Conception & Birth of Yahshua the Messiah

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in 1966.


DR. KINLEY: Greetings in the bond of peace. I want to say first of all that I'm happy and glad to be here myself, and to hear the gracious words that have fallen from the mouth of your vice president. We chose to put him up here, put him up here first for this reason, because he is a medical doctor. He is dealing with, went to school and studied, just like all doctors from everywhere else, something about the physical anatomy, and about physiology, and you might throw in a little psychology too. Now he brought it to you like it really was. And as he told you, all over the world is debating about just what day that Messiah, Yahshua the Messiah was born. Now unless you know something about that day that He was born, (now let me, let me get backed up first), something about His conception and birth… Everything was cut out before Him. Now you'll have to get straightened out on that. Cause if you're not straightened out on that, according to the law and the prophecy, then this is what's gonna happen: I want you to see through it, I want you to understand. If you're not straightened out on that then you can't prove that there was a Messiah that was born in the world. As long as it remains in a state of skepticism, and speculative, and guess work... Now what Christendom has done, because they're not able to arrive at the actual birth date then they just set up or set aside a given day, the 25th of December to celebrate His birth. Now everything has got to be in that speculative calendar from conception and birth and what not, then you can't tell anything definite about it at all. Now it wouldn't seem fair for you to be so poly-technical about your conception, and about your birth, your family tree, your pedigrees, and your genealogies, and then not know nothing about His. That wouldn't make no kind of sense. And I wanna tell you this: This day and all must be set forth accurately in the law and the prophecy; remove all skepticism. Now if you'll... I beg your indulgence, I'll put it this way: I beg your indulgence to tolerate me in my folly as the Apostle said. He said, "Now you've suffered other fools, now why can't you suffer me just a little bit?" Now here I am, I'm coming as the Founder & Dean of this school. Now there's other schools, and there's other founders & deans, and there's other fools, and you've put up with them for 2000 years, now why can't you just suffer me and my folly for a little bit? Now I say every last one of 'em is wrong! They're still wrong until today. Now what we must know in this school, we must have something definite, and something positive, and something concrete in order to base our faith upon. And I'll have you to know too, and I do want you to know it, that besides Roman Catholicism (see I have to talk plain!) besides Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, now Buddhism, Mohammedanism, and all of the isms that you know anything about on earth, (called heathens), all of them have looked forward to the coming of someone that would restore, and to redeem, and put this earth back into a harmonious setting and favor with God. Now all of 'em have looked forward to it! I don't know whether you knew that or not. And where we call Jesus Christ, one of them would say "Vishnu" or something another like that. And they mean the same thing by those names that you mean by whatever name you call Him. But they all look forward to Him, the hopes, and the anticipation, the expectation, and so forth and so on. So it's great. What objections, if you didn't know, if you actually did not know, and you had to go by the propaganda that they're putting out today, that we'll just celebrate Christ's Birthday, (Jesus Christ, I should say), Birthday on the 25th day of December. Now the first erroneous mistake and error that you made was this: Jesus Christ wasn't born like that on no day of no month! And I wanna boldly deny that there is a Jesus Christ that we're serving! NO DAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY. Jesus Christ, or Justus Kristus, is a Hindu idol sun god. Nothing is expected of him, and nothing he can do. And he doesn't have no prophetic birth set forth in the scriptures. We're down here to know the truth about it. And listen let me tell you this: if there be a God, His right name is Yahshua, not Yahshua, but Yahveh. Now that's His right name. Now then listen, whether you want to or not, it doesn't make any difference whether you like or don't like, that's what it is. And whether you believe, or disbelieve, it doesn't make any difference; He's gonna do whatever He's set out to do anyhow. And He doesn't have any obstructions, and any hindrance and all that kind of things; He don't have none. And so far as you going to the judgment, you're gonna be there whether you wanna be or not! And you're gone have to buy it whether you wanna buy it or not. He's got that all fixed, cut out, and served, so it ain't no need of you coming down here, or going no where else with no opposition to it! Got it straight before you now? Now then if there is a Yahweh, or if there is a God, and He's gonna do all of His pleasure whether you like it or not, then we just might as well accept what He says about it, agree with it whether you like it or don't like it. And then listen, let me tell you this: Now He is life. He's the true cause of life and death. He said, "As I live, now remember He is life, "And as I live (who said so?) "Saith Yahweh to me (not to Michael, not to Gabriel, not to the pope, not to the pastor!), but as I live saith Yahweh to me every knee..." That's them that object and them that accept, Devil and all, have to come on down and confess Yahshua the Messiah to the glorification and honor of Him that sitteth on the throne. In other words they all go when the wagon comes, and it is here. I like to make it clear. The truth is the light of the world, and we'll have to have kept it that way.

Now if you noticed, I don't want to take up a lot of time, but I do wanna hold these things right in front of your face. And I want you to see that God just don't have no obstructions; He just don't have no hindrance, and really was without an opponent, and He had to make His own self one. He didn't have none. Now He told Pharaoh, "For this cause, for this cause, (not your father, Pharaoh), "For this cause I raised you up; I hardened your heart or your head." What He do that for? "So I can show my power." NOW THE MORE SOME OF US HEAR THE TRUTH, THE HARDER WE GET. Why? Because it don’t agree with something that you’ve been taught all your life. One believes in this, and one believes in that, and one believes in the other. Now for that cause God raised Pharaoh, and He hardened his heart that He might show His power; He manifested His power. Now that's why He did it. He said, “I will get to me glory.” Paul looked at it, and he said this "Don't the potter have power to make one vessel unto honor and another unto dishonor? And neither can the thing that is formed say to Him that formed it why has thou made me thus?” I want you to see through what I'm talking about. I'm telling you why you’re resisting and repulsive and all them different kind of things. It can't, just can't be done. "Why has thou made me thus?" Then Paul brings his argument around this way: "If that's the way it is then, who then has resisted His will? If He's made me as I am and to be what I am, who then has resisted his will? If it's the will of God for me to act and be, and perform and do and think as I think, and He's made me that way, then who's resisted His will? And we'll turn the argument back and say "Well why hast thou made me thus?" In other words it's God on both ends and in the middle too. How's that Bill? Did I do all right there? Now He has a purpose, and He's gonna carry that purpose out.

