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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on January 4, 1959 at 1347 North Cahuega Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.

I have been greatly inspired, and in the meantime encouraged, by the remarks and the lecture given by Dr. Harris and Dr. Merton. I sat there and gave my utmost attention to every expression that came forth out of their mouths. I think if we were able to conscientiously and constructively absorb every word that they say, I'm sure that we wouldn't have to be here tonight.

As Dr. Harris said, and talked about the physical functions of the body and that power within you that causes it to function or to operate, such as the voluntary and involuntary functions of the physical body. That is the power that all the doctors in the world have yet something to learn about.

I compare it to the great God of this Universe that we have plenty to learn about, that functions and operations go on continuously within us as a physical operation to us. There is something far greater than that, that causes it to operate. A spiritual force, which Dr. Merton went into the depths of to show you that that power within you to do the things that are constructive and necessary to survive and to exist, to be more comfortably situated in life and to keep life itself from being a burden to you by using that power, that force, within you constructively, and instill it within us; to be conscious of its presence and to use it at all times to the best advantage.

When he put together the functions and operations of the physical body of psychic forces and begin to look into them in a constructive way, it will give us something to think about for the rest of our lives. For example, you don't have to say eyes see, they just see. What causes it? You don't have to say eyes see, or go to some mechanic or restaurant to take in certain elements, resources to keep it going, they just see, that's all. It doesn't need to be hooked to any mechanical thing outside of you, it just operates.

There arises a question of just what is life? Then when we look into it to try and analyze it, and to understand it from a physical and spiritual analysis, we say that God is life. So therefore life is something that you never learn too much about.

Dr. Harris spoke of the blood circulatory system; it is continuously operating and functioning. Moses says that the life of the flesh is in the blood, which is comparatively speaking that physical life is the blood; Divine life or spiritual life that is connected with your psychic forces. So put the two together to balance the great overslope or the life itself, which I might say is the great God of this Universe, manifesting in every cosmic phase of nature.

Now we have our physical body with every animate and inanimate, with organic and inorganic particles of matter. It gives you something to think about, and I'm sure you won't be able to solve the great mystery of life and the functions and operations of your physical body within such a degree or such a limit of time that you can work it out within an hour or a day or so and shove it to one side as a solved mystery. Nobody at this present time has been able to understand the multiplicity and the ramifications of nature in its simplicity and in its reality, and neither have they been able to analyze God to such an extent until it's a passive thing, and everybody knows what it is all about, and we don't have to know or concern ourselves with it.

I look at the examples that God has given us, and as I listened at both Dr. Harris and Dr. Merton, it brought to my mind some things that I have been trying my best to use these charts and dignity to represent. For example: the tabernacle back in the wilderness of Sinai was symbolical to the tabernacle of your body, and in that tabernacle we have the blood, water, and the spirit. The blood, the water and the Holy anointing oil, symbolizing the spirit. Before you could enter into the Holy Place, or into the first part of that tabernacle, everything that has to do with this brazen altar, before you even approach the brazen laver, something had to die, had to give its life; that is a beast, to atone for a man's sin. Then the priest had to wash his flesh, then be anointed with the holy anointing oil, compounded after the art of the apothecary. The oil represented the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Those were preliminary preparations that had to be made first before he was justified in entering the door to the tabernacle or enter inside the tabernacle.

After he went through those ceremonies and necessary operations to prepare him to walk into the door of the tabernacle, after he entered inside, there were other physical objects there, such as the golden candlestick, the table of shewbread, and the golden altar of incense. Those were the only three vessels inside of that sanctuary. He had to go in there each and every day to carry out the service of the law. Just as he had to do that every day of the year, your physical body functions, blood system, and your mind, etc., functions too, everyday in this physical tabernacle of your body.

Those figures represented -- for example, the golden candlestick, it wasn't just set there, nor were any parts of the tabernacle just set there, because the children of Israel couldn't find something else to do, and they had to occupy their time. The tabernacle was built with a purpose behind it. So then the golden candlestick on the inside of the tabernacle that burned through the night represents a spiritual force within you. It was a light that burned through the night; of course, the day time took care of itself, so your understanding being illuminated or gives you light or understanding of the overall picture of the great light of all lights, which is God. The seven branches on the candlestick meant that through the seven days of creation, or seven ages or dispensations of time, that burning light, or God being the light or Christ being the light of the world. We always have that to rely upon. That candlestick burning within the tabernacle lets you know that Christ in you is the illumination of your understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom of God.

The bread on the table showed that he was the bread of life, not just in its physical sense as it appeared there, but it was to let you know that in order to continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom and understanding, it was necessary for you to eat the spiritual food just like the high priest went in everyday and ate that physical food.

Now we go to the golden altar of incense, where the incense was burned at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and 9 o'clock in the morning. The Israelites, three tribes on each side of the tabernacle, which constituted the twelve tribes. These tribes were not permitted to go in and out of the tabernacle, it was the functions and operations of the high priest, which symbolized the functions and operations of the Holy Spirit in your heart and mind, so at 3 o'clock in the afternoon since their Holy Spirit was not at that time universally poured out upon them in a collective sense, then this answers for the absence of the Holy Spirit within them or from the fall of Adam. That means that Christ was the intercessor for them, just as the high priest was the intercessor for the children of Israel.

