Dr. Kinley Explains The Creation

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Pasadena Institute Of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc.

Audio Transcription # 5

Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Los Angeles IDMR Class

1040 S. Grand Ave., L.A. Ca

From Late 1971, or Early 1972

Audio Transcription By The PIDMR

Lecture Entitled: “Dr. Kinley Explains The Creation”

Copyright 2004 PIDMR, Inc.

This Transcription by the PIDMR, Holly Hill, Florida, via digital audio amplification, is from an undated audiotape in the PIDMR’s archives. Copyright 4-2004 PIDMR. The lecture was previously released as: “Creation By Yahshua (also called: Explains The Creation; Creation By Elohim)”, IDMR, Los Angeles, California, “CATALOG #: 71 CY, earlier numbered as 104B”

[Tape begins with the Moderator]:

Class Moderator: “Our Founder and Dean, Dr. Henry C. Kinley”.

Dr. Kinley: “Thank you ever so much. I'm always happy and glad to be here, and to impart to you from some of the knowledge which I received from Yahweh Elohim. I believe it was last Sunday night that I said to you that I was not satisfied with this uh, this creation…that is the knowledge, the knowledge that has been imparted to you, in bits and parts. And I wanted to get into it and explain it…explain it so that everybody could understand it. Now there's much theory and speculation about the Creator in all the world, and there is not a religious organization in the world today, that is able to explain it. There's a lot of theory about it. Now ordinarily I would have drug a lot of books down here and read out of those books, ah, the hypothesis to the theory of our master theologians and their concepts. Now in the Bible as they go in and read the Bible, and you find what I'm saying in the commentaries, they believe that there is two distinctive accounts of the creation of heaven and earth.

“One, in the first chapter of Genesis and they think that Moses wrote that. And in the second chapter of Genesis, down through there you'll find that they believe that that is another account, and that was ‘not written’ by Moses. And they speculate. They think that it was copied from the Assyrians. And they think that it was added to the Bible, after the Israelites were carried captive to Babylon. And you know Babylon is in Assyria. And they were carried captive, the first crew was 721 - I'll talk to you so you can understand what I'm talking about - 721 BC. And then in 606. Now let me… now I’d better fix that. Now the Ten tribes were carried captive to Assyria, and they were dispersed among the Assyrians from Jerusalem and from Israel or the land of Israel. Ten tribes. Not Twelve, I said Ten. And so then later in 606, as you have the chronology in your books, the other two tribes, Levi and Judah, was carried captive to Babylon. And uh, they were down there for 70 years. And then you have a picture there on the chart, of the man standing up there, so you theologians that are back there, where you got Babylon, Media, Persia, Greece and Rome, you see, on there, on the chart. Now what we have endeavored to do at all times, is to explain these things to you. Now when they were carried captive down there, then that's where they think that the ‘second account’ of the creation was written. And the Israelites got it from them and put it in your Book.

“Now if you noticed, and if you haven't noticed it's time for me to call your attention to it. Did you notice in reading the first chapter of Genesis, there wasn't a thing said in there about Yahweh. Did you notice that? Now if you didn't, then you noticed it. And nothing is said about Yahweh until you get into the second chapter of Genesis. Now in endeavoring to explain these things to you, and expound them, so that you can comprehend, we said this…the moderator…every time you come to school, they tell you that Yahweh is Pure Spirit, without any descriptive shape or form. He's invisible, inscrutable, incomprehensible and could not be seen by anybody in that state or condition. Now you follow me close, and you’ll kinda understand something about what I'm talking about. Because this is new. I want you to understand. Then that means that this Cloud… Now just don't pay any attention to Moses and Israel, writing and all, you just take the, the clouds. The moderator tells you the Cloud symbolizes Pure Spirit and in that condition or state or in that state, nobody could perceive it, Moses and then nobody else. And we went on to tell you about the Attributes of Wisdom, and you see it on the chart up there. Wisdom, Knowledge and so forth and so on. And when he is putting his hand up there, it's correlative with those vessels of the Sanctuary.

“And then it takes on in that 3rd plate from the end there, you see the embodiment of the thing. You see Him in Shape and Form. Now that is seen in a Vision, and that is called Elohim, but in its Pure State Form, see, that's Yahweh. No man at no time has ever seen Yahweh. Now here's some of the reasons why, because you can not get out of Him, separating Him from yourself and then look back… See, that's a matter of impossibility. Now then next to that, what is Yahweh? Yahweh is Spirit. Then somebody said, ‘well, God is spirit.’ That's John 4:24, that God is spirit. Then when you say, ‘what is spirit?’ Then they say that is God. Then when you say, ‘who or what is God?’, then you run back to spirit. And so goes this theological world. That means this, they do not possess the ability to explain or to expound anything. And they get up in the pulpit and they say this, ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’. Well now, you see, that don't tell you nothing, see, doesn't tell you a thing. And then they think that that is the beginning of the creation, that's not so. That is not so. Then someone will say to you, ‘well, if that's not so, do you mean that you are disputing the Bible?’ No, I'm not disputing the Bible.

“See you got in trouble, here's where you got in trouble at. Right here. [Taps the board] G-O-D. That's what you have in your King James Version: in the beginning God created the heaven and earth. Is that right?”

Class: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now in the Holy Name Bible, it does not read like that. It says in the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth. Is that right?”

Class: “That’s Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now what would be the difference? Well the difference would be this, if you read John 4:24. See. Now ‘God is spirit’. Now Moses couldn't see spirit, he couldn't see Pure Spirit. So when you put that word God in there then you…what you did, you are saying that Moses was looking at God or he was looking at Pure Spirit, which is not true. That is if you take John 4:24. Now Yahshua said in John 4:24, suppose you read it”.

Reader: “For Yahweh is Spirit…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now it didn't say ‘God is spirit’. It does not say that. See how you get all confused and then there's no possibility of getting straightened out. You'll never get straightened out as long as you live out of the King James Version of the Bible. And there is no potential possibility of the world becoming reconciled, and fully comprehend - listen now - to the extent that they can come together in one united body with the…all having the same concept or understanding. Are you following now? Now I'm gonna have to be careful with this thing. Real careful. And I'm gonna have to place this creation where it belongs. You see. Now what you just said, Yahweh is Spirit, is that right? Alright, finish reading”.

Reader: “…and they that worship Him”

Dr. Kinley: “and they that worship Him…”

Reader: “…must worship Him”

Dr. Kinley: “must worship Him…”

Reader: “…in Spirit and in truth.”

