Ministration of Death

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in 1969 at the Statler Hilton Hotel.


DR. KINLEY: Thank you ever so much. I don't think I'll be up to long here (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS). Now I wanna tell you first what I got up here for. And what you call preaching, now that's not what I wanna do; that's not what I wanna do. What I wanna do, I wanna show you how this book which you call the Bible is put together so it will make some sense to you. . .

STUDENT: Can't hear you.

DR. KINLEY: Can't hear? I said what I want to do was to put this Bible together, and show you how to put it together so it'll make some sense to you. Now I can't get all back there on those charts. These charts were made according to a pattern, and since they were there is no digression or deviation in 'em. Now this will take every animate and inanimate object in the universe, take you from Genesis to Revelations in that book which you call the Bible. This is the result, these charts are the vision and the revelation as Yahweh showed to me, and I put it down just like He gave it to me. These charts are, well this one over here, it's been made every since 1932. [Elementary Chart] That's on a bed sheet, and it's been run up and down, up and down, and up and down, and up and down I don't know how many times each week. And you can't go down here to The Broadway and buy a bed sheet like that to last that long, from 32 down to 69. I don't care how much you pay for it it just won't work. Well somebody said, "Well look, I don't see no sense in that thing, that look like scramble eggs to me." Is that the way, is that what some of 'em have said?

STUDENTS: Yes! Yeah that's right!

DR. KINLEY: Remember the smart boys that have come in this school. Yes, sir, that's what they say, and that's what they think. Well then I put in the, I’ve drawn it out with the best art that we could do. In other words we have amateur artist. These are not professional artist that made 'em in the first place. They won't stand close inspection so far as artwork is concerned. But that's not what we're trying to do; we're not trying to make no artist at all in the first place. But what we are trying to do is to show you the structure first of the Godhead itself. I'm trying to talk to begin with so you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to show you how God is made up, and then prove it to you that He is made up that way - prove it by you. Somebody say, "No you can't prove that be me!" Yes I can too. Somebody say, "Well you don't know where I come from, you don't know nothing about me." Yes, I know all about you. Now this work is 38 years old. Nobody from nowhere can do any better than this so far as expounding God, the physical universe, and His Purpose through the dispensation and ages. As Bishop Short said, "This is the end of the line the bus just don't go no further!" And I want you to know, now if you want to get offended that's up to you. Yahshua the Messiah said there would be many offenses on His account. Somebody said "Look you're intruding on my religion! You don't have no right to talk about my religion! You go your way and I'll go mine!" People talk all that old silly talk. Now listen here, when Yahshua the Messiah come along preaching and teaching, He knew, and didn't have to appeal to the Sanhedrin Council for license. And He knew that because He didn't submit to them for their direction, He knew that they would get offended. And they did send somebody to arrest Him when He was preaching down to the seashore. They went down to bring Him back and bring Him up before the council. And the boys went down, and when they got down there where He was, they listen at Him preach. And they went on back up to the Sanhedrin Council without Him. They said, "Did you bring Him?" Said, "No we didn't bring Him!" Well said "Why?" Said, "Never a man spake like that man." He spoke with authority and power and demonstration of the spirit beyond that of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and the Scribes and whatnots, "Now if you want Him you go down there and get Him yourself!" See what I mean?

Now it's against the law, it's against the law for me to tell you about things that you ought to know. And I want you to know that I have been beat up bodily. My life has been threatened more than once. People have sat in the audience, and I don't have no respect for the devil, and went away because of the things I had said... I know why Dr. Dennis said what he did, "Shoot me if you want to right now." Now they have threatened to do that to me. And somebody said, "Oh won't nobody bother you, but you just imagine that." I told you I wasn't no fool, the devil was a murderer right from the beginning, and he was a liar right from the beginning. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: Now here you are trying to tell me he won't hurt me. Now look we're suppose to tell you the right and wrong about everything. And if we don't know we don't have no business teaching no school, just simply don't have no business teaching school. Now look, when Yahshua the Messiah come He come speaking in parables to His disciples, right?

AUDIENCE: Right! DR. KINLEY: You know why He did that? Everything was a fulfillment. Moses spake with stammering lips. Is that right? AUDIENCE: Right!

