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Transcribed by Beverly Allen

Dr. Kinley: Thank you ever so much. Now I didn't get up here to contend with this all the way through this service. Now my intention was to tell you what was on my mind and then go sit down; if Yahweh don't feel that way, why then, you're stuck with me.

Now this morning, I wanna call attention to that. This morning the Gospel of the kingdom was preached in this school. Yes indeed, Dr. Harris really preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. And he told you that what he preached this morning, that pertain to the Gospel of the Kingdom, would be preached in all the world, for a witness, and then shall the end come.

Now folks, it's a hard thing to say, it's awful hard to say that the world out here is lost. And when I say that, now it's just only one way for me to tell you about it, and just tell you like it is, in some simple, plain, easy to be understood words, that anybody could understand. Judaism, and Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism is lost! Now somebody will say, "Well now that's what you think; I know I'm not lost, I'm saved! I remember when my dungeon shook, and my chains fell off. I remember the very day and the very hour that I was born of Yahweh." Did you ever see a baby remember when he was born?

Now I wanna tell you what the problem is, and what the trouble is, and I hope you understood Dr. Harris this morning. Now the Gospel has been preached in this place. And I would like for you to know how I feel within myself, put yourself in my shoes when Yahweh revealed to



me His purpose and His plan in 1931. I have told you many times over, and over, and over again, that I was caught up to the third heaven and seen things, as the Apostle Paul said was impossible for a man to utter. Believe it or not, that's so. Now I don't expect everybody to believe it just cause I said that; I know better than that. Yahshua the Messiah was Yahweh manifested in a physical body, and they didn't believe Him. Now you think I'm stupid enough to think that everybody's gonna believe me? I'm stupid all right, but not that stupid.

Now I wanna tell you something about the things that's wrong. Now Dr. Harris laid 'em down this morning, I mean he really laid 'em down. And it's a pretty hard thing to see men with an education, academically trained, scientifically minded men that can read and speak more than one language, many of 'em. And all of 'em now have access to a Bible; anybody can have one that wants to have one. And what Dr. Harris preached this morning is in everybody's Bible, whether it's the King James Version (that's suppose to be the Protestant's Bible), the Vulgate (that's supposed to be the Roman Catholic Bible), or just Bibles, it's in there, just what he said. And how people can open a Bible, and read it, pay 'tention to what you reading out of the Bible, and jump right up our of the pulpit, in the midst of a lot of people with a good education, and then fail to understand what they're reading about; IGNORE, ABSOLUTELY IGNORE WHAT THE SAVIOUR SAYS. Now do you know why that's done like that? I'm gonna tell you why that's done. Because it's those satanic spirits that are cast out of heaven and incarnated in physical bodies that disputes everything Yahweh ever said. Now that's what that is. And you'll find them standing right here in the pulpit in primarily all of these churches. It's not our prerogative to get up and always be lam-blasting, or saying something hard about some church. But if you knew the truth, if you just had any idea of the truth, you would be grateful to us for calling your attention to it; you would be eternally grateful to us for calling your attention to it. But now could you imagine, could you imagine how I felt after Yahweh had showed me the vision, and the revelation, the misunderstanding; by myself, out here to go up against Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism? Could you put yourself in my shoes? Even my own mother said, "Son you oughta go back down to the church, and confess your wrong doing, and get straightened out with the brethren." I looked her straight in the face, and I said, "Mama, I can't go down there and confess something I never done; that's a matter of impossibility; I'm not guilty of what they accuse me of, and on top of



all of that, mother that audience, that congregation has set there and seen me lay hands on many many people that were sick and afflicted, and they were healed, and threw away crutches, and lame and all that kind of thing, even the pastor. Now mama, I didn't do those things by just my learning or something like that. And mama you know I only went to the 6th grade of elementary school.” And there was an old blind man, now he was physically blind, he had studied some Greek, and he said, "Sister Ada, your son is a good preacher; he's a wise man and a smart man, but I think that he ought to straighten up and go on back and be reconciled with the brethren." All right, I thought to myself, well, what can I do to convince them? Now I hadn't had no vision at that time. What can I do to go back down there and show them what I really believe - that was Two Works of Grace they were talking about, so I wouldn't accept two works of grace, fact the matter, I didn't see one, and some of 'em was talking about three. I saw Grace as an unmerited favor, a gift. Well sir, I thought to myself, I know what I'll do, I'll just go upstairs in the attic, in my den up there and I'll just write down what I believe, and I'll take it down there and show it to them. So I went to the grocery store and bought myself a couple of pencil tablets, and I started to write. And the thought come to me like this: "Say listen boy, there's many men much smarter than ever you've ever been, and just wrote all kinds of commentaries." And I thought about Matthew Henry's Commentary, and Pendleton, and so forth and so on. And I said, now they don't all agree, now how do you expect to go down there and them people accept what you're talking about? And all I could do was just write down chapters and verses in the Bible just like all the rest of the commentaries. Well I seen that wasn't gonna do; I give it up. I didn't write over three pages; I just simply gave it up. I said it's just got to be something better than this. And then as they often tell you, as we often tell you, is that my story was this... Please pay attention this is serious with me. I would not have gotten up here tonight, you know it's not customary for me to get up here all the time, most particular on a Sunday. I don't mind it so much on that Wednesday night. But I'm stirred up for your sake; I'm burdened for your sake. Now this is the thought I had in my mind. Will you read it Dr. Harris, or somebody. Now I didn't tell him where to read, if you noticed that, I didn't, I didn't tell him where to read. Now he's gonna read the straight thing too.

