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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on December 9, 1958 at 1347 North Cahuega Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.

Greetings, in the Bond of Peace. I am happy indeed to be in California to present to you, the people of California, the message that God gave to me in the year 1932. I would like to say that I was at one time confused with the many religious philosophies, and dogmas. I, like many other people, belonged to this church and that church, in fact I was an Assistant Pastor. I noticed among all the books of theology, that I was able to get my hands on, all the Biblical commentators, and you'll believe me when I say I've spent quite a lot of money seeking all of my life, better than 40 years, to find and know something about the Great God of this Stellar and Ecclesiastical Universe. I wanted to know him as he really was. Then a thought came into my mind as I went along and listen to the philosophers read so much about God. I wonder how it could be possible God could judge the world in righteousness. To make every man see eye to eye and face to face. How could that be accomplished. I began to look at it like this. I'd go to one church to another and I'd examine one by one, each philosophy and each doctrine, and when I was able to arrive at any conclusion at all I had to throw up my hands in despair. Then I decided I would impart to the world my concept. So I went to the store and bought me some tablets and I began to write to tell the other person what I thought about God and the Universe in which I live, and finally I concluded after I was about 25 or 30 pages deep in it, that there's men everywhere, women too as for that matter that was far more qualified and capable to express their conviction than I was. What good would another concept do?

Then I went into a melancholy state, and for 2 years of my life I did nothing but walk around and look at nature in its simplicity with that yearning and burning desire in my heart that I must find God, and mind you, few years before that, I was Assistant Pastor, if you please, teaching someone else what I thought was right, and finally by and by because my concept conflicted with those who were suppose to be my superiors. I tried to go along with it and I thought it was a terrible thing for a person not to be able to express how he felt about the Great God he was suppose to be affiliated with and worship, and so I finally decided I'll search and search and search and search and search without giving up until I do find God. I must know now. So finally one day I was sitting in the confinement of my home, I was there alone, with that same question mark there in my mind. How would God ever be able to judge the world in righteousness. I thought about some of the passages and scriptures and Isaiah said a highway shall be there, the unclean shall not pass over but it shall be for those, the way faring man. That fools shall not err therein. Then I looked again and I said there's an awful lot of men in the world, I wouldn't just say they were fools, but they couldn't agree on many of the philosophical concepts. It would seem to me that God ought to have some kind of a definite purpose and a definite plan if he's going to judge the world in righteousness. Now just what is that plan, what is that purpose, and how do you go about arriving at the same conception to reconcile mankind universally so? While I sat there in that deep study, mind you, I told you I've been thinking for 2 years.

It dawned on me for the first time in my life. For 26 years past it will be 27 years in June, there hasn't been not one that was able to refute that which God revealed to me. Frankly, I don't think there's a man living on earth that is able to do it. Now we've been into the colleges and seminaries. We've spoke to some of the most brilliant and academically trained persons in theology that you would ever hope to meet. It is not only my contentions, it is also theirs, that this is fool proof, that it is no foolishness, its a reality. It comes direct from God. Then that made me wonder again, why is it, that, that great esoteric secret, which is laid there and outlined in the book, that people confuse, have no way of becoming reconciled one with the other. They don't know how to go about it and yet I don't feel justified in criticizing somebody else because of the fact that I too didn't know and wouldn't have known tonight if God hadn't shown me. So I don't feel a bit exalted by it, in fact it makes me feel very humble in my heart. Then I want to say its the simplicity of it that fools so many people. We spoke of it in those little books, The Divine Pattern Of The Universe, as a subject. God has a pattern, errors and mistakes are not necessary. Then I understood, as David said, He didn't understand until he went into the sanctuary, and neither did I. But when we learn to use that yardstick, or that figure, or that pattern, which God gave to man, then all doubts, all fears, all misunderstandings will fade into oblivion.

