Preaching (or Teaching) in the Name

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Composed and Compiled by:

Henry C. Kinley, D.D. PhD., Founder
Robert Harris, MD, D.D. VP/Dean
Carl F. Gross, D.D. PhD., President Emeritus


Institute Of Divine Metaphysical Research,
P.O. Box 19877,
Los Angeles, California 90019

Our Aim and Objectives

1. To help you find and know Yahweh our Elohim as He really is and actually exists.

----(Matthew 24:4, Matthew 11:27, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8, Deuteronomy 6:4, 2 Corinthians 3:17 and John 4:24)

2. To form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity in Yahshua the Messiah without distinction of Race, Nationality, Creed, Sex, Caste, or Color.

----(Acts 17:26, Ephesians 5:25-33 and Acts 10:34)

3. To investigate the unexplained Spirit Law or so-called Law of Nature and the powers latent in man.

----(Romans 8:1-4 and John 1:9)

4. To encourage and promote the study of the Scriptures, comparative Religions, Psychology, Philosophy, and Modern (practical and occult) Science.

----(2 Timothy 2:15, John 5:39 and Romans 1:19-20)

5. To extirpate current superstition, skepticism, and ignorance.

----(Psalms 19:7 and John 8:32)

6. To Learn, Know, and Understand the operation of Yahweh's Eternal Purpose through the Dispensations and Ages.

----(Ephesians 1:9-10)

7. To Discern and Avoid being Deceived by Lucifer, the Serpent, the Devil, the Dragon, or Satan and his Demons, operating the Mystery of Iniquity on Earth through the Dispensations of Time.

----(1 John 4:1-4, 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, Revelation 12:8-10, and 1 Timothy 4:1-3)

8. To earnestly contend for the Common Salvation and Faith which was once delivered unto the Sons or Children of Yahweh.

----(Jude 1:3, Galatians 4:6, John 1:12 and 1 John 3:1)

9. To make known Yahweh, from the beginning, ordained there is NO OTHER NAME given among men whereby man can be saved, saving THE NAME OF YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH.

----(Acts 4:10-12, 1 Timothy 2:5 and Philippians 2:9-10)

10. To inherit ETERNAL LIFE NOW in the Kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah, with the Hope of IMMORTAL GLORIFICATION in the NEW EARTH STATE.

----(Ephesians 1:13, 1 John 5:20, Titus 1:2, John 17:3 and Colossians 1:13)

----------------------------------------Our Watchword: PEACE----------------------------------------Our Slogan: SPEAK THE TRUTH

-----------------------------------------(Romans 5:1, Psalms 29:11 and Isaiah 55:12)-------------(Zechariah 8:16)

The True Hebrew Name of Our Heavenly Father

In this pamphlet we are using the correct HEBREW NAME and TITLE of the Heavenly Father, Yahweh instead of the Pagan Titles, such as LORD, God, Adonai, (Adonai means Lord or Baal) and Names such as Jesus, Christ, Mohammed, Allah, Krishna, etc., used by Christendom, Judaism, Mohammedanism: Hinduism, etc. Below we are listing the Incorrect Titles and names used by Christendom, Catholicism and various religions and the correct name and TITLE of the Heavenly Father.


1st Person
Jesus Christ
2nd Person
Holy Ghost
3rd Person


Word or Son
Holy Spirit

There never was an equivalent of the letter (J) in the Hebrew language, neither was there a (J) in any language until the Middle Ages; therefore, such names as Jehovah and Jesus are impossible renderings of the True Name of the Father and Son. Jehovah is a misapplication of the name of the Heavenly Father, dating back to 1270 A.D. by adding the vowels taken from the name Adonai (Adonai means Lord or Baal) to the consonants (JHVH).


The true name of our Heavenly Father, YAHweh, is derived from the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, with the vowels A and E having been added to transliterate it pronounceable in the English language. YAH denotes masculine and WEH denotes feminine. As a typical example, Adam was created both male and female within himself, with the woman (Eve) embodied within him and Elohim called their name Adam (Genesis 5:1-23). Yahweh-Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and took a rib (bone) and womb (flesh) from him and made the woman and brought her unto the man, Adam (Genesis 2:21-22), "A" taken from the name Adam and added to the "YH" of the Tetragrammaton of the name YAHWEH, and the vowel "E" from the name Eve and added to the "WH" of the Tetragrammaton making WEH feminine part of the name YAHWEH showing and proving that HE, YAHWEH is both masculine and feminine embodied within Himself.

