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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in 1971.


DR. KINLEY: I know all of you enjoyed Dr. Gary Mathess. Now the facts in the case, is he hasn’t been around here to long. And since he hasn’t been around here to long, now you see what the truth can do for somebody? Now he didn’t miss nobody at all cause everybody has one of them things, no question no argument about it. And I think he done a wonderful job, and if you don’t think so then you’re distorted in your concept.

Now look folks, I tried hard in the past, I’ll say two or three years, and I haven’t done so much of what you call preaching, but getting down to explaining and teaching, of course true teaching is preaching. But what we’re after is a profound knowledge, not just a blind stupid, ignorant belief or concept. Another thing I want to mention here is this: Every soul in this audience, every last one of you, when the truth is presented like it is here, you have no alternative and you will have to face it again. Now listen at what I’m gonna say. Now then if it’s presented in such a way that you could understand it, then you all ought to speak the same thing and be perfectly joined together in the same mind, and in the same spirit. Now we told you that this was a school, and our paramount objective here is to speak the truth. Now I might carry that a little bit farther, and repeat some of the things I’ve said here before. I told you, soon will be 40 years that Yahweh gave me a vision and a revelation; now I told you that; I said it for 40 years. I’ve drawn these charts out, and I told you the same things 40 years, soon will be. And every last one of you, male and female, irrespective and regardless to your color that come here and study, you’ll see the same thing if you are obedient, if you obey. Now that brings me around to say this: Now I told you that Yahweh sent me in the world for the purpose of imparting to you the truth, listen now, in these last days. Now on your part that remains, (not everybody, some are convinced) but to those that are not convinced, it remains to be seen. Now you’ll never see it unless you sat quietly with an open mind and listen, and meditate, and hear what the spirit says.

Now one more thing I wanna mention before I go any further, and that is this: We want you to conform, (I’m telling you this) now we want you to conform. Now here’s what I mean by conforming: We don’t want nobody coming in here starting off (now I’m just gone have to give it to you, there ain’t nothing but one way for me to do it, and that’s just to tell you like I mean it, move all the mystery away from it, out of it, and around it), we don’t want nobody coming in here with no special regalia on, (I don’t do it) indicating that you’re some great somebody. You can’t tell me from the rest of the folks by the way that I dress. Now I’m not squabbling about a clergy vest like Bishop Short wears. Now see, I didn’t, I didn’t beat around the bush I just called his name. Now he understands what I’m saying. I use to wear a clergy vest myself, and all during the time I wore it (I’m not saying that was Bishop Short’s case, that’s for him to testify) all during the time I belong to the Church of God, and that clergy vest meant to the public out there that I was a minister, that’s what it meant. At that time I was a molder in the shop, and then I’d come out of the shop for a while and go and take an automobile and carry the passengers, and I still wore my clergy vest as a chauffeur. Folks said nothing to me about it. Now when that vest wore out, that was the only one I ever did have, I went and got me a scarf and put that up around my neck. Because most of the time when Dr. Harris and the rest of these ministers that get up here and preach hard, if they don’t bring something down here to wrap up in then they’ll chill and take cold. Now common sense, you see you ought to have something to wrap up in when you’re damp with sweat. Dr. Harris comes in most of the time and preaches on a Sunday morning, and then when he comes back on Sunday night he changes his clothes if he’s had a hard sweat. Now all of this that we’re going through here is for your edification and for your benefit. We want you to act like, and we want you to conform… We don’t want no, you know, bell cows, and special regalia. Now the tailors and all out there, they might like that, change these styles around. But now we want to go after conservative clothes, wear conservative clothes. And we want the women to dress (uh-oh), we want them to dress modern too. Now the reason why I’m saying this is because it conforms to what we’re teaching down here. And we don’t want nobody to be blindfolded by the way that you conduct, and the way that you carry yourself, and way you dress. “Now Doc you could have left all of that out, why don’t you just go head on and preach the gospel?” That is the gospel.

Now I wanna get on something else, and I wanna repeat in order to bring this about. I have stated that Yahweh sent me in the close of this age to teach this world, and I do mean the whole entire world. And I want you to know this, don’t nobody on earth know anymore about it than I do. Now somebody says, “Now you’re boasting now.” Well I have a right to boast in Yahweh! I just got through telling you He sent me. Now what you want me to do, go sit down some place and take it back? Instead of doing that way you ought to say “Well look, you prove it.” Now that brings me around to say this to you: I’m bound to say many things to you that you didn’t know heretofore, that is some evidence that He did send me. I wanna dig in that a little bit.

