Immortality, Hell and Prayer

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Transcribed by: Beverly Allen Proofread by: Syracuse class


Transcriber's Notes: 1. Pause words have been left out, unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley, such as: (ah, uh, see, you see, listen, listen close, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right, that's right, you get it now, you get it, you get the point, do you see what I'm talking about, do you see that, do you see that now), hereby making it more easier to read with continuity of thought. 2. ... indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it. 3 ----- ---- indicates an inaudible word, or words, or syllable. 4. [ ] Words in brackets are comments of the transcriber.


[Opening statements are missing from this tape]

Dr. Kinley: . . . And now we have white boys in this school, they just as smart as anybody on earth. That's right. Them students that's brought up in this school, and I'll put 'em against anybody, anybody on earth, and they do know what they're talking about. And they've never been ---- ---- -----. And God said it, "As I live saith the Lord, to me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess." It don't make no difference about how outstanding you are; that hasn't got a thing to do with it Bill. If anything at all you would overlook Yahweh in me. You see I don't have the right paint job; that's one strike against me right there. Now be honest about it! Face the truth just like it is. It's one of them common things. But now look Doc, all men, interracial, that don't, that don't mean a thing to me. Somebody say "Well listen, the Bible does teach, the Jews they were not suppose to get mixed up and intermarry and all lika that." You better go back and read that story, you just better do that. Now when the children of Israel come out of Egypt and went through here and went into Palestine, the tribes was


divided up, and they couldn't even inter-marry in their own nation. They had to stay within their own tribe. You couldn't take somebody out of the tribe of Levi and marry him over here in the tribe of Judah, he had to stay in their own tribe. Well why?... was to keep the inheritance in the family. Now they got that all messed up with some kind of a spurious notion and idea that they got in their head. And then another thing the Jew thought, he thought at this time God was a respecter of personality, and the gentiles or heathen was just like dogs and wasn't regarded. They didn't really know the truth about it. Now if they were gonna get into the family here, what you have to do is be circumcised and keep the law of Moses, and he was in. And yet he couldn't go beyond the outer court, the court of the gentiles. Now look down here, we know what we're talking about! And anytime you walk out and do things that you know nobody else hasn't done, why do you stand around arguing with me? I told you John F. Kennedy, just to point out one, I told you that he'd be elected… nominated, elected and assassinated. Is that, is that right?

Audience: Right!

Dr. Kinley: Then the man is dead! Somebody say "Well he's not dead," and a whole lot of things around about it. But I'm saying he is dead so far as... understand? I told you about Pope John. Now you wanna stand up and argue something about it! Now it ain't no sense in nobody being that stubborn because you don't like me. If I had my way about it I'd be laying out there in cemetery, I wouldn't be fooling, I wouldn't be worrying with you. And listen, it's by saying nice things, fair words, nice speeches that men are deceived. Now when I tell you something, it's gone be just like I tell you, and listen, just wait for it. Haven't I stood, Dr. Harris, in this pulpit, (now I just ain't talking to him alone) stood right in this pulpit and told you right by my watch just when it was gone be an earthquake - where at? China. Now look, here's what I'm talking about, I don't want you to lose sight of what I'm talking about. Because I'm looking at this right down there at this River Jordan to tell you what's coming up next, what to do next. And hasn't anybody been on earth that beat me with that, cause it's genuine, and tell you why it has to be that way. And then when you see the reality of it you know it's gotta be that way, and then that just ends all the arguments. Then it doesn't make any difference (listen at me boy) it don't make any difference, you walk in any place you


want to, anywhere in the world, any church organization, you can sit down and listen at anybody you wanna listen at preach and teach, just let anybody from anywhere, it just could be Gabriel from heaven or Michael from heaven and listen at him preach, and sat right there and know the difference, and never gonna be deceived. You remember Matthew 24 said this, uh the Messiah said, "That they would de, uh, that many false prophets would go out and that they would deceive the very elect if it were possible." When you learn what I'm trying to teach you down here it's not possible; it's just not possible.

