Mark 11:22, Have Faith in God

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Lecture given by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1966.

Dr. Kinley: First of all I’d like to say I know all of you enjoyed the remarks coming Dr. Maclin. And as he told you he has made it around to other places where these schools are in session. And I have received some mail, I believe it was yesterday, where they are demanding that we put a school in Detroit, Michigan. And since Dr. Maclin spoke of his trip and his returned, I heard from Birmingham, Alabama today, and they are doing fine. One of the things that I was told is that they have an increase in attendance there. And one of the reasons for it is because some person there has been healed, and they’ve begin to get some, demanding somebody’s attention. And you know how it is, where people they come to school, so it’s a traditional thing, or go to church, and they don’t expect nothing normally to happen, and when something happens they’re just surprised. And so now they have began to take on momentum there. And Dr. Jones’ son-in-law just returned from there, and left there Wednesday, and arrived here last night, I think he said, and he called me and told me about the debate.

Then Dr. McCoy is doing fine too; that’s in Littlerock, Arkansas. Now we haven’t as yet been able to get the incorporation papers through there, and that’s why the MC don’t say that we have succeeded in incorporating Arkansas.

Dr. Mitchell I heard from him. And I think I reported to you that in New York he has been there, and he called me long distance, and he said that what you had to have there was a nucleus of people before you could incorporate, and then you had to get an attorney to draw up the articles of incorporation. And of course that’s… Every time you start to do anything like that them vultures… [Student Body Laughs] Oh, did I misrepresent that?

Students: No, that’s right.

Dr. Kinley: lawyers, they want 3 or 4 or 5 hundred dollars to write down something so that they could present it to the State. They’re setting their waiting on you. You know what I mean? So just like when we chartered here in California, why then I think we paid around $360.00, and we incorporated by in the State of Ohio for around $50.00. And then we paid $360.00 or something like that here, and that was just a retainer’s fee. In other words they were just getting ready to rob us. I’m just telling you like it is. Dr. Gross was right there he can tell you; didn’t they Dr. Gross? We just come out and tell ‘em finally, “Listen, we ain’t paying you no more, well if you don’t think its… we’re just not gonna pay you no more!” Now we don’t need nobody to draw up no articles of incorporation, because they’re already drawn up. And when Dr. Jones, the reason why he got by so well down there in Alabama is because they took the article that’s already drawn up, and it just cost $4.00. But in Littlerock Arkansas they want $10.00 to find if you wanna get a lawyer and draw up something another in New York and every other place, cause they’re vultures as I said, they wanna make a whole lot of money out of it. So that’s the reason why we have not become incorporated in Littlerock Arkansas there and in Michigan too. You see you have to have a board of trustees before ever you can incorporate in the first place, and now when it comes to getting a board of trustees that’s just about as hard as any other part of it. To get somebody that sees and knows something about what it’s all about, and willing to undergo the persecution and all those kinds of things, because what we’re teaching is foreign, and the people they actually don’t know what you’re talking about; they don’t understand.

And as Bishop Short said, and I often think of it because it makes me think of how I have been going since I have had this vision and the revelation, he said he knew what was out in the world. And I wanna tell you too, and that makes me think, Dr. Yates gets up and he reads the Holy Name Bible, and he’s always telling you that this is the Holy Name… Now what they’re concerned about in this book is the name, the original name that was in the Hebrew manuscripts, now that’s what this book is concerned with. And it was copyrighted in 1963, and our book was copyrighted in 1961. And after we put our book out there, and then had the nerve to tell the Vatican and tell Christendom that they were wrong, had the nerve to do that with, why then they commence to writing and translating bibles. And now since this book, which we haven’t had here to long, well they just brought me a new one in yesterday that, uh, (I’m not gonna tell you who brought it in) but anyhow it’s suppose to be the most modern and up-to-date since this one, and that it doesn’t have the names in it like this. Now that is made up so that the Catholics and the Protestants both can use the same Bible. And so we’ll get that down first and last, and it isn’t as good as this one when it comes to the Names. They still hold on to that Jesus Christ thing and they know that it’s wrong, and they’ve apologized. And if you noticed that in the reading of this one, they say that they acknowledged the names in a lot of these Bibles in the footnotes. Now when I say footnotes: now that means down at the bottom of the page. They know all these things that we’re telling you about, about Yahweh and Yahshua, and whatnot, but they put ‘em down at the bottom of the page, they don’t put ‘em in the text of the scriptures. And so they have went on that way for years and years and years. In fact they, a lot of times they don’t even put ‘em down there, people don’t even know nothing about it. And you have to, in order to know something like that you have conduct a research to find out something real about it. Now that’s for that. I just wanted to let you know that there were a lot of Bibles. And out of all those Bibles, not only are there a lot of Bibles… Are you listening Rip?