YAHWEH symbolized by a cloud (Lev. 16:2) first existed (in totality) as Pure Spirit (John 4: 24). That is to say, YAHWEH is the "The Ultimate Source Infinite and Immaculate Substance, the Incomprehensible and Inscrutable Principle, the A1l in All , and Independent Self Existing Diety without Visible Shape or Form" (Deut. 4:12; John 5:37; John 1:18).

YAHWEH is the Terminus a quo; and therefore, He is within Himself, the sum total embodiment of "ALL" of the attributes of Intelligence, Wisdom and Knowledge, Love, Beauty and Justice, Foundation, Power and Strength.

The Father's Name YAHWEH was not made known to anyone until He appeared to Moses at the burning bush 2513 years after the creation of Adam. He was known to the Patriarchs as El Shaddi (meaning Almighty Provider) [Ex. 6:3]. He also explained his characteristics to Moses as AYAH ASHER AYAH (meaning "I WILL BE WHAT I WILL TO BE").

Elohim is a Plural Title (Masculine and Feminine) of Yahweh in Super Incorporeal Form of a Man (the Word or Son)

YAHWEH, the Ultimate Source of Everything purposed, by the process of transmutation, (in part, not in totality) took on a Super Incorporeal Form: Elohim, which is the Word or Son and created the Angelic Host and Physical creations. Elohim is a plural Title, (Masculine and Feminine), He is the sum total of the attributes of YAHWEH: Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge, Love, Beauty and Justice, Foundation, Power and Strength, in Super Incorporeal Form of a Great Heavenly Anthropomorphic Spirit Embodiment of a Man. The Apostle John refers to Elohim in John 1:1, which says, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with YAHWEH and the Word was YAHWEH" (see also Proverbs 8:22-30). In this condition He is the Universal Archetype (original) Pattern of Everything: "Incorporeal and Physical" that He thereafter created (Rev. 3:14). After the physical creation, Elohim was seen in Divine Visions, by Moses and the Prophets and communicated with them. (See Ex. 24:9-10, Judges 13:20-22, Isaiah 6:1:5).

Yahshua is the Manifestation of Yahweh-Elohim in Physical Form (Holy Spirit)

Yahshua is the name of the Messiah, born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of YAHWEH (John 1:13). He was the Spirit of YAHWEH-ELOHIM, manifest in the flesh (Holy Spirit, Comforter). YAHSHUA the Messiah said, John 14:26, "But the comforter which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My Name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." (See also the following chapters and verses which prove the Mystery of the Spirit of YAHSHUA (Holy Spirit) in you is the Hope of Glory, Col. 1:26-27; John 14:20; John 17:21-23; Rom. 8:9-10; I John 5:20).

If it is true that YAHSHUA the Messiah came in His Father's Name (John 5:43), then he MUST bear some portion of His Father's Name. For example, the Father's Name is YAHWEH, YAH being masculine and WEH being feminine; therefor,e it is absolutely necessary that he bear the masculine portion of His Father's Name, YAH. Now if YAHWEH was manifest in YAHSHUA the Messiah reconciling the world unto Himself by salvation through His Blood on the cross (11 Corinth. 5:19; Col. 1:20; Eph. 2:16) and SHUA means Salvation then it would be very simple that his Name would have to be YAHSHUA.

Finally, Elohim (the Creator, Rev. 3:14) took on a physical Shape and Form (in part, not in totality) and manifested in the Material Creation and thereafter in YAHSHUA the Messiah (John 1:10; Col.l:14-l6; I Tim. 3:16; I John 1:1-22; I John 5:20).

The revealing of the TRUE HEBREW NAME to Moses, by the angel in the burning bush (Ex. 3: 2, 13-15), has a definite meaning in the Plan and Purpose of YAHWEH. For example, in Exodus 24:9-10, King James Version of the Bible, Moses writes that, "Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy elders of Israel, SAW the GOD of Israel," while in Exodus 33:20 Moses was told, "for there shall no man see me (God) and live."

Also in the New Testament John 1:18, John writes "No man has seen GOD at anytime"; revealing that the Bible contradicts itself. These grave and serious mistakes can be cleared up by using the Correct NAME and TITLE of YAHWEH, ELOHIM and YAHSHUA.