One of our great theologians, in the person of Clarence Larkins said this, and others have said it too, said "God has been trying to set His kingdom upon earth every since Adam, but He would always have to postpone it." Now that's what they're saying. "He would have done set it up a long time but He had to postpone it because of certain hindrances and objections, and obstructions." Well now it's just not like that. He hasn't been trying to set up anything. He ain't trying to set up nothing! He sets up what He wanna set up, He don't try. Somebody's always walking around talking about "Well I been trying my best to live a good life.” WELL WHY DON’T YOU QUIT TRYING! Wasting all that time trying to be something, and you still yet when you get to the height of perfection with it, you still ain't satisfied with it. Well why don't you just quit trying. You see what I mean? No, it's not like this. The reason why I'm saying and talking like I'm talking this way is because we want you to know that this school is established not to agree with somebody. Somebody said "Say, listen here, let me read to you, hold on, hold on!" No, I'm not gonna hold on! Said "Don't you remember Jesus said agree with thine adversary whilst thou art in the way with Him. Since you're against all these sects, and these cults, and these denominations, Jesus said agree with thine adversary whilst thou art in the way with Him. Now didn't Jesus say that? Jesus said it!" Naw He didn't say for me to agree with my adversary while I was in the way with him. That's not in the Book. He was talking to Israel. He was talking to them that live under the dispensation of the law, and they were in the way with him, and that was a time for them to agree with him. But you see on this side of the cross we're not in the way with him, and consequently he's our adversary and we disagree with him, AND IT’S A FIGHT EVERY TIME WE MEET! See we just misappropriate, and misapply so many things. And every body's got their own idea so much so until the Apostle Paul said "Why is it when you come together into one place, just why is it that everyone of you has a doctrine?" This one has got this doctrine and that one got the other doctrine, and so forth and so on. Why is that? All the churches they say, "Well look, I'm reading out of the Bible." He's got his finger right on it; he's got his finger right on it right in the Bible, and do as Dr. Yates said, open up your Bibles, whatever Bible you have here, whether it's a Vulgate, whether it's a King James... Now a Vulgate that's a Roman Catholic, a King James... And he told you he was reading out of the Holy Name Bible. Well if it's an American Revised, the Standard Revised, just whatever one you got, open it, and start to read right down here today. Now there you sat with your finger on it and you said, “Jesus said for you to do this, and Jesus said for you to do that.” He never said a thing like that. “Jesus said for you to take the cup, and for you to take the bread; that's what they call the Passover.” Said, “Jesus said for us...” Now that's not in the Book Wallace! He never said that. And you go to school over here in kindergarten, and go into the first grade and on up. Don't they teach you in school that you must look and see who's being addressed? And even now the mail man when he sticks something in your door he's got the stamps on it, post marked it, where it come from, the time it was mailed in there and delivered to you. Now if he happens to bring Bishop Shorts mail to me, I carry it and put it back in the post office, and take it in, you've got the wrong address and the wrong person. Now you see, that's how the devil will stand right up here, right in your face, and tell you that Jesus said for us to do so forth and so on; and I say He never said it. It's something to think about, you know that. And now look, that's all Christendom is out there, it isn't anything else but that. You'll read something over here that Jesus said, now I'll show you. The 7th chapter of Matthew, it says, "Judge not for fear that you might be judged." There ain't no need in going on with no elaboration about it. Then somebody said, "Jesus said," dogmatic about it too, serious. They say, "Jesus said right there not to judge anybody." And they'll clam you right up on that. Say, "I'm reading right out of the Bible, I'm telling you child what Jesus said.” Said “Jesus said for us not to judge nobody." He didn't say no such a thing. He never said nothing like that to you. Then you turn right over to 1 Corinthians the 2nd chapter... Let me show you a clown. Would you like to see a clown? Talking about what Jesus said. I'll give it to you in demonstration. Says, "Now here we have the Passover, said Jesus said take of the bread as they did down in Egypt." Said, "Who said that?" Said, "Jesus said it, the 26th chapter of Matthew, Jesus said for us to do this. Then He took the cup, He blessed them both, and he said that Jesus said for us to take and to do this, and this was His body, and this was His blood." Now that's a misrepresentation. Jesus never said for us to do that. Now that's not in the Book. Now look, the reason why I'm mentioning that to you, and bringing it up, I want you to catch on to why I'm saying what I'm saying, is because everything the Devil is doing out here, that he ought not to be doing, which really is marking him to be the adversary and the opponent. And God has hid them things from the wise and the imprudent and revealed them unto babes. And he is indicting himself when he tells you that Jesus said for us to do this. He's showing his own self up. That's not me showing him up, that's him showing his own self up cause Jesus never said to do it.

Now Dr. Harris brought out an important thought there too, and that was this: He did not come, no He did not come to establish any cardinal, or carnal ordinances of this setting up. When He's there breaking that bread, and that cup... Look, why don't you try looking and see what time it is. It was under the dispensation of the law. Why don't you try seeing why He did it? Was the fulfilling of it. Now listen, His birth was just as much a fulfillment of what was written in the scriptures! His conception was as much of a fulfillment as when He told them here. Now listen, let me show you, not an institution of it, but a fulfillment of it! Did you get the difference there? Did you catch what I meant? Now I'm saying that His conception and His birth, everything was in fulfillment of what had gone on before; He's fulfilling it. Not one jot of it, nor one tittle of it can pass until it be fulfilled. Now when you get up here and confused those performances, and telling me Jesus said for us to do this, or to do that, or to do the other, and you're just as blind as a bat, and you're showing your own self up. Now listen, you're showing yourself up about that, just like you're showing yourself up where you had to go along and didn't know what day it was... Do you get what I mean? You're showing yourself up that you admit that you don't know what day it was that He was born on, and you have to set aside some day to celebrate for His birthday because we don't know what His birthday is. And if you don't know what His birthday is, and then you up here telling us that He said do this, you're implying then that was His birthday. Now are you willing to shut you mouth and quit that? Now that's something to think about. Did you ever think about that? If I don't know nothing about His birthday, and His conception, and what not, and I don't know nothing about what He's doing... And now over in this dispensation I'm setting aside and saying I'm celebrating this, and celebrating that, and celebrating His birth, and I don't know when His birthday is, and I'm celebrating the things that He done, and I don't know why He done that. I'm saying that He said for us to do this, and here you're back under the law . . .[Glitch in the Tape]. . .