Rip: um-um.

Dr. Kinley: See there is a lot, just a whole lot of commentators. Now when I say commentators, I’m talking about this so you’ll understand. You can go to the bookstores and get them, and it’ll comment on each verse in the Bible, give you their interpretation, Pendleton, Scott, Burroughs, Matthew Henry, and what have you, different reputable and renown theologians both ancient and modern, and they will give you a comment on each verse of the Bible; that’s what you call a commentary. Now you can go get them. Now what did I say that for? After all of ‘em is gotten together, all I have ever seen, and I told you I was going on 72 years old, and I have STUDIED for over 50 years myself, and I haven’t never found the first one, not the first one, not yet, and Dr. Gross you’ve helped me hunt some too haven’t you?

Dr. Gross: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: And we haven’t ever found one yet that understood how to go into this Bible and get the reality out of it. And until such time that you’re able to do it, see as I have told you repeatedly time and time, and over and over again, then you cannot have explicit faith and confidence in a living God of this universe; now you just can’t have it.

Then men have gotten so tightened up or they’ve become so puffed up in their carnal intellect until they think that they’re so smart that can’t nobody can tell them nothing. I don’t know why somebody would just automatically let the devil come along and make you think that you’re so smart, why there’s plenty people just as smart as you are. You’re not the smartest pebble that there is on the beach, where did you get that idea at? But the devil will pump somebody up and tighten him up to a place like that; I don’t care if you are a schoolteacher! It don’t make no difference about your PhD degrees and your DD degrees and your MS or Master of Science, you don’t know it all, so get some of that stiffness out of you. Now that’s the thing that keeps people from learning anything.

And let me say this to you; I believe I said this to you the other night. THIS PURPOSE OF GOD IS NOT A SERIES OF COMPLICATIONS. You know what I mean by that? It’s not so complicated and twisted up in so many ramifications and what not that nobody can understand it. It’s not that way. Now here’s what it is that makes you miss the boat, now this is what it is Wallace! It’s the simplicity of it that causes a fellow to stumble, the simplicity of it. Just a child… And let me say this to you: We have set children down here, young children, and the people that belong to this school that lives out there in those apartments where we live at, they have children. Dr. Harris is got a little boy, and Sister Lott’s daughter has a little girl and what not, and them children they get out there, and the old folks in the house listening through the windows and all, and they hear those children say things that would stagger you, that you didn’t think that they knew, and you thought they wasn’t paying no attention. And they’re playing one time, and they’re playing, “Dr. Charles, (the different ones setting around) said, “Now we’ll hear from Dr. Charles Harris.” And he gets up and he preaches. And you’d be surprised at the questions and things that the children say, and the mightiest of theologians cannot answer at all. That’s the truth, and it goes on pretty much all the time. They’re playing out there in the back yard, and different ones come and tell me about it.