Dr. Kinley: “In, in Spirit and in truth. Right? Now, who said that? Yahshua the Messiah. Now here's where you get in some more trouble, with that. Now they don't realize, they do not understand, that Yahshua the Messiah - now you pay attention to everything I'm saying - that Yahshua the Messiah was back there with Moses, walking around just like you see me…as a man on earth. Now they don't know that, they don't understand that. Now the reason why I'm making that… He who said what you just read, was back there with Moses! And that is what He said that He was: that is Yahweh. Now Yahweh - listen close now - is the Father; that is to say He is the parent of everything…nothing could ever be before Him. You understand? Now every time the moderator gets on the floor he tells you this: that He is the Source, just like you might say, ‘well where did God come from?’ Now he tells you that Yahweh is the Source. He tells you that He is the Substance. He tells you that He is the essence. He tells you that He is the embodiment of everything…”

Dr. Glenn Kinley: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Every…we don't have a meeting without telling you that, and getting up here and going over these charts. You see. And that is indicated by this Cloud. Now we just said, where you started reading at, that was not the beginning of the creation. And we read over there to show you what Yahweh was, that He's Pure Spirit, that is to say He's without any Shape and any Form. With…it's just the same, you understand, all of it was embodied within Him. You see. Now here's, watch what we're talking about now. I want you to go into the 3rd chapter of Revelation, and I believe it's about the 14th verse”.

Reader: “And to the messenger of the assembly of Laodicea…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now this Yahshua the Messiah. Now pay attention now, cause if…if you don't pay attention, I can't help you. And I'm striving now to reconcile everybody in the school to one specific concept, the ministers and all…you see, and they don't all understand it. Now read”.

Reader: “And unto the messenger of the assembly of the Laodiceans…”

Dr. Kinley: “And unto the messenger of the assembly of the Laodiceans”

Reader: “Write:”

Dr. Kinley: “Write:”

Reader: “These things saith the I am…”

Dr. Kinley: “These things saith the I am”

Reader: “…the faithful and true witness”

Dr. Kinley: “the faithful and true witness…”

Reader: “…the beginning of the creation of Yahweh”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now this the beginning of the creation of Yahweh. Now let me go up to the chart and show you what I'm talking about. There we tell you that Yahweh taking on Shape and Form. This is the beginning of the creation of Yahweh. And right there Yahweh went out of business! See. Now, this is Elohim, that you read about in the first chapter of Genesis…that Moses said Elohim, he did NOT say that Yahweh created the heavens and the earth. Now that was the reason why he didn't say that, was, Yahweh is the sum total of everything, He was invisible and he couldn't comprehend Yahweh in his fullness, and he couldn't get outside of Substance and Spirit and he couldn't discern it in that way. So then He had to take on a Shape and Form and then Moses…and Him taking on that Shape and Form, then this means that Elohim, this is Yahweh Elohim. Now then we tell you this all the time: there is nothing in Yahweh but what isn't encouched in this, so far as Substance and so forth and so on, this is Incorporeal, this is not physical. See. “Now then listen, never wander, Pure Spirit is One, Shape and Form is Two (that's Incorporeal), and physical shape and form is Three. Physical shape and form, that's three. But all of it is embodied in…in this. Now listen at what I'm saying. Now, then what He does…what He did and what He does, He takes on this, this Incorporeal form. You see. Now this Incorporeal form would be ONE. ‘Well, I thought you might…well I thought you said He was one’. He is, but this-a-ONE here manifestation of Him, that's one manifestation that's seen in a Vision. Two, is the second down in, in the man, Yahshua that was walking around there with Moses. You see. Now then you got One, Two, Three. Now that's brought out by the Tabernacle Pattern. One, Two, Three. Now everything…now you follow now…everything in the universe, doesn't make any difference what it is, see, from the cell or from the atom, has to be made up that way. Now you can delve deep into cycles and science and all, and that no scientist in the world can come up - and there never has and never will - come with anything contrary with what I just told you. Now you can argue about evolution, you see, that so forth and so on; you can say that the earth was already been purposed without any beginning or without any end. Go all into carrying on. And go into all kind of hypothesis and theories, but you just said something that you can't prove.

Class: “Uh-huh. Right”.

Dr. Glenn Kinley: “That’s right”.

Dr. Kinley: “You see. For example. A cell, see, is the first forms of living matter”.

Dr. Carl F. Gross: “That’s right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now listen at what I'm gonna say now, or if you don't pay attention then you see you won't catch on. Now a cell can not come from anything that doesn't previously have shape and form. It must be fully developed, before it can secrete a cell. You understand? It does not come from the cell itself, the cell has to come from someplace. You see what I mean? Now that goes for all forms of matter. Now if there's anybody that don't understand what I'm talking about - I'm trying to teach - you hold up your hand. Now, here's why I said that, so you can see what I'm talking about. See then this is the Substance that makes up everything, and it has to take on a Shape and a Form before anything can come forth. It's got to be fully developed before it…understand? Just in short and back around the other way, see, the cell is generated in…in your physical body, and without you there will be no cell. You follow? Now it doesn't make a difference whether it's vegetation or what not, it has to have a seed. Now did you follow? And a human cell will never generate anything other than another human being. Man did not come from a monkey, but a monkey did come from a monkey, and a man come from another man. Each one of those are independent cells, just like peach trees and apple trees. You'll never plant a peach seed and get an apple tree. Are you following? See. Everything after it's kind, everything after it's kind. Are you following now? Now we just read, what did you just read?”

Reader: “And unto the messenger of the assembly of the Laodiceans…”

Dr. Kinley: “And unto the messenger of the assembly of the Laodiceans”

Reader: “Write”.

Dr. Kinley: “Write”.

Reader: “These things saith the I am…”

Dr. Kinley: “These things saith the I am”

Reader: “…the faithful and true witness…”

Dr. Kinley: “…the faithful and true witness”

Reader: “…the beginning of the creation”

Dr. Kinley: “Hold, wait a minute. Now this faithful and true witness. He's one-with the Father. And He bears witness for the Father, the Father is in Him, Yahweh is in Him. See. Yahweh is greater than Yahshua. See. Yahweh is greater than this form here. That's the reason why He said ‘I am in the Father’, or in the Cloud or in the Spirit, and the Spirit is in Me. And I just got through telling you there was nothing, see, symbolized by the Cloud, but everything was embodied within Him. And He is, listen now, He IS the All in All, reverend, and that's all. He's the sum total. Now are you all following me down? Now all I have said to you thus far, I have to prove it. And just reading around in the Bible, that ain't gonna get it. You see. Because you can't begin over there where you, where he begin to read, and get it. That's what everybody's trying to do, and that's where the master theologians are trying to do, is begin over here in the first chapter of Genesis, the commentary. That's why the preachers and all, they try to begin over there, they call themselves beginning at the ‘beginning’, you see, but that is not the beginning.

“Now I…the reason why I brought this in this way, is to show you how various errors and mistakes can be caused, and why the masses of people can not be reconciled. They don't all have the concept. No religious body on earth. Roman Catholics or Protestants, or even the Jews. They do not have it. And if any one of ‘em had it, the rest of ‘em would fall by the weight of that one. And that's why they're all crumbling down from outwards. I started to cut it out of the paper and bring it down here to you, out of today's paper. I did show it to uh, Dr. Gross and Dr. Traynam, they just happened to be up at the house, and Dr. Griggs, I showed it to them. That's the International Council, or the National Council of Churches, you see. Because of hypocrisy, they wasn’t able to hold that…those religious bodies together, and they was just disintegrated. And they know nothing to do, and they think that its' edification. Now if I had been thinking about it, I usually do sometimes, I would cut it out of the paper and brought it down here and read it. But the reason why I didn't bring a lot of commentaries and those manuscripts tonight, is I wanna first tell you about the thing itself from a Biblical point of view, so that you can see, and call your attention to it. Now did any of you ever notice before when you read the Bible, did you ever notice, see, that Yahweh was not mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis. Have you noticed that?”