Reader: Acts 17:30-31. . . Dr. Kinley: Now where is it? Reader: Acts 17:30&31



Dr. Kinley: Acts 17:31. I noticed he got into Acts 17:10 this morning. All right, read it.

Reader: And the times of this ignorance Yahweh winked at. . . Dr. Kinley: um hum Reader: but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent. . . Dr. Kinley: See Reader: because He hath appointed. . .

Dr. Kinley: Now watch, I want you to see now! Now listen, listen folks, pay 'tention! Now Yahweh commanded all men, Jews and Gentiles to repent, everywhere throughout the entire world. And back here, back here before the law, and before the flood, between the Garden of Eden and the flood, and all the way down, a lot of those nations they worshipped idols. Moloche, that's a Canaanite deity; Isis and Thebes, Egyptian deity, just had many different idols; Baal and Nebo, Babylonian idols, they worshipped them. Now could you imagine somebody (pay 'tention now) could you imagine somebody carving out something, making some kind of an image, and then go setting it up on a pedestal, and then him getting down before that thing that he made himself, and worship it. Now that is ignorance, personified. That's bad. But now the times of this ignorance when they worshipped all these erroneous deities, Yahweh winked at, didn't charge 'em with it. Because He had appointed a day wherein He shall judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained. Is that what you got? Now look, folks for over two years of my life I couldn't see nothing else but just that. And this is what I thought, surely there ought to be some way, which I don't know nothing about. I'd been out there in the church preaching for 15 years, and I knew the Bible. I could tell you chapter and verse where you... just open it anywhere, start to reading, and I could tell you chapter and verse where you were reading at right on down. And have gotten up many times, and almost quoted whole entire chapters. I knew what was in the Bible, but that wasn't the problem, didn't understand it. And I thought by me just preaching what was in the Bible, I thought I was preaching the word of God.

I want to call you attention back to another thing, bring it right down the front tonight. Now I said the times of that ignorance, when they worshipped all those deities or idols, and I called some of the names of



them, Baal, Bel, Nebo, Moloche, even Dinah, and on back down in Egypt, Isis, and Thebes. They had sun gods, moon gods, and all kind of gods down there they had. Now look folks, it would look like that thing ought to be pretty well cured up by now. Wouldn't it?

Students: Yeah

Dr. Kinley: It ain't no, it ain't no better. Now let me show you why I said that. Now this is the admitted true name of our Heavenly Father, Yahweh. This is the name of Yahweh manifested in a physical body, Yahshua, the Son. This is the title for Yahweh in incorporealization, or when He's in a spiritual embodiment. Now look, this is the name! Now if that be true, what have you got all around the world as of now, if you think it's better? I think I made the point. Yahweh... Even the Jew to whom Moses, (Yahweh gave it to Moses, and Moses gave it to them), even they, (right now I'm talking about) they won’t call, they don't wanna call that name, they say "Adonai." Now Yahweh has appointed a day wherein He shall judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He has ordained. Now when you come right down to it, He says… Look folks, Lord, God... most of 'em are titles. Jesus Christ is a name, but that’s not the name of the Saviour. Then you look back at the Roman Catholic Church, Judaism, and Protestantism, everywhere around the world... Now is it any better?

Students: No

Dr. Kinley: Anybody that knew all about this name, and so forth and so on, before they come down here to this school, stand up I'd like to see you. Don't be afraid, and I didn't say you didn't know something about it either. See you don't have a chance out here in the world. Now this makes it a very serious thing about the Names! First you have to have the true deity before you could worship like you should! Now that’ knockout number one! You just might as well be worshipping Moloche! You see what I mean? Out here in the Baptist Church, out here in the Roman Catholic Church, out here in Judaism, out here in Protestantism, out here in Buddhism - now that's a fact whether you wanna believe it or not! That's the way it is, NOTHING ELSE BUT SURE IDOLARTY! I hope that sinks in. And you can see that you have the privilege of coming at least one place, 1040, in Los Angeles and learn yourself some sense. Right?



Students: Right

Dr. Kinley: Now listen, we have them that’s preaching Muhammadism. I got a question I wanna ask you, did Muhammad ever did for anybody?

Students: No

Dr. Kinley: Somebody thinks the Pope of Rome, or you could carry it on back to Peter if you want to. Peter never died to save the world. John never died - NONE OF THE APOSTLES, NONE OF THE PROPHETS MOSES NOR NONE OF 'EM! Then you will come along and let one of them demonic spirits incarnated in a physical body lead YOU right straight on to the lake. Then when somebody comes along that Yahweh has sent, you wanna raise hell about that! That's right, I'm telling you just like it is.

Now it was said to me tonight about getting out of confusion, they just come out of confusion, they didn't wanna be in confusion any more. Well listen, let me tell you something, you know what you have to do to do to get out of confusion? Now coming down to 1040 ain't gone get you out of it. Paul said "You must needs go on out of the world to get out of confusion." Dr. Harris told you that this morning in different words. That's what it amounts to.

