Evolution & the Difference Between Mind and Spirit

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on April 10, 1969.


DR. KINLEY: I'm always happy and glad to testify of the things that Yahweh has revealed unto me that I'm to show unto you in these last days. If you noticed when Dr. Gross was talking about the dispensations and ages, for the most part a lot of people don't even consider them. They don't even know nothing about 'em, and consequently, they just go to work and say the Bible say this, and the Bible say that, and the Bible say the other, and don't have no knowledge of it, of the purpose how it runs through the dispensations and ages.

Now what we try to do down at this school is this: We try to get the very best of intellectuals that have studied in many different miscellaneous vocations, and get them to understand what we are trying to show, and then point it out to the laity. Now that's our paramount objective so that it might be revealed unto you. Now oftentimes when using words, as Dr. Gross used there, he spoke about the dispensations and ages, as the Apostle Paul understood them and showed it. He even went to the trouble to draw it on the board, and we do have some charts that specify it. And our assurance is this, in the 38 years that we have been operating as a school, and I did not say a church, we have had various people from various different vocations, science, and miscellaneous sciences, philosophy, psychology, and in every vocation that you can think of to come to this school. Now I wanna tell you this: Now none of 'em have ever been able to refute it. Now the reason for that, and the reason why they cannot do it, is because we go back to the source. We go back to the substance, we get the purpose, and we show you how it's carried out through the dispensations and ages. We show you where you come from, where you're going to, your destination. There is nobody in the world, never was and never will be, which is a thing that is hard to conceive, but what wasn't involved. There never has been... Let me put it this... Somebody might have lost their continuity of thought; maybe they wasn't paying no attention. But let me say it, let me repeat it for the sake of placing some emphasis on it. There never was nobody in this world, never was and never will be, but what wasn't, uh, what isn't involved in the purpose of Yahweh. YOU HAVE A ROLE AND A PART TO PLAY WHETHER IT'S IN THE NEGATIVE OR WHETHER IT'S IN THE POSITIVE, YOU have a role to play. Now listen, YOU'RE NOT EXEMPTED, everybody's involved in it. Now somebody might say, "Now look, you prove that." See people have to have proof for everything, well that's just exactly what we wanna do, and that's why we have drawn these charts. Now this is the way you find the proof. Now this is the way it is. See it's nothing else but just a constant repetition, or repeats itself over and over and over and over, through analogies and symbols. If you miss it one place you can catch it another, because you just caught it in that repetition. Now what that does it makes up the history of the world. Now Dr. Gross is used some words, which you just might hear what he said, but not being one that is versed in etymology, and lexicography, meaning the derivative of words, and the expound meaning, and the full impulse and meaning of the word itself. Now this is what he said, and I wanna go back to it and repeat it. Now the reason why I wanna do this is because there's so much dissention in the world today about evolution, the origin of things, where things come from, where life begin, what is it, and how do you know? What's your concept, what's your idea of it? Then we got the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, we got this other feller's idea of creation, (we'll say he's a scientist), another one comes along, eventually, and tear that down. Then another one comes along, by and by after while, and tears that down. And everything that is setup or conceived, somebody comes along and tears it down.

For example, now as Dr. Gross talked about, used these words: Yahweh is the source; He is the substance. Now you might just sit there and listen at those words used without a knowledge of the meaning of those words, and consequently you wouldn't comprehend the full importance of what he said, and you would still have your argument about whether or not that the biologist was right when he said life begin in the water. You'd go right on out the door and never comprehend it at all. Then when you say life begin in the water, now what is life? And if it didn't begin in the waters, then where did it begin, and how do you know, are you sure? You say it begin in the waters - where did the waters come from? Get the point? So now what we try to teach in the school is where everything come from.

