Verification of the Pattern of the Universe: Evidence and Proof

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on December 9, 1958 at 1347 North Cahuega Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.

We have previously propounded the premise that God IS the Source and Substance from which ALL THINGS in the material realm of the Universe originate. Now let us extend this thought thusly, the Universe in its totality, including and embracing every created object or thing, visible and invisible, animate and inanimate, known and as yet unknown ... must derive from and abide within this Supreme ALL IN ALL Spirit Embodiment!

Therefore, God must be -- within Himself -- the immaculate essence and substance, energy or life ... which intelligently manifests itself through the inexorable and immutable laws of life and nature. You will recall the statement that God, the Original or Archetypal Pattern of the Universe, was divided into two distinct counterparts: (1) the visible; (2) the invisible. You will recall also that the visible counterpart of God, by and though which all manifestations of His existence, omnipotence, and omnipresence throughout the material Universe are accomplished, were separated into three parts: (1) abstract; (2) intermediate; (3) and concrete.

In the abstract part, God is PURE SPIRIT, without form -- and is called the Father. In the intermediate part. God takes on the incorporeal form, or the transmuted anthropomorphic state -- which called the Word. And in the third part, the concrete, which is direct Physical manifestation -- which is called the Holy Ghost.

To further clarify these three parts, they can be likened – in man -- to the Spirit, which is the abstract part of man and cannot in any way be seen or measured or analyzed; the Soul, or intermediate state, which can, to a limited degree, be analyzed and understood; and the Body or concrete part, which is physical, material, visible to the eye, solid to the touch. In the Transfiguration, witnessed in the Vision and Revelation, the Most Holy Place was the abstract or Pure Spirit Part. The Holy Place was comparable to the intermediate or incorporeal state. The Court Around About, the Intangible Sanctuary, can be likened to the physical or concrete form.

In future lessons we will discuss God, the Christ or Messiah and Jesus Christ, and show that in comparable threepart manner, there would be God as the Pure Spirit form, Christ as the Incorporeal form, and Jesus as the Physical manifestation or Physical form.

Now let us examine some of the evidence of the Pattern throughout nature and science. The prevalence of planned, systematic and inexorable order throughout nature could not have been haphazard, nor left to chance -- else there would be times and circumstances where objects would not react or respond in precisely the identical way to the previous results under these same conditions or stimuli. This invariable repetition and constancy of the laws of nature and physical force operates throughout nature and Science. They have been the same each time they were utilized and remained so from the beginning of cumulative scientific knowledge to the present -- and shall remain so as human culture moves on into the future. Scientists call this planned order in nature, Physical Laws. They have recognized and charted the laws -- and by their application have developed innumerable Scientific achievements.

Consider the fantastic character of gravity -- which holds people to the earth so that they will not step off into space and float on endlessly in the earth's atmosphere or in free space; which makes objects fall down, never up or sideways; makes planets circulate around the sun and causes the moon to rotate around the earth. Or that by gravity alone, collisions of the earth, the sun, and the moon are prohibited.

Must not this have been created by a superior, a great, a Supreme Creator? Reflect about the function of the centrifugal force which pulls objects away from the central point, counterbalanced by the centripetal force which draws bodies toward a central point. All of these gravitational forces are ar required to keep our earth and its inhabitants properly stabilized as the earth rotates around the sun, spins through the Universe on its axis.

In gravity there is no coincidence or chance. We can measure the gravitational pull of any body or mass. We can determine at what rate of speed an object fall from a height above the earth to the earth's surface -- and this speed will be without variation under identical, controlled conditions.

There are innumerable physical laws with which the reader will be familiar, others can be investigated in a standard Physics Textbook: Newton's Law, Pascal's Law, Boyle's Law and Bernoulli's principle, are some of the, most significant of these forces in our daily lives.

Think for a moment of the progress man has been able to make through Bernoulli's principle, by its invariable, unchanging operation. Bernoulli's principle is based on the condition that when a fluid or gas is in a state of motion -- where the speed is great, the pressure will be small. This may seem rather insignificant upon superficial evaluation. However, a common application of this principle, familiar to everyone, is the ability of a baseball pitcher to throw a curve ball. In this same principle is the foundation for man's ability to master the sailing of boats, and the flight of airplanes.

Or, let us consider the consistency of sound. Sound is defined as a longitudinal wave, composed of speed or velocity, wave length and frequency. Yet, by the accurate, unerring principles which apply in all cases and all conditions, we have been able to create musical instruments, we have been able to learn about the wonders of radio, television and many other great inventions and discoveries of our present age. Is this not more proof than anyone should require, that our everyday existence is dependent on the infallibility, the never failing accuracy of these physical laws?

These laws had to be created by an organized, precise, controlled master force, or Godhead, exercising this unerring Spirit Law. You may think that in the plant, animal and human realms there is not such a clearly definable law. Yet in these areas of God's creation also, we have just as consistent laws in operation.