DR. KINLEY: Stammering lips, let's say this, Yah-Yah-Yah-Yah, just kept right on saying the same thing, Yah-Yah-Yah-Yah-Yah-Yah-Yah, stammering! Said the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again, and finally by and by he got it out! So now here comes the prophet, the law and the prophets, one's got to confirm the other. The prophet then says, "That with stammering lips and another tongue will I speak to this people." Cutting it up short now cause I got, I got'a whole lot of work to do here. So when He come along He's speaking in parables or with stammering lips and other tongue. Then after He spoke in parables, the disciples didn't understand. And then when He explained it to them they still didn't understand it, and He knew it. And when He stepped aboard a cloud and left they still didn't understand. But He did say this "Now I go, and if I don't go the Comforter will not come…But when the Comforter is come He'll bring all them things I was talking to you back to your remembrance." During three and a half years He said a whole lot of things to 'em, they didn’t understand them. Now what had to happen, they had to have the Holy Spirit to understand it. Now He's outside walking 'round talking to 'em, they don't understand nothing that way, now He's got to get in 'em. They ain't gone understand unless He's there, cause your carnal mind is incapable to understand it. You get that now?

Now look folks, I want to do some things here to show you how that you have to go in this book, in this Bible. I want you to take your Bible... Now the boys have been up here talking about it, and I'm not gonna tell you anything new about it, but I'm just gonna explain it to you in such a way that you can understand what they're talking about. Now if there's anybody in this building that don't know and don't understand would you please, as much as you possibly can, come up this way? And these up here that do understand will you make some room for 'em? Now you wait till I get started, and if you don't understand hold up your hand, do something. Cause I'm not down here just to show off or play no big shot nor nothing like that, I'm not here for that purpose.

Now listen folks, I was caught up into heaven itself. I saw and talked with Yahweh Elohim! I don't like to say this because somebody say "Well he's bragging and he's boasting, I'm sick and tired of that," and get hot right away. But they allow the devil to do all the talking and blowing and carrying on he wanna do, and say "He's doing a wonderful job." They don't know the difference. As one of the boys said, "I heard a voice from heaven saying come up hither."

Now they have asked you to bring Bibles all of you that didn't have 'em. And a lot of people that belong to various other different churches, most particularly the Roman Catholic Church and the Hebrew Church, they don't need 'em. The reason why they don't need 'em is because all you have to do is just look at the Missal, look at the Talmud, look at what the Pope says, read the Missal. You don't know how to pray, look at a prayer book, and if you don't want to be bothered with that, just pay the preacher. Yeah, that's what you're paying him for, and you don't need no Bible, you don't need to worry about it. NOW YOU BETTER CUT THAT STUFF OUT BECAUSE THEY'RE TELLING YOU A WHOLE LOT OF THINGS THAT IS NOT IN THE BIBLE, AND THAT'S NOT INCLUDED IN THE PURPOSE OF GOD. Now somebody come along and said that, and the older people use to say it, "That every tub shall sit on it's own bottom." Now look, if you have to stand in the judgment, as the Scriptures says "As I live saith Yahweh to Me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, (now that wasn't quite to the priest), confess Yahshua the Messiah to the satisfaction, and to the glory," OF THE POPE!

AUDIENCE: No! No! No, sir.

DR. KINLEY: Now you better get on some kind of time and pay some attention. And if you have to do one of them burns because I tell you something about your religion that you ought to know... I'm on your side! Don't you think for one minute I'm against you! I'm not against anybody, I don't care what religion they are! I'm not against Muslims, Black Muslims, or White Supremacy, or the Reds or the Whites and the Blues I'm not against anybody! I'm here in your defense and for your protection. Often times we have 'em getting mad, get all frustrated, get all mad and walk out, say "I'm going away from there, I ain't coming back down there no more." Well now you got that wrong. See what your trouble is you don't know where you are! That's the reason why you said that. Peter put it, to show you that... Now this is after Yahshua the Messiah died. Read Hebrews 11:25 &6. Now please hurry, I wanna cover a lot of ground and I wanna make this all simple.

READER: Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of Yahweh than to enjoy the pleasures. . . DR. KINLEY: 9, I'm sorry, 9, Hebrews 9:25. READER: Nor yet that He should offer Himself often DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: as the high priest entered into the Holy Place. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: after he had. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute! Wait a minute. Now some of you don't know nothing about what that is. As the high priest entered into the holy place, he went in there every day folks, it wasn't once every Sunday, or maybe once or twice a week and once on Sunday, it wasn't like that he went in every day. This is a daily ministration. The high priest folks, offered up them sacrifices, daily sacrifices, under the dispensation of the law. And he went into the holy place. Now this is the holy place, for your information. I tried to get it up here where people can see. Now this is the... right here, (not up there, naw, naw, naw I didn't say that). He went into the holy place every day in the year, and once a year, just one time on the 10th day of October… Now we have it, your calendar right in the book, because it fluctuated. On the 10th day of October he went into the most holy place through this veil and into the most holy place; that was typical of ascending into heaven. Now you have that in the 9th Chapter of Hebrews there where you're reading, but now read on.

