Verification of the Pattern in Man

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in 1959 at 1347 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 9028.

Man was made in the image and likeness of God. In this lesson, we shall verify and prove this statement.

As you learned in a previous lesson, God first appeared to Moses in his vision in the incorporeal form. Moses recognized God at that time as a great anthropomorphic being, God then instantaneously transformed himself into an intangible sanctuary, or tabernacle, completely furnished, with several instruments. Moses was instructed to use this Pattern to build the Tangible Sanctuary in the wilderness. God said he would dwell among his people, by dwelling in this Physical Tabernacle which Moses was to build. This metamorphosis into the form of a sanctuary, directly from the incorporeal structure of a man is evidence that the human body is constituted exactly like this Tabernacle.

In step by step sequence, let us verify this phenomenal truth. As you have previously learned, the Sanctuary is divided into three parts: (1) It has the Court Around About; (2) the Holy Place and (3) the Most Holy Place. Dividing the Court Around About from the Holy Place is the first vail; between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place is another vail, which is commonly referred to as the second vail. We likewise know that the body of man is made up of (1) pneuma (2) psyche and (3) soma; or (1) Spirit (2) Soul and (3) Body.

Now let us examine and compare the makeup of the Tabernacle, including the various vessels that are in it, to the physical anatomy of man. Make use of the accompanying illustration of the human form and refer back to the illustration of the sanctuary you received with the lesson covering the Revelation of the Divine Pattern of the Universe.

Let us divide the body into our Threefold Pattern. We will liken that part of the body from the diaphragm down to the feet to the Court Around About. Let us call the diaphragm itself the first vail. In the Court Around About are the Brazen Alter (Altar?) of Sacrifice, and the Brazen Laver. The priest washes himself in the Brazen Laver. On the Brazen Alter (Altar?) of Sacrifice, sacrificial animals are slain and the blood drained off. Comparatively, the organs of the abdomen perform this very same function. The spleen can be likened to the Brazen Alter (Altar?) of Sacrifice. For a great number of years medical science did not understand exactly what function the spleen did perform in the body. It was generalized that the spleen had some relationship with the destruction of the red blood cells. Modern medicine knows that the life of the red blood cells is about ten days. As blood passes through the spleen, the spleen withdraws the older blood cells to prevent those used up cells from recirculating. Then additional blood cells are drawn into the blood stream from the red bone marrow.

Now let us consider the Brazen Laver, which also is in the Court Around About. The Brazen Laver is the instrument for the physical cleansing process, which is done with water. Another organ of the human anatomy that is in the abdominal area is the kidneys, which perform that identical function. As the body's blood circulates through the kidneys, all of the impurities of the blood are washed out by the kidney activity. The fact that impurities are washed out of the blood is characterized by the residue of the watery substance commonly known as urine.

There are other things in the Court Around About that God chose to put there. The entire story of the pilgrimage and the life of the Israelites in the Wilderness of Sinai is detailed in the Court Around. As you know, the Israelites passed out of Egypt through the narrow isthmus of the parted waters of the Red Sea into the Wilderness of Sinai and then on into Canaan's Land. That story is depicted in the gastro-intestinal tract. Egypt is comparable to the stomach. Mt. Sinai is comparable to the liver. The overshadowing cloud is comparable to the pancreas. The Wilderness of Sinai is comparable to the small intestines. The Devil, or Satan, is comparable to the appendix, which is a serpentine-like structure, serving nothing but an evil function. The configuration of the Passover is formed by the outline of the large intestine.

Now let us study the Holy Place. Here we have the Golden Altar of Incense, the Golden Candlestick, and the Table of Shewbread. The Golden Altar of Incense was used to fill the Holy Place with the fragrance of smoke for the purpose of purification. The self-same function takes place in the second area of the body which is defined as the area between the diaphragm and the neck, or up to the head region. This second part of the anatomy is the Holy Place of the body. Here the lungs purify by the passing off of carbon dioxide and the taking on of oxygen. When the blood circulates through the lungs, a gaseous exchange takes place. This gaseous exchange can be compared to the gaseous type of purification which takes place in the Holy Place of the Sanctuary.

The Table of Shewbread is likened to the heart. The blood in the human system gives you life; it can be likened to the shewbread. Through the blood you are made alive. The Golden Candlestick gives light to the Holy place. The conduit by which this light reaches your body can be said to be the aorta. The aorta is the means by which the blood is conducted from the heart. Although the heart serves to pump the blood, there must be a vessel or outlet to deliver the blood to the arteries, from which it can be distributed throughout the body. The great aorta which serves this function, looks somewhat like a candlestick. There is a trunk or base, then the various branches s ead (spread?) out from the top. The aorta, which is the largest blood vessel in the body, conducts the pure blood away from the heart. The blood goes upward to the head, and downward to the abdomen and lower regions of the body.