We are using two versions of the Holy Bible but in both versions we are using the Correct Name. The two versions we are using may be specified by letters, such as:

King James Version or KJV

Holy Name Bible or HNB

The Holy Name Bible, revised by the late A. B. Traina

The Scripture Research Association, Inc.

14410 S. Springfield Road, Brandywine, Maryland 20613

Preaching (or Teaching) in the Name

The organized Christian world has always erroneously concluded that anyone who called himself preaching or teaching in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, had only to mention, quote or recite some passage of the Bible using the names of Jehovah or Jesus Christ or the titles Lord, God or Adonai. If the one who did this, raised his voice in a thunderous delivery and moved about, waving his arms, they called this, preaching; if his tonal articulation was more subdued (and conductive to taking a nap) with little or no body movement, they called this teaching; however, TRUE teaching is preaching. Nevertheless, they missed the boat on two counts: firstly, they were using the wrong names (see preface), and secondly, as the Apostle Saul said in II Tim. 3:5, "Having a form of the worship of Yahweh but DENYING THE POWER thereof." There is absolutely no power in the names of Jehovah or Jesus Christ, no more so than in the names Moloch or Nebo, which were idle gods. Some would vigorously contest this statement, alleging and swearing that they KNOW that they have gotten results using the names of Jehovah, Jesus Christ or the titles, Lord or God or Adonai, but they have not taken into consideration that the Almighty Yahweh is conscious of their ignorance and stupidity and that He has literally "winked at" this ignorance (Acts 17:30); however, once they have been told that the true names are Yahweh and Yahshua the Messiah, and the true title is Elohim, then there is no more forgiveness for this error.

True preaching and teaching in the Name of Yahweh and Yahshua the Messiah is performed by one employing the correct names, and having a profound knowledge of the Divine Purpose and Plan of Yahweh according to the Law and the Prophets (the Scriptures from Genesis through Malachi -- see Isa. 8:20, John 5:39, Luke 24: 25-27, 44-45, I Cor. 15:1-4). This means preaching the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Yahshua the Messiah according to the types and shadows, allegories, metaphors and similes, and analogies found in the Bible from Genesis to Malachi, and using the Divine Pattern of the Tabernacle (Ex. 25:8-9,40, Heb. 8:5, Rom. 1:19-20) to line up the Blood, Water and Spirit (Isa.28:9-l0) which are the three witnesses in the earth (1 John 5:7-8). When the True Gospel is preached in this fashion, then something is bound to happen: some POWER is bound to be manifested, that is; some genuine Faith is established. As the Apostle Saul wrote, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Yahweh (Rom.10:17).

This demonstration of the POWER of Yahweh has ALWAYS followed utterances in His Name. When Moses saw the vision of the creation of the Heavens and the Earth by the Word of Yahweh (the Super-incorporeal Form) in the Phenomenal Cloud atop Mount Sinai (Ex. 24:16, Gen. 1:1-31), he HEARD Yahweh-Elohim speak (of what He was about to do), and then Moses SAW the sign follow, or he would see the power of Yahweh-Elohim demonstrated by bringing into existence or manifestation that which He had previously spoken. The Prophet David wrote: "for He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast" (Psa. 33:9). This is an example of what Yahweh-Elohim or the Holy spirit can bring about, consequently, when this Spirit is incarnate in a physical body, then there MUST be some demonstration of Divine Power to attest to the fact that it is the genuine Holy Spirit (Yahweh-Elohim) therein otherwise, there will be no sign to follow and no demonstration of power. This is the way that one can tell a true prophet from a false prophet (Dent. 18:18-22). See Center-fold.

All of the true prophets of Yahweh from the beginning of time, who have spoken in the Name of Yahweh have demonstrated this Divine Power and whatsoever they spoke, came to pass whether it were a prophecy or some miraculous healing; such was true of Enoch (Jude 14th verse), Noah (Gen. 6th and 7th chapters), Elijah (1 Kings 18:17-40), and many more, too numerous to mention. Each performed according to the dispensation of Power of Yahweh unto them, but it was Yahshua the Messiah who was the Holy Spirit manifested in the flesh (John 1:1-3,14; I Tim. 3:16) who manifested this Divine Power to the fullest extent. He (Yahshua) healed the sick and raised the dead, stilled the tempest, told men their unexpressed thoughts, prophesied of things to come, and resurrected from the grave a quickening spirit never to die anymore.