Truthfully, I would like to say to you regardless of what faith, or what church, of what denomination, what sect, what cult, what creed, nationality or origin, it makes absolutely no difference. Your occupation, your standard of living, your environment or your surroundings, your reputation, none of it makes any difference. It's possible for you to know God in his reality and you would be surprised at the simplicity. It's not a hard job. We make a hard job out of it, because we don't know what to use that God has put here Himself, that is that DIVINE PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE. Let me say this to you, we have heard of many systems of cosmology, or how the universe came into existence. We've heard much about the structure of mankind and just many things. Here lately we've heard a lot about the Atoms, Molecules and Electrons. We say we're living in an Atomic Age and all of that in the Purpose and Plan of God is possible for you to know, know anything you want to know. Now they've asked me questions for 26 years, and I can answer any question you can ask me as pertaining to the Purpose of God, and listen, I want to tell you this, so you'll know where I stand, with a profound knowledge of that Purpose and of that Pattern and of that Plan and how it works in this universe.

I don't hesitate to challenge the world. Now some may say that, that's an intolerable figure. No, I beg your pardon, I just said I didn't have anything to boast about. The thing I'm talking about using is NOT my personal wisdom and intelligence. That's not it at all and neither will yours do. We have to dispense and come boldly to the throne of grace, if we really want to know. I want to say these few words and tell you a little something about the Divine Pattern of the Universe in a condensed way of speaking, and then we'll have someone else to say something to you about it. Now in your Bibles, Exodus 25:40, "And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount." This picture that you see on this chart and when the children of Israel left the land of Egypt, chronologists tell us about 1490 B.C. I'm almost tempted in every phrase, there's so much error theologians speak. There's no such thing as B.C., but, for the sake of imparting to you the thought nothing ever was before Christ.

So we start out with a theological error. But, for the sake of explanation, Chronologists, Asher, Usher and Hastings say that the migration from Egypt through the Wilderness of Sinai and into the Land of Canaan, happened around B.C. 1490. Now they went through the Red Sea and into the Wilderness. They were all baptized in the cloud and in the sea. After God had called Moses up to Mount Sinai while he was up in that mountain, God during the first six solar days, just like the sun rising and setting. He entered into the midst of the cloud that brought them out of the land of Egypt or the phenomenal cloud. Moses went to the top of the mountain and entered into the midst of the cloud and then God appeared. I mean, just like I'm looking at you. Now somebody says that: "I don't believe in that anthropomorphic concept of God. God is not a man like that!" Well, I agree. Spirit is inconceivable. God is Spirit, but don't forget that He is powerful enough to present Himself to mankind at anytime, in anyway He chooses to do it. In fact, every cosmic phase of nature gives some or another expression of the great God of the Stellar Universe.

If you look at the 24th chapter, 9th and 10th verses of Exodus, you will find that He presented Himself in the form of a man to Moses. That's what you see here, and then transformed Himself into the Tabernacle, an incorporeal tabernacle. He told Moses to make sure that he make all things according to the pattern which He told him of in the mountain. He not only told him about it; but showed it to him. That of course would be an intangible pattern and Moses came down from the mountain. He constructed a tabernacle just like he had seen in the cloud and that, so the Apostle Paul tells us in Hebrews. Hebrews are Jews, talking to people who knew something about it, that is the history of their lifetime from a National point of view, that it was a figure of heavenly things. This is a physical tabernacle, a natural thing and Paul tells us in Romans 1:20, "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. There is no need for man's colossal ignorance and stupidity, no reason for it at all.

So now we take it, this migration from Egypt through the Red Sea, the miraculous dividing of the waters there. When Moses goes out here and leads the children (I haven't got time to go on with the full story), into the Wilderness of Sinai; he was out there in the wilderness for 40 years and he saw the burning bush, God told him to take the shoes off his feet because the ground upon which he stood was Holy ground. So he brought the children back there so they surrounded this mountain and God spoke to them from this mountain. Then 40 years hence, God took the children of Israel and approached the River Jordan, the priest bearing the ark when the River Jordan divides, went on through the dividing waters of the River Jordan and on into Canaan's Land.

This tabernacle or the universe in which you live is the greater and more perfect tabernacle which God Himself built and not Moses. In that tabernacle we have a Court Round About, (the Outer Court) and just inside this court is called the Holy Place, and you see this line through here, it divides the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place which is in the back part of the tent. So now we know that one is the Court Round About, two is the Holy Place which is divided by a vail, and the Most Holy Place is three, that is in this tabernacle.

Now if you notice that, that same thing is in the greater and more perfect Tabernacle, the Universe. Egypt is one, the dividing of the sea here is the same thing as dividing of the door here. Two, the blood was offered here and put on each side of the door and the top, this is the type and shadow, when the Paschal Lamb was slain. That is to say His hands were on either side of the cross and a crown of thorns pierced His brow. The Paschal Lamb was slain between evening and morning back in Egypt. Check your New Testament, as it is called, and you will find that it turned dark on Golgotha between the sixth and ninth hour.

So then they went through the Red Sea into the Wilderness and stayed there for 40 years. So this would be the Holy Place in the greater and more perfect place in the tabernacle. Then you go through the River Jordan and into Canaan's Land into Jerusalem, being the capital, that would be the Most Holy Place. It is a figure, these are all natural things we have just quoted that show spiritual things every bit of it. Now you take Egypt and call it one, the Wilderness of Sinai and call it two, Canaan's Land and call it three. Then you take the man and begin to analyze him and you'll find that he is pneuma, psyche and soma, or soul, body and spirit. If you take the atom you'll find the same thing -- electron, proton and neutron. So from the ultramicroscopic particle of matter on through the vastness of this great universe, that the same scheme runs all the way through it.

And when we learn how to use that pattern, we will understand man is made in the likeness and image of God, the Father, Word and the Holy Spirit. These three are one, so you have soul, body and spirit, and so are you one -- Who? Whatever your name is. Man was made as he is to reflect. He was made in the likeness and image of God. His real psyche of course is God Himself. God certainly did imbue him with a sufficient amount or capacity of intelligence to recognize His existence and in the mean time each and everyone of us has it, that is born in the world, whether we want to accept it or not, we must admit there is something far greater in intelligence and power than we are. We refer to Him as God. Now as we go along from time to time and take you all the way through these charts, step by step, all the way through. This was the elementary chart, the first one that we made. Then here is another one that was recently made. There is another on the physical body, then we have one on chronology. We're going to investigate every animate and inanimate object in the universe.

I'd like to say too, we hope and trust that you will come back and study with us. Think up some real hard questions. Real hard ones. No childish questions, think up some real hard ones and bring them up here and let's get together on them. We do yearn to prove to you, that there is a reality in God. That He actually does exist and in my concluding remarks, I would like to say this, as insignificant as some of us might look at it to be, many people have overcome all kinds of diseases. Everywhere we've been, doctors are puzzled about the many diseases that they classify as incurable -- they have been healed. If you will allow me to say, I would like to tell you that if you'd just put your pride to one side and come on and study with me, you will find that there is nothing impossible with God. Nothing. I say that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. I say there is no such thing as a man seeking for God with all his heart and with all his mind and then God hiding Himself from him. I don't believe that that's true. I believe the fault would be within me. I let my false pride, and many hindering obstacles prevent me from searching and trying to find God.

I mean for my own personal satisfaction. We as teachers say, that when you get up yonder and for the most part we don't know what we're talking about when we say up yonder. We say then that we are in the judgment of God. Nobody can help, nobody can do anything for you then, it's too late -- that's the way we have been taught all of our lives. Well now if that were true, that if he can't do anything for me when I get in a position, they have to face God in His reality, as He claims it, then why not let Me do some deciding down here now. So I feel free to go where I please, see, I investigate on my own NOBODY dictates to me about how I should worship God. Even the constitution of this country grants us that privilege, isn't that right. I'm willing to make any kind of a sacrifice to bring God to you as He manifested Himself to me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.