READER: And as the high priest entered into the Holy Place every year with other blood. . . DR. KINLEY: That's right. READER: for then must he often have suffered. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: since the foundation of the world. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute! Hold it! Hold it! See now, cause the Purpose has got to go all the way from the foundation. What do you mean? Now listen He was lamb slain from the foundation, and every day, every day, once on that day, that 10th day of October, (now I'm setting up the shadow). All right read.

READER: but now. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: once in the end of the age. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now a lot of people don't know that the world has ended twice before, they don't even know that. But now once in the end of the age. . .

READER: He appeared. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now He appeared back here in the end of the age. In other words, when He was born of the virgin Mary, coming on down to 33 years and went into His ministry, now that was the end of the post deluvian age. He died there and entered on into heaven. Now back here, that's the reason why I say, it isn't hardly any place we can start in this calendar even to get the thing together so you can understand anything about it. It's a hard job. Now somebody… Now this is the end of this age here. This is the ante deluvian here; this is the end of the age. See this is the ante deluvian age! Now when He appears in the end of this post deluvian age, which means before and after the flood. Now you got a chart up there. See He appeared once in the end, in the end, in the end of the age or the end of the world (you heard what I said), to do what?

READER: to put away sin. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: by the sacrifice of Himself. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: And as it is appointed. . . DR. KINLEY: Listen, and as it is appointed. . . READER: unto men. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: once to die. . .

DR. KINLEY: Just one time. God don't have to keep on saying "Well why don't you go 'head on and die? What's the matter that you don't die here?" You don't have to keep that foolishness up. Somebody say "Well I'm an atheist, I, you know I don't believe." You don't have to worry about that, first thing you know the undertaker got him and he's gone on with him just like he does everybody else. You don't have to stand around and argue with nobody about it. And say listen, incidentally there isn't but one atheist anyhow. In order to qualify to be an atheist, you have to know all the answers to everything! And Yahweh's the only atheist I know anything about, cause He's got all the answers! Boy it takes a long time to learn how stupid you are. Now He's appeared once in the end of the age to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. All right read.

READER: and as it is appointed unto men. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: once to die. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: but after this the judgment. . .

DR. KINLEY: but after death or after this the judgment. Now He's resurrected from the dead, went on there into heaven, and now you're setting in the judgment. Now you trying to tell me you won't be back, and you done got hot. Peter said, preaching to the Jews, said now talking to them, said he wanted all the whole house of Israel to know, (before then he was kinda slipping around). They said, "Wasn't you one of 'em with Him?" "No, sireee, not me." See he was cussing and a ------, but after he received the Holy Spirit said, "Let all the house of Israel know for an a surety that this man whom you hung out here on the tree, whom you with wicked hands"... Now you talking about a Protestant, you ought to know what you're talking about. Peter wasn't no Roman Catholic, Peter was a Protestant man! And he brought the accusation right against them to their face. Said, "I PROTEST, and let all of the house of Israel know of an a surety that He was both Lord and Saviour." I'm trying to put it kinda so you can tap into it once and a while. Now Israel, since all the covenants and everything was made to you, and the Holy Spirit was poured out on you first, 7 years to be more exact, and then you were to go to the Gentiles, Then judgment must first begin with the house of Israel. Now listen, back here under the law, Paul said, "The Ministration of Death, that was glorious," and that was before He died, but how much more glorious is the Ministration of Life," which we're in now!

But now, let's, let's get started. See what we're doing... I hate awful bad to do this; I hate to do this. I think I ought to bring up a few things that I have said from one time to the other that the other fellow didn't understand, and for the most part don't understand me now. You got astronauts landing on the moon. I told the folks everywhere that the moon would land on them before they land on the moon. Now somebody said, "You've lied." I said it, but I don't have time to go into all that…

STUDENT: [Snickering]

DR. KINLEY: Naw, I can't do it, I'm after babies now! Now Dr. Mitchell started into it here the other day. Now here John said he saw a wonder in the heaven, a woman clothed with the son and the moon under her feet. She must have been an awful long legged woman... (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) So evidently she must have touched down before the astronauts did - got in the sun and the moon all at the same time. John said the Messiah told him, said what you see write it in a book and send it to the seven churches that's where?


