Future Existence of Man

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley. Date unknown.

Thank you very much. I thought it was necessary for me to get up and say something to you about the future existence of man. What's going to happen in the future. Now, I don't want to be up here very long with that, but what time I am up here, I'd like to express -- now the reason why I brought this up is because it's apparent that some don't think anything about the future. They expect it to continue on as we are. Times to get better, see, and improvements to be made. --- Soon be over, first one thing and another and everything "gonna" be alright after awhile and in this present order of things. Now that is not so.

I want to tell you flatly that the heaven and earth will definitely pass away and there will be a new creation. Now did you ever stop to think when you read Gen. 1:1 you are talking about a creator? Now, I don't like to use the word time, but for the sake of understanding I'll just use the word time. There was a time when this present heaven and earth did not exist, see? Now, if there was a time when it didn't exist and now it does, then there will be a time when it won't exist, see? You talk about the creation of heaven and earth, but you don't never talk about any changes, or any modifications being made. I want you to read a verse in the 15th Chapter of 1 Corinthians and about verse 19.

READER: If in this life only.

DR. KINLEY: Now listen here folks, if in this life only, what?

READER: If in this life only we have hope in the Messiah

DR. KINLEY: Now if in this life only we have hope in the Messiah

READER: We are all of men most miserable

DR. KINLEY: You have already failed, now that the way it is. If this is all we have to look forward to, see, then you are of all men most miserable and then about that, if I had to continue on in the shape and condition in which I am in now, then it'd be better to quit now and get it over with. But that's not the case.

Now I really realize that there are religious organizations that's going around preaching and teaching that this heaven and earth will abide and this consummation by fire or something like that you see and if you read over here in Peter, which we are going to read, so you might as well get it now. See, it don't mean that the heavens and earth as you know them to be, see, it don't mean that. I want to tell you that it does mean that. Whatever he created that's know to you as the heavens and earth it will be dissolved, disintegrated and created anew.

Now as I said before, you know how you have gotten along at your very best in this world and in this present age and let me make this clear, too, while I'm at it. Now at this present time you have the Holy Spirit or an immortal spirit dwelling in a mortal or a physical body. Now then, this physical body must be changed. Changed to what? An incorporeal body or a spiritual body -- It will not be subject to death. It will not be subjected to pains and miseries and disappointments and discouragements and things of that nature. And you won't have to be bothered with the devil ----- thanks be to Yahweh. See now what I'm really trying to do, I'm trying to give you something to look forward to now and you're right down in the end of this age so don't miss it. See, see, now let's get, I know you got 2 Peter there the 3rd Chapter. But now let's get Prov. 8:22, Read.

READER: Yahweh possessed me in the beginning

DR. KINLEY: Now listen, says Yahweh possessed me in the beginning

READER: Of his way,

DR. KINLEY: Of his way,

READER: Before his works of old

DR. KINLEY: Now says before his works of old. Listen now, you remember Isaiah said "Remember the former things of old", see, this is before then (laugh) now how about that? (Laugh) Alright, read on.

READER: I was set up from everlasting

DR. KINLEY: I was set up from everlasting

READER: From the beginning

DR. KINLEY: From the beginning

READER: Or ever the earth was.

DR. KINLEY: Now I told you there was a time when it was not, See, you follow me before ever the earth was, see, now the dumb idiots that come along and talk about it's going to perpetuate or continue or eternally remain in this present state. See, he don't know anything at all about it and he is one of the worst hypocrites you ever seen in your life. Because this is what he is doing, he's hoping to get hold of something to make things better. See, he expects the possessions in this life, see and to continue on miserably and then everyday all over the world, people are dying, while they can't see -- they "gonna" stay here this way. It does not mean that -- you see; even the undertaker got to go, that's right, and I don't care how good and how sanctified and how holy you are, you got to go.

See, somebody said well, Peter said in the 11th Chapter of John "that he that liveth and believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live." That's right, ain't a thing the matter with that. "And he that liveth and believeth in me, shall never die". Now I have an awful problem with the "never die folks". Now that's what we talking about, the folks that think they ain't gonna never die. (Laugh) See, now the reason why they ain't gonna never die is because they already dead. Now, I'm just trying to make it clear so you can understand what I'm talking about, see. Now listen, now get it straight.

Now the individual that has the Holy Spirit in them see that will never die. See, it's eternal, I told you it's an eternal spirit and you have got an immortal body. Now --- or in ages yet to come, now listen what I'm saying now. See, you won't just only have an immortal or eternal spirit in a mortal body, you will also have an immortal body along with an immortal spirit or spiritual body. Well, what kind of a body? A body like unto Israel's body in Philippians.

Now, you see, if we could just one get it in our heads and in our minds that we have something to look forward to besides what you can see in this life, you see, then we straighten up, some of us would straighten up and fly right as they say or we would do better, see. We would have some hope, see, and you would find it worthwhile to undergo the sufferings and persecutions and the afflictions and what not and in the meantime we would be a little more careful about the things that happens in this life. You'd be more careful about it. You'd be more careful about how you treated one another, see, you follow, you'd be more careful about that --- then there's some more to that, too.

Now, just in case you can't accept that, that there's going to be a change made, I mean in the earth too, a new heaven and a new earth, but it doesn't make any difference whether you believe it or not, there will be a new heaven. See, there's nothing you can do to hinder, to impede, or to obstruct, Yahweh is going to carry out his purpose there is just simply nothing you can do. And somebody is always ready to say, "well, I don't believe that", "I don't believe this", that don't make no difference, you don't have to believe in me at all, you don't have to believe in Yahweh if you don't want to. He got a place for all that.

