Dr. Kinley's Physical and Spiritual Birth & Vision and Revelation

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on October 1, 1969.


DR. KINLEY: I'm always happy and glad to be here and to testify of the revelation of Yahweh Elohim to me in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-one (1931). Now that makes me going on thirty-nine years old when I was really born. Now if you would go back to my physical birth, I was born in Greenville Kentucky, 1895 September the 30th. And yesterday I was accounted as 74 years old, but now that was a physical birth. I haven't been born of Yahweh that long, and it was in Springfield, Ohio that I was really born. And I want to tell you this: As far as life is concerned I believe that I have had quite an experience, and an opportunity of a lot of things, some of which are common to all of us. Now let me explain what I'm talking about.

When I was a child my mother took me to the Methodist Church, as a child growing up. And I use to go to church, and I heard them talk about "Jesus is coming." They sang the songs that the most of Christendom does. And as I grew on into what we might describe as a young man, I become affiliated with the Methodist Church on Clifton and Bowles. Now both of them was AME Churches but one was down in, what we call Black Bottom in Springfield, and it was an old church. And the one I just talked about on Clifton and Bowles, why I was instrumental in help building that church. And Revern' Greene was the Pastor of it, and he lived next door to me, and my parents. And we had the uttermost respect for Revern' Greene. And quite a few of the young men my age, we were, at that time we were ushers and whatnot in the church, and we loved to hear Revern Greene preach. Later on in life I become associated and affiliated with the Church of God, and I studied wtih them and become a minister among them for around 15 years. And during that time they believe, this organization did, in sticking close to what the Bible said, now listen, especially the New Testament, as they saw it to be. And of course I become what you would call a Bibliomaniac or a walking Bible. You could just simply open your Bible any place you wanted to and start reading, and I'd tell you chapter and verse where you were reading. But I must confess that there was lot of things I didn't know about; I just didn't understand. Now that don't mean that I didn't believe, I'm just admitting that I didn't understand, and I wasn't the only one that said they didn't understand. I've heard many ministers say, in lot of denominations say "They just didn't understand about a lot of things." But in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-one (1931) when I received the revelation, that come direct from Yahweh, it changed my whole entire concept. Now look! Now there isn't any need for anybody on earth to try to tell me that I didn't see what I saw! Now I don't need nobody's information about that. I saw that. Now I went on so far as to draw out what I saw. Well let me tell you what happen first before then. After I saw the vision I didn't understand it, I told you that. And then I don't know how long afterwards, but it was the same day, and I presume somewhere about the same hour that I saw the revealed meaning of the vision. Now that was Yahweh that caught me up into that realm, and He showed to me what it was all about. And since He showed me what it was all about, now what that did for me, was shut me up tighter than a clam. I didn't have nothing to say to nobody about no religion nor nothing in the Bible. Now here's the reason why, was because I knew that everybody would disagree with me; I knew they would. Because they... I knew what the concepts of man were. And you remember now I told you I was in the Church of God 15 years and I was called a walking Bible! Now this is what that means to me: It means to me, now don't you try to tell me what's in the Bible cause both of us knows better. There's always somebody when you tell somebody something over here, they wanna run over yonder somewhere and get... And they don't even have no better sense than to try to even make the apostles dispute their own selves by referring to Corinthians, and then throwing Galatians against Corint... unconscious that the same man wrote ‘em both. Do you see what I mean?

Well, as we go on, and as I just got through telling you, now what it did was shut me up until I could get someone to draw out what I saw in the vision. And everybody I come in contact with the first thing they say, "I'm real sorry about that, I can't draw. I'm not an artist, I can't, I just can't do that." And finally by and by, there was a young man down the street from me, said "Well, says I don't expect to be no artist or nothing like that, he says but I'll try to," a young white boy. So I got him up there at the house, and I went and got an oil cloth that you use on a table, and turned it over on the back and drew it, and just drew it, just drew in part. And so I said, "Now I can use this so a person can half way see what I'm taking about, different ones.”

