Mystery of Iniquity and Mystery of Yahweh

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on January 29, 1975.




DR. KINLEY: . . . about the things that Yahweh has showed me, or rather that was given me to give to you. Now we are coming down to the place in life where we must know something about the truth if you wanna be saved. Time for foolishness is out. And I just might as well make this real clean and clear as of now, we have been taught wrong. The Roman Catholics and the Protestant churches have taught us wrong. And of course the way we did, whatever they said that God said was in the Bible, why then we just took it for granted that that's the way it was. Wasn't no need in us looking in the Bible to see whether water baptism was right or not, we just knew it was. Wasn't no need of looking in there to see if Lord suppers is right, everybody's doing it, and so it's all right. So we, we know that's right. And every preacher that goes out, he sets up some kind of a church, he takes it for granted that that's the way it is. Now there is nothing in no Bible, from back to back, about the Gentiles being baptized in physical water. There's no commandments in the Bible like that. Now that seems like it might be a pretty broad statement for a person to make. And we have had it like this: Some so-called smart men, (and they were smart too; we give 'em credit for what they had been taught), they would say "Well now look, now that idiot (talking about me), now he won't tell you people these things (just like I just told you) because I'm here tonight, and I'm Reverend so and so from such and such a church. But now I've already done made the statement. There is nothing in the Bible, from back to back, from Genesis the first to Revelations 22 & last, about a Gentile being bapt.., no commandment from Yahweh. No commandment from the Lord, God, or Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, or Yahshua, Adonai, or none of that; there's nothing in the Bible like that. That's not the way the Gentile was suppose to be saved according to the purpose of Yahweh. Now if I say it's not in it, then it's incumbent upon you to get up and read, since you know so much more about it than I do. I challenged the world on it for 43 years, and nobody's been able to make me take it back. And we've had a lot of 'em right here in Los Angeles to try that. It's not in the Bible. Now somebody would jump up and say this: "Now there in the 10th chapter of Acts of the Apostles, didn't Peter command Cornelius to be baptized in physical water?" You didn't understand what I said! I said "The Lord, God, or Jesus Christ." Don't you know the difference between Yahweh, Elohim, or Yahshua, and Peter? Now that's the way people do, they jump up and say these things. Now the Apostle Saul was made a minister, primarily... I know he preached to the Jews. He said he was a debtor both to the Jews and to the Gentiles, but he was sent to the, primarily to the, uh, made a minister of the Gentiles; he preached to both. And he said in the first chapter of 1Corinthians, I want you to read it.

READER: 1Corinthians 1:17. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now you see there? They know what's.., look folks, we know what's in this Bible, and we're not afraid either! We challenge the world with what we teach here. We don't care who you are, and where you come from. Even if you was an angel just dropped down from heaven, or fresh out of hell, it don't make no difference with us. We know what we're talking about, not guessing, no speculation. And while I'm on it, uh, on that score, this meeting is a little bit different than our usual course of procedure. Now you are permitted to ask questions. Now you're permitted to make a monkey out of me, and I want you to know you're welcome. And anything I say you don't understand, it's my indispensable duty to explain it to you. Now that's the way it is. Now I wanna say, I don't have nothing to do no boasting and bragging about, blowing or nothing like that. I didn't know either until Yahweh showed me. But with what Yahweh has showed me the world has had to go down, popes and everybody else, they went on down, had to go down. And we've heard a whole lot of blowing, raring and carrying on, and many folks have challenged us during these 43 years. I want you to know that, too. But nobody, nobody in the world has been able to overcome what is taught in this school. Read.

READER: for the Messiah sent me not to baptize, but to preach the glad tidings. . . DR. KINLEY: Read on. READER: not with wisdom of words, lest the sacrifice of the Messiah should be made of none effect.

DR. KINLEY: Now Messiah didn't send him to baptize. It's in everybody's Bible. It's in yours. Now the facts in the case are these: The Jews themselves have no business being baptized in physical water, to say nothing about the Gentiles, as of now. Now I know that would sound like that was wrong; I know that. I know many people are sincere in their beliefs, I realize all of that. And as I have already stated, now we had some challenges, challenges on many things right here in Los Angeles, and before we come here.

Now, in the year 1931, Yahweh-Elohim gave me a vision. Now I admit, I didn't understand the vision. I'm indebted to tell you that; I did not understand it when I saw it. And that same day He revealed to me the meaning of the vision that I saw. And from that time on, down unto this present time, there haven't been nobody to overcome it. Now I didn't go to college, the universities, or no place like that and study upon it at all, I didn't do that. And folks listen, Yahweh is real, whom the people call Lord. Elohim, they call Him God. Yahshua, they call Him Jesus Christ. Now that's erroneous. Now you've been taught that primarily all your life. You didn't know any better. It's wrong, you're just deceived. I made this statement before and I wanna repeat it. Now there's not a Rabbi, a Jewish Rabbi on earth today, nowhere in the world, but what don't know that Yahweh is the name of our heavenly Father. That's what's in the Masoretic text, always has been there, hasn't been out. Now I said that, I spoke about water baptism there, and you know there's millions upon top of millions of Baptists. But there are some right here in California, and if you doubt my word, then we'll get the scripts, and bring 'em down here, and read 'em to you. There are Baptists in California that know that water baptism is invalid. And they're teaching that it's not so, uh, it's not for you at all. And if you doubt that I'll bring the scripts down and read 'em to you. Baptist, I said! Yes, sir, they realize it.

Now we said back in ‘61 when we sent the book out, the First Edition of our Textbook, that the people around the world would begin to use, and put it back in the text of the Bible, Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua. They have did that. Some of the brethren have the book right here in their hand right now with those true names in it. Those are the true names of the Heavenly Father. I made the statement the other day, the last time, I believe, I was upon the floor, (sounds like it's erroneous, or bad, or sounds like it's a lie, but it's the truth) "There ain't never been nobody saved in the name of Lord, God, or Jesus Christ; ain't never been nobody saved." Now that sounds like a lie, don't it? Come on clean, don't it? Yes it does! But it is not. Now Yahweh, and Yahshua, whom you call Jesus Christ, they knew that you didn't know no better; they knew that. I said they, but in other words, Yahweh knew that you didn't know no better, and you just thought that you was saved in some other name. That's what you thought! We all thought it, I did too, and so I'm no exception. Acts of Apostles, the 4th chapter, and about the 10th through the 12th verses.

