False Prophets or Seducing Spirits

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley in November 1967 in Los Angeles, California.

DR. KINLEY: Thank you very much. I'm sure all of you enjoyed the previous two speakers because they spoke to you the truth, and that's without ANY reservations! And I do want to say that I enjoyed them.

Now what Dr. Kinley was talking about here, uh, about this time, these four days and before He was, Yahshua the Messiah came in the flesh. Now then coming o n down from that time on down to where we are today, now Yahshua said... Now maybe you'd better read that, the 4th Chapter of the first epistle of the Apostle Paul to Timothy. And now I wanna compare that and see that the testimony of both of 'em, they haven't changed. Now Yahshua in the 24th Chapter of Matthew, now He said there that many false prophets and false teachers were to come. Is that right? Now then Peter in his 2nd Epistle.. I'm going put this together for you fully so that you can understand and know something about what I'm talking about, see. It's just no sense in reading the Bible, you understand and then going out here and messing it all up. You see. It's just no sense in that because the purpose of Yahweh from Cosmogony to Eschatology, (now that means from beginning to end) is understandable.

Now I read, so that you'd know something about what I'm talking about.. Now we have been laboring here with the Bahai and their teaching. And for many years we have worked with and tried to labor with Jehovah's Witnesses. Now what I'm trying to do is call somebody so you can know something about what I'm talking about! See there's no sense in being in the dark! And I don't throw a rock at nobody unless I direct it and tell you who I'm talking about, see. You understand. And I want you to know, that if you're here, I am talking to you, that is if you're here. And if you're not here and you have that doctrine, I'm still talking to you! Now I don't believe in no underhanded, no under covered stuff. See I believe in coming right straight from the shoulders. Now if you are a Baptist or a Methodist (Be any thing you want to be!) I want to tell you.., I'm talking about God now. I'm talking about the Purpose of God and how He carries it out, and I'm showing you that it's understandable. It would have to be understandable for you to have any faith and any confidence in it. Now how can you believe in something you don't know nothing about? You can't have no faith in nothing like that! You get the point? And the reason why you can't is because you haven't heard nothing about it! You don't know nothing about it! See, it's not true with the purpose of God, see it's understandable. Now you need not think because the Devil has twisted it up in all these different sects and cults, and denominations, and ideologies, and opinions, and so forth and so, you don't need to say that God's purposes can't nobody understand. Now let me tell you this too about that. Now all of that's got to come. All of this confusion, all of these lies, you understand and all of these erroneous and false doctrines and all, that's got to come!! That's just got to be!! There is no way out of it! -- but your job is discerning which is which. You get the point? Now that's what you're up against. You see? Get it? Now first read First Timothy 4:1, and it'll pay you to listen at this!

READER: Now the spirit. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now wha.., wha.., what, Hold it, I see why I'll have to do something better than that right now, because you see just reading around won't help you. Now I want you to read, (before you read that), I want you to read John 4:24, then maybe we, maybe we can get together.

READER: For Elohim. . .

DR. KINLEY: For Elohim.. Now in your King James Version of the Bible it says, uh, God! Is that right? Read 'em both.

READER: God is a spirit

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and they, and they that

DR. KINLEY: And they that worship Him

READER: must worship Him in spirit and in truth. . .

DR. KINLEY: Must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Now, let me, let me bring it down. God - is - a - spirit! I don't like the a, but God is spirit. Now you see, said God is spirit! That's clear. Who said that?

AUDIENCE: The Messiah. Yahshua!

DR. KINLEY: Yahshua! Who's He?

AUDIENCE: Yahweh in a body.

DR. KINLEY: You see what I'm talking about? Now listen, if God is spirit and He seeketh such to worship Him in spirit and in the truth, now there's Paul writing to Timothy telling him "That the spirit speaketh expressively," directing itself to a specific time. Is that right? Read that.

READER: Now the spirit speaketh expressly. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now the spirit Timothy, speaketh expressively, all right what?

READER: that in the latter times. . .

DR. KINLEY: That in the last days or the latter times, all right what?

READER: some shall depart. . .

DR. KINLEY: Listen! Some, some shall depart from the faith! How'd that happen?

READER: giving heed to seducing spirits. . .

DR. KINLEY: Giving heed to seducing spirits

READER: and doctrines of demons. . .

DR. KINLEY: And listen, damnable or destructive doctrines, that's what Peter called them. Now then there comes along them that wants to say that in these last days that God sent them, you understand including me. I say God sent me, you understand or else I wouldn't be here. You understand? And if He hadn't of sent me I'd done give up along time ago out here battling all these satanic spirits, yes indeed. And if God did send me it's my job to prove it! The responsibility doesn't rest on you to prove that God sent me, that's my job. Yes it is You understand what I mean? You get the point? Now here, I'm down in the last days too. What do you mean when you say last days? That's what Dr. Kinley was talking about here a while ago. It was four thousand years (listen at me, you listen at me now!), it was four thousand years from the Garden of Eden down, (that is the close of it) You understand? When Yahshua the Messiah was born. Now listen close so you don't miss the boat. Now then it couldn't be but two more days. Let me rub it out this way.


That make 6 days or six thousand years -- couldn't be but two more days! You see, now that's after Him. Now the spirit speaketh expressly that in these closing two thousand years, you understand from Messiah that many false prophets would come, and many would be deceived! Now that's what Paul is talking to Timothy about in these last couple of days. You see, you understand? That's what Messiah was talking about in the 24th Chapter of Matthew, 21st Chapter of Luke 13th Chapter of Mark . . .conversation is on the same thing. You understand? Now He said many false prophets would come. Now get this straight. He said many would be deceived by them too! See? Is that right? If you don't believe that's in the 24th Chapter of Matthew.. All right, understand? I wanna make sure that you know what I'm talking about! Roger Williams, John Wesley. you understand, (well I could just go and name a whole lot of 'em), Tyndale and Wycliffe and all them boys, you understand see. Now you be the judge whether they are telling the truth and whether they're teaching it like it is. Let me tell you something about that. Anytime any of 'em come speaking anything different and contrary (that's what Dr. Kinley was trying to tell you about), contrary to what Moses and the prophets wrote, he is a liar. Anytime me, or anybody else come speaking anything contrary to the twelve apostles, he is one of them liars that was suppose to come in these last days. And I want you to know that the Apostle Peter nor Apostle Paul or Moses nor none of 'em, Was not the redeemer, and they didn’t claim to be, you understand. And none of 'em wasn't crucified for you, see. I want you to know that. There was one crucifixion took place that meant anything to the human race, (and many were crucified even before He come), Yahshua the Messiah -- He's the, He's the 17th in line. See? Now I want.., let, me just straighten this out. Many false prophets come before Him, many false prophets come after Him! Now this is what He said, read it out of your book, 10th Chapter of St. John, but don't go way from Timothy there.

READER: All that ever come before me. . .

DR. KINLEY: Now He said all that ever come before me.. Now wait a minute! Don't you come up here telling me about Zoroaster! Don't you come.., now Zoroaster was before Him. Don't you come up here telling me 'bout Buddha! You get me now? I want you to understand what I'm talking about so you don't make no mess. Somebody say, "Sabean," him too! You get the point? Read. Now He said this.