Now listen, let me say this: that’s the reason why these charts are made, is to show you the utter simplicity. When you start to look around at ‘em, and you say, “Lord I never will know all that; woo-wee, you have to know all that?” I’ve had people come and say, “Well I don’t think you have to know all of that; I don’t think you have to know all of that to be saved. Say, “I never would learn all of that.” But it’s the simplicity of it, as I’ve said to you, that cause people to fall and to stumble. And a lot of people think this: that they can get together and study a dictionary, get together some long four and five syllable words, and then they wanna get up and show off how smart they are. Well now that’s stupid, yes that’s real stupid, but they think it’s smart. Now I’ll show you what I mean by that. For you to have taught something that you think that somebody else don’t know nothing about what you’re talking about, you make an ass out of your own self. Now Paul said he would rather speak with 5 words of his own understanding something that will benefit somebody… And he also asked Him that, uh, now you pray that I might speak as I ought to. THIS PREACHING THE GOSPEL THERE’S NO FOOLISHNESS ABOUT IT. That’s the reason why he said to the Romans that I am not ashamed of the gospel (well why aren’t you ashamed Paul), because it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth, to the Jew first, and then to the Gentile. Now he doesn’t have to be ashamed to get up here and preach the gospel, because what he is preaching you might wanna ignore it, but you don’t believe. NOW THE REASON WHY YOU DON’T BELIEVE IS BECAUSE YOU DON’T INVESTIGATE. And the reason why you don’t investigate, (you know why you don’t) is because the devil is blinded your mind and got you all tightened up, and you think that you’re smarter than the speaker that’s speaking. You are unconscious of the fact that God does speak through these vessels; He even spoke through a dumb ass one time. You remember that? And the whole universe and its totality is just blended into one universal symphony, and then everything in His temple says “Glory.” And you never hear the sound. Did you never stop to think even your own body, the way that you’re constructed…you may not know about physiology and anatomy and the ramifications, as you call it, of the physical body but the way you are constructed is a testimony. Did you ever stop to think about how that the sun operates, and as big as the sun and the moon and stars and all those things are, you never hear no whole lot of noise, they operate in real silence. But it is the power of God that holds ‘em up, and they functions in their particular and respective orbits, and they have been doing that for a long, long, long time. Congress hasn’t had to legislate no laws to keep ‘em in their place or to correct them or nothing like that, nobody has ever had to do that. Now that’s a testimony by itself. That’s the reason why Dave said, “The heavens declare the glory of God, the firmament showeth forth His handiwork, day unto day showeth forth knowledge.” Said “There is no sound, there’s no voice, no sound where their voice is not heard,” they’re heard all over the world. A many atheist has stood out and looked up at the sun and the moon, and Solomon said, “It’s vanity and vexation of the spirit.” Unless you can see the power behind, and cause for the sun there, it’s just vanity and vexation of the spirit. Did you ever stop to think about the voluntary and involuntary functions of your physical body? You don’t have to say, “Eyes see.” You don’t keep no recorded schedule on that. When you lay down and go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning they just naturally see. And then so far as breathing is concerned, if you had to keep some record of that, why you’d forget to breathe sometime, and you’d be gone. You see the point? Some of us are almost to lazy to breathe. And if we had to notice that we was breathing… [Students Laugh] And then on top of all that… Now that might sound funny and silly, but that’s just the way it is. See when you recognize your heart’s beating, your heart is beating, and so forth and so on, and you don’t have to be bothered with that, those are voluntary and involuntary functions of your physical body. And you don’t recognize, you don’t realize that man is made in the likeness and image of God. You are a living testimony of it yourself. Then somebody had the nerves, call themselves smart too, said “God is dead,” and here you are living. You are the offspring of god; in fact the matter, YOU ARE GOD! Somebody said, “No, now oops, you carried it to far that time.” No I didn’t carry it to far; I just know what I’m talking about whether you do or not, I didn’t carry it to far! Naw I didn’t. Now if you think I carried it to far then I’ll get in the book! You see you just didn’t find about it; they didn’t tell you about it, and you possibly never read that. Yes, that’s what it is. And you see, and if you were conscious of that then you wouldn’t be looking all around, it wouldn’t be such a terrible job for you to find God, because He lives… Listen, I said we’re the offspring; God is spirit. Well what is spirit? It is the immaculate substance; it is the essence. Somebody said, “Well God made the universe out of nothing.” I beg your pardon, no such of a thing. He didn’t make it out of anything that was coeternal or preexistent to Himself if that’s what you’re talking about. And it’s such a hard thing to explain to people, and for them to come into the consciousness of it. But one thing has to be done, now here’s one thing you just have to do, so we just might as well get ready to do that, and the sooner the better, IS TO GET THIS NOTION OUT OF YOUR HEAD THAT YOU’RE SO SMART. Now the sooner you get that out of your head, the better off you’ll be. You can’t put some more water in a cup if it’s already filled can you? Throw it out! Now all that junk and stuff that you had in your head that you learned religiously, and all that kind of stuff, now you have to dump that out before you get anything else in, ain’t no room for nothing else, none at all. And I tell you it’s something else when you begin to think of it.