READER: Be it known unto you all. . . DR. KINLEY: Now, now here's Peter. "Be it known unto you all" READER: and to all the people of Israel. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: that by the name of Yahshua the Messiah. . .

DR. KINLEY: That by the name of Yahshua the Messiah... Now you have in your King James Version, and in your Douay Version, you have "By the Name of Jesus Christ." That's what you have in there. But Peter didn't know nothing about Christ, never said a thing about it. But he said what you have in your Holy Name Bible there, "By the name of Yahshua the Messiah." All right read.

READER: of Nazareth. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: whom ye crucified. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: whom Yahweh raised from the dead. . . DR. KINLEY: Whom Yahweh (not the Lord) but Yahweh raised from the dead. Read. READER: even by Him doth this man stand here before you whole...

DR. KINLEY: Now they have healed.., they had the gift of healing. And this lame man that was laid out there at the gate of Beautiful, he was an invalid. Peter looked on him, and John, and they said... He was asking alms of the people that went in the temple. And so Peter looked at him and he said "Now look on us, (which the man done), and he said "Now silver and gold I don't have none, but such as we have give we unto thee, in the name of Yahshua the Messiah of Nazareth rise up and walk." In the Name of Yahshua, now that's what He said, He didn't say Jesus Christ. And that man got up from there, he was made whole. And he went leaping and running in the temple, and praising Yahweh, not the Lord, not God, as you have it in your Bible. All right, read on.

READER: this is the stone. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now this is the stone, this is the one, not Peter. I want you to get that straight too. Not Peter, but this is the stone. All right.

READER: which was set at nought of you builders. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: which is become the head of the corner. . .

DR. KINLEY: Which is become the head, become the head; not the tail, not the middle, but is become the head of the body. In other words, He's the cornerstone.

READER: neither is there salvation in any other. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now listen buster, now I just got through telling you, I just got through telling you that there's no salvation in Jesus Christ. Now that's what Peter said, there's no salvation in none other; it's just none there. "Well I been taught that all my life." I agree with you, I was taught it too. All of us have been taught it (I made that clear) but that's wrong. Peter, and Paul, nor none of the apostles never said a thing about Jesus Christ. They never said a thing about the Lord, Moses and none of 'em. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, none of 'em never said a thing about it. Never said a thing about God. Now that may sound.., that sounds awful bad, I know it does. Because it looks like, with all of this hard preaching that have been done, and we've been raised under all of our lives, now here you come telling us it's all wrong. Well, I told you that the Hebrews or the Jewish people, they were the ones that had the adoptions and the covenants. That's who Yahweh made the promises to, and the covenants. Not to the Gentiles, he couldn't boast about having any visions, any revelations or anything at all. Now if you don't wanna buy that, then we'll read to you in the 10th chapter of Romans. Now anything you hear me say, I'm gonna prove it. If you don't believe it just stick up your hand, you won't embarrass me, cause we've challenged 'em all over the world. And we've been pretty much around the world, too, in bodily presence. Yeah, we been down in Egypt, talked to Pharaoh and folks down there, communicated with them. We've been to Israel too. Now we know what it's all about. All right, the 10th chapter of Romans, about the doctrine and the covenants were given to them. You might start with the first verse, I think it is.

READER: Brethren my heart’s desire. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now brethren my heart’s desire, (now listen to what he's saying now), my heart’s desire and prayer to Yahweh... Read on.

READER: my heart’s desire and prayer to Yahweh for Israel is, that they might be saved. . . DR. KINLEY: For Israel is, for Israel is, that they might be saved. . . huh? FREDDY: 3rd chapter of Romans. DR. KINLEY: 3rd chapter. . . FREDDY: and the first verse DR. KINLEY: All right, 3rd chapter and the first verse. READER: What advantage then has the Jew. . . DR. KINLEY: Now what advantage, what advantage then does the Jew have. All right read on. READER: or what profit is there of circumcision. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: much every way. . . DR. KINLEY: Much in every way READER: chiefly because that unto them were committed the oracles of Yahweh.

DR. KINLEY: Now listen, now you ought not to have any argument about that. Now here's the reason why you ought not to have any argument about it, is because this is what you have to be saved by. Ain't no need in you arguing with the Boss, I'm not talking about me I'm talking about Yahweh. See they had the advantage because as we're reading here now, is because the covenants were made with them. Now listen, if the covenants were made with them, I just told you to start out with, that you can't find in no Bible, from back to back, no place where Yahweh ever gave the Gentiles carnal ordinances. Water baptism is a carnal ordinance! You heard me! See it's not that. Yes, I did think that it was there, and I baptized a whole lot of folks in water. I was 15 years in the Church of God as a minister, and I was a very young man. And I baptized a lot of folks cause the pastor didn't wanna baptize nobody. He was afraid he might get drowned. So that was mine and Dr. Davis' job, baptizing. So I baptized a lot of folks, some of 'em are living today and in this school. All right, read on.

DR. ROBERT HARRIS: Doc, to point it out more particularly in Romans 9:4. DR. KINLEY: Romans 9:4.

READER: Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of Yahweh, and the promises.

DR. KINLEY: That's right. Now you see that now? Now look folks, if that be so, don't you see you have to throw away almost all your whole Bible now to get rid of that and get back on this ignorance we was on all our lives, don't you see that? That's in everybody's Bible.

Now look, now here we put up here in pictorial form. This represents the Passover down in Egypt. Now look folks, now listen at what I'm gonna say. Now this is the 12th chapter of Exodus. Now listen, there wasn't no Egyptian, there wasn't no Gentiles invited to that first Passover, none of 'em. And now the last one that was given, when Yahshua the Messiah come through the loins of the virgin Mary in the 26th chapter of Matthew. Are you listening? Freddy are you listening?