READER: All that ever come before me. . .

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: are thieves and robbers. . .

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: But the sheep did not hear them. . .

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: I am the door. . .

DR. KINLEY: I am, now listen, I-Am-The-Door. Now listen, somebody said, see somebody said, (and I've been handed literature Dr. Harris), said that Bahaullah of the Bahai, said what the name means today translated), that he was the Glory of God, that was sent in the end of this age or in the conclu... That's what they're trying to tell me, and I'm telling you NO! THAT'S A LIE THAT'S NOT SO, to put all these different cults and all together that they might be one. You understand? Said that he was the one, (the Glory of God) that was sent. Listen, I wanna tell you that I'm as Great as Bahaullah ever will be, and I don't amount to nothing. See? And to cap that one off Peter and Paul, and nobody that's ever walked around on the face of the earth has did any more miracles and told you about things coming to pass than what I have did this past 35 years. NOBODY! I can blow about that! You See? Yes, sir, and you can't prove it. You never read after nobody, you never heard of nobody, you can't stand up and read out of no book about nobody that did any greater things than what I have done since I've come in the world. But I do want you to know THAT I AM NOT THE SAVIOR. You understand? You see what I mean? I want you to know if I was hung on a tree out yonder it wouldn't affect your salvation none at all, it'd just be another dead man that's all. If I was taken before a firing squad and shot to death, just be another man dead. See what I mean? And your salvation doesn't hinge upon it at all. You see what I mean? And the same would go for Paul and Peter. As Paul said there in the Corinthians: "Who is Paul? Who is Peter? Who is Apollos? Was Paul crucified for you?" See they're just ministers by whom you believe. You see? Now here I am down here in the end of this age, now if I preach anything different to you, and teach you anything different than did Messiah and the Apostles, (see there's no way to go them one better), You understand. I'm a liar, and I want you to know that see. Now we're after the reality down here and I'm not down here to preach to you Henry C. Kinley cause Henry C. Kinley don't amount to nothing, and neither does Bahaullah, AND NEITHER DO YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE, it don't make no difference. It don't make no... No flesh got no right to boast in His presence. Ain't that right Bishop?


DR. KINLEY: Now I founded this school, Dr. Carl F. Gross is co-founder and others, you understand. Now I didn't tell you, I didn't come to tell you that I founded the Kingdom of God and founded a principle for you to be saved on. And if I'd told you a thing like that, you’d a been a li.., I’d been a liar. You understand what I'm talking about? Dr. Carl F. Gross is the President. Stand up Doc. He's been around with me thirty-five years. Dr. Gross is the President of this school. Would you mind Dr. Harris? Dr. Harris is Vice President of the school. Thank you gentlemen. Well then somebody say, "Well who are you?" See, it's always somebody trying to look for the chiefs and the leader and all. You understand. That's the way they come in here all the time looking for me. That's the reason why I don't stand up at no introduction. See, you understand? But I want you to know that Dr. Carl F. Gross and Dr. Robert Harris is not the founder, I mean they're not the President of the Kingdom of God and the Vice President. And Henry C. Kinley (who is the Founder of this school), he is not the Founder of the Kingdom of God. I understand by the Apostle Paul, he said "Another foundation can no man lay than that which is already laid, and let him that buildeth thereupon take heed of..,” watch what you put up there, you see, you understand. “For every man's work shall be tried by fire and the fire shall reveal what sort they are." Isn't that right? Do you see what I mean? Now here's what the difference is so you can see straight. This is, this is the God of this universe, you understand, that took on a body Himself! Now you don't believe that? Jehovah Witnesses they say this, they say "That Jesus was God's chief representative on the earth." I say that is a lie! He was not God's chief representative on the earth. Now somebody say "Well where do you get the authority at to say that that is a lie?" All right, without any debate, any argument. . .

READER: Great is the mystery. . .

DR. KINLEY: Great! Great! is the mystery.. Alright

READER: God was manifest. . .

DR. KINLEY: God - was- manifested.. Alright read.

READER: In the flesh. . .

DR. KINLEY: In the flesh.

READER: justified. . .

DR. KINLEY: Wait a minute! He didn't say He was represented in the flesh. Now you read this book straight to me. You see? Now listen, Without controversy, (now that means without any debate, any conclusions, you understand, without any arguments),great is the mystery of Godliness. God Himself! (all the God that there is and ever will be!) was manifested in the flesh, not represented in it, that was Him Himself! 17th Chapter of St. John said this, (the one that was manifested in the flesh), said "Believe me," (in His prayer out in the Garden of Gethsemane) "Believe me that I'm in the Father and the Father is in me." Now if you don't wanna take it that way Bish just because I said so, if you don't wanna take that way, You understand. "I'll work a work in your day, (and that's so great) "until you won't even wanna believe that." I'm the resurrection and the Life." Now I doubt seriously whether they want to believe that or not. You see the point? You see what I mean?

STUDENT: That's right, they don't wanna believe that number.

DR. KINLEY: Yes indeed, that is a hard number! Right?

STUDENT: That's a hard number! (laughter).

DR. KINLEY: Yes indeed. [Laughs] Got up and walked on the water!! See? Speak to the winds and the waves, said "Peace be still!! and they obeyed!!

STUDENT: That's tough.

DR. KINLEY: See believe it or not that's one of 'em. Do you see what I'm talking about? Go down yonder, man been dead four days, said "Roll the stone away!! Somebody said "I don't believe you’re the resurrection and the life," roll the stone away! [Laughs] Get the point? I'm not God's Chief representative, I'm Him Himself! Oh boy, you get what I'm talking about? I want you to see the difference! God was manifested in the flesh. What about it?

READER: justified in the spirit. . .

DR. KINLEY: Justified... You said God is a Spirit. You understand. Now He was justified in that so says the Apostle, and I don't think he'd tell Timothy a big lie about it. All right read on.

READER: seen of angels. . .

DR. KINLEY: Seen of Michael and Gabriel, and Aziel and all the rest of the Angelic Host! Seen of Angels, yes indeed. And there was never a angel in heaven that hadn't see Him. You understand? Seen of angels. All right what about it doc?

READER: preached unto the Gentiles. . .

DR. KINLEY: Preached unto the Gentiles. Right?


DR. KINLEY: See, the Ishmaelites, you understand the Jesubites, the Tishubites and the Moabites, and every other kind of bites you can think of. In other words all the world, everybody, see. And then what happened?

READER: believed on in the world. . .

DR. KINLEY: (Repeats)

READER: and was received up into glory.

DR. KINLEY: Buried in Joseph's new tomb out there and resurrected from the dead and received up into glory. He's not in the cemetery, you heard me! Now what I'm talking about is, you understand, if Henry Clifford Kinley, Bahaullah, Paul, Peter or anybody else tell you anything any different then I say he's a liar! Now that's what I'm trying to tell you about. And I don't have no right to come around here and tell you that God sent me and I can't do nothing but get up here and run my big mouth and argue and tell you, somebody, God sent me and you're stupid enough to believe it, (you see what I mean), if I can't do nothing. You get the point? I'm telling you I'm a prophet, I'm telling you I'm a teacher, I'm telling you I'm an instructor sent from God, and I got something different to tell you than what Messiah and the Apostles had to say (and it's down in the close of the age, of this age), you see what I'm talking about, you know that don't make no kind of sense! You see what I mean? No! We're not gonna to combine Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism and all that trash. You understand? Separate the chaff from the wheat and the false from the truth. Ain't that right?

