Special Women's Meeting

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A special women's meeting at 1040 South Grand Ave, on December 7, 1966 at 8:00 p.m.


Dr. Henry C. Kinley, Founder and Dean Dr. Carl P. Gross, President

Dr. Robert Harris, Vice-president

Estelle Ellenberg Barbara Avery Evelyn Yates Lorraine Smith

Bonnie Yates Elsie McKissic Brenda Gowdy Joan Embry

Jackie Macin Priscilla Rodrequiz

Dorothy Harris Beverly McCoy

Mary Holland Joyce Akers

Beatrice Joyner Helen Matthews

Edna Bowdy Patsy Brockman

Lena Colbert Margaret Kellum

Leola Appleberry Freida Kinley

Essie Ross Joyce Macin

Corrine Birch Annabelle Allen

Shirley Smith Brenda Williams

Allean Jackson ElFreda Lott

Josephine Bailey Monta Mixon

Dorothy Cabrill Vera Yates

Drusille Peak Mazy Gray

Marion Harris Alice Rogan

Lucille Farley Evelyn Winfrey

Marie Farley Shirley Akers

Mary Harris Wanda Slater

Judy Hamilton Patrica Carter

Minnie Rand Sarah Moore

Elvira Daniels Mary Gross

Fay Allen

Total three men and fifty-one women:

The meeting at the above mentioned time, place and date was dedicated by Dr Robert Harris, Vice-president by a prayer.

The Purpose for this meeting which was called and conducted by the Founder and Dean, Dr. Henry C. Kinley is as follows:

It is the intention of all our teachers to get to the point on subject taught in this class. Furthermore, we expect to say what we believe and do not find it necessary for anyone to re-interpret our statements or alter, in any way, the meaning of our lectures. I, as Founder and Dean of the School, have the ability to say what I mean and mean exactly what I say right here in these classes. If I do not have this ability, then I am not qualified as a teacher.

This meeting is being held for your protection, most particularly at this time, for the women. It is not our intention for any of you to lose your soul and there is no interpretation needed for that. We want you to know what the teaching of this School stands for and we do not want the Word of the Lord blasphemed by any of you changing the purpose and meaning of the School and its teachings. Whatever is told and taught to you in this meeting is the teaching of this School and every woman that is in attendance in this meeting is getting the information first hand. There will not be any need for your modifications or revisions, propping ups or letting down of barriers as far as this teaching is concerned. This should be thoroughly understood.

One Cardinal point to be discussed is your attendance. Many of you have been coming to classes late and yet we have repeatedly admonished you to be on time, since our classes are to begin on time. There is no excuse for habitual tardiness.

Our next important emphasis shall be on our scripture reading to which, I trust, you have and shall continue to pay strict attention. We urge all of you to get Bibles and I am not concerned with the type or version -- whether it be Douay, King James, Holy Name or what, but I do wish that all could secure the Holy Name Bible. Most of you are aware that the name Jesus Christ is incorrect but his correct name is Yahshua, the Messiah. Yahweh is the true name of God and Elohim refers to the shape and form that we speak of as the Holy Ghost -- these names are used through the Holy Name Bible.

Our main concern, however, in tonight's meeting is morals. We are encouraging people to come into our classes from everywhere because we know that our message should be, and is Universal. Since this is so, I do not intend for anyone of you to put the public under the wrong impression of what we teach here. I do not intend for you to have the School falsely blamed for anything, that is not so, according to reality and truth. Your conduct, behavior and conversation give the public a false impression of what I say and teach and thereby have me blamed for things for which I am not guilty.

At the request of the Founder and Dean, Mrs. Josephine Bailey volunteered and read the entire 7th Chapter of I Corinthians.

Notice that the Apostle Paul spoke about a wife and a virgin. For this reason it necessitates that we know something about both and the difference between them. Paul also spoke about men when he mentioned the eunuch and a man who was not a eunuch, a wife and a husband. We shall again request at this point that Dr. Robert Harris read the 19th Chapter of Matthew and keep in mind that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is talking and this was said under the Law.