FREDDY: Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: There wasn't one Gentile invited to that party. The reason why there wasn't none invited to it was because what He was doing when He came through the loins of the woman was fulfilling this back here, so then there couldn't be any invited to the party. Now that's where Roman Catholics go in the Bible, and Protestants go in the Bible and tell you about the Lord's supper, and say Jesus said "As often as we eat this bread and drink of this cup we show forth His death and suffering till He come." That's what they say. I've administered it myself, and I was very serious about it. And I didn't, I was honest about it too, and sincere too. You can be sincere and yet in still are wrong. Now, to them were given the covenants and adoption, to Israel, all of those ordinances. And you can't find in your book, I'm giving you a break... This, this, remember I told you, you're privileged, (this is what we call teaching tonight), so you're privileged to show me up. I just got through saying it wasn't in the Bible. Now we got some good Bible scholars here, chapter and verse; probably do better with it than me, some of 'em. Course now chapter and verse, that ain't gonna get it, no, that ain't gonna get it. Cause you read something over here, and over yonder you read something and it'll tear it all down. See you have to know something. Now this is a serious matter. And I have requested you to set still in your seats. Don't disturb the person next to you. If you wanna communicate with anybody, communicate with me, and keep your mind on what we're trying to tell you about, because you need to know. And I've already done told you you've been deceived all your life, ain't no need of you arguing with me about it. Now we're serious, we're down to business.

And then another thing I want you to know, too, that time is short. This thing it's not gonna keep on this way, and Yahweh is not gonna continue to tolerate you in your foolishness and your ignorance. So you just might as well find out about it now. Now look, I'll be 80 years old, according to the record, September the 30th, if I live to see it, and Yahweh let time roll on. And as I've already told you, I've been pretty much around the world. I've challenged every theologian, Roman Catholics, and Protestants, and what-nots. And I just want to tell you plain, they don't know what they're talking about. They don't understand what they're talking about, and neither do Orthodox Judaism. But now we've come down to the end of this age, which ended in actually 1960, and since then you've been on a probationary period or extended period of time, giving space for repentance, and for you to catch up on your learning. Just like it was when Yahweh gave Noah, He said to him "Build an Ark." Now this is what He said to him. When He mentioned it to him He said "For the end of all flesh is already come." It wasn't gonna come, it's already done come so far as Yahweh is concerned, and Noah was 120 years in building the Ark. And folks running around there arguing with him about.., you know they didn't believe what He said; they never seen no rain, nothing like that, so they didn't believe what He said. Well you got the same conditions, that's what Yahshua the Messiah said, said "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be." That's what He said.

Folks listen, now wouldn't it make sense that if the Roman Catholics is right, then the Protestants are wrong. If Orthodox Judaism is right, then the Roman Catholic and the Protestant is wrong. But now look, what you're dealing with is two mysteries, two, the Mystery of Iniquity or unrighteousness, and the Mystery of Yahweh. Suppose you read both of 'em then we gonna get down to business with it. And we wanna tell you some things tonight... What we'd like to do is this, we would like for you to have a profound knowledge, a perfect knowledge of the purpose of Yahweh, right on from the beginning down to the end, how it's carried out. Now that's what we would like for you to know. Now I'm serious about that, and I have to tell you the truth. And you may think I don't know what I'm talking about but I do. And as I said here the other day, "Now I don't have to be trying to prove my ministry; I don't have to worry with that." See people have actually been raised from the dead, both ways, spiritually and physically so, right in this school in Los Angeles, California. Now if anybody sitting in here don't believe that, we'll bring some records down and prove it to you, hospital authorities, medical authorities. Quite a few people have been healed all over this entire city. Now look folks, you know Yahshua the Messiah went around, and He healed every person that come to Him, with leprosy, and He was even raising 'em from the dead, Lazarus, and many of 'em; I mean raised them from the dead. And then afterwards, He said this to 'em, He said to His disciples, "Greater works than these shall you do because I go unto the Father." Great.., now look here, the people when they saw Him raise Lazarus from the dead, now you know they thought that was a great work. But now look, now that's not the greatest work, that's not it, He pulled one much greater than that. For the most part, you never heard nothing about it. Now Lazarus has been dead four days... (we gonna get to this Mystery of iniquity and the Mystery of Righteousness, we gonna get.., I haven't forgotten that.) But now I'm trying to show you now, anybody would think that was, that was a miraculous thing for that man to have been dead 4 long days, and Yahshua the Messiah to go down there and raise him from the dead. The man bound in grave cloth come out of that tomb. He told 'em to roll the stone away. And He said "Lazarus, come forth." He had to say "Lazarus." He better had said Lazarus, ‘cause if He'd of said "The dead, come forth," then you would have had what we're fixing to read now, Matthew 27:52.

READER: And the graves were opened. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and many bodies of the sons. . .

DR. KINLEY: Many bodies of the sons... Now listen folks, I'm trying to point out something to you! "And many bodies of the sons..."

READER: which slept arose. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: and came out of the graves. . . DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: after His resurrection. . .

DR. KINLEY: After, not before, but after His resurrection! Now Lazarus was raised from the dead before He died. Now these have been raised from the dead after He died. Lazarus was dead 4 days, and these were dead 4000 years. Now how 'bout that. And then He had to stand there and tell them "A greater work than these shall ye do because I go unto the Father." What greater work could a man.., what could that be? Yes indeed. Well, I'll tell you something folks. I've already done told you that the dead have been raised both ways, but ain't nothing so great about that. But whenever you can wake up somebody that's spiritually dead, that's far greater than raising a man from the dead physically so, far far greater thing, it takes more power. And you been groping all your life in this stupidity and colossal ignorance. And then somebody comes along and resurrects you from the dead, and show you the light, and boy I'm telling you that's far greater. There ain't nothing much to healing somebody setting.... Now listen here folks, let me tell you this. Now you listen to what I'm gonna tell you. There isn't anybody in this building, and nobody on this earth, that believes, (I better go in the grave and the cemetery too), now that'll get it. There's nobody in the cemetery, and there's nobody alive walking around on the face of the earth at this time, no where in the world, but what won't be healed. I don't care what your complaint is! Somebody say "Well cancer." That don't, that don't make no difference. And they definitely will be resurrected, actually be healed, anybody, everybody that believes in Yahweh and Yahshua, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. You won't have to call the medics out, you won't have to go lay up in no hospital no 30 days, or nothing like that, or 4 or 5 days, you won't have to do that. But everybody... Now that makes it worth your while. 15th chapter of 1Corinthians Paul says "Behold I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible."