Now here's Paul speaking again. Said "Though we," (Michael was a warrior archangel, Gabriel was a messenger), Paul said "Though we or any of 'em from heaven preach any other Gospel to you than that which was already preached, let him be accursed!!" That goes for him and everybody else! How am I doing Bish?

BISHOP SHORT: You doing all right.

DR. KINLEY: Am I doing all right?

BISHOP SHORT: Yes indeed!

DR. KINLEY: That’s the reason why everything is dead out here. All these people out here trying to preach that they're something great, (you understand), and try to tell me about Paul or somebody else coming down the line (he's great) You understand? Yes indeed. And listen, I wanna tell you something. Nobody's got no business in the cemetery, No, sir. See you don't come here and spout off how great you are and then go to the cemetery. Cause the one that's doing this spouting off He's upstairs alive, see. Well what is it in you? It's His spirit in me, you understand. I can't do nothing! You understand. If anything is done, give the Glory and the Honor to God. Why should I, why should you give it to Henry C. Kinley or Bahaullah or Paul, or Peter or anybody else!! And Bahaullah is no more the Glory of God than I am, or you even for that matter. No, I'm not sore I'm just telling you the truth! See I was sent to go up against all of this, and if I couldn't do it, I don't have no business around -- ought'a go sit down. Where did the Devil get the justification at, going out here preaching all this confusion to the people and God ain't got no right to speak through individuals and reconcile it? Where did you get such an idea as that? Somebody say "Well you let me alone, I'll keep my religion and you keep yours! You don't have no right to meddle with me and my religion!" You're right, but God does. See and I ain't got no business with no religion other than that of God. Get it now? Yeah, the Devil's got all kinds, take your choice. Somebody say "Well, the Bahai faith.." You understand. Bahai ain't got no faith, he ain't got no faith to give to nobody! Hey, you wanna know something Clyde?

CLYDE: Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: Try reading this, the first chapter of Jude. Try reading this. Oh Boy I'm telling you, I'll preach after a while, but I got to get wind-up. All right read.

READER: Jude the servant of Jesus Christ. . .

DR. KINLEY: Jude the servant of Yahshua the Messiah, not Jesus the Christ! Now the most of these denominations out here they don't even know that, and yet in still they swear by all that's holy that they're right. See? Well, somebody said "The name don't make no difference." Now do you mean to say that, you mean to tell me... Oh boy, every time I open my mouth I get in trouble. Since, since you are saying that, and since you're saying Bahaullah, Sabean, Spinozza, you understand, Zoroaster, (you understand) you could call it Paul and Peter if you want to, it's all the same with me. You can call it Kinley if you want to, you understand and I'm talking as much about Henry C. as I am about Bahaullah or anybody else! And I want you to know that. Uh,Look, now you say the name don't amount to nothing. I preached one night in Hamilton Ohio, ah Middle Town Ohio until my clothes I had on my back was wringing wet. And I had to take 'em off, see, and send 'em to the cleaners. And after being invited down, and I went down there and told them the correct and the right name, you understand and after all, the man got up and said (the pastor or the preacher), got up and said "Well what difference does it make about the name?" That's what he said to me, see, "What difference does it make about the name?" You see? Well now if it don't make no difference Bishop, Dr. Harris, you tell me why in the 28th Chapter of Matthew.., would you mind reading that the 19th verse?

Would you tell me, see straighten me out! See? That's the reason why Bishop, I'm not gonna have it. I am not gonna have Henry Clifford Kinley and I am not gonna have Bahaullah. I am not gonna have Peter, and I'm not gonna have Paul. Now is that clear to you? Now if there's nothing in a name, and I've never seen no place where Bahaullah, that was the name of God, and that was the name of Jesus Christ, that was the name of the Holy Ghost, I ain't never seen that. Somebody say "Well translated it means..." No it don't, no such a thing. It might mean the glory of a God, Krishna does too, you understand but not the one I'm talking about. You see, now let's get these Gods straighten out too. Gods many and Lords many, but to us that believe there isn't but one and His name is YAHWEH. There isn't but one Son, His Name is not Jesus Christ, His name is YAHSHUA. See? And I don't believe there's any salvation in Henry C. Kinley or Bahaullah or anybody else! You see? You get it now? Now if it didn't mean nothing, why then did Peter say on the day of Pentecost and there after that Remission of Sin should be preached in His NAME!! Somebody say "WELL THAT’S THE MESSAGE FOR THEM BACK THERE!” I say you're stupid!, THAT’S THE MESSAGE THROUGH ALL OF THIS ENTIRE AGE, and even the ones to come!! Why? Because there's no other given. Do you see what I mean? I want to make my position clear! Why then did He tell them, uh read.

READER: Go ye therefore. . .

DR. KINLEY: Go ye therefore.. Now do you think He's this stupid to tell 'em to go ye therefore . . .

READER: and teach all nations. . .

DR. KINLEY: And teach all nations, Jews and Gentiles, black, white, yellow, red, you name it! Alright read.

READER: Immersing them in the name of the Father. . .

DR. KINLEY: Immersing them in the name of the Father. What is the name of the Father? If it don't make no difference, what's He telling them that for if it don't make no difference? You see what I'm talking about? Now you've just been so accustomed to all this stupidity until it's just got you in a habit of saying "Well, I don't believe the name amounts to anything at all."You see what I mean. Yes it does. And let me tell you something, See if John was talking about being sealed on the Isle of Patmos out there, see they wasn't being sealed with Bahaullah or Henry C. Kinley. You understand? Let's get the thing straight. Listen boy, the 15th Chapter of First Corinthians, (I tell you that's the reason why I just burn up listening to all this type of stuff down here). I have -------------. . .

STUDENT: Yes you have too.

DR. KINLEY: Listen, I did not come to declare my name! I come to declare the Name of the True God, the Creator of this Stellar Universe and His Son. You understand what I'm talking about? And I do mean to tell you if anybody preaches anything different than that what has already been preached by the Apostles and by Yahshua the Messiah, you understand. And listen let me tell you this!

When Yahshua the Messiah is revealed from Heaven, there won't be no more sects and cults and creeds and denominations! He'll straighten 'em up! No, sir, He ain't gone come here arguing around with the Devil about nothing. Somebody say "He gonna jump out of the sky and set up the Kingdom here on earth, you understand and for a thousand years He's gonna rule from there, you understand (from Jerusalem over there)." I beg your pardon, ain't nothing like that in no.., that isn't even in the almanac. See what I mean? Jerusalem above, Jerusalem beneath is allegorical to Jerusalem above in the spirit. See? The Holy Land geographically speaking, (Jerusalem), you understand, yes indeed it's right on this, right on this geographical map. See, and we don't deny that. We say that it is the place that God chose to set His name, you understand, and that it is allegorical to Jerusalem Above in the Spirit. You see what I mean? Somebody say "Well go some where during your life time, (you ought to go to Mecca)." For what? “To see that magnificent temple there builded by the Arabs, is that right. You ought to visit the Mystery of Shrines" You see what I'm talking about? Then another one down here said, "Somewhere in your life you ought to go to Rome, visit Rome. Visit the Vatican and see the magnificent achievements and accomplishments that they've got." You understand, Well listen, let me tell you something, somewhere during your life time, you ought'a get rid of the devil. You see?