Dr. Robert Harris read Matthew 19:1-12.

Here also, we have heard something about a virgin and something about a eunuch, and we will next read the 7th Chapter of Romans. Bear in mind that we shall show a difference between the Dispensation of the Law and the Dispensation of Grace, since Paul is writing this Epistle to the Jews who were dispersed, having been under the Dispensation of the Law.

Romans 7:1-25 was read by Elfreda Lott followed by Estelle Ellenberg who read Titus 1st Chapter, and the 2nd Chapter of Titus was read by Evelyn Yates.

Now I believe we have enough sufficient information in front of us to know where to find our references in the Bible. Paul wrote the Epistles to Titus and Timothy who, as were others, Bishops in charge of various places where they went. The Apostle Paul, being a Jew, a Hebrew, had lived and understood the Law. This is the reason why I asked you to go back to Matthew concerning Yahshuah (Yahshua) the Messiah (Jesus) who was under the Law. Regarding the 1st verse of the 7th Chapter of Romans, Paul was not writing to the Romans or to the Gentiles, he was writing this Epistle to the Jews who were up at Rome. Neither Peter nor Paul had been there at this time. How then did the Church or congregation of the Assembly get started in Rome? If you notice the 2nd Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles you will see that on the Day of Pentecost, or just before the Day of Pentecost, people were there out of every nation under Heaven and it does say some were there from Rome. Therefore, when Peter preached at Pentecost he was preaching to those from Rome and elsewhere. He was the first person to preach to the Jews that came from Rome to celebrate the Feast of the Passover and the Feast of Pentecost. This was also the year of Jubilee.

The year of Jubilee was once every fifty (50) years and the Feast of the Passover was once (1) every year. Now, at the year of Jubilee, every fifty (50) years, the Jews settled their debts on everything and the slaves were set free and everybody was free for an entire year. Therefore, they had migrated from Rome and elsewhere to Jerusalem in order to celebrate the Feast of the Passover which was on the fourteenth (14th) and fifteenth (15th) of April (Abib). Pentecost was fifty-three (53) days from that time or fifty (50) days from the Resurrection. Messiah had been three (3) days in the grave, tarried forty (40) days) on earth after He arose from the dead; an then ascended into Heaven. Ten (10) days after the Ascension He poured out the Holy Spirit. This accounts for the fifty-three (53) days for which the Jews were there in Jerusalem -- to celebrate the Feast of the Passover and the Feast of Pentecost. As mentioned before, this was the fiftieth (50) year and for THIS ENTIRE YEAR the Jews were free and would not to anything. Thus, they were, as recorded in the 3rd Chapter of Acts, dwelling there having come from Rome and other places.

When Peter preached to the Jews gathered at Pentecost in A.D. 34, Paul had seen them gathered and he stared the Persecution and the scattering of the Jews. Later, Herod stretched forth his hand and persecuted more of them which began their dispersion back to their homes.

Seven (7) years later, Peter went to Caesarea and preached to the Gentiles, Cornelius and his household who were Romans of the Italian band. At the time Messiah was born, Rome was the Universal Dynasty ruling the world. The ruling order had been Babylon, Media, Persia, Grecia, and then Rome. The point that I am showing you is that neither Paul or Peter had been at Rome -- that is, Peter had preached to the Jews on the day of Pentecost and Paul had dispersed some of them back to Rome; and seven (7) years later Peter was first to preach to the Gentiles. This I have explained to show you how the Church got started in Rome.

Now Paul, in his Epistle to the Romans as recorded in the 7th Chapter stated, "I speak the them that know the Law." It was those dispersed Jews that set up a congregation or assembly and neither Peter or Paul had been there to set up anything.

In the 1st Chapter of Romans you can read of the immoral conditions at Rome and this condition was world-wide -- no difference at all.

The Jews knew the scriptures, having had the Law; they knew what was contained in them concerning the wife and husband and all sorts of moral conditions, thus, they had no excuse at all.