Now look, let me give you a little something here. Now there's been a whole lot of debate and argument about that. You have right there with the apostles, when they went around preaching the resurrection from the dead, they just had a terrible time about that; the resurrection from the dead. Now look folks, the simplicity of it, the proof positive, the irrefutable and undeniable, nobody can argue about that. Get you some seed, if you don't understand what I'm talking about get you some seed, (anything will do, beans, corn, or anything) get you some seed, and take it on out there in due season, plant it in the ground, go on away from it and let it alone, and see if it don't resurrect. How about that? Did you ever hear tell of the sun rise? Did you ever see the sun rise? Now listen, Yahweh's busy abolishing my and your colossal ignorance and stupidity, and putting down proof positive about these things. Your problem is, you just haven't had nobody to preach to you that knew what it was all about. You don't have to worry around and scratch your head and carry on about proving the existence of Yahweh, and the purpose of Yahweh, He's done that Himself. He can do a better job of it than you can. And then bring it up to date, the sun did rise this morning! And Yahshua, the Son, rose back yonder. They said the disciples come and stole Him away. They can't steal that one away out there in the heavenly sky; that's too hot to handle. Now you can be an atheist, or a so-called atheist, an agnostic, infidel, or just a liar, hypocrite, backbiter, anything you wanna be; and the sun is right out there rising and setting every day, bringing it up to date, the resurrection. He went down, Adam was driven out in the cool of the day. And when Yahshua was out there on the cross, it says it turned dark over the face of the earth from the 6th to the 9th hour. They buried Him in Joseph's new tomb, and very early in the morning, as the sun in the sky was dawning towards the first day of the week, He rose from the dead. Now Yahweh done proved it! It ain't gonna be no necessity of no argument about no resurrection of the dead. Do you think that a farmer is a fool enough to go out there and plow up all that ground out there, and wipe all that sweat, and plant all them seeds if he thought they wasn't coming up? Now that's laying it down, that's Yahweh laying the thing down so you can't miss. You just can't miss. Be as stupid as you please, and you still can't miss. It's wonderful when you get around to the place where you can understand a few things. Wouldn't you say? Proof positive, yes indeed. Now I had you with the mystery of...

READER: Mystery of iniquity first. DR. KINLEY: We'll take the mystery of iniquity first. READER: 2nd Thessalonians 2:7 DR. KINLEY: 2nd Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter, and the 7th verse. READER: For the mystery of iniquity. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now look, you're dealing with a mystery! You ever seen fast-hand people, magicians. Say "Roger, lend me a dollar." Man I ain't got no dollar. He reach up behind your ear, (looks like that's what he done), he said "I thought you said you didn't have a dollar." Perform all those things. You've seen magicians. [Doc is demonstrating] They let you see the silk linen, hold it up to you and let you look at it, and put it around on this side and let you look at it, then turn it around another way, then shake a bird out of it. Take a hat, turn it upside down, knock it to the ground, (you setting right there looking right at him) and then he pass his hands over it a few times, and then reach down in the hat and pull a rabbit out. How 'bout that? Well listen, Yahweh is a better magician than that. Yeah, He's got 'em all fixed too, yes indeed. Now I'm talking about the mysteries that you don't understand. All right read.

READER: for the mystery of iniquity doth already work. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now that's the mystery of iniquity. Back in Apostolic times... Let me just, let say this to you. See coming right on down through the Garden of Eden. And Satan, in the 12th chapter of Revelations, was cast out of heaven coming right on down, right on down through all the, he come right down with the Apostles, and right on down, right straight on down . . .[Side 2 of Tape a few seconds lost when tape was turned]. . . but it is a mystery. And not only that, they believe that this here Noah and the Ark business is a myth. Did you all know that? Answer me.


DR. KINLEY: And they further think that the flood was not universal. Now how would you prove to a Catholic that he was wrong about it. How would you prove it? Well now somebody say "Well now, I'll prove it." See smart folks. Go over here in Genesis, and read such and such chapter and such and such a verse, about it rained 40 days and 40 nights, and it was 15 cubits over the highest mountain. Say, "Now how 'bout that?, says now that ought to prove it." Uh-uh. Say "Well look here, the Bible says that God created the man and put him in the garden, the man committed sin and He drove him out." They say it's a myth. Now how are you gonna prove it? How would you prove that it is not a myth? I'm asking you a question! You got a Bible. Somebody say "Read such a chapter and such and such a verse." That ain't gonna get it, he done already told you he didn't believe what's in the Bible. Now how are you gonna prove it? It's just as easy as it can be, no problem, see, no problem. Now I wouldn't of known those things either, if Yahweh hadn't of shown me. But we can take a Bible and prove it to him, by a Bible, now I'll show you how.