You ought'a take a trip and I don't mean by no L, LSD (that's the law of sin and death), you understand, I don't mean that. You've got enough hallucinations without boosters. Now that's right. But you ought'a take a trip around and see this great universe that God made. See you could start at Los Angeles if you wanted to, see look at yourself. See go out look at the sun, moon and stars, they're seen everywhere so says David in the 19th Division of Psalms. Said "The Heavens declare the Glory of God..," (not the glory of Bahaullah or the glory of Kinley). You see what I mean? Now there's just no sense in us being no fool. And listen, let me tell you something. Now you can go right on that way if you want to - just help yourself! See that's your, that's your business, see mine is telling you the difference. And look Bud, I'm bold enough to tell you too. And look, tell you right in your face and right up in your chin, and you ain't got no, nothing no better than that to offer. Now if I'll tell on myself, now you know good and well I'll tell on you. You see what I'm talking about? No, sir, I won't have it. See, your salvation and all.. And I say to you I've done just as great.., Well what have you done? I ain't done nothing, you understand! See Messiah said he hadn't done anything either. Well what's happening? He said "My Father in me (Yahweh), He does the work. "I can of my own self do nothing." You understand. And now I'm telling you, and look boy, I don't want no sass out of you about it either. You see what I'm talking about? . . .


(PART 2, TAPE 1)

DR. KINLEY: . . . can't do that, you can forget about it, it ain't no good no way. You’re around here puttin’ a booster on the truth and trying to prop it up and then try to tell somebody about what Kinley said, see what Kinley done, see and what Bahaullah come to bring, and what Kinley come to bring -- If we brought you anything any different than that that is already brought...You get it? How do y'all like my preaching? You understand. Y'all like my preaching all right?

AUDIENCE: Yes, sir!

DR. KINLEY: Now let me show you what I'm talking about. Now the dead have been raised. Look buster, I mean physical bodies been raised from the dead through this black body. And them that were spiritually dead are being resurrected, just take your choice, either way. See, get the point? Yes prophecies! Now if I told you something and it didn't come to pass, I'm liar just like all the rest of 'em. And I've been telling you things that was suppose to come to pass for thirty-five years. Paul, Buddha and Bahaullah and nobody, there ain't nobody living done any better than that! There ain't nobody in the cemetery done no better than that, and you know why? Because that's not Kinley here. You see that was the real genuine thing is in me and I don't have no, I don't have no privilege to take no praise for nothing because I haven't done nothing! How am I doing Bishop?

BISHOP SHORT: You’re doing all right.

DR. KINLEY: Am I all right?


DR. KINLEY: Am I telling it straight?

BISHOP SHORT: It’s straight.

DR. KINLEY: I don't believe anybody can fix that either. You won't have to carry that to the repair shop. I told you about earthquakes, and they happened by my watch on my arm, and I don't believe anybody's done any better than that! See, and through a case of abortion, a doctor who had been up before the judge for abortions, (Dr. Harris know who I'm talking about and what I'm talking about, and Sister Farley does), you understand. And the woman bled there in his office, lost a lot of blood. You know about blood transfusions don't you? Took her to, uh, down on Clark street, uh on Boman street in Cincinnati. Put her in the room, give her a shot to kill her! (A still tongue don't tell no tales). The judge done told him if he come back up there anymore for that he was gonna to send him to the penitentiary, see, he be done lost everything he had. You understand? The still tongue don't tell no tale. Is that right? He promised that woman that he would perform that operation. He waited to long, you understand, but he kept his word. See he kept on putting it off from one time to the other then brought that woman in. And then after she had lost all that blood, you understand, he took her back to her home, (the operations was performed in his office), and give her.., (put her in her a bed), when he was alone and by himself he give her a shot to kill her, and it killed her. And that same doctor and his nurse come back in just before day, and there she was laying up there just as wide awake, see, him and his same nurse. And he said to her, said "Say listen, says there’s something mysterious happened here and I want you to tell me all about it. Did you know that you've been dead?" She said "Well how in the world could I know? If I were dead, how would I know it?" Now this is what she promised that doctor, she promised that doctor that if he would perform it, you understand , and if it killed her she wouldn't tell on him because he’d been out there before the judge before about it. And then when he come back and told her, you understand, that it was true that she had been dead and he said, now you tell me all about it, you understand, because I know that it killed you, you understand. And she said to him, she said "Listen, I promised you that if you would perform it, if it would killed me ,you understand, I wouldn't tell nobody nothing about it. Now you want me to tell you about it. You say I've been dead, you understand and I promised not to tell nobody nothing about it, so then why should you ask me? You said I died, (well I died and didn't tell nobody nothing about it), now why should I tell you about it? Didn't I promise I wouldn't?" And that same woman come to class and testified, and Sister Farley sattin' right there, said she didn't believe it. Do you see what I mean?

Now what I'm worked up about and what I'm trying to tell you about is this. If those should be that you call God, and if Yahweh's in me, He was the same God, you understand, that purposed from the very beginning back here.. And listen He had a purpose and a program to carry out, you understand and it has never changed, it has been the same. Is that right? Nothing else but just a constant repetition all along, you understand. Now I’ll have to be able to understand that before I can tell you anything. See I, I can't prove nothing if I can't make you see nothing..,just come along, listen, as the most of 'em do, reading essays.. I'm not, I'm not talking about poetry, you understand. Somebody say "Well look, let me read a prayer to you." I don't wanna hear it. Get the point? And you can listen at it all you want to. Now Paul said "It's by their good word and fair speech that they would deceive the heart of the simple" You get the point? Somebody say "Well listen, maybe you better let me pray for you." Naw I don't wanna hear it. Get up! Dust your pants off, you’re wasting your time. See, I don't want you to pray for me. How am I doing Bish?

BISHOP SHORT: You’re doing all right.

DR. KINLEY: Still doing all right? See, I don't wanna hear it. Somebody say, "Well, uh, so you don't believe in prayer either, huh? Say “Why, why you, you don’t believe in nothing.” Now I’ve heard this before. You get the point? Now somebody’s trying to tell me that they get up here and say, "Well look at ----- now. " I know where all this is in this book. I've been classified as a walking Bible, you're not gonna read nothing to surprise me, not out of this book. "You don't know about the Koran." Yeah, we know about the Koran, yeah, you understand. "You don't know about the Cabala." Yes we do. You ain't got nothing I don't know something about. And there ain't never been anybody in this world that amounts to anything, you understand (as you call it so as far as reputation is concerned, and doctrine or otherwise), but what we don't know about it down here. Now you can come in here if you want to and look at these folks and think they're stupid, you understand -- you've fooled yourself about that. That's the way they been doing is coming in here and hanging around... The first thing they say when they get up here "See, I'm gonna tell you something I know you don't know nothing about." Ain't that right doctor? Ain't that what they been doing?