Class: “No. Yes”.

Dr. Kinley: “You didn't know why that it wasn't there. You see? Get the point? Didn't say a thing about that. Now the reason why it doesn't say anything about Yahweh creating the heavens and the earth, is because Moses is looking at Him in a Vision here as He's taking on Shape and Form. So then instead of it being ‘God’ created, then it's Elohim created, which means that He's in Shape and Form, and creating. Now we say this, in this Shape and Form, Elohim is the Archetype or He is the Original Pattern of the universe; that's why the cell, the atom, everything is that way. Even, even you. You're pneuma, psyche, and soma: soul, body and spirit. Now then, we've got 3-fold. One, Two, Three. It's this manifestation of Pure Spirit in this Shape and Form, Incorporeal; then comes on down here into the physical shape and form. Then, listen, animal, vegetable matter, don't make no difference how minute and remote it is, it must have that 3-fold configuration. Now are following me? So that's why we say that He is the Original Archetype Pattern of the universe. Now listen, I want you to go now into the 1st chapter of Romans and the 19th and 20th verse”.

Reader: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now the apostle Saul or Paul, I wanna tell you about that too. Saul is the true Hebrew name. Paul is the Greek rendition of it”.

Dr. Glenn Kinley: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now here is Paul speaking of these people back here at Mt Sinai [taps the chart]. Now you, you listen at what he's saying, and he's gonna come right back into the first chapter of Genesis in what we're saying here. Alright read”.

Reader: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh…”

Dr. Kinley: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh”

Reader: “…is…”

Dr. Kinley: “Hold it. See. You remember I told you that you couldn't see Him in His fullness, no eye could see…? But you CAN KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And here's how you know something about Him, because you took on a shape and form. Now everything He made, right from the creation, clearly reveals Him. So that you will not make any blunders; in other words He took strict and particular things to see to it that everything in the creation pointed out His invisible presence. Alright read”.

Reader: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh is manifested in them”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now it's manifested IN them. See everything is manifested right in you. Now you running around looking for something and there it is, it's right in you. You see? It's in everybody. You didn't pay attention, it's in all types of matter, you understand, but see you can't find it because you deem your part of it and it's right under your nose all the time. Do you understand what I mean? Just couldn't find it to save your life. And that's the thing, it is the simplicity and the reality of it that causes so many staggering blunders. Now if you read what we tell you in the school, our first primary objective in this school, is to find and know Yahweh - listen at me - not like somebody might imagine Him to be, but as He REALLY is and as He ACTUALLY exists! You see? That's what we come here for. See. And we don't care and we're not interested in what the master theologians say. You get my point? What Matthew Henry commentator's, Burrows… I, we just got loads of books around the house like it. We're not interested in what Plato, Aristotle, Hypocrites, Spencer, Huxley and so forth and so on, see. You, you pick it up? Are you following what I'm talking about? We're not interested in what the Bahas say. You follow what I'm talking about? And everybody's trying to boost itself up to be so much greater than anybody else. Yahweh Elohim is manifested in this one man, just as quick as He is in anybody on earth, or any one woman, that as much in any single human being on earth, see. That doesn't make anybody above, any better. And you do not have any preeminence over the beast. One dies just like the other one. And all physical matter come…can I put this in the first perspective?”

Class: “Yes”.

Dr. Kinley: “It first come from Yahweh, through Elohim, and then into a coring mass of matter and then from that conglomeration, He took the physical man. Now He did it that way, if you are following now and if you understood, He did it that way for this reason. See. Matter was first. You follow, you follow? Now when I say matter I'm talking about uranium, salt, and metals and just plain dirt, and talking about vegetation, all of that. You see what I’m talking about? 90…approximately 92 basic elements of matter. And 91 of ‘em…91…91 of ‘em is 3-fold. ‘Well I thought you said there was 92?’ There is. Is that right, Dr. Harris?”

Dr. Robert Harris: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Well then, that these 92 was 3-fold, what's the matter with this 92nd one? It's just 2 fold. It's 3 fold, but this 3, this part of it…this part of it's indiscernible and incomprehensible. That, that's why we said there's Pure Spirit there. Now then this one here is just, this 92nd one, with it's, now all proton, neutron, electron. Now there's something else in here that man can't discern. What is it?”

Man #1: “Neutron”.

Dr. Kinley: “Neutron. That's the intermediate that joins the two together. So then now, here's what it is. This atom; that's like you can't see that over there, but it's there. Do you follow? Now what would that be called?”

Man #1: “Hydrogen atom”.

Dr. Kinley: “Huh?”

Man #1: “Hydrogen atom”.

Dr. Kinley: “Hydrogen. H-Y-G-R-O-N. Hydrogen atom”.

Man #1: “…d-r-o-g-e-n”.

Dr. Kinley: “It only has two parts, that is that man has discerned. And the other part of it is not discernible, because you can't, I just told you that you can't discern Yahweh in His fullness and in His essence, you understand. Now there's no wonder man can't do anything with these things, see, and we'll get into that too and break some of it, and show you why that is. Now finish reading where you were reading”.

Reader: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now because that which may be known of Yahweh”

Reader: “…is manifest in them”

Dr. Kinley: “…is manifested in them…”

Reader: “…for Yahweh hath showed it unto them”.

Dr. Kinley: “…for Yahweh has showed it to them. Read”.

Reader: “For the invisible things of Him…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now listen, now I told you Yahweh was invisible, but the in-, for the invisible things…”

Reader: “…of Him…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now wait just a minute. I told you Yahweh was invisible and I also told you that Elohim was invisible and only seen in, in Visions and Revelations. And then, until it comes down in this gross and more dense form or into matter, see, why then you couldn't…you couldn't think about it, whether it's a human being or just plain dirt. You couldn't see it. You can't see an atom. See the point? But if you get enough of ‘em together, then it comes into visibility, that's the re…that's what I meant why I said an amalgamation and a conglomeration. Now if you notice now, when you just read, and you go right back to the first chapter of Genesis in that first state, there, which we're gonna have to get in there and straighten that out too. If you read there, in the beginning Elohim created the heaven and earth, and told you the state or the condition that it was in. Is that right? Well now then, here's what that makes me have to do. I have to tell you the state and the condition that Yahweh is in. You see? And then He produced this Shape and Form that was seen in Visions and Revelations, you see, then…now follow…follow. Now this is Pure Spirit and everything is coming from Pure Spirit. Now Moses is seeing this in a Vision, and it's GOT to be repeated out here, so then if that, is this is true that this Shape and Form come, if it is true that Shape and Form did come from Pure Spirit as it's seen in a Vision, understand…now listen, then Moses will have to see the heavens and the earth in its inorganic state; and inanimate, inorganic and inanimate. Then it's got to be organized, because this has to be organized, it has to do, it has to be organized in you. Now that is what you're reading about there in the first chapter of, of Genesis, how it come in and the shape and the condition it was in. You understand? Now listen, I didn't say in the beginning of the creation, in the beginning of Moses' Vision! See. It has to appear that way to him first, and then it has... Alright”.