Now look, this is the Garden of Eden that you're reading about here. And He put the man in the garden. He didn't create him in the garden, He created him out in the open earth, and then He planted a garden and put the man in the garden that He'd planted. And the woman was in the man. And then the woman she partaken of the fruit of the tree that Yahweh told 'em not to eat of, and then He sent forth Michael. Somebody say "You said Michael there, does the Bible say Michael? Where'd you get that stuff at?" Archangels, Michael and Gabriel. Michael was a warrior, he meant business. He told David not to number the children of Israel. And David went on and numbered the children of Israel without the shekel of the sanctuary. He found a... David looked up there in the mountain and seen him. Old Mike up there with that sword drawn. And the plague was among the people, just like you have this influenza epidemic. And they were dying just like sheep with the -----. And so Gad, David's seer, he looked up there, and he seen him, and he told David, said you go on up there, where he'd seen Mike up there with that sword drawn. And Yahweh had to call Mike off. Said "Now Mike that's enough, that's enough. Now don't kill no more of 'em, now that'll do." Saw him up there in Mt. Moriah, and David went up there, and he knew that that was the place where the house of Yahweh was supposed to be built. Now this whole range up here, around where the temple was to be built, and where he saw the angel at, there was a fellow up there farming; his name was Araunah. And when Araunah saw Mike up there with that sword, he run into the threshing floor, or in other words he run in the barn. And he was frightened, he was scared; I mean he was really frightened. And when David went up and offered him some money for the ground, he said "Naw, you, you can have it!" He's though farming up here already! He's through farming! [Doc & Student Body Laughs] "Noooo, now you can just have that! You can have it! And I mean this minute!" Yes indeed. I just thought I'd mention that to you. How Michael with that angel, when he come down, brother it's was business. And it was Michael that cast them Satanic angels out of heaven. Michael and his angels fought, and Lucifer and his host fought up there, and they were cast out of heaven.

Now here's how you would prove this, whether this is a myth or not. Just show you how dumb the Roman Catholics are. Now when Yahshua the Messiah come, and here's where we have the advantage of 'em. Now this is a long story, and I can't just go and take up all that room there, but I'll say it this way: It was Joshua, (who they call Joshua), the man Joshua that went up in the mountain with Moses, (now listen closely to what I'm saying), and he saw, Moses saw the creation of heaven and earth. He saw the creation of the man. The second time he was up there he saw the creation of the man; he's up there 40 days and 40 nights. I'm showing you how we can tell something about it. Then when he saw the creation of the man, he saw the man put in the garden. And at the end of that 40 days, (I'm cutting it up short now; I can't go through the whole story) when he left the top of that mountain, Mt. Sinai I'm talking about, Adam and Eve was back there; you talking about a courtship, they were really in love with one another. Everything was just fine, no problems. Is that right?

STUDENTS: That's right

DR. KINLEY: So Yahweh had spoke the commandments to the children of Israel. And so Moses went up there to get the commandments. And Yahweh, while he was up there, He showed him the creation of heaven and earth. And He showed him the man in the Garden of Eden, and Moses wrote about him. Now then, when he come down they had built this golden calf. This is a part of the mystery of iniquity. It made Moses hot, because they had heard Yahweh say from the mountain, "Thou shall worship no other Elohim (which you say no other God), neither shall thou bow thy self down unto 'em." And then they went on and built that golden calf. And look folks, let me say this to you. You had a whole lot of earthquakes right here recently, just a whole lot of earthquakes. How many?

STUDENTS: Thousand, over a thousand. DR. KINLEY: Over a thousand earthquakes right here in the past month. . . STUDENTS: Past week. . .

DR. KINLEY: Well past week then. That's on the news. Now look, that mountain, the earth was shaking back there, when Yahweh was speaking from the mountain and told them not to make unto them any graven images in the likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or the earth beneath. Now Moses knowing that Yahweh had said that, and that mountain setting there shaking, the earth just trembling, and just quaking. Moses said that he quaked, and he feared, and he trembled. And that mountain was on fire! Now look folks, if you seen something like that, if you seen something like that, and you were told not to do nothing like that, how would you take it? Now here them people after seeing all of that, here they come and made a golden calf. And when Moses come down he got hot, or waxed hot, or got mad, and he threw those tables of stone down and broke 'em. Well now I have to cut the story up short now. So then now he had to make, uh, hew out some other tables of stone and carry 'em back up there in the mountain. Well he was gone 40 days and 40 nights that last time. But he sees this transgression this third time, he sees that. He sees the man being driven out of the garden, and wrote about it, out of the Garden of Eden. Now they say that's a myth. Now here comes... I should say this to you so you could see what I'm talking about. Now this Joshua that they have back here, Ambassador College realizes now, (I'm talking about over here in Pasadena) they realize now that this fellow that they're talking about, Jesus, was with Moses back here, and the Bible does say that He was. Well, where'd they get it from? They got it from us. They'd been reading it all the time. They got it from us. We wrote a great long drawn out thing and sent out books to Ambassador College. And now look, this Yahweh that's up here, which is what you call Jesus, which is really Yahshua. Now listen at what I'm gone say. He saw the man.., he saw the angel drive the man out of the garden in the cool of the day. He saw the man, condemned in his conscience, pass from an innocent state of conscience (Passover i'm talking about) to a condemned state in his conscience. in other words, the man died in his conscience that instance that he touched the fruit of that tree. Now that's where you have to go back to resurrect a man is back in his conscience.