Errors and mistakes are made by all denominations with discention over the matter, and what I shall say now, you should transfer to this School. Under the Dispensation of the Law were twelve (12) tribes; two (2) of which were the Priesthood tribe of Levi and the Kingship tribe of Judah. Those were the only two tribes that did not receive inheritance in Canaansland. Now all of the priests were married, which accounts for the birth of John the Baptist whose father, Zacharias, was an High Priest and whose mother, the wife of Zacharias, was Elisabeth and considered married under the Law. In this Age and Dispensation, the Roman Catholic Church is teaching celibacy of the Priesthood by which the Priests are not permitted to marry. This has caused a great deal of controversy existing at the present time.

Messiah came forth of the tribe of Judah and before the giving of the Mosaic Law, Abraham lived during the Melchisedec Priesthood. When you read in Matthew and recall also the words of the Apostle Paul in the 7th Chapter of Romans, "I speak to them that know the law," don't forget that the Scribes and Pharisees to whom Messiah spoke were supposed to know the Law. They asked the question in Matthew, 19th Chapter, "Is it lawful for a man to put his wife away for every cause?" He answered them and explained it. They came right back to Him and said, "Why did Moses (in the Law) then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away?" and He returned an answer, "Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so." In this expression, Messiah took them back to Adam and Eve where the division of sexes took place.

Man originally was hermaphroditic, that is male and female in one embodiment. Adam was a man that had a womb, and that is just the way it is. God divided and made male and female. So, when Messiah went back to this in His reference, "from the beginning it was not so." He was telling them about this as recorded in the Law. That was the real truth of the situation. In order for you to understand, we quote again, "Therefore, shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). All men, regardless of race and color that dwell upon this earth are one flesh and one blood. They are already that from a creative point of view -- brothers and sisters. Listen and understand this; none of the twelve (12) tribes were allowed to marry out of their respective tribes. All of them were Jews and Israelites but they were still not allowed to marry out of their own tribe. This was in order to keep the inheritance within their respective tribe. In the world today, this condition has been misunderstood and they have been taught that the meaning of this is that "I cannot marry my sister or brother or brother's wife, etc., or if so, they would say he married into his own family and their offspring would not have good mentality or sense.

We fail to look back here and see Adam and Eve as flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. Then, if the logical explanation of the world's teaching were so, then it would appear that their posterity couldn't have good sense -- which fact shows that you must reflect back to the natural things to show spiritual things inasmuch as the spiritual is something you cannot see. You must comprehend this. Messiah spoke of this when He stated, "if I tell you of earthly things and you cannot understand them, how can I tell you of heavenly or spiritual things" (see John 3:12). To this point, all that I have told you was under the Dispensation of the Law and there are two laws which include the period of Melchisedec back to Adam; one, the Law of the Spirit and the other, the Law contained in Ordinances which was given to the Israelites or Jews only.

A major mess that has been made must be clarified and straightened out. It makes me angry for any of you who have attended these classes to go out from here and tell someone in the public about the teaching and misrepresent the teaching by what you do. For in so doing and so speaking, you BLASPHEME AGAINST THE TRUTH. People are coming to me at all times and asking me about the blasphemous tales you have told and about your conduct. After I have told you the truth here, and explain it, then somebody will go right down there in the street and say that I did not mean what I said up here. They feel that they must interpret it down there and the real truth about it is, those that do this are the worst offenders that we have in the place. To these women, I tell you, I do not appreciate your morals or your conduct and I am not teaching any 'junk' such as you would have others to believe. You allow men to go around with you and have a baby by this one and that one and keep right on going. Where do you stop? You do not have any place to stop and I haven't heard about any place where you have stopped. If there is any place where you do start and stop, why don't you inform me about it? Then, you go to the public and say that this is Dr. Kinley's teaching. I have NEVER at any time taught anyone anything that is like that. Under the Law, the Israelites did not have the Spirit and they were all one flesh and one blood but could not marry out of their respective Tribes, nor make marriages with the Gentiles or worship idols. (Now we are not talking about having the Holy Ghost).