Well, Dr. Davis, he and I were assistance pastors in the church I just mentioned, the Church of God, and we didn't quite see eye to eye, the pastor and I no how. They talking about two works of grace, and I just couldn't see it, not the way that they proved it. But anyhow, he was my own familiar friend, and he was the first one that I tried to talk with. At the time I was living Springfield and he was in Cleveland, Tennessee pastoring the church. He'd done left his wife and children there in Springfield. And I had to take care of the kids and my family too, and his while he was off down there with some other woman, see suppose to be the pastor of the church of Cleveland's congregation. That's right! Ain't no need of stumbling around about it, tell the thing like it is! So, when I saw it, I wrote to him, told him to come home. And he immediately just dropped everything and come home. And he was the first man that I opened my mouth to about it. And he come to my house, and I went upon this chart. Now this is not the one, I told you it was an oilcloth, this is a bed sheet; this is the second one. And this painting, the bed sheet, is around about 1932 when we finished it. Now and I don't think anybody's got any bed sheets at home that has been used as often as this bed sheet, and held up as well as this bed sheet from 1932 down until you see it hanging here tonight. Well now this is what I thought in my mind: Although I saw the vision; I saw the whole thing. I just thought that if I took it from the Garden of Eden and the creation of man, I thought surely they could see it from there. Now look here folks, let me tell you something, if you don't put this thing together right, and it will tell on you... That brings me to tell you what Dr. Gross has said, and he got with me around 1932. This man here, stand up Dr. Gross so that any new people here can see you. Now that's the president. Thank you. You know as he went on and he studied this, this is what he said. Now this is the way he usually stood, with his hands in his pocket like this. [Demonstrates how Dr. Gross would stand and look at the chart] He said, "You know one thing? Said, "That thing will take your picture, won't it?" I said "Yes it will." And it will take your picture! And nobody from nowhere can get around it. Now it just really doesn't make any difference what college, seminary or how much education you got, or a person know, you can't get around it. You just can't get around it. And then I wanna tell you something else about this. THERE ISN’T ANYTHING UP HERE ON THESE CHARTS, ON THIS CHART THAT IS NOT IN YOUR BIBLE. THIS IS THE EXPLANATION OF YOUR BIBLE...

LADY: I knew it all the time. . . DR. KINLEY: What did you say? LADY: I knew it all the time, because it's up to date.

DR. KINLEY: This is the explanation of your Bible. Furthermore, I wanna tell you something else about that: This is the analysis, the explanation, and I do mean that this is Yahweh's explanation of Himself! Not mine, not yours, but this is His own explanation of His own self! That's it!

Now if this is your first time around here, now you may disagree with me. But I wanna tell you this: until you learn just what I have just told you, you're subject to disagreeing with me; there's nothing else you can do; because this goes against what you would ordinarily think as a human being or as a man or a woman, it goes against that. That's why I told you, that it revolutionized my concept. All that I thought I knew, I come to find out it was something else. I just simply had to admit it; that was my indispensable duty.

Now I wanna tell you the thing that makes me so happy tonight: Yesterday I had my so-called 74th birthday, here in September, and many of the student body was at my home. And it was the [ON/OFF STATIC IN THE MIKE, SOME WORDS ARE INAUDIBLE]... that I have ever had since I have been in this school, and the happiest that I've ever [MIKE PROBLEM] I coveted nobody's silver and nobody's gold. I worked willingly with my hands, as the Apostle Paul said that he worked as a tent maker. I charged nobody nothing! AND IT IS AN INSULT TO ME FOR YOU TO TRY TO PAY ME FOR PREACHING THE GOSPEL. I didn't receive it that way, and I don't impart it that way. It was given to me to give to you. And listen folks I don't have no apologies to make to nobody about what I have taught. And I want to say this: I repeat again, as the Apostle said, "I've fought a good fight, I have kept the faith." You know that makes me go back a little before I had the vision, if you will tolerate me here for a few minutes. The people in the church, holiness and sanctification, you've heard of it, they said that I was wrong, and that that I shouldn't be preaching! Because I wouldn't, I just couldn't, I didn't say two works of grace was wrong, I said I couldn't see it like... And this is, this is one thing I've never believed in doing! I DON’T BELIEVE IN GETTING UP TEACHING SOMEBODY SOMETHING THAT I DON’T SEE, AND SAID SO. LET MY CONSCIENCE BE CONVICTED! LET ME FULLY UNDERSTAND IT! And until such time as it gets that way ... [MIKE PROBLEM]

