Explaining the 40 Days that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden by the Three-Fold Trek of Moses into Mount Sinai and also the Blood and Water in the Adamic Transgression Plate

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Composed and Compiled by

  • Henry C. Kinley, D.D., Ph.D., Founder
  • Robert Harris, M.D., D.D., Vice Pres./Dean
  • Carl F. Gross, D.D., Ph.D., President


The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc., P.O. Box 19877, Los Angeles, California 90019

(Revised 9/81)


  1. To help you find and Know Yahweh our Elohim as HE really is and actually exists (Matt. 24:4, Matt. 11:27, 2 Thess. 1:7-8, Deut. 6:4, 2 Cor. 3:17, John 4:24).
  2. To form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity in Yahshua the Messiah without distinction of Race or Nationality, Creed, Sex, Caste, or Color. (Acts 17:26, Eph. 5:25-33, Acts 10:34).
  3. To investigate the unexplained Spirit Law or so-called Law of Nature and the Powers latent in man (Romans 8:1-4, John 1:9).
  4. To encourage and promote the study of the Scriptures, comparative Religions, Psychology, Philosophy and Modern (practical and occult) Science. (2 Tim. 2:15, John 5:39, Rom. 1:19-20).
  5. To extirpate current superstition, skepticism, and ignorance (Psa. 19:7, John 8:32).
  6. To Learn, Know, and Understand the operation of Yahweh's Eternal Purpose through the Dispensations and Ages. (Eph. 1:9-10).
  7. To Discern and Avoid being Deceived by Lucifer, the Serpent, the Devil, the Dragon, or Satan and his Demons, operating the Mystery of Iniquity on Earth through the Dispensations of Time. (1 John 4:1-4, 2 Cor. 4:1-7, Rev. 12:8-10, and 1 Tim. 4:1-3).
  8. To earnestly contend for the Common Salvation and Faith which was once delivered unto the Sons or Children of Yahweh. (Jude 3, Gal. 4:6, John 1:12, 1 John 3:1).
  9. To make known Yahweh, from the beginning, ordained there is NO OTHER NAME given among men whereby man can be saved, saving THE NAME OF YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH. (Acts 4:10-12, 1 Tim. 2:5, Phil. 2:9-10).
  10. To inherit ETERNAL LIFE NOW in the Kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah, with the Hope of IMMORTAL GLORIFICATION in the NEW EARTH STATE. (Eph. 1:13, 1 John 5:20, Titus 1:2, John 17:3 and Col. 1:13).

----------Our Watchword: PEACE------------------------Our Slogan: SPEAK THE TRUTH

----------(Rom. 5:1, Psa. 29:11, Isa. 55:12)-------------(Zechariah 8:16)


In this pamphlet we are using the correct Hebrew NAME and TITLE of the Heavenly Father, YAHWEH. Below we are listing the incorrect TITLES and NAMES used by Christendom and various religions and also the correct NAME and TITLE of the Heavenly Father.


God - Father - 1st Person Jesus Christ - Son - 2nd Person Holy Ghost - ? - 3rd Person


Yahweh - Father Elohim - Word or Son Yahshua - Holy Spirit (or Ghost)

The True Name of our Heavenly Father, YAHWEH, is derived from the Tetragrammaton Y H W H, with the A and E added to transliterate it pronounceable in the English Language.

There never was a (J) in the Hebrew Language [---]; therefore, such names as Jehovah and Jesus are impossible renderings of the True Name of the Father and Son. Jehovah is a misapplication of the name of the Heavenly Father, dating back to 1270 A.D. by adding the vowels taken from the name Adonai (Adonai means Lord or Ball) to the consonants (J H V H).

We are using two versions of the Holy Bible

  • King James Version (KJV)
  • Holy Name Bible (HNB)

The Holy Name Bible, revised by the late A.B. Traina, The Scripture Research Association, Inc., 14410 South Springfield Road, Brandywine, Maryland 20613.


The answer to the above posed question would be very difficult, indeed for one unfamiliar with the Divine Pattern and the Divine Scriptures (law and Prophets) but simple for one acquainted with the operation of the Divine Pattern and the Divine Scriptures which are unerring and infallible under all circumstances. (See Divine Tabernacle back page).