Now Yahweh has appointed a day... The times of all this stupidity and colossal ignorance, all over the place, and we gone name some of it, Dr. Harris named it this morning, and we gonna name it all back over again. And we do want you to see that you do have it in your Bible! Freddy go over there and put something on the board about an age, and approximately how long it was. Just show us something about it for goodness sakes! Now besides the names, (that's serious, that's serious)... You know, it comes back to me this way.... I've even asked, got up here and beg! I mean really begged you to sit still in your seats, "BE STILL!" says Yahweh, "Be still and know that I am Yahweh! I am Yahweh let the whole earth keep silence before Him!" And you can't hardly get your mouth shut back there, and people setting in the back can't hardly hear nothing that's said up here! Get up here and just preach your heart and lungs out, and you won't even sat down on a seat and be still for a few minutes. And what is said from this pulpit, a lot of times,



somebody's got to run down stairs and say "Well that wasn't what he meant, uh, this is what he meant by what he said." As though the ministry didn't have sense enough to say what they mean, and mean what they say, in other words they're just shortly denying that Yahshua the Messiah is in the preacher. Now the reason why I'm stirred up about it... Dr. Harris get Matthew 24th chapter and show where Yahshua the Messiah said the time of that tribulation back there had never been that bad before in the world, in none of the ages. Noah wasn't up against the thing like we're up against it. Yahshua the Messiah wasn't up against it like we're up against it.

Reader: The 21st verse. . . Dr. Kinley: 21st, uh, read it doc.

Reader: For then shall be great tribulation. . . Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: such as was not since the beginning of the world till this time…

Dr. Kinley: Now you see there, GREAT TRIBULATION! TRIALS! TESTS! MEN BEING MURDERED! And a lot'a times I like to call your attention to this too, cause I doubt seriously whether there's anybody in the building that's been through with what I have been through with in order to tell you what I have told you. I want you to know that I have been beat up! You talking about confusion, I mean I have been beat up good, crippled up there by the Black Muslims, 906 Hoskins St., Cincinnati, Ohio, for preaching this gospel. And I doubt seriously whether any of you all have been beat up for it. Paul said, “You’ve not resisted unto blood striving against sin." A man tried to make me take it back that Yahweh, (or God as he called it, or Allah as he called it), had sent me in the world to preacher, Black Muslim, make me take it back that He showed me a vision. Well you just might as well finish killing me because I ain't gone take it back, that's all there is to it. Now you can just pop your little gun off any time you want to, I am not gonna take it back. And I do know that there has been millions upon top millions of people murdered by the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. Just millions upon top of millions, countless millions have been murdered for preaching and teaching the truth. And none of you all have resisted unto blood striving against sin, I have. And let me tell you something else, if it wasn't so I'd look everyone of you straight in the face and tell you go straight to hell and wouldn't bat



an eye. Now that's some evidence that Yahweh has showed me something. I wouldn't struggle with you no 44 years like that, and been beat up, and knocked down, and drug out, and cussed out all the time, no indeedy. But now of the times of that ignorance Yahweh winked at, but now He’s commanding all men everywhere to repent. And now here you have it here, at the time right now that we're living in, then you can see how serious it is, and how necessary it is for us to get up here and tell you what's wrong! Everybody come along and say, "Well God sent me!" But they don't have no proof of it. They can't... Yahshua said this, (now are you listening?), He said "Believe on me for my very work sake...Unless I work the works of Him that sent me, don't you believe me!" That ought to be fair. Many people have been healed of all kind of diseases, some of 'em sitting right in this audience looking me straight in the face, doctor and all. And in the hospital, right in Los Angeles, they got the records, and all back through the world, Yahweh worked many miracles. I have told you what was going in the world! Here not to long ago I stood in this pulpit, and I told you that there would be an earthquake, real quick. And if I tell you something's gonna happen and it don't happen, don't come back! Did it happen?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Now your preacher can't do that, and neither can I as a man. I know what's going on, you ain't fooling me. If it wasn't so, this school would never be like it is now. Dr. Harris told you this morning, and that's the theme for the convention, what Yahshua the Messiah said… Read Dr. Harris about that great tribulation, that period of tribulation. Now He told you there that it wouldn't, it hadn't been since the world had begun. It never had been with Noah, none of 'em all the way down, even down in Yahshua the Messiah's day. All right read.

Reader: For then shall be great tribulation. . . Dr. Kinley: um hum Reader: such as was not since the beginning of the world. . . Dr. Kinley: That's right Reader: till this time. . . Dr. Kinley: That's right Reader: nor, nor ever shall be. . .



Dr. Kinley: It's worse now than it's, (do you understand now?) it's worse now than it's ever been! Why don't you wake up and look around and see what's going on. Read on Dr. Harris.

Reader: and except those days should be shortened. . .

Dr. Kinley: And except those days of this present age be shortened... Now that brings you right up here, that's the reason why we had you get up here on this board. From the Garden of Eden to the flood, 1656 years. An age is approximately 2 days or 2000 years long. Now then that's a short one; 1656 is not 2000. Remember one day with Yahweh is as a 1000 years, and a 1000 years as one day. Now you try to follow me cause I'm serious about it, and I'm trying to tell you something to wake you up. Now that was a short age. That's called an antediluvian age. And that world was drowned out, or that age was drowned out by water. Say listen folks, did you know a lot of them people back there when Noah begin to preach, he had a whole lot of folks following after him, not 1 or 2 or 8 preaching that vision that Yahweh had showed him. Now is there any wonder that there's just one man down here preaching it? If everybody back there in the antediluvian age if Yahweh told them about this vision, or about the flood and all, they, they... Why listen, them boys and their wives that went in the ark they hadn't seen no vision. They believed what their father said, Noah said. And them wives of them boys were stupid enough to believe the old man, and they all went into that ark. You see what I mean? Now far as the rain down there, when they had never seen no rain. A mist come up from the earth and watered the earth, and they had never seen no rain. Now here's an old fool standing out here talking about it's gonna rain, and Yahweh's gonna flood the world. And then listen, even in Apostolic times, now this is done after the flood is over with, way after the flood is over with, Peter said some of 'em were saying, "Where is the promise of His coming?" Yahshua the Messiah done been here, and died out there on the cross, and still they yet standing around saying, "Where is the promise of His coming? All things continue as they were from the beginning." And Peter said "Now this they willingly are ignorant of, how the world being overthrown with water perished, and only 8 were saved in the ark?" You see what I'm talking about? Do you see?