My wife took my sons, I didn't have but two at the time, and went to Indianapolis Indiana, and she stayed three week, she was suppose to stay two. Listen, I've had plenty of trouble, just didn't have no wife half the time. And it was just a constant ding-dong just ding-dong all the time by my mother-in-law and father-in-law. I didn't [Mike problem] But anyhow, when she came back, that youngest child, Richard, took diphtheria and died shortly afterwards. He died in my mother’s arms. Well, I hadn't had no vision; I hadn't had no revelation or nothing. Now I felt like, not knowing, [Mike problem] of my dead son lying right back of me and, I'm sitting out on the [Mike problem] And finally it dawned upon me about Gideon and his fleece, how he put the fleece down and the fleece was wet, and the ground dry all around the fleece, and it turned back the other way. And then that made me think, and it come to me about the stars. Now look folks, it ain't no sense in me standing up here lying. It just don't make no kinda sense for me to lie over my dead son's body. And I looked at a star out there, and I said, "Let that star fall." I said "If you just let that star fall I'll know whether I was sent in the world to preach or not. And I never will doubt anymore, and I'll know that you didn't take my son for that reason." And I sat there, looked right at that star. Now you see I'm supposed to believe now if that star fall, and that star just tipped and fell. Now I'm supposed to believe now. Well I sat there on that porch, and I looked around then in the sky and said, "Well maybe the stars are falling." [Mike problem] if you just sit there a little while longer. I sat there and seen that apparition. I was gonna touch her... Said, "Don't touch that woman! If you do it will frighten her; she's in no condition to be frightened." I took my hand back and looked, and that apparition was gone. Okay, I come on down in that several years and I seen this vision and this revelation, I said "Now I'm gonna draw it out." And I told you while I... You see I drew it out on a little oilcloth that you cover the tables with; and then this is the second here. And I just thought that if I could just put it on some paper like this, cloth like this, I'll just divide it now, and almost anybody could understand. And I tried to teach from this, (Now Dr. Gross was a student right there through until I got this chart finished) in the school. Some of the comments that was passed on this was "That it looked like scramble eggs." But as we went on, and as they began to understand it, then it was in the explanation of the Bible. They began to wonder there, from the Garden of Eden on down, if it works that way it surely ought to work that way in the creation. Well I just thought if I could show 'em this much of it they could master the creation, but they couldn't. So I had to go back and have my son draw this one, [MOSAIC] and this, this chart here [40'], draw this one.

Now folks let me tell you something. I've been up before the Roman Catholics; I've been up before the smartest of men on this earth plane; I've been in universities; I've been colleges; I've even been back with the people that I first was with. I don't mean I went back and stayed with 'em, I mean I invited them out to --- ---. And they said, "Well, I don't believe, the Bible is sufficient for me," and all lika that. "I don't believe in nothing about no pattern, I don't know about nothing like that; it ain't nothing like that in no Bible," just say anything. But now look and listen, listen at what I'm saying. Now you’re gonna either have to buy this; you're gonna have to buy it whether you want to or not. It doesn't make any difference what your profession is. You can stick your chest out and say "Well I disagree with this, and I disagree with that and I disagree with the other," but say, and I'm telling you, you gone have to buy it, ain't a thing you can do about it.

Well now, my thoughts to you tonight is this, this is what my thought is. Now I'm happy. As the Apostle say, "I've fought a good fight, I have kept the faith." I have succeeded in getting some to understand the message that Yahweh has given to me for you. These, or this first day after my physical birthday, and after my 38th year, I feel like I can just sit down somewhere. And there are many in the audience both masculine and feminine that could get up here and explain these charts, AND THEY DO SEE THE REALITY, THEY DO UNDERSTAND. Now that's what makes me happy in my lifetime. And I'll say it again like the Apostle Paul said, "I've fought a good fight, I have kept the faith, I've finished my course.” When I get somebody around me that understands what it's all about, I've finished my course. And listen, I'm ready to be offered up. If I had not seen the sun rise this morning I would have been satisfied. I've carried out my mission, truthfully I have. And it is my contention that anybody that wants to can see the reality of this work, anybody that wants to. You could even see it if you don't want to. There is, there is an Elohim, there is a Yahshua. And look, I don't mean that He's way off out yonder in Centurial Aurora, or way above the sun, moon, and stars or some place, I don’t mean that. I do mean that He's ever present right here; not in just some of you but in everybody that is here. Now you may not be conscious of that! You may want to point the finger of scorn, but Yahweh's there; even if it was the devil incarnated, He's there. That's the truth. That's the way it is.