Now it would be almost unfair for me not to show you something about how this pattern works, then you could get some kind of an idea about it. Now look Frank can't nobody fix it. And the more you fumble with it the worse it'll get, trying to fix it. There have never been nobody here able to fix it. And I'll tell you something else, there haven't never nobody went out of this school and went and joined no organization of no kind, no church, and they ain't never done that. This school is going on thirty-six years old, and ain't never nobody done it and never will. How 'bout that Dr. Gross?

Dr. Gross: That’s right [Student Body Laughs]

Dr. Kinley: Elder so and so nor nobody. You know why? Because we put the thing together so you can see it. You can do it yourself if you just wasn't too hard headed to learn, if you wasn't too stubborn to learn. Often times people think "Well you haven't heard so and so and so." I've heard 'em all. I know what a carnal mind is and I know what a spiritual mind is.

Now look, now look how simple it is. This is what throws the other fellow. Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, Spirit; Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, Spirit; Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, Spirit; Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, spirit; Blood, water, Spirit; SAME OLD SONG ALWAYS, it never does change. Listen, it come in, this cloud was a burning, in the eyes of the children of Israel it's a burning fire. Now listen at what I'm saying, it was a burning fire in the eyes of the children... Isn't that what the 40th chapter of Exodus and the last verse say? Isn't that what Deuteronomy say? The other fellow he didn't see it, but in the eyes of the children of Israel they saw it. And look, Page 3 IMMORTALITY, HELL, PRAYER 1968

within that cloud they saw the creation. Moses saw the creation, the vision of it. Now look! It ain't no need of arguing around here, now it's got to go out in the cloud, that's why Pete said what he did. It's got to, it's got to come in one way, it's got to go out the same way because the function there is got to continue on and on, that's what makes up the history of the world. That's how I was able to tell you about what Pope Pius the 12th would say, and he hadn't said it yet. You see what I mean? He had not said it yet. And tell you what he would do, and he hasn't done it yet, and why he would do this - it's all in the purpose. Then when I stand up here and tell you...somebody say "Well I disagree with him." Now there's nothing else you could do but disagree with me. Why?... because you don't know the story. But when you get the story down it's not no problem, it's no problem is it?

Now look Doc, you go along and take a thermostat and stick it in somebody's mouth, a thermometer.

Dr. Harris: Right

Dr. Kinley: You catch a hold of their pulse, and you watch your watch. That man's pulse is beating when it's normal, (it's abnormal, it's abnormal if it beats any other way) seventy times a minute. Right?

Dr. Harris: Right

Dr. Kinley: All right, and you take that out, and take the thermometer out his mouth and read it, it's over ninety-eight something's wrong. You say "Well how you feel buddy?" He say, "Well I just, ahh man I tell you I just, I feel pretty good, but I,..." Well, that man knows it's something wrong. Well now, why would your pulse beat seventy times a minute? Why is your temperature as it is? Now there ain't nobody can come along and tell me nothing Freddy! Don't you see you're not prepared to tell me nothing if you can't tell me this! How many ribs you got there Doc?

Dr. Harris: Twenty-four


Dr. Kinley: Twenty-four. How many vertebrae you got in vertebral column or the spinal column?

Dr. Harris: Thirty-three

Dr. Kinley: Thirty-three. Why? I never went to school. Here comes up a fellow he's a big scientist, he's peeping through a microscope and he's investigating carbon atoms, silicon and magnesium and all them different kinds of, (is that right), got 'em under the microscope, and he's telling me what's there. Well I knew it was before he knew what was there, and I told him about it, and telling him why it was there. Well now here's what you got! Listen now, listen at me! If you took the, I got it wrote up there in great big letters down yonder on the end of that chart. "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and God head so that you don't have no excuse." You understand, no excuse. Your excuse is gone! No excuse for your stupidity and ignorance. God had taken special pains to abolish 'em even before He put the man in the earth. Now if I can get you to catch on to it, IT'LL TAKE JUST THAT TO SAVE YOUR SOUL. But I tell you what's happening, the devil has come along trying to deceive you and that's his job, and he's doing a good job of it too. But now an atom is a proton, a neutron, and electron. You got most holy place, holy place, and the outer court. Here you are, (would you mind?) See, you got a head cavity, chest cavity, and then a abdominal cavity. You say he had twelve ribs on this side and twelve on this other side; twenty, thirty-three vertebrae in the spinal column. Well why is it? Somebody say "Well look, I'm an atheist." Yeah, but be quiet buster, because you got the same identical thing. Said "Well God took a rib and made up the woman; the man oughta be short of one rib." Now you go see your orthopedic specialist or your bone doctor, and you can ask him if you want to; that's the only bone there in the body that grows out. Everybody's got this within, right within himself so there's no reason for nobody's stupidity. Now you can learn that, you can find out why all these things are. Now just like you find them things in there, now if you know how it operates in time, then you know what's coming up; just exactly what's coming up, and when. And haven't I been telling you days and months and hours of things, haven't I been doing that?