Now look, here’s what we want: Roger, we don’t want your smart self, we don’t care nothing about you and this admiration of personalities and all that kind of thing, this is not a beauty contest. And on top of all that this is not a scripture reading, Bible-quoting contest, that’s not what this is. Now what we wanna know here in this school, we wanna know God just like He is, not like they said He was, but we wanna know Him and know Him for your own individual self. We wanna understand how His purpose operates through the dispensations and ages. And it operates with infallibility and unerring accuracy, and it never, never, never fails. And listen, God don’t have no hindrances, don’t have no obstruction. The devil is an asset not a liability to God. God needs him to manifest His power. And He had to make Himself an opponent and an adversary; He had to do that Himself, and that’s the reason why it said about Pharaoh, He said He had raised him up for that purpose, not Pharaoh raised up himself or Pharaoh’s daddy, not that, but He said He had raised him up for that purpose. I raised you up, for what purpose, that I can show my power, show you how stubborn, and how bullheaded that somebody says you are. And Moses [Yahweh] told him before he went down there that Pharaoh wasn’t gonna let the people go. Well why wasn’t he not gonna let ‘em go? Cause I’m gonna harden his head, I’m gonna get it hardened up real good, see and just like the devil is doing some of us around here. And the cry is come out of Babylon, come out of confusion, and learn something for real. And the devil he holds you back in these sects, and cults, and creeds, and denominations, and all these different kind of things. And the great voice, the voice from heaven is saying, “Come out of Babylon SHE’S FALLEN! CONFUSION! Come on out of that that you might learn something for true.” And somebody say, “Naw, I’m gonna stay with my church, all of my folks, and all of this…” And you’re going all over the old traditions… Now that’s the way Pharaoh was, his head was being hardened, God’s just harden him, harden him, getting him ready, getting him ready to burst the Red Sea wide open with him. You understand what I’m talking about? And that’s what’s happening to us too. The devil is around taunting us, and telling us, “Well look here, this doctrine of this church it’s right,” and got the people all confused. And people are like this too. Say “Well, why don’t you go out to school tonight?” Say “Naw, I don’t think I will.” Say, “Why, why ain’t you going?” Says, “I kinda got the bellyache, say, “I don’t feel to good today, I worked hard today.” Go over here and ask another one and he got some kind of excuse, and when you get around to the majority of ‘em everybody got some kind of an excuse, and then it’s a whole lot of absenteeism out of school. Well now listen; you don’t know what it’s all about. Now you may think that you do, but you don’t! No sir you really don’t know what it’s all about. Well look, what about that other feller over there that don’t know? And you thank you’re so smart! You’re so smart you don’t have to come to class, well there’s somebody else over there that is not as smart as you think you are. Now if you’re all that smart, then you’re the very feller that oughta come here; this is the place for you. If you know more about it than I do then the thing for you to do is to get up here and tell us all about it, wouldn’t you think so? So your attention… Either way you go, if you don’t know nothing about it you oughta come and try to find out something. And if you do know all that much about it then you’re still due here to tell somebody else, you see.

Now look and listen, let me say this, let me make myself real good and clear on the score. See I wanna be understood, I WANNA BE UNDERSTOOD! And that is this, (Freddy get me some chronology, and you pay attention too, get me some chronology up there). And now in the 24th chapter of Matthew, the 21st chapter of Luke, and the 13th chapter of Mark, listen at me now to what I’m saying, I don’t have time to go into reading all this, BUT WHEN YOU GET HOME DON’T YOU BE SO BUSY THAT YOU CAN’T READ. And I want it put on the board where you can see what I’m talking about so you can copy it down on a piece of paper if necessary, and when you get home you think about it. Read the 21st chapter or Luke, the 24th chapter of Matthew, and the 13th chapter of Mark, read ‘em when you get there. Somebody say, “Well I have read ‘em.” READ ‘EM AGAIN! Now here’s the important part about it. Now this is what you look for as you read; now this is what you look for. See if you can find anything at all in there that hasn’t happened or come to pass, see if you can find it. See what it is in there that you can find that Messiah prophesied would come, that hasn’t come. You see if you could find it. And now then this is what He said, “Now except those days be shortened there wouldn’t be any flesh saved.” There just wouldn’t be. And you’d be surprised, as Dr. Harris said one time, he went home and he told his mother after going to college and learning to be a medical doctor, said “Mother (he’s setting here he can defend himself), said “You’d be surprised about how little the doctors know about the human body.” Well you’d be surprised about how little the preachers know about God too; you’d really be surprised. And then not only that, they’re getting up and telling you they don’t know; they tell you that. Now the Roman Catholic Church, I don’t know whether you know it or not or whether you paid attention to it or not, now over there in the 17th, and 18th chapters of Revelations it said, “Babylon shall come to nought in one hour.” Now they have openly confessed and admitted, the Roman Catholic Church, that they were wrong. A lot of their people haven’t got sense enough to see that that’s what they have done. And the Protestants they have did the same thing in New Delhi India. Am I lying about that, am I telling it right about Bishop Short?