In observing our Elementary Chart which is set up on a three-fold plan according to the Three-fold Mosaic Tabernacle Pattern which is a tranformation of Elohim, the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe, we have already learned the A B C's of the operation of this Divine Pattern. We already know, for instance, that whenever we come to the middle plate of any section of this Elementary Chart (that is, the Holy Place), there must be a 'forty' manifested. This must be the case by virture of the fact that there are seven steps in the Mosaic Tabernacle Pattern, being at the (1) Gate, (2) the Altar of Sin Offering, (3) the Brazen Laver, (4) the First Vail, (5) the Holy Place, (6) the Second Vail, and (7) the Most Holy Place, which means simply that as one enters the Holy Place (via No. 4, the First Vail), the '4' of the First Vail must be manifested. This '4' can also represent a '40' or even '400' or '4000'...... (the zeros do not alter the situation). Likewise, there is a '5' or '50' or '5000' manifested in the Holy Place for according to our steps in the Mosaic Tabernacle Pattern, the number '5' step falls right in the Holy Place. However, for the purpose of this treatise, we will only deal with the '4' or '40'.

I have already stated that we are acquainted with the manifestation of the '40' in some of the other plates on the Elementary Chart as witnessed by the 40 days and 40 nights that it rained during the Flood in Noah's time (Plate 2), the 40 years that the Children of Israel dwelled in the Wilderness of Sinai (Plate 3), the 40 years that the Mosaic Tabernacle stood in the Wilderness of Sinai (Plate 4 - the Mosaic Tabernacle), the 40 days that Yahshua the Messiah swelt in the Wilderness of Judea being tried by the Devil after He was baptized by John (Plate 5), the 40 days that He swelled on earth after He resurrected from the grave (Plate 7), etc.. The question then arises, how does one get a '40' in the middle compartment of the First Plate which depicts Adam being cast out of the Garden of Eden? If one can answer this question since the middle compartment of this First Plate is also a part of the Garden of Eden (for the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place comprise the Garden of Eden for both are Heavenly Places), then one would have the answer to the posed question of how long was Adam in the Garden of Eden according to Moses' vision?

First, let me categorically and emphatically state that one MUST deal with Moses' vision in order to arrive at a positive, definite, and concrete answer to the posed question, for it is only through Moses' vision that he had whle he was in the Phenomenal Cloud atop Mount Sinai (Ex. 24:15-18; Ex. 34:1-5, 28; Deut. 9:9; 10:1-3,10) that can know the answer to the question since no one else besides Moses was chosen of Yahweh-Elohim to show the creation of the Universe and Adam and his sojourn in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, we must deal with Moses' trips into the top of Mount Sinai and his entrances into the Phenomenal Cloud where Yahweh-Elohim showed him everything that he was supposed to write about in order that future generations would know of the greatness of the Glory of Yahweh, and HIS Creation. (See chart center fold).


Moses' first trip into Mount Sinai (Ex. 19th chapter, H.N.B) when Yahweh-Elohim told him to tell the Children of Israel to wash up for three days, tand then gather around the foot of Mount Sinai and He, Yahweh-Elohim would speak to them, has no significance in reference to the posed question because Moses did not have a vision of Adam on this occasion.


Moses' second trip into Mount Sinai (Ex. 24:1-2, 13-18, H.N.B) is, however, very important to the answering of the posed question for he did see the creation of Adam and his placement in the Garden of Eden on this occation. During Moses' second trip into Mount Sinai and into the Phenomenal Cloud, which lasted 40 days (Ex. 24:18, H.N.B and Deut. 9:9), he saw the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, after he had seen Elohim transform into the Three-fold Intangible Tabernacle (Ex. 25:40, H.N.B), and it took him six (6) days to witness a re-run of the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, and the creation of Adam on the sixth day with his placement in the Garden of Eden (Ex. 24:16; Gen. 1:26-31; 2:4-5, H.N.B). Then Moses saw Elohim rest on the Seventh day (or Sabbath) just as Adam was in his rest in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 1:33-34, H.N.B). After Adam is placed in the Garden of Eden, Yahweh-Elohim cast a deep sleep over him and formed the woman, Eve, of his rib and womb (Gen. 2:18-19, H.N.B: Gen. 2:21-22, K.J.V). Thus, one can see that Adam is in the Garden of Eden in his rest on the seventh day or the Sabbath. At this point in Moses' vision, Yahweh-Elohim takes Moses' attention away from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and focuses it upon how he is to later build a physical tabernacle in the Wilderness of Sinai just like the Intangible Tabernacle that he had seen in the vision in the Cloud. Yahweh-Elohim instructs Moses polytechnically as to how to build this physical tabernacle giving him Divine specifications for everything that he was to build, and he uses the whole remaining period of thirty-three (33) days that Moses was in Mount Sinai this second trip to show him and instruct him in this most important matter.

