Joshua is Yahshua

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Transcribed by Beverly Allen

Proofread by Green Bay , WI class and Syracuse , NY class

Transcriber's Notes:

1. Pause words have been left out, unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley, such as: (ah, uh, see, you see, listen, listen close, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right, that's right, you get it now, you get it, you get the point), hereby making it more easier to read with continuity of thought.

2. ... indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

3. ------ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

4. [ ] Words in brackets are comments of the transcriber.

DR. KINLEY: I really enjoyed that

AUDIENCE: That's right! (Laughter)

DR. KINLEY: See? Now he told you some things that you did not know. Ain't that right Dr. Gross?

DR. GROSS: That's right!

DR. KINLEY: You been around here thirty-four years haven't you?...

DR. GROSS: And I didn't know.

AUDIENCE: (Laughter)

DR. KINLEY: So don't feel bad about it. You understand? Somebody said "Well this is Friday night, I gotta go to Food Giant; I'm not going down there tonight. I know what they gone talk about. They ain't gone talk about nothing but that Tabernacle, and I know all about that." Now you'll fool around here.. (Laughs) You'll fool around here and find out that you haven't even gotten started in the Bible. Ain't that right Brother Freddie?

FREDDIE: Yes sir!

DR. KINLEY: Yes indeed. That's right! You'll get blown sky-high. And you haven't heard the story, all of it yet. And we gonna take our time about telling you about the rest of the story too. You remember I told you, and I'll repeat again, that I intended to seal some of you this, this year. Now what I meant by that, was to carry you on to perfection .

Ah, put the, turn the board around. [Glitch in tape] ... of course you got it made; you know all about everything. Ain't that right brother Freddie? You preached a wonderful sermon, didn't you, Sunday? (Laughs). Now you see that kind of talk? Now that sounds like idiosyncrasy; it is real idiotic. And I told you time and time again, keep that noise down back there. You see? Now Freddie he was up here preaching Sunday, you see, ha! Dr. Harris sitting out there listening at him.. You was here wasn't you?

DR. GROSS: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: You sat around a long time. Now Dr. Harris is already preached tonight. And I tell you the truth, I don't believe you understood him too well. You was sittin' there wasn't you? Now to prove it to you that you probably didn't understand him too well, see, now I'm gonna go back over some of the things that he said. See, now you listen this time. See, you was here when he was on the floor, wasn't you? All right now here we go! Put the names, all of them, on the board. Yahweh, Elohim, Ayah Asher Ayah. Now I don't know whether you caught it or not. Now you tend to your business , now. Ha! ha! ha! You see this? These boys sit right around here last night till twelve and or one o'clock and all that kind of thing. And that's the reason why we put Dr. Harris up here to talk to you tonight! Now I either had to put Dr. Harris.. I'm giving you some low down while he's getting the stuff up there on the board. See? I wonder why, somebody sitting back there, "I wonder when it's my turn?" Say, "They must be overlooking me." (Laughs). Is that right? Now you've been coming to school for quite a little (inaudible) in this teaching, and you just said you were a doctor. Is that right? And last night, just last night see he learned some things last night that would straighten your hair; and Dr. Allen was there too; and Dr. Billy was there last night. Sister Mary sit there last night. Dr. Gross was there last night. See? Now the reason why we put Dr. Harris up there was because you wasn't there; let him try to tell you. You understand? Now you heard him, you see. You see? Now, I don't know whether you realized it or not, he told you some things there. Now we been talking about Moses going up into the mountain. And we been talking about this, and coming through the Red Sea ... say well look, "I'm tired of hearing that." We been talking about the Tabernacle, "I'm tired of hearing that." See? Right? Now let's see if you understood it. He told you where Moses was buried. Did you know that? The exact spot where Moses was buried. And that one word there in the Bible, well we'll take two words. Moses went up in the mountain and died. And who buried him?

STUDENT: Yahweh.

DR. KINLEY: Yahweh buried him. Now, where did he say he was buried? You can't tell me. (Laughs). You see? You see what I'm talking about? All this groaning and Moses going.. Well you read there in Deuteronomy, you see, -- they told you in Deuteronomy he was buried up in Nebo, up in Mount Nebo, you see, over in the Land of Moab, over against Bethpeor, and in the valley. Now you figure that one out. Well now look! Who knows where he was buried at to tell you where all he was buried at? Who knows about that? And right there in the book it says this: "And no man knows where he's buried at." Well how could he write no man knows where he's buried at, if didn't no man knows where he's buried at? Do you see that? If he told you all them spots and said no man knows where he's buried at. Well some man somewhere must have seen in order to write that in the book that no man knows. Do you get the point? See, you haven't thought about that did you? See, when you read, you read all fast and all, you see, and you miss the boat every time. Now, ah, we go back to this burning bush, (Thank you Dr. Allen). We go back to this burning bush. Now we went all around that and we told you that was a vision. I want you to turn to it. Now you've read it you know, and you know all about it! Don't forget that. See? And you had Dr. Harris went over it tonight. Now I told you I'm going back over what he was going back over; what he went back over. See? Now, you read it before you come to school and you heard him say so. Now what I'm gonna show you now, is that you probably missed the boat, even when he told you about it. All right then, read the 3rd Chapter at the burning bush the conversation between Moses and ah, read it . . .