All I wanna do is confirm what Dr. Harris is said, and that's all we're gonna do. Now you say you don't know what day He was born; they admit it. Yet they wanna chop somebody's head off because we don't agree with them. Yet they wanna persecute somebody because we don't agree with them. Now we told you the name, that Jesus Christ was not his name to start out with. Now they been arguing that for... And listen those names were not in the Bible until the 7th century. Paul knew nothing about Jesus Christ. Peter knew nothing about Jesus Christ. He had to have a name before He was born. He was named before He was born. They didn't have to look through the schedule and see what, or hunt no name for Him; He had that before He was born; He had that before He was conceived, when He's to be conceived. Now if you don't know His birth date... Listen now, I'm done now, I'm trying to get it before you. That's all we wanna do in this meeting we wanna get it before you. Now if you don't know where He was born at, how could you know where He was conceived at? You’re lost on the whole story. Then when He's born, now that's a fulfillment of prophecy. His conception is a fulfillment; His birth is a fulfillment, and that's all that is happening. Never nothing else happens but just that which God had conceived within Himself; it's nothing else happening but that. Both in the negative and in the positive that's all that is happening, not another thing. And that's happening without any obstructions, without any hindrances. Now everybody has a part in it, it don't make no difference how mi’nute you consider yourself to be YOU have a part in it. IF IT WASN’T FOR THAT YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE, now I mean on earth. One generation goes and the other comes; all of it is carrying out nothing but the purpose, the whole thing. And if you're born here you have a role to play, either in the positive or the negative. And you're all going to the same place. Somebody say, "Uh-uh, I'm going to heaven." And they say, "Well you're going to hell." Well still you wouldn't be going anyplace where God wasn’t even if you went to hell. And I'll make you this promise while I'm on the floor, if you go to hell you won't stay there. As Dr. Harris said about He was conceived in Nazareth and born in Bethlehem of Judea. If you go to hell, wherever you conceive it to be, you will not stay there; you'll have to go somewhere from there. And then wherever you go to from there that won't be the final destination. You won't stay there either. And then you gonna go, now this final one, this last one coming up, now that's, that's the rest. Now let me clarify, let me explain! I don't like to be talking over nobody's head. Now you take this 20th chapter of Revelations, and I think you'll find it about the 12th verse, "Death and hell..." Whatever you consider death to be, "Death and hell..." Whatever you consider hell to be, and whatever you consider death to be, and wherever it is, up in the sky or down in the waters, any place you wanna put it, "Death and hell shall deliver up the dead in them." Death and hell delivered up to the judgment. Now you come from hell, death, the judgment. From the judgment, where?

STUDENTS: The lake

DR. KINLEY: The lake. Now let me see if I can do something with that. Now you're in all of those places right now while you're sitting in your seat. Now I'm not talking about going, I'm talking about already being in hell. See and if you haven't found out about it, now that's what I'm down here to inform you about, try to get located. Somebody say, "Well what are you talking about? I don't understand that, that sounds like double talk to me." Now look, this cloud that hovered over the top of Mt. Sinai where Moses saw the vision, saw angels, and the cloud was a burning fire, and God, the cloud denoted God. A burning cloud by night, a pillar of fire by day, and then Moses entered into the midst of the cloud. And he saw there this form, that means Elohim, or spirit in shape and form. And as Dr. Harris told you, that He created everything that there was in heaven. Now look, everything that there is, creation and all, everything is within the cloud or within the realm of eternity, and never gets out, that's why I said we're already there. But for you to become conscious of it, now that's something else. And you will never be outside of Yahveh at any time because it's within Him that we live, we move, and have our being. Now somebody is gonna sprout some wings and fly off. Jehovah's Witnesses say there’s a 144,000, only a 144,000 of the earth class is gonna sprout these wings and fly off or be in heaven, a 144,000 of the earth class. That's because they don't understand what it's all about. You know how they made that mistake? Well here's how they made it. Did you say over there, "In a hurry?" No I ain't in no hurry. You've had the thing all messed up for 2000 years, how come you just got in a hurry this morning? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Now look, all these that come out of Egypt except Caleb and Joshua, and Eleizer, I'll put him on it, all of 'em died in the wilderness, the whole everything. And them that were born in the wilderness, just born in here, did Joshua pick up and carry across the River Jordan, and reached Mt. Zion, Mt. Zion where they were suppose to set the tabernacle; where they set up the tabernacle, and reached Mt. Zion. They wasn't any but these that were born in here. Look folks, all these that come out of Egypt, 600,000 and some of 'em, that come out of Egypt, they all come into the wilderness. And listen, when they got into the wilderness Moses had the children of Israel numbered, charged the shekel of the sanctuary about 20 years old on upwards. They took that gold and that silver, and all the materials that they brought out of there to put, to go into this tabernacle that they brought out of the land of Egypt. And when they come and made their contributions to build this church out here... Did I slip up there? Yeah I slipped up. They had to make their contribution for that tabernacle. Now he knows how many there are here. Well Moses told 'em never to take, never to count 'em no more, and never do it without taking the shekel of the sanctuary. Well now when they went across the River Jordan over here, and into Canaan's land, nobody didn't know how many there was. They wasn't allowed to count 'em. And since they wasn't allowed to count 'em then they wouldn't know how many there was. Do you see that now? But one thing we do know is that all of 'em that come out of here, them that was counted, all of 'em died except Caleb, and Joshua, and Eleizer. Now that's for sure. Now all you have to do is just deduct them three from that, and then you got how many of 'em it was that died here. But look now, then God multiplied 'em here, just like He multiplied down here in Egypt. Pharaoh trying to hinder, God multiplied 'em down here. I think maybe I'd better touch that kinda light there, right now, because this is going on now. And the Devil is sitting out yonder in isolation, and solitude, and meditating about childbirth and birth control, just like Pharaoh did down here. And the head of the church... the doctrine is suppose to be taught, the ordinance is suppose to be given about childbirth and contraception, and he's meditating about that. Well now he tried to have the midwives put to death all the male children down here in Egypt. Well they didn't do it; God multiplied 'em just the same. Now when we get over here God multiplied 'em over here, killed off all these but the three that comes over here, or that three that went up in here. Now then when they come out of here and was numbered, they knew how many there was. When they crossed over the River Jordan, and they're not gonna take no shekel for no sanctuary because they already got it built, and it's not time to build the temple yet. It's not time to make no contribution, so now they can't number nobody, so they don't know how many it was! All these that God multiplied here, they knew how many it was cause they took the shekel of the sanctuary here. So when they left out of here, and went across there, they ain't gonna build nothing they already got it with them, so they don't know how many times He multiplied ‘em here. Now you got 12 tribes and He multiplied them a hundred fold. And John out here on the Isle of Patmos, (since none of them didn't know, and nobody knew but God), so he said he heard the number of 'em called, the 144,000 that stood out there on Mt. Zion. It wasn't nobody that knew the number but Him. Now can't you see that? That's simple, that's easy, that's plain. Then he heard another number, which no man could number right up in here. Now you must remember that there were Gentiles up in here. There were 8 nations in there that couldn't be driven out. So the Jew and the Gentile, all of us put together coming on down from Adam, who His blood atoned for when He died, made up the whole sum total of all of it. But these were special characters that went through here, and God set up that type to reflect on back, and multiplied 'em down here, and multiplied 'em there. They knew how many it was here because they took the shekel of the sanctuary to build the tabernacle. And when they crossed over here they already had the tabernacle with them, and set it out there on Mt. Zion. And they fought on up through there too. So nobody knew, so then John out on the Isle of Patmos he hears their number, a 144,000, that’s the multiplication that was down here. The multiplication that was down here, you see, Moses and them had that record. But the multiplication when he’s down here didn't nobody know nothing about it. Now going through here into there, that's typical of going into heaven. Now Jehovah's Witnesses says a 144,000 of the earth's class is going into heaven. They don't understand the type and the shadow. Now just like you see by that, the whole entire thing from conception, birth and everything, is all wrapped up in it.