Students: Right

Dr. Kinley: Well now that proves that there is a God. It proves it to you, so that you can feel that way about it; so that you can know, so that you can save your soul.

Now the big question mark, listen, Wallace is this, and as I been trying to get it over to you, see IT'S YOUR SOUL. I'M INTERESTED IN EVERYBODY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. It don't make no difference what color they are and what nationality you are, I'M INTERESTED IN 'EM. My mission is to them! I don't have no partiality, no discrimination, none of that junk in me. You understand, I couldn't have. And any man that will get something like that in him, he doesn't have no partiality, and discrimination, and all that ignorance and superstition in him. ALL SOULS BELONGS TO GOD. Listen, "God so loved the world, (John 3:19) that He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever..." Now there's just no sense in just reading around all the time and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. He didn't die out there for the Jews only. He wasn't no respecter of persons - that's His purpose and His plan. And listen let me say this: There has been a whole lot of 'em died on a tree, Roman Catholic killed better than 6 million Jews. And not a one of them Jews that died out there was to redeem the world. This is the only sacrificial body that will do it. And that's God's purpose, that's God's plan, and He's carrying it out. The Devil's no hindrance, no, see, God needs the Devil. For what? Said well, this is what He said, talking about Pharaoh, "For this cause have I raised you up..." What's that for? To overthrow him in the Red Sea and to show His power and get glory and honor to His Name. Now Roger when you come along telling me about your name, or somebody elses name, that wasn't in the Godhead in the first place, I'm through with you. Now I've said enough for you to catch on, and I'm telling you, you're not gonna go no where and learn these things. These books have went all over the world, and the testimony of everybody that's ever seen 'em, say that they've never seen nothing like this before. And I wanna say this: Now you're down in the close of this age. Now the next major thing that is gonna happen is the revelation. Now here's what I mean by revelation from heaven. Now I'm not talking about just something being revealed to you setting in your seat there;


that happens all the time. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about this: Here He has ascended into that state of existence, and now He will be revealed from heaven. You see here, see with... I'm showing it to you as this. This is just like a throne, this is just like this, all along here. Now we just put this one down here to show you when the thing was finished up, then He'll be, be seen from heaven. And look, that glory, that great incorporeal that out shines the brilliance of the sun, and instantaneously... Paul said in the 15th chapter of 1Corinthians "Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep (or all go to the cemetery) but we shall all be changed..." Now somebody said, that's been talking to me about revelations is progressive. Now this one is not progressive, this is instantaneous. But your understanding here is being worked out through the dispensation and ages, it's got to go on till it's matured. And then in it's maturity, and when God has did everything that He planned to do in this state and in this condition, then He's revealed from.., and then the, the, see it's over with then. And Paul, (I'm gonna quote it again), Paul said, "Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye..." Brother there is no, uh, there is no immortal bodies around now. There isn't, there just isn't any. This is a mortal body. And you receiving the Holy Spirit that ain't, that haven't changed the body. When you got the Holy Spirit you still like beans, and like cornbread when you got the Holy Spirit. What are you doing that for?... to nourish this physical body. Be fair and square and honest about it. But now at this time when He's revealed from heaven, then Paul said in the Phillipians, said "The Lord when He is revealed shall change our mortal body into a glorious body like unto His." Immortality beyond the possibility of death. There will be no dying. WE WILL BE THEN AS THE ANGELS IN HEAVEN. And then somebody thought "Well he don't understand, Jesus said..." There's always somebody thinks you're mistaken about it. "Jesus said he that liveth and believe... he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live, and he that liveth and believeth in me shall never die, believeth thou this?" I know as much about that as you do Bill. Yes, the inner-self, the Holy Spirit in you, it's not subject to death. It's not subject to death, but this thing here is. Now Jesus said he that's walking around here and believeth in me shall never die. We're.., in other words we that have the Spirit, we're not gonna never die, but every last one of us is gonna be changed from this mortal body. Now that's what we're