STUDENT: Yes, sir.

DR. KINLEY: You understand. "I'm gonna enlighten you!" See, you can't do that! There ain't nothing we don't know something about. See if you really know God in His reality and the simplicity, you know everything. See we've been every where, we've seen everything, you understand! Jehovah's Witnesses said one time, said "Well haven't nobody even been to heaven and come back and told us nothing about it." I beg your pardon, that's where I live, (you see Clyde), and I'm telling you about it too!! Paul said "I knew a man above 14 years ago that was exalted up to the third heaven and heard things impossible for a man to utter." Ain't that right? And then he said there to the Colossians, he said "For you are dead and your life is hid with Yahshua in Heaven." Isn't that right? "Then when He appear..."You see, you understand. Now somebody put it this way. Said “He's coming back after a church without spot or wrinkle." I beg your pardon. See you've got all these imaginations. You see? "Said when He appear then we'll appear with Him in Glory..."you understand. You're talking about up in the sky and I'm talking about down here. You see, you see what I'm saying? You're trying to read up on something, I'm not talking 'bout that, I'm talking about having Him appear to you boy. I can't read up on something and then go 'round doing something holding a book in my hand, I don't care if it is the Bible. See, get the point?

It's got to be... Listen, there isn't anybody at all that's ever been or ever will be in the world that isn't in God -- there's no way under the sun to get out of Him, False, true, good, bad, and indifferent. As Paul put it,"For in Him we live, move and have our being." Now let me get back to my story and tell you what I'm talking about. You see if I come along and say to you that God sent me (in the common phraseology as you understand it to be), then I can't do nothing, (none of the works of God), you don't have no right to believe me. Paul said "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good." Is that right? You see what I'm talking about? I'm around here telling you that Jesus said, and Paul said, or anybody said, you understand what I'm talking about, and then I can't do nothing. Now that don't make no kind of sense.

Get the point. Now what is it that God can't do? --(outside of lying), see He can't lie. You get that? Are following me down? Do you understand what I'm talking about? Somebody said to me, said "Well don't you believe God can heal your body?" Now they thought they were trying to talk about something wonderful to me, you understand. Somebody got all sick and said, "Don't you, don’t you really believe that God"... James 5:15 says, “Is there any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray anointing them with oil,” (is that right?) “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick. And if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him and the Lord shall raise him up." Say buster, when you went pass the drug store there see, (he done jumped back over there in the law),see. It wasn't holy anointing oil, it was olive oil compounded after the art of the apothecary and he come rubbing himself up. Where do you get that at? "James said do this." Said, "James said call for the elders of the church." And now that, that means this: I'm suppose to be an elder of the church, in other words, James told you to send for me and I'm suppose to come down here and rub some.. James ain't said nothing !! That’s not even in the Almanac, nothing at all. Now look, then you see when I do that, (and do what you said that James said for me to do), come down here and rub some oil on you and you go 'head and die... Now look at the book. Said, “Let him know that he will save a soul from death.” And that man died, you understand then I'll wanna come back and blame it on you, see. You see, and say "Well you didn't have the faith." Well that's why you’re suppose to send for me. You see what I mean? That's what you're suppose to... And look, the sick man, why you understand, the sick man is sattin' up here now! -- dead folks. But they think about somebody out there in the hospital, hospital bed or something another like that, they think that that's what James was talking about. Say listen Bishop, that ain't what James was talking about, you understand, no in deed. And then that man died, and says "Well you didn't, he just didn't, you just didn't have the faith." See? Well now you're wrong to begin with because that's not what James was talking about.

Now let me say this. Now here I come, I say that God has sent me, (you understand) and then I can't do nothing. And here I am to prophesy, (you understand?), here I am to heal the sick, here I am to raise the dead, you understand, you see what I'm talking about? And I want you to know I'm not a replacement either. I'm no replacement for the Messiah. I'm not a replacement of the Apostles, you see I have my own diploma. (Laughs) You get the point? Now what I'm.., brother, what I'm trying to do is to help these people here! I know you don't get a chance to hear this straight! And I know you've been deceived by all these satanic spirits that's come along. And I know you in these sects and these cults and all. That's why this school was founded, to teach you the truth about it and demonstrate it to you, you understand. And that is what I have done for thirty-five years. I told you about the weather conditions, (I don’t.., I'm not saying I'm the weather prophet), but I told you all about the weather conditions. You see what I’m talking about? Didn't I tell you about it?


DR. KINLEY: Went to the board and put it on the board and I told everybody in town about it!! It happened just like I told you. I told you about the earthquakes here and yonder, where they would be by my watch on my arm!! I told you about the death of Presidents, Princes and what-not,when they would pass out, Popes and Potentates, and Cardinals. Haven't I stood in that pulpit and said when a man just died in Chicago, Cardinal, uh. . .

STUDENT: Stritch.

DR. KINLEY: Didn't I do that?

AUDIENCE: Yes, sir!

DR. KINLEY: Didn’t you go and turn your radio on?. . .and I hadn't got out of that pulpit. Now we're not playing down here, and we don't care nothing about the devil! We don't have no respect for what the devil's been out here teaching the folks, got 'em in all these holes and different things, denominations, sects, and cults, and creeds. You understand? It's Genuine!! It's Yahweh in me!! It's Yahweh in you!! Ain't got no business disputing Himself through the dispensations and ages. There's no salvation in no other name as Peter put it there in Acts 4:12. So don't you come telling me about Roland McCoy! Roland McCoy better not tell me nothing no different than what Paul and the Law and the Prophets said! I better not tell you nothing no different! And listen, I'll have you know this. Spinnoza! Buddha! and Zoroaster was not writing scripture!! Mohammed wasn't writing scripture!! You know why? He didn't know nothing about it. You see now Freddie I'm down to brass taxes. Now let me show you what I'm talking about there. The Apostle Paul told Timothy this: Now look, if you take what I'm telling you here this morning it'll help you. I wouldn't be holding you in here and talking to you like this, you understand, if you had an opportunity to hear somewhere else. And listen I'm 72 years old -- fifty years of my life I spent studying all the boys, and I've been clear cross this United States both ways from coast to coast. Been in the colleges, and the seminaries, and every place else! Defied everybody to their face and to their teeth! Yes indeed. You must take low! You must go down, that right? And I'll beat you over the head 40 different times with that rod of iron, you understand what I'm talking about. and it's nothing else you can do but succumb. That's right! Step on out there and raise somebody from the dead -- no I didn't do it, I just got through telling you that! And the wind and the waves and everything else was obedient to the same one that's right in here, earthquakes and everything else. Moved Popes off of the throne, told you about John F. Kennedy, told you about Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, you understand -- now you ain't got nothing no where in the book no better than that!! See I proved mine, and you can't whip me either. You and all your gang, all your folks put together, you can't whip me! You can't lick me, and I've proved what I'm talking about. And you can't. Somebody once told me, "Well looka here what so and so said." I don't care nothing about what they done said! You understand? Now let me show you what I'm talking about. I just got through saying that Buddha was not writing Scripture. Do you understand Me?