Now let me get down to business with you. Freddy, would you mind bringing that board around here? Now we're gonna learn something about it. [Side 2 of (1of 2)] I'm talking about this picture right here. Now they came and gave presents. Everybody's looking, from a traditional point of view, for something in this sock on the 25th, Santa clause, Christmas day expectations. They say, "Well where'd you get that idea at?" “Because the wise men they come and they brought gifts to Him!” Well what did they come and bring gifts to Him for? Just because they wanted to?


DR. KINLEY: You see what I’m talking about? When you look and see now, you can see back here by this tabernacle that all this that come out of here, and the wood and stuff, and silver and gold and all, they brought and laid up into this tabernacle. Then they had to come and bring all of that silver and gold and stuff, and frankincense and what not to anoint that tabernacle. They got to bring it up there. So now you see the wise men coming to Him; see why they did that? Had you thought about that? The three wise men, you see why they brought something along. Now they gave gifts to Him. Well now wait a minute, wait a minute, now that's not all. Now Yahweh, now Yahweh, this is His gift to the world, Yahshua the Messiah. Now what did He come for? He said, "For this cause come I in the world that He might die." Now look, if His coming is gone be on time, and His death is gonna be on time, everything is got to be done right on time. Yes, it's wonderful, really wonderful, if we could just see what's happening. BUT EVERYBODY, THIS MORNING BEING CHRISTMAS MORNING, IS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING IN OUR SOCKS. Well what’s that for? THAT'S SUPERSTITION; THAT AIN'T HOW IT IS! So then we're looking for it. Now then if we shouldn't happen to get it we're disappointed, we're let down. BUT NOW THIS ONE THAT GOD GIVE HERE IS A FREE GIFT; WE AIN'T BOTHERED ABOUT MISSING THAT ONE, we're concerned about the Santa Clause gifts, frankincense, and myrrh, and nice clothes and something another, and putting on something we can use. Now you be the… You begin to see what I’m talking about? And we got this day set aside to do that on. THE DAY IS ERRONEOUS! THE IDEA OF THE GIFT IS ERRONEOUS! THE WHOLE THING IS ERRONEOUS FROM START TO FINISH! You missed the boat in its entirety celebrating the wrong thing.

We got the angels swinging out saying "Peace on earth good will to all men, this day a Saviour is born." I'd like to have you to know this: Yahshua the Messiah wasn't born on no day. Now that's the true one I'm talking about. And this true Yahshua HE WAS BORN ON A DAY. I thought you just got through saying He wasn't born on no day! Them fellows are the reasons why we can't get nothing together. See He’s born out there in the manger... Now somebody said, "Now that's not so; the inn it was filled up and that's why He's born out there in the manger." You don't know nothing about what it's all about. The whole scheme of stuff we've got is nothing but a big bunch of junk. Now He was born... See this light shines in darkness, so now that night coming around from the 5th into the 6th, He's got to be born there that night. He's the light of the world that abolishes the darkness that He's born in. Now watch, I said day, and I said night. Now when you go back here, (back there Freddy, get in the cloud). The cloud, that's the realm of eternity where He's taken on shape and form, that's not a day, and that's not a night as you know day and night to be. THAT IS GOD HIMSELF TAKING ON SHAPE AND FORM IN THE REALM OF ETERNITY where there is no day and there is no night, as you know night and day to be within the realm of eternity, and that's where He took on the shape and form. Now listen, then it's got to be duplicated down in the earth plane! Now watch, watch close, watch close. Now the substance, and the essence, and what not, of this physical earth, gold and silver and everything is in that, minerals vegetables, and everything. Now look, when the earth was produced, Moses saw it there in the vision, everything had to be in it. And it was all churned up together, the gold and the silver, and the iron, and the tin, and the salt, the whole works was right in it, produced in that; it was all chaotic. Well you say, "How did you get something like that in your mind? Fellow where have your been?" Well now if it's true here that everything is in this, and He had to take on shape and form there in the realm of eternity, which is before time begin or without any day or anything, if that's the way it is, then in the creation of the heavens and earth, it's got to come in with all that substance in it. THEN WE CALL THAT INORGANIC. Then it's got to be organized and put in shape and form. That's why it's inorganic first, and then shape and form, was to prove that this come out of spirit. It's the sum total of all the attributes, and it's born in the realm of eternity. Listen folks, masculine and feminine both was embodied in it, and so therefore when He brought it down into the earth plane in shape and form, then this Adam had to have, he was anthropomorphodite, [hermaphrodite] that is he was man and woman in one embodiment. So then God has to take from that man the womb-man. That's why she's call womb-man. Took the womb out of the man and put it in form, therefore she's called womb-man; she's flesh of his flesh, and she’s bone of his bones, therefore she shall be called wo-man.