Man #2: “I'd like to have a further explanation on the second verse”.

Dr. Kinley: “On the second verse?”

Man #2: “That reads: And the earth became without form”.

Dr. Kinley: “They're, they're about to say anything in them books”.

Man #2: “That's the reason I wanted to explain about…”

Dr. Kinley: “But, now here's the explanation to that. Here's the explanation to that. You'll find mistranslations everywhere. See. Now it says there and the earth became. No, that's not so. Take it up out of the King James Version”.

Reader: “…and the earth was…”

Dr. Kinley: “The earth was. It's not a became. It just was. See the difference between the became and was? No, it didn't became, it just was. Now that's the reason why I say, see when you have a knowledge of what it is all about, then you don't blunder over these things that are said in the Book, and you are able to pick them all out. Alright. Does that satisfy?”

Man #2: “Yes, that is a mistranslation”.

Dr. Kinley: “Yes sir. Ain’t defined like that. Now, let me finish, and let me do something with that. I told you I wasn't satisfied. Now just like that, an error in that Bible, then to say in the beginning God, that's an error in the Genesis... And that's why I tell you, you just simply must have a profound knowledge of these things, otherwise just can't be done. It just didn't ‘became’ nothing. Now let me show you. If we would use the became, if we would do that, then this is what it would be: see… With…now this is gonna throw it back into time, which I haven't got into yet. Throw it right back into time, which I haven't gotten into yet, but I will get into it…believe you me. This mountain was already there. See. The earth was already populated and vegetated, when Moses saw the Vision. Now if you use the word became, then that blocks it all out!”

Dr. Carl F. Gross: “Right. Right”.


Dr. Kinley: “He's even unconscious of the fact that he is up there in the mountain. He is really not in a mountain, the real Moses is not. Moses was, the real inner self of Moses is in the realm of Eternity…”

Class: “That's right. Alright. That's why he blacked out”.

Dr. Kinley: “You follow?”

Man #2: “I follow what you're saying”.

Dr. Kinley: “Well now, is there any, anything else”.

Man #2: “Yes, it read this. I don't wanna hold you up too long. And the earth became, to me as an implication that there was an earth”.

Dr. Kinley: “Yes”.

Man #2: “That's the way this reads”.

Dr. Kinley: “Yes”.

Man #2: “If it became without form, it must have been something there, you know”.

Dr. Kinley: “That's, that's, that's, that's what I was trying to explain”.

Man #2: “So instead of it appearing that it wasn't anything there, the way the 2nd verse reads is, is that there was an earth”.

Dr. Kinley: “Um hum”.

Man #2: “And this earth there already…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now where does it say that?”

Man #2: “But I'm…the second one is where became is in there. And the way it's reading, is that what was took on another form”.

Dr. Kinley: “Um hum”.

Man #2: “In fact it came without form”.

Dr. Kinley: “Um hum. You have anything…anybody else have anything to say. How's that?”

Man #2: _____.

Dr. Kinley: “Alright. What is it?”

Man #3: “Did you say that anyone that would want to have comment or question?”

Dr. Kinley: “I said did you…any one have a comment?”

Man #3: “Oh. I would like to ask a question”.

Dr. Kinley: “Well, it's, it's alright. Ask it”.

Man #3: “Was…let me get it straight…when Yahshua the Messiah came in, let me put it like this…Mary and Joseph was married or wasn't because of Mary and Joseph becoming together, together to begin with, what was the cause of them coming together to start with, Mary and Joseph, since we gonna ask it?”

Dr. Kinley: “Because Jimmy is that…I, I prefer it this way. Yahweh, the first cause of everything. Now that would call for a lot of break down. Now what I'm telling you is what I just got through telling you, that every bit of the matter that is in, in existence was embodied in this, everything. If it was the Source and it was the Substance from which everything come, Joseph and Mary and Adam and Eve and you, and everybody else. That's not what I'm telling you. That's what I'm trying to explain. I'm kinda warm so don't mind me, just taking off my coat. Now, let's go on…let's, let's, are you, are you satisfied?”

Man: “Yes, I'm satisfied”.

Dr. Kinley: “Anybody else got a comment to make. Now from what she just read there…repeat what you just read”.

Reader: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh…”

Dr. Kinley: “Because that which may be known of Yahweh”

Reader: “…is manifest in them”

Dr. Kinley: “…is manifested in them”

Reader: “…for Yahweh hath showed it unto you”

Dr. Kinley: “…for Yahweh has showed it unto them”

Reader: “For the invisible things of Him…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now, for the invisible. Now, let me just stop you right there. Let's, let's just stop. What we might call half-cocked. Now there is not a man or a woman in the world fully developed, but what doesn't have a heart and a aorta and lungs which indicates these vessels in here. And these are encouched in or enclosed in your body, everything, every, they are there…that. Now we said he was three-fold. One, Two, Three. Now when you break it down, even the atom, when its broken down, it has these parts and all that. The Tabernacle's got these parts. You got these same…the light of the world here was referred to your aorta, it has seven branches here and your aorta around it has seven branches to it. Everybody's got it. They're in you. Everybody's got a heart. Everybody's got lungs. Yahshua said ‘I am the light of the world’. What ___ blood in that? Here's the blood and the life of the flesh is in the blood. You heard me, you're not blind”.

Class: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now what she just said, said for the invisible things. You can't see your heart, any more so than you can see inside of the Tabernacle”.

Class: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “You can’t see your brain anymore, than you could look into the Most Holy Place and see the, the two cherubims of glory. You can't, but they're there. And they been there all of the time. Alright, for the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, we have… Williams, ain't no need of you and Bishop Short running and stumbling around no more. That, that running and stumbling is over with. Somebody said, ‘you don't know you just might be’. No, I ain't wrong about it at all. No, I'm not wrong. It's a matter of absolute impossibility for me to be wrong”.

Class: [laughter]

Dr. Kinley: “And it's not speculated and it's not pragmatic, if you know the meaning of words but it is dogmatic, it is positive, it is definite, it is concrete, it is basic. You oughta be able to get one word out of it”.

Class: [laughter].

Dr. Kinley: “Because that is fundamental. How am I doing?”

Class: “Yeah. Alright”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now what Paul is saying that the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world, it is clearly seen? Somebody asked about the invisible thing. Now how are you gonna understand an invisible thing, something you can't see? Read”.