Now when we first started, and we went along for many years, we used Lord, God, Jesus Christ, just like anybody else in the Bible, because we had a King James Version of the Bible, and we had a Roman Catholic Bible and that’s what you had in it. Now if I had used anything else before I got your eyes opened, then you’d of been gone. I couldn’t have gotten through to you. Just like Yahshua the Messiah said this, He said, “I didn’t come to call the righteous…” See they were meddling with Him, the Sanhedrin Council, said, “I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners unto repentance.” They thought like some of the rest of the big shots thinks, “Well He wasn’t talking about me, I’m righteous.” Now if they had done what they should have done, and what they…well to tell you the truth they didn’t believe Him, but they just wasn’t aware. Now the Book says this: “There is none righteous, no not a one,” then he could have seen then. But no, he overlooked that one, and he didn’t think Messiah was talking to him, but He was. Well now He said that to get ‘em on up to Him, and they said “Well let Him alone.” Now here’s some other things that He did through His ministry: He went about, (now you follow what I’m telling you) He went about preaching and teaching and healing all manner of diseases, and so much so that even His, even His opponents and adversaries they couldn’t dispute Him. You follow what I’m talking about? Now there wasn’t anybody on earth, nobody that could go to the cemetery or go to the leper’s camp, or a man that’s born deformed or blind or something like that, and heal them. And by those things that He did, that’s the reason why He said “Believe on me for my very work sake.” Now that thing stood Him out in front of everybody. Nobody knew nothing about how it was done but Him. Then He was humble enough to say this: “I can of my own self do nothing, my father in me He doeth the work,” not me! Now all the time that He was on earth, all the time He was on the earth He glorified and honored His Father; that was His whole story. But the old Pharisee, in fact they were puffed up in their carnal mind; they hated Him so much so until they tried to publicly make a fool out of Him by asking Him questions and trying to entrap Him. Now I said the Scribes and the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, those sects and those cults, now I want you to know that the thing hasn’t changed today, you got the self same old spirit coming right straight down. Now that brings me to the place where the thing I got up here to tell you about. Now a scribe, do you know what a scribe is? Copiest. Now here’s why I brought this up. Now when I explain to you I’m after this, this scribe. Now this scribe, you see Moses had written them first 5 books, and the prophets had written what they saw in a vision, and what they were told to write down. And they put it down just like Yahweh showed it to ‘em and told ‘em to put it down. Now here comes along the scribes, and he’s gone make some copies of this, and he’s gonna put down what he thinks Moses meant by what he said. He’s gonna change it all up and put something else down there. Now Moses put down Yahweh-Elohim, and Yahshua, I said Moses did. Now a lot of people didn’t know that Yahshua was back there. Now that’s what Moses put down, along comes the scribes and he changes it up. Now listen follow me closely. Now as they made them errors and them mistakes in the prophecy, then they just continued on with the same errors and the same mistakes about it. Now that’s how you got interpolations and mistranslations in your Bible. Now here I come, now I know there’s errors, and know it’s mistakes - I have to know if Yahweh sent me. I just have to know! Then that means this: I know the Lord, I know that’s not it. I know God, that’s not it. I know Jesus Christ, that’s not it. Now, you see, I know that, but when I go to tell you about it, then see you backfire, and you don’t think that I don’t know what I’m talking about, just like them scribes and Pharisees encountered, encountering Him. Now we have to pick them interpolations out of this Book, and them interpretations out of this Book. And Freddy it’s a hard thing to say, it’s hard but it’s fair, that Moses, just one man that Yahweh chose to reveal this creation to, none of the rest of ‘em didn’t see it. Makes no difference how philosophical and scientifically minded you think you are, and what you know about geology and paleontology, and all those multiple kinds of sciences and all, Moses saw them, and he put down what was revealed there; now when we come along we change ‘em up, and that’s where we get in trouble. Now I wanna show you how that you can read for possibly a hundred years this interpolation that you wouldn’t realize, John 4:24.

READER: For Elohim is a spirit… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) Now read on. READER: and they that worship Him…

DR. KINLEY: And they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth. Now hold your finger on that; hold your finger on that, and we’re gone… No, read the 18th verse.

