Mosaic Tabernacle

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History of the Tabernacle

Structure of the Tabernacle

The Tent

Gate of the Court

Pillars, Boards, Bars and Sockets

Veils, Coverings and Curtains

The Most Holy Place

Ark of the Covenant

Two Tables of Stone
Aaron's Rod
Cup of Manna

The Holy Place

Seven Branched Lampstand

Table of Shewbread

Altar of Incense

The Court Around About

Altar of Sacrifice

Brazen Lavar

Cup of Holy Anointing Oil

Function of the Tabernacle

The Levitical Priesthood

See also: Levitical Priesthood

Moving the Tabernacle

Sacrifices & Offerings

Sin Offering

Burnt Offering

Meal Offering

Peace Offering

Trespass Offering

Feast Days

Sabbath Day

Passover Feast

Feast of Unleaven Bread

Feast of Weeks

Feast of Trumpets

Day of Atonement

Feast of Tabernacles (Booths)

Additional References