Reader: “…being understood”

Dr. Kinley: “Now being understood…”

Reader: “…by the things that are made”

Dr. Kinley: “By the things that are made…”

Reader: “…even…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now wait just a minute. By the things that are made. You follow. Well what's made? Oh, I want to get into that so bad here tonight. See, I'm gonna have to move a little faster, but I want you all to keep up with me. I won't get into that. By the things that are made. Now the man made things is this, that points Him out. Is first, the ark, Noah's ark. Now that Ark is 3-fold. And this Tabernacle. See, the Outer Court. Upper deck and middle deck and a lower deck. See? An atom is a proton, neutron, and electron. Yahweh is taking special pains to draw out, in anybody's head… Now wait a minute, hold it just a minute right there. He's right there. You can be as zealous as you please, but now Yahweh has got to send somebody, that He has His endorsement on, you understand, to point these things out, just like he told Moses to write. Are you following? Just like He told Aaron to be high priest. You see? Yahweh chooses whomsoever He will. Now Williams, if He didn't reveal it to you, see, you just keep, just set, just set tight, Yahweh still is responsible for you, and He's gonna send somebody somewhere at some time, and He's never gonna pull the curtain down, or pull an age out without sending somebody. You see what I mean? Now listen, and you're gonna have to hear that somebody that Yahweh sent, or else remain stupid! Because nobody else can't touch it. They don't know, they'll stay and study…Solomon said, ‘Much study is a weariness to the flesh’. You can't read up on this, as Jehovah Witnesses claim you can. And anybody can read a Bible because… Now wait…I told you the man-made things. Man, Yahweh told him to make an Ark, Noah. There's something else about that. Can I just talk to you and…and pass on? See so, He told Moses to make the Tabernacle before Moses had any knowledge about the Ark”.

Dr. Glenn Kinley: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “And Moses was down here making the…sacrifices…and he didn't know a thing about the dimensions of that Tabernacle or that Ark. You see. Yahweh could give a man enough of a certain account, and when He imparts that to somebody else, understand, then He gives Him some more, and He imparts that to somebody else. Meaning this: when he was up in the mountain He showed him the Tabernacle. And then when he came down out of the mountain with the dimensions and all of the Tabernacle, he got them busy on that. And then when he went back in the mountain the last time, then he brought him on down and showed him the…Noah's Ark and the dimensions of that”.

Class: “That’s alright”.

Dr. Kinley: [laughs]. “That's right. And since the Israelites was not gonna build no Ark like that, then get ‘em started on this first”.

Class: [laughter].

Dr. Kinley: “This one is already, this one's already over with. Now let's get the one that is at hand. See then, the next thing is, is the Temple. You follow? Now it said the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, see, being understood by the things that are made. Even… Read”.

Reader: “…His eternal power…”

Dr. Kinley: “Even His eternal power…”

Reader: “…and Supernal Nature…”

Dr. Kinley: “…and Supernal Nature. You got Godhead in there, the King James Version. Godhead. Now here's where the Catholics say. See, ___ see He's…this is not three tabernacles, it is just One. This is Spirit here, and then takes on a Shape and a Form and then comes down here. You see. And those are the Two manifestations of the One Yahweh. Now Yahweh is One, with Two manifestations. This Tabernacle and your body is a tabernacle. You see that now? That man has made. David measured, he saw the Pattern of the Temple. How did Yahweh do that? You got a correlation here, that Yahweh made the man in His own likeness and image…right? Then that's Yahweh Elohim, see, just right up here, places His body right over, David's body, and told him how to build this Temple, just like He showed this body transfigured into that and showed Moses how to build the Tabernacle. One is an earthly, and the other in the Heaven. You see. Oh, it's wonderful. Now then, the invisible things of Him from the creation…well what did He do it that way for? Read on”.

Reader: “So that they are without excuse”.

Dr. Kinley: “You ain't got no excuse for your stupidity. Ain't nobody got no excuse for it. See, Yahweh is taking special pains, now that's one of the reasons why the same Apostle told you over here in the Book, in the 2nd chapter of 2nd Thessalonians. Now let me get this straight. He told them to…not to be troubled by an epistle from him. Don't get worked up about an epistle, if you don't understand it. If you don't understand the epistle don't get worked up about it, cause Yahweh is taking special pains by the things that are made. Purely limitless, and all of it ___. Now that has to be like that, now let me get this one straight. Get this one straight. In the 17th chapter of Acts said that it would have to be, about 17:28. Now listen to what I'm saying. For it is in Him we live, and we move, and we have our being, being made up in His likeness and His image, so that you just don't have no excuse. You see. But, this is what He did, He hid that from the wise and the prudent and revealed it unto babes. You see that now? That's what He said He was going to do. Now evidence is so great, you can't see for looking, and you just hunting around all the time, looking for God and looking for Jesus and…and all that kind of thing. And all the time you got all the evidence, enough to convict you in the judgment. Now what this will do, is point out every preacher ___ been taken. Every preacher who hasn't comprehended. Now listen, I'm here…I said I had a Vision and a Revelation…now follow me down on it, then you'll understand it. These are things that I'm pointing out to you that will determine whether or not that I did”.

Student Body: “Right. Um-hum”.

Dr. Kinley: “I have said to you many times, nobody can explain the purpose of Yahweh but Yahweh Himself. Now then that means that Yahweh will have to be in me, if He is not, I can't do it. It's just a matter of absolute impossibility. You follow? Alright. So that we are without excuse. There's just no excuse for it. But you didn't comprehend that until Yahweh sent somebody along here. Sent me along here. Now, are you up with me now? Everybody up with me thus far? Now, this is what I want to show, show more about this creation. Now remember I told you that the word Yahweh was not in the 1st chapter of Genesis. I told you that that was not the beginning of the creation… And I took you over to the 3rd chapter of Revelation, the 14th verse and showed you that He, Elohim, was the beginning of the creation of Yahweh and right there is He went out of business, Yahweh. And then it's Elohim created, that you have in the 1st chapter of Genesis. Did you follow that?”

Class: “Yes”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now is that clear? Now, we got another beginning. Now you read in the first verse, the 1st chapter of Genesis, that Moses described the state and the condition in which the earth was in, that is that he saw it in the Vision. See. It was in a chaotic state, that means it's jumbled up. Now you have to look up here, and pay attention to what I'm saying, every word I say has got some weight behind it! Now then, since this is the beginning of the creation of…of, I mean the beginning of his Vision of the creation, see, then Yahweh's just running the thing back over again. Now follow, now in the beginning of this migration, or coming up out of here, it's got to be in the devastated condition. You see that now? By pouring out of them 10 plagues. It's got to be darkness down there, because this is the beginning of the migration, and He's just brought it right around up here. Now what Moses is seeing in the Vision was experienced down here”.