When one considers the importance of every polytechnical detail of this Divine Pattern of the Mosaic Tabernacle (which was to reflect Elohim, Himself), or Heavenly things (Heb. 8:5), then one can understand partly why the Creator devoted so much time to this venture. The seven chapters of Exodus, 25 through 31 deal with Yahweh-Elohim's instructions to Moses as to how to construct the Tabernacle of Moses, its hangings and all of the furnishings, and vessels and instruments thereof.

While Yahweh-Elohim is instructing Moses regarding the building of the Mosaic Tabernacle for the thirty-three (33) remaining days that he is in the Mount the second time, Adam is resting in the Garden of Eden with his wife, Eve, and everything is blissful and peaceful with the two of them, for the Devil has not yet entered the Garden of Eden to bother them. Therefore, in attempting to arrive at the answer of how long was Adam in the Garden of Eden, one must count these thirty-three (33) days as PART of the answer! (See diagram center).


At the end of Moses' forty (40) days in the top of Mount Sinai in the Phenomenal cloud this second time (the seven days of the creation of the Heavens and Earth, and the thirty-three (33) days of his instructions from Yahweh-Elohim as to how to build the Mosaic Tabernacle), he (Moses) descends the Mount Sinai with the Two Tables of the Testimony (the Ten Commandment Law) in his hands (Ex. 31:18; 32:7,15, H.N.B), and he soon finds out that the Children of Israel had committed a great sin during his forty day absence by building and worshipping a Golden Calf (Ex. 32nd chapter, H.N.B), contrary to Yahweh-Elohim's commandments that "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven idol, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; and thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I Yahweh thy Elohim am a jealous Elohim, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me." When Moses saw what the Children of Israel had done, he waxed hot, and threw down and broke the Two Tables of the Testimony that he had in his hands (Ex. 32:19, H.N.B).

The real and definite reason for Moses' anger was that he had not seen the transgression of the woman, Eve, in the Garden of Eden while he was in the Mount of Sinai in the Cloud; if he had seen the transgression of Eve, then he would have understood that Israel (the woman) being all of them, offspring from Eve, and having no Holy Spirit within them, could do nothing else but sin since there is a Diving Pattern in operation, and everything that happens is nothing more than a repetitious functioning of this Divine Pattern which never changes (Mal. 3:6). Moses' actions, however, was according to the Divine Pattern, Plan, and Purpose of Yahweh for HE had told Moses to place these Tables of the Testimony in the Ark of the Covenant, but the Ark of the Covenant nore the Tabernacle had not yet been constructed for Moses was just descending the Mount to tell the Children of Israel about how to construct the Tabernacle. Therefore, one can see that Yahweh-Elohim (Yahshua) KNEW and intended that Moses would break these first Tables of Stone in order to typify that Israel would break the Old (and first) Covenant that He made with them which further meant that He would make a New (or second) Covenant with them which would be unbreakable and lasting.


Thus, Moses, after forty (40) days of fasting and praying or interceding unto Yahshua (or Joshua) for Israel, he hews him out two more tables of stone like unto the first, and goes back up into Mount Sinai and into the Phenomenal Cloud the THIRD TIME. Please remember that we have already shown that Adam was in the Garden of Eden for thirty-three (33) days according to Moses' vision in the Mount the second time, and at the end or conclusion of that 40 day vision and period, one cannot reckon about Adam's stay in the Garden because the vision was ended at the end of that 40 day period, and one does not have anything to reckon with.