Page 7


looking forward to is immortality. And it is the spirit... we have an immortal spirit in us within a physical body. Now, somebody say "Well you're wrong about it." Now then you explain to me how it is that I can go wrong, when I have permission I don't, it don't make me no difference what's the matter with you. I don't even stop to take time to go to fool with it. I, uh, something happen to you I send you around there to see that man. Ain't that right?

Dr. Harris That's right

Dr. Kinley: When I have permission to speak, that's it. Now they're sitting around here all the time. Now it's up to you... And here's something else I wanna tell you, listen at this. Paul said in the 4th chapter of 2nd Corinthians, verse one on down, (now you listen at what I'm saying). "Now if our gospel be hid, if our gospel be hid...." Maybe you'd better read that Dr. Harris. Now said "I can't see what you're talking about. I don't understand it. You know so and so and so." Say listen, ain't nothing you know about anything, angels or human beings, or bees and the clouds and the birds, that I don't know. Now listen, 4th chapter and down, then I'm gone get down from here.

Reader: Therefore seeing we have this ministry. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: as we have received mercy. . .

Dr. Kinley: As we, the Apostle... as seeing we have, (the Apostles), have this ministry Reader: as we have received mercy. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: we faint not. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: but have renounced the hidden things. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: of dishonesty. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: not walking in craftiness. . . Dr. Kinley: Not walking in cunning craftiness, and trying to tear something and switch it around, and make you think I'm something in


cunning craftiness and all that kind of thing. You get the point? It's not that at all. Repeat.

Reader: not walking in craftiness. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: or handling the word of Yahweh deceitfully. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) All right read. Reader: but by manifestation of the truth. . .

Dr. Kinley: "But by manifestation of the truth!..." Now look folks, if I come along preaching to you, and demonstrating to you the truth of God and manifesting it, and signs and wonders and miracles have been done, now you'll either have to accept that or else you're responsible for own loss. That's the demonstration. All right read on Doc.

Reader: but by manifestation of the truth. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: commending ourselves to every man's conscience. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: in the. . . Dr. Kinley: I've ask you to check out... All right what else?

Reader: commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of Elohim. . .

Dr. Kinley: In the sight of Elohim or in the sight of God, see commending ourselves to every man, every man's conscience in the sight of Elohim. Read!

Reader: but if our evangel be hid. . .

Dr. Kinley: But if our gospel, or if evangel be hid, if it is hid! Then what's that?

Reader: it is hid to them that are lost. . .

Dr. Kinley: It's hid to them that are lost! That's what your troubles is, you're lost! Read.


Reader: in whom the spirit of this age. . .

Dr. Kinley: "In whom the spirit of this age..." Now we've had folks come along and tell us this age is ended now. IT HAS NOT ENDED! From Pentecost down, uh, from Pentecost down it has not ended, AND WHEN IT DOES END EVERYBODY WILL KNOW IT! "In whom the God of this world"

Reader: has blinded the minds of them. . . Dr. Kinley: has blinded the minds! Reader: of them which believe not. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: lest the light of the. . . Dr. Kinley: Lest the light of the glorious gospel... Read Reader: of the Messiah. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: who is the Image of Yahweh. . .

Dr. Kinley: Who is the Image! Wait a minute folks! Who is the Image of that GREAT BRILLIANCE before whose face the heavens and earth fled away! He's the very Image of it, the very description of it. And the boys said they saw it when they was up in the mountain. I want you to know that that's Him up there. And when I say up there, I'm not talking about pointing up, He's every where. Heaven is not somewhere above the sun, moon, and stars. You're in heaven right now or in hell right now, setting on your seat, tormented in the flame, doubting, no confidence. And hell translated again, a hole in the ground, the grave. Hell translated again, in here in this torment. I know everything! I know anything you can talk about! First, second, and third hell. You can't surprise me with nothing! You haven't got no explanation for me for nothing! It's a state. Insofar as revelations is concerned, light travels a hundred and eighty-six miles a second, or a hundred and eight-six million miles a second. . .