Class: “Right, right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Before he left. The lamb that was slain there, here He is slaying it here. When He moved out of this state and into this state. See, right there, that fixed it. When He's passed over from this invisibility to visibility in the Vision, see, then come up out of here and passed over. The Passover. You see? Now, man is passed from death to life. He's passed, that's a Passover there, see, when he has understood and fully comprehended, and you're going to have to do that, before you're can appreciate it. You MUST have a profound knowledge of it. Now, this is what I'm after now. I just told you there about this Passover. Now since we have worked with that so often, I'm gonna skip it. Like that, like here he is at the Burning Bush, a routine, at the Burning Bush. Now if the Burning Bush, if you went back there and read the 3rd chapter of Exodus, then you'd find there was an angel, you'd find it's Yahweh, and you'd find it's Elohim. See. Now what? It turns out to be that, because He is, He will be whatever He wills to be. He's the angel, He's Elohim, He's Yahweh, be the serpent, anything because He is everything there is! See. Now then, He comes down into Egypt. Now this is what we have tried to tell you. We told you that the Exodus was before the Genesis. Now Exodus…follow close now…Exodus... Now what we're trying to do now is time it. Now we're trying to time it and trying to get the exact spot, see, and we could go on down and get the day, but I just don't have time to go down there. But now we're gonna time this thing. Alright. “Now I told you that exodus, exodus means a departure. See. Now if you'd catch a plane here, you could fly from Los Angeles and you arrive somewhere else, at a destination. So now then this an exodus or coming out of, or a departure from Egypt in darkness. Then he comes through the water here and it's on the 3rd day. Now then this Vision here has got to repeat. You got to have your dark up here, and you got to have a 3rd day, and you got to have waters moved up off the face of the earth. Got to have the devastation and all there. You see what I’m talking about? Now then, it comes on through here and comes up to Mount Sinai. See, I don't have time to go up through the tarrying, ___ and all that. I just don't have time, you see, but that's not what I'm after. I'm after getting this Vision. Now you called, Moses told Him, called him up in the mountain. Now Moses was up in the mountain this, this first time. This is the Mount of Elohim. And he is called up here in this mountain. And He’s in the plateau of the mountain. And he was told to tell the children of Israel to wash up, see, wash up and clean themselves up…give them three days to do that. Now watch, I see here's another blunder, Pharaoh’s been buried... Now when this Tabernacle is builded, they have to have, they have to be washed. Now they didn't get wet going through the Red Sea, but they did up here. They didn't get wet going through the door here, but they did have to wash in the laver, before he could go into the Holy Place. You see that now? Now here's what we're doing, we're not doing anything else other than that, and that alone, and we're going right by Yahweh Elohim in Shape and Form which you see up here. And I just, used this here and this is the Pattern. And every time I make a move I've got to make it and correlate it with this Pattern all the way through, see, every bit of it. Outer pattern, inner and everything. I have to do it that way, in order to prove, you see. Now that's really not me doing it, that's Yahweh proving His own existence and just making me to know and understand, see, through the Vision. Now if I go up, my inner self, though I never said this, this way before, if my inner self wasn't that real genuine thing that was up here in this mountain, you see it out there on this Isle of Patmos, I couldn't tell you”.

Class: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Do you understand that? Now you can put it in any credentials behind my name, and put ah, M.D., you can put Ph.D., you can just put L.L., double D.D., and just anything you want to, cardinal, pope, potentate, just any kind, I still can't make the grade. You see what I’m talking about? Those credentials and all will not make it, that's the reason I tell you, you see, that piece of paper that we're giving you is because of the civil law; but now the truth about it is your license is up here”.

Class: “Right, right. That’s it”.

Dr. Kinley: “That's right. You’ve been licensed by the Holy Spirit in there, to speak. You see. Now we're at the top. Now after that they washed up and Yahweh spoke to ‘em from the Mount. You see. Now I have to hurry now, so if I get a little rambunctious here is because I wanna put this in here and show you. Yahweh spoke to ‘em from the mount, spoke to the Children of Israel. You know how He spoke and give them the Commandments. I don't have to go into that, do I?”

Class: “No”.

Dr. Kinley: “Alright. Then He told Moses to come up in the mountain and He would give him tables of stone. Isn't that right?”

Dr. Carl F. Gross: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “And then, ah, Moses told... Now the 24th chapter, now get it and look at it and watch and see what I'm telling you, ‘cause that's what I'm after I'm tying it now. I'm showing you where it has to, and this is where the theologians don't catch it, and this is why can't nobody say it but Yahweh Elohim. Alright. Exodus the 24th chapter and the 1st verse”.

Reader: “And he said unto Moses…”

Dr. Kinley: “And he said unto Moses”

Reader: “…come up unto Yahweh”

Dr. Kinley: “And he said unto Moses come up unto Yahweh”

Reader: “…thou and Aaron…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now that, that's what this is showing, and that, this is what she’s reading about. You got 24: 9 and 10; it oughta be 24: 1 and 2, and 9 and 10. Alright, read on”.

Reader: “…thou and Aaron and Nadab and Abihu”.

Dr. Kinley: “Alright”.

Reader: “…and 70 of the elders of Israel”

Dr. Kinley: “That's right”.

Reader: “…and worship ye afar off”.

Dr. Kinley: “…and worship ye afar... Now look here. You see. Now we're showing you, even have to draw this chart so there'd be a plateau on that mountain. They can not go all the way up into it. Alright, read”.

Reader: “And Moses alone shall come up and see Yahweh…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now do you hear that? Now you see what I'm talking about? Moses alone and by himself. That's what Yahweh Elohim said. Now you can just try to put yourself in something of it and try to make yourself as big as you please, you understand, and you're just stupid! The first thing you know that somebody that does know, sees that, and all these people that…that understand and see what I'm talking about, and the bigger you try to make yourself, the bigger jackass you continue to be. You can't put nothing over on nobody here. These folks down here know the story, so you just might as well at anytime line it up, ‘cause I'm the biggest there is in the world, now I don't mean just like you. You get it now? Don't nobody know no more about it than me”.

Dr. Glenn Kinley: “That's right”.

Dr. Kinley: “Now let me put that down in a Vision. See. Now what I just said to you there, I didn't mean a vision, I meant by that, THAT I AM YAHWEH ELOHIM IN A BODY, not talking about seeing no vision, I'm talking about what I am! And in that state and in that condition, I’M GIVING THE VISION!”

Class: “Alright. Yes sir”.


Class: “Right! [laughter]. Alright.”

Dr. Kinley: “I want…I want to put it down, so you can understand what I'm talking about, now I don't mean what somebody might think I mean, I'm talking about MY INNER SELF AND YOUR INNER SELF HAS GOT TO BE THE SAME! It takes that to reveal it to YOU, and YOU CAN’T HYPOCRITE AROUND WITH IT! See. And so now, then came Moses and these 70 elders, and Moses alone shall come near. Is that what you just read? He didn't tell Aaron, Nadab and Abihu or anybody else and all, to come up there in the top of that mountain. Said Moses by himself. Now you try to make on like you established the… Now how about that? Then when you try to make yourself be there, it…you're gonna slip up somewhere. You see what I'm talking about? When the High Priest went into the Most Holy Place, he went in there by his-self and alone, and Yahweh spoke to him…the 16th chapter of Leviticus, and said, ‘Moses, you tell your brother’, not to be running in and out of here all the time. Ain't that right? Only one goes in there on the Day of Atonement. And you come in by yourself and not without blood, that's the reason why Yahshua had to shed that blood before He could go in. Come in here alone. And he by himself, nobody else but him, saw the Vision of the creation of heavens and earth. You see. Now this is in the mountain, Mt. Sinai, that she's reading about. Now when it comes time to take it off, take it off. Now then, get down to the 9th and 10th, and the 16th verse”.

