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  • Def: Variance 1. the state, quality, or fact of being variable, divergent, different, or anomalous; 2. an instance of varying; difference; discrepancy; 3. a disagreement, dispute, or quarrel; 4. at variance, (of things) in a state of difference or disagreement, (of persons) in a state of controversy or dissension;

  • Origin: 1300–50; ME < L variantia, equiv. to vari(āre) to vary) + -antia -ance;

  • Synonyms: argument, change, conflict, contention, deviation, disaccord, disagreement, discord, discrepancy, dissension, dissent, dissidence, disunity, divergence, diversity, division, fluctuation, incongruity, inconsistency, mutation, separation, severing, strife, sundering, switch, transmogrification, unharmoniousness, variation, variety.
Source: Unabridged