Now here you are, and here I am. We are all one flesh and one blood as human beings. Our differences are in our Spirit, in our hearts and in our minds. If we have the Holy Ghost, then by all means, that should make us one in Spirit. Paul told us here in the 7th Chapter of I Corinthians, verse 14, "the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy: and visa versa. Here you are, sitting in class, supposed to know the esoteric secrets of God, supposed to be one Spirit, and you can't get along with each other. That accusation was brought against my wife and me. I really want you to know that I have a wife, a wife according to the Civil Law and I do not have a divorce. She left me many, many times and I do not care to, nor intend to secure a divorce, either. If you go down to the Civil Law and get a piece of paper, it does not mean anything to me. If that doesn't mean anything to me, neither does a divorce. NOW I DID TEACH THAT!! At home in the house where man and his wife are supposed to be, it is my contention that a lot of them who stay in a house together calling themselves man and wife with the piece of paper are not married. These are some of the things that you are getting messed up and confused. They are not married, so for as the Divine part is concerned. Now this is what the Apostle Paul wrote about, "if the unbelieving depart, let them depart (I Cor. 7:15).

The Roman Catholic position is this: If you have a woman called your wife, it doesn't make any difference what kind of spirit she has, she is your wife and no one can grant a divorce but the Pope. Now that is not good but it does not justify you in getting every Tom, Dick and Harry. You come to School today with somebody. You come to School for perhaps a year with someone and then soon you will have someone else's man or woman and turn around and say that this is what I teach. That is not so, and I have never in my life taught such a thing.

Love is the fulfillment of the Law when two people love as they should; then it is impossible to become married and not have love. Otherwise, all you are together for is sex convenience. I am not objecting about a man having a wife nor a wife having a husband. I know that God intended for you to have one which can be verified and confirmed by the Bible, but He didn't mean to have everyone that you see. Our ministering brothers are supposed to be the husband of one wife: they have violated this. Now when anyone comes into this School with someone with whom they live and learn what is right -- please for God's sake, keep her. I can neither teach you to get a piece of paper, that is a marriage license or a divorce, or not to get one. Obey every Law for the Lord's sake as said by the Apostle Peter; but I would not say you have sinned because you didn't get the papers. I would rather say, from the Divine point of view, that the Civil Law has nothing to do with it. We are speaking in terms of the Law of God and unless you do according to the Law of God, there will be a reproach and a blasphemy.

The first thing any Church of any denomination looks at is your morals and for that reason I have asked you not to smoke cigarettes up here around the meeting places but rather to get away from the building. If you smoke cigarettes up here, you also should bring a bottle up here. I have never told anyone it is a sin to take a drink -- I have never preached that, and if I do so I might as well fix you a diet.

You are supposed to have the Spirit of God, which Spirit is supposed control your morals and guide your footsteps clear through the Valley and shadow of Death. I am not the teacher, it is the Holy Spirit that is in you that does the teaching. I am looking at it like this that God is in me, and when I tell you something, I don't want you to think that it was me who said it. I don't want anyone to talk back concerning these things since I do not believe there is anybody with any comprehensive ability to say a thing than I myself, because I CLAIM TO BE GOD IN A BODY.

You cannot chastise me and you cannot teach me anything. You will either obey what I say or go to HELL. I think very little of you coming up to me asking about your domestic problems. We have told and taught you everything to keep you straight in the School -- the basic and fundamental things; that is why we call this a School and not a CHURCH. Then, after you get out here and do otherwise, such as having babies by first one man and then another, someone will ask to what Church do you belong? You will reply that you do not go to Church but rather to School and in so doing, throw the reflection on me as to have one believe that I taught that 'trash' down here. You have in this case, blasphemed against the true Word of God.