DR. KINLEY: No, let's go back over that. What you see and hear... Now don't write nothing you don't see and hear. If you don't see it, don't write it, if you don't hear it don't write it. But what you see and hear write it in a book and send it to the Vatican where it's imprimatured!


DR. KINLEY: [Doc chuckles]. Now don't you start nothing with me cause we got all the Bibles. Don't you start a thing with me. Koran, the Cabala, Roman Catholic Bible, the King James Version of it, we got every one 'em that come off the press. We've got 'em even with 25 Bibles in one. We got 'em down here at the Hotel too, a whole bookcase full of 'em. We know who wrote 'em, we know when they were written. And all of 'em got errors in 'em and interpolations, and we can point 'em out too. When you know that purpose, you can get it.

Now look, I want you to go right back, take your Bible, take your Bible… Now here's what I wanna tell you to begin with. You cannot start in Genesis 1:1 and understand no Bible. You can't do that, nobody can. Now listen, the Exodus was before the Genesis. Somebody says "Well your are nutty; you don't know how these books are lined up in the Bible." Yes I do. Now you can go here at the library, (they got a great big one over here on Hope street), and every scientist and every theologian, Protestant, Roman Catholic and whatnot, they start right in Genesis 1:1 reading the Bible. Now we got commentaries, commentators, and Hebrew and Greek and Latin and every other kind of thing, they all go right to that same place. That's the worse place you could start! Now I wanna show you what's the matter.

All right, first start at the 3rd Chapter of Exodus. Now you've been going into this. When we often times try to tell somebody, (some Baptist or some professional man, big shot all tightened up), somebody say, "Well he ain't gonna say nothing about that stuff! I'm down here now, he better be careful what he says. He can go ahead and play Dean and all that kind of stuff around them little ignorant folks, but I'm here now!" And somebody passes me a note up and say Elder or Revern' so and so is here, give him an opportunity to speak, if you please. Put him up here, he don't know nothing about what he's talking about. Then get up and whip him to death and then put him right back and make him admit it! Don't take no advantage of nobody. That's right. Somebody said, "Well listen, you just haven't heard my pastor!" Yes I have, I know your pastor. I heard 'em all.

Now look Wallace, now in this Genesis, (I'll tell you about it before you get to it), now the sun was made on the 4th day. The physical sun out there in the sky was on the 4th day of Moses' vision, and the moon was on the 4th day too. The sun to rule, or the greater and more perfect sun or the light, the greater light to rule the day. Is that right?

STUDENTS: Right! DR. KINLEY: And the moon to rule the night! Is that right? STUDENTS: Right!

DR. KINLEY: You say that's right? Are you real sure that's right? Now you be careful with that. All right now you got two men in this thing walking around in the flesh. You got the son of perdition, that's one mystery. Then you've got the mystery of Yahweh, that's two mysteries. Now you don't know what's going on. Now if this is the ministration of death back here, this is LAST NIGHT! And the moon to rule the night! Now here all of these carnal ordinances given to Israel, last night… Now here comes the man in the moon, the night, the Papacy dib-dabbling; he don't fool with nothing else but carnal ordinances. Now that's the man in the moon. Now I said the moon would be down on the man before the man stepped out on the moon. And look they called my attention to it too, since we been in this hotel. Said, "Armstrong and them have landed on the moon, and I thought you said that so and so and so and so." And there you turn the TV on and there was Pope Paul looking in on at the astronauts; there he was. Now he's the man in the moon. Now look! Now the thing is landed on him, all the carnal ordinances. He's the ruler of the kingdom of darkness. He's under the law. He done got all them old carnal ordinance, water baptism, foot washing, and all that carrying on under the old covenant, the ministration of death, darkness, strutting around. Get the point?

Here it is up here. Now look, the woman... [Moving charts so that what's being talked about can be seen better] That's all right, that's all right, that's all right. The woman, I wanna get to where, maybe you can see it back there. Somebody point it out back there. Some of you folks that know, back there that knows where it is on these charts, and been going to school get up and point it out, the woman clothed with the son. Here we are right here. Now look, now you listen at me for a while. As Paul said, "Now you done borne with all the rest of 'em with their folly and in their foolishness, give me break."