I have noticed a lot of confusion exists in the so-called Christian world about Christ the Messiah, which we have discussed recently. To me, Christ is not the physical man walking around on the face of the earth; if so, he could not be within anyone, and as I often hear the gross error, explaining the church is within you or each one must have a church within you. The Church is not within anyone, you are in the church. If the church was in you, then there would be a number of churches, but since there is but one church, then all of us must be in that one church, with that one quickening spirit in us.

To understand that, it somewhat gives us an elevated concept of what really is within us, or what should be within us. To me Christ is a quickening spirit, not a physical man that will come down through the sky and bring a lot of angels. I think of him having walked around here on the face of the earth as Jesus the Saviour, and now that physical body has been taken off, and for him to be in you at this particular time, I would say that it was the Spirit of God or Christ in you, which means one and the same thing. For that reason, I say that before it can become effective, it must become a counterpart, to shape and to form our lives, we must have that power within us. As long as we just take it in a passive way, something to talk about as God and the Universe or some church or some charlatan talking about it in a passive way, it doesn't mean anything to us, but it's got to become living power within your conscience. You must realize within yourself before it ever becomes effective in your life, and the troubles and besetments that come about from time to time, hindering obstacles which we encounter everyday within our lives. If we are not conscious at all times, that ever-presence of that power that is within us and utilize it to the best advantage, to me it means that it really isn't in you at all.

The power in you that is effective in your life, to me it means that you have the holy spirit in you. Now if you don't have the holy spirit in you as Dr. Merton and Dr. Harris showed you as a physical point of view, by the blood, by your psychic forces, then you don't have any courage or strength to lean upon; you are just going along with the stream, don't know how to conduct yourself under strenuous things that would affect you. You come to the place where you are discouraged, upset and neurotic, etc., you can't maintain your balance, because the thing that is within you, instead of it being the power, the constructive power that would elevate you or cause you to ascend to higher heights to accomplishment and achievement and better understanding, more knowledge, more wisdom, rather than just jumping off some place up in the sky. If it's not that way within you, then it's got to be the negative force that is operating within you to cause you to be discouraged, despondent, etc. It won't be long until it will react in your physical body, and then you go to the doctor and ask the doctor, what's wrong with me? He says, let me examine you. He feels your pulse, puts a thermometer in your mouth and takes your temperature, and something is acting subnormal in that body. What's happening? It's because the state in which your mind is, as Dr. Merton brought out. It's causing a reverse reaction in your physical body and bringing about a subnormal physical condition, and we don't recognize that that is what it really is.

So then years ago, before Christ, they thought it was a satanic force in a person's body. Today we just call it nerves, neurosis, etc. We live a lifetime without the consciousness of how well we really could be if we knew how to use that which would be beneficial to us; in other words, the more positive force, if we understood how to use it constructively. It is there for each and everyone of us to use if we will just but recognize and become conscious of its ever-presence. People just take life so loosely and don't think constructively, never try to find out how to overcome these things. As we go on to perfection we have got to realize and must learn some way that that constructive spirit, which is possible to receive, it's got to work within for our immortalization. That would be an easier way of just condensing, by saying this: that if we will accept Christ as a quickening spirit, instead of a physical man, then we can begin to understand that that quickening spirit within us is the thing that will transform or change this physical body from a physical body to an immortal body. That is to say, to make us to overcome all ails in every respect which is in harmony with the purpose of God.

Now as we go on to our final destiny, let us call it death, and if we calculate in the realm of time the human race, as we speak of it or know it to be the human race, and nearly 6,000 years of civilization and progress, that we don't have too much time, as it is indicated all over the world, even to use the destructive forces which all the governments of the world are looking for something good to be established, either political or some kind of revision or something that will bring about universal peace and reconciliation. I would say it is the constructive power or constructive, or Christ a quickening spirit within, not my heart, but within your heart, or the spirit of God which is one and the same, within you that will achieve and accomplish that which all mankind looks to come about on the face of the earth, in the immortalization of those who see, to overcome the destructive and reverses, etc., which we have in this life. So the power that is within you, is the only hope of glory. There is no hope outside of that, so if we fail to realize that quickening spirit within us, then we fail to be in harmony with the purpose of God for good, and we must be destroyed by the negative forces.

We find that the first man Adam was made a physical man from the dust of the earth, and God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul, and he transgressed through the deception of the serpent and his wife Eve. It brought about that destructive force which carried him down to death, as we speak of going to the cemetery. There is a deeper meaning than just going to the cemetery. I would say that a man, though he is alive, healthy, in a physical sense or appears healthy in a physical sense, and is not conscious of God in his ever-present sense; I would say he is dead psychologically and spiritually, while he is not dead physically; he is dead psychologically and spiritually.

Coming on down from the first Adam, I would say that Christ, instead of being made a physical soul, I would say he was made a quickening spirit, and I say to you that unless Christ lives within you as of now, after he has taken off the physical flesh and becomes a quickening spirit within you, or that power that accomplished Death, hell and the grave -- unless that is the positive force that works within you, then you are unable to withstand the negative forces of this present evil world. It will only mean to you, as you see fit to accept and to make it become a part of you, and if you don't accept it, in its real reality, it will mean no more to you next week than it did in the past that's gone.

That Power Within You, whether you are conscious of it or not, it is God that works within you, both to will and to do. That power within you will elevate you on up to the third heaven, or if You allow it to, it will take you down to degradation.