Reader: “Then went up Moses,”

Dr. Kinley: “Uh huh”.

Reader: “Aaron, Nadab and Abihu,”

Dr. Kinley: “Uh huh”.

Reader: “And 70 of the elders of Israel:”

Dr. Kinley: “That's right”.

Reader: “and they saw the Elohim of Israel”

Dr. Kinley: “and they saw the Elohim of Israel”

Reader: “And there was under His feet…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now this is, now, it was under His feet. You remember I told you He took on Shape and Form. You see. Now in the Vision in your holy King James Bible. Said, and he saw the God of Israel. Now over here he's got no man seeing God at any time. Now you're back in trouble! You see that? Alright”.

Reader: “And there was…”

Dr. Kinley: “And they saw the Elohim of Israel. And, alright, read on fast”.

Reader: “And there was under His feet…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now He's got feet. Read on, I'm…I'm in a hurry”.

Reader: “As it were a paved work of a sapphire…”

Dr. Kinley: “As it was as a paved work of a sapphire stone”

Reader: “…and as it were the body of Heaven in its clearness”.

Dr. Kinley: “And it was a body. Body, body I said! You see. Of Heaven in its clearness. Alright, read on. Now you see why I told you why He's taking on Shape and Form? Alright, read”.

Reader: “And Moses rose up…”

Dr. Kinley: “And Moses rose up. Now watch, watch what you're doing. Watch what you're doing! And Moses rose up”

Reader: “…and his minister Joshua”

Dr. Kinley: “…and his minister. Who?”

Reader: “Joshua.”

Dr. Kinley: “Now watch this one come together. Watch this one come together. Now when He comes in to fulfill, now He did…now here's what’s tearin’ the hell out of Christendoom. See. They're saying He's instituting, and He's saying He's fulfilling. Now here's where He instituted the thing, and here's where, and I'm telling you when He comes in out here He was fulfill.., said Moses and his minister, Joshua. Now here's Moses, see, don't have to look at the 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians, you see, look right here. And He said there'd be some thing, that He shall not taste of death until they see a Vision of the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom. Then that means this, that they had to see it back there, and HE HAS TO FULFILL IT, so then Moses and these three next to Moses had to go up in that mountain. And Moses had appeared, to Peter, James and John…looked at his minister, Moses and his minister. And what He's doing is fulfilling not instituting. Are you following? Alright, read on”.

Reader: “And the glory of Yahweh abode upon Mt. Sinai…”

Dr. Kinley: “And the glory of Yahweh abode upon Mt. Sinai…”

Reader: “…and the Cloud covered it 6 days”

Dr. Kinley: “Now right there, and the Cloud covered it 6 days. Now you're getting back now. I'm timing it. I asked, I asked Dr. Traynham to read the 1st chapter of Genesis. See, I'm timing it now and I'm putting it down in its proper place, when Moses, when he saw what you read in the first chapter of Genesis. That's what I'm after now. That Cloud covered it 6 days, understand. That's in Mt. Sinai in Arabia that he saw the Vision. And he put the Vision over here in the first part of the Book, and he's saying in the beginning. In the beginning of what? In the beginning of the Vision, not the creation. The Cloud covered it 6 days. Now when you go over in Genesis, the 1st chapter of Genesis, you don't see no clouds…right? Because Moses is telling you there in the 1st part of Genesis, what he saw in the Vision during the 6 days. And he's got these days numbered right down there in the 1st chapter of Genesis, that he saw. And He's creating by Himself, you understand, and He's transfigured into this Tabernacle, and that's why each one of those days has got to be divided up. And each and every day there's got to be something to go through that… Every day has got to be something, there about those waters. Every day, you see, there's got to be something. Now listen, listen close now…listen close. Don't miss this one. See. The sun and the moon and the stars, and all the planets, the earth and all must all be created. “Now listen, you got in the evening and the morning was the first day, the evening and the morning was the second day, the even…and so forth and so on. Now look, this is what's happening, here's how we made our error, this sun, it was already in the sky long before Moses ever was born, was rising and setting, rising and setting. The evening and the morning or the rising and the setting of the sun while Moses is up in this mountain, you see that now? That is the Day. That is the Day. That is the first day, that is the second day. The first day he was up there, and the second day he was up there, the sun rising and setting. Israel down at the foot of the mountain, she sees the Cloud turn into a burning pillar of fire, into a pillar of fire, into… The next day into a cloud, a pillar of a cloud. Now did you follow me there? Now the time, see the time that Moses saw in the Vision up here, and he alone saw it, and Yahweh showed it to him. Now he say the sun set in the sky on the third day. Now here the invisible things, the [in]visible things is understood by the visible. Now He's just showing Moses by the rising and setting of this sun, just like the sun rising and setting to the mountain, you see, 6 days of it, showing this 1490 that he's up there in this Cloud and he is seeing this Vision. Did you follow me?”

Class: “Yes, yes”.

Dr. Kinley: “And he didn't use a day-by-day account of what he saw during those 6 days, not that Yahweh didn’t reveal the thing in him, but he was, he was in the Realm of Eternity seeing what was what, and how Yahweh did it, you understand. And it was being timed in Eternity by the rising and the setting of the sun. And Israel kept an account at the bottom of the foot of the Mount. You see that? Now let me clarify, I'm after some clarification. Now, I told you He transfigured into this Tabernacle. Right? And then He created everything by that Tabernacle. That's why you got the divisions and all that. Now listen close…listen close. Now that is the 24th chapter of Exodus as you read it. Now I want to start in the 25th.

Reader: “And Yahweh spake unto Moses…”

Dr. Kinley: “And Yahweh spake unto Moses. Now you keep your eyes open now. Don't go to sleep. When you got down there in Genesis where you got them 6 days, now we're through with the creation. We're through, see ‘cause you read there ____to build a tabernacle, unless He builds one first. You see what I mean? Now this heaven and earth that you see Him creating during these 6 days, that is the greater and more perfect tabernacle. And that greater and more perfect tabernacle, it has to have these divisions in it, dividing the light from the darkness and the waters above from the waters beneath, and so forth and so on. And Moses is seeing this in this Vision. And He transfigures into this Tabernacle, 3-fold, three parts. And this creation has got to be that way. Now this creation here is the greater and more perfect tabernacle, so now takes this, He reaches into this substance and creates this, the greater and more perfect tabernacle. Now He's telling Moses here in the 25th chapter, that stuff that you brought up out of Egypt, tell ‘em to bring it to me and all that they may build that Tabernacle. You see what I’m talking about? Now the 25th verse, I mean the 40th, the 40th”.

