Extra Sensory Perception

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Lecture given by DR. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1967

Transcribed by Beverly Allen

(Guest Speaker & Dr. Kinley)

Dr. Kinley: Thank you very much. I want to say first of all that I'm happy to be here. I enjoyed Dr. DuBois' lecture very much. And in the meantime with some speed to it, Extra Sensory Perception, we have tried our best to get over to you, with long exegetical platitudes, and philosophical psychology, get down to where the average person can understand. That is the only way that you can have any faith. And I do want to say here, the struggle of this school, if you paid attention to the Master of Ceremonies, we took polytechnical pain and care to make you fully comprehend and understand the primary objectives of this school in the first place. Now the things that Dr. DuBoise has said to you are very deep. I wrote in the book that you have been privileged to have, every one of you a copy of it, about those deep things. And some of you haven't read the book yet. I must confess at this time that I haven't read it either since I wrote it. But nevertheless, me and my colleagues did write the book, and I couldn't put in that book what is in it unless I knew something about it. And now I would like to say this too, since he spoke of art. And also he tried to draw mental pictures, use parabolic expressions to convey a thought to your mind so that you could fully comprehend what he was talking about. And from what he said, I'm sure that he was not mistaken about it when he said this often, "Do you understand what I'm talking about?" And then he'd go on to make an illustration further to explain what he was talking about. Did you notice that?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Well that's what we have done with these charts. We've employed every means at our command to covey to your minds... [About 20 second blank spot on tape]. . . the angelic host, and the earth, and everything in it. I would have you to know that the reason or His purpose for creating everything that is in it, and everything that is in the heavens was to glorify Himself. Now that's what everything was created for it doesn't make any difference what it is, that's was the purpose for which it was created. Now we quite frequently get that thing mixed up, and all tangled up, and the purpose for which God had created them for. Are you listening?

Students: Yes

Dr. Kinley: I don't know how I'm gonna employ any more simple words to explain myself than what I'm fixing to do at this present time. We miss our paramount objectives, and we want that praise to go to ourselves. And we're so afraid that we won't be seen, so afraid that we won't be praised and admired, and just as frail as we can be. We are trying to make a mark in the world so that we can be some great distinguished individual, some outstanding character. And we employ and spend all of our time trying to be an outstanding, and a reputable character when we were created for another purpose. Now I said that to say this: the majority of us if we just only comprehend one thing in particular; that's all the devil is ever done! Maybe you don't know what I meant, maybe I didn't draw it out good enough, maybe I didn't speak plain enough. Maybe you don't comprehend. In other words, that satanic spirit it always wants somebody's glory, and wants somebody to glorify him instead of God, now that's what the devil grabs. And as long as you look at it that way then that's what's in you. Did I remove any of the mystery about it?

Student Body: Yes

Dr. Kinley: I hope I did. Now, in these charts that you see around here represents a lot of hard work. Now some people say to me, "Well that sure is wonderful; you know I believe this picture over here certainly is beautiful. Who did this one?" Now if you'll examine this work real close, well you don't even have to do a close examination, you'll find out that it's a very, very poor amateur art work, all of it, none of it is perfect. We don't care a thing about that. It is not the art that we're after, it is to convey the thought to your mind through the illustration. And as such, even though it be of an amateur nature, I'm satisfied with it. I'm just as satisfied with it as I can be, because it conveys the thought.

Now God made a man in His own likeness and image. Somebody said "So what?" Well what was the need of you going out there and making a statute or something? You can't improve on God's creation. He made the man and animated him, give him life. Nobody has ever been able to improve on it! Why not just let it alone, let it go at that. Nobody could give any better description of God than God can of Himself. Those are the basic and the fundamental things that we are trying to teach here in this school. For example, everybody talks about God; even the Devil himself did that when he was disputing with the archangel about where Moses was buried. God knew where he was. But everybody that talks about God don't know anything about Him. Now those are things I've been trying to get over to you. I been trying my best to convey to your mind what matter is. What is it anyhow? What is the source from whence it derived? Where is it going to? Where did you come from? And where are you going to? And how do you know that whatever it is? You wanna talk about philosophy, metaphysics, and divine psychology, that's what you wanna do, and if you don't wanna do that, you should. Matter is, one of the lexicographers said this, "Anything that occupies space." I take the position of an etymologist I'll go get the roots. Matter is spirit materialized. God is spirit, and everything comes from spirit, it doesn't make any difference what it is it derives from spirit. What's the source of its final destiny? Where is it going to? It's going back to where it comes from. Somebody say, "Well how do you know that?" Those are the things that we wanna concern ourselves with. Then somebody say "Well I tell you what I'm aiming for, what my objectives are in life: I wanna live so I can meet God." And they'll even go so far as to say that Amos said over here in the Book, "Prepare to meet the Lord thy God," Amos did say that. When it's read, oftentimes you think that Amos was talking about somewhere way down yonder in the future. That is not what Amos was talking about. Amos was telling Israel that the Messiah was God manifested in the flesh, and He was soon to be born on the earth, and you be prepared to meet the Messiah when He come, be looking for Him; they wasn't.