Student: 186,000 Dr. Kinley: huh? Students: 186,000 thousand miles Dr. Kinley: A hundred, eighty-six thousand - just be whatever it wants to be. It travels faster than that if it wants to. But what I'm


talking about is this. Now if He's way up above the sun, moon, and stars, then in His ascension He wouldn't be home yet, if it's like you're talking about. And He would, it would be a long while before He got back. But I'm telling you He is back, and He is in you by His spirit. Now a spirit doesn't have flesh and bones. Then He has an incorporeal body, then it's universal. There's nothing you can talk to me about I don't know. . . And when that incorporeal body appears, Paul said "Behold I show you a..." Now if that's hid from you Doc, it's because some of these satanic hypocrite and devils has blinded your mind. As Paul said "Behold I show you a mystery we shall not all sleep but in a twinkling of an eye..." Instantaneous, "As the light shineth out of the east even unto the west even shall the coming of the Son of Man be." It was that way on the day of Pentecost when He come in. Suddenly He come from heaven with a sound of a mighty rushing wind, suddenly. Now that's Him there. But see now this is the body. You make up the body here that He will come in.

Student: That's it.

Dr. Kinley: That's it. Now, this is, this is the finish. Now when He's revealed in that super incorporeal body, then our bodies that we have will be changed instantaneously like His. And then listen, there ain't gone be no more devil running around fooling nobody either. All these people back here in this flood that you see there (you can see it here, right here) all these people there, they weren't arguing with Noah, they were drowned, they were dead. See they done argued around a hundred and twenty years, but now they're drowned. You see now that's the way it's gonna be with them. And then let me say this too Doc. Now we've pleaded, and we've sung the blues, we've cried and demonstrated, . . . [Side one ends few statements lost]. . . You see what I mean, as you see in all the world. Now I want you to look in Matthew 7:22. I just want you to see now there are many people in that day. Roman Catholics they swear by all that's holy that their church is the church that Christ built, on Peter. And they've murdered millions because they disagreed with 'em. And every sect and every cult comes up, yes they all say that they're right. And Messiah said they were gonna say "Lo He's in the valley, He's in the dessert." Many false prophets, come out in His name too. Now when somebody comes in somebody elses name besides


it, now you know that's getting serious. Now look, look what He said there.

Reader: Many will say unto me in that day. . .

Dr. Kinley: Many will say unto me... He's talking about what they're saying unto me. He said many will say unto me in that day... All right, what?

Reader: Rabbi, Rabbi. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: did we not eat and drink in thy name. . . Dr. Kinley: Didn't we not eat, and didn't we not drink in your name? Reader: and in thy name have cast out demons. . . Dr. Kinley: and in thy name cast out Reader: demons. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: and in thy name done many wonderful works. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) All right read on. Reader: and then will I say unto you. . . Dr. Kinley: And then this is what He's gonna say unto them! Reader: I never knew you. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: depart from me. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: ye that work iniquity

Dr. Kinley: "Ye that work iniquity." I think I've said enough, with one exception. Now Dr. Harris you'll find in Philippians that where he said, and you'll find the 15th chapter of 1Corinthians where, where he said "Instantaneously, in a twinkling of..." 15th chapter of 1Corinthians. I know, I not gone stay up here and hog the time. Our brother here, uh, uh, ----- -----, and I want him to have something to say to you. And I wanna tell him and his wife in your presence... I wanna know, I've never dodged around with nothing. You ever known me to do that?