READER: And when Yahweh saw that he turned aside to see...

DR. KINLEY: Now you heard him read that, didn't you? See? All right I'm not gone bother with that.

READER: And Elohim called unto him out of the midst of the bush and said...

DR. KINLEY: um hum, and said...

READER: Moses!

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: Moses!

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: and he said

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: here am I...

DR. KINLEY: He said here am I! See? Now don't let us be calling and you not answering. (Laughs). Get the point? (Laughs). See? Now you can't answer if you didn't hear. (Laughs). Did you get that one?

STUDENT: Yeah I got that one! (Laughs)

DR. KINLEY: And He didn't say Moses. He said "Moses! Moses!" He called him twice. That right? And He called him before he got so far. Now he said He called him, see, and he said, "Here am I." Now when he said He called him, you understand, remember you're talking about a vision. You see? Now He had to let him come so far, and he had to hear out yonder. Not up here, cause see, he can't come up here -- he's got to hear out there! He's got to call him!. . . and he's got to hear from there, see. All right, go 'head.

READER: and he said

Dr. Kinley (repeats)

READER: and draw not nigh hither

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: put off thy shoes from off thy feet

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground...

DR. KINLEY: Now you, you heard Dr. Harris say that, didn't you? And he explained, ah explained, didn't he? Now you probably understood something about that. You see? And you heard Dr. Allen there, Sunday, work with that, didn't you? All right, now we're up to date now. See, we're just going back over it. You see? And I'm sure you've heard this before, cause Dr. Harris told you. But I'm showing you now, how that you can come here, and set up here from one time to the other and hear things gone over and gone over, (that's what he was telling you), and then sleep . You might even be able to recite it, and stay sound asleep ten, fifteen, twenty years . See? You sat pretty well for thirty-four, didn't you?

DR. GROSS: Oh yeah. (Laughs)

DR. KINLEY: You see, it's, there's no embarrassment! No indeed. All right read on.

READER: Moreover He said...

DR. KINLEY: Moreover He said on top of all of that...

READER: I am the Elohim of thy father

DR. KINLEY: I am the Elohim of thy father. Now you watch! He didn't say that I'm the God or the Elohim of Abraham there. See, you can stump your toe right there. You know who Moses' father was don't you? You see? At that point He told him I am the Elohim of your father! See? Then He said of Abraham, then of Issac and then of Jacob. You see that now? He had to get to his father. Now his father, I mean Moses' father and mother, (Now Dr. Harris told you about that), you know who they were. And Moses' father and mother when -- Dr. Harris told you that when they were running around there, in there, when the children was born, you understand, because all the male children.., you see, (they didn't know what they were doing), hiding him around, you understand, they didn't know a thing about it. Miriam, she didn't know what she was doing. See? They didn't know! I ain't got time to fool with that now. All right, go ahead on.

READER: Moreover He said...

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: I am the Elohim of thy father,

DR. KINLEY: All right read on.

READER: the Elohim of Abraham,

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: the Elohim of Issac,

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: and the Elohim of Jacob.

DR. KINLEY: um hum

READER: And Moses hid his face;

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: for he was afraid to look upon Elohim...

DR. KINLEY: Read on, we're having a Bible reading contest...

READER: and Yahweh said I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt

DR. KINLEY: Said I have surely seen the afflictions of my people

READER: and have heard their cries by reason of their taskmasters;

DR. KINLEY: All right, read on.

READER: for I know their sorrows;

DR. KINLEY: Okay, read on.

READER: Now therefore behold the cry of the children of Israel have come unto me

DR. KINLEY: All right.

READER: and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them

DR. KINLEY: Read on.

READER: Come now therefore and I will send thee unto Pharaoh...

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: that thou mayest bring forth my people...

DR. KINLEY: that thou mayest bring forth my people. Come now. Come now. Come now , and I will send you forth . To who?

STUDENT: Pharaoh.

DR. KINLEY: I mean read it!

READER: Come now therefore and I will send you unto Pharaoh...

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: that thou mayest bring forth my people...

DR. KINLEY: (repeats)

READER: the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt ...

DR. KINLEY: (repeats) All right read on.

READER: And Moses said unto Elohim

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: who am I

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: that I should go unto Pharaoh...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and that I should bring forth...