According to the Divine Purpose and Plan of Yahweh, this demonstration of Divine Power was to pass on to the Apostles for it was the same Holy Spirit that was manifested in them after Pentecost (A.D. 33) and they performed just as great miraculous things as Yahshua the Messiah, but it was no more them doing such things, but it was the Holy Spirit (Yahshua the Messiah in them). Yahshua the Messiah, as a fleshly man, did not take credit or glory and honor for the things that He did, but gave the glory and honor to His Heavenly Father, Yahweh. Likewise, the Apostles took not the glory to themselves but gave it to the one who deserved it, the Holy Spirit or Yahshua the Messiah, a quickening Spirit (see Acts 3rd & 4th Chapters). They all preached in the NAME of Yahshua the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit confirmed their words in demonstrations of power with all types and kinds of miraculous healings and happenings. And it has been the same Holy Spirit operating in physical vessels all down through this Present Age of Grace (since A.D. 33), for Yahshua the Messiah said, "And lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world (or age)" (Matt. 28:20).

Therefore, if any man come unto you saying that he is sent of Yahweh to preach the True Gospel of the Kingdom, he ought to be able to do something to demonstrate the Power of Yahweh operating within him. Most of our ecclesiastical leaders do not even know that if they are True ministers of Yahweh that this is a requirement, and the people do not know enough to expect such from their ministers. In other words, present day theologians are impotent, they cannot do anything of a miraculous nature, and this is a tell-tale sign that the Holy Spirit is not in them! They who do claim this power are oftentimes perpetrators of fraud and deception when they claim to have healed someone, and perchance some miraculous feat is performed through them, it is only Yahweh sending them a strong delusion to make them believe a lie, that they all might be dammed (or destroyed) who believe not the Truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (11 Thess. 2:11-12).

We who are members of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc. are witnesses of one, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, who says that he had a Divine Vision and Revelation in the year 1931, and that he was sent of Yahweh in the end of this Present Age of Grace to finish the Mystery of Yahweh (Rev. 10:7), to reveal the Man of Sin or Son of Perdition (11 Thess. 2:3), to raise up a remnant of believers who will be saved (Rom. 11:5) and to bring this Age to a close and usher us into the next Age (the Age of Immortality -- see Rev. 10:5-6, I Cor. 15:51-54). We have seen all manner of miraculous healings performed at the hand of this man, and we have seen all manner of prophecies fulfilled. All of these have been demonstrations of the Power of Yahweh dwelling in that physical body to witness to his Divine Ministry, for in our carnal state, we could only appreciate something physical and natural. Having gotten our attention by means of such miraculous events, the Holy Spirit has enlightened our understanding through the preaching of the True Gospel of Yahshua the Messiah, and a much greater thing has happened to us than such miraculous physical healings, we have become recipients of the Holy Spirit! This is the real goal of preaching or teaching in the Name of Yahshua the Messiah -- to bring about a knowledge and understanding of Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua the Messiah, which is Eternal Life (John 17:3). There is no greater thing than this, and to have this happen is to demonstrate the genuine Power of Yahweh. The emphasis in this Present Age of Grace is not on physical healing, but on healing the inner or spiritual man as the Messiah said to His disciples, "Verily, verily. I say unto you, he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father" (John 14:12).

Nevertheless, for those who are yet to believe as we, it is deemed expedient to compile a greatly abbreviated chronology of miraculous healings and prophecies that have come to pass since Dr Kinley received the Divine vision and Revelation in 1931. Time or space would not suffice for a complete listing of all the miraculous works but these few are listed, confidence that so that you this might believe and have his man is sent of Yahweh, rather that it is Yahweh dwelling within physical body. We might add that according to the Divine Purpose and Plan of Yahweh, He (Yahweh) was demonstrating His Power through this physical body of Dr. Henry C. Kinley even before he had the Divine Vision and Revelation for he had charge of the healing services in the Church of God where he was an assistant Pastor, and performed such miracles as healing a woman who was crippled from arthritis for many years, healing his own Pastor instantaneously of double pneumonia, commanding the stars to fall, and they fell. He knew that Yahweh was performing these feats, but he had no knowledge of Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua the Messiah, nor of His Eternal Purpose, Pattern and Plan operating through the Ages and Dispensations.

The Chronological Listing is as follows:

1942 - Raised a woman from the dead in Cincinnati, Ohio after she had undergone an abortion by a local physician and had hemorrhaged almost to death and her physician gave her a deadly injection to still her tongue and she died. This same woman later suffered a gunshot wound of her heart and lived through it, because Dr. Kinley appeared to her in a vision She would not die.