Now this age here, 1656, that's an age, that's a short one. The next one 2377 years, that's a long one. This one is short, and this one is a long.



And Yahshua the Messiah said, (the one that you live in) said "Now except these days be shortened, coming out of that great tribulation, there wouldn't be no flesh saved, but for the elect sake..." Is that what you got there?

Reader: Yes sir. Dr. Kinley: Read

Reader: for the elect, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Dr. Kinley: For those days shall be shortened. Now look, let's get after it like this: Eight saved by or from water back here. When Messiah died, and the Holy Spirit was poured out, and this is a long age, 8 here, 11 here; on the Day of Pentecost just 11, that's a gain of 3. Now to come on down from there down to the present time, folks it's in pretty bad shape. Yahweh's appointed a day where He shall, wherein He shall judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He has ordained. Now the question that set so tight and so hard in my mind was this: How in the world is God, at that time, (I didn't know nothing about Yahweh, I didn't know nothing about them names, but the Lord, Lord God), How in the world is He gonna get the Roman Catholic, and the Jews, and the Protestants, and the Buddhist, and the Taoists, and the what have you, to see eye to eye and face to face, how is He going to get them to do that? Now that was a question burning forth within my mind for over two years. I took my little dog and went up the railroad track and sit down and fished. I don't remember ever catching a fish at the creek. And I would look at the birds that flew overhead, I would look at the green grass out in the field, I would look at the cattle, and anything, I just looked at all nature. And I wondered to myself, how in the world is Yahweh going to be able to judge the world in righteousness? How is He gonna get 'em all to see eye-to-eye and face-to- face? Then another thing cropped up there too, making 'em see eye-to-eye and face-to-face, Yahweh said, “As I live saith Yahweh to me every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess Yahshua the Messiah to the satisfaction and glory of Yahweh.” Now if you ain’t willing to confess Yahshua the Messiah, and you wanna hold on to Jesus Christ, you got something coming. You gonna have to confess Him anyhow. Thank you Freddy, what I mean by that you can sit down. But now this close of this age here, then come on up and down through this



present age in which we now live, nineteen hundred and forty-two years. Now the one, the young lady that read the scripture here tonight, the 2nd Chapter of Acts of Apostles, I wanna tell you something. AD33, June 6th, about 9’Oclock in the morning, 10 days after Yahshua the Messiah ascended from the Mt. of Olives the Holy Spirit was poured out on those that believe. Now when Yahshua ascended from the Mt. of Olives here, He told ‘em, said “Now you go back to Jerusalem, stay right there and wait for the Promise of the Father, and then you shall be witnesses unto me in Judea, and Samaria, and the utmost parts of the world.” Now that’s what they did, and they went right back to where they came from, and they were there on the Day of Pentecost, and that Holy Spirit was poured out on ‘em. And don’t you know, just to show you about men, how stubborn they are – I’ve already told you that the Jews they won’t call His name Yahweh. They know it, but you won’t find a Rabbi on earth… Is that right David?

David Rosen: That’s right Dr. Kinley: Isn’t Yahweh in the Masoretic text? I wanna know. David Rosen: That’s right it’s in there, so is Elohim…

Dr. Kinley: And so is Elohim and Yahshua; it’s in there, been in there all the time. And even the people that it was given to, they won’ use ‘em, they won’t preach in the Name. See how bad it is? We were down in the Vatican, Dr. Dennis, Dr. Harris, and several of ‘em, Dr. Mathess, Dr. Hobbs, and Sister Mary Gross, right down there, right down there in Vatican City. And when this chart was rolled down… Who rolled it down, was it Mitch or?

Dr. Harris: Yeah, I think Mitch rolled it down.

Dr. Kinley: rolled it down. Cardinal, they called him Cardinal, Pontiff Gramillion said, “I see you use the true names of our Heavenly Father.” Did he say it Dr. Gross?

Dr. Gross: Yeah, he said it. Dr. Kinley: Did he Dr. Dennis? Dennis Droulard: That’s what he said.

Dr. Kinley: Now they know it, and they’re around talking about the Lord, God, and Jesus Christ. Remember I told you, they say Adonai, they, they won’t say it. I’m trying to show you the seriousness of it! And could



you imagine, now just could you imagine (listen to what I’m saying folks) could you imagine just going out and murdering somebody (beginning with Stephen) and just murdering millions of ‘em because they wouldn’t go along with their erroneous teaching and doctrine, could you imagine that? That’s something to think about. The Apostles never heard nothing bout no Lord, God, and Jesus Christ. Wasn’t nothing in no Bible in the first place to begin with; it just wasn’t in there, neither Jehovah. You’re in a terrible shape, believe me you are – confusion everywhere, such as never was known before in all the world. Now look doc, skip on down to the theme there.

Reader: 14th verse Dr. Kinley: 14th verse. Now Dr. Harris told you about that. Reader: And this Gospel of the Kingdom…

Dr. Kinley: Now listen! Folks, what we’re telling you at 1040 is the Gospel of the Kingdom! And this Gospel of the Kingdom SHALL BE, not maybe… Yahshua the Messiah, who is Yahweh incarnated, is saying, “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world…” What for?