All of nature, as well as its inhabitants, is composed of what is commonly called the balance of nature. The first principle of plant, animal and human survival is the law of adaptation. Plants animals, even humans, must find environmental surroundings with which they can cope; or failing to do so, cease to exist, to propagate and perpetuate their species. From the lowest order of plant life to the great order of man, there are in constant operation the processes of adaptation, succession, multiplication and control of the physical forces of nature.

Whenever any condition of imbalance occurs, immediately all other living organisms in nature are likewise thrown out of balance and react and respond accordingly -- some to go on and become advanced mutations, others to die out, others to change or to control the circumstances of their environmental conditions. So great is the balance of nature, so delicately delineated -- that the absence of woodpeckers in a forest area could result in the destruction and demolition of the entire forest!

This catastrophe might result from the absence of woodpeckers enabling some variety of beetle to freely destroy the trees. Then when the trees were dead, the birds which had made their homes in the tree branches would have to seek other quarters. Also, the roots of the trees would wither or relinquish their hold upon their hold upon the soil, with erosion resulting. Without the moisture which is normally captured by the leaves of the living trees and brought down to the root and soil area through photosynthesis, the character of the soil would degenerate and become inadequate to support its live occupants. Then the insect dwellers of the ground and all of the living organisms of the forest area would become extinct or have to migrate to other areas.

Consider one of the most incredible, instinctive accuracies in the world of nature -- the spawning of fish. Salmon will travel hundreds and hundreds of miles, blindly groping onward, with no knowledge of why -- to reach their particular ancestral spawning stream. There and there only will they give birth to new generations of salmon.

Or consider the ornithological family -- who teaches the birds how to fly and sing; when and how and where to build suitable nests, to lay their eggs, to hatch and properly care for their offspring? Or consider their distinctive accuracy of seasonal flight, always seeking food and climate adaptation -- without the intelligence and capability that man possesses wherein maps and books might be read, where meteorological reports might be considered, where mechanical transportation might be utilized.

Can it be denied that there must be planned, consistent, intelligent control -- that only the infallible Spirit Law of God's omnipotence could prevent these confusions and errors from occurring throughout nature?

In the same manner, inanimate objects of our Universe fulfill consistent roles. Matter consists of minute microscopic particles called atoms. As you know, atoms consist of three parts, comparable to the Universe -- Three-Part Plan of the Universe -- the electron; the proton and the neutron. When atoms combine into groups they are called molecules, and these molecules assemble in various combinations.

All the forms of matter known to science fall into a total of 92 types or categories, which we call elements. Think of this amazing infallibility -- whenever these invisible, microscopic atoms combine -- out of the millions of possible combinations, they never fail to combine into only one of 92 ways. By the laws of chance, they might combine into trillions of groups, but they do not! Not only that, but each time a group of atoms combine into a particular element -- the element takes on identical characteristics to every other time the same element was formed. The specific weight or gravitational pull of the matter will always be the same.

For example, if a mass of matter combines into iron or potassium or any one of the elements - the mass will always have the same identical characteristics per basic unit of combined components. These combinations of matter will act and react to the entire range of variant physical conditions without variation, in precisely the exact manner -- so that man has been able to discover and put to work the physical laws, or the laws of nature. Thus Man -- made in the image of God -- has been able to control the elements in the property of God's Creation, the Physical Universe. When one contemplates any of the wondrous manifestations of the three-part Godhead in the realm of the Physical Universe, skepticism cannot remain.

Surely, if chance or coincidence were the guiding factor in the laws of nature -- somewhere, sometime, a spring or a summer or a fall would fail to appear, or appear in the wrong order of season. The moon would surely become involved with the earth, or the sun as they move through the stellar voids. Or sometimes, somewhere, a bird would hatch something other than a bird. Or somewhere, the perfection of balance in nature would not be as finely drawn. Surely nobody can accept all of these immutable, inexorable -- eternally consistent forces as unplanned, uncontrolled, created by happenstance, rather than by a Supreme intellect or Creator!

In the next lesson, it will be shown that Man was truly made in the image of God -- and that every component part of the physical structure of man has a meaning, a significance -- a PURPOSE. It will be shown that the number of bones in the human anatomy, the very way they are strung together, the various organs of the body -- all repeat and verify and prove beyond doubt that man can clearly see and come to KNOW and UNDERSTAND God and His Eternal Purpose throughout every concrete manifestation in the physical Universe -- even in man's body itself!

Does it not give you a Spiritual thrill to realize that the events of the world were revealed by God in the very structure and character of YOUR OWN physical body? Even organs that medical science cannot clearly interpret or understand -- can be clearly explained and understood through knowledge and awareness of the co-relationship of the body to the Eternal Godhead!

It is through esoteric knowledge and understanding that you can acquire the Keys to God's Kingdom and the ability to utilize these keys to achieve Spiritual Elevation and Exaltation through ONENESS and COMMUNION with GOD AND HIS UNIVERSAL TRUTH!