Now Freddy, if I just walk right up to you, see this plain, and you could read the record, now if God is reflecting it down here, (I'm after a birthday, I'm after a birthday). Just anybody will tell you that God formed that man on the 6th day. That's what you got in the first chapter of Genesis; and the evening and the morning were the 6th day. Well now listen, this is the first Adam, and then the 2nd Adam he's got to be formed. The first physical Adam, I wanna show it to you, this is first physical Adam, he's made in the dust of the earth, and everything is in him. And you'll argue and you'll chew the rag, and you say we don't know what day He was born on, that's the 6th day. Then if this one here reflects the other one, there ain't no need of arguing around about it you know He’s got to be born on the 6th day. It ought not take 2000 years for you to learn that. And it ought not to take a whole lot of folks to get together and decide what it is, all you have to do is accept what's in the Book. Now what’s right? Now here they come out of Egypt... Look, I wanna tell you about this too: The prophecy God made to Abraham that He'd bring 'em down here and then bring 'em out... Now watch now, watch! Right to the very day, so says your Book, God brought 'em out on that day that He promised him, Abraham, right on that day. He's on time. Now here's what I'm trying to get at now; here's what I'm trying to get after, God's on time with everything. See then He brought 'em on out. This is the first month, Abib or Nisan. That's the Jewish year. And then you find in the 20th chapter of Exodus where they journeyed on up through, as they went on through the wilderness, and then God spoke to 'em. Now I told you that what I'm doing is just showing you, repeating what Dr. Harris said. Now this is already been said, and I'm just cementing it down. They went on up, come out of here in Nisan or Abib, and went on to Mt. Sinai. Three days journey here through the Red Sea, and journeyed on up through the Wilderness of Sin, and so forth and so on, until they got up around Mt. Sinai. Listen folks, listen, in the first chapter of St. John you find "That in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Fourteenth verse says "And the Word was made flesh, and we beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and truth." Now is that some way it's made to read in your Bible? The Word was made flesh and we beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and truth. Now then they gathered up around the mountain here. He give 'em three days to gather up around the mountain. And then God spoke these commandments and told 'em who He was: "I'm the Lord thy God," (not Moses brought you out), " I'm the Lord thy God that brought you out of the land of Egypt." I'm telling it to you like you have it in your English Bible. "I'm the Lord thy God that brought thee out of the land of Egypt, and out of the house of bondage, thou shall not have no other gods before me, (no popes either, and other potentates, and no angels and what not). "Now thou shalt not have no other gods before me, neither shall thou make unto me any graven images in the likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath." Is that, is that what He… Am I doing all right? Now look, He's speaking to them congregated in the 3rd month. Now the 3rd month after they come out... If April was the first month, first month... Now you got a date sitting up here, the 10th, draw the lamb out of the flock. You got a date sitting up here on the 14th to offer it up. You got a date Freddy! You ain't got no business saying "Well I think like, I presume, or I don't know!" You got a date! Them three days journey there. So now if we're gonna take the lamb out, without any spots and without any blemishes, as Dr. Harris told you of the first year! Now if that lamb is gonna be a lamb of the first year then you'll have to be born back here before this. See it's got to be in this first year. How I'm doing? I don't know whether you saw that when you came over here tonight. See it's the first year. If he's gonna be in the first year, he can't be born April. He can't be, just can't be. If he's a year, the 10th when he's drawn out, this first year, then he must have had to be born before then. You see how I'm easing up to you? Now it's right in your Book too, birth date and all, conception and all, place and everything. (Thank you Freddy. I'm gonna let you sit down because I'm not gonna be able to cover them all.) So now He's speaking from Mt. Sinai; they're gathered around here. Now then He said, "I'm the Lord thy God that brought thee out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage." Now this is what He's saying to 'em. Listen! Are you listening folks? Then this is the first congregation, or the first assembly, or the first church, or the first gathering of people that the Bible gives any record of, where God Himself introduced Himself to them. No, I know about the Tower of Babel, I'm not talking about that. So now He's saying... Now the Word, in the beginning, was back here. Before the beginning this is Him, and in the beginning, now the Word is coming to him here. And the Word, when it comes down here was made flesh. Do you see that now? Is that clean? Is that clear? See you don't have no excuse. Now it's the first church, speaker, God, what He said, and where they are, what's happening and all, a record of it.

Now you see 'em coming out, passing through the Red Sea. Now there's 53 days from this Passover here. Three days journey here, passed through the Red Sea, 50 days after that, now that's 53 days. Now I don't read 52 or 50, it says 53, you heard me. Well then somebody say "Well now how's you gonna figure that?" See you wouldn't even think about it; you wouldn't even think nothing at all about it. The boys went out fishing after He resurrected from the dead and caught 153 fish. Well, how many of 'em were there? Somebody scratch their head... The boys, you know, after He'd resurrected from the dead, how many of 'em were there when He was out there walking on water and fishing, and Peter jumped overboard and all, how many of 'em was there?


DR. KINLEY: And then I'd say to you, "Well why?" You have to tell me something. And listen, I ain't got time to hear what Revern' said. I don't care nothing about what Revern' said, I'm talking about what God said. Now why was it 7, and He made the 8th. Messiah said, "As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end of this world." There was 8 of 'em in this ark. Oh I tell you, it's in there plugged up so tight until this whole thing it's proof, nobody can escape it. And all these people got all this foolishness, and all those kind of thing; they don't know what it's all about. That's no accident either. And the reason why... Let me say this to you: God's gonna manifest who's approved, and who's not approved. And it ain't no need of you arguing neither, you just don't know! And God never sent you no where, and yet He did. We're faced with reality. Now you see them hundred and fifty-three years? See them 8 persons in the ark? Seven of 'em had to be out there in that boat fishing, and He had to make the 8th one. How many days, uh, how may fish? A hundred fifty-three. Why? Three days there, three days here, so you can see what I'm talking about. I don't want you to miss it Freddy, I don't want you to miss it. I want you to stay wide awake. And when some idiot with his collar turned backward, and all dressed up in his regalia, and they take and put a hat on him, and they're talking about he's father so and so and so and so, I won't you to know what that is. Now this 53, see 3 days journey here, 50 is up here. Well that ain't but 53. Now you said a hundred and fifty-three fishes. Don't you see His ministry is 3 years long, 3 years long. Then He's ministering in the 3rd year, He's celebrating it, and it's coming over the 3rd time, understand, the 3rd time. Well let me see if I can open this one out for you. When He was baptized here, He went from here, didn't go from the Red Sea. He stayed back down in here. He went straight way out there in the wilderness. Did you catch that one there? Everybody catch on there? That's that first year. That that's first, uh, that’s... He's 30 years old; He didn’t come out of Egypt there, uh-uh, baptized and went into the wilderness! Cut these off down here. Wait till we get to the 3rd years when He comes on down. So He have to be out here in the 3rd year. So 3 x 50 is 150. Now let's put these 3 days in down here when He's dead and buried in Joseph's new tomb, and raised from the dead; put the 3 in there now, then you got 153. I know this has to be. I know when you don't know! And when I say you don't know, then you don't know! Somebody say "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I been trying to hard..." I ain't talking about that, I just said you don't know Wallace! Now that's the way it is.