Reader: for a witness… Dr. Kinley: For a witness, read. Reader: for a witness unto all nations…

Dr. Kinley: For a witness unto the Jew and unto the Gentiles, that’s what it’s preached for. NOW THAT’S WHAT WE WANT IN THE CONVENTION! We want you to know that this Gospel that’s being preached at 1040 S. Grand, Los Angeles, California, and everywhere where this school exists is the true Gospel of the Kingdom. Now listen folks, I have to tell you now what’s the trouble – Dr. Harris told you this morning and now we’re going to repeat it. Doc, get over there to the 3rd Chapter of Matthew and the 13th & 14th verses I believe you’ll find it. Now look, we’re going to show you what’s wrong! Before you read that, just hold your finger in that and the 5th Chapter of Matthew too, and go on over there to the 10th Chapter of Hebrews, 10th Chapter of Hebrews, and let’s start at the right place. All right, start.

Reader: Wherefore when He cometh into the world...



Dr. Kinley: Now listen folks, now you listen at what I’m telling you. Wherefore He saith when He cometh into the world, (let me add this one) through the loins of the Virgin Mary, now this is what He said. All right read. Now you’ll find this recorded over there in the Psalms, 40th Psalms. It was prophesied that He would say when He come in, way back there, what He would say when He come in the world. And He had to say that too, and we gone tell you what it was He said. All right, sacrifices and burnt offering thou wouldest not, read.

Reader: but a body…

Dr. Kinley: But a body! Folks have you thought about that Yahshua the Messiah was a prepared body? Have you thought about that? He wasn’t just one of the boys, um-um, it’s not like that. Sacrifices and burnt offerings, (Yahweh has never been pleased with it), thou wouldn’t not. Is that what you said there?

Reader: Yes sir Dr. Kinley: All right read on Reader: but a body hast thou prepared me…

Dr. Kinley: That is a prepared body that thou prepared for me, Elohim or Yahweh… Hold it, 3rd Chapter of Timothy, 16th verse, and hold the thought. Now we said it was a prepared body, and we said that Yahweh was in there. Is that right? I want that read too, because a lot of us even to stupid even to realize that. They just thought that Jesus was another prophet, or Yahshua was another prophet or something like that, a good man, and they line Him up with some of the rest of ‘em. That’s not so, read.

Reader: and beyond controversy…

Dr. Kinley: And beyond, or without controversy, now look that means without debating about it, without any argument…

Reader: great is the mystery…

Dr. Kinley: Wait! Without any discussion, without all of that great is the mystery



Reader: of holiness… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: Yahweh was manifest…

Dr. Kinley: Now Yahweh, now listen folks, Yahweh was, believe it or not, was manifest in the flesh! Do you understand what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the Creator of heaven and earth, and the angles and everything else that’s ever been created was manifested in a little man like this – Now that’s a great big mystery! Look how insignificant, it’s apparent that I’m insignificant now walking around here on earth with all these folks around here, and all this land and water and moon and sun and stars, and here’s the Creator that was walking around in a little puny physical body – That’s a great big mystery! The mystery don’t get no bigger than that. And that’s without any debate, any argument, it’s so anyhow. Somebody say, “I don’t believe that.” That’s still, it’s without any argument it still yet is. Who do you know that’s walked out there on the water and said “Peace be still,” and the waves and the winds died down, that’s manifested in the flesh. Who do you know that walked up to the grave, He said “Roll the stone away, said Lazarus come forth.” That man’s been dead four days. Who do you know that’s ever done anything like that? Peter?

Students: No! Dr. Kinley: The Pope? Students: No!

Dr. Kinley: Listen, I’ll tell you something else, Yahweh’s getting sick and tired of your foolishness. You may not believe that, I ain’t got time to read it over there, but that’s right. Without controversy great is the mystery of righteousness or holiness, Yahweh, not Yahshua, it didn’t say Yahshua was manifested in the flesh. Read it again doc.

Reader: and without controversy great is the mystery of holiness… Dr. Kinley: That’s right. Reader: Yahweh was manifest in the flesh…

Dr. Kinley: Yahweh, that’s the Father of everything, the source and the substance from which everything comes from was manifested in a little physical body. And when He cometh into the world He said sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldest not, but this is the body that He



prepared for me. Yes indeed that’s it, and He proved it too. And somebody thought, “That sure was a great big miracle that He performed when He had the stone rolled away from Lazarus’ tomb, and called Him by name,” said ‘Lazarus come forth.’ Better had of said Lazarus! If He hadn’t said Lazarus come forth, everything out there would have come up from there, because He was the resurrection and the life. And I want you to know no man goeth to the Father but by Him. The truth about it was nobody didn’t know nothing about the Father – now how you gonna go some place you don’t know nothing about? Folks I tell you I’m worked up about the thing, I’m stirred up, I’m stirred up good too. And I hope you take some of this home with you. Sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldest not… See that brings me down to this, well read on.