DR. KINLEY: Now look! Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh? See? He know he got run out of there, you know. See, that's what he thought. See, he didn't know what it was all about when he was escaping out of there. And as Dr. Harris told you, he killed royalty down there. And he was raised up in Pharaoh's daughter's house, see, Pharaoh's daughter's house. Now you know these women have some pull. (Laughs) You see what I'm talking about? These, these girls have some pull with the devil. You know, you know what I'm talking about? And when he slew that royalty there, that Egyptian, and he's in Pharaoh's daughter's house.. You see? Now Moses thought within himself that , "Look here, you know, they ought to have sense enough to know that since I'm over there with Pharaoh's daughter, there ain't gonna be nothing done about this; cause I got a pull. She can go to him." You understand? "Everything is all right you know." He thought now, that those that saw him, they were his brethren and they oughta realize that since I'm over there with Pharaoh's daughter, and she's got a pull with him. You understand? You see what I mean? That's his daughter! See? Now then he thought, Moses thought (I told you about them re.., mind reading business), he thought it wasn't gonna be nothing done about it, he's protected. See, protected two ways. That is the Hebrews, you understand, the Hebrews, you understand, when he slew the Egyptian, (Egyptian rival), you see. He thought he, (that is he looked all around, he didn't see nobody). He thought, "W ell that's all covered up. " Like you do, and you walk on, you know, and you think don't nobody see you; see you got it made. You get the point? Okay, the next day he saw the Hebrew boys fighting, ah, in a squabble. See? And he walked up to 'em now you know, "Look here boys," (Peace maker), you understand; blood, you understand? Said ah, "You boys ought not to be fighting, you know you're brothers." You See? Now you think about some of this Black Muslim's movement and all this other kind of thing. You understand? You see? You get the point? See? And how we're, (you understand), we ought to stick together. See, see what Moses thought. Said, "You know, I'm in Washington ." (Laughs). You see what I mean? "I'm in Washington . I know Johnson! I know Pharaoh!" Ha! "See, I got, I got some pull up there." And they said to him, his brothers, now said, "Will you slay us like you did that Egyptian?" "Uh oh," he says "I gotta go!" He said, "This thing is known! Good bye!" He's gone! You see what I'm talking about? He didn't know it was.., (you understand), see now that was Elohim driving him out of Egypt . Now he had to slay that Egyptian. You understand? There's got to be some blood there. He can't leave. You see there? It's gotta be some blood there. See this is the starting point. See? Now you see how Elohim, see how Elohim is running him out of there? Now I brought that up to show you Elohim sending him back down. All right, read.

READER: Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh?

DR. KINLEY: Now who am I that I should go? See he don't realize, he don't realize yet! See, he's got in his mind, an excuse in his mind for not going back there; whole gang excuses! See? And one of 'em, he's afraid maybe them folks down there in Pharaoh's house has found that thing out by this time; and he's afraid he's living and not dead. And if you've noticed Yahweh told him, said "Naw, I done bumped him off." (Laughs). You see what I'm talking about? I done bumped him off, you can forget that. Then when he come and turned around and said "You know I, I can't, I, I can't speak so well." You understand? See? He's got to do something about that one too. You see the point? So now Aaron, He told him about He'd give him to him. But we, we don't wanna get ahead of the story. See, he's handing up his excuses now. All right read on.

READER: and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt .

DR. KINLEY: All right.

READER: And He said

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: certainly I will be with thee.

DR. KINLEY: "Certainly I will be with thee. " Certainly, I want you to think these words over. "Certainly I will be with thee." I don't want you to think for one minute that you're going back down there by yourself. Did you get that one? Did you get that one when Dr. Harris said it? Now let's see whether you did or not. Come on back here... we haven't, we haven't arrived yet. Interpret this. [Freddie's translating Ayah Asher Ayah on the board]. Now put it over here so we can see the interpretation. That'll do for that. That'll do for that. (Laughs). You see? All right now, "I will be what I will to be." Now what we're doing, we're translating this up here, and we'll see whether you caught it or not. Won't we Doc?

DR. GROSS: That's right. (Laughs).

DR. KINLEY: We gonna see, we gonna find out pretty soon what it is. All right. Ain't that right Dr. Harris? We gonna find out whether they understood it or not, and whether He was with him. Now we're going back, we ain't got there yet. See? And that Pharaoh that's down there his heart's gonna be hardened. Right? "Now, certainly I will" -- what?

READER: be with thee. . .

DR. KINLEY: "I will be.. Certainly I will be..." what, with what?

READER: with thee. . .

DR. KINLEY: "With thee. Certainly I will be with thee." You ain't going back by yourself, I'm coming along too! So don't get, don't get scared Moses, I'm coming with you! See? Now who telephoned down there and told Aaron to meet him? All right read.

READER: And Moses said unto Elohim. . .

DR. KINLEY: um hum

READER: behold, when I come unto the children of Israel ...

DR. KINLEY: Moses said, when I come unto the children of Israel

READER: and shall say unto them. . .

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: The Elohim of. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now when I get down there! when I get down there! Ha! Oh I tell you, see he's talking about going down. And then when I get down there. See a lot of times you think you're by yourself. See. You see? But He's going down with him, and when Moses gets down there, He gonna be there too. I mean talk to him just like I'm talking to you, Williams. All right, read.

READER: and say unto them the Elohim of your fathers...

DR. KINLEY: Now, I'm gonna tell 'em what you said about the Elohim of your fathers -- all right, read.

READER: and they shall say to me...

DR. KINLEY: Now they gonna say to me, when I tell them what you said, this is what they gonnn say to me..

READER: what is His name. . .

DR. KINLEY: What is His what?

READER: what is His name. . .

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and what shall I say unto them

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and Elohim said unto Moses...

DR. KINLEY: "And Elohim said unto Moses." You get this conversation? All right read on.

READER: Ayah Asher Ayah..

DR. KINLEY: Ayah - Asher


DR. KINLEY: Ayah. A - S - H - E - R. Now you have a tribe of Asher down there, one of the twelve sons of Jacob. See? Now, "I will be what I will to be." Ayah Asher Ayah. Now you got a tribe down there. He told you He was the God of his fathers. Right? Now you got a tribe of Asher down there. I won't have time to bring out everything to you so you can see it, but I'm gonna try to take it slow enough so you can see. All right, read on.

READER: thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel ...

DR. KINLEY: Now thus shalt thou say -- He's not talking about Pharaoh now. He said thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel . All right, read on.

READER: I will be hath sent me unto you...

DR. KINLEY: Now, you tell 'em I will be sent me unto you. That's what you tell them. All right read on.

READER: and Elohim said moreover unto Moses

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: thus shalt say unto the children of Israel ...

DR. KINLEY: Thus shalt thou say say this too. All right, read.

READER: Yahweh, the Elohim of your fathers...

DR. KINLEY: You see, gone back over it. Yahweh, the Elohim of your fathers...

READER: the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac


READER: and the Elohim of Jacob hath sent me unto you...

DR. KINLEY: sent me unto you. You tell them that...

READER: this is my name forever..

DR. KINLEY: This is my name , see, forever . "I will be" sent me unto you. And "I will be what I will to be" sent me unto you. Understand? Now remember He said He was going down with him. And that's what Dr. Harris was trying to get that curve in there so you can meet Him down there and talk with Him face to face. All right, read.

READER: and this is my memorial unto all generations

DR. KINLEY: and this is my memorial unto all generations; to all generations. All right, read on.

READER: Go and gather the elders of Israel together...

DR. KINLEY: Read. Read fast.

READER: and say unto them Yahweh Elohim of your fathers, the Elohim of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob appeared unto me saying, I have surely visited you and seen that which was done to you in Egypt:

DR. KINLEY: All right, you have to read on because it way down what I'm after. See, I wanna get that, certainly I will be down there. Now look! Here's what I want you to see. Now when he gets down there -- now here's what you, here's what you've missed. See? When he gets down there he meets, what you call Joshua. You understand? Joshua. When he gets down there Joshua is down there. When he gets there I said Joshua is down there. Now He said certainly I will be with thee. Now Joshua is down there! Now this Joshua you're talking about, see , He was the Son of Nun! He is the, I will be, that was in the bush talking to him! He's that one that went down there with him! And when he gets down there he meets Him. That's Joshua the Son of Nun. You see? Now that's, that's who this is. That's who Joshua is. And it was Joshua, I'm trying to fix it so you can see it. Now Joshua was one that was talking to him at the bush! See? And He was the one that's telling him that He would be right along with him. When he gets down there, there him and Joshua is down there together. And He is the son of Nun, none down there! You see that? And none nowhere else. You see? Is it coming in... it's fixing to come in now. See? All right now then, Joshua brings them on out of that!... I got to get fast now and quick see and move in. See, and I'm gonna skip a couple of beats. Now did you see that when Dr. Harris, ah when he was talking to you? I wanna know did you see it? Answer me!



STUDENT: I never did catch it . . .

DR. KINLEY: Now, that's right. I knew it was somebody sitting out here, see that didn't see it. Now I'm gonna prove it to you that you didn't see it, since you got so smart. Now Dr. Harris told you that when they brought 'em to, (I'm cutting it up short) brought 'em through the Red Sea here, they spoke the Commandments from the mountain; then Moses had to write them Commandments down. See? I'm not talking about up here in the mountain; I'm talking about he wrote 'em down and dedicated them with blood. See? Then afterwards he took seventy elders; 24:1.

READER: And He said unto Moses...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: come up unto Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: thou...

DR. KINLEY: thou...

READER: Aaron, Nadab and Abihu and seventy of the elders of Israel .

DR. KINLEY: Now come up! Do you see anything in there where Joshua is mentioned? Read it over again!

READER: And He said unto Moses come up unto Yahweh, thou...

DR. KINLEY: Come up unto Yahweh...

READER: thou and Aaron,

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: Nadab and Abihu

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and seventy of the elders...

DR. KINLEY: and seventy of the elders. Do you see anything where He said anything about Joshua coming up? See, you didn't read it there did you? Said Yahweh said it, and ah spoke to him and told him to come up there and bring seventy of the elders. All right, now you read the next verse.

READER: and Moses alone...

DR. KINLEY: And Moses alone !! Don't want nobody but Moses by himself!! Moses alone what?

READER: shall come near Yahweh...

DR. KINLEY: Shall what?

READER: come near Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: shall come near Yahweh. Moses alone, see. You got that alone part? Is that soaking? All right, now skip on down to the 13th verse.

READER: And Moses rose up...