DR. KINLEY: I just got through saying Zoroaster, you understand, I just got through saying Spinnoza, you understand -- I could go and tell you a whole lot of the rest of 'em but there's no sense -- if one wasn't, the others wasn't either, you understand. Now I want to show you why I said that! See now when God Almighty (that’s as you know Him to be) you understand, when He got ready for Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, you understand to be written, (and I'll have you know before you start), Moses didn't know no more about it than Buddha, nor Zoroaster, and none of the rest of 'em. Let's get the thing straight, you understand!! But when God showed him there, uh, Moses at that burning bush, sent him back (I'll have to cut this story up short we got to go way from here) at that burning bush out there. And Moses slew the Egyptian and went off out there in the wilderness and there was a burning bush. And I'll have you know that the burning bush was a vision too. Wasn't no bush on no fire out there in the wilderness. Wasn't no grass fire or something other out there, that's a vision, that's a revelation. Well somebody said, "Well a revelation is a continuous and progressive thing." It is, but it don't never change! That's my story too. Now listen, I want you to show it, I want you to see it. He called Moses and seventy of the elders up in that Mountain, you understand and Moses saw in that vision and he wrote down what he seen in the vision. See, Buddha wasn't up there like that, and Zoroaster wasn't up there like that. You see what I'm talking about, did you get my point? Paul said all that Moses wrote (which is the Scriptures), said it was by Divine Inspiration. This is Divine Inspiration that he's writing by. He's just writing down what Yahweh showed him up there, you understand. It's not a thing he imagine anything about it, he's just writing down what he seen in the vision, you understand what I'm talking about-- now that's the Scriptures. Buddha wasn't up there! God didn't choose to show it to Buddha like that! God didn't choose to show it to Zoroaster like that! You understand what I'm talking about? Zoroaster can't write nothing to compare with it! Buddha can't write nothing to compare with it! That's reason why Messiah said, "All that come before me is a thief and robber," cause He hadn't revealed it to nobody else but Moses, you understand. Now that's Moses, now that's the Law! Did you get that one? Now listen, here comes the Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and them, you understand. They better not say nothing different than what Moses said. You see what I mean? What happens then? This is what happens. What Moses said..,you understand, Joshua was along with Moses at the termination of that 40 years that they were in the wilderness back there. Every pin scratch of the Law had to be written down, and then it was laid in the Ark of the Covenant. Is that right? See what I mean? I want you. . .



DR. KINLEY: . . . Why? Because Jeremiah, all he’s done is writing down what God said to him just as much so as Moses writing down what He said. you understand Then when he got through writing, (understand), got through writing... Now listen at me now, here’s it comes I’m talking about. See now, after they had got it all wrote together, see, said "To the Law and to the Prophesy, now if they don't speak according to this, it's because there's no light in them." You understand what I mean? Now wait a minute. See now here He comes, and He said in the prophecy, Is that right? Now listen closely. "Lo I come in the volume of the Book as it is written," (not gonna be written, no improvements) you understand, "That is to do thy will oh God. He taketh away the first..," First what? First covenant made with Israel. Is that right? "That He may establish the second." Is that right? I want you to see that. Now then look, He couldn't move a thing until the old had been fulfilled. Ain't that right? And when the whole thing was fulfilled, that old covenant was moved out of the way that the New Covenant would come of effect. Ain't that right? Here I want you to see what that New Covenant is so you can stop being fooled and deceived by these Hypocrite preachers!! You hear me Roger! I know the book, see a whole lot of folks know the book, you understand. But now this New Covenant, God said He wasn't gone put it with no pen and ink, He's gone write that right up here in your heart and your mind. Ok, you understand what I'm talking about? Paul, Pete, Peter, Buddha, Kinley, nobody can deceive you then when you got it wrote up in there with Yahweh! How you like that? See I ain't got no business going around arguing about something different than Yahweh has wrote. He ain't sent me to establish anything any different than what He wrote in your heart and in your mind (not in the book), but in your heart and your mind. Do you understand what I'm talking bout? it's wonderful.

Now here comes along a lot of false prophets, everybody wants to be a big wig, you understand, wanna be important, you understand. Now if you've got the thing straight and right, you understand, then what you do, (as Paul said he knew both), said he knew how to be exalted and he knew how to be abased. Is that right? When he was around there killing them folks, said Yahweh had put the Spirit in his heart.You understand what I'm talking about, you understand? He said he was a blasphemer because he did it ignorantly through unbelief. Ain't that right? He didn't know that the New Covenant ---. And He didn't send Kinley to write no New Covenant, and He didn't send Bahaullah to write nothing new, no New Covenant. And it ain’t wrote with pen and ink in or on no books or nothing. And nobody said in these last days to preach anything different than what has already, already been preached. Now that's my story. You see what I'm talking about? If I come along and argue with the Apostle Paul.. Apostle Paul preached just as great as anybody is gonna ever preach it until the revelation of Yahshua the Messiah from heaven! And that's the only thing gonna straighten it all up. And he's, he’s not coming back here to run around on this earth and beg somebody to do right. Care the whole thing all on back and He’s revealed from heaven. Paul said "And taking flaming vengeance on His adversary and them that know not God!" Your opportunity and your time to find out the difference is NOW! I said it is now, you understand! And it's nothing happening... You understand? Can I go 'head and show you another thing? Now the commission that they gave me... [Illustrating on Board] Now get some kind of a eraser or do something here. Will you give me, give me about 3 or 4 or 5 minutes? Will you do that, you understand?


DR. KINLEY: Doc, I’ll I'll show you dead set, don't you try to sneak nothing different in here than what has already been said, and already been preached. And the message is the same, see, and this age has not closed. I hear them talking 'bout decades and ages and all, and that that was back there was for them, you understand.. There's nothing back there for them but what ain't good for up here. You understand? Same God that.., we don’t change Gods in the middle of the stream. Somebody said, "Well listen, didn't Isaiah say that knowledge and wisdom shall increase and run to and fro and knowledge shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea?" I know that, but it won't be a different knowledge than a Divine knowledge. Divine rhythm is Divine rhythm, it don't change brands, you understand. That's what John was out there on the Isle of Patmos for. And if he would have said anything different than what Moses them said and the Prophets said..,you understand, that's why he was out there to prove that it that was true, you understand. And Yahshua the messiah come in here to fulfill that. Bahaullah isn't no fulfillment of it and no other false prophet, and no other false teacher. Are you getting me straight? Bahaullah hasn't straightened up nothing, he can't do it. The Apostles never straightened up nothing, they couldn't do it. I'm not gonna straighten up nothing! You understand? I'm sent to preach the Gospel, you understand, not to take nobody by the hair or the head and make’em believe something. You understand? Believe what you wanna believe, that's up to you. I'm suppose to come and preach the Gospel by the Holy Spirit in me, you understand. And as I told you I don't believe it's anybody, I don't believe it's anybody in the cemetery, and you know the history of it. And look there's people sattin' looking me right in the face, looking at me straight in the face, and they know whether I'm lying or telling the truth about it. See and if I haven't done what I said I, I’ve done, I'm a liar, and I told you I haven't done anything. This,this that is in me, that's what is gone have to be in you, you understand. Now the false and the true prophets are suppose to come. You understand?