Reader: then said I… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: low I come…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait just a minute folks, now Dr. Harris told you about this, then said I lo I come…

Reader: in the volume of the Book it is written of me…

Dr. Kinley: Listen, wait just a minute. When you get Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, and when you get Joshua on over to Malachi, them boys that wrote by the Holy Spirit in them, He’s coming in the volume of the Book. Volume means more than one. The Law is one, 5 books; the books of the Prophets, whole lot of books, put ‘em all together you got a volume. I come in the volume of the Book as it is written of me – I’M COMING LIKE THE PROPHETS SAID I WOULD COME. Now I’m telling you what’s the matter now. Not as it’s gonna be written – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wasn’t written at all, that’s the reason why we say go to the Law and the Prophets. Buster I know what I’m talking about, yes indeed. Yes sir, oh my goodness. Now you know what I just thought about then? Can you hold a thought for just a minute? A man stood right down there about middle ways here not to long ago, and he said that God had sent him in the world to set up the Kingdom of God. Some of you heard him. Now look here, now this is what he didn’t know, Matthew 25: 34-35. Now we’re going back to the thought over here in Hebrews. Now this is what he didn’t know, he didn’t



know when the Kingdom of God was set up. He didn’t know nothing about it absolutely, positively nothing about it! And I got up, and I said that was not so, and he said “I was a liar.” He didn’t know nothing about it, but I’m after this, read.

Reader: Matthew 25:34: Then shall the king say unto them on his right hand, come ye blessed of my father…

Dr. Kinley: Come ye blessed of my father

Dr. Harris: inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world…

Dr. Kinley: Now he come to set it up. Jehovah’s Witness talking about with the Kingdom Hall out here, setting it up, they didn’t even know that was in the Book. The Kingdom was prepared before the foundation of the world. See now here’s some idiot… Look people will follow anything, it’s pretty hard -----, just follow anything, just believe anything, believe any kind of a lie. But the Kingdom was set up. These people they thought that Jesus when He ascended into Heaven, He’s going to prepare the Kingdom, and then He was gonna come back and get a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. He’s gone now and He’ll be back after while to get the rest of the people. I tell you, this Book is sealed with the seal, you can’t understand it unless Yahweh sent you somebody along. I didn’t say you couldn’t read, but if you can’t get the Book open how you gonna read it? If it’s sealed with seven seals, and it wasn’t but one in heaven, and that wasn’t the Pope, and that wasn’t Peter, and that wasn’t Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Oh brethren we ought to be careful about what we’re talking about. That wasn’t your pastor. Now what you really ought to get out of this thus far, it’s absolutely necessary for the Holy Spirit to be in this body, and in you! Now that’s who the preacher is. Now listen folks get this straight, Paul said “That no flesh, no flesh glory in His sight.” Yahweh don’t want no flesh glorying in His sight. Run around boast and brag about what all, how many churches you set up, and what all you done. You ain’t done nothing! You didn’t know nothing to do. Fact the matter you didn’t even know yourself. You didn’t know that you was one of them satanic spirits incarnated in a physical body, (you didn’t even know that) wondering, “What’s the matter with me?” As Dr. Harris said here this morning, Paul talking, said, “When I would do good evil was present, and the good that I



would do I don’t do it, and that that I wouldn’t do that’s the very thing he’s doing,” and then you wonder why in the world did I do that. You didn’t know that there was reason for it because the devil was in you or one of them demonic spirits. And you can’t even do that you think is right. Naw you can’t do it, ain’t no need in sitting up here looking me in the face and arguing with me, you can’t do that which you think is right; you’ve got to have some help! And let me tell you something else, the devil can’t do wrong either without some help. You’ve got to have help both ways. Now if you don’t believe that I’ll read it to you out the Bible. The 16th Chapter of Revelations says, “He give him power to perform miracles in the sight of the beast.” Yes indeed. Boy I’m telling you you’re really up against it. All right, go back.

Reader: 10th Chapter of Hebrews… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: then said I… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: lo I come in the volume of the Book…

Dr. Kinley: Now He’s coming…That’s the reason why every time He talked to ‘em, “To the law and to the testimony…” Listen Yahweh said that I didn’t say it! And unless you do that you don’t know what He’s doing! And listen here I wanna tell you about this, I thought about this: Over there in Zecharias 14:6, it said that would be a day that was known only to Yahweh. Now here’s where Ambassador College made an awful mess. And a man said to me, said, “That don’t pertain to the resurrection.” Zecharias 14:6, read it Dr. Harris.

Reader: and it shall come to pass in that day Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: that the light shall not be clear in some places… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: and dark in other places of the world… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: but it shall be one day…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait now, hold it now, now remember I had Dr. Harris to read where Yahweh hath appointed a day wherein He shall judge the



world in righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained. Now here comes up something here, just one day, didn’t nobody else, (that’s what it says), didn’t nobody know nothing about it but Yahweh. See then it would take Yahweh to tell you something about it. Would you buy that? See this is gonna be a big mystery, didn’t nobody know nothing about it but Yahweh Himself. Now there’s be light and darkness here… All right read on doc.

Reader: for it shall be one day, which shall be known only to Yahweh… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: not day or night… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: but it shall come to pass…

Dr. Kinley: Hold it doctor. Known to Him along and by Himself. Now can’t you see I’m gonna have to have Yahweh in me; just have to. Read on.

Reader: but it shall come to pass… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: that at evening time it shall be light…

Dr. Kinley: And that Evening time it shall be light, and then what? Not day and night, just one day and it was known only to Yahweh. Now look folks here’s the reason why I had him to read that. Now he’s reading about “Sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldest not but a body hast thou prepared for me, then said I lo I come in the volume of the Book as it is written of me to do thy will O Yahweh.” Yes I do know what’s in the Book! I don’t have to wait around here and wait on somebody to read something; I’m do that for y our benefit. See there, you didn’t know I knew that was in there did you? [Doc chuckles] But my point is this, when Yahshua the Messiah was hanging out there on the cross that was one day; it wasn’t light and it wasn’t dark, but it was a day known only to Yahweh. Now remember what we have read folks already, “Yahweh was manifested in the flesh!” We read that! See we could have went on, “and seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, and received up into glory.” We could have read it, but it was one day that was known only to Him. Now look folks, when Yahshua the Messiah was crucified out here on this cross from the 6th, well let’s say the morning, it was light. Now read that about noonday.