Can I go on with some deep things with you for just about a few minutes? Can I go on with some deep things? Now I want you to catch on to what I'm talking about. Now what I'm gonna say, I'm not gonna miss anybody, and I'm not trying to take any preeminence. See they didn't recognize that Yahshua the Messiah was Yahweh incarnated in a physical body; they didn't recognize that. They didn't see that one. I expect I'd better back up, I don't think I like the start of there. Now let me show you what I'm talking about now. Here's Pure Spirit without any de... (Listen at me Freddy, get this word, get these words straight) without any descriptive shape or form. NOW YOU PUT THAT WORD IN THERE, DESCRIPTIVE, WITHOUT any DESCRIPTIVE SHAPE AND FORM. Then He took on this shape and form. Now what are you after; what are you after? This is spirit in here manifested in this, seen in visions and revelations; come on down here's the physical. Now the folks have got this: one god one person, the Holy Ghost's another person, and Jesus another person. WRONG! See this is spirit manifesting in this, this is spirit manifesting in this. Now I'm after His birth Freddy; I'm after the birth. Now then, this Holy Ghost, shape and form… Now they argue about Joseph whether he's His father or not. Some saying, "I don't believe in the virgin birth, I think Joseph was His father. You never heard tell of no male, or no person being born without a father." You're right. Now then look close, watch it. Now the angel went in to Mary, we have it here. Now you take this archangel here, just like this one here, (this angel here), Mary's physical body is the ark, she's covered or overshadowed with the... Now what I want you to see, I want you to see just what I'm talking about so you can get in line with what I mean. I want you to get in line what I mean, and don’t run way down. Now this shape and form that you see in vision up there in the mountain, that incorporeal, super incorporeal form that is what you're talking about as being the Holy Ghost. Now this incorporeal form covered... Now I'm not gonna rest until you see it. THAT INCORPOREAL FORM COVERED, OVERSHADOWED OR COVERED THAT WOMAN. SHE WAS CONCEIVED, THAT WHICH WAS IN HER WAS CONCEIVED BY THE HOLY GHOST. Now you get in your hat that that wasn't Joseph, but it did have a shape and a form. I've heard it said around here, and in other places too, "That she was overshadowed by the angel." I beg your pardon! She was over-shadowed by that shape and that form, she was impregnated by that Ghost. Somebody say, “Well I don't believe in ghosts; I don't believe in ghosts." I know you don't, but that's what I'm trying to tell you now. That's the reason why you can't see. Now watch, hold everything. You hold everything I've said. Here the earth is coming from spirit to matter, or spiritual incorporealization, incorporealization there. Here's this glory, the Father, that's making this. Somebody said, "Did you say Father?" Yes, sir, yes ma’am, Yes, sir I did say that. You heard me too. You see because all that this is this that's taken on shape and form, and that's all that this is down here taken on shape and form. Now you see why I backed up. Now watch, watch, then here is mother earth, and you can see it from the long chart here Freddy. Now here's mother earth... I'm just trying to show you so you can see what I'm talking about. Here's mother earth in her virtuous state. I said, Mother Earth (now you heard me you're not blind), in her virtuous state - THAT MEANS BEFORE ANY SIN WAS COMMITTED UPON HER. And you've been reading in your Book and in your Bible that God made the man from the earth. That's what you been trying to tell me. Now watch how you slip up again. And the reason why I can't tell you nothing because you see you won't even wait. And the reason why you won't wait is because you think you already know. Now the earth it was surrounded by water. That is to say it's immersed in water. "And the spirit of God," so you say, "moved upon the face of the water." That's what you said. You said "Life," science said "Life begin in the water." I humbly beg your apology it did not. But that man's body came from there. Now watch now, I'm trying to show you, I'm trying to show you the thing repeated, and they you can always see. But listen, I doubt seriously after you go down from here you'll be till next Christmas, and a couple other Christmas’ after that before you can get over to some of these smart-aleck idiots out there anything about it. I'm talking about suppose to be theologians. You can tell the laity something, and they’ll tell you right quick "Well I don't know."

Now here's mother earth covered over with spirit, and everything, and the earth is impregnated and all, by spirit. Now look, waters moved off the face of the earth, and the seed of vegetation come through there. See how this spirit is impregnated with variety, and various other seed of vegetation, and how she's covered up in here. Now then that means this: the seed of Abraham, which is Messiah, He's got to be buried in Joseph's new tomb. And if the seed of vegetation penetrated the soil and come up here, and the waters moved off the face of the deep, then they wouldn't be standing down there at the tomb saying “That deceiver, so on, so forth,” if they understood this back here. When you go out and plant something in the ground out there don't you expect it to come up? If you didn't you wouldn't be out there sweating and planting it, would you? So there's 3 days from, (this is the 3rd day) 3 days from there in which he's in the bowels and womb of mother earth while she's in her virtuous state. In other words mother earth is a virgin. Who's his father? Who's his father? There ain't no other man around here. Somebody wanna talk about "Pre Adamic!" There ain't no other man around here. The only other pre Adamic is Him right here. Here's the pre Adamic man. And so then here comes this man from virgin mother earth. His father was not Joseph. So then the virgin she's got to be impregnated. She's a mother just like mother earth was impregnated with the seed of vegetation and everything while she's in her virgin state. That water is got to be moved off the face of the earth 3 days from there. Childbirth, the water's got to break. There's got to be some blood; there's got to be some water there, and the breath of life. What day is this? See and this is figure of this one, what day was this? …Up at the top in your Bible. Now he's a figure of Him that was to come. See it's just as easy as it can be, so then that means He has to be born on the 6th day of something, you can't argue about that, on the 6th of something. Now this one here was a figure of the one that was to come. So if He created him, and God is his father, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the woman was in the man... Why you're reading all the time when His birthday was. And just like He told them, then if that’s true there then here's the man gathered up around the mountain. All of these, it takes all of these to make the man gathered up round in here the 6th day of June. Now it said "He come unto His own; the word was made flesh and He come unto His own, and gathered up around there." Pentecost was the same thing. This is Pentecost here like Pentecost over there. What's your excuse Freddy?

FREDDY: don’t have no excuse.

DR. KINLEY: You see what I’m talking about? See there just ain't no way in the world to miss it! You could even be stupid and know that. Now you up to 2000 years and ain't got out of kindergarten. Then you say the Bible don't say nothing about it.

Now I'm here... Luke says there that the angel went to Mary. See when she was in Nazareth the angel went to her and told her... I'd say to you, what was the angel doing there in the first place? What angel? How do you know? "Well He was born..." Well how do you know? See you can't even talk to me. Now you want me to sit down and listen at you and your foolishness, and you don't know what you talking about, and you got something great to tell. Now that's satanic; now that's just inexcusably dumb. And no wonder it took 2000 years for us to get to the place where we could tell you, and you haven't listened yet.

