Isaiah 63: Who is this that Cometh from Edom

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Lecture given by Henry Clifford Kinley

Springfield, Ohio (1974)

DR. KINLEY: [Couple of Statements Inaudible] . . . I want to call your attention to some things this morning about the simplicity of this teaching and the reality of it, and the colossal stupidity and ignorance of the people on the earth plane. Now the honest truth about it, you don't have no excuse for your ignorance. Now you may think that you do, but you're just simply wrong. You may think that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I do. You might say, Well, I heard others speak and they say this and they say that and they say the other. Yes, anybody can read the Bible. Just anybody can read a Bible, but in and everybody can understand it. The Bible was written by Divine inspiration, and that's what it takes to understand it and it's reality. For example, you yourself, you're made in the likeness and image of Elohim. The word Elohim, see is translated God in your Bible. You're made in His likeness and in His image. Now listen close. Yahweh made everything that He made in this universe including you, animal, vegatable, and everything else, to abolish your excuse for ignorance. I would like for you to read just what I just said which we call our theme song. Now I'm gonna see where you're gonna read.

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

READER: Because that which may be known of . . .

DR. KINLEY: Now where are you reading?

STUDENTS: Romans 1:19-20.

DR. KINLEY: See, now Romans 1:19-20. Now listen! See this, to know . . . Now Yahweh made it possible for you to know. That's the reason why He's not gonna accept no excuse! See cause it ain't gone do you no good to go up there and say Well if I had known you were coming, I'd of baked a cake. Now none of that [inaudible]. And it don't make no difference what color you are, how old you are, how far in school you went -- whatever your excuses or alibis are, He's not going to accept it. And then another thing too about that. Now I want you to pay 'tention to what I'm talking about, see, and hear them. And before I get down I'll tell you some things that possibly will surprise you. Now, for that which may be known of Yahweh . . .

READER: For that which may be known of Yahweh . . .

DR. KINLEY: Now listen it's possible to know. If you wasn't so stubborn, and I wasn't so stupid, see it possible to us to know. But you have to do what He said do -- which the devil is not going to do. Now He had to make Himself, and you, an opponent and an adversary -- He had to do the job Himself. And when Dr. Ophelia was talking about Daniel, The devil was wiser than Daniel. Do you know that? If you wanna read it, I'll read it in the Book. See, you say Daniel was a prophet and prophesied by the Holy Spirit. That's right. Then I heard them read there in Isaiah about Yahshua the Messiah, see, and how He looked. He was not a comely man. In other words, He was not a good looking man, see, and nothing to be desired in the flesh. People didn't pay no attention to Him, they overlooked Him, see. They didn't know Him when they saw Him. They didn't realize then, and they don't realize now that He was Yahweh manifested in the flesh! But it is possible to know.

Now I remember, I think it was Friday, and Dr. Heath brought (Dr. Larry Heath) brought a man down to Beaver Lake and I was sitting down there fishing. And the man said, (he worked with Larry down there, you see), and he said he wanted to know. So I told him . . . (he said he'd been in this, that and the other and all, you see. [Inaudible] And Dr. Heath had told him to come down to school. He asked me what kind of a suggestion did I have to give him, and he wanted me to sat there and tell him all about God, see (you see), and I'm fishing!

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

DR. KINLEY: I said, Well now listen if you want to know something about Yahweh, you come to school. Now that's the place to come to learn. And he tried to convince me, you know, that he did wanna know. I said, Well now listen here buster if you wanna know and you have come to me to ask me what to do, then you do what I say! So you come to school! Now if you don't wanna come to school, then you don't wanna know you're just lying to me! Ain't that what I told him?

DR. HEALTH: That's right!

DR. KINLEY: See, you see people just think they'll fool you upon anything; see, and they think you're stupid, but that's not true. But now for which may be known of Yahweh, Yahweh Elohim has showed it (not just talked about it) but He showed it to them. Now that means that somebody here had a vision. Right?


DR. KINLEY: All right read on.

READER: . . . cause that which may be known of Yahweh is manifest in them . . .

DR. KINLEY: Um, hum.

READER: . . . for Yahweh has shown it unto them . . .