Now I'd like to get into your inner chambers. I'd like to introduce you to yourself. Now you are pneuma, psyche, and soma. Now I did not say that you were going to be. Don't you rearrange my words you leave ‘em like I put ‘em. And what I mean by that, I'll use some other words. I said, pneuma, psyche, and soma, soul, body, and spirit. Now if you are soul, body and spirit, matter is spirit materialized), it's final destiny will be the source from whence it derived. Then you remember we asked the question, “ Where did you come from ?" You'll recall that we had a book up here the other night, and we talked about the man, Blessings, he said, "He didn't know where the Negro come from." Said, “Nobody knew.” Well I do, and it isn't because I happen to be a Negro either that causes me to know. I know where I come from, and I know where everybody else comes from. And I'm not troubled about it either, and neither am I confused about it. So in case you don't know where you come from that's what I come here tonight for is to tell you where you come from, and tell you where you're going to. How's that?

Students: That's all right.

Dr. Kinley: That's all right, wouldn't you say so? As to how I know that... No, I'm not mistaken about it either; nothing speculative, positive, definite, not based on probability, not based on presumptions, and ideologies, and opinions, not that at all, we've passed that stage. That we learned in the process of learning. Now we don't want to just forever be learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. We don't wanna be included in that gang either, do we? So now if man is pneuma, psyche, and soma, or soul, body, and spirit, you read in John 4:23-24 that God Himself is Spirit and seeketh such to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. You remember I told you that matter was spirit materialized. Now I'm telling you what you are! You are God Himself manifested right in a physical body ! Manifested to who? To Him? NAW! He already knows. THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE! And if you don't know that then that's something you should learn. And if you don't know where you come from... Get over in the 17th chapter of Acts of Apostles, suppose you read it and find out about it.

"For in Him we live, and we move and we have our being." You live in God, not going off somewhere to meet Him, because there's nowhere you can go that He is not. What we want you to do is to come to the conscious realization of it, the full comprehension of it. Now when we used, we even wrote in the book that every cosmic phase of nature is some or another expression of the great incomprehensible and inscrutable deity. If He's incomprehensible, and if He's inscrutable, the carnal mind just simply doesn't penetrate that as the doctor told you. And there's where he employed Extra Sensory Perception, it took that to penetrate that realm, but I just employed another word, just in singular, “A Revelation .” Now if there's gone be anything Extra, if there's gonna be any Sensory, if there's gonna be any Perception, any comprehension of an incomprehensible thing IT WILL HAVE TO BE A REVELATION. There's nothing to be, not a thing but the vision and revelation, why, because it comes direct from God. I know that the devil gives us erroneous concepts. All right, suppose you read that. Now we're talking about where we come from in this instance, the 17th Chapter of Acts of Apostles where Paul said there. . .

Reader: For in Him we live. . .

Dr. Kinley: (Repeats)

Reader: and move. . .

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute! Now somebody imagines on beyond that, which we're trying to stop you from imagining something like that. "For in Him we live, we move, and we have our being in Him." And listen, you never will be outside of God at any time! Even if you go to hell you still won't be outside of Him! Whatever you imagine hell to be, you try that… No, you won't be absent from God, I'll tell you that. David said, "If I take the wings of the morning and fly to the utmost parts..." on into the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the troposphere, the ionosphere, on out into the boundlessness of space, David said "If I make my nest up there, said He's there, and if I make my bed in hell, He's there too." So you don't have a possible chance of getting outside of God. Now those are things that we want you to realize. Those are things that we want you to comprehend. For in Him we live and we move, that is you come motivated. Somebody thinks they're doing of all this on their own, well it's not like that. And to show you how people think, now that might not seem like it's like that. For example, you know I'm not afraid to speak of the Roman Catholic Church, and I didn't want you to feel out of place Dr. DuBois. I'm one of the greatest opponents and adversaries they've got; I'm just about the champ . [Student Body Laughs] Yes sir, I intend to master that one. Now I just wanna show you how stupid that the thing can be, and how deceptive, and how useless they can be.