READER: For Yahweh has… DR. KINLEY: no the 4th chapter, the 1st chapter of John and 18th verse. READER: No man has seen the Father at any time… DR. KINLEY: huh? READER: And no man has seen the Father at any time, the only begotten Son, which was in the bosom of the Father…

DR. KINLEY: He hath declared Him. Now look in your King James Version, and as we read out… That’s a Holy Name Bible she’s reading out of. And I want you to bring your King James Version too, so that we can show you these discrepancies, and errors, and interpolations. And I wanna let you know that there’s some of ‘em in that Holy Name Bible too. How’d they get in there? Just copied them, and I’m gone bring one of ‘em out too. All right read.

READER: No man has seen God at any time. DR. KINLEY: No man has seen God at any time. Now here you read here, go to the 24th chapter of Exodus now. READER: Then went up Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu and 70 of the elders of Israel, and they saw the God of Israel…

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute. Now you see they saw the God of Israel. Now there was a lady out here, and they come and told me about it, and they were trying to reconcile the thing with her, and show her, and she said “Oh that’s the God of Israel that they saw back there! No man has seen God at any time, but that’s the God of Israel back there.” Do you see that now? Well now, you see this is the same one. But she had in her head that they saw the God of Israel, and over here says, “No man’s seen God at any time,” and she says “Oh well that’s the God of Israel.” See how stupid it is, don’t do no thinking. Now said, they saw this God of Israel there in the King James Version. Now in the Holy Name, read.

READER: And they saw “The Elohim,”

DR. KINLEY: And they saw the Elohim, IT DID NOT SAY THEY SAW YAHWEH; didn’t say that. But over here in John where you were reading it said, “The only begotten Son which was in the bosom of the Father He hath declared Him.” Now if I can’t clarify it then you see I’m not a Son of God, and I wasn’t sent. That oughta be fair. Now here is an interpolation, the 6th chapter of Isaiah where Isaiah says, or it’s in the script, and is a mistranslation, “In the year that Uzziah died, I saw (now I want you to get this out of both the King James and the Holy Name) I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.” THAT’S NOT SO, he didn’t see it. “What you talking about, Here it is right in the Bible, and you don’t believe it out of the Bible?” I just got through telling you how them mistranslations and all got in there, and interpolations. Now it was carried right on over in the King James, I mean in the Holy Name Bible, read

READER: “In the year that Uzziah died, I saw also Yahweh…”

DR. KINLEY: No, no, no, that’s not so. But what they did, by using this word here Lord, taking Yahweh out, and using this word Lord, down the line a scribe copied it… I want you to know the Gentiles didn’t put this word up here the Jews did. Don’t blame that on the Roman Catholics, Jerome and them, the Jews done it. But now you don’t understand, you don’t know, how that the people coming up out of here, and Yahweh kept telling them what His name was. Now look at the situation and the condition, then you can understand it. Now all the rest of the heathen world, even down in Egypt, they had idol Gods, what you call idol Gods. They had one by the (now get this straight), see while His name is Yahweh, they had one, his name wasn’t Yahweh his name was Baal. They had another one; his name was Moloche. You see, see the difference in the name? In other words, those various different tribes they had different names for their various gods.

Now here comes up something else I think you should know. They say, some of the so-called ignorance, they say that the Son of God comes from the sun up here in the sky. Now the heathen they had a sun god, a moon god, a sky god, and just a whole lot’a idol gods with various different names. Now watch what I’m gone tell you now. See when Yahweh revealed His name to the Jews, when they went among the Gentiles, and they had their miscellaneous gods, idol gods, such as Moloche, Baal, Isis, Thebes, and so forth and so on; now then they would get offended at the Jews for not worshipping their god, and honoring and respecting their religion. And Solomon, I hope you know this, Solomon went so far as to build Moloche a temple, and the name Yahweh become suppressed, the true name of the Father become suppressed. Because of the persecution, and because of these many different idols that they had, and these different tribes having different idolatrous concepts and gods of different names, like Moloche (like I’ve already told you) Baal, and so forth and so on; they persecuted the Jews because of that. So then they persecuted them, the Jews because of that, and so then they quit, suppressed it, that name among them. Then when they went in the Book and translated it, then they put down these names that you got here, and then they just continued to hand ‘em on down like that. Now here I am, I come along, and I’ve got to work with you with all that foolishness, and all the persecution and the blasphemy that you heap upon me because I tell you the straight…