Now Yahweh is the Father. Now His name is not Jehovah - now we've been into all that, and His name is not God. That might sound strange to you, but don't forget we told you this was a school. We aim to tell you things down here that you may not know, and it is expedient for you to make inquiries. AND IF YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED ENOUGH TO MAKE INQUIRIES, OR CALL SOMEBODY IN QUESTION THEN YOU’LL NEVER LEARN; YOU’LL NEVER LEARN. Now, heretofore, in the elementary classes, and in the infancy of this school, we use to have what we might describe as a question and answer period so you could ask questions, and then we would answer 'em. And we wanted to make sure that you understood, cause often times people ask questions, they don't know the answer to it their own selves, and when you give them the answer they still don't know, they don't recognize it.

Now let me say this: Now Yahweh is the Father. Now YAH is masculine, WEH is feminine. Now He is the source. When you say, "Where does things come from?" Whatever it is, He is the source. What is it made out of? Whatever you're talking about, it doesn't make any difference He is the substance. Well somebody said, you know, wanna be really smart and throw up one of them tricky ones, says "Well where did He come from?" See you didn't recognize that we just told you He was the source, now that, that was the part you missed. And what is it, as the children of Israel asked about the manna in the wilderness, "Just what is it?" What is matter? Where did it come from? What is spirit? How do you know? Well somebody said "Listen, our scientist they have decided this and that and the other." Well now let me tell you something about this school: This school has stood with the smartest men that ever was in this world, and they have had to take their hats off to it. There is no fix, and no remedy. It might not look like that, but it is that way. And you carry all the evidence on you, unconsciously. Why are you made up like you are? Well now somebody they wanna make sure, and show how smart they are, and they say "Well look, the reason I'm made like I am is I'm made in the image and likeness of God." I said "Well, where do you find that?" And lot of times our questions is paraphrased in such a way that we could read a verse out of the Bible in order to justify ourselves. For example, we don't have the Bible with us now, but there is 5,500 questions and answers in the Zondavan Bible. And this is one of the questions that was asked, "When did God create the heaven and earth?" Now that question is asked so that you can say "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth." Now that's suppose to be the answer.

MAN: Doc, here's the Bible. DR. KINLEY: Here, here it is. Do you have it there? READER: Yeah. Say, "When did God create the heaven and earth?" And the answer is "In the beginning."

DR. KINLEY: in the beginning. Now that's no so! Now that's just no so. He did not create the heavens and earth in the beginning. Now you read Revelations 3:14.

READER: And unto the messenger . . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: of the assembly of the Laodiceans. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: write. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: these things saith the "I AM" DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: the faithful and true witness. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: the beginning of the creation of Yahweh. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now that's the beginning of Creation. That's Yahshua, that's Elohim - HE IS THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF YAHWEH. Now listen folks, right there is where Yahweh quit and went out of business, and you can’t go no further than that. Now let me show you what I'm talking about as Dr. Gross tried to show you. Now this spirit, now remember what I told you, it is the substance, it is the essence, it is the source, it is the limits and the bounds - now that's what spirit is. In other words, it is the sum total of everything that is. Now you use words like that, and then you don't have the ability to comprehend, and to properly define the word in order to perceive what is being said, now that's your loss. Now Him being the source and the substance or the sum total of everything, there wasn't nothing in existence other than Him. Now you'll find in the book over there, where one writer says this, said, "He created the earth out of nothing." Naw, that's not the way it is, but He did not create it out of anything that was coeternal or preexistence with Him! Now that's what the writer is talking about. There's nothing coeternal, or preexisting substance for Him to reach back in, and to get something out of, and to make something out of something - it's nothing like that. He is the source Himself! He is the substance Himself! And everything emanated or come from that source and that substance. Now listen, now in that condition or in that state of existence, He was incomprehensible, inscrutable. You couldn't... It's just like looking between here and the wall, and you don't see nothing. Air is between you and the wall, but you don't see it. Now just like you might turn that thing on up there and air come out of there, warm or cold air, air conditioner, you could feel it but you couldn't see it, but you know that it is there, and you're conscious of it. All right, now He taken on an incorporeal, now that means that's not flesh and blood, and bones. Corporeal means physical, incorporeal means spiritual, and in that state He could only be seen in a vision. Now everybody has not seen a vision. Now but He had the power to manifest Himself to whomsoever He will, and to reveal Himself to whomsoever He will; He could do that. And He never got mixed up or confused in it, and He never... He showed Himself to more than one person. Now listen at me, make sure you hear me now. What He showed to Moses and Jeremiah and them didn't conflict with what He showed to Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel; THEY ALL HAD THE SAME STORY. Now the Word itself, He spoke to them through the mouths of them whom He manifested and revealed Himself unto. And it was their job to preach to the multitudes, and to tell the multitudes what doth saith Yahweh. Their job was to accept it by faith. Now here comes the people as of now, a lot of smart alecks, say "Well look, if God wants me to know a thing He'll have to show it to me Himself, like He did to Dr. Kinley or to Dr. Harris, or somebody else, that's if He wants me to know." Well now here's what you're ignorant of, that’s Him showing it to you. That's the truth about it; you just don't recognize it. Now we've had 'em to leave school because they wanted to have an experience like they thought I had. And because they'd done everything they knew to have it, and then didn't have it, then they got discourage. And it's just like a bear carrying corn, he gets a whole lot of corn in his arms, drops one, and he throws the whole thing down. Instead of taking what little you got and going along with that, and get some more added to it, you wanna throw the whole thing down. Now that's not the way He purposed it. Now if He had purposed it that . . . [Interruption on tape]… but He didn't.