Now look and listen. Now Yahshua said this when He come through the loins of the woman, (well I'll put it this way first). He said this way back here, that about the serpent. The serpent.., He's showing it to him and telling him what was going to happen to him. I mean this same Yahshua back there with them, telling them, showing it to Moses in a vision. And Moses is hearing what He said to the serpent because he has beguiled the woman. And He told him what, what He was gonna do with him. And He also said what was gonna happen to the man. He's showing him that He was gonna come through the loins of the woman. He's showing that to Moses! Now they're too, (I almost needed a toothbrush there). Now they're just too stupid to see (Roman Catholics and Protestants) that Yahshua the Messiah is showing it to Adam back there, telling Adam, and telling them, that "i'm gonna be on down after a while through the loins of a woman!" How bout that? And that serpent's head will bruise my heel, and His heel will bruise the serpent's head. Now here it come (I'm talking 'bout proving something that they say is a myth that happened back there in the garden). Now here's Yahshua the Messiah at the last supper. When they got through with that last supper, giving 'em what you call the Lord's supper, nobody but the Jews there. Then He took a towel and, (now you pay attention cause it's jot and tittle with me). Then He took a towel and buried Himself about with a towel, and then He began to wash the disciples’ feet. Question, why? was because He's fulfilling what was done in the Law. They had to wash Aaron and them's feet, and anoint them with oil, put the garments on them here, wash 'em in the laver, I'm talking about. And you folks that's setting further back may be able to see this one, this is the same place here, and anoint him with oil, and put the garments on, and anoint with that holy anointing before he could minister in this sanctuary. Now you've got a court around about, and these two vessels that's out here in this court. Then you have the holy place, come though this door, this is called the tabernacle. Then you go through the veil, next veil in here, and then you are into the most holy place. So then you got the most holy place, that's one; holy place, that's two; and the court around about is three. Now pay attention. Now what He is doing, He's fulfilling everything that there was back there in the law. So if He's fulfilling everything that there is back there in the law, then He's got to go clear on back here, clear on back. He's even got to show that He is the Creator, that He was the one that created heaven and earth. How you gonna do that Freddy? How are you gonna do that? Peace, be still, the winds and the waves. Moses said "That darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of Yahweh moved upon the face of the waters." And they looked up and they saw Him, in a vision, walking on the water, and He's setting up there in a mountain. Boy, you hear what I'm talking about? Showing that He created the man, said "Lazarus, come on up out of there." I'm the resurrection and the life. When He's hanging out there on the cross, sun went on down; that's in the sky buster, and it's gone on down at noon day. Now whoever heard tell of the sun going down at noon day? Oh yeah, yes indeed. Come up taxes, which you're gonna have some problems with here pretty soon. And the boys wasn't able to pay they taxes. Said "Go, go down there to the seashore and you'll catch a fish, look behind his gills and get the money to pay the taxes with." And this is the third time that He was out, after He done resurrected from the dead, and Peter them they'd been out there fishing all night and hadn't caught a thing. Most of you know something about that not catching nothing, see. And he said now.., (listen here) I'm talking about Him being the Creator, proving that He created everything. Now then, here they out there fishing all night. He said "Now put your net down on the other side, see you been fishing on the wrong side." Now that's what the preachers is been doing now; they been fishing back here. They been fishing back here with Lord suppers, water baptism. That what they been doing? Ain't nobody said nothing to them about it! It ain't in the Book! He said "Put it down on the other side." In other words, the dispensation and ages. They were back here, preaching back here, under the law, but now he's over here. He said put it down on this side of the line after the resurrection. That's the third time He appeared to 'em. Ain't that right? And Peter said "We been fishing all night." Yes, that's been a long night, back there, and they hadn't caught a thing. No eternal life back there, about 70 years. Oh my goodness. And they put the net down. And Peter said "Nevertheless at your word I'll let her down," and he let her down, the net, 153 fishes. See and the world ain't even found out about that. They don't know nothing about the 153 fish, and there it's in the Book. See, 3 years, and 3 years, and Pentecost comes every 50th, see it come every year of His ministry. Three years, 3 x 50 is a 150. And wasn't He dead and buried in the tomb 3 days? So that's your hundred and fifty-three, and He drawing 'em up out of the deep. In other words, them fish was buried by baptism down in there in the sea, and He brought 'em up a hundred and fifty-thee fish. Now I'm talking Him proving that He is the Creator of the heavens and earth. That's where the people makes their mistakes at. They just think, as Jehovah's Witness say, "Jesus is God's chief representative." No such a thing, that was Yahweh Himself manifested in that body.

Now, here He is here, He rose up and He washed the disciples' feet. He's fulfilling all this, that's what I'm telling you. He's fulfilling all this back here, that's what I'm talking about. The man is showing that He was, had the Boss Himself in the body, the Creator, and all the heavens and earth, they responded to His command. And He's washing the disciples' feet, Washing of Regeneration, before He could anoint them with oil, pouring out the Holy Spirit on them. Oh, boy, I'm telling you we really got this together. We got the disease bad; it's incurable too, and you can't do nothing with it. Now look, now pay attention now. He washed the disciples' feet, He sang a song. After He washed the disciples' feet He sang a song. What song and why? When Moses come through the Red Sea, why, he raised up his rod and the sea came back on them, and they sang the song of victory. So when He washes His disciples' feet, right back against the water again. And He is the Regenerator; Adam degenerated, and He's the regenerator, so He sang the song of victory. And then He went on out from that Passover, He went on down and crossed over the Brook Cedron. What's that, what's happening here? See He crossed over the Red Sea and went in there. Then He entered into the Garden, (remember I said this is the Garden of Eden back here), and He entered into the Garden of Gethsemane. Now that's how they don't know nothing about it! That's what the Book say, don't the Book say that He entered into the Garden of Gethsemane? And He told His disciples to tarry ye here. See you mustn't come in here, tarry you here (and there they were out, entered on out there) while I go yonder and pray. And so He went about a stone's cast from them. Is that right? I wanna know!


DR. KINLEY: Now you see if them Roman Catholics and these Protestants had any sense, and knew that He was fulfilling, they ought'a known that He had to fulfill that back there, and they wouldn't be saying it was a myth! How can He fulfill a myth? It don't make no sense. And there He was out there in the Garden of Gethsemane, and out there praying. And great drops of sweat rolled off of Him, because Yahweh had said to Adam "In the sweat of thy face shall thy eat bread until thy return unto the ground, for out of it wast thou taken; from dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return." So there He was out there wiping the sweat. And great drops of sweat just like blood was dropping off His brow, in fulfillment of him, "In the sweat of his face shall he eat bread until he return unto the ground." Back to the water there see. How 'bout that? And then now, here He is out there in the garden. Now you got to have the same thing back here in the garden, then here comes Judas and his gang. The Devil was cast out of heaven right down here in the Garden of Eden, now here come Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane. See they don't know what the... They don't know no more about than a hog does about gold teeth, or the Sabbath day. That's right. Talking about it being a myth. In other words what they're saying is that Yahweh is a myth - Mystery of iniquity. Now did you understand what I’m talking about?