Then, now you know that Bishop Pyke he's on the carpet. He said now over there in Arabia they have 3 wives, allowed to have 3 wives, with one husband have 3 wives, over there. Now listen, and over there while they're allowed to have 3 wives, they got just 1 god and 3 wives. Now over here it's 3 gods and 1 wife. And they can't account for their gods because they don't know how; they disgrace themselves. Peter says there's 3 individuals in the godhead, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, 3 different personalities, see confused the thing.

Now I've said all that I was saying to while ago... I know you've forgotten where I stopped at, and the reason why I went back. Now here's the reason why I went back. Now here's the spirit here, it takes on shape and form. And that spirit has got cover and impregnate Mary. But this spirit in this shape and form it's taken on - that’s the ghost. You say the Holy Ghost, which is actually Elohim that impregnated that woman. And that had to be on time. Now let me show you. See in here there is no time. When He takes on that shape and form in the realm of eternity there's no time involved in it. Now this is a little bit deep. Now we're not, at this time we're not in time. So now here's the Holy Ghost that was there in the realm of eternity impregnating Mary, that child in her womb. Watch now, He's coming from this way from above on down. Now watch, Dr. Harris said this - keep your eye on it. Now 63 generations come down this way. Now you remember when he talked about the cross? Now it's 63 generations coming down from Adam down to Him. Now then this Adam was He that come from above. You see that cross there, and you see that cross hanging here? Where is this cross made? He was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. You see that now, the cross? Now then you got the day back there. The reason why I said no day, see all of it was set up, and all of it's functioning, all this whole creation and everything is in this cloud, and it abides and it stays, and it never gets out. So now what we're doing, we're putting time in eternity, not eternity in time. What'd you do that for? So the prophecies and predictions can be fulfilled and made on time, as you know time to be, in the days and the months, and the seasons of the year. Now look Freddy, watch this now. You awake? Everybody awake? Here's a trap! When God created Adam, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life he became a living soul. Watch the trap, watch the trap. Then He took that man and put him in the garden. Sure you got your eye on the trap. And the garden was in fruition when he put him in there. And He told him when He put him in there (the woman was right in the man), the woman being right in the man, He told him, and it was in fruition... Now let me show you why it had to be. You have a physical organ here, which you call your stomach or your gut, and you have to have something to eat to go in it. You can't be born this winter, out of season, and wait till next spring to get something to eat for your belly. Did you get that now? That's just common horse sense. So then this garden is in fruition, and He told him he could eat of all of the trees, with that exception, which meant that there's some fruit on that tree that he could eat right then. Watch, watch now. Here's a mother, here's a mother giving birth to a child. And when the mother gives birth to a child, it's hard to tell where she would be, but she's got something, she's got something right up here. You know what I mean? She's got something right up here. In other words, breakfast, dinner, and supper is right there. Yes indeed. Not in the wintertime, or out of season [Side 1 of 2 of 2) when that conception comes along you know there's something else comes along right with it. So all you need is just a little old ------, and we can see it. Now I'm telling you this, He has to be born according to that Pentecost when something was in fruition here. It had to be there too, couldn't be getting ready. He can't wait down there, got to have it now. Can't wait till way up in the summer time when crops grows up, and you ain't planted the seed and nothing else, to find something to eat when he's born, as soon as he's born. So then that would be an off-season event if something was born like that. Now God in His accuracy said, "Day and night, seed time and harvest, summer and winter, shall not cease as long as the earth remains." So then now He's got to come in here in the right season. He's got to be born at the right time. He's got to be born when something's in fruition. He can't be born on the 25th day of December, that's the wrong time. Wrong time, what do you mean? Here's ice and snow, she's barren, and old mother earth she's not producing. And there she is covered up there, the seed of vegetation covered up there. Leaves done fell off the tree, and they done gathered the fruit for this year. They got it up there in the garner. Boy, ain't it something? Can you see through that? It's simple! And it's the simplicity of it that kills us, and it kills us dead. Now just any little old kid oughta be able to see that. Then if that's the way that is, you got fall, everything, the leaves just fall off of it. And then you got winter, covering the ground. Then you got spring, everything is sprouting out. Then you got'a go on up, and the next season is summer, on through the veil, and everything coming from there, first fruits, fruition. Oh boy it surely is wonderful. Don't you see there ain't no excuse for our ignorance. But you see the Devil’s been out here just leading us around for a few bucks, few dollars, playing preacher and all them different kind of things, but say, they’re God's boys. You see He had to make them boys like that. But now when somebody comes along and explain it to you in a certain way so that you can understand it then you can see that clown.

For Him to be born at the right time He's got to be conceived at the right time. Now they admit that they don't know, they just set aside a day. And they messed around and set it aside at the wrong season. They admitted first that they didn't know, and then they set it aside at the wrong season, Christ-mass. Christ-mass. Did you get that? Now CHRIST is wrong, and MASS, you ought to see where it come from right there. Then Jesus Christ, CHRIST-MASS. Who set a day as Christmas? You go back and you'll find the Papacy did. Jews, Hanuka, Roman Catholic and Protestants, Christ-mass, 25th. When you say the 25th, 25th of what? December, snow's all out here on the ground.

Let me tell you this, and I'm just about through. Everything, everything you can put your hands on, don't make no difference what it is... Dr. Williams, you remember when I was trying to tell you that? Everything you put your hands on, theologically so, is just as corrupt and stultified as it can possibly be. How are you gonna go out here and preach Yahshua the Messiah, and you don't know nothing about His conception, you don't know nothing about His birth. And Moses said this "A prophet shall the Lord thy God unto thee like unto me, Him shall ye hear." The virgin said, I mean Isaiah said this, "A virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and thou shall call His name Immanuel, which by interpretation is Yahweh with us." Did you notice how I straightened that up? Yahweh is spirit. Spirit, you've never seen, and nobody else. Isn't anyway you can see spirit; you just don't see that. Elohim, spirit in shape and form, they saw that in visions and revelations. Listen, then come straight right down here in the flesh, same spirit, same form, same everything down here in the Holy Spirit. Same one manifested, He was walking round down here.