Now the spirit, which is invisible, and it's the sum total of everything, it takes on a shape and form for him to see it in a vision, Moses to see it in a vision. Now what he did, he just wrote down what he saw in a vision, couldn't put down nothing else but what he saw. And if you remember, I asked you about that question about "In the beginning." Have you forgot? Well, let's don't lose the continuity of thought, for goodness sake. See now what Moses is talking about is in the beginning of the vision not the beginning of the creation. Now we went over here to show you what the beginning of the creation was, and this is what we told you that it was. We told you that Yahweh, which we see right here, took on a shape and form, which you see right here. And then Moses could perceive him in that shape and form. Now if you had been right there with Moses you wouldn't have seen a thing, cause it was not intended for you. But now then Moses wrote down what he saw in this shape and form. Then he saw Him transfigure into the tabernacle, and the tabernacle had three parts to it. I'd like to show it here; this is the same thing that this is right here, this is the same thing, but you could see this in a bigger figure. Now there's no sense, there's absolutely no sense, in you blundering around and stumbling around in the dark. Now He would be unjust, unjust to create a man and his posterity or his offspring, and then because he didn't know anything bout Him, or had no way to learn anything about Him, and then send him to a Lake of Fire to scorch, and to burn and to sizzle throughout eternity, now that would unjust. That would not be fair. So now then what happens is this: In the transfiguration, could you use this word? See we try to use all kinds of words, you know I'm good at that. Sometimes I use five or six different words that means one and the same thing, such as transmutation, or metamorphosis, or a transformation, transcend, just whichever one comes up first, that's the one we use. So that… If you're anxious to learn then you look up some of these words if you don't know what it means. And then if you're interested you will; if you're not interested you try to play dumb. Well that won't help your case no way... [SIDE 2]...

Now just like the psychologist, now the psychologist they are teaching about the universal mind, the supersonic mind, the oversoul, the subliminal mind, the Great Master mind; there is about 172 different names. They're showing you where God is mind. Then they go out of that universal mind, and the next break down will be in this, the subconscious mind. And they say that the subconscious mind and the universal mind are linked together. Then they say deeper down there is a conscious mind, and the conscious mind and the subconscious are both linked together, and the universal mind is linked together. Now Mr. Psychologist, I got a question to ask you. How did you divide between one and the other? What kind of a line of demarcation can you make to show me which one is in function or operating? How am I suppose to know? How is the common everyday man in the street suppose to know which one's in function, and which one's operating? How can you teach him the difference between one and the other? Now all such things as that we have went into in our book. Now if they only knew, and only understood how that this pattern was fixed up, see they wouldn't have no trouble at all with it. If I chose to call this a universal mind, the Most Holy Place, or the head cavity divided by the neck, which is the veil. I'm showing you how it's divided now! I'm using a Yahweh or a God given pattern to show you. And then I come on, drop on down, then I show you that veil is dividing between the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place. And I tell you what's in the Most Holy Place, and I tell you what's in the Holy Place. Then I used that veil here at the door to show you what's in the Outer Court, and that comes on down into the conscious mind. In other words I've got some way to show you what I'm talking about, and how to divide between one and the other. I couldn't do that without some pattern or Yahweh has to show it.

Now you have the voluntary, and the involuntary functions of your physical body, the anatomy and the physiology, and the mind that functions, and spirit... What's the difference between mind and spirit? How do you know? Are you sure? Well let me show you something about that. Well now I'll decide today that I'm going down in town tomorrow, and I'm gonna get me a, anything, let's say a new car, or a dress if you happen to be woman or a suite of clothes. And when I get down there tomorrow, see I change my mind. I may go on and get the thing, and then after I've got it, I might change my mind and decide to carry it back. Now what do you call that?


DR. KINLEY: But now Yahweh He ain't changed a thing. He declared the end right from the beginning and it hasn't changed a bit. It's all operating that same way with unerring accuracy, absolute infallibility, without any moderations, revisions, or changes, or abrasions. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now when you find out about it, and how it follows through the dispensations, and not only that, it's that way from the creation. I want you to read a verse or two in the Book for me, Romans 1:19&20. Now we've just about read a hole in the Book with this. Now I want you to look at it and see. Now on top of what Dr. Gross has said to you in the first chapter of Ephesians about Yahweh's purpose... Now listen to me folks, are you listening? Are you sure you're listening? Make sure this time. Now Easter's coming up, as they call it; now a lot of people don't know that that's heathen too. Now Yahweh... Now Dr. Gross, this is what he showed him, that Yahweh took on this shape and form as Elohim, and then He created the heavens and earth. Now up here on top of this it says "Elohim." [Pointing to Name chart on top of blackboard] Well why didn't you say Yahweh? Here it is up here. Say, "Why didn't you say Yahweh?" Well, you see that's the sum total of everything. I just got through telling you that He was incomprehensible in that state and condition, and He had to do something about it, so He had to take on a shape and form, and then He's only distinguished or identified in visions and revelations. Now then He's just got to be like we say He is for this reason. Now this tabernacle here, and incidentally for the benefit of the Masons and the Odd Fellows, (Now I'm not gonna give you no secrets, give away no secrets, I'm not gonna tell you a thing about 'em. I'm not gonna give away no secrets, I'm under oath not to do that). I have been a Mason and an Odd Fellow too, and I did teach them something about it. But I want to say this, now this is the temple! THE TEMPLE WAS BEFORE THE TABERNACLE. Somebody say, "I don't think you've got that right. You know good and well that Moses built the tabernacle in the wilderness before they went through the River Jordan, and he built the temple out there in Jerusalem, out on Mars, uh, Mt. Moriah, now you know better than that.” Naw, I don't. This is the temple of His body that was before that. Now for Him to take on this out here, then that shows you how He was constructed. In other words... You see that's why we carry it right straight on across there so you can see, right straight on across here so you could see, right straight on across here so you can see. Now that is the pattern, that is Elohim, that is Him in shape and form; that is the temple that was before the tabernacle, and then He reduced down to this. For you to look at Him like this in a shape and form, as the man was, you couldn't identify the different parts; you couldn't identify 'em. But now if you break it down then you can identify the head cavity and what's in it; the chest cavity and what's in it, the outer court and what's in it, in other words, the tabernacle and it's furnishings. Now that had to be built down here on this side of the River Jordan, and the temple is built on the other side. This is a type of heaven here, and this is where He is, is in heaven here! Now you watch, now you watch and see your stupidity go out the window. Read Romans 1:19&20.

READER: Because that which may be known of Yahweh . . .

DR. KINLEY: Now listen folks, it's possible for you to know! Stop guessing! Stop speculating! Stop sticking your finger in your ear and say "I imagine." Paul said "The Word of God was quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the DIVIDING ASUNDER of the SOUL and SPIRIT, and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the mind, casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Yahweh." That is to say he's under the influence. All right read.

READER: Because. . . DR. KINLEY: Because that which may be known! It's possible to know! All right read. READER: of Yahweh. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: is manifested in them. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: for Yahweh. . .

DR. KINLEY: Wait a minute! Now just to read that don't mean a thing, it don’t mean you know anything. Them who? Who are you talking about? It’s manifested in them - what them? What else did you say there?

READER: for Yahweh hath showed it unto them…

DR. KINLEY: Them who? Now here it is right here, right here, back here in the wilderness to Moses and the children of Israel, showed it to him in a vision. All right read.

READER: for the invisible things… DR. KINLEY: Now listen Yahweh is invisible! For the invisible things of Him, get straighten out. READER: from the creation of the world…

DR. KINLEY: Now you’re a farmer, you studied biogenic law, you studied ecology, you studied geology, you studied paleontology, and when you get through with it you got a whole lot of isms and ologies, and you’re not able to prove nothing! Why? Because you don’t have nothing to go by but an imagination. All right read.

READER: for the invisible things of Him… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: from the creation of the world…

DR. KINLEY: Now look, starting right out with the physical creation… Now if you wanna say that life begin in the water through bacteria, and all those various different kinds of things, see now the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world - is what?

READER: are clearly seen…

DR. KINLEY: Now you can see ‘em real clear, that’s if you got something to go by. You don’t have nothing to go by you can’t see. They are clearly seen, all right read.

READER: being understood… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: by the things that are made… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: even His eternal power… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and Godhead… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: so that they are without excuse…

DR. KINLEY: There’s nobody in here, Yahweh has eliminated everybody’s excuse. Say, “Well they got so many different translations in the Bible now days I don’t know which one is right.” See He done took care of that. The more you read the Bible the worser mess it gets. Why? Because it’s the results of a vision and a revelation. Here’s a scientist now, science says this: “That I don’t see how that vegetation can grow, I’m in disagreement with the Bible, I don’t see how vegetation can grow without the light of the sun. And you said the sun come in on the 4th day, and the moon come in on the 4th day; I can’t see how that vegetation can be without the light of the sun.” I wanna tell you that I can’t see either! But I haven’t got my sons mixed up! Now let me show you what I’m talking about. When Yahweh took on this shape and this form, AND SINCE HE EXISTED THIS WAY BEFORE HE DID THAT WAY, THEN THIS BECOMES THE SON. And this is the son that created everything, and He was first and before everything, and without Him wasn’t nothing made! But that man is got that physical sun out there in the sky mixed up with the Son of Yahweh! Do you see it now? And that sun that’s in the sky was only a type and shadow of this one. And it came in here on the 4th day, Yahweh and Yahweh set it in the sky; that’s the official timekeeper. And by and by on 4 thousandth year, one day as a thousand, then here He steps down here among the people, Elohim, because it’s the same Yahweh being manifested in a physical body, same one. But now you see He’s showing it to Moses back here [About ½ second interruption]… in the mountain showing it to him in the vision, showing it to him, so that you won’t have no excuse. Now He made the man in own likeness and His own image [About 25 second distortion on tape]… how one is stacked upon top of the other, and how the ribs go around there. But here’s one thing they fail to tell you, see they fail to tell why it was like that.

And you know when I was a little boy they use to just say, “Go and call the doctor,” (I know my time is just about expired there, ain’t it?), go and call the doctor.” And you get the doctor over, well I don’t know whether it’s a sprained ankle or broken bone or what, but whatever it was you just call the doctor, and he’s suppose to doctor all, everything. If you got one of them bad headaches; if you got something down here he’s suppose to give you something for that; just call the doctor. Just make sure he’s a doctor, and then call the doctor. But now they don’t do that way no more, um-um, noooo. Now they got some specialist, brain specialist. Now you don’t go tampering around up there in the most holy place, you got to be very, very careful about that. Then they got the heart specialist, in other words, you just don’t go and call a doctor, just any doctor, cause you see they got specialized. Now if there’s something wrong with you mentally, then you call the psychiatrist. See there ain’t nothing wrong with your physical body there’s something wrong up here. And it could be a nerve pinched down here some place that’s setting you off up here, but you have to get a psychiatrist. Then often times, the psychiatrist he probes back down in there to find out what’s the matter with you, on down through your childhood days and comes on up, see trying to find out what the matter with you. Now he done probed into so many things until now they got the psychiatrist on the couch seeing the psychologist. Just like you’ve got the doctors all divided up, you got an orthopedic or bone specialist, and whatnot. Man being made in the image and likeness of Yahweh; you see how great it is? But now He showed it to ‘em from the creation of the world. And you’re made in His likeness and in His image. Then we’re going around hunting and trying to find God, you wanna know Him like He is - well He’s like you, see that’s the way it is. Not three Gods anymore so than you’re pneuma, psyche, and soma or soul, body, and spirit. Even a cell, if you wanna argue that the cell was the beginning of life in the water - well where did the cell come from, and why is it made up like it is? Why is an atom made up of a neutron, proton and electron? Why is the cell made up as it is? The nucleus, nucleolus, and the cell body why is it made up like that? Now Yahweh’s just taking away all your excuses, just wiping ‘em out one right after another, and everything that you can come up with. And then for the most part, this is what we don’t receive: We think that this is me and He’s off up yonder in the sky somewhere. And out there and the preacher, I got to see him and I wanna make sure I get to heaven, and the preacher is the mediator and the intercessor - that’s not so either. Well if that’s not right, if the preacher is not a mediator and intercessor then who is? It’s the Holy Spirit that’s the mediator and intercessor, and Yahshua the Messiah He’s the only mediator. And look, since you was talking about, and Dr. Gross talking about it too, listen you come out by Yahweh Elohim, and look, He destined you to go back in the same way you come out. Don’t make no mistake about that. So you can just forget all about the Pope putting you in heaven; you just forget about Revern putting you in there. Well if they’re not that, then what are they? They’re just ministers by whom you believe. They’re not mediators and intercessors; He told ‘em to go and preach the gospel. Said, “Well I know, but he’s got the keys to put you in heaven and all.” Said, “He give ‘em the keys.” Yeah sure, that’s right, THE LAW AND PROPHETS, THAT’S THE KEYS THAT’S INTERPRETED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT; that’s what the keys are. And that’s what He did when He come here He fulfilled it. But somebody thinks, they’re ignorant enough to think that He’s setting up on a throne somewhere and saying who shall go in, and who shall stay out, and you’ll have to apologize and repent, and whatever it is, and He’s got to pass judicial sentence on ‘em whether or not you do or don’t - ain’t nothing like that. When you go to look for Him, you look for Him right where you are. And a lot of us haven’t even learned that, peeping around, hiding behind closed doors smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, [couple statement inaudible because of laughing] Call yourself hiding, Yahweh’s right there looking at you. You haven’t got no way to lie to yourself. You see that now, you just might as well quit hiding and come on out from there. Say listen, it’s my business what I eat and what I drink, and if it don’t make me sick it ought not to bother you. You tend to your business; I’ll eat what I wanna eat, I’ll drink what I wanna drink. Now there’s no salvation in what you eat and what you drink. But you see since people got water baptism, eating Lord suppers, and foot washings, eating pork meat, and first thing and the other. See then they got it that smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey… And then they say this, “What you have to do in order to be saved is to clean up, you have to quit all that, clean!” Well if you gone do all that you don’t need Him. That’s right, if you gone do the job then you don’t need Him at all. Now somebody’s got some habits that they think is wrong, then they’re ashamed of it, and they don’t feel like they can overcome it. Well now you tell me how in the world if He doesn’t have power to make you overcome that habit you claim is wrong, you tell me how He’s gone raise somebody from the dead. See you’re preaching the weakness of Yahweh instead of the power… Do you understand what I’m talking about?


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