Now I know that everybody can't see, everybody can't understand. A lot of confrontation as it would be to them. Now one of the things is because we've been raised up different to believe different things, and we’re crystalized in that kind of thinking. But now look, I noticed Dr. Leonard when he was up here on the floor, and I notice every last one 'em that gets up here on the floor or in this pulpit, I mean I pay strict attention to 'em too, and there is someone here that can explain this work. Now look, now you just look at what I'm gonna try to show you. This is just the simplicity, it's the reality of it, and it even comes down and takes your picture. [Mike problem] that were written by Abraham, now I say that's a lie. You can get a book down there called the "Book of Enoch." Now that's the 7th generation from Adam. I say that's an old satanical lie, none of them boys wrote. Now that don't mean that they didn't have contact and communication with Yahweh. The Book says they did, but they didn't write anything. Now listen, listen at what I'm gone say to you. Now if they had written anything then Yahweh would have been lying when He said in the 6th chapter, (that's what Dr. Leonard said when he was up here) when Yahweh Himself said that they did not know Him by His Name Yahweh Now all this has to be laid down back here in the scriptures. Now listen at what I'm saying; now listen at what I'm saying. Now this is the institution of Yahweh's purpose. Now when He's born in the world He's fulfilling, then He institutes. Now this is what the Devil's job is: The Devil's job is to come along and tell you that Jesus was setting an example for us to go by, and for us to live by, and He was instituting this, and that, and the other. Now that's his job. [MIKE PROBLEM] and He was instituting, then all this back here would have been a failure. Why should He come along and institute something? He was God incarnated in a body, and He's coming along setting an example for you to live by, and you haven't got nothing to live it by! Now how could you live it? You couldn't do it even if you wanted to. Why? Cause you don't have nothing to do it with. Why should he be setting an example? Well somebody say, "Well don't the Bible say He did it?" But that's not the example He's talking about, that's not it.

Now folks, listen, we have come down to the place where we just might as well face the issues, and face it like it is, be honest with yourself, IT’S YOUR SOUL, IT’S UP TO YOU! Now my job has been to preach the gospel and to show it to you. Now I am concerned about whether you believe it or not, because if I don't, if I can't explain it in such a way that you can understand it then the fault is on me. But if I can explain it in such a way anybody can understand it, and then if you don't wanna accept it then that's your business. Now look, let me show you something. I tried to talk with you about this the other night. I'll tell you real quick, and I want the sister from New York to have something to say here, something to you.

Now look, now listen at what I was gonna say before. Now they come up out of Egypt, they gathered up around this mountain (let me take a little short cut) and they heard Yahweh speak, thundered His voice from Mt. Sinai in the wilderness. …

[SIDE 2]