Bishop Short: That’s right, correct!

Dr. Kinley: You keep up with these things. Well now if you see all of these things come to pass, then you know that you’re right down to the end of the thing where YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO DO SOME INVESTIGATING or else make up your mind to be lost, cause that’s what’s gonna happen to you. Believe it or not Roger, that’s what’s gonna happen to you; you’re just gonna be lost!

You know here not long age, (I tell you about this), here not long ago people were sitting in their homes, I mean right here in Los Angeles and around, some of ‘em were doing one thing, and some of ‘em were doing another, some looking at TV, maybe some washing were dishes, and maybe some just sitting down relaxing and what not, and here comes that earthquake, and it was so sudden you wouldn’t have no chance to do nothing. Now then that’s just the suddenness… You see God is quick, and He’s powerful, sharper than any twoedged sword, even piercing asunder to the dividing of the soul and the spirit, and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the mind. Now that’s getting down pretty close, don’t you think so? Now all that you can think of, the man of sin has been revealed, everything is happened, and here you sat procrastinating, and jeopardizing, and thinking that you are so smart, and thinking that you’re so wise. The devil got you all tightened up. And you think, well you go on down there, you need to learn, but me I’m to bigger a shot, I’m to important. No, it’s not like that, God’s infinite Roger. Now what I mean by infinite, He’s unlimited. And listen, as Bishop Short said here many times, “God is the teacher around here, the Holy Ghost does the teaching here, it’s Elohim that does the teaching here.” Yeah you might hear somebody get up here, and it might not be Elohim, it might be that individual preaching and teaching, but I ain’t talking about nothing like that. You understand what I’m talking about? But there is power in them words. And I want to tell you I have seen people healed. People have been healed sitting right here in this congregation and this audience, I’m talking about at this address, 1040, have been healed sitting right here in this audience, and they are sitting here in my face now, and have been healed for 35 years. You understand? Yes I have… Now you can exercise now, I want you to turn over and read this one thing in the book, read Mark 11:22&23. Now if you choose to call Him a lie, just go right ahead, or if you don’t think it will work then that’s some more of your disbelief. It’s worked for me. Read, now this is the Boss Himself, all read Mark 11:22&23.

Reader: And Jesus answering saith unto them…

Dr. Kinley: And YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH answering and said unto the Scribes… Look, them that had seen Him go all around Palestine and Judea, and heal all kinds of diseases so much so until the Sanhedrin Council, uh when Nicodemus went to Him by night he told on the whole 70 of ‘em. Said “Master, we know that you are a teacher come from God, we don’t want to…” See many of the Chief Priest and the Pharisees believed on Him but they wouldn’t confess Him for fear of the Jews. Now here’s Nicodemus down there saying, “Master, we know that you are a teacher come from God, (how do you know it) because no man can do the things that you do except God be right in that body.” And they had seen all these things. And so now He is, He’s talking Himself, and this is what He said, believe it or not it’s just like that, and it’s worked for many, many, years in my case

Reader: have faith in God…

Dr. Kinley: Get the first part of it

Reader: And Jesus answering saith…

Dr. Kinley: And Yahshua the Messiah answered them Scribes and Pharisees, and said

Reader: have faith in God…

Dr. Kinley: Have faith in God. And also to His disciples, have faith in God! Have faith in God! Now listen I told you I don’t know how many times, you can’t have no faith in God unless you see how the thing works. Faith comes by hearing and that by the word of Elohim. You can’t have no faith, how you gonna believe something and you don’t know if it works? You don’t know whether it will work or not, and that’s the reason why I made these charts. Now when I made these charts, you see here all this line, all way across with it, see same thing here all the way… SEE DON’T NEVER GET UP OFF OF IT, KEEP IT GOING. Here’s one we say all the time, that one there, that’s got to be blood! And the next time it’s just got to be water! I don’t care how many ages and dispensations you got that’s what it is! And if you get off it, no need to argue YOU’RE WRONG THAT’S ALL! Somebody say, “Well you don’t understand, I come from Harvard!” I don’t care if you’re an angel drop down from heaven you’re still yet wrong! That’s the way it’s got to work. You see what I mean? Have faith in God. Read.