I am teaching you the True Word of God without any reservations. All of Israel, both male and female, was God's wife. He was their husband. When he came in a physical body as the Messiah, he did not negotiate marriage with any woman. He is the second Adam. If the first Adam in Eden was anthropomordite (male and female in one embodiment) then he would not be looking for any woman. That is what the Apostle Paul was speaking about when he said, "I speak to them that know the law, how the law has dominion over the man so long as she liveth." I do not seek to justify anybody of anything. If you find that you are wrong, just straighten yourselves up and be corrected. Do not come to me about what you should do; I am telling you now.

When the Messiah died and resurrected then he is not under the Law. Remember, I told you it was already a flesh and blood thing under the Law -- but now when he comes up in the resurrection, then comes the Spirit. So, not it is the Spirit in us that makes us one with God. We are divorced from the flesh and married to the Spirit. It is the Spirit which controls us. It does not give us the liberty to use this liberty as a cloak of maliciousness when we run around and do the things which we ought not to do in meats and drinks and in marriage or anything at all. If I was teaching you to abstain from meats and drinks, I would be at as much fault. I would then be teaching you to run around out here with this one and that one, etc.. You ought to have sense enough to know when you have enough to eat, drink, sex or anything. Every time the neighbors see you with someone else they will say you are a street walker, a whore, a lewd woman, immoral. If they see you with the same person all the time, then they can say that must be his wife. In whatever manner the world sees you that is the way you are to them. You certainly should not want anybody looking at you after the wrong manner. You have to suffer many things on account of those people and you cannot go around taking your liberty as a cloak of maliciousness. That angers me and I do not like it. There are many women with little babies who have come to me, yes, more than one, and I have told them to stay with their husbands and raise their children. All that came were told the same thing. It did not matter whether they had a piece of paper or not.

When I first came to California, many went around behind my back and said many things about me. I am not referring to the folks in the street but rather those in the School. I called a meeting about Sister Mary Gross and Brother Bill Gross and asked the people to repeat what they had said regarding my separating them. They were both there in the congregation, all three of us. Then I let Sister Mary Gross and Brother Bill Gross speak for themselves. They admitted that all of the hear say was false and that I had not separated them but asked them to stay together. Since you are in this School you ought to be sober-minded, intelligent, wise, discreet. You ought to have sense enought (enough?) to choose a decent God-fearing man for a husband. I would not have a woman that is going around with her skirt up over her head to every man in the street. Doctors are fighting venereal diseases which are existing all over town.

Taking this from a Divine standpoint, nationality does not mean anything to me. I do not think a thing about a Negro marrying a white person and visa versa. I don't care any more about one than I do the other. All flesh is as grass with me, now you can take it to suit yourself. If you do not observe these things, some of you are going to get killed. One man or woman after the flesh is no better than the other, but it is the Spirit. Now, just don't play around with these things because the devil will get you and burst your brains out. I will not have you going around blaspheming with all this corruption and mess. You will never be married until you get the right Spirit in you or your husband, that is in the true Divine sense. All of you are my wife and I am the husband to all of you, if you look at me as I really am and as I have been telling you.

Question: Mrs. Helen Matthew -- When God made Adam a helper, why didn't he make him a man instead of a woman?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- The man and the woman were both together and God divided them, divided the sexes. Eve came from Adam so then they were one flesh and one blood. The reason God made them both into one and then separated them is because he is showing you how it is in the invisible, just a photostatic copy. You can then see that both male and female had to come from God.

Men with a carnal mind will think and say anything. Mohammed says three (3) wives and one (1) God while Christian religions teach three (3) Gods and (1) wife. I have purposely avoided telling you of Solomon who had seven hundred (700) wives and three hundred (300) concubines. They total one thousand (1000) altogether which we will not go into at this time.

Question: Mrs. Helen Matthew -- Did Adam really come from the dirt of the ground and what color was he?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- Yes, Adam means RED, that is Ish and sha (Isha?), Adam and Eve, that is Hebrew.