That's right, everybody that don't believe, just like Moses when he come down from the mount and was talking about the building of the tabernacle, you see, and Abiram, Dathan and Korah they didn't go along with what Moses saw up there and they thought it would be through friends, you see. He just drew a line said Alls on Yahweh's side step over here and all them that's on the other side on their side get over there, and they stepped over there, see them that didn't believe and it just swallowed them up, and then Moses went on and built the tabernacle. See, how that was now. It's just that simple, it's just that plain -- see, read on, Proverbs

READER: When there were no depths,

DR. KINLEY: When there were no depths,

READER: I was brought forth,

DR. KINLEY: I was brought forth;

READER: When there were no fountains abounding

DR. KINLEY: Now, you see, when there was no fountains abounding with water

READER: Before the mountains were settled,

DR. KINLEY: Before the mountains were settled,

READER: Before the hills was

DR. KINLEY: Before the hills was

READER: I was brought forth

DR. KINLEY: I was brought forth: Now, you know that we are talking about? We're really talking about the attributes of Yahweh, see, that took on this super incorporeal form to form a man. Now, listen folks, he was before all things. He did create a heaven and an earth that you read about there in Genesis. See, now he was as Paul says in the 1sat (1st?) Chapter of Colossians about verse 15. He was the firstborn or he was the first of everything. No, that's the reason why we're telling you there is no such thing, see as "before Christ". I've used that term because that's the phrase or term everybody always talking about "before Christ". See, there is no such thing as before Yahshua Messiah or Yahweh Elohim or Elohim. There is no such thing He is the Creator. Now if he created everything, now I'm in the 24th Chapter of Matthew now. Read there in the 24th Chapter of Matt -- verse, there Doc now read.

READER: Heaven and earth shall pass away,

DR. KINLEY: Now, now he said heaven and earth shall pass away,

READER: But my words shall not pass

DR. KINLEY: But my words shall not pass. Now, somebody read over there in Proverbs, most particularly, Jehovah Witnesses, see, where it says one generation goes and another comes, but the earth abided forever. It does. One generation comes and another goes, but the heavens and the earth or the earth doesn't go with the generations. See, you see what I mean. It just stays here. The same heaven and the same earth. Which is heaven's door see while one generation goes and another comes, see. It was drowned out one time by water and ended that age, see, and then when the guy come.

I'd better talk about that a little bit too and was crucified. I think it's the 4th Chapter of Jeremiah. Note we have here upon this chart here E N D END, see? Now somebody else talking as most preachers. They don't know they don't realize that there's an end of an age or an end of a world. That's the reason why I'm bringing this up see, it's because they don't realize, see. Now, in Jeremiah, when Yahshua the Messiah was crucified, see it says there what?

READER: For thus has Yahweh said, The whole land shall be desolate;

DR. KINLEY: The whole land shall be desolate

READER: Yet will I not make a full end.

DR. KINLEY: Now he's talking about, now you could go up a little further above that see and come down to it see but now he didn't make a full or a complete end there see. The heavens and the earth that rocked but standed you see, but it didn't make a full or complete end. Yet, it was the end of that age, but it didn't move the earth out. That's what I'm talking about and so on and so on back here with Noah's time. It drowned out the inhabitants of the earth but it wasn't a full end there, see how about that? See, but now it's coming up to a place now watch folks.

Now I'm going to have to take you back in Exodus the 24th Chapter. then we going back into Peter. Now see now I have to bring it this way so you can see -- now look, this is what we're talking about now. We're talking about Yahweh Elohim creating a heaven and earth. Bringing it in that's what we're talking about -- that he's doing this by him that was brought forth. He was the first brought forth. Now look folks, I'd like to say this to you, too, while we're at it. See this one here when he was brought forth, this is Yahweh in shape and form.

Now right there is where Yahweh the Father went out of Business. You see, I mean quit, right then and there, when He took on this shape and form. As we like to use the term see or in other words when these attributes were assimilated into an embodiment see right there and where He quit. Then He took up from this embodiment this shape and then created the Creation. Now do you know what the first thing that was created? Somebody said well the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning. No, I beg your pardon. That ain't the first thing that was created at all.

Now how about that? Now what could that be? (Laugh) Well, what was it, Freddie? (Angelic Host) Angelic, angelic host see. Now, how you prove that? See, well I'll give it to you real quick. See, when Moses seeing this tabernacle and those angels and all we in there which means that they were in him you see you see see you had to be some integrals or internal parts, see. You see that now? No, it's not a hollow thing. (laugh) How about that? No that's not hollow at all. Neither was this tabernacle sanctuary. It had its furnishings. You follow now? And also don't you have internal and external organs. How about that? See now the 24th Chapter of Exodus and the 16th verse and then I want to get down to the last verse.

READER: And the glory of Yahweh abode upon mount Sinai,

DR. KINLEY: And the glory, now listen, the glory of Yahweh abode upon Mount Sinai. Now get these two things in mind, see, now, now you watch, with this burning bush in mind and it's not consumed, see, keep that in mind now and it wasn't consumed and Moses is seeing a vision and the glory of Yahweh abiding upon Mount Sinai. After Moses had been down there and brought the children of Israel up out of there. See, and the glory of Yahweh abode upon Mount Sinai.

READER: And the cloud covered it six days

DR. KINLEY: And the cloud covered it six days. Now look folks, I showed you how this incorporeal being brought forth this, the creation the six days. I don't have time to read it all in Genesis. You understand day by day in logical sequence. You follow what I mean. If anything at all it's just what's operating within him and that's the reason why you have a Most Holy Place, a Holy Place and an Outer Court. Now that's why this line is drawn all the way through here and while I been thinking about it, I'll mention it. You see, this picture of this tabernacle here? You see this here and you also see this one here, see.

Now just to show you how some idiot will come along and try to criticize something. Now, I want to let you know that we know it. Do you see any topping on this? See now if I just wanted you know -- somebody say well you ain't got no top on that! Well, we know it! You see the point. See, we ain't got no top on this one either. We know that but we do know that there is a top on one and there it is on this one and we do know that you have a ( ) in your body. We are not that nutty, not to realize that. You see what I mean. I can take and criticize some things myself and beat you all to pieces too. Ain't that right? (Laugh)

And listen, these charts, that's not the real thing. Uh, Uh, No, this just pictorial illustrations and the drawing on it, it's poor, amateur art, never had no experience with nothing. Man drew this one here done fairly good. He was studying to be an artist. (Leroy Higginbotham) See, but now let's go ahead on, cause I told you I just want to open up something see so that somebody need some encouraging, see. They haven't been getting along so well today, you know, the man and his wife, see they been fussing and chewing the rag, spatting and thinking about getting a divorce, all them different kinds of things, see what I'm talking about. Maybe this won't happen to them. (Laugh) Don't you think so? If you have something better to look forward to, better than anything you know about now, don't you think that would help some.

Now you come right down to the close of this age you see we're just about ready to enter into a new age, a new condition a new state of life. You see what I mean. And then let me tell you what you'll be like in that state before I pass on. Yahshua the Messiah said, we don't have time to go into it all now. He said you will be as the angels are in heaven. They were talking about marriages and divorce, you see, and all like that and he said now haven't you never read about this over there? Said they're not given in marriage you see but they will be as angels are.

Now look while I'm on that too. The angels that sinned, they were cast down to where you are now, see, they are not going back they're reserved against the day of judgement to be punished see, but now you are going to where they come from. the state of condition from where they come from. How about that? Now listen folks, even them that sinned see judgement haven't been executed upon them yet. They are reserved. They got it coming up see. Now this judgement we're talking about, you see, where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Yahshua the Messiah to the glory of Yahweh. Now we were at this point. Repeat now so we can pick up the thought and move.

READER: And the glory of Yahweh abode upon mount Sinai

DR. KINLEY: And the glory of Yahweh abode upon Mount Sinai and the cloud covered it six days that's what you just read, is that right, and on the seventh day he called Moses out of the midst of the cloud. Now to those of you that are new in here see there is a notch, David put it on the board there colon see and then finish that verse, Doc.

READER: And the seventh day.

DR. KINLEY: And the seventh day, now he got a colon there which means that there's something else that goes in there see, something else that goes in that six days and then the 7th day that means that something's left out of here. Now what, now write the verse out here too, David, so the folks can get it and look at it. Now I put Rev. 10:4 on there and put the colon in there. What does it say in Rev. 10:4, right quick.

READER: When the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: (colon).

DR. KINLEY: See when the seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write: Now as you know --- folks, often time we don't stop to think about quotations. Everytime Yahweh utters something. At the mountain hill when he gave them the commandments, the earth just trembled see, and now he's telling --- seven thunders uttered their voices, just like he said let there be light, and there was light. And let the waters above be divided from the water below --- there's some moving, some shaking, some moving, some motion going on there. You see what I'm talking about? All the way through.

So now John is saying when the seven thunders uttered their voices see he said he was about to write. Well, why was he about to write? Because he told you what he saw. Said write it in the book and send it to the seven assemblies which were in Asia. Isn't that right? Philadelphia, Pergamos, Sardis and so forth and so on. Now, thanks David. But now, you see, he didn't write that. The reason why he didn't write, because the time was at hand. What are you talking when you say the time is at hand. We told you that the creation took place in the realm of eternity. This is judgement day, eternity see the time is at hand, that's what John said, see. Now look folks, are you listening? Are you sure, alright.

Now then this day or the eternity of Yahweh was still present when John was on the Isle of Patmos. He was about to write, see, in other words, or just in short, he created everything in the realm of eternity or in the day everything was done within the day see and that day is at hand. Now do you understand what I'm saying? And I tried hard to explain that. See, it takes a little thinking to explain that. See that day is still at hand. It was never ended, see, has no beginning, has no end, see eternity, eternity, you follow. So now John is right back in the same spirit which Moses is in see and right in this cloud, too --- (Laugh)

See, right there see, oh I tell you and he's seeing the vision. Now, let's move on. Now the cloud covered it six days and then Yahweh created the heavens and the earth as you have it in Genesis then we went over into Revelation. Now, then we put Genesis and Revelation right together, see. We showed you that, right? Now, it said the glory of Yahweh aboded upon that mountain. Now this is what I'm trying to get to now. I'm trying to show you now how this one come in in the fire! Last verse.

READER: And the sight of the glory of Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: And the sight of the glory of Yahweh, the sight of the glory of Yahweh. Listen folks "I Yahweh is, is a consuming fire!" Now you heard me say! You're not blind! See, now if he's a consuming fire see then that means everything is consumed. Then what happened? Well, it's consumed right back into the state in which it was before it took place in the creation. Back in it's spiritual state. Is that right? Alright, now read that verse again.

READER: And the sight of the glory of Yahweh was like devouring fire

DR. KINLEY: Now devouring and consuming means the same thing, see, now that cloud that sat on the top of the mountain, see, was as a devouring or a consuming fire, in which Moses saw the heavens and the earth come in. You see now go to 2nd Peter the 3rd Chapter.

READER: But the day of Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: See that put you right back in that same day. But the day of Yahweh

READER: Will come as a thief

DR. KINLEY: Will come as a thief

READER: In the night

DR. KINLEY: In the night --- now listen folks that ought not to happen to you. Now, I'll tell you the reason why. Because if you can read the signs along the way, see, you ought to know which way from here to Chicago. See, cause the signs up this way. 56 goes this way, see. 71 goes this way, see, and they got them posted all along all the way across the United States and you ought not to get lost, see. There was a time when they didn't have free ways and all, see. And you might wind-up out there in the cow pasture somewhere see --- (Laugh) wagon crew, but see, it's not like that now. Well, alright. And the sight of the Lord Yahweh will come as a thief in the night.

READER: In which the heavens

DR. KINLEY: Now, wait a minute! Now, see you can go around here and follow these hypocrite preachers all you want to, you see, now I showed you where it come in that way, see --- looking at and Yahweh himself is a consuming and devouring fire, see, and it will be dissolved, disintegrated. You read on --you'll find it.

READER: In which the heavens shall pass away

DR. KINLEY: In which the heavens shall pass away, with a great noise. Look, that's the way it come in! With a great noise. You talking about little earthquakes out here now. See, we're talking about the whole business now and we not just only talking about the earth, we're talking about the heavens too. Then that brings me to say this to you, which a lot of folks don't think about, did you know that the earth was a heavenly body? Suspended in space. Is one of the nine planets. Did you know that? See when you talking about the moon, see that's in space, the earth is too. See, sun's in its place. Everything's in place see that now?

So everything that means the heavens, that means the sun, moon, the stars, earth and everything else is in its place or occupied space, see. Now you know that almost brought me to something else and that's this. See, I want the folks in the back to see, so David draw a circle around it. Make it up high so the folks back there can see it. That's, that's fine. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Now this is space. So you can see what I'm talking about. Now you say there's nine planets that's occupying space, that right?

Now, wait a minute, now it's surrounded by a tenth see, now this ark makes you ten, see, now what I have here is what you have know as this, like this, from one to ten, see or when one to nine as a figure and the ark here is the space of the universe. This is the court round about (laugh) this is the space of the universe. This is the limits and the bounds of Yahweh (laugh) you see what I mean? Now then what you have, you have one, two, three, I drew a line in here, then I put another one, two, three, and drew a line in here, you see, 1-2-3, see now you put the ark in there. Now you see what I did?

Now if you would take the vessels in the sanctuary, you have 3 here, 3 here and 3 here -- and you can see the receptacles and it's in the tabernacle in the Court Round About. Now look folks, I've often thought about this and I meant to say something to you about it some time ago. Now look, you can take your finger right down here I mean on your body, see and you can find that your rib cage comes down here, you see, and just below your rib cage is your belly's opening, right, now I said that to say this. This tabernacle sitting back here, with these vessels in it see and just outside of it, out here in the outer court is open. See, you follow.

Now your bladder and kidneys and intestinal sac see it sits below the diaphragm its down below your rib cage, you see what I mean? And while I'm on that I'll just tell you a little secret that I found out here not too long ago about myself. Now the average person has two kidneys. Well, I have three. The X-ray showed that I have three kidneys in my body. That don't make it any better or any worse I just thought I'd tell you about it while I was thinking about it. That's the way that show up. But now, now this devouring fire in the sight of the children of Israel it come in there. You see, now look now --- now look now, now you listen at what I'm saying if it come in in here it's got to be fulfilled (Laugh) how about that? Then that means it got to go out, see, now you see how easy that is. No problem at all. But the devil, he just don't understand them things, read on.

READER: The heavens shall pass away

DR. KINLEY: The heavens shall pass away with a great noise

READER: And the elements shall melt

DR. KINLEY: Now wait just a minute. You know -- I've known this to be true. When the sun and light and the earth shook. A lot of people get afraid see and some of them have run in under the bed and some of them you know they just don't know what to do, you know, they just afraid, see, there's no place to go (Laugh) there's no where to flee from the presence of Yahweh. So you just might as well stand still and take it and wait on the next thing to happen. (Laugh) Don't make no difference where you go, it'll catch up with you. It'll be standing right there with you and ain't no need for you to try to outrun him. So the heavens shall pass away with a great noise. Now that noise when the heavens pass away.

Now, I've tried to write in the book. Now I'll tell you about this when the sun rises and sets and as the planets operate in their orbits. You don't hear no noise at all. Just as silent as it can be. But when that sun reach its zenith or straight up and down, in the summertime, see it's hot ain't that right? Now, I know you see that the earth moves in its orbit around the sun see --- the sun rise and the sun sets and the earth does move. Well, somebody says well the sun don't move, well I beg your pardon. Don't tell me he don't move. What you doing you trying to tell me that the sun didn't move. Well, he was moving three and a half years all right, right along he was moving. Yes, indeed. I mean he was really moving, wasn't he? (Laugh) Yes, indeed (Laugh). I mean what the problem is he was just moving so fast, we didn't know that he was doing it.. (Laugh) Alright, now the earth is disintegrated or the earth will pass away with a great noise see then what's "gonna" happen to you? Read on.

READER: And the elements

DR. KINLEY: And the elements

READER: Shall melt with fervent heat

DR. KINLEY: Shall melt with fervent heat. Now listen, now here's why I want to bring this up. Now see, Jehovah Witnesses say it don't mean just this heaven and this earth here you see. Well, whatever it was that he created that's what it means! Now how about that? See, you can't talk to me that kind of fool talk. See you talk to somebody stupid. You don't talk to me like that -- see -- alright read on Dr. Harris.

READER: The earth also

DR. KINLEY: The earth also

READER: And the works that are therein

DR. KINLEY: And the works that are therein

READER: Shall be burned up

DR. KINLEY: Shall be burned up, now that's plain talk see, somebody said well I don't believe that. Well, that ain't gonna stop it from burning up. You see what I mean. You don't have to believe in death to die and listen, there ain't no reason in you worrying yourself to death. You "gonna" die anyhow. You don't need to worry yourself to death, you "gonna" die anyhow, you understand. People getting up saying "ooooh ooooh" I believe I got the cancer. I believe I ain't got long to live. You knew that in the first place. Ain't got long to live.

(Begin Side 2)

That reminds me of the little doctor that came up here, the little Jewish doctor. Some of you that were here remember see, and oh he was so positive talking about the AMA and cigarettes smoking, is that right, and he was talking about his feet was bad with dropsy and he thought he was "gonna" show up something down here, see, some of the sons in the school thought that he would surprise them with somebody that was smoking cigarettes, see which you're not supposed to do according to their teachings, you see, and ---- spread out the thing you see and get somebody to confess and admit that they were smoking cigarettes had gotten there and didn't know that they were smoking, see, said now I got a question I want to ask you, if I ask you the question will you admit, you tell the truth, everybody sat there you see. Some of them said yes.

He said "How many of you in here smoke cigarettes? It was so many hands up in here until he said "Oh, my God". You all remember that? See now I never held up my hand, I was sitting right there, see. So when I got up, I got up behind him and I said cigarette smoking or no cigarette smoking. Chloride or no chloride. Carbon Dioxide or no carbon dioxide (Laugh) you "gonna" die anyway. How (Laugh) and when we got down the steps out there see I found out he was working out there with Paul, a friend of Paul's or something like that see and so I told him to come back.

He said he would and when he did he did come back so I understand, but I was in Springfield at the time and before I got back he was dead see. Now listen folks, I'm not trying to encourage anybody to smoke cigarettes and now see since they say it's such an awful sin well I've quit sinning (Laugh) The 5th of January this year. I have quit smoking cigarettes a year ago. The 5th of January. Now it don't change a thing --- but it don't change a thing and that's the reason why I've gotten so big see my stomach is all in the way, you see and carrying on and I've picked up all this weight. Well I want to go on with the story. Repeat what you just said last, Doc.

READER: And the elements shall melt with fervent heat

DR. KINLEY: And the elements shall melt with fervent heat

READER: The earth also

DR. KINLEY: The earth also

READER: And the works that are therein

DR. KINLEY: And the works that are therein

READER: Shall be burned up.

DR. KINLEY: Shall be consumed or shall be burned up, shall be disintegrated, shall be dissolved, now you ought to catch on to one of them words. Read on.

READER: Seeing then

DR. KINLEY: Seeing then, now of course a lot of folks don't see it but anyhow seeing then

READER: That all these things shall be dissolved

DR. KINLEY: See there, see there --- dissolving seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved. There goes the Cadillac and the penthouse, you see that? That you've labored so, and that's the reason why I told you in the text tonight. If in this life only we have hope, then you are a miserable creature see you are all men most miserable. Alright, read on, Dr. Harris.

READER: What manner of person

DR. KINLEY: Now what kind of person ought you to be? Seeing that all that's "gonna" happen, see that we might get in the next age, age yet to come, that we had read in the 2nd Chapter of Ephesians. See, you follow, age, closing of an age means the closing out of a world and I told you that back there at the flood it didn't make a full end. At the cross it didn't make a full end, you see but now it's going to dissolve, disintegrate. See now let me show you this. I'll put it this way first. Outer Court, Holy Place, Most Holy Place, divided by the veils _____ _____ _____

See, now I said that so I could go over and show you this. This is an Adamic age, from the garden to the flood and from the flood down to Him that's ( ) and from here to the outpouring down to here see this is immortality see. Now what you get here is the Outer Court, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. So you see that it's got to go. See now that is to say. (I'll try to get over here where everybody can see it) See you got to enter on through that veil and by entering through the veil into the Most Holy Place, that is to say the flesh meaning the flesh has got to go. What else, Dr. Harris?

READER: Seeing then that all these things must be dissolved

READER: Now what manner of person ought ye to be in all holy conduct and righteousness

DR. KINLEY: Now see what kind of person ought you to be? See, don't fail of the grace of Yahweh. What kind of a person ought you to be dropsy -- drunkard see hard to get along with see hateful, despiteful, see now you know one thing that would make me want to read something. 1st Chapter of Romans we always running back there with Romans 1:19-20 it's something below that too. Read some of that below 19 and 20 (Laugh) Now what person ought we to be, ought not to be like this. Read on.

READER: Because that, when they knew Yahweh,

DR. KINLEY: Now you see because that --- these people back here when they knew Yahweh

READER: They glorified him not as Elohim

DR. KINLEY: Now how about that, they glorified him not as Elohim see now you coming to school all the time taught the same thing over never coming in, no meaning at all. We got a regular routine, a regular ritualistic routine we go through see the AMC tells you about you follow. Every meeting you go through it see and now since you go through it every meeting see now you ought to wake up somewhere see, but it's a hard thing to do see because you got an opponent and an advisory there and Paul said in his carnal state when he would do good, evil was present (Laugh) said the things he though was good for him to do, you understand, he just couldn't do them, you see, because evil present you see and just finally just said this "oh wretched man that I am who shall delivery me from the body of this Satan, see. Alright read on, Dr. Harris.

READER: Neither were thankful

DR. KINLEY: Now when they knew him, they didn't glorify him or they didn't honor and respect him as they should, see what I'm talking -- Now I said when they knew him. Now let me tell you what I mean by that. See, they heard him speak from the mountain! They felt the tremble and even Moses stood there and trembled. We got that in the 12th chapter of Hebrews, isn't that right? They knew he was good see. He gave them their commandments, that right? And the fact of the matter it wasn't given to them to keep, see, but when they knew him they didn't glorify Yahweh.

Now that's what you think about, when you know good and well something that will destroy you or something that can be of some help to you and then you don't have any respect for it. Now the woman's husband, he's out there working and "sweatin" and carrying on, you see, all day every day, every morning, keep tune -- you're working for him. So don't get the thing twisted see because the woman is due just as much respect as a man, the man is due just as much respect as the woman, so don't get it one sided. And go hollering about I own the pants. Yeah, but she got on the dress, that's right, nowadays there's women wearing pants. So it don't do you much going about that, that, that spiritual parable is done away with -- _____ Stop _____ Digression and put the children's feet on in. (Laugh) Alright, read on.

READER: But became vain in their imaginations,

DR. KINLEY: But they become vain in their imagination, that's in their imagination! Not their knowledge! But their imagination! They became vain. People just as vain as they can be. See they don't like how they created --- I better leave it alone. See see there some of them dissatisfied with their color. You see the black man know that he can't be white, and see he's running around talking about he's under privileged (Laugh) Ain't given Yahweh's ability _____ Yahweh ain't no respecter of person, he knows who you are! (Laugh) He meant just as much _____ for you as for anybody else.

And the white man he's saying because well he's been free all of his life he ain't got none, he's going around complaining about that, see, saying I wish I was a Negro they wouldn't expecting so much of me. (Laugh) I tell you we ain't never satisfied! (Laugh) See what I'm talking about? Wouldn't look so bad if I'd been black, in an old "raggedy" car ain't got nothing in the bank. (Laugh) See ain't no better off then the Negro. Negro he's hollering, he's crying (Laugh) I'm telling you he just done everything for every creature, they just don't understand. Alright, read on, Dr. Harris.

READER: And their foolish heart was darkened

DR. KINLEY: And their foolish heart was darkened. See when you don't respect him see see as you probably should. Now he's going to take them talents away from you he gave you, see, and then you become corrupt, you see, in your imagination and you will have hallucinations and so forth and so on. You follow and so if you don't glorify him as you should that's why ( ) Let me explain to what I mean by that. See after while you know devilish well you were wrong about a lot of things and you should rather die and go to (heaven) I mean ah (Laugh) I caught that one that time (Laugh) then to admit that you were wrong about something.

Rather than to do that, just go on stiff neck. you wouldn't admit that you were wrong see then Yahweh turn you over a delusion! and make you think you're right when you know good and well you're wrong! Reprobate mind, that's right. You can talk about hell fire and brimstone all you want to, see, new heaven, new earth, talk about, talk about Yahweh, anything go right on -- strong delusion, reprobate mind, see, and whenever Yahweh but one of them things on you brother you've had it! Read on, Doc.

READER: Professing themselves to be wise

DR. KINLEY: Professing themselves to be wise

READER: They become fools

DR. KINLEY: See they become fools, alright

READER: And changed the glory

DR. KINLEY: And changed the glory of the

READER: Uncorruptible

DR. KINLEY: Uncorruptible

READER: Elohim

DR. KINLEY: Elohim

READER: Into an image

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute, I told you this was uncorruptible uncorruptible, see but they changed that from uncorruptible Elohim

READER: Into an image

DR. KINLEY: Into an image

READER: Made like to DR. KINLEY: Made like to

READER: Corruptible man,

DR. KINLEY: The Pope of Rome, your pastor, see, and so forth and so on, you see what I'm talking about? Alright, read.

READER: And to birds

DR. KINLEY: And to birds

READER: And fourfooted beasts,

DR. KINLEY: Now you see the Gentiles they had all kinds of deities, idols, they had sun gods, moon gods, rain gods, bird gods, and every kind -- water god and every other kind of god you can think of, see, that's because they're foolish heart was darkened and they became vain in their imagination see, and they they worship and served the creature more than they did the creator. The Roman Catholic Guards, so deeply concerned they want to please the Pope, see, they want him to be pleased with it see, and they more concerned about that then they are pleasing Yahweh, you follow what I'm talking about. Alright, read on.

READER: Wherefore Yahweh also gave them up

DR. KINLEY: Yahweh, he gave them up!

READER: To uncleanness

DR. KINLEY: To uncleanness

READER: Through the lusts of their own

DR. KINLEY: Through the lusts of their own

READER: To dishonor their own bodies

DR. KINLEY: To dishonor their own bodies

READER: Between themselves

DR. KINLEY: Between themselves

READER: Who changed the truth of Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: Who changed the truth of Yahweh

READER: Into a lie

DR. KINLEY: Into a lie

READER: And worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator

DR. KINLEY: That right

READER: Who is blessed forever

DR. KINLEY: That's right, now I think that you have gotten enough see and I want to surrender the floor and let someone else speak. But I wanted to point that out to you see I wanted to show you that how near that you was down to the end you see, and show you these things that you see now with their physical eyes and now look folks and listen -- reason why Yahweh made everything as it is, that's what you got right there in Romans, the 1st Chapter, the 19th and 20th verse. He made everything like it is in its natural, physical state to point to the spirit. Now the flesh will be changed into an immortal body. Now I don't know, I think maybe I better read one or two more verses of that not that but the 21st Chapter of Revelation and the 22nd. Just enough so that we can and before you read that Doc, read this the 11th Chapter, 8th verse of Revelations.

See now, see, see, see, now look folks see what John is doing, he's looking right back down in the vision see and he's also looking back through the vision. He's in this state see now that's Are you listening? Now that's how we can come along and put the thing together and fit it so that you can have line upon line, precept upon precept, see blood, water and spirit 40 40 blood, water, spirit and then the 40 days here. See now this is the Most Holy Place see now here's what I'm talking about. Now this is what I mean about what I say so you don't misunderstand and don't make no mistakes. See this correlates with this --- time and everything else. Rain 40 days, one day for a year they was in here 40 yrs., one day for a year. The tabernacle stood in the wilderness 40 yrs. see, before they move it across, see.

Now as they went on under the cloud you see Yahshua the Messiah got to ascend in the cloud he's got to go on across here -- right on the top of the mountain there. See ascend in the cloud. And the two cherubims of glory. Now look here we don't say too much about this down in here see, but you see we showed you how Michael and Gabriel see when see here it is sitting upon the throne see in here, see _____ Now see it says Lord of Lords here, now you know that ought not to be there see and we can find so many different things you know that need some "fixin" up facting up see, but now what I'm trying to get at is this. Trying to show you how you can perhaps put that together that way. Now this is what you "gonna" have to have see, you "gonna" have to have the Holy Spirit in order to put this thing together right.

See, see and if you do, then when you talking about the Garden of Eden over here, you don't correlate it with the Garden of Gethsemane. You don't find no _____ pattern anything at all to say about any correlation see. Now then the transfiguration. See the three _____ here, see the transfiguration, the transfiguration, the ascension, ascension here and then Him ascending into heaven and transfiguration and ascending on top of the mountain here see, fulfillment, you follow? Now John is looking back at all of this. Now here's the 11th Chapter and he's looking right down here see. Now this is the beginning. Now listen folks, this is the beginning of the migration back into Canaan's Land.

Now get this straight, get this one straight. See, you got to come down first and then go this one straight. See, you got to come down first and then go back. See Yahshua has to come down or Yahweh had to come down. Now that just don't simply mean drop down out of the sky or something another like that see but here they had to come down see from Palestine and Canaan Land up here see down into Egypt. Then they had to go back, that's a round trip see, now we come out from Yahweh and you go back to Yahweh, a round trip, see.

So now what you have to have folks, is you have to put --- since you got a pattern in this picture and I've never seen a preacher yet, not in my lifetime and I'm 78 yrs. old. I've been going to church for a long time. I've never seen a preacher out there in Christendom that's able to put these things together like they ought to be. Now what this really is see is what you call the Godhead, which is the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit but it's one tabernacle see and it has it's internal operations and functions and the high priest operating in there, see what I'm talking about. And surrounding it, see this is the space of the universe, the totality of it see, you follow now?

Now then if you "gonna" have the blood here, the water there, and then you have the door here, see. Now this is the gate. Yahshua the Messiah said enter in at the straight gate. Is that right? Now look, see now this is what you have to do, you must have to -- just have to put them together you know -- now Jehovah Witnesses or none of the rest of them are not able to do this, children. Now, I'm just telling you straight about it see. Now, Dr. Harris, Revelation 11:8.

READER: And their dead bodies

DR. KINLEY: And their dead bodies

READER: Shall lie in the street of the great city

DR. KINLEY: Shall lay in the street of the great city. Their dead bodies, remember the firstborn of man and beasts were killed down there in Egypt now you can see the blood. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city. Read.

READER: Which spiritually

DR. KINLEY: Now wait! Just a minute! Just a minute! They say well you running around here spiritualizing things. Well, what do you think Yahweh is! See which spiritually

READER: Is called

DR. KINLEY: Is called

READER: Sodom and Egypt

DR. KINLEY: Sodom and Egypt. Now now which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, what else, Dr. Harris?

READER: Where also our Savior was crucified

DR. KINLEY: Where also our Savior was crucified. Now listen! All you new folks! Look up here! See, you notice all this black along here on this chart, this whole thing all of it! Everywhere see, we're not saying its black in every instance but I'm showing _____ see, see. It's where also when they slew that lamb down there in Egypt see it was dark! See and put his blood over the lintel of the door, see. Jehovah Witnesses say I see you still use a cross. Well, for your information I got a Jehovah Witnesses book at home which was given to me by Roger Jackson. It's got him in there carrying a cross. They were advocating the cross then but see in order to write some more books see and sell to more stupid folks, you see, you follow? They say, they say he was crucified on a stob like this see, not so! How you know that? He's the door, see and if he's the door, he said he was! If you don't believe me, you read the 10th Chapter of John see, now you put the blood up over the top of there and on each side see, you follow? Now I'll put it this way -- now Adam's out here in the garden see and he got hung on a tree see -- now don't a tree have some limbs and branches, see now here's an altar, brazen altar here -- see and it's got four horns to it you see now do that look like a stob? Listen, now hanging on a stop see that won't work see now here's the reason it won't work. It got to be a cross or a tree that has some limbs because it was in fruition on it, see, and ain't "gonna" be no door to it either. How's that? See you have to understand what this whole thing is all about. Then it ceases to be a problem. Now where also our Saviour was, now look, here's what "I'm telling you. Now spiritually speaking now not physically so. When the slew this man down here and incidentally while I'm talking about a lamb. Yahweh made a lamb like he is with the disposition and nature that he possesses and has, just by his natural instinct, you see portray an attribute. See Yahshua was a lamb of Yahweh that takes away the sins of the world. Now, watch out! Now here he comes, he's a lion from the tribe of Judah. The lion, see, is the kind of the forest, see, and when he roars! See, that's it! You see that now and when he roars the earth shook and trembled. See what I'm crying about? And he was meek. He was lead as a lamb to the slaughter as a sheep come before the shears and he opened not his mouth, see, that is he didn't say a thing in his own defense. Pilate said "Don't you hear all these folks out here --- what they saying about you? Don't you know I have power to release you?" Said "You couldn't have no power except it was give you of my Father" that is to say he wasn't trying to refute what they were saying. The facts in the case are these. He came in the world to die and he just simply laid his life down and then he taken it up again. That right? Alright, but now the thought I'm trying to show you is this. If they knew how to take these things we talking about here now see its dark down here then it goes without saying that it's got to be dark, it's got to be dark over the face of the earth ----- when he's hanging out there on the cross in order to fulfill this. Do you follow now? He was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Now there's ignorance up here or darkness up there see, you got folks didn't know that, even before up the Garden of Eden. You understand what I mean. Alright, read on, Dr. Harris.

READER: 21st Chapter of Revelations

DR. KINLEY: Now here's the 21st Chapter. Now look up here folks! That's the only way I know to do is like I been brought and went through all this trouble to show you these things. Now here's the 21st Chapter. Now what we're talking about is heaven and earth shall pass away and there will be a new heaven and a new earth! That's what we're talking about! And you won't always be a mortal man. You'll be an immortal man, see, not subject to pains and aches and all those kinds of things. And then listen, Happiness! Eternally, that's right. Nothing to obstruct you, nothing to cause you to be sorrowful about anything. Here's where he's gonna do the angels that flew through the midst of heaven, just day and night they just crying "Holy! Holy! Holy! art thou Yahweh! Almighty! Ain't that right? That would run you out of this place see what I'm talking about. Just all the time, just just crying one to the other. Worthy art thou to be praised and honoured see for what he has done. And in Ephesians there. It says we'll learn of his goodness and his kindness in the ages to come. Don't appreciate it now, see, like we should. Don't glorify him as we should. You see, but in the ages to come, you'll find out how wonderful he was to make a creation. And then let it go down you see. The devil that he had it going see and then to bring it on back up into manifestation and demonstration of his power! and create a new heaven and a new earth. Ain't that something? For the first heaven and the first shall pass away and there was no more sea. Ain't that what you got there? Alright, read on.

READER: And I John

DR. KINLEY: And I John

READER: Saw the holy city

DR. KINLEY: Saw the holy city

READER: New Jerusalem

DR. KINLEY: New Jerusalem

READER: Coming down

DR. KINLEY: Hold it right there! Get Galatians 4:25 and 26 and we'll show you this up here Jerusalem above, in the Spirit.

READER: For this Hagar is mount Sinai

DR. KINLEY: This Hagar that was Ishmael's mother, Hagar, is that right? Abraham had two sons, one by the bond woman Hagar and the other one by his wife Sarah. Is that right? Now these are the two covenants.

READER: Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia

DR. KINLEY: Mount Sinai in Arabia

READER: And answereth to Jerusalem

DR. KINLEY: And answereth to Jerusalem

READER: Which now is

DR. KINLEY: Which now is

READER: And is in bondage

DR. KINLEY: And is and "show nuff" is in bondage with her children, wait a minute they thought they had to be down here in bondage, in Egypt, in the bondage of flesh now, see, see, _____, they're in bondage, you see, right now in the flesh! See, that's what I been trying to tell you about. But Jerusalem

READER: Which is above is free

DR. KINLEY: Which is above, that's a elevated state, see, it's clean, see, read.

READER: Which is the mother of us

DR. KINLEY: Which is -- listen, listen -- which is the mother of Jew and Gentile, see, is the mother of us all. Jerusalem above, not the physical earth plane, but Jerusalem above in the Spirit is the mother of us all, both Jews and Gentiles, you understand. Now that's what we're talking about. Alright, now go back Dr. Harris to Revelations 21.

READER: And I saw a new heaven

DR. KINLEY: And I saw a new heaven. Now see I saw a new heaven. Now John is talking about what he saw. Said I saw a new heaven, now if it wasn't there he couldn't have seen it. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, and what?

READER: For the first heaven and the first earth were passed away

DR. KINLEY: For the first, now wait a minute. Now he said for the first heaven and the first earth, down here see were passed away, see.

READER: And there was no more sea

DR. KINLEY: Now that means he's on this side of it, see, on this side of the Red Sea see, now this is a type and this is a shadow, see, for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was no more sea. Now, you're in here where Mount Sinai is you in, this is the Outer Court, this is the Holy Place and this is the Most Holy Place across there. Now, look. Pay attention, now, for the first heaven and first earth were passed away and there was no more sea, and then what?

READER: And I, John

DR. KINLEY: And I, John

READER: Saw the Holy City

DR. KINLEY: He saw the Holy City

DR. KINLEY: New Jerusalem

READER: New -- now I told you the New Jerusalem

DR. KINLEY: Coming down from Yahweh

READER: Coming down from Yahweh, is that right? Out of heaven

READER: Prepared as a bride adorned for her husband

DR. KINLEY: Prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. You see that now? Now here's what I'm saying, see, you pass the sea and you're in the Holy Place now or you're in here, in the tabernacle, pass over the water and you're in here, see, Now Matthew 24:15, see

READER: When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation

DR. KINLEY: Now when you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation

READER: Spoken of by Daniel the prophet

DR. KINLEY: Spoken of by the prophet, Daniel

READER: Stand in the Holy Place

DR. KINLEY: You don't see no seat in there. See you ain't supposed to be sitting down, laying down in here, you're on the move, see, in the Holy Place, see, you're going somewhere, see you got to get on through the veil. I'll say this to you see our spirits is in here now. This is I mean in the Most Holy Place! See our spirits, but our physical bodies see is in the earth plane. You see what I'm talking about. Now right there is where -- now these are all Jews here, see now when he spoke to them. But now we had you read that Jerusalem above was the mother of us all. Or eternity, Yahweh or Spirit. Manifesting within the cloud symbolizing eternity or Jerusalem above see that now? Alright, read on.

READER: I heard a great voice

DR. KINLEY: And I heard a great voice

READER: Out of heaven saying

DR. KINLEY: Out of heaven saying

READER: Behold the tabernacle of Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: Now, hold it folks, see, see if you would learn to go by this pattern, you wouldn't have all this trouble and somebody don't want to hear anything about the pattern -- and that goes over in the old Bible, see. See, you don't know what it's all about, see. Now here you are way over here in the last book of the Bible and said I saw the tabernacle, what is say about the tabernacle? The tabernacle of Yahweh is with men. You see what I mean. It's there, see, Holy Place heard a voice from heaven saying behold, the tabernacle is with men. First heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was no more sea, but now you're in here and you hear a voice, see, saying behold the tabernacle of Yahweh is with men. Right, now go on to the 22nd Chapter.

READER: And he showed me a pure river of water of life

DR. KINLEY: And he showed me a pure river of water of life

READER: Clear as crystal

DR. KINLEY: Clear as crystal

READER: Proceeding out of the throne of Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: Proceeding out of the throne of Yahweh and of the Lamb

READER: In the midst of the street of it

DR. KINLEY: And in the midst of the street of it,

READER: And on either side

DR. KINLEY: And on either side, now look up here; 1 Cor. 6:19 don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Your physical body, I'm talking about that's what you have in 1 Cor. 6:19. Now listen, now you have there it's the temple of the Holy Spirit. Then for somebody to come along and say the spirit ain't in anybody. That's bad, see. Now then, see, since you have the spirit in you, in here, now he said he saw a river, see, of water of life, flowing down. Now this what this would mean. It would mean not the physical cross up here but it would be coming down this way, see, but this is correct. But it's been lined up with the tabernacle. That's correct to line it up with the tabernacle. But to stand you up, you see, and to take it down from the throne, you see the river is coming down from the throne here, see, and now then you have your spinal fluid flowing down through your backbone, see, clear as a crystal, see, and on either side of the river or the spinal column you have ribs on either side of it, is that right? You got 12 on the other, 12 and 12 is 24. 24 elders gathered around the throne. You see that now? 24 elders gathered around the throne and the river of running water, clear as a crystal, and listen, on either side of the river, was what? Now you have the Tree of Life right now in this earthy tabernacle, see, and then you have another building, not made with hands it came into heaven on the other side of here. How about that? Now, I hope you have gotten something out of that.