Now they're teaching birth control. Now don't forget what I told you about the Devil. He's always seeking for somebody to praise him instead of God! He's puffed up in his carnal mind; he has no intentions of glorifying God, always want you to stoop and bow and to imagine, and think and feel like that he's something great ! Isn't that right? Birth control, they got the subject up now. Well, what'd you get on that for? What'd you bring that up for? It's because it's one of the issues. Now the average person wouldn't perceive that the Devil starts back there, birth control, conception. That's where he starts to work with you. Now he talks about that in the event that a man and his wife, (I'm gone try to call your attention, kinda do like Dr. DuBois). In the event that the man is immoral, well somebody might not understand that. In the event that he's a drunkard, a habitual drunkard, and he's limited in his earning capacity; he's not a highly skilled individual, so far as his occupational status is concerned, his income is not great, he doesn't make much in the first place, and then he goes and spend that for booze. You understand that kind of talk don't you? And he doesn't provide a living for his wife and a whole sling of children, so therefore they justify the rhythm method of preventing pregnancy. They say it's all right in a case like that.

Well, it's my understanding that God created the angelic host, and all the folks that stemmed from Adam and Eve... And I'd like to tell you something, that God had some bad eggs in that too. See He made the ---- ----. See the point? Now I said God did that. Now if it's true in that case when it comes to conception and birth control, every since the fall of Adam, everybody that's ever been born must be born again. See it's got'a be a change made children. You see through what I'm talking about? Now there's some yes, I know there's some here that didn't sin, the Book say so, but they were included too in there, so that they could be included in the purpose of God and in the Kingdom of -----. Now I want you to see here how the Devil tries to interfere with the propagation or procreation. He starts there meddling with that that God has imbued or put in a male and female's sex organ to cause them to generate to accomplish His purpose to multiply the seed of Abraham as was the sands of the sea, and the Devil to save his life can't help it, but that don't keep him from messing with it. Now he's not satisfied with that.

Now just in the event that you're not a Roman Catholic and you wanna marry a Protestant, he immediately puts in his bid, and he wants you to give a vow that you will raise that seed and that offspring up in the Roman Catholic Church. That you live, abide and stay, from conception through life, and listen, he won't let you along even after you're dead and gone, and gone to hell. Then he's got a job when you die, and you've got some expense and some obligation, I mean monetary, to get that priest to pray him out of purgatory. Do you perceive what I'm talking about? I'm showing you how God works, and the Devil runs a scheme right along beside of Him. He claims to have the keys to heaven. Jesus said “No man... I am the way," not Peter, not Paul, none of the Apostles or the prophets! Enoch was so good that he walked with God, and he was translated without seeing death in the post diluvian age, I mean the ante diluvian age. And in the post diluvian age Elijah ascended in a chariot of fire, threw his mantle back on Elisha, and was translated without seeing death. Somebody say "Well so what then?" The point is that I'm trying to tell you is, that no man goeth unto the Father but by Him. And if you noticed when Dr. Yates read the scripture lesson tonight, in the first chapter of Colossians the 15th & 16th verse, He said all things were made by Him and for Him! And it was nothing that was made in heaven or in earth without Him! So if that be the case, the purpose of God then is to bring everything back into Him! And no man goeth to the Father but by Him, and I don't have to come by no popes and potentates. And so far as him having the keys, I mean Peter too, include him on in. Peter didn't have no keys himself to unlock heaven and undo it. That's a misconstrusion, and a miscomprehension, a misapplication.

Now here's the keys Peter had: Christ said he would give unto him the keys of the Kingdom. Yes, He said that! I'm not trying to dodge nothing of it, I'm just only trying to understand as Dr. DuBois said, "What he meant by what he said." He told Peter He would give him the keys to the kingdom. Then somebody read right there, but they didn't read over here where it said, "WHAT I SAY UNTO ONE I SAY UNTO ALL!" All the Apostles and is got a set of keys! What do you mean when you say the keys? IT'S TO THE LAW AND TO THE TESTIMONY. The law is the key! The prophecy is the keys! The Holy Ghost interprets the law and the prophets; that's the keys to the Kingdom. And no man goeth to the Father but by Him. Jesus said, "He that believeth on me as THE KEYS said, or as the Law said, out of his mouth shall flow rivers of living waters..." Now if you don't put it down like the law and prophets said... Listen , THE LAW AND PROPHETS IS A DIRECT REVELATION DIRECT FROM GOD! If you don't put it down like that then there will not be nothing doing. In other words, you can't open 'em. Somebody said, "Oh yes Doc, said we'll pray." Now you talking about wasting your time, you talking about talking to yourself, that's what most people do when they call themselves praying, talking to yourself. It isn't going any higher than your heads, and you know it to. Now if you just wanna take a little exercise, jump down on your knees and get up and take some exercise, that's all right, I'm not talking about that. But I'm talking about bowing down on your knees imagining that you are praying. Paul said "Why we don't know how to pray as we ought, but the Holy Ghost, (for Christ's sakes not the priest), the Holy Ghost maketh intercession for us," that's Romans 8:26 , maketh intercessions for us with groanings that cannot be uttered." Now are you listening Freddy?