The reason for this meeting is that I do not want 'us girls' going out here and being taken in by men who come along and have sex relationships with you and are gone on and left you. They do not care anything about you and leave you with a baby. If you want a man to respect, love and cherish you and to trust and keep you, it is important to keep your dress down. If you do not do this before you get that piece of paper (marriage license) he isn't going to pay you any attention after you get it. You might just as well have some sense as he will have the uttermost confidence in you later if you do this before you are married. If you cannot ask me any questions, don't go around trying to explain something that I said and don't let anymore of this type of behavior come up in School because if you do I am quitting. I will shake the dust off my feet for I am sick and tired of this blasphemy and I will not be responsible for it. I do not teach it; I no not advocate it; nor do I tolerate anything different from what has been taught.

If there are any questions which you wish to ask of me, please do so. If you care to ask about me and Sister Mary Gross, ask me now or keep silent hereafter. When it comes to the civil law, Mary is not my wife. I told you she is the Secretary of the School, don't you understand plain English? I have a wife in Springfield, Ohio whose name is Katie. I am no good to her sexually and she is no good to me, sexually, and even though I have a piece of paper for her, we never stayed together long enough to amount to anything. She has always left me "holding the bag." When it comes to the Divine Law, I have never been married. People look at me and say, "If that man was the right kind of man, he could get along with that woman." The Apostle Paul wrote, "he that provideth not for his own household is worse than an infidel." Paul was writing to Timothy who had charge of the household of faith.

Bible says for a woman to be obedient unto her husband as unto the Lord, (Espesians (Ephesians?) 5th Chapter). Obey your husband in the Lord. There is nothing in the Bible about a woman or a man because he wears the pants, or there is nothing set forth in the Law for a woman to marry a devil or for a devil to be bossing a woman around. Where do you get that, from some man?

Question: Mrs. Josephine Bailey -- Would you say that this kind of blasphemy that we are doing is a sin unto death?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- Yes, it definitely is. That is what I am teaching about. I am looking at it that I am God in a body and when I tell you something, and it is my job to tell you as I am now and always have told you. This I must do before you get down to the judgement and send you to hell for it. You are Soul, Body and Spirit just as I want to tell you this; there isn't anyone in here but what doesn't know better. You know that all of that trash and stuff you ar trying to hide behind and all of the excuses you use and blamin (blaming?) on me. is what makes me hot. Then you want to say, "teach me how to live ..." What do you think the Holy Ghost is for? If you do not know better than to go out and do all if the things you have been doing, and if you do not have sense enough to stay at home with the man you are with and take care of your children, and are coming down here for me to tell you about that; if you do not have sense enough to know what to do in the beginning, you are what I call mentally deranged.

Somebody said, "Well, he is stepping all over my feet and corns." Well, why don't you ask me about it? I mean to be on your 'feet and corns' because I mean for you to stop your behavior, now. If you have someone at home whom you call husband or wife, you had better keep him as I am not going to have this on me anymore. When you come back with someone else, you will be cursed out; I am telling you now to because you are doing nothing but blaspheming. You are causing someone else to loose their soul.

It is love that puts you together, not a piece of paper from the courts. If you say that you believe, then you should stay right there with your mate without fighting, etc.. It will prove itself out. Women should be smarter than carrying on and fighting because you are going to get hurt. Let us repent, apologize and respect the Word of the Lord from here in.

You are sitting here in this meeting with nothing to ask. That is the way you did before, when we had our meeting in 1958. After you left that meeting you went out talked and even had the nerve enough to call me on the phone to come over, didn't they, Sister Harris? They asked me to leave Mary at home and these were the same people who were at the meeting. Why in the hell didn't you ask me then? So, if you have anything to say -- do so now or keep quiet. That is where we are now, down here in hell where we can hear your cries and your anguish. I am trying to tell you how to liberate yourself.

Question: Mrs. Freida Kinley -- I would like to ask whether it is alright to have a friend who is not a member of the School?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- That is almost your own business. I am not trying to tell you what to do, even with an invitation I do not care to interfere with your affairs. Since you have asked me, I will answer you point blank. You have had friends and they stayed with you and lived with you. I said nothing at that time. You are twenty-one years of age and old enought (enough?) for God to hold you responsible as he does a man, it is your job. If you are not wise enough to know how to conduct yourself, if you cannot get along with those in the School, it will be far more difficult to conduct yourself and get along with those out the School.

