The True Elohim & Numerology

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SPEAKER: Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

DATE: February 9, 1975


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: Opening statement inaudible.

DR. KINLEY: That is one of the reasons why we had this 1st John read. It's a couple of verses in there that we would like to call your attention to and we're always trying to do or best toward awakening you to something that will be beneficial to you and help you in your studies. Read on.

READER: "And we know that we are of Yahweh..."

DR. KINLEY: Now it says here, and this is the Apostle John speaking. He said, "Now we know..." We who? The Apostles. Now, they know. Now they didn't guess about it, they didn't surmise about it said, "We know, WE KNOW, that we are of Yahweh". All right.

READER: "...and the whole world lieth in wickedness..."

DR. KINLEY: Now that's the situation that's even today. This whole world lies in wickedness. Now it don't look like it, but it does.

READER: "...and we know..."

DR. KINLEY: Now he's talking about what he thinks he knows something about. He's not guessing about it either. He's not saying what he believes, he's talking about what he knows. All right, read on.

READER: "...and we know that the Son of Yahweh is come..."

DR. KINLEY: "And we know that the Son of Yahweh is come." Now if some of you have a Bible look at the top of the page, at the chronology, and see when that epistle was written.


DR. KINLEY: A.D. 90. Now he said that he knew that the Son of Yahweh is come, not going to come, but is come. "And hath given us an understanding." Now we know that down here in this school too, don't we?

STUDENTS: Yes. Yes, sir. Yes, we do.

DR. KINLEY: Now we know that. It's always somebody trying to tell you something, but we already know this. All right, read on.

READER: "...and we know that the Son of Yahweh is come, and hath given us an understanding..."

DR. KINLEY: "...and hath given us an understanding..."

READER: "...that we may know Him that is true..."

DR. KINLEY: Now that you MIGHT believe...


DR. KINLEY: Now we're past that stage here. We had certain basic and fundamental things that we believed before we come to this school, but now we've gotten around to the place where we know, know it for a surety. And if you hang out around here long enough, you'll find out we know. All right, read on.

READER: "...and we are in Him that is true..."

DR. KINLEY: Now we already in Him. Oh, you know it's something for you to understand that. You already in Him that is true. Now you won't have to fly off nowhere to get in Him. We already in Him. Now you keep that thought in mind: "We are in Him that is true." All right, read.

READER: "...even in His Son, Yahshua the Messiah..."

DR. KINLEY: "...even in His Son, Jesus Christ..."


DR. KINLEY: No, Yahshua the Messiah. Now we know that. Read on.

READER: "This is the true Elohim..."

DR. KINLEY: Now believe it or not. Folks, this is the true Elohim. Now that's the true one! Now that word "Elohim" you have there, is the "Word" or "Son" or "God". Now somebody would say this: "Well, what is the source or derivation of that? I never heard anything about that name." No, that's not a name. That's a title, and it embraces the plurality. And it is what we might call a conjunction, which unites the Father and the Son and manifest the Father and the Son. Now what else there, Doc?

READER: "...this is the true Elohim and eternal life."

DR. KINLEY: "Now this is the true Elohim and eternal life." Now look, you're reading in the first Epistle of John. Now what we have done down here in this school, is to try to make you conscious of some things and make you become aware of some things. Now this is what the world calls reading out of the New Testament, which is not so. But nevertheless, you're in the New Testament, you're reading that this is the true Elohim and eternal life. Now I want you to open you Bible now, just to show you how stupid you were in the first place! Now just to show you how stupid you were before you come to school. Genesis 1:1.

READER: "In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth..."

DR. KINLEY: Now you see that? Then for somebody to come along and tell you that the Elohim that the Apostles knew and Him that created the heavens and earth was one and the same, and was back there with Moses and them, now you got yourself a problem. A great big one too. Now what we try our best to do is make you aware of these things, things that you don't understand. Now I said it was a conjunction. It works kinda like the words "and", "but", "if", and "for". Now Yahweh is a name. Yahshua is a name. Elohim is a title. Now if you noticed repeat what you just read. Doc, the whole thing.

READER: "And we know that we are of Yahweh..."

DR. KINLEY: Now you got Yahweh. "We know we are of Yahweh." Go on.

READER: "...and the whole world lieth in wickedness..."

DR. KINLEY: "And we know that the whole world lieth in wickedness". In A.D. 90, when John's writing this epistle. All right.

READER: "...and we know that the Son of Yahweh is come..."

DR. KINLEY: "And we know that the Son of Yahweh" not gonna come, but "is come". Is that right? "Is come". All right.

READER: "...and hath given us an understanding..."

DR. KINLEY: "And hath given us an understanding." Now listen, this is the same one that give Moses an understanding, 'cause that's what you just said over there in Genesis 1:1. Said, "In the beginning...." Is that right?

DR. EDWARD MIXON: Right, sir.

DR. KINLEY: You see that now? Oh, I tell you this school is something else. Now you talking about a stupendous and gigantic revelation that the devil can't shoulder at all. He can't get near it and don't know what you talking about when you tell him about it. All right. "Has given us an understanding...."

READER: "...that we may know Him that is true..."

DR. KINLEY: "That we may know..." Now look here, what does this.... Stand up here, Bud. Turn around here and tell them people the 1st Aim.

MODERATOR (DR. BUD WUNSCH): The first aim is: "To help you find and know Yahweh our Elohim as He really is and actually exists."

DR. KINLEY: Now that's all we're concerned about down here. Thank you, Bud. We ain't concerned about nothing else. We don't care a thing about what the Pope says. We don't care a thing about what your pastor says. And I'd have you to know this: We ain't even interested in what Isaiah said or Moses. How 'bout that? All we're concerned about is what Yahweh said. We're not concerned about what Jeremiah said. And Jeremiah said it this way — he said, "Thus saith Yahweh." He didn't say, "I said it." You see what I mean? Now that's all we wanna know anything about down in this school.

Now all of this heathen stuff that you've got out here in the world. I remember when they used to ask us said, "How many folks do you have in your church?" I said, "Well I don't really know by head count." And even if I did and told you by head count how many we have in the audience, I don't think all them [Doc chuckles], I don't think all of them is gonna go. You'll find some among them that ain't just right, so then Yahweh wouldn't count them at all.