Freddy: Yeah

Dr. Kinley: and that according to the purpose of God. Now all these things you're sitting down there imagining in your carnal mind is out of harmony with the purpose of God . They're not gonna be answered, and you know better than that. You just might as well go to bed, cut that stuff out. You wasn't expecting nothing when you were down there praying. And why are you not expecting nothing? Cause James said, "That you ask amiss, that's why you don't receive nothing." You missed the purpose of God !

Now here's a man subject to like passions as we are, Elijah, so James said, adn he prayed earnestly. Elijah was a prophet, and Peter said they prophesied with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven, all of them prophets. So I want to let you know that them boys had the Holy Ghost. And the Holy Ghost in there prayed for 'em. He prayed that the heavens didn't give no rain for three and a half years, and it didn't rain; that was according to the purpose of God . And he went back and prayed again, and it rained. All of it was in harmony with the purpose of God. Now here it comes along, here's the meaning of it, here's the revelation, here's the purpose of God: When Jesus was here on earth, preaching three and a half years or 3 days and a half, IT DID NOT RAIN! The Holy Ghost was not poured out for three and a half years. And He said "I will pray the Father," and He entered on in. And He is the intercessor, or He is the water within you that makes the intercession, and you know it rained on Pentecost. You understand that? And all of these carnal concepts and imaginations that we've got, and talking a whole lot of foolishness, and a lot of ignorance, as though we don't actually believe in God. Just nothing but a skeptic, and hiding behind God, mentioning Jesus every once in a while, acting all pious... Now you let me alone Roger. [Doc & Student Body Laughs] Just let me alone now.

And Paul calls it voluntary humility, worldly wisdom, all blown up in our carnal mind, imagine that we know something, chest all stuck out, wanna be somebody... We imagine we ain't nobody, and the only way to be somebody is to get a whole lot of education, be outstanding ! I know a man once that had a lot of education, maybe you heard of him too, his name was Saul. [Side 2] He was brought up at the foot of Gamaliel, and he was a master too. You don't believe me you ask Felix, Festus, and Agrippa if he wasn't. When he stretched forth his hands up there before the King and he began to speak, his presentation was so great, Felix said "Paul you're besides yourself!" Said "No-no, it's not me being besides myself..." "Much learning makes you mad, you're besides yourself!" Said "No sir, I just speak forth the words of eternal life with all sobriety... and I didn't learn this at the foot of Gamaliel." [Student Body Laughs] This is something great. See that's the kind of thing we want the people to see. Said "I knew a man above 14 years ago that was exalted up to the third heaven, heard things impossible for a man to utter..."

Now if that wasn't Extra Sensory Perception, I'll give you that. There wasn't sufficient words in no vocabulary to express it so it could be comprehended; it had to be revealed. It's great, really great. And that's what we're struggling here in this school for, is to make people see, and to comprehend, and to understand the reality and the greatness of God, and that He's not absent. And as you played the song there tonight, says, "God is Real." That's right. And that spirit in you if it ask anything according to His purpose, He'll grant it, you will not be disappointed. Every last one of those prayers are answered, but if you ask amiss, and it's you and your carnal mind, you just might as well have got in the bed. Do you see what I mean? We want you to perceive them things. Acts of Apostles, read on.

Reader: as certain also of your own poets have said. . .

Dr. Kinley: as certain also as one of your own poets… It should have been translated prophet have said... Read.

Reader: we also are the offspring. . .

Dr. Kinley: We also are the offspring... See where you come from? Well let it be like that! We're the offspring from God, and Jesus said, "God is Spirit." So then you went through a process... Somebody said "Evolution." Oh, they're just so in earnest about getting some kind of academic phrase in there - Transmutation. And then they try to get up where we talk about Ectoplasmatic Materialization, meaning, out here in the winter time when you get out there in the cold, the air, you can see your breath, I mean you can see the formation of your breath. You listening now. And we can control our breathing to such an extent until it becomes into materialization, and then we can visualize it. And then by ventriloquism, then we can throw our voice into that, or speak through it, then we call that performance, and all those kinds of things. We understand all them scientific and philosophical, and highly academic.... Say listen! WE KNOW GOD! AND WE ALSO KNOW THE DEVIL!