DR. KINLEY: And Moses.., now Moses is gonna obey! See? So Moses rose up...

READER: and his minister Joshua...

DR. KINLEY: Read the verse above it.

READER: And Yahweh said unto Moses..

DR. KINLEY: And Yahweh said unto Moses. Now I'm making... [glitch in the tape] ... 15th verse. And Moses rose up!

READER: and his minister Joshua...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and Moses went up into the mount of El...

DR. KINLEY: Wait a minute!! See, He done told Moses to come in here alone! See, and you got seventy elders there in the first verse. See? What's Joshua doing along in the first place? See, told him to come in here, come on in here alone. Now here's Moses and the seventy elders and here's Joshua. Now Joshua when he.... When Moses go in alone now, see, now Moses did what? 13th verse, read it.

READER: and Moses rose up and his minister Joshua...

DR. KINLEY: Now what's Joshua doing raising up? What's he doing there in the first place? And where is he going? You see that now? Did you catch that when Dr. Harris was talking?

STUDENT: um hum

DR. KINLEY: Oh yea, I know you did. You see? Now he rose up, all right read.

READER: and Moses went up into the mount of Elohim...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and he said unto the elders

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: tarry ye here...

DR. KINLEY: Now you stay back! You stay back! All right, what?

READER: tarry ye here for us...

DR. KINLEY: Now where you getting the us at? You see? See, you wouldn't see that to sa.., you wouldn't see that with a microscope. That word is plural. Us mean more than one! See? Moses rose up and Joshua his minister. See? Moses was told to come in the cloud by himself.., don't want nobody in there but you! Well, where you going Joshua? What're you doing up here in the first place? See, then when he started, Moses told them said now you wait for us ...

READER: until we come again....

DR. KINLEY: until we come again. Now he's going in by himself! That meant ... then if you see what I'm talking about, He's gonna.., Joshua's got to park somewhere! He can't go in that cloud! if you see what I'm talking about. And Moses got to pick him up on the way back down, so you think. See? You see? All right, read on.

READER: until we come again unto you

DR. KINLEY: until we come again..

READER: and behold Aaron and Hur are with you..

DR. KINLEY: Now he's telling them behold Aaron and Hur..

READER: are with you...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: If any man...

DR. KINLEY: Wait a minute! How did Hur get in it? See, you reading around sound asleep. See Yah Weh. Yah is masculine , weh is feminine in this name. A -yah "Askhur" A -yah. You see that now? Oh I tell you this is a bad one. All right read on. Now you got that one. Read on.

READER: And Moses went up into the mountain and a cloud covered the mountain.

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and the glory of Yahweh abode upon Mount Sinai ...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and the cloud covered it six days...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and the seventh day He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud...

DR. KINLEY: and the seventh day He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud. Now wait a minute! See, Yahweh -- Asher. This is Ayah Asher Ayah. I will be, see sent him; I will be what I will to be. Now Joshua is the.., is this! He's this! He's this! And He's this! He's all over the board and everything on it!! See? And when Moses went into the midst of the cloud Joshua was in there! That was Him that was talking to him. And that's how He got in the cloud; He beat Moses in. He was in there when he got in there. You see? Now that's where He went to. See, Moses had to go in alone! He told him not to, He told him not to, ah, said don't come in here. You understand? Did you get the significance of what I meant there? I meant that this Son of Nun, JOSHUA , properly should spell Y A S H.. Yah is God! Yah is God! So Yah or God or Yahweh in the cloud, you understand, beat him in. Did you get it now? Is everybody got it? You see? And then after He gets into the cloud, He transfigures. Transfigures into what? See? (Inaudible), into this, and into the tabernacle. You see? What's that all about? Now you got him seeing the vision of the creation here, see. And it's.., you'll find that the waters above was divided from the waters beneath, and all that dividing in there. And it gets on down to the sexes and He divides the sexes. See, see that now? Now you watch out! Now then, see you're all up; see you're all smartened up now. "I will be what I will to be ," meaning, translated. Now, He is spirit in the incorporeal form, into the tabernacle; and there He is into matter! Take your atom and you've got ah electron, a protron, a neutron and electron. Now He's everything that there is! See? You talk about Him creating this, and creating that, and creating the other. Now you been standing around talking about "Well the sun come in on the 4th day." And you got it right here. See, right here, 4th day. You understand? Now watch this one real quick. When Joshua passed over, give 'em 30 days to mourn Moses' death, give 'em 3 days; 30 and 3, 33, see, to clean up. Dr. Harris told you to take everything, see take everything. Now you watch, because when I make this corner I'm gone make it quick and lightly. See, and then they passed on through the River Jordan and they went on into Caanan's Land. Right? Now I'm cutting 'em short. Joshua commanded the sun and the moon to stand still. Somebody said "I wonder if he did do that." See? Pick up on it now. Pick up on it.

READER: In Joshua 10:13. And the sun stood still...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and the moon stayed...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: until the people had avenged themselves...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: upon their enemies...

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?