Let’s get back to this name here in Isaiah. Now no man, no man has seen Yahweh at any time. Isaiah never saw it; Moses never saw it, Ezekiel never saw it; no man ever saw His presence there. No man ever saw the Father, but the Son Yahshua, He saw it because He was in the bosom of the Father. It was He that declared the Father. Now are y’all appreciating what I’m trying to tell you? Because if I don’t give you some understanding about the thing then you won’t, see you’ll stay confused. And when you read around in the Bible, if we don’t tell you something about these things and how the come about, then you’ll just continue on with your argument, not realizing and not respecting me in my position and my mission. And you wanna draw up a debate with me just like them scribes and the Pharisees did with Yahshua the Messiah. Now here’s why no man never saw Him at anytime. Because the sum total of everything is embodied within Him, and you are to limited… You can’t see over in Europe from here. You can’t see in, you can’t hardly, some of us can’t even do so hot without eyeglasses to talk about being... See now the whole universe and its totality, now that’s Yahweh, and no man has been able to… Now in the 17th chapter of Acts of Apostles, it says there “For in Him, Yahweh, we live…” Now get it straight, it says we’re in Him! In Him! Nobody’s never been able to get outside of Him, it’s in Him! You can’t get out! Why can’t you get out? Because He is the limits; He is the bounds! Somebody say, “Well where’d He come from?” He is the source! Says, “What is, what is He?” He is the substance, He is the attributes and nobody can ever look at the totality of Yahweh. You can’t get outside of ‘em to look back on Him. He’s everywhere. Yes, the universe and it’s totality is embodied within Him. See you can’t see spirit. Am I helping? Am I kind of fixing this up so you can see what I’m talking about? Now it’s a different story here. Now what you said there Dr. Harris, that they went up here and they saw the Elohim. See now Yahweh is the sum total of everything. Now Elohim, get this straight, this is a title for the Father in limitations. Now I said limitations; now the reason why I said limitations was on this account: Because of the attributes that is embodied in Him, and organized in Him makes up this shape and this form. There is nothing in Yahweh that isn’t in this, but this is not the sum total of all of it. Now if it was the sum total of all of it, then He couldn’t be in the bosom! Oh, now you see how I had such a… back it out back there and back in. Now you see how I’m struggling for words. Now Isaiah he didn’t see the sum total of it, but he did see this Elohim. And Moses them they saw Elohim. But the scribe went to sleep and he said, “In the year that Uzziah died that Isaiah saw Yahweh…” NOT SO! They didn’t see Yahweh up here, the book don’t say that they did. NOW YAHWEH IS THE FATHER, AND WOULD NOT A SON HAVE TO COME FROM A FATHER? Now we’re down to business with you. You may not realize that, but you go home tonight, and you think on what I said, what I’m telling you now. Now here it comes up, now they saw the Elohim of Israel. Isn’t that what you got there?

READER: That’s right

DR. KINLEY: Now you got that straight there. Now if you take your King James Version of the Bible, it’s a matter of absolute impossibility for you to get the reality out of it cause it’s just not in there, cause it’s many things in there that’ll trip you up. Now you can look… Now somebody said this, “Now that man said this, that, and the other thing. I believe in going by chapter and verse, and I believe every word there is in the Bible.” Now look… Naw, yours won’t do; yours won’t do. Freddy’s will do. Freddy get up, take this Book, get up and take a walk. Now all of you that’s got a Bible now you pay ‘tention to what he’s showing you here. Show them the margin of the translators. And you learn how to look in that Margin of the Translator and see that they have translated these words at different places to be one thing, and another place, another. And there are mistranslations. Now a mistranslation that might not be intentional, but an interpolation is a spurious [not genuine] phrase that’s entered into the Book. Now you see there. Now if you look over there in that Margin of the Translator then you will see that they admit, the ones translates the Bible they admit, after going so far and done wrote all of this up, then they come to find out that they mistranslated, and so then they put the Margin of the Translators in the Book. In other words, they admit that they did. Don’t go out here and tell somebody I said they did, you just show ‘em the mistranslations in Book and where to find them. 11th chapter of 1st Corinthians, verse 20, and I’m gone show you one of ‘em that you’ve been arguing around with all your life. 20th chapter of Revelations and the 12th verse, and I’ll show you another. 11th chapter, now y’all should just be real good Bible students, see we’ve had this school going on for 40 years.

READER: When you come together therefore, into one place… DR. KINLEY: When you come together… Everybody got that? When you come together therefore into one place READER: this is not to eat the Lords supper…

DR. KINLEY: This is not to eat the Lord’s supper! Now look folks, Roman Catholics and Protestants have been doing these things, in what you call mass, and the supper, they’ve been doing it, and referring, uh, making references to this. Now wherefore, or the way you have it here, this is not to eat the Lords supper! Now that ought to be enough. Now then, look right back in the Margin of the Translators and see how it should have been translated.

READER: or you cannot eat.

DR. KINLEY: See, this is not to eat the Lord’s supper, and the proper and correct rendition of it is, Ye cannot eat. When you come together into one place… Now with me, and the difference between me, and you, now I should have the ability to explain these things, and to show you why they are that way. Now let me show you. If I showed you, would you…if I showed you the reality of it? Now look, in the 20th chapter of Exodus, (now get this straight) this is where the Passover supper come from. This is where it was instituted. All of Israel, 600,000 or more couldn’t get together in no one place, under no one roof. They couldn’t do it then, and they can’t do it now. So what they did they ate the Passover supper in their houses! Go and eat it in the house! Paul said, now when you come together into one place, you can’t do that; you can’t eat it. Now then you go ahead on with your stubbornness and your bull-headedness, thinking I don’t know the name, and thinking I’m disagreeing, and I don’t know what’s in the Book and all. And you don’t think that Yahweh did send me, and you think I’m another one of the fellows that raised up and probably went to school and studied the Bible, and joined some church, and went to one thing and then the other; you just think all that, that’s just not the way it is. Now when this Passover was ate down here in Egypt - now this is the only Passover, and they continued it every year, see just repeated it every year, at the same time of the year too; so all the rest of ‘em are memorials of that one. Now Yahshua the Messiah in the 26th chapter of Matthew, where you’ve been talking about eating the Lord’s Supper, He said, “Do this in remembrance, as a memorial of Him.” Now listen folks, I’m trying my best to explain this so you can understand this Bible. Now what Yahshua the Messiah did when He came in the world through the loins of the Virgin Mary, He came in to fulfill all of this. Now did you notice I did not say that He come to institute. So when He’s up there with His disciples, He’s not instituting no Lord supper, as Christendom has been telling you. Now if would you look at the top of your page in your book, in some of these good Bibles, at the top of the 26th chapter of Matthew, (I’m not talking about in the script, I’m talking about the comments) and see what it says about that.

READER: Lord Supper Instituted.

DR. KINLEY: Lord Supper Instituted. Now when I tell you that, and then you run home, and you read what some idiot says, then you will come and say to me, “Well Jesus said, as often as we eat this bread and drink this cup, we show forth His death and His suffering until He come.” I wanna know whether that’s right or not.

Students: That’s right.

DR. KINLEY: Well now if the preacher comes and put that same thing up here, and give it to you, and say that Jesus said for us to eat this, and to drink this, he is a liar He did not say that. Say, “Well uh, uh, don’t tell me!” And a lot of times wanna run references, and don’t even know where it is, but you see I do. Now here’s what the difference is. Since we’ve got this chart here, I’ll use this where everybody can see it. Now here is where the law, the Mosaic law, this is what we’re talking about, is right through here. Now this is where it was, on earth, instituted. I wanna carry this institution on back a little further; now this is on earth. Now here’s where the end was declared right from the beginning. Now if you notice in the 12th chapter of Exodus, said “Take the lamb out on the 10th.” Why the 10th? The 10th is concrete. Oh I tell you, I wish I could break these things tonight, Freddy, 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 9 10. Now look, take that lamb out on the 10th. Now here they are, they’re coming out this way, 7 days Moses was seeing that creation. Now He was as a lamb slain from the foundation of the earth. Now in that He’s slain from the foundation, and here’s the foundation back here; He was the Founder of it, and the foundation of it. Now here we go through these 7 days. Seven, this is one 7. Now on the 14th down here, because this is actually where it’s being reflected on the earth plane, because 7 and 7 is 14, twice times 7 is 14. See 7 is complete within itself, and twice 7 is 14. Now the first covenant is in the Holy Spirit, the second 7 is down here on earth, and it’s reflected here. Meaning this, that Yahweh declared the end from the beginning so take Him out on the 10th. This shall be the first… Is that right? Now listen, we done stood around here, and this is what we said, we said He was in the Father and the Father is in Him. Now here we are, we’ll just put this as a cloud, everything’s in the cloud. Now here’s 1 to 10, now here’s the aught or the zero, see instead of writing it like this, instead of writing it like that, we’ll put it like he’s got it. Take the aught, the zero and put the 10 right there, so you take Him out on the 10th. Cause the first covenant is in here, this is where He declared the end from the beginning. Now let’s get this out now, get this out. Now this is the Father; this is incorporeal Son, and He’s in the Father. Now then He comes on down into this physical manifestation. Now what you have here is the Father, [cloud] this is Yahweh. Now this is Yahweh here in part [Elohim], not the sum total for all of it, because it was all, the total is all in here, but He was in the Father, and the Father… That substance was in this, Intelligence and wisdom and knowledge and all, was in this. Now this is incorporeal; now this is incorporeal. Now this is what Isaiah saw, he didn’t see this. This is what Moses saw, he didn’t see all this, the Spirit. Now then when He come on down, now let’s put it like this: Now this is Yahweh too, but this is Yahweh Elohim in shape and form, then He comes on down here in Yahshua, that’s physical, that’s natural. Now He’s still in the Father, the Father’s still in Him. Now listen, this is what you have, you got Yahweh (1), Yahweh (2), you got Yahweh (3), AND YET ALL YOU HAVE GOT IS YAHWEH. See Yahweh in His SUM TOTAL, Yahweh in shape and form, incorporealization that can be seen in a vision and revelation; and then you’ve got Yahweh here in a physical manifestation, but it’s all Yahweh. Now here’s Christendom, Christendom says it’s three in the Godhead. And Jehovah’s Witnesses have said this, “That Jesus was God chief representative on the earth plane.” Naw, that’s not the way it is. Your Book, look at Titus or Timothy, I think it’s 2nd Timothy 3:16. Now this ought to end the debate; this ought to end it.

READER: For one is Yahweh, and one mediator between Him and men… DR. KINLEY: Naw, that’s, that’s not, uh… READER: without controversy…

DR. KINLEY: Now listen you know what that means, without controversy? Now you just all might as well shut up! There ain’t gonna be no argument; there ain’t gonna be no debate! Without any argument, and without any debate, or without any further discussion, without you spinning your opinion, and you spinning yours irrespective and regardless to what you believe, even without you saying anything. He says my time is gone. But without controversy great…

READER: is the mystery… DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: of Elohim was manifested in the flesh… DR. KINLEY: GOD! God was what? READER: manifest in the flesh…

DR. KINLEY: Now you’ll stand around with your stupidity and colossal ignorance of the Godhead bodily, (let me put it so you’ll know what I’m talking about), you’re saying that Jesus is God’s chief representative on the earth. NAW, THAT WAS GOD HIMSELF THAT WAS MANIFESTED IN THAT BODY! He wasn’t no chief representative. Now those three that Yahweh, (get this now), Yahweh is (1), Yahweh manifested in incorporealization is (2), Yahweh manifesting in the physical is (3). Now did you follow through what I said? Now that’s Him all the way through. Now there is no three distinctive individual personalities in the Godhead, as says the Roman Catholics. Now that’s what you call the trinity, talking about the three different persons, that’s the trinity. That’s not so. Yahweh is all in all. That’s all there is. Elohim is Yahweh, title for Him in shape and form, incorporeal too. And Yahshua is the name of Him manifested in the flesh; that’s all there is.

Now I think I ought to get on this for a second, I ought not let you go until I tell you this. I’m talking about this one right here, this beginning right here. Now Isaiah and them they saw this, and Moses them they saw that; that’s a shape and a form. Now what you would call that, see if you just only knew, you’d say that was the Holy Ghost. Now I tell you, very few people have even seen a ghost. In fact if you get ------ with ‘em a little bit, they’ll tell you “I don’t believe in ghost.” And then when you read over here in the book, “And the Holy Ghost was poured out on them,” you just got through saying you didn’t believe in ghosts. And if some of you did see a ghost, well, you can see what I’m talking about, can’t you? See you’d be frightened, just like them that did see it; they were frightened; John fell on his face. But you not realizing, and you not comprehending that this is Him in incorporealization, the Ghost. And this same Ghost was right in this body here, but then it is Yahweh all the way through that they saw. Now what I have been trying my best to tell you is I’ve seen things. No, didn’t ---- ---- was these things, I have seen. Get up Roger. Just like you look at this man here, I have seen Him, and talked with Him, and as it was He revealed the whole thing to me. I’m not joking about anything. Now somebody could say like this: “I don’t believe that.” I didn’t expect you to. Just like Yahshua said, “Believe on me for my very work sake.” And if He can’t do nothing then the Father’s not in Him, cause the Father that’s in Him is doing the work. Now all over this country we have people been healed of all kinds of diseases, and of sickness, and I told you what’s going on all over the world. There ain’t but one way for me to do that, I have to know what the purpose is, and how it’s carried out. Now I don’t have to much sense, no more sense, but as far as sense is concerned, and so far as human intelligence is concerned, no more learning and academic training, what you call just a formal education, some of you setting right in the audience is got me skinned on that, I mean from a human vantage. But say, Brother… [Audience React] You get that? You get the point? Now He you didn’t read upon it, what’s happened? The law was written within His loins. And He said, “I delight to do the will of the Father.” He come and established the law through this same Yahshua that took it away. And folks in Christendom hasn’t found out that this Jesus that they’re talking about back here, they haven’t found out that He was back here, even though their Bible does say so in the 10th chapter of Corinthians, and also in Peter. They haven’t… they just went on… But now down here we’re trying to bring this to your attention. Now the reason for it is because we’re living right down to the close of this last day, and it’s vitally important that you be still and know that I am Yahweh. I used a statement there see. Yahweh-Elohim is in His holy sanctuary let the earth keep silence before Him. You quit looking at these people, as speculators, and skeptics, and what not when you come down to this school. Recognize and realize that it is the Holy Spirit that is speaking through these people, this ministry. And they are trained, and they do know, and none of ‘em in Los Angeles, and nowhere else is no competition for ‘em; you can’t gainsay ‘em. Now you’re never gonna get nowhere until you stop looking at ‘em like that. As long as you see Freddy, and as long as you see Roger, and neither one of ‘em are no good, then you will never see. Just like Isaiah, he couldn’t see nothing but King Uzziah. In the year that Uzziah died… He’s got a straight shot to Yahweh, but Uzziah was always in the way; he couldn’t see nothing but Uzziah. Here he died, he said I lifted up my eyes and saw Elohim, and not Yahweh, and he said, His train filled the temple. And he found out just like Moses that he was fixing to go on over there, that the angel… I wanna tell you about that too.

Listen at this, it wouldn’t be fair to let you go unless I did tell you. Now on these charts I’ve tried, I’ve tried to bring these things out. Now right at this, on both sides of this altar, I tried to show Zechariah as being the high priest, and the angel Gabriel. Now here’s what I mean; this is what I mean: You see, an angel is a ministering spirit. Now when he comes (I wanna show you, I’ll go over here so that everybody can see it), when that angel comes through this veil and comes down into here, he comes into visibility. That’s what the meaning of coming through the veil is, coming into visibility; visible to them that are in here. Zechariah said he was burning incense when Gabriel come though that veil, that is to say come into visibility, and he told him about the birth of John the Baptist. Now Paul puts it this way: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers whereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Do you remember that Yahshua the Messiah said, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” And do you remember that Jacob, and Isaac, and Moses and them, they saw those apparitions, or those angels, and then they disappeared. They set down and ate with ‘em, and they disappeared. You see what I mean? So you be, you be careful.

Now there’s more than one kind of angel; there’s some bad boys in there too, and you make you sure you identify which is which. You see there’s some bad boys in there. Old Lucifer was an angel too, and he come into visibility. Did you all get anything out of this? Time is expired, so we have to go home now. But you take these things and you partake of ‘em. And it is possible and it’s done way, to appear, and to disappear, and communicate and talk with you. And because you never saw one that don’t mean that one didn’t appear. See everybody is not suppose to see one, and yet you’re suppose to see ‘em within one another. You understand what I’m talking about?