Dr. Kinley: Amos…

Reader: Now wait a minute, now I want you to see now. On this same day, this same day that He was crucified the sun rose up, see there it’s light, then something happened that hadn’t happened to ‘em before. Then what happened?

Dr. Kinley: Amos 8:9. And it shall come to pass in that day saith…

Reader: Now wait just a minute. See we’re talking about that day, the day that’s known only to Yahweh. You follow? And then it shall come to pass in that day, what?

Dr. Kinley: saith Yah Yahweh… Reader: (Repeats) Dr. Kinley: that I will cause the sun to go down at noon…

Reader: Now see He caused the sun to go down at 12 O’clock or high noon. I’ll cause the sun to go down at noon. Could you imagine the sun going down at noon? And if the sun’s down at noon, then something, uh might be causing that somewhere, cause it’s gonna be dark. Sun go down at noon. Now look, let me show you this, which you wouldn’t think nothing about. At noon then it went, the sun went down and Yahshua died on the cross at noon. That’s from the 6th to the 9th hour, and the 9th hour is noon. Is that almost right?

Students: Other away around; other way around Doc. The 6th hour…

Dr. Kinley: The 6th to the 9th hour that’s correct. From the 6th to 9th, then at the 9th hour the sun went down, then what happened?

Reader: I will cause the sun to go down and I will darken the earth in a clear day…

Dr. Kinley: Now you see there, He would darken the earth in a clear day. Now don’t nobody know nothing about that but Yahweh. Could you imagine the sun going down in the noonday and the earth getting dark, then what?

Reader: it turned light again…



Dr. Kinley: It turned light again. Well is that what you got there? Well that’s back in Zechariah it turned light again. Now look, look folks, now we did our best. See part of it is cut off up here; this chart is old. Now here is light, then it’s noon the sun went down He died on the cross, then went to the break of day, and they saw that He was already dead. Now listen, the Scripture says, “That not a bone of that man shall be broken.” So then He was the lamb, and we even went to far as to put the cross right in here. And then John said in Revelations 11:8, read it! I’m talking about down in Egypt!

Reader: Revelations 11:8. And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of that great city, which spiritually is called…

Dr. Kinley: Wait just a minute! Which spiritually is called Sodom… Reader: and Egypt…

Dr. Kinley: Now Sodom, where is Sodom? See the River Jordan run down and emptied into the Dead Sea, and Sodom was up there around the Dead Sea. And Sodom now is in the bottom of the Salt Sea or the Dead Sea, and that’s up in Canaan’s land. And now that’s Sodom and then Egypt. Now see you can’t understand no language like that. You see what I mean? Called Sodom and Egypt, what happened there?

Reader: where also our Yahshua was crucified…

Dr. Kinley: Now you see why we set that cross right there, and the slaying of that lamb? And don’t you see it turned dark down there in Egypt? Don’t you see all this darkness through here? You see what I’m talking about? Now it’s a day known only to Yahweh. Now what the man said, he said "That what's over in Zechariah didn't have nothing to do with this crucifixion." Say listen folks, THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING, I MEAN FROM GENESIS TO REVELATIONS, ALL OF IT IS PREDICATED UPON, AND EMBODIED WITHIN THE DEATH, BURIAL, RESURRECTION OF YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH. THAT IS THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM. Now it’s known only to Yahweh; and then here he comes up talking like a fool.

Now look folks, another thing has to happen. You have to have line upon line. You have to have a BLOOD Line here; you have to have



WATER Line here; you have to have SPIRIT Line here; you got to have 40 Line here, and 50 is in here too. You read about that in the lesson tonight, "When the day of Pentecost was fully come." Pentecost means 50. Now when they were out there in the wilderness on the 50th day He spoke from the mountain - that's called Pentecost back there, and Pentecost comes every year. Oh me, do you all see that now? Now that’s when He died out there on the cross. Now this is what Paul said, he said “That he wanted to know Him in the power of His resurrection.” That thing has stumped the world. “Wherefore, He saith when He cometh into the world, sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared for me. Then said I, lo I come in the volume of the Book as it is written of me to thy will O Yahweh, He taketh away the first,” He taketh a way the first. Look folks… read it Dr. Harris.

Reader: He taketh away the first…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute! Now you got a old covenant back yonder with Israel. Now this is what Dr. Harris was telling you all about this morning. You got the old covenant that Yahweh established back there at Mt. Sinai with Israel. Are you listening now? Are you sure you listening? I’m telling you how the devil messed you up in Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, I mean yet today! Said He came and He fulfilled it, and He takes it, the law away, and it wasn’t given to you in the first place. And here these hypocrite preachers got you out there eating Lord suppers, out here jumping up and down in a creek or behind a pool of water behind the pulpit. That’s right, don’t you start no stuff with me I know what’s in that Book! I’ll beat your brains out! I don’t care where you come from! I’ve been doing it for 44 years! Ain’t been nobody able to stand in front of me with what I preach and teach! Every last one of ‘em had to go down all over the world, from the name on. You ain’t got no business practicing no carnal ordinances, Jews or Gentiles. Ain’t got no business eating no Lord supper, no Passover supper. Listen Yahweh in the New Covenant, it’s talking about the New Covenant, listen now, the 31st Chapter of Jeremiah I want you to pay ‘tention to it, and then you can see, you can see what’s going on. We’re gonna come back there doc.