Prophesied that D-Day (Invasion Day) for American troops on the French Coast during World War 11 would be June 6, 1944. and told her that Prevented his son from dying after he had received 3rd degree burns over 90% of his body from hot magnesium metal and his doctors said that he must die. He lived and 63 skin grafts were needed to cover his body.

1944 - (Summer of) - President Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated for a 4th term. Dr. Kinley prophesied that he would not be in the White House one (1) year after his nomination and election. He died April 12, 1945 of a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

1947 - Prophesied that Russia would get the secret of the Atom Bomb from the United States. (Russia's first bomb in September 1949 -- Rosenbergs electrocuted in 1953.

1950 - (May) - Prophesied that the United states would go to war against Korea in sixty (60) days. This pronouncement was scoffed at by his brother and editors of the Springfield Daily News, in Springfield, Ohio.

1952 - Healed a man in Glendale, Ohio of in- curable cancer after he had been given up by his specialist doctors and had lapsed into a terminal coma. This man was the patient and uncle of a close associate of Dr. Kinley's, Dr. Robert Harris who is now Dean and Vice President of the Institute of Divine Meta- physical Research, Inc. Dr. Kinley just spoke the sick man's name and said, "LIVE" '58 - Healed many patients in hospitals in Springfield, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio who were on their death beds, including his close friends and associates.

1950 1956 - Healed a woman of multiple sclerosis in Urbana, Ohio. She had not walked in many years. When her daughter who had shouldered the housework all these years, saw her suddenly walk, she accused her mother of laying down on her all of those years.

1959 - Prophesied that John F. Kennedy would be nominated and elected as the first Roman Catholic President of this Country and would be assassinated in office. He was nominated and elected in 1960 and was assassinated in November, 1963.

1960 - Cured his sister of medically confirmed cancer of the womb in Springfield, Ohio.

1961 - Prophesied that the various religious organizations and bibles would begin using the True Name of our Heavenly Father, Yahweh, after our book. God, The Archetype (Original) Pattern of The Universe," was published in October, 1961.

1961 Prophesied that Pope John XXIII would not live to see June 6, 1963. The Pope had expressed a strong desire to live to see the Day of Pentecost, June 6, 1963. He Died June 3, 1963.

1962 (February) - Prophesied that extreme weather conditions would prevail throughout the world because of the conjunction of the planets.

1963 - (February) - prophesied that the sub- marine, "Thresher," would be on the bottom of the sea as of April 10, 1963.

1964 (February) Prophesied that there would be a great earthquake in Alaska on Good Friday, 1964.

1967 - (June 6th) - Foretold in detail of the day by day progress of the Six Day Israeli-Arab War.

1969 - (November 3rd) - Restored a young man back to life who had taken an overdose of drugs after he had been given the Last Rites of the Roman Catholic Church at a local hospital in Los Angeles.

1971 - (October) - Went to Eqypt, Israel and Jordan with eleven (11) other executives of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc. and prophesied in per- son to leaders in Egypt, Jordan and Israel that neither side would win if they went to war.

1974 - Cured a young man in Springfield, Ohio of an obstructive tumor of his esophagus. His doctors told him that surgery was absolutely necessary. Dr. Kinley just told this young man to eat food and when he swallowed, the some tumor was gone .

1974 - (June) - Cured a young man injured in a motorcycle accident and lying comatose in a Springfield, Ohio hospital. This young man had not spoken a word until Dr. Kinley went to his bedside in the hospital. He sustained a severe head injury, broken nose, fractured pelvis, etc., and should have been D.O.A. (dead on arrival) at the hospital.

1974 - (August) - Assured a young woman who was scheduled to undergo surgery for removal of a tumor of her breast that it was not malignant even before her surgeon performed the biopsy at the time of the operation.

Again, we say that these miraculous works are just a pitiful few of the great number of such feats performed by the Power of Yahweh operating in a physical vessel in the closing, prophetic moments of this Age to be a witness to the whole world of the Divine Mission of this type Man of Yahweh. One thing is certain and undeniable about this man's accomplishments and that is, that of all the hundreds of thousands of religious leaders who claim to be sent from Yahweh-Elohim (God), not one has done the miraculous things that have been per- formed through him. This fact, alone, makes him stand out head and shoulders above all the rest. We sincerely hope and pray that you will take heed and investigate this teaching before it is eternally too late for the time is extremely short.