DR. KINLEY: Because Yahweh has showed it, see not just told them about it. Everybody reads the Bible, chapter and verse too, see. And they say Let me prove this and that and the other to you -- such and such a thing, and read such and such a place. See? You follow? Now anybody can read the Bible. You don't have to come down here to read no Bible. You can read the Bible at home or sattin' out under a shade tree some place. See, you don't have to come down here to read no Bible, but you do have to come down here to learn something about it. Now that Book was sealed with seven seals. Did you know that? And it wasn't any in heaven and any in earth, see, that was able to open the Book nor loose the seals, not even to look upon it as for that matter. And there was but just one that's found worthy to open the Book and to loose the seals and that's Him that we're reading about and talking about, Yahshua the Messiah.

Now then listen here, I wanna tell you something else about that too, that Christendom or the people of today, they haven't even learned about this of yet! That this Yahshua the Messiah was down in Egypt with Moses, they haven't learned that. They think that His first appearance was when He come through the loins of the Virgin Mary, see, not so. He was down there with Moses, see. And He brought the children of Israel up out of the land of Egypt. Now that's some news. Now people would say right away, Christendom would say right away, Now he don't know what he's talking about. See, because they don't know better.

Now we have always taught this. To the Law (that's the Mosaic writings, the first five books of the Bible), and to the Testimony (that's the prophets, from Joshua on to Malachi), now if they don't speak according to this word . . . What's their problem?

AUDIENCE: No light in them.

DR. KINLEY: No understanding there, see. Now if we say that . . . Now listen, Daniel, or John said there on the Isle of Patmos that His two witnesses would prophesy 40 and 2 months, (3 and 1/2 years in prophetic time) or 40 and two months. And then that 40 and 2 months will amount to in prophetic time 1260 years. Am I almost right? Now since that be the case, now we'll have to take each one to witness the other. Now here's what I mean so you won't get lost. See, we have to take this Law and then this Testimony, it takes one to confirm the other one, see. You have, you have to put 'em together because they're His two witnesses. Now I'm not talking about the so-called Jehovah's Witness. Now then, if that be the case . . . Now we did a whole lot of talking about Joshua being down here in Egypt and coming up out of there. And one of my reasons for telling you is, you see, now Yahweh who was incarnated in Joshua, (He's called Yah - shua -- Yah - ho - shua). The meaning of that is "Yah is Salvation". Yah - ho - shua was down there with Moses. Now right away you put me on the carpet and said, No, you're mistaken about that. Now He come to fulfill! And you say He wasn't back there with Moses, then would you be so kind as to explain this to me? How in the world he got up here, with the same Yahshua here, in the transfiguration and Moses here and then John there? Would you explain that to me? Would you be that kind? It took that to fulfill it. You see? Now here's one might call him a greaaaat preacher, he knows all about everything, see leads big multitude, and they don't even know that. Now ain't that bad?

Now we said that He was back there with Moses, then we have to find something in the Bible back there in the Mosaic writings. Isn't that right? Then if the prophets, see, which is the Testimony, then we have to find something in the prophets to say that He was back there. You see what I mean? Now that's what i was doing when I came in here this morning, see. Now I have got him checking it, a maps, so that we could find that map. And many times we've read the 63rd chapter of Isaiah, and said this: Who is this that cometh from Edom with dyed garments from Bozrah traveling in the greatness of His strength? Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel and thy garments like unto the one that treadeth the winefat alone, and [inaudible] to come down. And the answer came back, said I that speaketh in righteousness, mighty to save, and with my own arm brought salvation down. Now get this. And there was none with me to help. See there wan't anybody with Adam back there to help to bring the whole thing down. And there wasn't none with him to help him bring salvation. You follow me? Now you'll find Edom in the geographical map, see, you will find it . . . Now like this was the River Jordan that come down . . . And incidentally while I'm speaking of that, most of you don't even know how that this river come down this way. I'll have to explain it, see. The reason why the river comes down this way was . . . see it didn't run across this way like this. The river come down this way. [Doc is showing an illustration.] And now this Edom and then Bozrah -- (get the records and that's where you'll find 'em). In other words, Bozrah is just called the Capitol of Edom, see. And when you come right up out of the land of Egypt, then yes, that's what Isaiah is looking, and I also want you to get this straight! He said, Who is this that cometh from Edom with dyed garments from Bozrah . . . Now when I say preexilic . . . he said, Who is this that cometh from Edom with dyed garments from Bozrah . . . or from Babylon or something other like that, have to be Egypt, you see, because that was before the exile into Babylon. You understand? Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel as one that treadeth the wine fat alone? He said, I that speaketh in righteousness, mighty to save, and with His own arm brought salvation down. You understand it now? Now their travel from Egypt, see, and that, that's this River Jordan come down . . . See you come up on through here, and there's Edom, Bozrah, and went on up across it, across that River Jordan. See, and three tribes were left on this side, (well it's in the Bible, you can read it if you find it), and then he went on across. See that now? So now where he was coming from, Isaiah see Him coming on in from down here and traveling on earth, traveling in the earth day and night. Isaiah's had to go back and pick Him on up and bring Him on up through the wilderness and through the Edomites. And when Moses spoke about, see he first spoke about it there, see and he was fighting the Amalekites. Right?

