevation for Adam and Eve; and established the beginning of condemnation. God said, (Gen. 3:19) "In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread, until thou return unto the ground, for out of it was thou taken: For dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return." Here we have the concrete or physical representation of the Three-fold Pattern where Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden and Eve followed him -- out into the hard, cruel, physical world to labor, to suffer, to experience death.

Thus we see or ever-present Three-fold Pattern as the Adamic Transgression transcended from the abstract through the intermediate to the concrete part. As Adam and Eve had children and then many descendants, the world of people increased very rapidly, until there came a time when Adam and Eve must have been dismayed at the ever increasing sin and wickedness practiced by the people of the world.

As time went on, man ceased to believe in God and sin became rampant upon the face of the earth. Within this chaos of people, one man (Noah) stood out with strong and firm faith. This era of evil and violence and lack of faith depicts the concrete or physical part of our Threefold Pattern in the era of Noah and the Flood.

The intermediate state is represented by the firm conviction, the strong faith in God which Noah had. God talking to Noah in the intermediate or incorporeal state, instructed Noah to build an Ark, so that when God brought an end to the flesh of the earth with a great flood of waters wherein everything on the earth would die, Noah, his wife, his three sons, and three daughters-in-law would remain alive. God also instructed Noah to take two of every living thing with him on the Ark, to keep them alive for the new world that would result.

In a subsequent lesson we will discuss the fashion in which God instructed Noah to make the Ark, which also was according to the Three-fold Pattern. To complete the Pattern of Noah and the Flood, the abstract is represented by the Ark sailing safely on the top of the Deluge - guided and protected by an overshadowing cloud of spirit - as the flood destroys everything in the world but this little wooden Ark, made to withstand the violence of the winds and the floods according to the fashion God told Noah to perform.

The next Biblically Historical Event that we will analyze and consider, is the event of the construction of the Tower of Babel. This time our Three-fold Pattern begins at the concrete level. Once again the people of the earth had reached a state of idol worship, lust for power and material gain. Even to the point of believing that they could build a structure with their various skills and crafts that would pierce the sky and reach up to the heavens and prove that they were equal to all Gods.

And so the construction of the Tower of Babel began. The Babylonians went to work with great speed. The tower began to rise into the sky until suddenly one day, without warning - all work came to a halt. Not a worker moved, not a sound was uttered. Here we have the intermediate stage of our Pattern, wherein something occurred that was not within the realm of the concrete, but rather of the incorporeal or Soul area of man.

Then, when men began to shout and holler and issue orders, each man among them spoke a different tongue and no one could understand the language of any of his fellow workers. This confounding of speech, where for the first time in Biblical History man was unable to communicate with man, was the abstract or Spirit Part of our Threefold Pattern. It manifests God's will destroying that which was born of Satanic Forces.

Following Biblical History in chronological manner, the next example we shall analyze is that of the Patriarch, Abraham. Abraham was a man who believed in God by Faith and by Faith alone. So we start this Upward manifestation of the Three-fold Pattern in the concrete representation in the man Abraham.

As a reward for his deep, abiding Love of God and Faith in the Eternal Power of God, Abraham was given a dearly beloved Son (Isaac) at the age of one hundred years. This represents the intermediate stage of our Pattern, wherein the incorporeal or Soul State is represented by God providing His faithful follower, Abraham with the richly deserved reward of a Son.

As the years went by, Abraham came to love his son Isaac most dearly. Then came a day when Abraham was called upon to prove once again that he loved God and would obey His Command at any cost or sacrifice. God instructed Abraham to bring his beloved son Isaac to become a sacrifice to God. Though this grieved Abraham deeply, since his love for Isaac was great. Nevertheless, he responded to God's request and began the journey to the proper place (Mt. Moriah). As Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son, his hand was stayed by an angel of the Lord, who revealed to Abraham that he had passed the test of unquestioning Faith in God. God then blessed Abraham and said, "And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because thou hast obeyed my voice." This ultimate Spiritual reconciliation and exaltation is the abstract part of our Pattern in the story of Abraham.

In a future lesson the significance of the Blessing of Abraham's Seed shall be shown, since through it is the hope of salvation for all the people of the world.

The next example of the Three-fold Pattern in Biblical history is known as a Migratory Pattern, represented by the Exodus or departure of the Jews from Egypt under the phenominal (phenomenal?) cloud guided by Moses. In this event, the concrete part of the Pattern is represented by the degradation and enslavement of the people of Israel in Egypt and the Physical departure of the people on their Journey to Mt. Sinai.

The wanderings of the Jews in the wilderness of Sinai represents the intermediate stage of our Pattern, where they are on Holy Ground. The abstract phase is represented by their eventual arrival in Canaan's Land, which can be symbolized unto Jerusalem on Earth being allegorical to Jerusalem above, or God's Eternal Realm in heaven. The entire sequence of the Exodus will be fully and separately studied in a later lesson, as it has tremendous import in the entire comprehension of the Divine Pattern of the Universe and becomes an excellent base from which to create analysis, measurement and judgment. Suffice me to say at the moment that this Exodus is a most significent (significant?) one and a readily understandable personification or representation of the Pattern.

The First Vail of the Intangible Sanctuary, which divides the concrete or the Court Around About from the intermediate or the Holy Place, in the case of the Exodus would be the Red Sea. The Second Vail, separating the Holy Place, which would be the Wilderness of Sinai, from the Most Holy Place, which would be Canaan's Land, would be represented by the River Jordan. As you will recall from the lesson covering the Revelation, the period Moses spent atop the Mount in Mt. Sinai was the most important event in Biblical History -- since it was there that God revealed to Moses (while he was in the midst of the Phenomenal "Cloud") the complete Pattern of the Universe.

To complete our study of this verification of the Three-fold Pattern in Biblical History, we will take two more examples. One is the birth of Jesus and the last example will be the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Christ. Both of these Patterns are Upward Patterns, beginning in the concrete part. The concrete counterpart is represented by the physical birth of Jesus, by the Virgin Mary. The intermediate part is represented by the Holy Ghost which overshadowed Mary and in this incorporeal or ectoplasmic state, created the seed from which the physical child would be developed and born. This overshadowing Spirit or Holy Ghost, is symbolic of the rebirth of man -- when man receives the word of God from the overshadowing Holy Ghost. The abstract or Pure Spirit is represented in the breath of life. In this figure, of course, we have the ultimate representation of (1) the Father, (2) the Word, and (3) the Holy Ghost -- all represented in the one great figure.

Our final example -- the crucifixion and his giving up the Holy Ghost or Spirit, which means the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ -- also is an Upward Pattern, with the concrete part being represented by the physical death of Jesus in the flesh on the cross of crucifixion. The intermediate stage is represented by the ascension of Christ, three days after being placed in Joseph's tomb. This part is the soul or incorporeal aspect. The abstract, or Pure Spirit form is shown by His ascension and timely appearance of the Incorporeal manifestation. (The Son of God, Returns as Spirit embodiment or God.)

The entire realm of the days of Christ in the flesh will be thoroughly discussed and studied. It will be shown how the coming of Christ and His fulfillment of the Law and the Prophecies was written in the beginning and foreshadowed throughout biblical history -- and that CHRIST IN YOU is ETERNAL LIFE GLORY.

We have now come to the point in our lessons where it would be well for the student to pause and review and reflect upon the many significant true facts that have been presented. In the next lesson you will be shown how all of these historical and Spiritual happenings are correlated and interconnected, repeated over and over again in the one Archetypal Pattern of the Universe.