DR. KINLEY: Is not this written in the Book of Jasher? Now that's what Dr. Harris was telling you here a while ago. See, that's what Dr. Harris was telling you. Now let's see if you caught it. The book of who? Get your encyclopedia and read it, and it says it's one of the lost books. Smart boys -- the book of who?

READER: Jasher. J a s h e r.

DR. KINLEY: J a s h e r. See? Take the J off. See, now you think you got that one? Just wipe the "J" you got off, cause it's not in the Hebrew alphabet. Now it's Jasher -- take the J off and you got Asher. See? You understand? You remember me telling you about Him blotting him out of the book of life. Is that right? Well, that's it. That's Him that's up there, you see, translated. That's the Book of Life! Everybody's in that! Watch now! Hold it tight, and I'll try to show you. Remember I told you about the sun and the moon stood still. Remember I told you thirty days. See? They mourned his death and three days, he went over and crossed that. And you know Messiah, or Yahshua the Messiah.., I didn't say Jesus, I know what I'm talking about . See, Yahshua He walked around thirty-three years; died and went to the grave, (that right) resurrected on the 3rd day; and you got them two days in that Friday there. You see? Now watch cause I'll have to go clear back, see I have to go clear back. Now that's thirty-three; that's Yahshua. That's Joshua the Son of Nun that met Moses down in Egypt and talked to him face to face! See, and come through the Red Sea . Right? Called him up to the mountain! Watch, I'm after this, I'm after this Sun standing still; and I'm after this Book of Life. You see? I'll tell you before I get to 'em so when I arrive you'll know I've been there. You see? Now, follow close. There was a third day, you understand, that thirty and that three. And this is Joshua, Joshua! which should be Yahshua, that's commanding the sun and the moon to stand still. Is that right? Let's see whether it was or not. Now here He is within the cloud, you see. Here's the third day here and here's the fourth day here -- sun, moon -- it's in the sky there you understand on the fourth day. You see that now? Do you see that? Now I wanna get to this. I had to lead you up to that one to show you this. Now, when he went in this cloud, Moses told you about that Book of Asher the theologians say is lost. That ain't all they say is lost. They say the Book of Enoch is lost. For your information, there isn't any Book of Enoch lost. See? Now the reason why I'm telling you this, see you could.., see these theologians and these folks, they can tell you anything...the devil tell you anything. Now here's why there's no Book of Enoch. Enoch couldn't write! Well, why couldn't he write? See, Dr. Harris told you why he could not write. It was Moses that wrote of Enoch. And now you're looking at what Moses wrote about Enoch and you're talking about the Book of Enoch being lost. Now you were reading about the Book of Asher and you say that's a lost one. See, in that all the names, everybody's name; yea yours and everybody elses, even the unborn and all that is to be in the world , you understand. Now you watch this trick. Watch this trick. I gonna show you it's no magic, it's down right truth. The devil don't know nothing about it. Now when He translated here ,... you're always talking about Adam back in the Garden of Eden. You're always talking about the surroundings and whatnots; is that right? Now you started out down here at the burning bush. You see? Now you got Yahshua hanging back and He's in the cloud all at the same time; and He will be everything that is! You understand? Now Moses Is looking at this vision of the creation. IT ISN'T ANYTHING AT ALL BUT JOSHUA THE SON OF NUN!! IN THE CLOUD -- no flesh, the Son of Nun, and that just have to be spirit. Now listen! Moses told you about the, I mean Paul told you about the first Adam. Right? Now you got him here in the Garden of Eden. You got the serpent, the bush. You see that now? You say this is Him transformed here. Then this is Him transformed here into everything that's in the Garden! In other words that's Adam Himself! In other words that's Joshua translated out there, transformed. He's the fruit on the tree. He's the tree, EVERYTHING!! He will be EVERYTHING! Garden, hook, line, sinker, bait, pole, everything. In the Garden, that man, that's Him translated. See, Everything. And it fits right up to this here. You understand? Now when you were talking about Adam in the Garden of Eden, did you know that's what you were talking about? Answer my question. Did you know that that what you was talking about?

AUDIENCE: No! No sir!

DR. KINLEY: You see. Did you see it now? Of course y'all caught all that. "What's that you got in your hand? Throw it down it's a serpent." Say what did you.. See it, the serpent out there in the Garden, see. The angel in the bush, the flaming bush -- well, what do you think this is? See, He's the angel, He's hook, line.., I'm telling you, you heard me. You see what I'm talking about? He's that from which everything.., there isn't anything but what couldn't come from, but what didn't come from that. Somebody walking around talking about "Yes I'm a scientist, (you don't understand), what about the dinosaurs? They are prehistoric." And here you are stupid enough to not realized that Moses is writing about everything that there is! You see? And he sees that book open up there. You understand? The book's open, everybody's name in it. Now you talking about the sperm? You see, everybody's name in it. You see? I get smart every once in a while and I'll run up here and I'll say listen, "I've been to heaven, I.." You understand what I'm talking about? Now I'm getting into you now. I'm gonna make it my business to see that you don't get no dumber than me, and I'm gonna make it my business to see that you don't get no smarter than me; AND YOU'LL QUIT TRYING WHEN YOU FIND OUT WHAT'S HERE AND WHO'S TALKING. You see? Now I could not have told you that. You see? And when I said I've seen everybody, been everywhere and know everything! Then somebody getting all excited and say "Who he think he is? There's Revern so and so down there is my pastor. He don't know so and so and so and so." You better let that boy alone. Don't you let the devil fool you like that. Is there anything getting over to you?