Students: No


Dr. Kinley: And I don't have a thing to tell you in private that I don't tell you in, that I won't tell you in public. We invite them to come and to study with us in this school. And they have the protection and the defense, (not of Henry Clifford Kinley or of you), but they have the protection and defense of Almighty God. Now look Wallace, the Roman Catholic religion is wrong! Somebody say "Well you don't have no right to be talking about me and my religion." I say the Bahai religion is wrong! I say the church of God is wrong! I don't have no apologies to make for it; that's what I'm sent to tell you. And if you come up here telling me that all these people settin' round here make up the, and this is it, why you're, you're, you're telling the story wrong, it's not like that. Many in the congregation is not right. You just heard him say that, "Many shall say unto me in that day haven't we done many wonderful things - and all in your name." See it wasn't in the name of Bahaullah. It's not in the name of Kinley! Now how in the world am I gonna think anymore of Bahaullah than I am of me? NOW IF BAHAULLAH OR HENRY C. KINLEY SAYS ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN WHAT MOSES AND THESE PROPHETS SAID, BOTH OF US ARE JUST LIARS THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT, AND IF YOU FOLLOW IT YOU'LL LOSE YOUR SOULS! Now that's plain talk anybody can understand that! Ain't that right Bishop?

Bishop Short: Right Dr. Kinley: Ain't that right Dr. Gross? Dr. Gross: That's right

Dr. Kinley: Plain talk. And I'm not gonna run off in no corner and tell you that, cause the thing just wasn't done in no corner. No you see what I'm talking about? Now that's the only way we can help some of these people, and ---- ---- ----. And I say this, as Dr. Williams, (and while I'm standing here I'll make this announcement) Dr. Williams is coming back from Birmingham, Alabama at 12 o'clock tomorrow. Huh?

Mary Gross: 10:25 Dr. Kinley: 10:25 tomorrow at the bus station down there. . . Man: Is that A.M. Mary Gross: Yes, A.M.


Dr. Kinley: A.M. in the morning, down at the bus station and so we'll have to pick him up. But now here's what I wanna say about that. Now there's a man that is come out of the Church of Christ... See these people are tired of being fed with garbage. They know within their own conscience there ain't nothing to these things. And I'll tell you something else they've done, I don't, I don't, I don't go along with it at all. Just plain talk Doc, anytime you get up here and you tell me say "Let us pray," and start to reading something, I know you don't know what it's all about. That ain't the way it's done. To me that's not what a prayer is. And I don't care how nice the words are that just isn't it, cause I know better. Now my job is telling you. Now that's how the devil deceive these people, saying nice things and all them kind of things. Saying "Well didn't John teach his disciples how to pray? Didn't Jesus teach His disciples how to pray? And do you mean to say that you don't believe in prayer?" Naw, I didn't say that. I'm afraid I'm the one that does believe in prayer, it's you that don't. Because here's what I'm telling you: The spirit in you, that's what makes the intercession for you, not you reading out of... I don't care if it's a Bible. Now when Jesus was here, He told His disciples, said you pray after this manner. They didn't have the Holy Spirit. But that same Jesus, the same spirit is inside of 'em now making intercession for 'em. See He was out here telling how to pray after this manner, it ain't like that now He's in here. We're not reading out of no script down there, He's in there making the intercession for us. Now that's intercession. Somebody say "Well where do you find that at sir?" You'll find it in the 8th chapter of Romans and the 26th verse. And everyone of them is gonna be answered too. Why?...because He makes the intercession according to the purpose of God and it never did fail. He's down here all out of harmony with the purpose and saying nice things and... I don't go along with nothing like that. You could be reading in the Bible if you want to, and it still won't make me no difference, because you're suppose, you're suppose to have it in you now. He maketh the intercession for you. Now this thing that we get up here often time and say, "Well let's, let us pray, Lord, so and so and so and so and so, and so and so and so and so and so and so and so..." I don't always guarantee that. Now let me say it this way, see if you catch this one. You never seen me up here, none of you ever seen me up here making a prayer. Did you ever see me make one?

Students: No, no.

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Dr. Kinley: Now listen, I do all the praying around here. Can you understand that kind of language? I do all the preaching. I do all the praying. I do all the singing. Do you get it now?

Dr. Gross: Yes!

Dr. Kinley: See things like that people don't understand. They don't understand and they're puzzled with those things. I know I've said enough now, and at this time I'm gone give way and let the brother, Jeremy, have something to say, or his wife, either one. I want you to give them your undivided attention. Don't read nothing, pay 'tention to what he says, every word, both he and his wife. Thank you.

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