Now there isn’t a greater preacher on earth, I don't believe there's any greater preaching on earth than what I’ve done, but I am the vessel,see. And I don't want to hear nothing about what Paul said, what Bahaullah said, and what Kinley said,you understand if it didn't come from up stairs. Now here’s this. See the Messiah told them, now He said "Don't take no thought of what you shall say, you see." You don't have to spend a week hunting up and running references and all that kind of thing getting ready for some sermon on Sunday morning. And you get up there with all your extemporaneous oratory, you understand and your academic and deep philosophical expressions, and your gestures, you understand, and all those different kinds of things and your eloquence in oration. You understand? Well you see what I'm talking about? Now a lot of people call that smart and wise and wisdom, and say our Pastor is great. See you don't have to waste time like that. The Messiah said don't you take no thought on what you shall say. Do you see what I mean? Well why not? Because it's gone be me speaking in you. See you shut your mouth and I'll do the preaching. You see what we need to do is learn how to shut our mouths. Right, you follow?


DR. KINLEY: And you see when I get through speaking with you then they'll know that there's been a prophet among you, and you know it wasn't me. See what I mean? See He preached out there at the sea shore, and the Sanhedrin Council said "You go down there and get Him and bring Him up here." Is that right? "He didn't ask us nothing about that!" Said, "You go down there and get Him." And they sent a delegation down there to get Him Bish, and they got down there, He was down there at the sea shore preaching. See, and they.., (preaching, you understand), yeah, oh He was going to town on it too). And they stood and looked at Him there, said "Well, we better go on back." And when they got back, said "Well did you bring Him? Where is He at? Did you bring Him" Said, "Um umn, I didn't bring Him." "Well why didn't you bring Him?" Said "Never a man spake like that man! He spoke not like the Pharisees but as one having Authority and Power. Now listen, if you want Him you go on down there and get Him yourself!" You see what I'm talking about? You get the point? Now let me convey to you what I'm talking about. See when the spirit that's in this body and in every other body, there's gonna be a change, you understand. When that voice or God from upstairs speaks down through that, (you understand), devil have to move, yes indeed, he has to change his quarters. Yes indeed.

He sent the Apostles out to preach, uh before, before He died. They went out casting out devils and they come back rejoicing. Said, "Oh, how wonderful it is." He said "Now don't rejoice about that, but rather rejoice because your names are written, enrolled in Heaven, you understand." God had chose you for Apostles even before you even knew anything about it or found out anything about it, Isn't that right? So rather rejoice because your names are in heaven. Ain't that right? And the devils that they cast out of the people, you understand, they come back with that same devil talking about reincarnation. That's one of the.., that’s what they say of Mohammed, you understand, and this Negro up here in Chicago. See they call it black! See, talking about he's the reincarnation of Elijah. Talking about the Doctrine of Reincarnation -- there ain't nothing like that! Now here is reincarnation, now you see whether you want to buy it or not. You see whether you want to buy it. Now, when they cast out them devils, (see now he's cast out), and Messiah said he walked through dry places seeking rest and findeth none. You understand? So he don't find none and goes right back (now this is reincarnation) goes right on back once he sees that the house is swept and garnished. So he says "Well now wait a minute now this..." See now what you're talking about reincarnation don't work! So then now he sees, he see the house swept and garnish, you understand. Now he goes over here and gets all this front row, you see with seven more, or a legion. Bring ’em on so they can, uh, crash the gate." He don't go back in there by himself like he was in the first place, he goes and get a legion, somebody to help him break in, Isn't that right?. Now the last state of that man is worse than it was at first. That's the reason why many of 'em was -------- and all that kind of thing. They didn't come back and say I thank you ---------.

When they were out there and the------------------ ---------, they said look "Away with Him, Crucify Him," that was a worse state than it was at the first. Now listen, let me say this to you. But now look, after the Holy Ghost got in them boys, (Apostles,* that's out there casting 'em out), you understand what I'm talking about, stayed put.______you understand. Yes indeed. Now you see when the Holy Spirit was in them boys, Peter, the same ones went out there, and they were out there casting out devils. Ain't that right? But when they come back, them devils come back to get in that same body, they found the house was occupied. In other words the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Day of Pentecost, 9:00 o'clock in the morning, you understand AD June, AD June 33, (not 1844),you understand, you see what I'm.. they found the house occupied. And listen, not only that, it was preserved and sealed, they couldn't break back in there. See what I mean? Now that's the difference! Now here's what I wanna say. Now Daniel 8:14, then I'm gone let you go. But I wanna show you the stupidity, that so many have stumbled and blundered over them, and tried to take these things to justify themselves to say that God sent them down here in the end of this age. And see and the prophet Daniel, and Jesus was talking about when He said in the 14th Chapter, He'd send another comforter, somebody said "That's me." I beg your pardon, He was talking about the Holy Spirit, ain't that right. which they didn't have at that time, you understand. That wasn't Paul, that wasn't Peter. He said, "And Jesus said unto them..." Them who? He wasn't talking to these people way down here in the 18th, 19th century, He's talking bout the Apostles. Said now you stay there until the comforter, until you receive this comforter, you understand, on the Day of Pentecost. Nobody’s gone hang around until 1844. Do you see?

Now 2300 days and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. Is that right? Now then here's 490 years from where Daniel.. Go over there and get 8:14 I believe it is. Right? -- 8:14. Now the Seven Day Adventist, this is what they done. They say that these 2300 days in this seventy weeks... [Doc's writing on blackboard] If you put seventy that's four hundred and ninety years, you understand a day for a year. You see, you understand. That four hundred and ninety is weeks fulfilled the prophecy. "Seal up the vision and the prophecy." You understand? This 2300 days, understand, this 490 years is a part of this 2300.You understand. So now if you subtract this, this is what you got. What?


DR. KINLEY: huh? Did you say 19?

STUDENT: Inaudible

DR. KINLEY: See you have to tell me right because I want, I want buy it at all.


DR. KINLEY: Is that right, 1810? Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: Now look, I'm gone take the same figures and put 'em right back up here, 2300. And under Artexerxes... There was Cyrus, Darius and Artaxerses, the commandment went forth under him, 457BC -- 4,5,7. Now if you subtract that, 7 from 10 leaves what?