... Listen, them folks heard, they experienced it, they knew what He said. And then Moses wrote down what Yahweh had said. Took the blood of bulls, and goats [Mike problem] and said to 'em, "This is the covenant which Yahweh our Elohim has enjoined to you." And they said "All that He said will we do." Are you listening? Now look folks, that was Yahweh speaking from that mount. And then after that He calls Moses up in the mountain (well I should put it this way first) He told them not to make unto them any graven images like anything that's in the heaven above or in the earth beneath. And every last one of 'em heard him, over 6 hundred thousand that come out, every last one of 'em, and they were all there too. They heard what He said. Now then they gathered up around this mountain. After that, Moses was called up in the mountain, and he took these 70 elders and them up there in the mountain. And Moses and Joshua they told them "Now you stay right here until we come again." Now they didn't do what they were told, they went down from that mountain, they took their earrings and things off, after having heard Yahweh say "Thou shall not make unto thee any graven images," don't do that, like there is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath." Why? Because you can't improve on it, you just can't improve on it. You can't make no man, and put eyes, and ears, and all, you can't improve on it, so just forget about it! Now listen, they came down and they built this golden calf. Now that's what Paul is talking about in the first chapter of Romans, "Then darkened their foolish minds..." But this is the point I wanna bring out. When Moses and Joshua come down, Yahweh and Moses both waxed hot, he threw down those tables of stone. Now here's the point I wanna get you to see. Joshua told Moses to choose out them Levites, buckle his sword on his side and go through that whole entire camp and gather every last one of 'em out of there that... [MIKE PROBLEM] When he went up to Corinth, said "Listen here, why is it every time when you come together every last one you got a doctrine?"... something he hatched up! He said "Now listen folks, I am determined not to know nothing among you other than Yahshua the Messiah and Him crucified." It's a stumbling block to the Jews, and to the Greeks, just a lot of foolishness, but nevertheless it's true. Now listen folks, people have been resurrected from the dead. All kinds of diseases, you're my witness; you're my witness. And there isn't anybody in this house that don't have sense enough to know that I cannot raise nobody from the dead. If I could help you, (self first, last, and always), I would help my own self, but I can't do that. So then if there's anything done, (now you can raise all the hell you want to) but it's Yahweh that does the job. And I could say this to you too, and I'm gone say it. There isn't anybody in this house or out of it, or anywhere in the world, and I don't care what your troubles are, what you afflictions are, if you believe Yahweh, if you believe Yahweh and His purpose, (listen at what I'm saying to you), I mean everybody, miss nobody, all of you will be healed. You will have an immortal body, everybody, that is the promise of eternal life. But you must take it as He said it because He is the Creator. And as I have said, (listen to what I’m saying to you), here's the thing that throws so many people; it's the simplicity of the thing, the abundance of evidence that proves the existence of Yahweh. There is so much evidence until you, even you yourself... And all inanimate, so-called inanimate, and animate objects in the universe, it makes no difference whether it's animal, vegetable, mineral, water, just anything, all of it is a testimony that He does exists. Now here's something else about it. It just functions with unerring accuracy and infallibility, and it operates all down through the ages and dispensations of time. It does it without any digression or deviation from the way it started! Do you know what I mean by that? It's still operating now the same way. It just haven't never changed, and it always repeats.