So there's nothing you can think about we don't know something about down here; nothing you could even imagine about, both ends of it. For we are the offspring of God even as one of your own poets also said. He said we are the offspring; that is we come from spirit; we're the offspring. Listen! John, everybody know it! John 3:19, everybody's heard of it: "God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish." And then we go and hatch up a great big longwinded word, and we say that's a manifestation of the philoprogenitiveness of God. What do you mean? The instinctive love of God for His offspring. He gave His only Begotten Son out there on Calvary , manifesting His instinctive love for His offspring. Why I could have just told you that in plain and simple words. It would have meant so much more to you if you'd just understood it. But I don't need to put a hula-hula skirt or something another on it, dress it all up in disguise some kind of way. If I can get down here where the average person lives, where they can comprehend... Then when you comprehend it, then you're gonna have some faith. But as long as I'm talking over your head then you don't know what I'm talking about, consequences it's no faith.

Now I said enough about that. I wouldn't miss this for nothing. I want, I want you to see... [Doc's looking for something on the chart] .... Yeah here it is right here. Now look, we went through a lot of trouble to draw these charts and to illustrate it. And I've insisted that every teacher, every teacher that's ever been in this school , (and it's been operating 33 years, going on 34 years). And I have dogmatically insisted and earnestly contended that every last one of our teachers comprehend something about this Book that we call the Bible . We want it confirmed; we want the Divine Authenticity... Are you listening at me? I told you to begin with it was a direct revelation from God! NOW IF IT'S A DIRECT REVELATION FROM GOD THEN IT'S GOT TO MAKE SOME SENSE! You've got to see the possibility, you've got to comprehend, it's just not something to read about, and imagine about, and a formulation of opinions, it's not that! THE BIBLE IS NOT THAT! Yes there's interpolations and mistranslations in the Book, and we know it. We don't seek to dodge it, we intend to bring it out. And almost everything you can put your hands on is an error in Christendom. It's a hard thing, it's a hard thing to find something right! When you pick up the Bible somebody say "Why it's the Word of God . " No it ain't! The Word of God existed long before the Bible. And when you understand what the actual meaning of the word, Bible is, it means The Books, re-Biblica meaning the books.

Well somebody said, "Well it's the Word of God!" Wait a minute, it said the Lord spoke all these WORDS, (plural), unto Moses. Jesus said "Man shall not live by bread alone but every WORD that proceedeth out of the Mouth of God." And God spoke a whole lot of WORDS to the people at Mt. Sinai . Said "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God!" Now you mean to tell me… Somebody got the Word of God all under his arms going down here to preach, you a powerful little man. [Student Body Laughs] See he's just as hard as he can be cause he's an ignorant or stupid preacher - take your choice. Now I didn't say that God didn't say them things. You see how we make a mess out of it. Well we're turn on over, (now you're starting through the Bible), and we get over here where it says New Testament, (give me your Book), we get over here where it says New Testament... Naw, that's not the New Testament! That's not so! Now the only way I can tell you that is tell you right straight to your teeth, and that's the only way to tell you. Then when I tell you you've been taught other wise, the first thing you're gonna do is get hot. Somebody say, "Well I tell you what I'm gonna do, I ain't coming back down there! That man down there disputes everything everybody else says, all the theologians, so I ain't going back no more; he's just plain down right stupid." Well now listen, you better watch this thing, it's kinda like Dr. DuBois said here tonight about that rushing, you remember that? He's telling the truth about the thing. But this is not the New Testament. Now you can just get mad, hot enough to even spark some fire that'll set your hair on fire, but it still ain't the New Testament . Yes indeed, just burn on up. Do like they did over there in front of the American Embassy in Viet Nam, put gasoline on yourself, and strike a match and burn up out there, and it still won't be the New Testament. But now what you need to learn is what is the New Testament. If that's not it, then what is it? We turn to Jeremiah 31:31, said “This is the Covenant; this is it that I will make, (when), after those days.” What days? A testament is not of force until after men are dead. And you know good and well that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is writing a biography of Him, even from birth. And you talking about Christmas is the 25th day of December, that's a lie too. Now somebody try to come along and tell you that the shepherds were out there grazing their flocks out there, and sweeping snow, and all that kind of thing, you'd be ready to call 'em a lie the way he talking. Well then somebody say "The climate, times and the conditions over there are different than what they was over here, maybe they was..." No, I beg your pardon, Genesis 8:22 says, "Seed time and harvest, day and night, summer and winter shall not cease." Ain't that right? . . .

[Tape Ends]