Now when Adam, when Yahweh made him, the woman was in the man! He created him outside of the garden, not in it. Then He took the man (get up boy) He took the man that He had made in His own likeness and in His own image. Now the man is masculine and feminine united into one embodiment. This man, if you look in the 3rd Chapter of Luke and last verse was a son of God, not a saint. Now He took this man that He made and put him in the garden. NOW HERE GOES YOUR FIRST DEATH! God said it's not good for that man to be alone. So He caused a deep sleep, (Doc, there's your first anesthetic, and here's your operator, your surgeon) and He reached in his side and took that woman out of his side. Made the incision, took that woman out of his side, and Moses is looking right at Him; yeah he's watching in the garden. And then He presented the woman to man in the garden. Now you can't get away from facts! It's in everybody's Bible. Now then here comes the man with the woman in him. Now if you gonna pierce this first Adam back here and cause a deep sleep to go on him, and look he hadn't committed no sin either! Old sister Eve wasn't, she was all right as long as she was in him, she couldn't do nothing. SERPENT COULDN'T BOTHER HER, it wasn't a thing he could do about it. I'm showing you that that man, Yahweh put him under that anesthetic BEFORE ANY SIN WAS COMMITTED and took that woman out of his side, hadn't been no sin committed by him. NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO CORRELATE THE TYPE! When this Yahshua the Messiah is hanging out there on the cross that soldier's got to pierce Him in the side and He hadn't committed no sin. Said, "Which one of you convicteth me of sin?" So they put him to sleep, and then he resurrected him from the dead. Somebody say, "Well that was Adam's wife, now where's His?" Oh brother I tell you, we're so technical down here if you just bat your eye, if you just bat your eye, breathed out loud, then we got you. Now Yahshua the Messiah (I have to bring this in), Yahshua the Messiah... Let's put it this way first. All the seed, He created everything, the angels in heaven and everything else. Now then, here He is here on the cross or before He died, let's put it right, before He died, He goes and resurrects Lazarus from the dead. Now I don't have time to call all these instances, I know He raised others; He healed everybody. Lazarus is dead four days... And when they hung Him out there on that cross, said, "You saved others and you've healed others, physician, doctor heal yourself! Said you helped others and it ain't a thing you can do about yourself?" Now when they said that you've helped others, and it's nothing you can do about your own self, physician heal yourself, they were referring to all them folks that He had healed, and that was everybody. Now sat tight and give me your attention! Now Lazarus, the 4th day, tarried there in Bethany. Now Yahshua come in on the 4th or the 4th thousandth year. Now you thinking Lazarus, Him raising Lazarus from the dead was a mighty stupendous miracle. Wouldn't you say so? Yes you would, but that, that wasn't nothing. Then He told them, said "Greater works than these shall you do because I go unto the Father." Have you been around and raising anybody from the dead been dead four days, physically so? Then He evidently must have been talking about something else. Now watch, take it in your book, Matthew 27:52.

READER: And the graves were opened. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now He's crucified. It's a wonderful thing Him raising Lazarus from the dead. And listen, when He went to that tomb, had to be very careful about that. He said He was the resurrection and the life. Say doc, got to be careful about that. And then when He called him, said "LAZARUS!" If He hadn't of said Lazarus this is what would happen what you're about to read about, He didn't say Lazarus that time. All right read.

READER: And many bodies of the sons which slept arose. . . DR. KINLEY: And many bodies of the Saints! STUDENTS: No, Sons. DR. KINLEY: Sons okay. Read. READER: which slept arose... DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and came out of the graves. . . DR. KINLEY: And come up out of the graves READER: after His resurrection. . .

DR. KINLEY: After not before! now we just read about that a while ago, you remember? After His resurrection they came up out of the graves, after His resurrection. The Physician must have heard something to bring Him out. He laid His life down and He took it up. And after He come out of the grave, many of the saints which slept in the dust of the earth... Lazarus was dead 4 days, these dead 4000 years. That's why He didn't bother with it at all, let him lay there 4 days. Yeah I was glad I wasn't here, He told Martha up there. But that's what is going on now. The people are being resurrected from the dead, those at 1040... In other words, the resurrection is going on now! Now somebody said, "Well you know the first and the second resurrection..." Ain't nothing like that. Now in order to have a first and second resurrection, you have to have two Christ. He didn't say I'm the resurrections! I am the resurrection and the life! This is the ministration of life, (I told you that a while ago), and not the ministration of death. Now He's resurrected from the dead. You sat right on your seat right where you are and just believe that it's that way, see then you can be resurrected from the dead. Somebody say, "I'm not dead." Yes, if you fool around with all these carnal ordinances back here you're dead. You just haven't found out about it, that's what your troubles are.