Before we discuss Moses' THIRD TRIP into Mount Sinai, let us be apprised of the fact that Moses gave a day by day account of his 40 day stay in the mountain and in the Cloud to the Children of Israel, for they questioned him as to what happened all of that time, and why it took him so long to return unto them. Now as Moses recounts to the Children of Israel the events of his 40 day stay in the Mount, Yahshua (or Joshua, the Son of Nun) who was standing nearby knew that he left out some important facts and details of the things that he had showed him (Moses) in the Mount. Yahshua did not worry about this, however, because he knew that he was going to bring it back to Moses' remembrance regarding such omissions, just as Yahshua the Messiah, having said many things unto His disciples during the three and one half (3 1/2) years of His ministry, told His disciples thusly, "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My Name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things TO YOUR REMEMBRANCE, whatsoever I have said unto you" (John 14:26).

Whe Moses goes into the Mount of Sinai and into the Phenomenal Cloud the third time, the FIRST order of business is the re-writing of the Ten Commandment Law in the Two Tables of Stone which Moses had hewed out himself, and carried up into the Mount and placed in the same and precise indentation in the rock in the mountain where the FIRST tables of the Testimony which Moses broke, were written on by the finger of Elohim. It was necessary to re-write this Law first because this was the precise way that Yahweh-Elohim did in speaking the Ten Commandment Law first from the Mount BEFORE He called Moses into the Mount to show him the creation of the heavens and the Earth. This was done thusly to show or typify that the whole creation came into existence under the infallible control of Spirit Law.

It does not take Yahweh-Elohim long to re-write the Ten Commandment Law in the Second Tables of Stone, and then He turns His attention of the SECOND order of business which is the recapitulation or rehearsing of the whole six days of the creation of the Heavens and Earth in order to bring to Moses' attention the things that he had omitted in his account to the Children of Israel. We have already learned that Moses stays in the Mount another forty (40) days on the occation of this, his third trip (Ex. 34:28); Deut. 10:10), and the Creator starts with Day No. 1 in His recapitulation or rehearsing of the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. It is quite obvious that He began again at the Beginning of His vision of the creation, for Moses had given the impression in his account to the Israelites that Yahweh-Elohim created the Heavens and the Earth in six (6) days, so the Creator brings to his remembrance that they were created in the Day of Eternity (Gen. 2:1, H.N.B and Gen. 2:4, K.J.V). It is necessary to say at this point that the great majority of Bible Scholars do not know that chapter one (1) of Genesis (H.N.B) represents Moses' second trip into the Mount while chapter two (2) represents his third trip into the Mount; they (the Bible Scholars) think that these are two versions or accounts of the creation, e.g., the Babylonian and Hebrew. However, chapter one of Genesis belongs in the twenty-fourth (24th) chapter of Exodus at verse sixteen (16) where the grammatical mark (a colon) is located, and chapter two belongs in the 34th chapter of Exodus at verse 28, as well as all of the rest of the whole book of Genesis, for we must remember that Moses is seeing in a Divine Vision all of the events and happenings and personalities that he is writing about!

After Yahweh-Elohim brings to Moses' remembrance the very beginning of how he had created the Heavens, and the Earth, He further rehearses the whole creation by reminding Moses that he had recounted in the first chapter of Genesis (11th and 12th verses) the events of the third day of creation concerning the vegetation and had said, "and Elohim said, Let the earth bring forth tender grass, and the herb yielding seed, the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. And the earth broughtforth tender grass, herb yielding seed after his kind, and tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and Elohim saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the third day." In the above account, one gets the impression that the seed of vegetation sprang from the earth, but Yahweh-Elohim brings to Moses' remembrance that He had made every plant of the field BEFORE it was in the earth, and every herb of the field BEFORE it grew (Gen. 2:2). Yahweh-Elohim goes on to refresh Moses' memory that he had recounted in the first chapter of Genesis that "And Elohim said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, etc." (Gen. 1:26), but he had failed to say what the man was made from; so he brings to his remembrance that He had formed man of the dust of the ground (Gen. 2:4, H.N.B).

