Revelation of the Divine Pattern of the Universe

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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, D.D., Ph.D. Founder and Dean of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc.

While still deep within the state of ennui or lassitude that I had experienced during the entire panoramic vision, my intellect suddenly began to comprehend the many things I had seen and experienced during the vision (see illustrations on p. 10-11). I realized that this was the fulfillment of the promise to provide the keys to the kingdom of God (Luke 11:52). A divine sense of well being, an illumination from within the depths of my being, enlightened the panorama which spread before my eyes, developing comprehension and understanding from the knowledge thus imparted to me. Thought and wisdom became mine. I possessed a sensation and awareness of the basic universal truth that far exceeded human knowledge. God was perfection. Perfection would be revealed and evidenced in the most direct and simple manner possible.

Is God an archetype divine 3-fold pattern?

Suddenly my mind's eye focused on one of the incredible phenomena I had experienced with Moses in the mount. When God, the great heavenly anthropomorphic being, had instantaneously transformed himself into a completely furnished three-fold Intangible Sanctuary or Tabernacle, I suddenly realized with clarity that this was the universal pattern of the world. This was the truth about God the Archetypal and Divine Pattern of the Universe and his spirit law and eternal purpose throughout the dispensations and ages of time. Everything from the beginning to the end would be revealed, proven, verified, repeated over and over again by this simple three-fold pattern.

As I watched again, I could see the three distinct areas of the Intangible Sanctuary, the Court Around About, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle (see illustrations above and on p. 16). In the Court Around About was the brazen altar of sacrifice and the brazen laver containing water for the priests to wash. Through the doorway into the Holy Place, I observed the golden candlestick, the golden overlaid table of shewbread and the golden alter of incense. As I re-visited the Most Holy Place, passing through the veil into the most spiritual of all places, I saw the ark of the covenant, with its two cherubum of glory, and their wings overshadowing the mercy seat. I saw again the tables of stone and Aaron's rod. Once again, I heard God instructing Moses to build a physical Tabernacle exactly identical to the Intangible Sanctuary into which God had transformed Himself.

Do both animate and inanimate objects give witness to God's creation?

I trembled in awe as the knowledge became mine that every animate and inanimate, every organic and inorganic, every aspect of life and matter would be explainable, understandable, and verifiable as the work of God's creation through this ultra simple pattern of the three-fold Intangible Sanctuary. Full knowledge and wisdom rushed upon me and embraced me. God, the Original or Archetypal Pattern of the Universe was three-fold: the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit (I John 5:7), or abstract, intermediate, and concrete, or in another manner, pneuma, psyche, and soma. In man it was Spirit, soul, and body (see illustration below). In matter it was the electron, the proton, and the neutron. Then truly all proof could be measured by this one Universal Spiritual Pattern to determine the accuracy and inaccuracy of any fact or theory, proposed or propounded.

Can invisible Spirit be understood by the visible?

I realized that it is true that the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse (Rom. 1:19-20). Therefore, every manifestation of God had to be and must be three-fold.

Does the entire creation reflect the 3-foldness of the creator?

In future lessons, we will discuss and thoroughly explain the universality of this three-fold plan. Throughout all God's kingdom we will show how the things that have been made at the instruction of God fits into this 3-fold pattern: the physical temple (oracle, sanctuary, porch, I Kings 6th Chapter; I Chron. 3-5th Chapters) the tabernacle (Most Holy Place, Holy Place, and Court Round About, Exo. 25th-27th Chapters), Noah's ark (top deck, middle deck, and lower deck, Gen 6:16, the very body of man himself (head, chest, abdomen), the structure of the mind of man (Spirit Law, mental faculties, sense perception), the minute infinitesimal particles of matter (proton, neutron, electron), the vegetable kingdom (branches, trunk, roots), the ornithological (bird) kingdom, throughout the animal kingdom, everything fits into this 3 fold pattern (see illustration on the bottom of p. 12). This then in a highly condensed and simplified manner, is the sum and substance of the revelation I received from God. The accompanying illustrations of this 3 fold pattern will be referred to many times in future lessons. So it is recommended that they be studied thoroughly and carefully preserved.

Does the creation operate according to organized, infallible Spirit Law?

As a concluding thought, is it not inconceivable to you that a master creator, the supreme being could create such a fantastically and perfectly organized planned universe. A place where spirit laws are infallible and immutable, where the stars and the sun and the moon, and the climates perform their function without fail, without error, throughout the ages? A place where nature has a perfection of balance so great that in the vastness of nature, the slightest change is immediately conspicuous by the very lack of balance caused? A universe where man, this tremendous, greatest of all machines ever made, imbued with an infinite capacity to think, to reason, to search for God, and spiritual truth? Is it not inconceivable that this great God would fail to provide clear, precise manifestations of himself and his divine will and purpose, so that all seeking men might know and understand God and his eternal purpose.

Can objects or events be measured by a scale of divine evolution?

I unhesitatingly, emphatically, unequivocally state here and now, that as we progress through this general course, there is not one thing in the realm of the universe that we will not examine, study, and learn to understand by the 3-fold Pattern. We will see how and where it fits into God’s purpose, and prove to ourselves beyond any possibility of doubt, that the Universal, the Eternal truth can all be clearly seen and understood by the knowledge and understanding of how to use the 3 fold Pattern of the Universe. In fact, you will learn that by properly placing an object or an event in the scale of Divine Evolution, you will know how nearly perfect it is or was at the time and what following steps would have to be taken toward perfection and therefore how to time the course of action of the events of the Universe, from the beginning to the end throughout all eternity.