Reader: “And look that thou make them after their Pattern…”

Dr. Kinley: “Now, now you know that he makes this tabernacle like the, the Pattern I showed you in the mountain. Now if you don't make it like I made the greater and more perfect tabernacle, you throw everything in the universe out of kilter, Godhead and all. Class: “Right”.

Dr. Kinley: “You'd throw the atoms and everything, and the cell and everything. So now of that substance that you brought up out of there, just like I told you He was Substance and He made it. Now Moses sees Him make that, comes down…you see. Now he didn't see Adam commit a sin, he didn't see that because it comes on down here. He gives him that specification, the other 33 days, these 7 here, and the other 33 days He's building. He's showing him about this placing the divisions ___ in this Tabernacle, and He reflecting this Tabernacle backwards and forwards, you see, and He's telling him about the dimensions and everything. You understand? Now then Adam and Eve, there it is back there in the Garden. You see. Everything was up…see, he didn't see the transgression.

[the bell rings]

Dr. Kinley: “Now he heard Yahweh say, ‘Thou shalt not make unto Me any graven images in the likeness of anything that's in the heavens above or in the earth beneath’. He said Moses was down there with Him when he heard that, and He wrote that down in the script, but when he come back down out of the mountain with them ten, them, them tables of stone, knowing that Yahweh told him, told them not to do it, he got ___ and saw that he did, Moses got hot and threw them tables of stone down. Now Yahweh wanted him to put, told him put ‘em in the, in the Ark of the Covenant. Well, see, then didn’t ha…didn't have no tabernacle built. So Yahweh knew that they wasn't gonna do that, you see what I’m talking about? He just got hot and throwed ‘em down. And he didn't come to set ‘em around and save ‘em and get something done. Then, now there went that 1st covenant. And then he goes back, hewing out a rock, hewing out his own tables of stone and goes back in the garden…and then goes back in the mountain…and then he sees this transgression. See. He understands now what’s happening down here by what has already happened. And he wasn't quite that warm when he come down before. Then, listen… He sees Adam and Eve driven out of the Garden of Eden. Now let me put this together for you. I have to do it, and do it quickly. Now I'm just gonna tell you about it and put it together. Now where you read, left off in the 1st chapter of Genesis…where you left off, put the 23rd chapter of Exodus in. You see that now? Now Moses wrote the 1st chapter of Genesis, you see, that’s in the mountain. And then He created there out of substance, and then Yahweh tells him while he's up in that mountain to take a substance from the Children of Israel and make it. You see what I'm talking about? And when he gets back, he'll understand. “While…He told him that while he was in the mountain. So when he comes down out of the mountain, he's telling them who did it. So then you put the 25th chapter of Exodus and all this, the 14 chapters in there, before you start in the 2nd chapter of Genesis, to come into Yahweh Elohim. You see? That means then, that everything has to take on a shape and a form, and it has to come from that invisible, inscrutable Substance. First into…that which you see in the Vision, then that which you see in 27 the material existence, just like all of this is spiritual up here and this is natural down here. Now do you all follow me? Now you put that over there where it belongs. Now, after we get back in there and how to build this Tabernacle and all, and Moses goes back up in the mountain, this is the 3rd time, then Yahweh has got to carry him right back and he sees this transgression. See. Now, he can't now - listen closely to what I'm saying - so if you don't, you miss it. Then He got to carry him right back up there in that…into that Vision about the creation of heavens and earth…I mean in, in that Vision of Adam and Eve in the Garden, just carry him back there. Now if you notice Genesis 1:26 and 7, he did not say, Moses did not say what Yahweh made that man out of. He just said that He created the man in His own likeness and in His own image, he did not tell you what he was made of. But in the 2nd chapter of Genesis, where he's carried right back to where he left off at, you see. Then he commence to telling you about Yahweh Elohim. You see. He's got to have, taking on Shape and Form in every respect and its' dropped down in this materialistic sense and everything is formed in you, Yahweh Elohim”.

Class: “Alright. O.K.”

Dr. Kinley: “And it is not somebody else's account, separate account. It is Moses' own writing, and Moses heard His name called at the burning bush, Yahweh. And when he seen the angel and when he seen Yahshua down in Egypt and all, then he seen the total concrete of it all”.

[the bell rings again]

Dr. Kinley: “I'm on time this trip”.

Class: [laughter]

Dr. Kinley: “Now this you all understand? Now I truly think that you understood and that 2nd chapter of Genesis come down... I'm gonna quit, I'm through. I mean the Genesis of the thing. Then he, then he begin to write the 2nd…the 2nd stanza of, of the…he has to go back and tell that Yahweh took the man from the dust of the earth, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul and so forth and so on. Now I wanna get this over to you clear. Now look, all the rest of the whole genealogy of Genesis is nothing else but a Vision. When Moses is at the Burning Bush, He said I am the Elohim of your fathers. Abraham, did go back to Abram, and to Isaac and to Jacob. Now hold this one tight, hold this one tight, don't let this one go. Now He just told Moses something and…see, He just told him, but now in this Vision that he had from the strain, or from the Adam and Eve's prosperity, Cain, Able, Seth, and all of them, you see, clear on down, he's seeing all of that in a Vision. In other words he looked right at Adam, he sees Cain born, sees Seth born, sees Abel born, and he sees the seeds of Abraham, that's the man. He had told him about it, but when seen, he sees Noah…sees Noah building the Ark. He sees everything. That's what he writing down from that whole Genesis, is a Vision, even goes back and repeats and then he comes over and shows his own birth and how he was brought through on the water, and so forth and so on. So your whole Genesis is a Vision, and it is not just telling Moses, Moses heard what Yahweh Elohim said to Adam, he heard what He said to Cain, heard what He said to Seth, he heard what He said to Eve, heard what He said to everybody back there. And I, I mean looking at the thing happening in the Vision. Now Christendom don't know nothing about that. What they say is, it was handed down…it couldn't be ‘handed down’, you understand, ‘cause even if you take what you got in this Bible and translate it a few times, you won't know it…translated”.

Class: “Right. That's right”.

Dr. Kinley: “You see what I’m talking about? Just errors and mistakes and what not because you don't understand the Purpose, you don't understand what's going on. And then not only that - see I told you I could teach - man just simply does not become conscious and comprehend the power of Yahweh…to do the things, see what I’m talking about? Given the power of the angels, an angel takes on a veil, and then he takes it off, that's what the meaning of this intermediate or this veil coming out of it. And that's why you see here, that I had this chart, put that angel on there. Said, ‘I'm Gabriel’ come through the veil, then ____ disappear. That's the reason why I'm telling you I have seen, and I haven’t seen no guardian angel ‘guarding-up’ nothing. See? You, do you follow? Can't nobody teach me nothing. I can't even teach my own-self nothing. You see? And would you be kind enough to recommend me some school to go to that knows what I told you? So I couldn't get it in no school. And I told you this, and you, if you follow me tonight, you ought to be able to perceive whether or not, and where I have been…”

Class: “That's right”.

[class applauds]