Reader: for verily I say unto you…

Dr. Kinley: For verily or truthfully or honestly, I say unto you Scribes and you Pharisees, and you my disciples, I’m just telling the world about it! And verily and truthfully somebody say, “I believe!” NAW YOU DON’T! Well why don’t you believe? You won’t hold still and let nobody tell you nothing! You don’t believe you just imagine something. See faith come by hearing, and you’ve got to hear the word of the Lord. And I’m not talking about reading chapters and verses either, naw I’m talking about how the purpose of God works from Alpha to Omega, or from cosmology to eschatology, that’s what I’m talking about. You see you’ve got to see it as a workable thing. All right read. Have faith in God; verily, verily, or honestly or truly, truly I say unto you, read!

Reader: that whosoever…

Dr. Kinley: That whosoever, it don’t make no difference who it is, Jew or Gentile, whosoever!

Reader: shall say unto this mountain…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: be thou removed…

Dr. Kinley: Be thou removed… You know sometimes them hindering obstacles, and all them kinda things, you know they get right up in front of somebody’s face and you’re just standing there looking, you don’t see no way at all, yes as high as you can be, head just thrown back, and if you ain’t careful you’d fall backwards you’re just so high, but He said “That whosoever says unto this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea, and have no doubt in his heart...” NOW LET ME SHOW YOU SOME OF THEM MOUNTAINS.

Now there was Isaiah, you remember, which was called the silver tongued prophet, he said, “The year that Uzziah,” Uzziah was the king of Judah. Uzziah set there on the throne in the tribe of Judah, and he was all decked out and Isaiah couldn’t see a thing else but Uzziah, could not see a thing, just looking at Uzziah, and his personal admiration of Uzziah the King of Judah; he couldn’t see nothing, he couldn’t see the priest, he couldn’t see nothing, that’s all he could see was how nice it was for Uzziah to be the king. Isaiah, your prophet that you got in the book he said, “The year that King Uzziah died he lifted up his eyes and he seen, and he looked on into heaven.” He said, “I saw the Lord sitting upon the throne high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.” He looked on passed Uzziah that trip. You understand what I mean? High and lifted up… You understand, and as far as he could stand there and look, he couldn’t see nothing else but Uzziah, but when Uzziah died he got up a little higher and he seen Him and His train filled the temple, them mountains I’m talking about. If you say unto this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea, and he don’t have no doubt in his heart, then you’ll have whatsoever he’ll say.

Now I want you to look at another one of them mountains. Here comes along the doctor, and this doctor has done that, and he knows exactly what I’m talking about. He’s done it both ways, thank God, and he’s got a mountain of experience there, he knows what I’m talking about in every aspect and every detail. And here somebody said, “Well look here, I don’t think you can make it buddy.” I’ll tell about King Hezekiah, when the prophet went into him, said, “Set your house in order for you shall surely die and not live.” You remember that? And Hezekiah he just turned over to the Lord, and he wept sore, and he asked God, said “Listen here, all I just got is one thing to ask of you, just remember how I walked before you with a perfect and upright heart, since I got to go.” And now God looked at the prophet, said “You go back in there and tell that man I’ve added 15 years to his life! And in order to prove it that I will do it, said I’ll set the sun 10 degrees backwards in the sky.” So when he turned back over there to the wall, then he dreamed, and he seen that sun going on back ten degrees, and God added to his life 15 years. THAT MOUNTAIN WAS REMOVED. And now as I’m trying to show you, here’s Dr. Harris, and these medics that are around here, people go to ‘em, and they put the stethoscopes on them, and they listen at ‘em, say “Boy you got a murmur in there, and from all indication with the blood test that is just returned from the lavatory, I think you’ve got a bad case of cancer there (course they are real careful about telling the patient that) and I don’t think you can make it.” GREAT BIG MOUNTAIN! But Messiah said, “Now if you could believe me, then that same mountain will be remove.” It don’t make no difference whether it’s heart trouble, it don’t make no difference if it’s cancer, it don’t make no difference if it’s TB or what not, it can be removed. Now listen, if it can’t be removed then you explain to me, if you please, how in the world that He’s gonna come and instantaneously translate us and give us an incorporeal body just like His body if that can’t be healed.