Listen, listen closely. Whether you want to or not, whether you want to or not, it don't make no difference, even if you was my own son in the flesh, it don't make no difference whether you want to or not, and I'm not disturbed about it either, I know my power, and I know how to straighten you out. And you're playing that role so I can get you straight, wake you up, and then you look on, you look at the show. What I'm telling you is this: (yes, we're fixing to go). Now there you are, now you're deceived by just... Now if you believe on me for my work sake, believe on me for my work sake, I'm talking about from a physical point of view now, and from a spiritual point of view. Now if you gonna be my son... That's all there is, is father and son, mama and papa, father and son, and they're all in there together. Now look, if you gonna be my son, I don't care, I mean incorporeal, and I also mean physical, and if I'm gonna be your father in the spirit, and incorporeal, and physical, now I'm gonna come along here and do what I said! What are you doing? I'm fulfilling the law and the prophecy. And in the fulfilling of the law and the prophecy, I tell you a time for this, and a time for that, and a time for the other. You don't have no right to say you're my son unless you can do the same thing I do, and acknowledge this old man did it through me. Oppose me! You better get out from here! Yeah, you're a son of perdition! You fixing to get in trouble, and everybody sees it. You get it now? Now what the son sees the father do, that's what He does. Now if he can't do what he sees the father do, then Messiah couldn't do what He done. Then He give 'em to understand, it's not me that's doing the work it's my father in me. Somebody come along and say, "Boy, what can you do?" I can't do nothing my Father does that. “How does He do 'em?" He does 'em through me. "What'd He send you for?" He sent me to fulfill the law, and the prophecy, and truthfully I say that no jot nor tittle shall in no wise pass until... Now then listen folks, listen, look up here at me now. Now then that means this Rip: that body that He is manifested in, that body, see you have to identify that, you have to perceive that. How am I gonna do that? from the works that I do. Now if I can't do no works, don't believe on me. Here I am now, and I can't tell you my birthday, I can't tell you my conception, I don't know what's going on, and I'm telling you that "Jesus said." I don't know a thing about what's going on. You see now I'm showing my own self up. And the Devil, so far as the Devil's concerned God made him, and the Devil just soon to walk up and spit in God’s face. God said, "Well I'll just hold one in reserve, I'll take care of him later on." And He let him go on, He's got him in reserved reservations, reserved to punish him in the day of judgment. Well why don't you do something to him? Cause he's mine. And anybody kill Cain, God said He'd punish him seven times. Said, “You let him along I'll take care of him; I won't him to be in reserve.” What do you mean reserve? I mean I like for him to come all the way down; I don’t want him cut off, I'll take care of him.

Now here's Messiah, He come on down, walking around in the flesh. And He was, died and went to the grave, and He is not now, and when He resurrected, and yet He is. It’s the same thing with the devil, that's that spirit. That's the reason why I said He was shut up in prison for a little season, the devil which was, and which was not, and yet he is, just playing a role just like singing a song. Now you don't know nothing about the birth of Messiah, and you don't know anything about the birth of the devil. And here you go can't nobody tell you nothing, and you just go to work and set aside a day. You get up here and you pull up all these carnal ordinances, pull up all these carnal ordinances and all, and tell you to dib-dabble in 'em. And here He said, “He taketh away the first. He's not gonna make a new covenant like the one He made before.” He fulfilled it; He removed it. He was God from heaven... "And from the going forth of the commandment unto Artexerxes shall be so many weeks..." And He's got to do everything right there. He was conceived in Nazareth, and He born in Bethlehem of Judea, and headed out for Egypt, you understand, out of Egypt have I called my son. See we take it a step at a time, step at a time, step at a time. And I told you I reckon a thousand times, no less, I don't have no right to be standing up here talking about being the Dean, and a leader of this group if I can't do nothing to make you perceive. Say look! I AM THAT I AM INCARNATED IN THIS BODY! Who you talking to? When I speak them deep things... Somebody say, "Well who's he?" LISTEN, YOU ARE THE SAME THING! So you can't say that I did any boasting, any blowing. "Said I not in the law ye are god? Then if I said in the law ye are gods how can you say that I blaspheme cause I said that I was the Son of God?" Somebody wants to play all sadistic and all humble, and all that kind of thing... Say look Roger, I give it to you in plain words anybody can understand. Your body is spirit materialized that God is manifesting in. Somebody say "Well you got the devil in you, and ---- in you too." He's the sum total of all of it. Now I know that! I'm conscious of it! I realize it, and if I didn't I wouldn't be qualified to be teaching you nothing! In fact I can't teach you nothing, (I'm talking as a man now), I can't teach you nothing! And you can't tell me nothing, it has to be the Holy Spirit in you and in me, that's the only thing. Listen, this thing you got here which you think is your body is not your body; you don't have no body. All these bodies belong to God. That's why Messiah said, "What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" He ain't got nothing to give! The body is His, and the soul and all belongs to Him. Now where did you get anything to give? You ain't got nothing to give. Those are the recognitions, and all those different kind of things that we're trying to bring you up to, and to make you see, and to make you understand, so that you can know the difference between Satan incarnated in a body, and God incarnated in it. What it is, that's spirit. And when I say I'm God in a body, and you say, "Oh that man sure did speak blasphemous.” THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE. Now you call that blasphemy? That's what matter come from, spirit. Looking in all these limitations, then here I don't know when I was born, I don't know my father's name. He said He's coming in His father's name, then you come talking about it's Jesus Christ. Well then God's name is got to be Jesus or something. It's got to be if He's come in His father's name! How can He come in His father's name with a name like Yahweh? His father's name is Yahweh; He's got to be Yah something! Now that's all there is to it. And it’s got to be Yahshua, if He’s coming in His name. Now we just might as well face it. We’re hard, we're prone, we're crystalized, we're stubborn, we're ignorant, and always trying to say, we don't want nobody to... Somebody said, "Well you quit meddling in my business. I'll take care of my business, you take care of yours, you don't have no business meddling with me; I'll do to suit myself, I'm 3 x 7, and I'm grown, and all like that." Well we preach to the 3x 7's too. And the 3x7's and all the grown folks and all ---- ---- is going right to the -----, and it still won't change nothing. And as hard as Pharaoh's heart was God overthrown him in the Red Sea. And with all this preaching, and all this teaching, that we're doing down here, it's not no fun, it's not no dress parade. And when I look in the looking glass I know I, ain't no use in you talking about me looking real good, and all them kind of things, and as old as I am that don't even make sense. I may look all right for an old man my age, going on 72 years old. There's a whole lot of 'em can get around like that, but the state of a man's physical body it don't always reflect what's in his mind. Yes, I said I was going on 72 years, buddy, see I’m going along 72 when it comes to age in years. See I’m starting, don't expect to die. See you wanna talk about these things, then you’ve got to understand them too. And this thing here it ain't gonna die. You say, "It ain’t?" No. "Why?" It's already dead.

[Doc walks off the floor]