STUDENTS: Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: And here they come with their torches, and their lights, and their lamps, like Michael here with this flaming swords. And the light is in here on this, and here's the golden candlestick, the light in the Sanctuary. In other words, He's fulfilling this back here. That's what He come in the world, to fulfill every jot and every tittle that was written in the Law and in the Prophets; that's what the Book says. Now if they understood that, they wouldn't be saying it was a myth. Does everybody, uh, are you up with me?

STUDENTS: um hum.

DR. KINLEY: Now it's the Mystery of Iniquity that we just read. The Mystery of iniquity, it already worked in the Apostolic times. When the Apostles were walking around, Peter and the rest of 'em, the mystery and all.., and it had worked all down through the centuries. Is that right? Now that's the mystery of Iniquity. Now the Mystery of Yahweh. . .

READER: How that by revelation He made known unto me the mystery as I wrote before in a few words, whereby when you read you may understand my knowledge in the mystery of the Messiah. . .

DR. KINLEY: That's right, that's right, now you may understand the mystery of the Messiah. I believe it's in the 7th chapter of Revelations, and what is it the10th verse? When the angel, the 7th angel. . .

READER: Revelation 10:7 DR. KINLEY: (Repeats) READER: But in the days of the voice of the 7th angel, when he shall begin to sound. . . DR. KINLEY: The 7th angel when he shall begin to sound READER: the mystery of Yahweh should be finished. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now that's the Mystery of Yahweh, it should be finished. Now we got a finish on this thing. See we understand it, and we can explain it to you jot and tittle. And i am the man yahweh sent in the world; you're looking right straight at him. How 'bout that? And I say to you just as Yahshua the Messiah said, "If I don't do the works of Him that sent me, don't you believe me."

Now listen folks, people have been healed of all kinds of diseases, they have been resurrected from the dead right in this school. Now come June the 29th, you're due in Washington D.C., the Convention I'm talking about. Now that's about 3 and a half or 4 hours travel here on one of them jets. Now I know how to get around faster than that. Yeah, we got a jet -----. And folks sitting right in here they know I'm not lying. All right, now we've got the mysteries... Now you see them two mysteries? Now that's what the world don't understand.

Now I just said while ago, I just said while ago, in the beginning, I said it's not in the Bible where Yahweh ever said anything about the Gentiles being baptized in water, or that they had any Carnal Ordinances at all. Now look how many millions you got out there in the world doing that. Now listen folks, now pay attention to what I'm saying. All of the Carnal Ordinances you can read about in your Bible was given to the Israelites. Now look, you can't read in your Bible, I defy you to even try to read it in your Bible where Yahweh, or Yahshua, the Lord, God, or Jesus Christ ever said anything in the history of the world, from back to back, about a Gentile getting baptized as an ordinance, or eating the Passover or the Lord’s Supper. I defy you! I defy you, I even dare you to even try to show it! Now that's getting pretty nasty. You ain't got nerve enough to even try to show it, and I can't blame you for not wanting to make a fool out of yourself. Now let me tell you this; let me tell you this. Now when the Israelites come up out of Egypt they were all baptized in the cloud and in the sea, that's the 10th chapter of 1Corinthians, unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea. Now when John the Baptist come baptizing, he didn't baptize nobody but the Gentiles. . .


DR. KINLEY: Oh Jews! That is correct, He never baptized one Gentile. See I said that to see if you was awake. He never baptized not one Gentile at no time. Now here's what I wanna show you. Are you listening?

STUDENTS: um hum

DR. KINLEY: Now John the Baptist baptized Yahshua the Messiah. Now I'd have you to know, I want you to know this too, that Yahshua the Messiah was baptized back here in the Red Sea. I want you to know that. And if you don't think He was, you read the 10th chapter of 1Corinthian, Paul said He was back there, and He went right with them. And He was right there at the Red Sea. And when Moses cried unto Him, Pharaoh was behind him there, and two mountains on each side, and then he cried unto Him. And He said to Moses "What you got in your hand there?" Moses done forgot all about throwing the rod down there at the burning bush. He done forgot all about that, throwing the rod down there at the burning bush, and He turn it into a serpent. He told Moses "Pick it up by the tail." When you go back, pick him up by his tail. Now he forgot all about that. Now He calls attention to it, "What's that you got in your hand?" So Moses held the rod up over his head, and Moses told the children " Stand still." But they, they're just frightened, you know. Like lot'a times some of these so-called smart, and eloquent speakers, and orators come in here all with their college education, gonna show all about baptism being an ordinance for the Gentiles, and somebody don't got frightened. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) "I'm here now they say! That man ain't gonna talk about ain't nothing like that in no Bible; he knows I'll read it to him." I'm frightened. And somebody sitting up there saying "Now I sure hope that Doc know what he's talking about." [Doc & Student Body Laughs] Stand still, what are you shaking about, and see the Salvation of Yahweh. Moses throwed that rod up over that sea and they went on through there. And then when he throwed it back up there again, he it closed up on 'em. How 'bout that? And they saw the Salvation in being delivered. They were delivered, and then they sang the song of Moses.

Now folks, I said, and which I'll even do now, and I did this many times. I said that I would like very much to show you, how right from the very beginning, right to the end, The purpose of Yahweh, and how he carries it out. It's no problem, it's easy. Now look, Yahweh spake back here to the woman about His seed, the serpent bruising His heel, and about death being appointed, and after death comes the judgment. Now look, you are what you'd call alive now, walking around like this, but that's not eternal life. You have to be changed. And this is a mortal body, or a physical body, or a natural body, or an earthly body that you see, that all of us have here now. But now, Philippians, I believe it is, the 2nd chapter. Now we're going to have, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye... Now if you'll try to pay attention, try to pay attention, and quit being deceived and fooled, cause I'm laboring hard to show you. And I do know what I'm talking about! I just told you I was 80, going on 80 years old, and I've been a minister for a long, long time. And listen, I have challenged and whipped the very best there is on earth. And when I speak, something happens. If you don't believe me, you ask the Roman Catholics. Ask 'em about Pope John the 23rd. Now you know you're getting on out there on a limb whenever you get to writing in 1961... Now it was some Catholics come in our class room in Hollywood, way back there, and they heard me speak, and I spoke against the Roman Catholic Church. And then they said, uh, got on out of there, and they wrote a letter back. We got the letter too. And it said "God endorses Pope John the 23rd, and He just tolerates you." All right, if that's the way it is, then I just took my pen down, and wrote on 32 & 133, in the first edition of our book, that Pope John, his request was that he live to see another Passover. . .