Now all of the time that Yahweh-Elohim is re-writing the Ten Commandment Law, and rehearsing with Moses the whole six days of the creation, Adam is still resting in the Garden of Eden. However, after the above things are done which took a total of seven (7) days for Yahweh-Elohim to show and tell Moses, then the Creator turns Moses' attention back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and this is the point at which the Devil enters the Garden of Eden and seduced the woman (Gen. 3rd chapter), and Moses sees Yahweh-Elohim drive the man, Adam, out of the Garden of Eden (and the woman folloed him out ----), after the seven days of Moses' third trip in the Mount of Sinai.

Therefore, if we add the thirty-three (33) days of Adam's stay in the Garden of Eden (during Moses' second trip in the Mount) and the seven (7) days of Adam's stay in the Garden (during Moses' third trip into the Mount), we get a total of 40 days that Adam stayed in the Garden of Eden according to Moses' vision. See the diagram in the center fold. And this is the only and true answer as to how one arrives at a '40' on the first plate of the Elementary Chart.

One might ask the necessary question of what was Moses doing during the remaining thirty-three (33) days of his thirdd trip in the Mount. Well, he was seeing the generations of the flesh that came forth of Adam and Ever AFTER they had been cast out of the Garden of Eden, and had begun to know one another physically so. Moses thus sees 2513 years of history repeated before his eyes in the vision; he sees all of the Patriarchs born out of the womb, live their entire lives, give off progeny, and die, and other generations follow, right on down to the time of his own birth which he witnesses in the vision when he came for the of Amram and Jochebed.

Thus, we have given a true and precise account of how long Adam stayed in the Garden of Eden but one might ask, "How was this fulfilled by Yahshua the Messiah?" We already have shown on several other plates of the Elementary Chart how that Yahshua the Messiah fulfilled the '40' in the Holy Place of the Pattern, but for precise fulfillment using His time in the Garden of Eden, one has to remember his words to his disciples when he went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray (the Garden of Gethsemane is the fulfillment of the Garden of Eden); He said to them, "What, could ye not watch with me ONE HOUR" (Matt. 26:40; Mark 14:37). This "ONE HOUR" amounts roughly to 40 years (or days) when we use the scale of Time with Yahweh.

1 day (24 hours) = 1000 years --------1 hour = 41 years


There has also been a question about the blood in the Adamic Transgression Plate. I am sure that we are acquainted with the earth from which Adam was formed and also committed back to (with first in the center of the earth) is as the Altar of Sacrifice. If we therefore, go to the Law that Yahweh-Elohim instructed Israel as recorded in Lev. 17:11, "For the LIFE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD: and I have given it to you upon the Altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul." We understand that the blood of the sacrifice was placed upone the four horns of the Altar and the rest of the blood was poured on the ground.

As physical Israel was the wife or bride of Yahweh-Elohim, Yahweh so loved His wife, Israel that He had Israel to slay the Pasover Lamb (a figure of Yahshua the Messiah) and put the blood on the four points of the door of the Israelites houses to deliver them out of Egypt. This pointed to the Messiah, who was nailed to the cross (4 points) to deliver all mankind (Spiritual Israel) from the four corners of the earth.

Likewise, Adam, for the love he had for his wife (Eve, gave his life (blood) for her and went back to the earth (Altar) from whence he came (from the dust thou art and unto the dust shalt thou return). The first Adam a firgure of Yahshua the Messiah, the second Adam. Eve, the wife of the first Adam with he children, a figure of the Spiritual wife of Yahshua the Messiah (Jerusalem above) was redeemed from the four corners of the earth by the blood of Yahshua the Messiah.

The Messiah was born with blood running warm in His veins as a prepared sacrifical offering from His brith to be crucified, and as He went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray, His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground (Luke 22:44), was just as Adam was told; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return unto the ground (Gen. 3:19). This would be as the Blood and Water in the Outer Court of the Plate of the Adamic Transgression. We also have Eve, who went out of the Garden with Adam and brought forth children in pain, (there is a show of Blood and Water before birth).

It does say that Yahweh-Elohim created Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed into his notrils the BREATH OF LIFE, but nothing is said about the BLOOD, so we see that the blood was poured on the ground at the Altar.

(As Adam went back to the ground), and also Abel's blood cried out from the ground, explains the blood in the First Plate of Adam.