AUDIENCE: Oh yes! Yes! Yes sir!

DR. KINLEY: You see? I couldn't talk like that if I didn't know; and I said I know you. Now here come somebody strutting in, "You won't say so and so while I'm around here. I'm here! I'm Revern so and so. I'm a D.D., I'm a Ph.D., I'm a D.D., you understand I'm a M.D., I'm a.." Listen! I don't care nothin' about you! See? I know what you think! And I know why you think it even before you thought it! In other words even before you came on the scene! See? It ain't that I don't know you; it's you don't know me! You see, you and your starch and all you got in your shirt, and all that kind of stuff. You see what I mean? Now I must be able.., then if I'm not, this is what I have did, I have made myself out of a liar! See? So I don't allow 'em to come in no stupider than I am, so you can't get around under me. I don't allow 'em to come in no smarter than me. Get the point? So you don't have no right to get all tightened up and all that kinda thing. Just loose it, you understand, just take it easy; see we got you covered either way you go. You get it?

Now did you know that the Garden of Eden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, all the trees in the garden, including Adam, did you know that that was Yahshua the Son of Nun that went up in that mountain, and went in that cloud and beat Moses in there? See, and when you see that Yah - shua; Yah, you understand, shua. You understand? And there He was translated ! see into everything there is. And nothing exists.., Adam, HE IS ADAM, HE'S EVE, HE'S THE TREES, HE'S THE FRUIT ON IT AND EVERYTHING!!. You understand? You see? He's the whole show all by Himself. Of course you knew all that. See now they gettin' acquainted down here at this bush. Now when He went down.., certainly I will go down. And Joshua met Moses down there and talked with him face to face as a man talks to his friend. He's in the flesh, (you understand), that is He appears as a natural man. You see what I'm talking about? And He told Moses, said "That He would be with him," didn't He? He was down there with him. Is that right? You remember Moses griped about his impediment of speech that Dr. Harris talked to you about? And when he saw this he was still yet worse off. You understand? He began to gripe, said "I, can't, I, I, I can't." And I told you time and time again when I really saw what it was all about, it clammed me up. See? All right now listen. Listen! He had a rod, and he brought that out of Egypt with him. Now you watch this telegram, before they invented the telephone, see. Down there, (I'm through), down there He told him that He would be with him; the one that Yahweh was (inaudible). See, and he got down there and here He is down there in Egypt ; He showed up. You see? Right with him. Said " He'd harden Pharaoh's heart." You understand? You see that now? And He told him that Aaron, (watch this telephone call), see He told Moses standing at the bush, you know, that Aaron his brother would meet him. When did he get the call? And Aaron went out there in the garden or the wilderness and met him -- nobody didn't say nothing to him about it. If he'd known he was coming he would've baked a cake. And then Moses went on back down, Aaron went on back down in there. You see? Now what I'm trying to show, I'm telling you the Infinite, Universal, Omnipotent and Omnipresence of God. And when you wake up to find out something about who you are!... that's the reason why you ought not to get insulted at me, me tooting the horn. You understand? Why you, you're the same thing. What are you kicking about? See, now the reason why you're griping is cause you're stupid! Reason why you getting all jealous.., don't forget, don't forget the serpent out there in the garden. Don't you forget that Cain slew his brother because he was jealous. And what are you trying to kill me for? Do you see what I'm talking about? Don't you be, don't don't try that! Somebody said "Well look'a here I got'a right! Look who I am, I gotta right to kill in the defense of the church." You know who say that don't you? Done killed up all them people. Said "What you doing?" Said "Im puttin' down heresies." Well, we read about you in the book. Said, "You was a liar right from the beginning." And that's that old Caananite spirit, because of the jealousy of your brother, you slew him. You see? Is that right? Well, what do you want to slay me for? See? You're everything I am and I'm everything you are! What you all tightened up about? your mouth all shot out? Now the difference is, you see, I found out about it, see, and you haven't. That's what your difference is. Now that's what I'm telling you. See, you get it? I've found out about it. Now what that does for me, it makes me put up with you and your foolishness, you understand, until you can learn some sense. But you to stupid; you even too stupid to come in here and sat down [Demonstrates getting up and stomping out]. See, now you can't learn nothing like that. You haven't even got that learned yet! "I know what they gonna talk about. They gonna talk about, something about that thing, uh, the Tabernacle; ain't no need in me going down there." See?

Now look! Catch this one. Asher, there is a tribe of Asher down there in Egypt . Now if you tried to pick up His progenitors; I told you He's the son of Nun. 13th Chapter of Numbers, you will find that Yahshua, the tribe of Ephraim.. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: Uh uhn! That's what you got in the book. Ephraim, he was not one of the twelve. You heard me, you ain't blind. See? And it said Joshua, ah Ephraim, read it, the 13th verse; or somebody read it! Start there and pull me a tribe. Now be quick this clock is gone!

READER: And of the tribe of Ephraim

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: Oshea the son of Nun

DR. KINLEY: Oshea! It did not say that Oshea was a son of Ephraim; said he was a son of Nun. See? Now if you look down in there Ephraim don't belong in there, because Ephraim is a son of Joseph, and Manasseh is a son of Joseph. Now you look right there and see if you see Levi in there. Look down the line and see if you see the tribe of Levi there. You don't see it do you? Levi didn't have no inheritance up there, so we take him out. See Ephraim, he's not the head of a tribe. See? And so Joshua, Yahshua's got to come from Ephraim. That is to say, Ephraim that's not one of the tribes. You understand? You see? So then he's the son of Nun. That's what it says right there, and Ephraim's where He got Him hooked on to. You see what I'm talking about? Is that right? And you don't see Levi in there. Now look! We said the tribe of Levi had no inheritance. Now you got the 13th Chapter of Numbers, the 7th Chapter of Revelations.. See I tell you I have to know this book. And if I don't I make myself out a liar when I tell you I know everything you know. You see you could just make a plum ass out of me. You see? Now you'll find in the 7th Chapter of Revelations, you find the tribe of Levi in there. You see it's a hundred.. You see what I'm talking about? See? And you won't find the tribe of Ephraim in there. You see? See that now? You won't find the tribe of Ephraim in there and neither.. You will find the tribe of Levi in there, the one that didn't have no inheritance. You see? You get it? Now what John is doing is looking back here and looking on down, see. And see how.. Now I'm showing you how Yahshua, the son of Nun got in, (None of the, none of the heads of the twelve tribes), see He comes down through Ephraim. That's the reason why He said it. See how He got down into Egypt , them seventy souls that come down here. You see what I'm talking about? And nobody knows nothing about it. See? Remember He told Moses He'd go down with him. You understand? He gets down there. You see Him down there now? See how He got down? You see? He come on back and went in here. The tribe of Levi don't have no inheritance, so we put 'em in. You see? Well beyond the vail they have an inheritance. Now let me shoot you again in the arm. Let me shoot you again in the arm, see then we'll go on home. Ayah Asher Ayah. Revelations! See, twelve tribes, that He have washed us from our sins in His own blood and made us kings! Every tribe a king! Every tribe a priest! Asher goes all around the board and arrives at the tribe of Judah and He's the king of kings sitting on the throne. He went all the way around the bush. You see the point? I know we all seen that before. You see that? See, see that now? Do you see it Doc.?

DR. GROSS: Yeah.

DR. KINLEY: Do you see it Freddie?


DR. KINLEY: Do you see it Dr. Harris?

DR. HARRIS: I didn't get the last portion of it Doc.

DR. KINLEY: Well now how 'bout that? Now there's your, there's your MD. He's not ashamed of it. See, Ayah Asher Ayah. You have a tribe of Asher; the tribe right there. You got that? Now, this Asher is.., (you understand) I showed you that is, that's the book open. That's everything that there is in it, missed none. You understand? That's Him, Yahshua, you see, open book. You see that now? Now then if that be true, then we've got to come on around here. See we got to come clear on around. Now there's four, three tribes on either side of the Tabernacle. And you got four head groups in here, this. [Pointing to charts] And we got each side with three tribes, we got that. You understand? And now here is Judah right in the middle. This is, this is the entree into.., this is the gate! This is the entree! See, and on across, three on each side here. See, tribe of Asher. You understand? Asher is in your -------; that's the book opened; everybody's in that!! See? You get me now? Is you up with me?


DR. KINLEY: Well now if everybody's in that, see then when when get over here we got to put the tribe of Levi who had no inheritance in there! We got to put him back in there cause everybody's in it. And we got to come all the way around the board and come on in here to the tribe of Judah , see. We got to make the circuit all the way around and go on in. You see? And there He is, He is the King of the Kings. Each tribe has a king. Each tribe has a priest. See, you've dissolved the priesthood there, I mean the individual priesthood there. You have dissolved that! And in that you have made each one of ‘em a Priest, and you have made each one of ‘em a King. You understand? And then here the tribe of Judah that's out here and He ascended on into heaven and He is the King of the Kings! We're all around the board there Doc. It have to be like that. Why? Because "He will be what He will be." You understand? What's that? That's all in all so says the Apostle Paul. Fifteen.. You understand? The Son of Nun. The Son, Yahshua, the son of Nun. Watch it! You see?

Now then, 15th Chapter, when Yahshua raised from the dead, He said "All power in heaven and all that there is in earth is given into My hand." You understand? "And He must reign until the last enemy is destroyed and then shall the son, all His power that he has that's in his hand," you understand , then the son He becomes submissive to the Father." Is that right? He has delivered. You understand? That Yahweh might be all in all. Good evening.