Story Can't be Changed

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Given by Dr. H.C. Kinley in 1968

Los Angeles, California

Transcribed by Beverly Allen

Proofread by Binghamton , NY class and Syracuse , NY class

Transcriber's Notes:

1. Pause words have been left out, unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley , such as: (ah, uh, see, you see, listen, listen close, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right, that's right, you get it now, you get it, you get the point, do you see what I'm talking about, do you see that, do you see that now), hereby making it easier to read with continuity of thought.

2. ... indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

3 ----- ---- indicates an inaudible word, or words, or syllable.

4. [ ] Words in brackets are comments of the transcriber.

DR. KINLEY: Thank you ever so much. I'm always happy and glad to be here as I have said many times, almost every time that I get up to talk with you about the things that really are. I don't have no apologies to make to nobody for the statement of facts and truth. Another thing I don't have to, I want you to realize this, now of course those of you that are familiar with the school and have been here from time to time know this, because I've said it so many times. Now I don't have to ask nobody no information about nothing! I'm not trying to read upon nothing! Nobody here, or walking around in Los Angeles nor nowhere else, can teach me a thing! Now that sounds bad! I know that it does! If somebody would have got up and said a thing like that to me before I had the vision and the revelation, why more than likely I would have been insulted, and got mad about it too, and probably said some of the things about it that they said about me for saying it. Now I've been cursed out. I been beat up. Almost anything and everything is happened to me. Almost everybody that comes along disagrees with me. Now I just come right straight out from the shoulder and tell you that. Now you have seen for yourself with the 35 years that we've had this school. Now we have permitted everybody that come along, skeptics, atheists, agnostics, infidels, liars, backbiters, hypocrites, old broken-down preachers, and they all had a chance at it, and nobody excluded. Now that ought'a be fair. And one of the first things that they say when they come here to this school, "They gonna tell you something wonderful, something you don't know." Well it's expedient for it to be like that. And I'll admit that it does look like I'm wrong, sure does. And according to what is said out there against me, and all the different teachers and preachers said to be sent of God, according to their statement, I am wrong. Now I don't mind telling you that! Well, why don't you mind telling me that? Because I got something behind it to prove it. It ain't just a matter of gettin' up here battin' my gums together. I carry the stuff along with me. The Boss is right there to take up for Himself, and it's been that way for 35 years. Now if I get up here and tell you the story of the world, or the history of the world that's been going on for 35 years, everything that's gonna happen, weather wise, you take it any way you want to! You can't defeat me, you can't argue with facts like that. I can't argue with 'em my own self.

Now I told you that in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-one (1931) I had a vision and revelation -- now these charts is the result of it. I've drawn 'em out here and illustrated 'em. They've been everywhere; been put up against everybody's work. Even been stuck up against the Bible - that's where they come from. Put up beside of you, put up beside of every so-called inanimate (there is no such thing as inanimation), but every inanimate, or so-called inanimate, and animated object and thing in the universe, and nobody has been able to refute it! Now that's why there is a school here. Now they're not gonna stand for us to go out there and, and teach the things that we teach down here; so then we're forced, Bishop, into having a school. And notice we didn't say a church, we said a school. Now listen, the true divine etymological (or the original) meaning of the word, Church , is congregation or assembly. You are sitting in a congregation. You see what the difference is? Now I don't ask no, uh just call upon 'em, come along and say to somebody "Well you take my word for it." I don't do that.

DR. GROSS: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: When I tell you something, I say to you, and have been teaching for 35 years, "you make me prove it! And if I can't prove it then don't you accept it!” And listen, don't you just come along and say "Yeah, I believe that," just in order to be in harmony with me, agree with me. As long as it isn't a reality in your life, I don't appreciate you agreeing with me. Now that ought'a be fair, wouldn't you say so? I don't know how you could be any fairer than that. Then there's always somebody say "Well did you ever, did you read, uh, somebody...?" I don't have to read it.

DR. GROSS: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: Now so far as books is concerned, there isn't anybody that you can... You could walk in my home, and we used to carry 'em in the school all around the wall. Is that right Dr. Gross?