STUDENTS: Pentecost DR. KINLEY: How's that? STUDENTS: Pentecost

DR. KINLEY: Pentecost... Well that Passover is Pentecost. Yeah Pentecost. Five hundred and fifty million Roman Catholics prayed for him; he asked them too. But now here I am just one man, (now this is 61 now). See I said he wouldn't live to see June the 6th 1963. When did he die?

STUDENTS: June the 3rd

DR. KINLEY: He died June the 3rd 1963. I said he wouldn't live to see the 6th, and yet in still, God's just tolerating me, and He endorses Pope John the 23rd. And I told this school, (Dr. Gross you was there), I told this school the big lie that Pope John Pius the 12th was gonna say. You know about it Freddy.

FREDDY: Right, yes.

DR. KINLEY: He was gonna say "That he'd seen Christ and talked with him in a vision." And I told you long before ever the man said it, that that's what he was gonna say. Is that right?

STUDENTS: That's right. DR. KINLEY: Sister Harris and them, you all set there. Am I lying? SISTER HARRIS: No, sir. DR. KINLEY: Am I lying Dr. Gross? DR. GROSS: um um DR. KINLEY: You wanna know something? I can even pick up your thoughts. VERA YATES: Sure can, that's a fact, I know you can. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

DR. KINLEY: And it's a lot of people that belong to this school right now just on, just on the strength of that, and is a preacher today. Stanley Higgins is one of 'em, and there's others. He was down there arguing about something. I said now, now listen fellow, what you're gonna say there... He said "What'd you say?" I said what you're gonna say there... You just shut your mouth and I'll tell you what you're gonna say if you'll admit whether I told the truth about it or not. He looked at me real funny, he said "Yes, I'll admit if you're telling the truth about it." And I told him what he was gonna say, and then made a preacher out of him; one of the goodest preachers we got in this school. Yeah, it ain't no problem.

Now this meeting is a question and answer. Now we used to have 'em just holding up your hand, holding up your hand, every which a way; holding up your hand every which a way to ask a question. Well we decided to stop that, and we'd go 'head on and teach a while. And then after we got through teaching, why then we'd give 'em a break to ask their questions. See all before they had their hands up. Then I’d stop and say, well now I'll take your questions now. I didn't see no hands. What's the matter? See I done picked up your vibrations and answered your questions, and you've admitted it to. I know how to speak to you to make you think a thing. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That's right. I said right here tonight, I've been telling you that. Well I'll tell you some of the things I told you tonight, about water baptism, and what you thought about it, and how bad you were deceived. And I even went so far as to defy anybody in this building to try to read out of this Bible. You can't read it, I know what's in the Book! I know the purpose of Yahweh.

Now let me say it this way. Now here we have a pattern to go by. I think, I'll tell you something about it too. This is one, two, three. Now this is the pattern which you go by, which the world knows nothing about. Now I wanna tell you what that pattern is. That's bad when you don't tell 'em what the pattern is. Now this is Yahweh-Elohim transformed into a tabernacle, up in Mt. Sinai. That's what this is, this tabernacle, it's an intangible tabernacle; He's transformed into this tabernacle. That is Yahweh-Elohim, and He is the Archetype Pattern of the Universe. Pay attention. Now if He's formed in that one, in that form, and then the tabernacle is a breakdown of this body. Then you got 1,2,3 1,2,3 each and every day of the creation. That's the way it had to come in here. The light is divided from the darkness, and twilight in the middle. The light and the darkness, and then it goes back into the evening and the morning around to... And everybody knows, (now listen) everybody knows, from evening around to the morning, that's night. This is this evening, and this is night around to the morning, but Genesis don't say it that way. Said "The evening and the morning was the first day; the evening and the morning was the second day." Now what's happening there, is the creation is taking place in the Realm of Eternity. And He is creating by Himself; He is the Creator and He is the pattern of the Universe. Now there's no errors and no mistakes in Him. So He broke Himself down so that you could see that He's not three distinctive individual personalities. Just like this holy place, most holy place, holy place, and outer court, that's just one tabernacle. And here man is just one tabernacle. Now the head cavity, that's Yahweh; chest cavity, that's Elohim; abdominal cavity; that's Yahshua. See that's three parts, and these three constitutes one tabernacle. These three parts constitutes one man. Now every day of the creation.., that's reason why Paul said "The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even His eternal power, (and you got it in the King James version of the Book, "The Godhead." What's that all about, "So that you don't have no excuse." That's the reason I told you about the sunrise, and the sunset. You been standing out there looking at it all the time, and you never knew nothing about it until you come down to this school. I'm the only man you ever heard in your life! How 'bout that? Now if you heard it, stand up! You didn't know nothing about it. You been standing out there looking at the sunrise and sunset, sun rising on into it's zenith, and going straight up and down overhead, and then it sets. And here Yahshua the Messiah rising with the sun here, and He tarries on earth 40 days. And He carries 'em out to the Mt. of Olives, and the cloud forms there on the Mt. of Olives. And He lifted up His hands over Jerusalem, and He prayed over Jerusalem, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. And those two men stood by, which are these two ark angels here saying "Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye looking up into heaven? This same Yahshua the Messiah which you see (in a vision too), go into heaven shall return again unto you in like manner." They don't know what it's all about... Now He's ascending! The sun rise out there, then it ascends to it's zenith, then it sets. Sun rise and sun set! Ain't that right. . .