Now look, when you look and just see one door in this ark... Now listen Bud, you either go in that door or else. "I don't wanna go in it," then suffer the consequences. He said, "I am the way the truth, and the life...I am the door." He said, "No man goes to the Father but by me." Say "Oh-no, you ain't got that right, the People's got plenitude of power; he's got the keys." But He said "No man goes to the Father but by Me. I am the way; I am the truth; I am the life." When He was up before Pilot, Pilot says, "Just what is, what is truth?" He said, "That's me, I'm the truth, I'm the way, and I'm the life." Now folks, it's just that plain, and it's just that simple, and all of nature is a testimony. You can't get away with nothing. I'll tell you what you can do. I'll tell you what you can do, and which is often done. There's always somebody wants to show how smart they are. They wanna get up and say "Well look, I don't, I don't see it that way." You gone always have them class of people. Well look, how did you see it? Then you just have to let 'em go on, and tell 'em "Well go on and see it their way." Yahweh said "Thou shalt not make unto me any graven images." And when the Roman Catholic Church was asked about that you know what they said? They said, "Well we make these statutes and all to decorate our churches. And look, didn't Yahweh say, uh didn't God tell Moses to make these vessels for the sanctuary? Said, “That's what we do, we make these to decorate our churches." Now He ain't said nothing about what your excuse is, He said "Don't do it." You just got one way in this Ark; you just have one way through this; you just got one way in here; you just got one door here; you just got one way (straight way in the wilderness); you just got one way to resurrect; you got one way into heaven. That's all there is. Now you can't fix that! Now look, we don't mean to do these things, stand around and call Him a liar. Now He said that He come to fulfill, they say "Naw, institute, that's what He done." Well look, if that's what He was doing, every last one of you in here is done an awful poor job, you can speak for your own selves. Now here's why I say that. Now right from the masculine lineage you've failed to be circumcised eight days after you were born. Well say, "Well why wasn't you circumcised?" Then you got a reel now, and put the props on, and say "Paul said if you be circumcised with Christ it profit you nothing." They always got something ain't they? Said, "That's the reason why I wasn't circumcised." Then you go right on down, and then we say, "I know that He was baptized, John baptized Him, and if it was good enough for Jesus it's good enough for me." Well why do you wanna skip circumcision and get baptism through? Don't even skip it if it was setting an example, let it --- --- you something, wouldn't you say so? Now what He did, He went all around healing the sick and raising the dead, spoke from the mountain and everything, and fed the multitudes. What have you been doing about that? And by and by He went out here and was nailed to the cross. Now if you're following the example that's what you oughta do. Naw, you go pick out a little of this and pick out a little of that, and this down yonder. Now you say that Christ was crucified for you, and you gone get baptized for your own self. [Doc chuckles] Just like, didn't Jesus say down in Matthew 28:19 "Go and baptize 'em in the name of the Father?" Yes He said that! He didn't say baptize 'em in the water, He said baptize 'em in the Name! Now don't you know the difference between water and name? He didn't say anything about baptizing anybody in water, did He? Is it there? But said, "Well I know Jesus didn't say it, but He said baptize 'em in the Name of the Father, the Son, but I don't see nothing else to baptize 'em in but water; I don't see nothing else." Looking around all silly. You can't baptize nobody with the Holy Ghost. It was my understanding that it was the Holy Spirit speaking too, said "He that believeth on me as the scriptures has said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." He wasn't talking about this thing down here, He's talking about this up here. A carnal mind just won't fit in this picture at all. Now this is what you get when you get into a carnal mind, and then I'm through, this is what you get. You see, you'll run into something here, and you'll have to dodge this back here, cause you run into something yonder that'll dispute this over here. Then when you get over here, then you have to let that alone back there. And just keep you dodging all the time, and just hoping that somebody won't bring it up. And then if somebody just happens to press me with it, then you'll say this: "I don't profess to know everything; God said it and I believe it, and that's good enough for me." See you don't know nothing else to say. Oh, I tell you it's just wonderful to know. Isn't that right?

Now in conclusion folks, this thing works, and it's just nothing else but a constant repetition all through. It just never fails. You see this going in and out of this tabernacle, and this service, and this physical body, it just function the same way. Now suppose something happens and it don’t function the say way, do you know what you better do? Said, "You better see a doctor." He told us, said, "I don't believe in doctors, said, I believe that Jesus can heal me; I don't need to take no medicine." All right, that's nice, you can't make it without it, but now do you believe it? If you pinch him real hard, say “Hey doc! Come here doc! Come here doc!” He didn’t believe it quite as well as he thought he did. That man’s limitation is the beginning of ---- ----. I believe in doing all I can do, and then when it gets around to the place where I can’t do no more then I’ll put a stop to it. You’ll find out a whole lot of them things that you’ve been trying to stick up for, and then you become dependent… Here’s a feller out here, and he’s just cussing and carrying on and all, and he’s just involved in the ----, and he don’t believe in God. Finally one day, you know, something happened [Doc Laughing]… I thought you didn’t believe in God. Said “Well I didn’t, but if it’s one here I don’t care, if it’s one anywhere get him, get Him now; get Him now right away.” Yahweh’s knows how, He knows how to bring every man down. We with our smart selves, He knows how to deliver. Now listen, some people are mistaken about things, but they’re honest. Now if you’re honest, and you’re mistaken, Yahweh will show you. But if you’re dishonest you already know that, and so also don’t Yahweh, so you just might as well play the game fair and square, and then you will be blessed.

I wanna thank you ever so much. At this time I wanna give you Sister Giragosian from New York. Now look folks, I want you to know this: This woman is been in the University, she’s a schoolteacher, she’s not an ignoramus. See I think it’s my indispensable duty to tell you that. Now she has come in this school through Dr. Mitchell in New York, and she will tell you, and did say at the convention, that she would give you her PH.D. Degree and whatnot, and a match to light ‘em with! Now that’s the one that has studied, and then there are others up there that have studied and went to school a life time, and they know that the things that are brought in this school that are brought out in here nobody can -------. I give to you Sister Giragosian.