DR. GROSS: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: And anybody of any historical importance that ever lived in this world, up to date, we've had it right in this school room. Now we're not playing; we don't wanna have no fun. This is the last go-round, as far as I'm concerned. I don't have any reason to get up here and tell you no lie. I don't receive a salary, and so therefore I don't have to make no compromise. Somebody said "Well I'm gone get sore and I'm not gone come back." That's up to you. I remember one time when Yahshua the Messiah said this, standing in the synagogue in Capernaum , He said "Except you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you shall have no life in you." They said "That's a hard saying who can hear that?" And from that very day many of 'em went back on Him and there's no record of where they followed Him anymore at all. And even His own disciples, the 12 disciples, they griped about it. And He said to 'em "Will you go also?" And one of the boys spoke up and said, "There's no where to go seeing you have the words of eternal life." Now this is not a sociological function. And I want you to understand it clean and clear. We wrote it out here in a few little words here that the Moderator gets up here and read at every meeting. Try it over again - now you listen this time.


No. 1. To find and know Yahweh as He really is and actually exists.

No. 2. To form a nucleus of universal brotherhood of humanity without

distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

No. 3. To investigate the unexplained spirit law or the so called law of

nature and the powers latent in man.

No. 4. To encourage and promote the study of the scriptures, comparative religions, psychology, philosophy, and modern, practical, and occult science.

No. 5. To extirpate current superstition, skepticism, and ignorance.

No. 6. To learn, know and understand the operation of Yahweh's eternal purpose through the dispensations and ages.

No. 7. To discern and avoid being deceived by Lucifer, the serpent, the devil or Satan and his demons, operating the mystery of iniquity on earth through the dispensations of time.

No. 8. To inherit eternal life now, in the Kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah, with the hope of immortal glorification in the new earth state.

DR. KINLEY: Now I could add something to that. I could've said this: whether we were democrats or republicans, and a whole bunch of other stuff I could've added to it. Now, so far as your political party is concerned it doesn't make any difference with us. What your color is makes no difference! And everybody is welcomed down here. And I've stood here time and time again and just blurted it out without any reservations; this is not a civil rights organization. This is no communist conspiracy. There's no cliques, no nothing behind it. And I want you to know as Dr. Gross, who is the president of this school, have sat and heard millionaires offer me all kinds of money.

DR. GROSS: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: We come to Los Angeles in 1958, and if I wanted to have been, I could have been a multi-millionaire long ago, but I would have been out of favor with God to accept it. Now I said enough now for you to perceive. All you need is a just a, just a little, just a little knowledge, that that God is given you, every man, when he comes in the world with to understand what it's all about.

Now, so far as tightening me up and blowing me up, trying to make something out of me or get me up, I don't wanna be got up in the world, I'm not interested in that. The fact of the matter, I prefer to get down out of it rather than up in it. I'm trying to talk plain so you can understand what I'm talking about! ‘Cause there is so much misunderstanding about these things, misconceptions about 'em, admiration of personalities and all that kind of thing, all kinds of false doctrine is taught. So every once in a while it becomes my duty to clarify these things and make it, make it, make it known to you just like it is.

And I wanna tell you something else too. If you get in this school, I'll tell you before you get in it and try to live and defend the doctrine and all that's in this school, you gonna catch it. You just.., Paul, the Apostle Paul put it this way, said "Yea, and all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." This school is no shield to escape and avoid persecution. Now this is the, this is the place where you do really catch it! And I'd advise you not to get mixed up with it at all if you are planning on trying to escape persecution. This is the worst place in the world that I know anything about that you could come. Have I made myself real clear? Do you understand that? Well now that ought to eliminate all the asking of questions about this and that and the other. I seek to do that, to stomp out misunderstanding, miscomprehension.

Now I wanna tell you something else. If I, you, or anybody else... Paul put it this way: "Though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than that which we have already preached (he was talking about the apostles), let him be anathema, or let him be accursed." Now when Yahshua the Messiah resurrected from the dead and sent them out to preach, (He told them to stay there in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit), and He told them what to go out and preach! And if anybody comes along and wants to change that story, me or anybody else, it's wrong. Now that's all you can get out of it. Now it's the same God (I'm trying to talk so you can understand me), the same God that started this show that will end it. That's what I've been teaching. Ain't that what I been teaching you?