Now, you've seen now the difference between the ministration of death. You've seen now the man, the woman clothed with the son. Now you've seen the man in the moon last night. The satanic power that is the mystery of iniquity, the ruler of darkness! Now if you don't thinks that's in the book I will read. A carnal mind and a carnal ordinance go together, that's reason why God gave Israel carnal ordinances! But on this side the Holy Spirit is poured out, carnal ordinances pointed to that. And on this side we don't, we don't fool with that. We don't, we don't have no foot washings, we don't have no water baptisms, we don't eat no Lord suppers. And almost everybody wants to get on me about that. But every last one 'em for 38 years that ever got on me, I don't care what church he come from, he had to go bye bye. Said, "Well listen here, Jesus did this and Jesus did that!" For example, I want you to read the 26th Chapter of Matthew. I got to get some of these things over to you. Read the 26th Chapter of Matthew, and take the 26th verse.

READER: And as they were eating. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: Yahshua took bread. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and blessed it. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and broke it. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and gave it to the disciples. . . DR. KINLEY: And gave it to His disciples READER: and said take eat this is my body. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats). Read on. READER: And He took the cup. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and gave thanks. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and gave it to them. . .

DR. KINLEY: Naw doc, that ain't right, um hum. Here's a medical doctor up here and can't read. Now if you noticed the text, that they, those were His disciples, they were Jews, they were under the dispensation of the law and He's fulfilling the prophecy. And say listen boy, they ate that Passover in their own houses. Never in the history of the world did they ever, a Jew eat it up in the congregation and the assembly like the folks in your church does! Now you can go ahead and get hot. Now remember what they say. They say Jesus said for us to take and eat! I say He did not say that! Somebody said "Well that's New Testament teaching." I beg your pardon, you'll either have to make Him out of a lie. . . (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) There's the man there; here's the law. That’s right, Now they got orders to do this, to come and get me.

[Doc's two brothers are coming to take him off the floor. The Room was only rented to us 2 1/2 hours per session, and between sessions it was rented to someone else, and we had to be out of their on time].

Can I finish this statement? Will you grant me just to finish the statement? Officer's of the... (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now here's what I'm trying to tell you. Now you see your preacher stands up there and tell you that Jesus said for you, for us to take and eat. Is that what he does, I wanna know? You answer me!

STUDENTS: Yes! Yes, sir!

DR. KINLEY: I said He did not say it, and that is not in the book! Not only that, I'd have you to know that you wasn't a Gentile, you wasn't even invited to the party. And I'll have you to know that that was under the dispensation of the law for which He come to fulfill it and to move it out of the way. You see what I mean? You see how that man in the moon fooling around there in the dark and in the night, (the blind leading the blind). Say "Well that's New Testament teaching." You don't even know what the New Testament is. That's a biography, not a New Testament. And listen, the New Testament is written with the, (first chapter of 2nd Corinthians), says it is written with the spirit of the living Elohim. That's reason why He wrote in them tables of stones with His own spirit so He could write in your heart and in your mind. Jeremiah 31:31 says that Yahweh said, "I'm gonna write it!" Now here you are down here trying to show me where Matthew is writing it! Is that what they done? You better wake up! [Student asking question in background, inaudible]. You come on back and we'll get into this thing some more. I don't have time, you see I don't have time to get into this, I didn't even get to first base. But look, we gonna work on this tomorrow. We gonna work on this one, and we ain't gonna have no whole lot'a preachers from no where up here, I'm gonna work on this! [His brothers begin to take him off the floor].

AUDIENCE: Applause. [Tape recorder is cut off, then cut back on because Dr. Kinley begins to speak again]

DR. KINLEY: . . . I talked with God, and they don't believe it, then you tell me how that I could come along and speak to a dead man! There's the doctor up there, ask him about it. You know I can't do nothing like that, Messiah said He couldn't - said "I can of my own self do nothing, My Father in me, He doeth the work." All kinds of cancer, dead people have been resurrected from the dead! [His brothers take him on off the floor]