I remember one time there was another old boy, the devil went to him, and discussed with God about it, and he was smitten with sore boils from the down to his feet on to his head; HAD A GREAT BIG MOUNTAIN UP THERE. And he said there, and there is old man Job, and his wife said to him, looked at him and said, “Look here Job, why don’t you just go ahead and cuss God and die, and get it over with.” And Job looked at her and said, “You talk like a fool.” Said, “Look here woman, I know that my redeemer liveth and shall stand in the earth at the latter day.” And that was Him that you’re reading about there now that stood in the earth in the latter day. “And yea after skin worms shall devour this body of mine, (he’s all the way gone now) yet in my flesh shall I see God for myself, and not for another.” And when Messiah went on in the grave, crucified out there, there was an earthquake, and when He raised from the dead there was an earthquake. And Matthew 27:52 tells me, said that after His resurrection the graves were opened, and many of the saints, which slept in the dust of the earth rose and went on in Jerusalem and appeared to many. And I’m telling you now there is nothing that ever happened to nobody, and nobody haven’t got on incurable disease, all them mountains, ALL THEM MOUNTAINS, and everything else that you think is impossible they can be removed if you just have faith everything is definitely gonna be all right. And if you don’t, if that isn’t true, we just might as well quit tonight and fold up and go on home and never come back here no more. HAVE FAITH IN GOD! And verily, verily, and honestly, or truly, truly I say unto you… Now they had seen Him going around healing the sick and raising the dead, they didn’t have no reason to doubt His word… You see what I’m talking about? Oh I tell you it’s wonderful, HAVE FAITH IN GOD. All right read on.

Reader: for verily I say unto you that…

Dr. Kinley: Read on

Reader: that whosoever shall say unto this mountain…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: be thou removed…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and be thou cast into the sea…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and shall not doubt in his heart…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: but shall believe that those things which he saith…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: shall come to pass…

Dr. Kinley: those things that He saith shall come to pass…

Reader: he shall have…

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: whatsoever he saith…

Dr. Kinley: He shall have whatsoever he saith. Now when you understand (listen at me children, listen at me) I don’t want you to get off on no tangent there, I don’t want you to misunderstand. He’s talking about a man praying having faith there. And now look here, the reason why we don’t have no answer to our prayer is because we ask amiss, we’ve ask for something out of harmony with His purpose. Listen at me! Now the Holy Spirit, so says Paul in the 8th Chapter of Romans, and the 25th and 26th verse, he said “Now we don’t know how to pray as we ought, but the spirit makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.” And now I want you to see, I want you to see it clear and plain. Now when He was walking around here on the ground and over Palestine and talking to ‘em then as He was on out yonder in the Garden of Gethsemane, He told ‘em, said, “Now I will pray the Father for you.” He’s gonna make the intercession for us in the flesh out there. And He knelt down out there in the garden, and He prayed, and He said, “Father make them one even as we are.” He’s in a physical body. That’s Yahweh in a physical body. He said, “I pray not for these only, but for the rest of ‘em, the other sheep that wasn’t of that fold.” And He’s asking there, praying, or He’s making… Now look, He done took off the flesh now, see He was the intercessor or the mediator or the go between there, but He done took that thing, took off that physical body, and now He’s got down on inside of you now, and He’s making the intercession for you. Now this is the straight direct way right on in. You don’t have to ask Bishop Short to pray for you that you might be healed and all them different kind of things. If you believe in your heart, cause the spirit makes intercession for you just like it does him. Yes indeed. Now if you just have a little faith in God, and you try to learn and see how this thing is put together, then faith comes by hearing, and you can have some confidence. You understand what I mean? Verily, verily, I say that whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou removed and cast into the sea, and have no doubt in His heart shall have whatsoever he says. Because it’s the Holy Spirit in there saying it, and the spirit makes intercession for us according, according to the will of God, and it’s never amiss, it always never fails, not according to the purpose of God.