Okay, now listen, folks, I said that because this is the place for sinners, this is the place where you unload. Yes, and cast all your burdens upon Him, for He cares for you. All this deception and junk that they've been teaching you out there in the world, you just cast it all upon Him because He know. Now I didn't say that David know. I didn't say that Luther knew. I said Yahweh. Okay, read on, Doc.

READER: "...and we are in Him that is true..."

DR. KINLEY: "And we are in Him that is true." See, we are in Him that is true. All right, what else?

READER: "...even in His Son, Yahshua the Messiah."

DR. KINLEY: "Even in His Son, Jesus Christ."


DR. KINLEY: Yahshua the Messiah. Now look, wouldn't it make sense to you, now just be honest with yourself. Now if you feel like you don't wanna come to this, you're gonna have to anyhow. So you just might as well jump up to it tonight as any other night. Now if I could find out what your father's name is, male or female, now it would be stupid for me to ask you what your name is. I mean your first name.

Somebody say, "Well, my first name is Charles. My last name is Johnson." No, you got it backwards. Your first name is Johnson and your last name is Charles. How 'bout that? [Doc laughs.] Oh my, my, my. That's your son. Now if I can find out what your father's name is, you see, I already know what your name is. Now why is it that it wouldn't be that way in His case? Now if the Lord has His name, then why would it...well, why wouldn't He have some parts of it down here? You follow? Okay, and then what else?

READER: "...this is the true Elohim..."

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute folks, now do you want the True One or do you want a False Deity? Now that's the True One and all the rest of 'em is false, and He's the only one. Now look, John is writing this epistle and where does he get this word here, this title? We said it was between the... Where'd he get that "Elohim"? It's been some questions about it. We told you it was a title. It is not a name. God is a title and not a name. And Lord is a title and not a name, but Yahweh is a name. If that be true, then His Son would have to bear some parts of His name just like you bear some part of your father's name. Do you wanna argue about that?


DR. KINLEY: We have had 'em to say this when we first begin to bring these things out to you, "Well, what difference does a name make?" Well, we'll give you an answer for that too. This is what the difference a name makes. Okay, look there in Acts 10...

STUDENTS: Acts 4:10.

DR. KINLEY: Acts 4:10. Now this is what the difference, this is what the... See the name makes all the difference in the world. Say, listen, it would make some difference with you what people call you! Don't it? I wanna know if that's right or not?

STUDENTS: Yes, right.

DR. KINLEY: All right, read on.

READER: Acts 4:10.

DR. KINLEY: Acts 4:10.

READER: "Be it known unto you all..."

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute! "Be this known unto you all..." talking about all of Israel, all the Jews, all the Hebrews. "Now be this known unto you." All right.

READER: "...and to all the people of Israel..."

DR. KINLEY: Now you see there, "unto all of the people of Israel". All right, read on.

READER: "...that by the name of Yahshua the Messiah..."

DR. KINLEY: "...that by the name of Yahshua the Messiah..."

READER: "...of Nazareth..."

DR. KINLEY: "...of Nazareth..."

READER: "...whom you crucified..."

DR. KINLEY: "...whom you crucified..."

READER: "...whom Yahweh raised from the dead..."

DR. KINLEY: "...whom Yahweh raised from the dead.."

READER: "...even by Him does this man stand here before you whole."

DR. KINLEY: "...does this man stand here, even by Him Yahshua the Messiah, does this man stand here whole." Now this man laid out there at the gate Beautiful asking alms of the people, asking alms of those that went into the temple. And the Apostles walked up to him and they said, "Look on us." And the man looked at 'em. They said, "Now silver and gold, now we don't have no contribution to make, cause silver and gold have we none" (that was kinda my case), "but such as we have give unto thee" (that's my case too), "but in the name of Yahshua the Messiah rise up and walk". In the name of Yahshua the Messiah. And that man got up, they took him by the hand and that man got up from there and ran in that temple, and all them people in that temple that had been passing by and seeing this man... And then them old Pharisees and Scribes said, "We know that that was a notable miracle that was performed by Peter and John" so they thought, and they said, "Now and we cant deny it." Folks, he had 'em where the hair was short! [Doc laughs.]

Now look here, I'll show you why I brought that up! Now right in this school, and as Dr. Harris told you the other night, I heard him say something about it, he told you about things that they were getting together; him and Dr. Gross, some kind of a history of this school. Now there are things in that that they're putting together, you'll soon see it. And Dr. Mitchell has gotten a copy of it and he sent it back to me for (and he sent you a copy of it and Dr. Gross a copy) for verification. Now there are miracles just as great as this that has happened in this school.

And while I'm on this subject, I'd like to ask if you remember (course now I can't say that to everybody; the kids, cause they were not here when it was talked about and stated) I told you that if you would be obedient and obey that which Yahweh reveals to you through this teaching, if you would be obedient, He would work miracles among you, all kinds of miracles. Did I tell you that? Do you remember?

STUDENTS: Yes! Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: All of you remember, put your hand up! [Quite a few hands went up.] All right. I just wanna let you know there hasn't been any disappointment. Now this little condensed story that they have here, that does not cover the whole entire of anything. And right while I'm on that now, Peter and John didn't heal that man, and said so. They said it was by Yahshua the Messiah this man stands here... I haven't healed nobody, but it's Yahshua the Messiah! Now that oughta let you know that He definitely is present! That's one of the things I try my best to drill home to this people, to let you know that Yahweh definitely is present, ever present, never absent at no time. That's one of the...

While I'm on that, I think I should bring this up, which I think; in fact the matter, I know it was, it was overlooked and not appreciated as it should have been by them that gathered together. And they said, "Well, we'll just skip the MC" (talking about the history of the school), "we'll just skip prayer and get on into the teaching." Well look, fellow, you just skipped a part of the whole entire thing! But you see they didn't realize that they were skipping it, 'cause the Apostle said that prayers and intercession be made for all them that are in authority, all persons in authority. And then the Holy Spirit maketh intercession for them, makes them daily.

And now that's what the altar of incense was here for, to burn that incense to take the place. And listen, that was a daily administration, an everyday thing. And when Peter and John was going in the temple, that was a daily administration! Well now, they thought it was kind of a repetition, a vain repetition, to have a prayer and a song and what not or to follow after procedure! "Well, we'll just skip that and get on into the reality of the thing." No, you just skipped a lot of it that you ought not to have skipped! But they didn't realize that that was what they were doing.

Now since they got back to it and realize that Yahweh is there and it is necessary, prayers and intercession for all men is necessary in every meeting! In fact, the Apostle Paul put it this way: Well, we'll tell you about this first. See, the high priest went in there three times a day at the hour of prayer: nine, twelve and three in the afternoon. And Paul looked the situation over, said, "Well, it ain't no need of me just telling 'em nine, twelve and three. Let's just pray without ceasing, just don't stop."

And then James picks it up this way: "Pray one for another that you might be healed." And when you cut out prayer, it means that you're just stupid to the ever presence of Yahweh; you haven't got no faith at all. Now that's what it means when you skip it. You don't realize that it's Yahweh's presence at all times. Now that's the reason why the folks didn't realize that this Elohim that created heaven and earth, John [and] them were acquainted with Him incarnated in a physical body, just like He was back there with Moses walking around. You see what I'm talking about? Now let's get after that: Now said, "This is the true Elohim and eternal life." Is that what you just read? Is that something like it?

READER: Um, hum.

DR. KINLEY: Now John 17:3 says, "This is life eternal." Now that is it, if you're hunting for eternal life. See, it's not in the Pope. It's not in your pastor. It's just not there, but it is in Yahshua the Messiah and that's where we're supposed to be — in Yahshua the Messiah.

Well, I said I didn't wanna stay up here long, but I would like to just bring this out, and we — Dr. Rosen and I — we were talking about this afternoon. I'll make a door here. We don't usually do this right, so we're gonna try to do this some way near right this time. Now let me do it wrong like some have did. I just wanna show you we know the difference. See now, this is the way we did up there and we just kinda put a little gap in here. Now that's wrong. See how it is here. You see we know the difference. You see how it is around here on the outside?

Now I wanna show you what's got me bringing this up: Now Dr. Allen really talked about the cloud this morning, didn't he? And talked about the attributes in the cloud. Now this is one of the things I try my best to get you to see and to understand is that this cloud, it symbolizes Yahweh. Now a cloud (now you pay attention, pay attention), now a cloud, it has, just like your brain, it has convolutions. You know what a convolution is? You mind telling us, Doc? Maybe some of you don't know.

DR. ROBERT HARRIS, M.D.: Yes, sir. They are raised portions, wave-like, in the brain.

DR. KINLEY: Like mountains and valleys in the brain. Now do you know why I brought that up? A whole lot of you have been brainwashed. You've had that satanic doctrine preached unto you for so long you've got grooves cut in your brains. [Student body laughs.] And you think you're smart, and you're just as stupid as you could be, convolutions, corrupt hallucinations. Now that's right! Now I didn't say that just to be funny either!

See some of 'em say, "Repeat this after me: "Hira Krishna, Hira Krishna" Say, "Well I don't see no sense in this." And they say go on and repeat it anyhow whether you do or not! And after while, then here you are you come up here with "Hira Krishna, Hira Krishna, Hira Krishna, Hira Krishna". And then you believe that Krishna's in you.

Well, it cuts one of them grooves or convolutions in your brain or in your cloud, and you got an erroneous deity sitting up in there, cause Yahweh Elohim said, "I will dwell between the wings of the cherubims in the cloud above the Mercy Seat," which is typical, this cloud is typical of your brain with them convolutions in it. And then we commence to try to tell you something about the names. "Where y'all get all them old funny names at?" Say, "Well I'm going on in the name of Jesus." Yeah, you going on in his name, but where? You see what I mean?

All right now look, you see this is wrong. Now I just brought that out in order to skip a whole lot. Now different ones that's come down here and they try to find something wrong with these charts, looking around saying, "Well this ain't right, that ain't right." Look fellow I can find more wrong with these charts than you can. Now if you can't understand the charts (stand up Mickey), here's a map–you can look at him. And none of these pictures up here on this chart has any life in 'em. They're not supposed to be the real thing. They're just illustrations, limited too. Okay, now you see that?

Now we are in His Son. Now we want to get the cloud here, we want to go into everything real quick. [Dr. Kinley writes numbers on the board.] That's the cloud; that's the zero.

[SIDE 2]


The cloud symbolizes Yahweh. Now you have three, this threefold Ark here, the two cherubim and the Ark itself. [Glitch in the tape.] ...from which everything comes from, emanates or flows. Now Paul said that in Acts of Apostles, "For in Him we live and move and have our being, and we are...", the what?

STUDENTS: His offspring.

DR. KINLEY: "...the offspring." That's why we have this word up here "philoprogenitiveness", which means "instinctive love of offspring". That's what it means. "Now Yahweh so loved His offspring, that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Now let me get back now to show you what I'm talking about, so I can get down real quick. Now these attributes in this cloud, they have no particular (listen) descriptive shape and form. You can look at a cloud now and it doesn't have any descriptive shape or form. It's just a cloud. You might look back at it and it might look like an elephant. You might turn your head and then look back at it, and now it might look like a lion. And then you might turn back around and it might look like a boat at sea or something another like that. It's liable to look like anything, cause everything in it come from Yahweh, the sum total of everything.

Now here's these attributes that's in here. Now listen folks, here's what I'm getting at now, that's inorganic. We say these attributes, scatter 'em around in here like we got 'em here, that's inorganic. Now when you organize 'em, then that's organization. This is inorganic. This is organic. Now when the creation came in, it was inorganic. Then after the creation come in, then Yahweh begin to organize it. Put everything in its proper place. Put the water where it belong, and put the oil where it belongs, and put the iron ore where it belongs, and put the gold where it belongs, and put everything in its proper places. Now it's organized. Then you get some perception out of that. And then now let me tell you this: You ain't gonna have something here, let's say, well let's take it from here, let's say strength. Now you ain't gonna get weakness out of strength.

STUDENT: No, sir.

DR. KINLEY: You ain't gonna get weakness out of strength. Do you follow? Now the reason why I said that that way, see out of a monkey you're not gonna get a man; you're not gonna get nothing like that. You're not gonna gather some figs of thistles, everything is gonna produce after its kind. Now while I'm on that score... Now see I don't just about got ready to preach now and that's what I was trying to avoid. And the reason why I done got worked up like that all of a sudden is on the count of this boy from India.

STUDENT: Maharajah.

DR. KINLEY: Maraj...yeah. [Student body laughs.] Six million followers, seventeen years old. Where'd he get his knowledge of what? He's supposed to be the Master. Is that right?

STUDENT: That's what he claims.

DR. KINLEY: Who's got a what?

STUDENT: I said, that's what he claims.

DR. KINLEY: Yeah, and the Lord of the Universe (now that he may be), but that's not Yahweh and I doubt the other too. But now look, what they're teaching the people is this: It's a doctrine of Mohammed. Now what is that? See now millions upon top of millions of people don't know... and that is the doctrine of reincarnation. There is no such thing in reality. I can give you an example of where it appears to be like that. For example, I'll give you an example: Now here's reincarnation. When a man dies and a baby is born, the spirit that was in that man goes in another body. Now that's supposed to be reincarnation. Now that's plum stupid. Now to reincarnate means that is you come out of that body, that's the same body you have to go back in. Now that's reincarnation.

Now here's a case of that now: The devil. Yahshua the Messiah sent them out to cast out the devil and they went and cast them out. And the devil he walked through (the demons I should say), walked through dry places seeking rest and finding none. Then he decided he'd go back to the house out of which he was cast, or the person out of whom he was cast, and he found the house swept and garnished. Now this is before the Holy Spirit was poured out. He finds his house swept and garnished, nobody living in it. And so he couldn't even break in there by himself. That's the reason why I said it's not an exact case of reincarnation.

So then he goes away and gets seven more, then comes back and breaks in. And the last state of that man is worse than the first. Now that's a partial reincarnation. That's a partial one because that one that took the others in there with him and broke in, he entered into the vessel from which he came out of. Now since Pentecost there ain't gonna be no reincarnation, because when Yahshua gets in there the house is occupied, not only swept and garnished, but occupied and preserved. And there will be no breaking in, because if you did then you would overpower Yahweh and that will never happen. You see what I mean?

Now let me get after it now and show you. Now with the cloud passing 'em over, now all these attributes that are in here–and we said there were nine of 'em that were in here. And then they taken on (that's inorganization), so they took on organization and formed a man... Well it's way down there on that other chart. I can't get to it, but it show you there in-parts. Some of you folks down there that know something about what I'm talking about get up and... Yes, that's the picture right there. [Pointing to the Elohim Chart Plate #2]

See how it comes down in those threes? You see that around there? That's it. That's the Kingdom around there. Now we're in the Kingdom. Oh, no. Flesh and blood don't inherit it. So don't think you're in there as a man, because it just don't inherit the Kingdom.

Now here we have the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Right?


DR. KINLEY: Now we got them in the cloud. Now we numbered nine attributes up there and we've got the nine in here. Now this is the tenth. This aught makes up the tenth. Now listen folks, all of the numbers that's in numerology are right in this one cloud. From one to nine. And the zero surpassing it or encircling it. Now if you take and cut this off here, now there's your three there. If you cut it off here, there's your three there. [Dr. Kinley is writing on the blackboard.]


Now these are the vessels: the brazen altar, and the laver, and the Holy Anointing Oil. Now listen, this is the tenth. [Circle around the numbers.] Five is abstract and ten is concrete. Now look, that's all the numbers there is. There is no other numbers, you could go up to a billion or maybe ten or as many billions as you want to, but there ain't no more numbers. That's all of 'em. That's all of 'em. Ain't no need of arguing about it. That's all of 'em. You see that now? So now then, in this cloud that's everything it is. Yahweh, you have... 1st Corinthians 15:28 and 1. Now Yahweh is All in All.

Now this is gonna make me have to go back. Dr. Allen you might have to get back on the board. This is gonna make me have to go back. Put the same thing I had on here first. [The nine numbers.] Now you got three tribes on this side. You have three on this side. You have three on this side. You have three here. Now that's twelve. And then you had a banner on this side. Now what was on the banner?

DR. FRED ALLEN: On the west side you had a lion.

DR. KINLEY: Well put 'em in there. [Dr. Allen drew tabernacle with banners all around it.] Now do you know what we're after now? We're after this title. I wanna show you how it works. Now what is this?

DR. ALLEN: This is the man.

DR. KINLEY: That's the man. That's "him". That's the man. What's this?


DR. KINLEY: Ox. What's this?

DR. ALLEN: Eagle.

DR. KINLEY: Eagle. What's this?

DR. ALLEN: Lion.

DR. KINLEY: Lion. E - L - O - that's HIM. That's Him! You see that now? Now He said to them, Moses, when he was coming down out the mountain He said, "Now you take an offering", that's the 25th chapter of Exodus, "of the children of Israel and have them to bring me an offering and build me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them." Well, where was he before then? See, you usually leave that out. Well, this is where He was: He's in the tent way on the backside of the mountain in the tent. He's not over here with them. Now I wanna tabernacle made so I can dwell among men. Now when they built the tabernacle, then He had the three tribes around it. So now that's E - L - O - HIM. Now that's the title for Yahweh in shape and form, as He is up here, or the unity of the attributes there. Oh my goodness. Ain't that wonderful? Of course, I knew you already knew that. [Student body laughs.]

That's an organization of the attributes. Now we're in Him even in His Son. Now this here we have here... Now everything emanates and it comes from there, everything all around comes from Him. And we are in Him, His Son; this is the true title for the Father in shape and form. Now listen folks, now get it straight. John said, "We know Him, and we are in Him that is true, even in His Son Yahshua the Messiah; this is the true Elohim." Now I had you go back and read Genesis 1:1 and you have there, "In the beginning." See you use it like this: Elohim, they used God instead of Elohim. This is the true God or this is the true Elohim that was incarnated in (let's get this one straight too), "Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me."

Somebody say, "I don't believe it." Well, come on let's go to the cemetery. You know you can't hold the wind in your fist. You can't stop that can you? And all He said was just "Peace be still", when He was down there in the hinder part of that boat laying down there sleep. And they went and shook Him, "Hey, wake up and get busy, grab something here. You don't care whether we perish or not?" He just woke up and said, "Oh ye of little faith. Peace be still." And then everything calmed down. Now when you begin to see what we're talking about and you come in here with all that junk in your mind, then peace be still. You begin to calm down. See? And all of that squawking about you and your deity, then it's peace be still. And you come to cooling off, settling down. And those are the true names that are in there. You follow now?

I just thought that maybe, I just thought maybe I ought to say something tonight. That's Him that was manifested in the flesh. That's the true Elohim, which you call God or which you call Yahweh our Elohim, manifested in His Son, whom we are in. You follow what I'm talking about? Now look folks, what we have said, that makes sense. Now do you want me to continue on?

STUDENTS: Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: Just a little biddy piece?

STUDENTS: Go head. Oh, yes.

DR. KINLEY: Now we said we had all the numbers there, were in here. Now you can't fix this. Now Yahweh made a covenant or agreement, and we told you that's all there was. There ain't no more numbers in mathematics. You can count up to as many billions and sextillions as you want to, but you have to use them numbers. All right. Freddy, turn 'em around both ways and get up there 1089 and add a 7. Now before you do that Freddy, do this: Put down 1656.

DR. ALLEN: 1656.

DR. KINLEY: What's that?

DR. ALLEN: The Ante Diluvian Age from Adam down to the flood.

DR. KINLEY: That's A.M., huh?

DR. ALLEN: Yeah.

DR. KINLEY: Okay. Put down 857. Is that right?

DR. ALLEN: Yeah. [1656 + 857 = 2513]

DR. KINLEY: 2513. Now that, what's this from?

DR. ALLEN: That's from Adam down to the flood. And this is from here down to...

DR. KINLEY: Now wait, wait, wait a minute Freddy. Now that was from Adam down to the flood, right?


DR. KINLEY: Well now here's a week here. Put a week on that. See Adam was created in the last day, so you have to put a week on that.

DR. ALLEN: [1656 + 857 = 2513 + 7 = 2520]

DR. KINLEY: Now what's that?

DR. ALLEN: 2520, the time...

DR. KINLEY: That's a mystic number there, right?

DR. ALLEN: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: I see. Where you find that at Freddy?

DR. ALLEN: You find it on the tomb down in Egypt, pyramid. Pardon me.

DR. KINLEY: I see. And then nobody knows nothing about that.


DR. KINLEY: Oh, I see. Now I'm awful stupid, see. Okay now that's what you got, 2520. Now put down a week in prophetic time. Maybe you better put it over here somewhere.

DR. ALLEN: You wanna week in prophetic time?

DR. KINLEY: 7 x 7.

DR. ALLEN: 49.

DR. KINLEY: 49. Now that's seven weeks. It's seven days in a week. And it's seven weeks in a cycle of weeks. Now you see, let me tell you this folks. Now down at the school, it isn't a matter of us asking you to believe something and we don't know what we're talking about. We don't do it that way. Now put down 70 weeks.

DR. ALLEN: 490.

DR. KINLEY: Read David, Daniel. Now I'm trying to hurry. Now y'all work fast cause I wanna get down from here. Now he's gonna put down 70 weeks.

DR. DAVID ROSEN: Daniel 9:24.

DR. KINLEY: Daniel 9:24. Now we're after this number too. We're after this number here too. Now 490. Now how many times this number [490] will give you this one [2520]? How many is it Doc? How many is it? How many times 490 goes into this one [2520]?

DR. HARRIS: It's five times divided.

DR. KINLEY: Five times. See if it's right. It better come out right. If it don't, you just made a mistake that's all. See Yahweh don't make them kind of blunders.

DR. ALLEN: That's 2450. [Dr. Allen multiplied 490 x 5.]

DR. KINLEY: Is that right Dr. Harris?

DR. HARRIS: His mathematics is correct, when you divide by 490 is 2450, but it doesn't match the 2520.

DR. ALLEN: You have to add 70 more week of days.

DR. KINLEY: All right. Put it in there, that's what I'm after. See you have to put it in there. Put what in there?

DR. ALLEN: Seventy more weeks of days.

DR. KINLEY: All right. Just since you get it in Freddy. Now what I'm trying to do here is to show you that that 2520 and this 490, and how it goes into this [2520] to make that same number come out this way. To show the difference between the cycle of weeks and the cycle of years, and how many times this is in here. Now this is what this is doing: This is proving where you are as of now. Now look, suppose you multiply that by a couple.

DR. ALLEN: Two x 2520 will give you 5040. We're 935 years short of that. It come out to be 5975.

DR. KINLEY: That's where you are as of now?

DR. ALLEN: Um, hum.

DR. KINLEY: Now just take that off. Now look folks, what we're working with, now this is what we're working with: See we're working in these ages from the Garden of Eden to the Flood, from the Flood down to the Crucifixion, and from the crucifixion down this, and where we are as of now. Now you remember we got all these numbers in this purpose and we got all the attributes. And we got all the numbers there is in mathematics and we've had three sets of numbers. This is Yahweh. This is Elohim. That is that unity. And this is Yahshua. This is the Most Holy Place. This is the Holy Place. And this is the Court Around About. This is the cloud. And this is all the numbers there is in mathematics.

Well now let's see if they're gonna work. All right. Now put me down a number. You take one, two, three if you want to cause this is all the numbers there is in mathematics. No, you have to get in here with it. You can't get over there cause see we want the people to use these numbers. What are you doing there Freddy?

DR. ALLEN: Reversing the numbers.


DR. ALLEN: Cause I'm looking back or I'm going back in the...

DR. KINLEY: Now see you were told to go back here to the Law. "Oh go on, we ain't living under no Law now!" Ignoramus, idiot. Well you haven't got outside of Yahweh, not yet. [Doc laughs.] Oh, isn't this something? All right, that's 198. Now if he makes a mistake we're going to call his hand. It ain't gone fit, I can tell you that now. And we're gone use all these numbers in numerology. Now folks you all get ready cause we're gone ask you for one too. Now that's 1096. What'd you put the seven on there for?

DR. ALLEN: Confirming it for a week of the creation.

DR. KINLEY: That's why you added that seven to that 2513?

DR. ALLEN: Right.

DR. KINLEY: Oh, I see. [Doc laughs.] I'm trying to kid him, you have to kinda look over me. You see what I mean? You have to kinda look over me. Now you smart theologians, smart folks, now we got all the numbers there is from one to nine and it's surrounded by the... And we said that everything come out of here. Now Freddy has used 1, 2, 3. Now you could use 4, 5, 6 if you want to or you could use 7, 8, 9. Do it the same way. Freddy let's do that too. Now while he's doing that you think up one and see whether it will come out now, cause we're using all the numbers there is in mathematics just to show you.

Now these are divine numbers. This is the way Yahweh works to carry out His promise. Now for example, when He told Israel there in the 3rd chapter, He told Moses, "I am the Elohim of your father." Read it! And then get it in Galatians and also in Acts of Apostles. Now hurry up because I'm trying to get down, I wanna let somebody preach. I'm not trying to preach, I'm trying to teach.

READER: Exodus 3:6, "Moreover He said, 'I am the Elohim of thy father...'"

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute. He just tells him about his father. Said, "I am the Elohim of your father." Now he didn't run off down there and try to get Jacob first or Abraham first. He knew Moses knew his father. I said Moses knew his own father. So then, He tells him about his own father first. All right. And then, He tells him what?

READER: "I am the Elohim of thy father, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac, and the Elohim of Jacob."

DR. KINLEY: Okay. And now, read on.

READER: "...and Moses hid his face..."

DR. KINLEY: Okay. Now wait a minute. Now what I'm after now is that He come down.

READER: Eleventh verse: "And Yahweh said I have surely seen the affliction of my people, which are in Egypt..."

DR. KINLEY: Now listen here. Now with all these smart boys out here, with all of these smart boys... [Glitch in the tape.] ...see. He'd been walking around looking at it. Said, "I've seen the affliction!" Is that what you were trying to talk about here the other night?

DR. WILLIAMS: Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: In a physical body too! The man's walking around down on the ground after He'd taken on shape and form. He said, He'd come down. What do you mean come down? I come on out of Pure Spirit, and on down into this form, and then come on down in the flesh, and now I'm walking around in the middle of it. I've looked right at it and I've seen. Just like I see you in your stupidity out here in Babylon, and then somebody try to tell you... You follow? And now I'll have to try to show you in the mathematics of it.

Now then, He had to come in at a certain time. He had to come down. He had to take on that body... Boy, I thought about that this morning. And I was setting here, looked over at Mary, said, "You got a piece of candy or something before I jump out of this chair?" When Dr. Allen was up here preaching.

Now in Galatians Paul said about, and in Acts of Apostles around 400 years, they were evilly entreated about 400. Four hundred, now I didn't say 430. I said 400. You heard me, you're not blind. So He come down, 400 years He arrived on the scene. "One day is with Yahweh as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day." So 4000, He was there in a physical body too, if you please. That mean that He appeared in the 400th year. Now then He was down there for 30 years with them, cause the one book says (and the folks they don't understand it, because they don't know nothing about the mathematics of it), the sun was put up here in the sky in the fourth day or the 4000th year, not 4004. Now I wanna, I think it's in the 7th Chapter.

READER: Acts 7:6.

DR. KINLEY: Acts 7:6. And what else?

READER: Galatians 3:16-17.

DR. KINLEY: Galatians 3.

READER: Acts 7:6, "And Elohim spake on this wise..."

DR. KINLEY: "And Elohim spake on this wise..."

READER: "...that his seed should sojourn in a strange land..."

DR. KINLEY: Now he's talking about back here. Back here where the children of Israel come out of Egypt, out of Palestine and come on down here. And say, you know it's nice, it's nice to see this: Oh mercy, they were taken from where they come from and now they're on their way back in the first place. Ain't that what the Book says?

Now then all Yahweh does is just cause a famine, no rain, no food, nor nothing. See this man had a belly hanging on him. And it was something to eat down in Egypt. Now Yahweh knows how to get him down there. See, just bring about this drought. And right down, just went right on down. And Yahweh didn't have no problem, just caused a drought. Nothing to eat up there and he went right on down. He didn't have to drive him down, his belly was driving. [Doc laughs.]

Now Yahweh didn't have no more trouble getting him out as He did getting him down there. No trouble at all. And He was fixing to have less trouble getting him out than He was getting 'em down there. So then Pharaoh was gonna let 'em go after that first plague. And He said, "Oh, no. I'll tighten the old boy up." Your preacher been round here denying everything. Yahweh is just tightening him up. "Oh, I don't know nothing about them old names! I'm going on with my Jesus! What are you talking about?" [Dr. Kinley chuckles.] You see that Doc? "I don't know nothing about Yahweh." That's what Pharaoh said too, but he sure did find out. And Pharaoh said, "Will you please ask Yahweh to bless me too?" [Doc and Student Body laughs.] Oh, my. Yes, indeed. Now I'm after these 430 years. Okay.

READER: "And Elohim spake on this wise..."

DR. KINLEY: "And Elohim spake on this wise..."

READER: "...that his seed should sojourn in a strange land..."

DR. KINLEY: " a strange land..."

READER: "...and that they should bring them into bondage..."

DR. KINLEY: "...and that they should bring them into bondage..."

READER: "...and entreat them evil..."

DR. KINLEY: "...and entreat them evil..."

READER: "...four hundred years..."

DR. KINLEY: Four hundred. Now it didn't say 430. Now the theologians is wondering why it ways here in Acts: One time it says 400 years, he treated them evil 400 years. And go over here in Galatians it says this, read.

READER: "And this I say..."

DR. KINLEY: "And this I say..."

READER: "...that the covenant..."

DR. KINLEY: "...that the covenant..."

READER: "...that was confirmed before of Yahweh..."

DR. KINLEY: "...that was confirmed before of Yahweh..."

READER: " His Messiah..."

DR. KINLEY: " His Messiah..."

READER: "...the Law, which came four hundred and thirty years afterwards..."

DR. KINLEY: Uh, oh. Uh, oh. See Pharaoh entreated them evil 400 years and He stood around there and looked at it. Now Moses had been run off there in the land of Midian 30 years. Then here He comes, Moses out there 30 years and He was 10 years after Moses was gone. Well then here He is down here looking at it, how that the people, the Egyptians were mistreating or ill-treating Israel. Now Yahweh said that's just what's gone happen. And I don't know. I just don't understand it. Can I just go 'head on and say this? Why is it you like to stay out there in Egypt? Nothing to eat. Naked as a jaybird in whistling time. See you out there and your pastor ain't feeding you nothing! Your belly empty and then beating, then beating the devil out of you and you like it! And Yahweh is trying to get you out of there in Egypt and in Babylon saying, "Come out of her my people." Why do you want me to come out of there for? "So you don't be a partaker of her sin and receive of her plagues...for Babylon is fallen, she's become the mother of harlots." Not virgins, but harlots. Don't mix that mess up.

Now it's 400 years one way and 430 in the other. Now that means He was down there 30 years. Now look, that has to be fulfilled. He has to come in the 4000th, just as the sun it was put in the sky in the 400th year. So then, He has to be born of a virgin too: 4000 not 4004, but 4000. Then you see that 4, you see there. Now then since He's born of that virgin in the 4000th year, then He's got to come down there in Egypt 430 years or 400 years and be down there 30 years, then Passover and they went to the Red Sea and was baptized in the Red Sea under Joshua. Is that almost right?


DR. KINLEY: You say that's right?


DR. KINLEY: Okay then. Now listen folks this is what I'm after, now in Luke it says you this: "As He begin to be about thirty years old." Now He done walked around. He looked the situation over, went down in Egypt and looked that over down there too. Come up out of there... Now He can't come out of Egypt when Mary and Joseph went down. He can't come out of there until its a death. So Herod that sought that child's life, he died. And when the message got to Joseph or when he heard that he was dead, he come on out of there.

Yeah and when the children of Israel come to the Red Sea (oh Pharaoh he's powerful), and then when he was overthrown or drowned in the Red Sea... Somebody say, "He wasn't drowned in no Red Sea. Cecil B. Demille told you that he picked up his son and carried him on back down into Egypt and laid him in Moloch's arms." Them idiots didn't even know that Moloch was a Canaanite deity. That's right. Now if you don't think he was, I'll read. A Canaanite, not an Egyptian deity, and laid him in Moloch's arms. And they say, "Well, he wasn't drowned in the Red Sea." Look at the 136th division of Psalms and the 15th verse, so you'll know next time you see the picture and then you can tell them all about it. Tell them folks and get your friends and gather them together to the Ten Commandments next time and say, "Right there that's wrong." Freddy, you can have a seat.

READER: "To Him that divideth the Red Sea into parts..."

DR. KINLEY: "To Him that divideth the Red Sea into parts..."

READER: "...for His mercy endureth forever..."

DR. KINLEY: "...for His mercy endureth forever..."

READER: "...and made Israel to pass through the midst of it..."

DR. KINLEY: Now made Israel to pass through the midst of it. Now watch, now watch! Draw a red line around it or do something so you'll know from now on. You might have to call your pastor over here too. Read on Doc.

READER: "...for His mercy endureth forever..."

DR. KINLEY: That's right.

READER: "...but overthrew Pharaoh and his host in the Red Sea..."

DR. KINLEY: Now overthrew Pharaoh and his host, not just his host... They say Pharaoh went back down into Egypt and got his son. And he was the king and he didn't see the blood, and let him up now; uh, uh, overthrew Pharaoh and his host. And listen here, every time, that's where the devil gets his trump at. See he's had trouble with that water all the time. And he's still having trouble with that water. He had a good pastor. [Doc laughs.] He's still having trouble with that water, saying water. Oh, I'm telling you. He's saying water wash away sins. Oh, my goodness.

Well if that's the case, now look now, you don't have to have no sense to see this: If water (as Lee White said this standing in this pulpit) said, "Well water baptism is to wash away your filthy sins." Did he say it? All of those that heard him say it, hold up your hand. Now if water washed away your filthy sins, don't you think that was pretty stupid in your Saviour to be crucified after John done baptized Him before he died? And His sins done washed on down into the Salt Sea? John baptized Him before He died. And here He is so stupid that He don't know water washed away sins and here He's hanging out there on the cross. Yahweh gave Him for the remission of our sins. I tell you. Say listen, when are you gonna wake up? Now somebody says, "Well, I been in this church too long to get out now." You better get on out of there.

All right. Now that 430 years, in other words, that's 4000 and 30 years from back here from the finished creation, 4030. And now here it is down here 400 years, and then later on He was down here looking at the thing for 30 years. Of course, I know y'all knew all about that before you come to school. [Doc and Students laugh.] I know you good Bible theologians understood that. And there He was down there looking at it. And then look, had the nerve to read the Bible and say, "That I have seen the afflictions," and still yet didn't see Him. Now wouldn't that just floor you?

And He said to 'em when He was talking about Abraham, (Oh, my goodness. That's 430 years after Abraham.), and then He said now, "Before Abraham was, I am." And they said, "Well, you ain't yet 50 years old." Sometimes they look at this old gray hair. Oh, I tell you. [Couple of words inaudible through laughter.] Okay now my point is this 400 years He appeared down there to Moses to bring them out. He just appeared down there. Now look, look here folks, if Yahweh could take on an incorporeal form, and Moses could see it in a vision, what's the matter with Him taking on a physical form? Now that's the only way that He would be manifested down here, and now that was Joshua, the one they call Joshua. Now that really was Yahshua. Now look here folks, now there ain't gonna be no argument about this, I hope. Now there's no J in the Hebrew language. Now if there's no J in the Hebrew language, not even unto this day. Is that right David?

DR. DAVID ROSEN: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: That's a Jew. And I mean he can speak Hebrew fluently too, and he was born in Israel. And his mother was over there right recently. And it's still yet in the Masoretic text. Is that right?

DR. ROSEN: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: And there is not a Rabbi, Jewish Rabbi on earth that don't know that the name, true name of our heavenly Father is Yahweh, and His Son's name is Yahshua. Now look folks, I've said all that to say this: Now Billy Graham can raise all the racket, Maharajah can raise all the sand he wants to, talking about me —, the honorable Elijah Mohammed can raise all the racket he wants to raise. I want you to understand what I'm talking about! In other words, I want you to be benefited by coming down here tonight. My job is telling you the truth! Truth just like it is! Somebody say, "I don't believe you." Then it's to the Lake, you'll never be saved! Say, "Oh, yes I will. That's your opinion." I beg your pardon, that is not my opinion. That's what Yahweh said Himself. You just can't be saved out here. And Yahweh is telling you to come out of it.

Now here's what I wanna know, here's what I want Mickey, and here's what I want you to see. Now you don't have no scripture in your Bible (and for God's sake see this, or for the Devil's sake too) see this: There's no need for Maharajah Sung Myung Moon, they've got thousands and millions of people following them. No need of Billy Graham... I'm telling you to your face, you can believe it or not, you'll either have to accept it or abide by the consequences. Now my thought to you is this: this is what Yahweh said, not me. He said what His name is. Now if Yahweh said what His name is, and then you said what your name is, and you don't want nobody to call you out of your name, well what do you think about Yahweh?

Now here's the point I wanna get you to see: There isn't anybody gonna be saved in Mohammed's name. The honorable Elijah Mohammed is a false prophet! You heard me, you're not blind. Rajah is a false prophet! And if old Henry C. was talking about I'm something, I'm a liar and the truth is not in me. You can't be saved in no name, get his one straight, was Isaiah crucified for you?


DR. KINLEY: Was Moses crucified for you?


DR. KINLEY: Was Paul crucified for you?


DR. KINLEY: Well whoever it was crucified for you, that's the only one you can be saved in. Now buster, I've given it to you straight! And you better get the hell on out of there! And do it quick too, don't won't no loafin around, because Yahshua the Messiah said to the Devil, Judas at that time, "Whatever you gonna do, hurry up and get it done. Do it quick." What are you gonna do it quick for? Behold I come quick, ain't going back after nothing, got it right with me. Well, says, "Well, when I get my mind made up..." He that testifieth f these things, 22nd Chapter of Revelation says, "Behold, I come quickly." And on the Day of Pentecost, and suddenly, quick, as the lightening flashes out of the east even unto the west, even shall the Son of man... You ain't got no time to be flocking around here with these hypocrite preachers, the lying bastards.

Somebody done got mad, said, "Well, I thought you was gonna preach." Well, I am. That's why I called him a liar. Do you know what a bastard is? It's one born out of wedlock. See this is a wedding and you're wedded to Yahshua the Messiah. And you're in Him; you wasn't born out of Him. How 'bout that? Oh, my goodness. And a bastard, you want me to tell you what that is? See, I preached to you now and if you are a Mohammedan... See all them folks overseas there, down in Egypt and all, they've received our communications and replied. And they also did in Arabia, and in Israel also, and Egypt.

And now my point is this: The gospel has been preached to those people, has been taught. [Bell rings.] And if they don't take heed to it, then that's their loss. And I wanna let you know that every last one of 'em is gonna be lost! And unless you get up and get out of Mohammed, 'cause Mohammed wasn't crucified for you. Somebody say, "Well, St. Peter. How 'bout that?" You better get out of that too. Peter wasn't crucified for you. Isaiah wasn't crucified for you. Peter wasn't crucified for you. Paul wasn't crucified for you, and said he wasn't!

Now that 400 years, I heard the bell and I'm not gonna keep you either, now that 400 years and that 30, that means this: That He stood there and went to the creek and had a physical body. Now look, if that's so, let's prove whether that's so or not. Now then, that would mean if that was gonna get fulfilled, if that's gonna get fulfilled, He has to do it in a physical body. Why? Because He was in a physical body back here with Moses. And Ambassador College just learned that right recently. And of course they know all about everything. They wanna tell the Heads of State what to do and all this, that and the other. See, and they didn't even know. Put down the 10th Chapter of 1st Corinthians where it say, "Moreover brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant how that all of our fathers were in the cloud and did all pass through the sea, and was baptized in the cloud and in the sea. And the Rock that went with them was Yahshua the Messiah.

And you know this thing makes you hot when you see the Pope and them out there talking about the church was built on Peter. Now Peter wasn't back there, Yahshua was back there. And not only was He back there with Moses, He was back there with the Father too. See, He was with the Father. Oh, boy. I tell you. I hope you got something out of what I been trying my best to tell you. And I hope you see it mathematically so.

But now there's one other thing I think I should tell you. Freddy rub it all out and put this on the board, this is the last one. Put 1656 and 2377, and go 'head on and put this year down. Add it on. [Dr. Allen writes on the board: 1656 + 2377 +1942 = 5975]

Now put 6000 down. [Dr. Allen writes on the board: 6000 - 5975 = 25]

Now that's 25 years. Now here's what I wanna say to that: It ain't gonna be no more 40. 1960, it was 40 years from that or A.D. 2000. Ain't gonna be no more. Say look boy, all of you will either be in heaven or hell or the lake, get me straight, before 40 years. You don't have but 25 the long way to make 6000. Yahweh worked 6 days and one day with Him, as I said is a thousand years. Now you add 1656 before the flood and that 2377, and 2000 years approximately is an age. And they're three ages down through that 6000 years. Is that right? I wanna know!


DR. KINLEY: Okay. Now then here you got this 25 years. Now that's the, that's a long, that's the long way. Now look, don't think you're gonna hang around 25, don't think that! Cause if you think that, you're dead wrong. Yahshua the Messiah said that it's not gonna be like that. He said now the first age 1656 was a short one, and then 2377 a long one; that's 377 years over 2000. And now here it is, it's got to be a short one now. So you can't go up to no A.D. 2000 or no 6 days. Because if you did, you'd be working over time and there ain't gonna be no overtime. And therefore, He said unless those days be cut short there wouldn't be nobody saved. Ain't nobody saved much now, cause everybody, Paul said about it too, said, "Why is it when you come into one place everyone of you hath a doctrine." Why is it that you come up here with the Baptist, and the Methodist, and the Presbyterians, and the Unitarians, and the Honorable Elijah Mohammed, and the Maharajah, and the Sun Myung. Where you coming up here with all this mess for? Wasn't none of 'em crucified for you; they're not the Saviour. If you follow them, you'll go to hell or the lake. Don't follow nobody but Yahshua the Messiah! Paul said this: Follow me as I follow Yahshua, so if you come behind anybody else....

[Tape Ends.]

[Matthew 24:35-39; This stands Yahshua out there alone and by Himself.]