Now let us move on to the Most Holy Place. In the human anatomy this area is represented by the head. There is a large opening in the back of the head called the foramen magnum. This means large hole. It is covered over with a tent-like mass called the membrana tectoria. This is comparable to the second vail.

In the Most Holy Place are the Ark of the Covenant, the Mercy Seat and the two Archangels that overshadow the Mercy Seat. As you know, the High Priest went into the Most Holy Place once a year on the Day of Atonement and sprinkled blood toward the Mercy Seat se (seven?) times. He executed this ritual once for his own sins and once for the transgressions of his people.

Figuratively speaking, there is the same pattern inside the cranium, or skull. We have a right cerebral hemisphere and a left hemisphere, which can be likened to the angels overshadowing the Mercy Seat.

Down in the deeper regions of the brain, in the central area, is the pituitary gland, the most powerful gland in the body. This gland can be compared to the Ark of the Covenant, which was the law, and most powerful. Even idol gods bowed down before it. The operation of this pituitary gland causes people to be giants or dwarfs, fat or abnormally thin -- it controls sex and metabolism. Many functions of the body are served in some manner by the pituitary gland. Therefore, it is all powerful -- just as was the Ark of the Covenant. In further comparison, we find that it sits in a space or hollow that is known as the sella tursica (turcica?). It is covered over by a diaphragm or a protective covering just as is the Ark.

Also in the Most Holy Place is Aaron's Rod. The Rod is a means by which the Spirit of God can be transferred to any object touched by Aaron with the Rod. There is nothing and no power contained within the rod itself. It is merely the vehicle through which the Holy Spirit moves and performs its acts. Similarly, there is a rod in the Most Holy Place of the body. In fact there are many rods or bundles of tracts or nerves, which are the means of carrying out the will of the brain. The most important tract, called the cortico-spinal tract, is the main pathway or the principal means by which messages and communications from the brain are sent to the rest of the body – instructing and controlling the movement of the toes, hands, feet and other organs. It is the means of transmitting the direction or will of the brain, just as Aaron's Rod served the Holy Spirit.

The sprinking (sprinkling?) of the blood toward the Mercy Seat seven times is physically portrayed by the arterial blood supply of the brain itself. The sprinking (sprinkling?) of the blood seven times denotes completion. In the creation, God worked six days and rested on the seventh. Therefore, spiritually seven is considered to be complete. The brain is supplied by an arterial circle. As you know, a circle is complete in itself. It has no beginning and no end. This completeness is represented in the brain by the arterial blood supply. This circle consists of seven different blood vessels or arteries.

Note the interesting fact that nowhere else in the body is this circular blood vessel arrangement to be found. It is normally a spreading tree type of arrangement. The arterial circle consists of the two anterior cerebral arteries, the anterior communicating artery, the two posterior communicating arteries, and the two posterior cerebral arteries. Three arteries are given off from each side of this arterical circle to supply blood to the left and right sides of the brain.

Another thing which should be mentioned is the cerebral spinal fluid. This is referenced to in most textbooks as pouring out from the roof, of the 3rd and 4th ventricles. It is a clear fluid, clear as any water ever seen. It is considered so pure, in that no germs are supposed to be in it. If contamination with germs does occur, sickness results. Whenever it is found to be cloudy, it is known that you have meningitis, or some other brain infection; or if it is bloody, the cause is found to be a stroke, a brain injury or some such serious condition.

The state of the spinal fluid is determined by a spinal tap. Fluid is taken from the spine and examined diagnostically to find out what is going on up in the brain region. The character of the spinal fluid is a direct reflection of what is happening in the brain. An increase of pressure indicates that a block is causing the fluid to remain stationary and restricting it from proper circulation. This fluid is extremely vital. It can be likened to the Holy Ghost, which was poured out on the Day of Pentecost. Notice the comparison -- it comes out from the roof, of the ventricle just like the Holy Ghost was poured out from Heaven at the time of Pentecost.

The spinal fluid also has a protective function. It cushions the brain against shock, injury or damage, just as the Holy Ghost acts as a cushion against damage by the evils of the Satanic forces.

In future lessons, additional correlations between the human anatomy and the God force will be discussed. You will learn such things as how Solomon's Temple was patterned after the Divine Architect's Creation of the physical body of man -- in the image and likeness of God -- just as was the Physical Tabernacle Moses built from the instructions given to him by God.

In conclusion, it can truly be said, know and understand thyself and you will know and understand God and His Divine Purpose!