Students: That's right!

DR. KINLEY: Now he didn't send me to end the world. He didn't send me to alter the story from what it originally was, rather than that, I am in confirmation of it. And I do know how the thing works. And Roger you can't lick me to save your life. Now the smart thing for you to do is stay down from up here and making a clown out of yourself. Cause we do know what we're talking about down here, and able to prove it to you any kinda way you wanna go, and we don't have to depend on nobody. Gettin' awful quiet in here. Now that's right. Now one prophet or one teacher in no age of the world, (since the whole entire thing come from Yahweh), one prophet doesn't have, (since he's getting it all from Yahweh), he don't have no business refuting or disputing what another said. Now somebody will come along and say this, "Well listen, (and they have asked this question) does God have a body?" Now I say this so that you could see, He's the only one that does, you don't have none. Now somebody wouldn't believe that unless you read it to 'em out the Book. Now Dr. Harris suppose you just go head and read it. Now you see I haven't told him where to read, but he gonna read it! I wanna show you how familiar we are down here with the Book and what's in it.

Reader: What! Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have of Yahweh and ye are not your own. For ye are bought with a price, therefore glorify Yahweh in your body and in your spirit, which are His.

DR. KINLEY: Now you see that? And I tried my best to tell you, and carry you into the very depths of things. It's possible for you to know the truth. Now I wanna tell you this: There's a lot of errors, and a lot of erroneous things in the world. Now that's no surprise to God either, they're supposed to be here. They're supposed to be here. All these erroneous doctrines and whatnot, they're supposed to be here. And if they wasn't here there'd be something wrong with it. There's supposed to be wars, political and ecclesiastical. Religious wars, military fire and combatant; it's supposed to be. And there isn't anybody gonna run out here and settle it. And instead of Him sending to somebody to get it straightened out, He come Himself. He didn't send nobody to do nothing like that, that is if I got the story straight and right. And there's nothing happened at no time that He can't overcome, and everything's going along just fine according to His purpose.

Now when it's gone far enough, Satan is gone far enough with his deception and deceiving folks, and political battles, and kingdoms rising up against kingdoms, and nations against nations, why you're just ------. Paul said there in the 17th chapter of Acts of Apostles that "Yahweh had appointed a day wherein He shall judge the world in righteousness.." How's that gonna be done? "By that man, (what man?) Yahshua the Messiah . And listen, when He's revealed from heaven everybody'll know it. Yes, I know that the spirit in you, and in everybody that has the spirit, the right spirit, is Him in you in this mortal body. And I did say mortal, I did not say immortal! Let's make it clean and clear. Now when He's revealed from heaven... Now a lot of people that don't have that straight either. They think that when you say "Revealed from Heaven" or something another like that, they're standing round looking up in the sky, and we just get all confused. That's how all these doctrines come about is because we're not able to interpret correctly.

Now let me say this: In this school, (I wanna talk about prayer for a minute), in this school we don't teach prayer like the other fellow does out there, we don't teach it that way. Well, I know they don't understand in this school. New people come in here all the time, they don't understand what we're talking about. I know they don't! And as I told you, I'm 72 years old. I've been from coast to coast and all over, pretty much, this country. And I've met some of the most brilliant academically trained men there is on earth. And not only me, quite a lot, a few of the students out of this school have did it. I've taught doctors; I taught lawyers; I have taught scientists, I taught everything. And them that know me will tell you that I don't seek no glory, and no praise, and no honor. My total primary objective is to glorify Yahweh and Yahshua the Messiah. Now I'm giving it to you straight folks, that's plain easy to be understood talk. I cannot do nothing. I don't deserve no credit and no praise. I'm reluctant for you to give it to me. You don't have to tighten me up about nothing. Now the only way I can... When I try to speak these things, in the course of a discourse, often time you've misunderstood. So then this, the way I'm talking to you now, is the only way I can talk to you. And nobody, I haven't seen nobody since I had the vision and the revelation, I haven't seen nobody that understood what I was talking about that didn't agree with it. I have not seen 'em. I've seen people come in, look around, uh, if Sister Winfry was back there, these are her words, when she looked at some of the charts, said "It looked like scrambled eggs to her." And others, even the school when we first started, looked at it, and Dr. Gross sittin' over there, he studied it, (now this is the first one). He looked at it and all lika this, he didn't understand. He just did not understand. And he didn't understand it just by sitting in no one class either. Now I'll soon be through up here. But I thought it was my duty for the benefit of others who sit in this audience, which in a short few minutes I'll sit down and let them speak as they see fit. But I do think it's my duty to get up and to make these statements.