Reader: Behold the days come saith Yahweh…



Dr. Kinley: Behold the days come saith Yahweh. Now you see I didn’t say that; Jeremiah didn’t say it! Behold the days come saith Yahweh – what about it?

Reader: that I will make a new covenant…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute! Now this is what I want you to see! This is the old covenant from Mt. Sinai I want you to know that it was given to the Jews only! And that same lying bastard that was back out here and deceived Eve, is standing around here [Tape (2 of 2)]…

Reader: after those days saith Yahweh… Dr. Kinley: This is gonna be it. Reader: I will put my law in their inward parts…

Dr. Kinley: Jehovah’s Witnesses stand around and tell you, “It’s not in there; the Holy Spirit is not in any man.” Say, “It’s a vital force upon you.” And the lady that read the scripture here said they were all in, up there, 2nd Chapter of Acts, they were all in the upper room, and it was a mighty rushing wind, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. And Jehovah’s Witness say… and then you stupid enough to believe it. Now how bout that? Yahweh say He’s gone put His spirit in you, and Jehovah Witness says He ain’t gonna do it. Well what about it Jehovah Witness? “It’s a vital force upon you.” Man ain’t doing a thing but trying to dodge work, and out here lying. Ain’t nothing but them old satanic spirits incarnated in physical bodies, (that’s what’s going on), and they were cast out of heaven. Read on there doc.

Reader: I will put my law in their inward part, and write it in their heart…

Dr. Kinley: Now Yahweh said that was what He was going to do. All right, all right read.

Reader: and will be their Elohim, and they shall be my people…

Dr. Kinley: Now He said He would be their Elohim, and they would be His people. Read on.

Reader: and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor…



Dr. Kinley: Now just a minute; just a minute; just a minute. See there ain’t gone be no teaching every man his neighbor, um-um, no. Every time you turn around they talking about the church teaches this, and teaches that, and teaches the other. Um-um, nooo, every man teaching his neighbor, that’s all over with. [The bell rings] The bell, 5 minutes, read why.

Reader: saying, know ye Yahweh… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: for they all shall know me…

Dr. Kinley: Now I want you to know now, I want you to get straight. This is one I do want you to get straight. Read.

Reader: they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them…

Dr. Kinley: LOOK BUSTER, IF YOU HAD THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOU, YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS IN ME; From the very least to the greatest, even the doorkeeper, the usher, you’d know what it was, you’d recognize it. You wouldn’t be walking around here stupid and guessing whether or not I had the Holy Spirit in me or now. You’d know! From the very least, from the low priest on to the high priest, and from the pheasant to the king, you’d all know it. Now how many of you know whether what’s in me is right or not?

Paul said in the 6th Chapter of 1st Corinthians, “Dare any of you having a matter against another take it before the law of the unjust and not before the brethren, don’t you know, don’t you know…” Read it.

Reader: Dare any of you having a matter against another go to law before the unjust and not before the sons…

Dr. Kinley: and not before the sons of Yahweh… Reader: do ye not know that the sons shall judge the world… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: and if the world shall be judged by you… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats) Reader: are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters… Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)



Reader: know ye not that we shall judge angels…

Dr. Kinley: Don’t you know that? Don’t you know that we’ll judge whether that’s one of them satanic angels that’s been cast out of heaven and embodied in a physical body? Don’t you know we’ll judge what that is in you? [Doc chuckles] Don’t you see what I mean? Don’t you know that? Say, “Well that’s Revern so and so…God sent me!” No, that ain’t right, he was cast out of heaven; He didn’t send him nowhere! I’m your pastor, and you can’t tell what it is in me.

Let me tell you one more thing, and then I’ll conclude, I heard the bell. And I don’t wanna keep you overtime, because I don’t want your mouth be shot out about that. “Sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared for me, then said I, Lo I come in the volume of the book to do thy will O Yahweh, He taketh away the first…” Now He had to fulfill, that’s what I wanted to say. He had to fulfill this, that’s the reason why He did everything He done. That’s the reason why He got baptized, fulfilling this back here. That’s the reason why He went up in the mountain, fulfilling this, fulfilling… Then when it was fulfilled, listen folks, I want you to read that in the 10th Chapter of Hebrews. I want you to see what I’m talking about. Say listen folks! It was the will of Yahweh to cut out Lord suppers, Passover suppers. It was the will of Yahweh to cut out Water baptism! Read it.

Reader: Then said He, Lo I come to do thy will O Yahweh…

Dr. Kinley: Now He come to do thy will, and said not only that, “I DELIGHT IN DOING THY WILL!” He come to do the will of the Father. What are you doing? Fulfilling the Law and the Prophecy, every jot and every tittle. When He fulfills He takes it on out of the way. Foot washings, water baptisms; Carnal Ordinances is over with to the Jews. And you as a Gentile you never had nothing of it to start out with. Yahweh made a promise to Abraham that in His seed He would bless all the families of the earth, and it wasn’t predicated upon you doing nothing, BUT BELIEVING THE TRUTH. You just set there on your seat, Yahweh said so, AND THAT’S WHAT YOU BELIEVE. And it’s not by works of righteousness that you have done. Don’t you know that condemns the whole entire world out there? He takes away, takes away everything, and that’s the will of Yahweh that He takes it away. I hope you’ve gotten something out of it.

Audience: Applause