Now here's something else you didn't pay no 'tention to, see. Now He said when He come into the loins of the woman, (the flesh), He said, No man taketh my life from me. (I lay it down of my own accord and I pick it up again.) I want you to know that He fought down in into Egypt. He was back here pouring all of them plagues out. Fought with the Amalekites and all the rest of 'em on up. Crossed over the River Jordan, in the conquest of Canaan's Land, 40 years. And He fought there with those, uh, uh, them inhabitants of Canaan's Land which is the descendents of Ishmael. Now listen, He fought all the way from Egypt, clear on through, and never even got a scratch, see. Laid down and died at age 110 (see, you follow) and He was buried in . . . huh?

STUDENT: Timnath-Serah.

DR. KINLEY: Timnath-Serah, see that's where He was buried. Now that's in a plot that was given to, uh, who?

STUDENT: Ephraim.

DR. KINLEY: Now here's what i'm trying to tell you. See all of that big shot [inaudible], and we as preachers, see, we don't know one earthly thing about it, nothing about it at all. you see? And when He is talking about no man taketh my life from me, that He lay it down of His own accord, they didn't even know that He was back there fighting, fighting all the way through. And we wouldn't trust you with a [inaudible] call, to take care of us and fight our battles for us. You follow what I mean? And then nobody didn't kill Him, and He just laid down at a age of 110 and died. See, you follow? Now then to repeat that, see, didn't nobody take His life. Uh, uh, I believe you've got that all wrong. See, He just laid it down, see, and then took it up again.

Now look, this is what I wanted to tell you. Now I told you that in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-one I had a vision and revelation, and since that time I have been preaching and teaching. I did just what yahweh told me to do, and that was this: Now this is in limitations, see, to draw out illustrations, put 'em down so that any person that wanted to can investigate it. A lot of the smart boys have come and they did that. And they say, Well, I don't understand. Well I already know that, see. Then they'll try to convince me that they've read the book. Say, Well, I've been reading your book! I say, Well you better come to school. Because you know in reading the book that I wrote, see, don't forget now, this here Bible is written! Look how many different cults and denominations you got out of there? See, follow now? And then that's gone be the same thing with any book that i wrote, uh, wrote about. You follow what I'm talking about? And they don't know. Do you see through it now?

Now look folks! The reason why I brought all this up and the reason why I wanna talk with you for a few minutes about it, I wanna talk to you in away you can understand what I'm talking about. Now I have been down into Egypt. Now they have one synagogue down in Egypt that didn't hide the Coptic Church. And that's where they say that Mary and Joseph went. When He was a young child they took Him down there in Egypt. And in the basement of that place there is water. And you could go there on top of the steps, and way down in there, and you could see that water in the basement floor. Then when you looked around the walls there is that [inaudible]. They have scrolls that was rolled up, see, and the name Yahweh is on the scrolls down in Egypt, see. And Dr. Gary Mathess and Dennis and them, they tried to take pictures of it. But it was so dark you didn't have a reflection upon it. It reflected off the camera and the picture didn't come out so well. Now that's the only place that there was in Egypt where there was a synagogue. And that was the place, the celebrated place where truly to go to see the birth place, I mean to see the place where Mary and Joseph carried Him down into Egypt. Now do you understand me now? I looked right at it, right at it.