Now we've gotten 'em out of cancer. We got 'em sittin' here looking me in the face that's had so many bones broken in their body. All kinds of things have happened. Time would fail me to tell you about it, that has went along with this vision and this revelation that was given to me. I can't argue with it myself. It's verified and confirmed in that Bible. Now listen, let me tell you this. So far as prophecy is concerned - Dr. Gross would you mind standing up? This man right here. And then take your Bible and tell you what's in your Bible, how it functions and how it operates, and tell you the history of the world. Now you can learn that. Those are things that we seek to teach down here. It's possible for you to know. It would be unfair on the part of God to make a man, give him such a limitation of knowledge, and then turn around because he was stupid and ignorant, and had no way to find out nothing, and then send him to the fiery furnace, or to shoal, or hades, or the grave, (just fix it any kind of way you wanna fix it, whichever suits you the best), or to the Lake. Now that would be unfair. There is some, there is a way to detect and to understand, and to know truth like it is. Now folks, it's your soul! It's your soul. My job is telling you the truth just like it is. You're the judge to take, refute, or whatever you want to do. Now that's the way we've done for 35 years. Is, isn't that right my, my belove?

DR. GROSS: Right.

DR. KINLEY: Thank you Dr. Gross. Now that's the way it is. I would like to, and as you seen there in the run down when the Master of Ceremony stood up here and read it, said "To form a nucleus of universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, sex, caste or color. To study comparative religions." We tell you to study everything under the sun. We don't say everything under the sun is right not by any means. Now you know as well as I do, there's a whole lot of different sects and cults and creeds out here. And every satanic spirit incarnated in a physical body wants you to join up with his group. And he tells you, whatever group you in, he tell you "Well it's wrong unless you get in mine." Now I don't have no church for nobody. I didn't die to save nobody. Somebody say "Well, you don't understand the divine psychology." Yes I do, I know as much about it as you do, and I been able to prove it too. "You don't understand astral projection, you don't understand psychological parts, how that the spirit of God's in a..." I know anything about it you know. I stood and told men what they thought, and answered their questions even before they could ask them. Don't tell me I don't know you. I know why you think what you think. There isn't any place I haven't been; I know everybody. Now you're blowing. Well that's what it amounts to, if you wanna talk about God in a person, you wanna talk about the Holy Spirit, isn't it universal? And if I don't know I ain't got no business up here trying to teach somebody something. You get the point? We ask you to come on and go to heaven, I don't know nothing about it, say "Well we'll just go on and see what the ends gonna be." Well I'll tell you what the end'll be, it's the lake. I'll tell you what the end of that is gonna be. I'll tell you right from here and you can investigate it all you want to, and that's the Lake . Now you better find out something about that. And as I said, I'm speaking to you calm, cool, collected. I seek to use plain, easy to be understood, simple words. Now that's what this school is all about.

We tried to break into organizations. We want their cooperation. This is a school for any and everybody. We don't care nothing about your sex, and we don't care what church you come from. This whole audience is made up with people from some church, Roman Catholics, Protestants, and you name it, and we got 'em all over the country. Our works has went all over the world, every nook and corner of the world. All of the religious organizations have got a message from us, for your information. Have I got the thing before you straight? Often times people say "Well how many belongs here? How many people have you got in your group?" Well let me tell you about that. You may sit there, (back there at the door as the clerk does), and count the number of people who's in attendance here tonight. And I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't tell you all of them is what they ought to be regardless to how long they been around. Some of them that's been around here a long time they're just as lost as anybody else, and gonna meet the same thing in judgment. So you don't, you don't count it that way. You don't look at it that way at all.