Now as Dr. Rip show you there, when you see how it functions you’ve got blood, water, spirit - blood, water, spirit - blood, water, spirit- blood, water, spirit. You understand? You got blood, water, spirit - blood, water, spirit, blood, water, spirit, blood, water, spirit, blood, water, spirit. Do you recall the other night now, do you recall the other night they jumped on me, said “Well listen, why didn’t you say something about this one right in here so them people in Springfield could know something about it, Abraham and Melchisedec?” Well that was a spiritual one, and I didn’t wanna take the time to draw it, and I can’t put everything on there that’s spiritual, you know, so I just left ‘em out. But when we got ready to make that one, well I didn’t wanna go by the blood, the water, and the spirit even on this one, see you don’t see it there. So I showed you over here on this one. [Glitch in the Tape] Now you see when Abraham offered up Isaac, see the blood there? That’s all right point right to Abraham offering up Isaac. See that’s the blood. Now Isaac was a type; he was not the real one, he was a type. So now he was offered up, Abraham offered up Isaac, listen, and in his mind or in his heart that God had told him to offer him up, and in his mind he offered him up. Paul said he offered him up, accounting… That is to say in his mind he put him to death, in his mind he buried him (see that burial in that Red Sea) and buried him, and raised him from the dead right in his mind, accounting that God was able to raise him from the dead that his seed might go on. So now you see the blood, the water, the spirit.

Now Isaac, now God had promised (take the top plate there now) God had promised Abraham that in his seed he would bless both Jews and Gentiles. Melchisedec, King of Salem, which Messiah’s priesthood, not the Aaronite, but the Messiah’s priesthood is after the order of Melchisedec. Now the Melchisedec, King of Salem, meets, Abraham meets returning from the slaughter of the kings. Listen now, and watch me, and he blesses Abraham while the seed, both Isaac and Ishmael is still yet in his loins. And he has Isaac by Sarah, and Ishmael by the bondwoman. So what God is promising, that means both between both Jew and Gentile, what He promised to bless. Now you see here according to His promise here’s Ishmael and Isaac there you see… Now I can’t draw every thing all out here, you understand. Now when Isaac is offered up he’s 25 years old, and Ishmael is 40 years old at the time that he was offered up. Ishmael’s the Gentile. Now let’s go back upon this chart, you see it from there. Well if you don’t want to go back, I’ll just stay here. [Talking to Freddy] See ain’t no trick in it. See right on down here, and you’ll see here where the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost on the Jews [Glitch in Tape/ statements missing] … and you’ll understand…

Now as I said I want you when you get home to look and you see, see what you could find down there that hasn’t been fulfilled, and then you could see the necessity of what you know to come out here and try to learn yourself something. Yes you’ve been going, and going, and going for a lifetime, and you haven’t learned anything for sure. For example let’s put it this way: If you seek a proof of God speaking through this body here, if that’s what you seek, and you can’t understand all these complications and whatnot, you bring your troubles over and let’s you and I get together on it, and then you can get convinced. You don’t have no problem that we can’t solve, it don’t make no difference what it is. We been solving ‘em for 35 years and your case ain’t no different than nobody else’s, we all have the same problems. You see what I’m talking about.

And as I’ve told you for a long time, “You make me prove it.” BUT NOW IF YOU’RE TOO SMART AND YOU THINK YOU KNOW MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE AND CAN’T NOBODY TELL YOU NOTHING, why then I can’t reach you. Now then the Messiah was talking to them people that had faith in Him. The Gospel, I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God to the man that believes, and the man that don’t believe it don’t mean nothing to him.

And listen here let me say this to you Rip. You know, and folks you know there’s some vessels that’s fitted to destruction; they’re not gonna never be saved. You better investigate that spirit that you got in there; you can’t convert the devil you have to cast it out! If there is something in you letting you… People they got now all kinds of alibis and excuses. They don’t wanna go down there to that place, you know, it’s some niggers down there. And then they say, “Well it’s some Caucasians down there, and I don’t wanna go down there.” That’s the devil talking to you. You see what I’m talking about? That’s what that is. And we just got all kind of excuses. Well somebody say, “Well what are they Republicans or Democrats, and all that kind of thing?” You know we just got all kinds of old carnality. No, this is God that we’re talking about. This is no civil rights movement. This ain’t no black folks movement. We don’t care no more about black folks than we do about the white people, and everybody looks just alike to God. We’re all creatures of His creation, even the vegetation out there; well we’re conscious of it. Even your little old dog that runs out there he’s not independent or separated from God. God’s got life in that little old body, and the little plants and the little flower that grows up out there, everything is got to manifest and show forth the glory of God. And we don’t have no respect, we don’t care for none of them things, hindrances and obstacles that the devil tries to throw around here. And the sooner you get rid of ‘em the better off you’ll be. I hope you’ve gotten something out of it. Bishop Short wants to have something to say, Bishop Short.

Student Body: Applause.