Now Moses when he got down into Egypt, he told Pharaoh that the name of the heavenly Father was Yahweh. That's what I told Sadat that His name was Yahweh-Elohim, and that the name of the Son was Yahoshua. You following me now? Now this is what I'm trying to tell you, I've been down there. I told them just exactly what was gonna happen to them in the world war. When they asked would they [inaudible], I told them, see. It happened just like said. Now you can't do no better than that! You just can't do no better than that. Then here they write me a card and wish me a happy new years 1974. Then I went on to Jordan and I told King Husein . . . Now listen! Now the day that he wanted us to come over to the king's house after we had been there about four days, see, then he wanted to go to the Gulf of the [inaudible], which is adjoining here from the Red Sea. See it's an arm of the Red Sea, called the Gulf of [inaudible], to get some rest. Now I had told him, get his dog out of that strife, that they couldn't win, told him the same thing. And I told the Egyptians, see, I told them they wasn't gone win no war. And I told Husein up here in Jordan he wasn't gone win. Then when I got, I had to go then to Athens, Greece. And we went to Athens, Greence and our people stood up in Mars Hill that you read about in the 17th chapter of Acts of Apostles. You follow? We went right there at them Biblical places, see. Then we talked about . . . (we had to go there because of the friction between Israel and Jordanian or the Arabs, see). We had to go into a neutral country, see where it wasn't but just a little short space across the River Jordan. But we had to go all the way to Athens Greece and then come around out of a neutral country and come into Israel, see. And we begin at Israel, Tel Aviv. And then we had to go from there by automobile to Jerusalem, and then contacted the head men in there, chief of the scribes, see. And we told them the same thing we told the Egyptians and Jordanians. And it happened just like we told them, just precisely like we told them. King Husein pulled himself out of the fire, then went right back in. Nassau, told Nassau before he died. And just look at his name, Nassau. Will we win the war?! NAW SIR! Now go on [inaudible], Hussein, Husein or insane? See that now? All of [inaudible], look, now here's what I got up here to tell you about. Now there were twelve of us traveling. It cost money to make that trip. And then this here, the same year 1971, that same year we were in the Beverly Hilton, one of the elaborate hotels, out among the multimillionaires! See their, just as big as you make 'em. And that cost a whole lot of money to be there. In that same year, then we go all around the world and that cost a whole lot of money, see. Now then, Yahshua the Messiah at the last supper which is a fulfillment of this feast of the Passover [inaudible]. He said, One of you shall betray me. Now this is what He said to 'em. He had went up (Judas I'm talking about) and negotiated with the Sanhedrin Council for 30 pieces of silver. And you remember that, uh, that beast or the bullock, if he gored one of the servant, then he had to pay, his master had to pay 30 pieces of silver. Now the scriptures has to be fulfilled. So now the bullock was goring, see, so he sold Yahshua the Messiah for 30 pieces of silver, and sold Him on down the river. Now He said, One of you shall betray me. Now look I told you with no uncertain terms that Yahweh gave me the vision and the revelation. Now this works too. Now I'll have to have somebody with me that will betray me! Now I have to have 'em with me! And if I don't have 'em with me, I'm a liar that's all! How 'bout that? And they were with me, see. And when it comes to giving in a record of how much money we spent, then the coordinator, (now you say, I'll call his name), see kept those receipts. Did everything else but he didn't turn over receipts for the money! We haven't got 'em yet! Thirty thousand dollars, see, spent, about three thousand of thirty-three short! And the government demanded of us for income tax purposes. See and they still got the receipts and we're about three thousand dollars short. And everything that went on overseas and in Beverly Hills was put on my account, charged to me? Am I lying about that secretary?

MARY GROSS: No, that's right.

DR. KINLEY: It's put on my bill. It was paid. Now am I lying about that? The money was short, see you suppose to be the secretary [inaudible] back me up. See and she was right with us, see, she's back there. Now everything that happened through there, and all. Did it happen like that? See, the name he's got. What was the name of the coordinator?

STUDENT: Wilbur Traynham.

DR. KINLEY: Don't you see it in that? Do you see his name? Do you see what's gonna happen in that?

STUDENTS: Will betray him.

DR. KINLEY: Get it now? I wanna know. See that man couldn't help that! You see it now? It's nothing he could do about it! See you have to go the way the Book say to go, and him too. You see what, you see what I mean? Now what I'm trying to get after, and this is why I brought this up. Now this morning, (I think this is the 14th), is this almost the 14th?


DR. KINLEY: Now Dr. Harris, the Dean, he was with me over there in Egypt and around. These are Mohammedans down here. They're the Arabs. They are Mohammedans, see. Now we told them that the name was Yahweh. We told them that the Name was Yahshua, see. They went right on just the same. Today, Dr. Harris is in Hilton Hotel, Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago with some of 'em [inaudible] with the Honorable Elijah Mohammed's outfit, speaking to them, see. I said Thursday night I didn't care bout him doing that! And when I wrote Rip and told him, and then make sure everybody, he was an armored guard around him, cause he ain't got no better sense than to get up there and tell 'em just like he told 'em down there in Egypt! And if you think they won't kill you you are wrong about that. See, you follow? Now that's the [inaudible]. You can't say that I haven't been to Egypt. You can't say that I haven't been to Jordan. You can't say that I haven't been to Israel, see. You can't say that what I told 'em was wrong, neither can they. you understand? So evidently I must have known something about what I was talking about, or at least had a good idea or imagination or something other, or hallucination or whatever you wanna call it. It just look like somebody ought to [inaudible]. You follow?

Now I've been able to tell you what's going on all over the world anytime I get ready. I told you that Franklin Delanor Roosevelt would be nominated and elected for his last and 4th term, but he would not be in the White House one year from that day. Go look at your records and see if he didn't die one year before that time. You see? See, he simply died. I told you that John F. Kennedy would be nominated, when most people didn't even know nothing about John F. Kennedy. I told you John F. Kennedy would be nominated, elected, and assassinated. Now go look at the books, everybody knows it. I told you that Pope John the 23rd, in 1961, I told you that Pope John the 23rd wouldn't live to se eJune the 6, 1963 and he died June 3rd. Now do you wanna argue? Do you wanna argue? Well they said, That God endorsed Pope John 23rd but He just tolerated me. Now I told you about earthquakes. I told you about the June 67 War right at 733 South Center Street. I told you day by day what's gonna happen! And I told you if it didn't happen like I told you, don't come back to school cause it won't be no more school! What's the matter with you anyhow? Well I'll tell you what my problem is or rather what yours is. Now we stand here and we been preaching for 43 years, and everything I've ever told you, and everything I've showed you, and been doing it on chart and illustrated form, and write it. And then yet and still some nut comes down here and sats down, I don't won't my wife to go to school down there! Them people they don't know nothing! Turn it right around the other way. A woman, see, she don't want her husband to come down here, see. And I wanna let you know we have 'em separated and got divorces! . . . put the old woman down and the kids too! They ain't going back out of this school. And there's no, there is no nagging worth you losing you soul for. If your wife or your husband don't want you to come down here and learn yourself some sense, then let her go to hell - that's mama, papa, and everybody else!!

AUDIENCE: Applause.

DR. KINLEY: How's that, how's that grab you. I'm the only man that you know or the only man that you read after since the Apostles, see, that's got up and told up things and then proved them, and it come out just like I said, see. And you better bring your stupid self down here and learn something, see. Now that's what I got up here for, to let you know that them people back there calling themselves Ishmaelites or Abraham or Mohammed, see that Dr. Harris is up there talking to, see that ain't gone do nothing. See that's the reason why I said what I have said, see they ain't gone pay no 'tention to it. The Honorable Elijah Mohammed, he ain't gone go over there to the hotel he's too damned important. See, he don't wanna fool with nobody like that. You see what I mean? Do you undersand what I'm talking about? And everything for 43 years I told this school before it was gone happen, and it happened just that way. I told you about the earthquakes, tornadoes, cyclones, devil, potentates, and what-nots, it happened just that way. You don't know nobody else that's ever did anything like that, do you? If you do, stand up I wanna, I wanna see a fool. I'd just like to take a look at a fool.

And I got some more news for you to. Look, Yahshua the Messiah said Don't think . . . when He come through the loins of the woman, see I better make that clear too, cause when He was down here He didn't come through the loins of the woman. But when He come through the loins of the woman He said He come to fulfill! And [inaudible] got all the rest of 'em, see He did fulfill 'em. And you can read that in your Bible, and they are say that He inst . . . He come to institute and He showed us how to live a Christian life. You see, you follow? And you know that [inaudible]. You ain't got the holy spirit in you, and He come to show you how to live. See, and you know good and well that you can't live without the liver I mean, uh . . .

[Tape Ends]