Now, let me say this: I told you that I had a vision and I had a revelation. Roger, it's no problem, I can do it with what few minutes that I have got right here now to preach, to take this Book and explain it from Genesis to Revelations. I can do it in less time than one hour and send you away from here, I can do that. I've done it many times, and I say you can do the same thing. Yes I know there's a lot of self-conceited people. A lot of people think I don't know what I'm talking about, we've had 'em just galore. They look at me... I've gotten off trains and out of planes, different things, and people looking for that greaaat Dr. Henry C. Kinley, and I come along and the overlook me, just go right on. Yes, I've done it. They wasn't look for nothing like this. I've had 'em to say, I get up to speak, they say "Now I Know he can't preach; he don't look right; I know there's something wrong with that man." You know how it goes, don't you? Let's be honest about it. Well now listen, God has chose the weak things of this world to confound the mighty. And it's not many wise and not many noble are called. Now it has to be like that for Him to get some glory. Now here's a great big outstanding educator, and all blowed and puffed up in his self, Paul was one of them kind of fellows, brought up at the feet of Gamaliel. And he's the very man that said, "Not many wise, not many noble are called, God has chose the weak things of this world to confound the mighty." It takes that to prove that He is God. Dr. Harris you went to medical college, you got all the necessary degrees and what not. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: You been a licensed doctor out there practising, Leo G, (in Springfield ), Robinson in Springfield , and many others, and some more around here. Now things that doctors ordinarily work with... I never went to college, I told you many times, I never even went there to carry somebody's dinner. Now here comes along a person with cancer, muscular dystrophy, and many contagious diseases, broken bones and everything else, and just walk along (ain't smearing no oil on nobody either; and pass the drugstore and getting some olive oil) now that ain't, that in no Book. And just speak the words... now you know I can't do nothing like that. And if it's something there that does happen, then you ought to have brains and intelligence enough to know that it wasn't me. You really don't even need good sense for that. That's the demonstration of the spirit, or works of God. We can go here to the library - we've got a great big library down here. None of the boys have been able to explain the creation, how it come into existence, not a one of 'em. Laplace, the master mathematician, an astronomer, they haven't been able to. Best, Einstein, Bok, Gamow - we know the boys! But now here we put it down and illustrated it to you. We told you about everything that constitutes your physical body. We told you more about medicine, if you wanna take it that way, and the construction of a human body than you're ever gonna learn at no seminary, no college; they don't know even it at Mayo Clinic. All them things, so then you ought to be able to see by that, that it's not me. That man is given me pills. Feel around in my pockets real good, and you might find a pill or two in there almost anytime. And I'm not trying to discredit him or belittle him, I'm talking about God, God as He really is, which you're gonna have to know! Now there's just one thing about it, now you're either gonna have to be deceived, saved, or lost. Now your nationality doesn't have anything to do with your salvation. Your few dollars and nickels you got out there in the bank, that won't help it none at all. Am I talking so you can understand?


Admiration of personalities, because of the advantage, that don't mean a thing. Now when you enumerate the many things that God has done through me, such as earthquakes... and I've told you about the Presidents. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, wrote him a letter, (got letters at home) I told when he was gonna pass out; told when John F. Kennedy was gonna pass out; told when Pope John the 23 was gonna pass out; told when Pope Pius the 12th was gonna pass out; and told you what Pope Paul was gonna do and why he was gonna do it. Now look doc, what's the use in you sittin' round here and try to convince me about something? There ain't nobody that knows anymore about than God! And I've already told you what was gonna happen to Johnson a long time ago. Now that ought'a just cool it down cool, and let you in on the ground floor. It's your soul. And some people are just this way, all druged up, you know, and they just think, "Well look, If God does destroy me it won't last but a minute or two no how. It don't take long to cremate somebody. It's my business what I do. You let me and my religion... I know all about that, I'm not trying to take nobody's religion away from 'em, I'm just trying to tell you about it. When Messiah come along, there were the Scribes... I mean when He was walking around over the Palestinian and Judean hills, there was the Scribes, there were the Pharisees, there were the Sadducees, there were the Escenes, there were the Zealots, all them, and they didn't go along with Him at all, but He went right on on His way. Is that right Bishop Short?

BISHOP SHORT: That's right, very right

DR. KINLEY: Right on on His way. We got all kinds of encyclopedias and books at my house now. Almost anything, and anybody you can bring up that's ever made a mark in this world, we've got the books, we have to have if we're gonna conduct a school. We can look 'em up. And listen, let me tell you something: I don't intend to read my eyes out no more; I'm not gonna do that. There ain't no need in me reading around to see what somebody says about something, even the Apostle Paul, or the Apostles in the Book, I either know or don't know. I either got to be right or wrong, one of the two. And what Paul has written, I got to agree with it. What John has written, I got to agree with it. What John has written I got to agree with it, what Moses has written I got to agree with it, what Yahshua the Messiah said I got to agree with that OR ELSE BE WRONG! Now that's all there is to it. Now that's making it clean and clear and plain so you can understand. Is that right Dr. Harris?


DR. KINLEY: I love you, all of you. I wouldn't waste my time, and as old as I am, and as tired and beat up as I have been through the years, I wouldn't waste my time like I do if it wasn't for your benefit.

[ Side 2]

. . . and you needn't think, none of you, just because you've been around a long time, 10 or 15 years and all lika that, that won't fix it either. If you don't live the life I don't care how long you've been around, I don't care nothing about what board or plank, or skiff or raft, that won't get it. There's nothing gonna take care of the situation but the holy spirit in you. Do you... is that clear to you?

DR. KINLEY: Now, give me five, at least five more minutes. Now I told you I had a vision. I told you I had a revelation. I told you that our works have been all over the world, and it's no man been able to dispute or repute it. Now here is, here is this chart here, now this (now listen close at what I'm gonna say). Now we call this series No. 1, this is the start. Now we start here with the beginning of Moses vision, (I did not say the beginning of creation)... well we can start with the beginning of the creation up here too.

Now do you know what the beginning of the creation is? Do you know what it is? Answer me!

Students: Yeah! Yes, um hum

DR. KINLEY: Yes indeed. A lot of people think that the heaven and earth, I beg your pardon, that's not the beginning of creation. Now here's the beginning of creation. This here cloud symbolizes spirit. Now this cloud come from down in Egypt , it's formed down in Egypt , 1490BC, and led the children of Israel on out of Egypt and into the wilderness. And in the 3rd month, now somebody say "Well what's the 3rd month that's mentioned there, January, February, March?" Naw, 3rd month. it's not the same in Hebrew time as it is in our civil year. That was June, the 3rd month. They come to Mt. Sinai , that's in the Bible folks, I didn't put it there. And listen, I wouldn't even accept that if it didn't have some verification and confirmation of it. I, we, we just won't buy any and everything down here because somebody said it. Why we look in the Book and we, (in the Bible!), and there's interpolations in there - we wouldn't buy that! Now look Doc, now here's the beginning of the creation. Now I'm just telling you like it is. Now you can read until you're just plum bald headed, and get so till your feet just drug out under your feet and trip you, and you won't find anything any different. Now this is it! God is spirit, and this cloud indicated spirit. Now if somebody else had been standing 'round there, they didn't... for instance Pharaoh he never saw a thing of it. Why?... because it wasn't revealed to him. Now listen close! Now then, Moses went up into this cloud, (he was called up there), and Yahweh took on incorporeal, I did not say physical, that's a spiritual embodiment. Now that is the beginning of the creation, Wallace, there is going to be no repairs on that. And then after He'd taken on that form, Moses saw Him in that vision. Now listen, you are not supposed to buy that unless John sees the same thing here on the Isle of Patmos where it's surrounded by water. And what he saw in his vision, and the reason why he saw it in his vision that way is because it's this way here, and that's why he's out here on the Isle of Patmos ... Moses said in the beginning of his vision he described the man as he saw Him. Well where do you find that in the Bible? Don't never tell somebody something and you don't know nothing about it where it is in the Bible or nothing, let it be in your imagination. And then after you read it back here in the law, and in the prophets, you still got to come over here and prove it; prove that it's that way. That's the reason why... Let me show you this chart here. Now here's this chart here, it starts here with the pattern. And it starts with, and comes on down with the invisible attributes and all, working right, 1 - 2- 3, 1- 2- 3, 1- 2- 3, 1- 2- 3, 1- 2- 3. And just, if you notice how these lines are drawn, it's drawn all the way through right straight on down through there. Nobody that's ever been on earth, nobody that's ever been, has been able to refute it. Now then somebody comes along and say "Well I'm a scientist, we're working with nuclear research, in atomic research." Now look, he can't go into matter and get something out of there that God didn't know was in there, was in it. See you can't find it there, it's just not there! It don't make no difference about your name. Say, "Well, Einstein! (that don't make no difference) Gamow, Bok, Newton ..." Just say anything, he can't find nothing that's not there. Now that's the way this whole thing come in, in eternity. It never digresses, it never deviates, keeps right on going right straight on back here, and right on back into the realm of eternity, just never stops. Now look, I don't care who said what, anytime you get out of line with that, you're out of line with God. Now it's possible for you to know these things. That's what we have been doing teaching down here in this school. And in the colleges they say "Well, yes that's it, I've never seen nothing like that before. I've never heard of anything like that before." That don't mean that somebody else out there hasn't had the charts. There's a whole lot of charts. Now look, listen at me now, listen at me. This works in the cycles of time. That's what makes up your history. That's what makes up... It never digresses or deviates. It operates with (I'm picking these words now), with unerring accuracy and infallibility - no mistakes, no errors in it. Now that's how, and that's why I'm trying my best to teach you so that you can do the same thing yourself, so that you can come in direct contact. You don't have to take my word for it then, you can make the investigation yourself. Then you begin to see something; it becomes knowledge. You might have faith and confidence in something; you may be sincere... It's possible to be sincere and still be wrong. We appreciate your sincerity but that won't help it none. Now nobody that's ever wrote a thing, has been able to get away with it, no scientist in the world, right down till, right down till tonight. That's why we tell you... Now you do know this: You know I'm not that smart. Don't you Freddy?


DR. KINLEY: You don't even have to have no sense to know that I'm not smarter than everybody else in the world. Now Bill that don't make sense, now does it? But now anybody in the world can investigate it; that's what we drew it up here for. I told you I had it, and there you are. Then I come along (listen now) and I told you, I told you why Adam, (Adam the first man), I told you why he lived 930 years. All the patriarchs, put it down and wrote it in a book, and told you why different ones come in at different times, and when they went out, and when they were due, even your own political parties, your presidents and everything. And I'm telling you, you can do the same thing, and that's what the school is all about trying to teach you. Now you can refute it if you want to. You can accept it or reject it. And as far as we know, there's not another one in the world like this one. It don't work like that. Now people say this: "Well look, in the Aramaic, or the..," Say, we got all the translations; we got 'em all. And if we didn't have none the story would be the same. It takes just that to prove the existence of God and His purpose, and that's just how it is. If you knew the wrath and the terror of God; if you knew the love of God; if you were able to take your eyes off of personalities and individuals, if you were able to do that... I'm not trying to take nothing away from no man. And there hasn't never been a man on earth, and there never will be Bill... We've even went so far in this school (now you listen at me). We've even went so far in this school and told you about the sperm that formed a human being, and put 'em on in there. Haven't we Dr. Harris?

DR. HARRIS: Oh yeah, right.

DR. KINLEY: You know anybody else done any better than that? It's the reality of the thing that we're after. And listen, we're not gonna buy nobody's false doctrine, nobody's false teaching! And listen, we've already been converted, and we're not gonna be converted! Don't nobody have a thing to offer me Dr. Harris! I, I'm offering it to everybody. They're not offering me, they can't teach me nothing! Now them's hard, hard things to say. And I appreciate that, I realize it. And if you're not up in understanding you would naturally refute the statement.

Now there hasn't anything happened anywhere in the world, for 35 years... And look, you don't know of nobody, you never even read after nobody, including Tims , and Boles and what have you, that has done any greater things than what I have done. You don't know, for 35 years, they're not in the history books. These people have kept right up with me. Now, let me make this real clear to you: I haven't done anything. I don't have a thing to boast about. But it is Yahweh that give me the message to pass it on to you. You can accept, reject it, do whatever you wanna do; it's your business. Now, do y'all understand? Do ya'll like this kind of preaching? See we getting down to brass taxes. And we don't care nothing about, let's make it clean. . .

[Tape Ends]