DR. KINLEY: Three, five, 6 from 10 leaves four. Right? 5 from 13 leaves 8, right? See I know what's suppose to be up here. You can just go 'head and make a mistake if you want to. 1843, you understand, and that's where they get it, 1843. Now if you'd say 31/2 years, see then they would come into 1844. Now in 1844 the Seventh Day Adventist said, you understand, that they were looking for Christ to come down through the sky and sold all their properties and everything, and it is in the Congressional records, eighteen hundred and forty-four [1844]. Well, when He didn't come in eighteen hundred and forty-four [1844], they had to admit that they were wrong Bishop. And here's what they said was a mistake, and the last mistake they made was worse than the first one. You see. Now then they said "Instead..," (Look right up here), "Instead of Him coming from heaven itself in eighteen hundred and forty-four [1844] as they had previously thought that He would do, or from the Most Holy Place between the Wing of the Cherubims, or from Heaven itself wherein He had ascended to in the heavens, you understand, they said that He was just going In." He was going in from this part [Holy Place] into here [Most Holy Place] in eighteen hundred and forty-four -- well He was just entering in. Now that's worse than it was in the first place. Because now if you read Hebrews, it says that He had raised from the dead and entered on in through the veil (that is to say a through the flesh). And listen, and sit down at the right hand of God and making intercessions for us. Is that right? Now there's no place in here [Holy Place] for Him to sit down. Is that right, you see? Now that's how they passed that one over. Now here's the Bahaullahs, and they're trying to tell me 1863 and 1843, you see, then God sent him here these last days, you understand, to preach and to teach and all them different kinds of things, and we are to worship him. And I say that's just as big a lie as it ever has been. If I'd said that myself____ you should know I was lying to you, you understand. There's no prophecy that


terminated in 1844 or 1843, they just misapplied it.

Now here is the 2300 days see, the 2300 days. And if you subtract this from that, that is right, that is the correct way of subtracting it. See, that is the correct way of subtracting it. Now figures, you see you just don't... You take figures and put them up here, now figures just don't lie, 1844. But now here's where they got the thing mixed up at, see. Now there's two thousand three hundred days are here. Here's the day that He was crucified, that's one thousand. You understand the day that He’s crucified, that was on Friday. Buried in Joseph's new tomb, that's another day. And listen, here's what I want to tell you about that. One day with the Lord, (this is the Lord hanging out on the cross!!), and one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. And listen, this is what He said. Said listen, said "Ye call me Lord and Master and so I am!" that's what He said, __. And that was the Lord that was hanging out there and that was crucified. See? And one day with Him (the Friday He was crucified), that's a thousand years, it's one day. Saturday in Joseph's new tomb, that's another thousand. And the 300th part of that next day, which was very early in the morning He resurrected, now that's the two thousand three hundred days, that's the two thousand three hundred days that He's talking about. You see what I mean?

Now children I'm gone keep you from being deceived. See and I'm preaching to save your soul! Kinley don't mean nothing! You understand?” No, nobody else don't mean nothing. You see what I mean? And I wouldn't have you to think that me or any other false prophets that come along, you understand, they are.., all they can do.., they're just lying about it. You understand. And my lies won't help nobody, and nobody else's lies won't help. And listen, I don't care if you get offended!! Get offended and go to hell if you want to, my job is preaching the Gospel! That's what this place is for down here. Now if you don't want to hear the truth don't come down here! This is the worse place in the world you can go that I know of. You see? Now I'm not mean, and I'm not mad either. No, but I'm in earnest, dead earnest about it and sincere, you understand, and preaching to save everybody’s soul, you understand everybody’s souls that out here in these sects, and these cults, and these denominations and all. That's what my job is. I'm gone do that too whether you like it or don't. I'm subject to being shot right out there in the streets, and I know it.

And listen, let me tell you something. I know people have been in the audience with a gun in their pocket to kill me. See? And I have been beat up! The Muslims beat me up in Cincinnati on Hopkins street. And I had 'em stick a knife up under my throat and tell me to withdraw from what I'd said. I said you just might as well cut me cause I won't do it! Now Bahaullah or somebody come along talking about peace in this time. Now what do you think that Christ is? What kind of peace do you think can come in these last days that wasn't back there then? And if Messiah couldn't do nothing about it and the Apostles, what do you think that you can do about it! No, I'm not gone sit still and take it! We've had a whole lot of them come down here in this pulpit! Now listen, you better speak the truth from here, if you don't I'll get up and beat your brains out!! That ought to be clear. I don't care nothing about nobody!

Well I guess it’s time to go home, me spouting off and all that kind of things. You see what I'm talking about? Now that's what I come for. See? I come to withstand the wiles against all them that preach the ----, and prove my ministry, you understand. And when I say it, I don't have to rub nothing on nobody's head, you understand. Say boy, said it, now stand still! I don't care nothing about what he's got, I didn't ask you about it. Nobody ain't never had nothing that God couldn't heal. If He's gonna raise them from the dead, you understand, and clothed them with a new body, what kind of a fool are you walking around here "Don't you think God can heal your body?" How stupid can you get? You're looking at immortality in the next age, you understand. And as I said, a -------. Naw, I don't like it! Listen, I am A--N--G--R--Y. Somebody said "Well listen, you know you're not suppose to get angry." I'll have you to know there's some things in that Book I'll read ’em. Every day the sun rise and set, God said He's angry with the wicked every day, and every hour of every day, you understand, He's angry with ’em. If you don't believe it you wait till He pour all His wrath down here.

You understand? He's angry. No I don't like it, I'm not gone stand for the devil to come along and cheat you out of your soul with some damn stupid ignorance or something other like that. Some ignorant silly ass come along and tell you that they're preaching something new --sent in here in the last days to preach you something different. No! I don't like it! I'm sore about it! Been sore 35 years about it! Come in sore. That's right. I don't care nothing about your cap pistols and your little guns and atomic bombs. He that seeketh to save his life, he shall lose it. You understand? Crack down if you don't like it! Yes in deed. Somebody say, "Well, you used my name, that's me you're talking about." I told you to begin with -- well I know we ain't gone get no where with these Bahaullahs after this. We ain't gone get no where with the Baptist and Methodists. But I wanna tell you every since nineteen hundred and thirty-one (1931) there hasn't been a man that's walked on this ground that can dispute this work! There hasn't been.., and I've been in the Colleges and in the Seminaries, yes indeed. I've been there, you understand! And I'm talking about everything have to stoop and come on down to it! Yes indeed.

You can't lick me to save your life, right, even if you don't like my round shoulders and my nappy hair and black face. You understand? Mike can't do that, you understand! Gabriel can't do that! You know why? Because that's the genuine thing in me, there ain't no, there ain’t no defeat for that. Yes I know there's plenty of you sittin' right out here in your seats (I wouldn't be surprised if it ain't even some women out there that could take me and break me half in two, old and then young, to say nothing about the men). I'm weak, sore, yes indeed, and I’m just about, just about gone. You understand what I'm talking about? See? I got sense enough to know that. See I'm not talking about fighting like that. But the Apostle Paul said, "The weapons of our warfare they're not carnal but they're mighty through God," not through Bahaullah. Yes, I'm sore about it, I don't like it! Baptist them...you understand. “And mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds and every high thing..” That's what it's gone take to break up these denominations, sects, and cults, and creeds out here, you understand. We stand around here begging you...understand. Why listen, you know what the church is? The church is the Body of Messiah, Yahshua the Messiah. And then they're talking about Him coming back here and sattin' up a Kingdom. Well listen here, what did Paul mean when he said there that He had already translated us, all ready translated us into THE KINGDOM OF YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH, telling the, Thessalonians that. See, we're in the Kingdom, not trying to get in. Thank you.

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