Question: Mrs. Brenda Allen Williams -- In the the Spirit when two people come together, how else can you judge; or how else can you precieve (perceive?) how they will get along other than the Spirit?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- Do you know what a man is? Well I think a man knows what a woman is. There is no judgement at all there. You know the difference between a male and a female, don't you?

Question: Mrs. Brenda Allen Williams -- Is there any other way of knowing whether you can get along or not?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- Brenda, let me say this. If you had been, in attendance to School, then such a question would not be necessary. No sooner than you open your mouth, male or female, I can tell right away whether you are carnal or Spiritual. I do not have to ask you are you a Christian. It is by our words are we justified and by our words are we condemned; and we know the difference between 'jive' and truth. I cannot be decieved (deceived?) by anything. I know by what one does, what he is. This very thing is the cause of this meeting tonight. People keep coming with first one and then another. I wonder where do you stop. As to your answer, you should be capable or qualified to judge a decent and respectable, or honorable man to marry. You can see that he is a man. No one needs to teach you that. The thing you need to see is what the man thinks and what you think that makes you suitable companions because it is in the Spirit.

We have never seen that the head of the woman is the man and the head of the man is God, and that woman is only supposed to obey that man if he is in the Lord. Now, if neither of you are in it, that makes you even. Anything can happen then. When you get old enough to know, the age of accountability is thirteen years) then God is holding you responsible. Of course the courts say eighteen years of age for a woman and twenty-one years of age for a man. They are all confused about that but, nevertheless, God is holding you responsible for what is right and wrong. If you cannot judge this, then you are not capable and there is not much of possibility of getting along. Therefore, you cannot keep drifting down the stream until you come to yourself and the other fellow comes to himself. Before I can tell you what is right, I have to know myself.

Question: Mrs. Evelyn Yates -- In my position ....

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- I don't care nothing about what your position is.

Question: Mrs. Evelyn Yates -- In relationship to my position as for as getting a man; I had that occasion twice and they left me. Then as far as meeting men, I make the statement to them that I don't want to get tied down and become involved. Then they go on off. Then I bring someone else in. Is this a sin unto death to bring more into the School or what?

Answer: Dr. H.C. Kinley -- I tell you all the time to bring your friends and your enemies to School; so far as bringing your friends to class and introducing them, this is fine. We don't want any alibis and excuses for you to hide behind. They either stay or go and they are what we call visitors and not belonging to the School. You are the one who is looked upon as belonging to the School. Is that clear?

Answer: Mrs. Evelyn Yates -- Yes, indeed Doc.

If you do not have any questions to ask me here, don't come up to my house with any mess. Don't come back up there, anymore.

Pertaining to one that is my son in the flesh, which does not necessarily mean one in the Spirit -- if the ministers don't cut this stuff out, we are going to take their licenses. I don't care. I can do it and I will do it. My children do not have any priority because they are my children. I will chastize (chastise?) them quicker than I will anyone else.

If you did not receive an answer to your question here in this meeting, do not come back with it anymore because if you do, I am telling you that you are blaspheming against the will of the Lord. I have told you girls how to conduct yourselves and how to behave. Don't let the devil deceive you and fool you. If there are anymore questions you will have to reserve them until the next women's meeting; and that probably will be in heaven because I don't like these meetings. I do not like any women's meetings or men's meetings or minister's meetings. I do not like any meetings such as this because I intend to preach from the floor which should eliminate all of this. However, since you keep going out into the world and saying that I am not takling (talking?) about you -- I am telling you to your face. I am talking about you.

The meeting adjourned with the following doxology by Dr. Robert Harris at 10:10 P.M.

Jude: verses 24 and 25 "Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present YOU faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Saviour, BE glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen."