Discernment: Earthly Name, Heavenly Name

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on July 26, 1969 in Los Angles, California.









MODERATOR: ... we will be addressed by our founder and dean, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

DR. KINLEY: Thank you ever so much. I just want to speak a few words at this time that those of you that are new in this audience and those of you that have been with me through years and I think it is my indispensable duty at this time to do just exactly what I'm to do, that I have not done before since any of you have been knowing me. I've always told you, as you read the biography which there were some things in it that wasn't just exactly as they ought to be. Now I don't have anybody to blame for that but myself cause what they understood about it, why then they put it down and brought it up to me and asked me, quite some time ago, to make any necessary corrections before they made any public announcement, so then that puts the fault and the blame back on me for any of the discrepancies that was in it.

Now, what I want to tell you at this time, that was the biography of Henry C. Kinley. It was said that that is my name. And you identified my mother and my father, place of birth and so forth and so on, and even the date and year of my birth. And all through these years, even to my own sisters and brothers and children, I do have some children in this audience that bears that name, Kinley, K I N L E Y. And I am known every which a way by Henry Clifford Kinley. I do not wish to deceive or fool anybody. That is my earthly name that you know me about, know of me, but the truth about it is, that's really not my name.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: That is not my name. It is my name as you know my name to be -earthly name. Now Yahweh said and it's, it's also in the 2nd chapter of Galatians and the 17th verse, that something about, something about that name. So this will get it, I have never attempted to point out at anything to you other than what I had verification in the Book and I don't want anybody to know me, know any more of me than what they see me to be. And I have never been an individual that wanted to get up before the public and no fanfare, and they tried as they told you in my biography, and want to be noticed, outstanding, nothing like that, I have never did that, not in my life. And I think I had better straighten that out here and now. If you noticed Yahshua the Messiah, He said He come in His Father's name. And since He did come in His Father's name, they haven't been using that at all, Christendom just simply hasn't been using it, anymore so than you have yet actually been using my right name in all these many years. And Yahshua the Messiah told His disciples, which you could call apostles who were eyewitnesses, to go and teach all nations, but to go in His name. That's what He said to do. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: He told Peter, and James and John and all the rest of 'em, (get what I'm fixing to say) He said, `I come in my Father's name, now you go in my name.' Do you understand that? Well, I have come in His name. I have said many times to you that it was Yahshua the Messiah that speaks through this body. I'm sure a lot of you didn't understand me. And since we are having a convention, and I been thinking about it ever since I've been here and long before I came and for many years... And you've also heard this remark, many, many times, there can't, no one in this world, tell you anything about Yahweh and His eternal purpose but Yahweh Himself.

STUDENT BODY: Right. That's right.

DR. KINLEY: And I doubt seriously whether some of you folks caught that. But some of these things I think we ought to clear up. And I can't sleep, I can't rest and haven't for around 38 years. I do not sleep, now those of you that know me,

STUDENT BODY: That's right. DR. KINLEY: I do not sleep as you do. STUDENT BODY: Right. That's right. DR. KINLEY: I do not eat as you do, I do not think as you think. STUDENT BODY: Right. That's a fact. DR. KINLEY: I do not talk as you talk. STUDENT BODY: Right.

DR. KINLEY: I told you in a meeting, that here.., I believe it was yesterday, that there was 9 different gifts, 9 planets, 9 systems in the human body. Now let me repeat that again, I said 9 gifts and I just want to stop and point out just one of 'em: and that was the gift of discernment. Now since I have been with you through many years and I have spoke, I've never tried to preach nothing in, in the name of Henry C. Kinley. I've always told you, I didn't even want to hear that fella myself, but now since we have made this work and put it all around these walls for your investigation, and it takes in everything, let me say.., let me talk like you ordinarily have talked all of your life, call the school a Metaphysical Research. Meta means beyond, beyond the physical and physical means where you are. Now what we have done and what we are doing that does concern each and everybody, there is nobody here and never has been and never will be, is to make you conscious of the fact, that as long as you have been going around and what you know about this school from its earliest inception up unto the present time and there are many witnesses, you ought to by that gift, one gift in particular, you ought to be able to discern by this time what it is that is speaking through this body that you see here.


DR. KINLEY: Now in the first place it does not belong to me or you or what not. Someone said to me, `been able to discern that?' And consequently you don't even know what's going on in your own body. There have been many things that I could not say to you through the years and I know that the carnal mind is subject to think many things. You've heard me say before, many times, I know what you think. Now somebody will say right away, `I bet you don't know what I'm thinking.'


Well for your information, we have quite a few people in the school that thought just like it,

STUDENT BODY: Right. DR. KINLEY: but they're convinced. STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: Now some time ago we used to have what we call a question and answer meeting, where you were permitted to ask any question you wanted to ask, but we don't do that so much anymore, for this reason: people out in the audience think of that which you want to know, I will pick it up and answer your question, you won't have to be bothered with asking. You don't have to ask nobody else around about it. Now that's just one of the reasons why we have cut out some of it. We know that there is skeptics, atheists, and agnostics, and infidels, liars, backbiters, hypocrites, and just everything, we realize that. And you wouldn't think any different in them, of me, than you would of anybody else and why should you. The first thing you'd do is in your category, correlation. If I said that I was the Messiah, first thing you'd do, you'd say, `well, you know over here in the 24th chapter of Matthew, many of `em...' Messiah said Himself, many would say that they would come in His name, now there's one of `em. And anything you say, just anything you can think of and imagine, there's some of that that's in that Book; in other words if I say, that I'm come in Yahshua's name as I was told to do, somebody else all around said me too. You see what I mean? There is so many me too's until you will have to discern, which one is me.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: Now for your information, Yahshua the Messiah, the real one, that was prophesied to come, I'd have you know that there was.., He was the 17th in line and when He did appear, even those that knew something about it, they was even afraid to admit that that was... Now somebody will say, `well, where do you find something like that in the Bible?' Well, didn't Nicodemus, one of the Sanhedrin Council that believed on Him by night. Somebody said, `well you mean to tell me if it was dark outdoors,' that's what the situation was. `It don't mean nothing about the time he went to Him, whether it's light of the day or night.' He still went to Him by night.


DR. KINLEY: And he said to Him, said, `Master, we know you are a teacher come,' you got God in your Book, `from Yahweh, we know that.' `Well how do you know?' And we, who are you talking about? Now that Sanhedrin Council was composed of 70. And all 70 of `em up there knew about Him, that He was a teacher that was sent by Yahweh. And he just give it away, said, `we know you are.' `Well how do you know that?' You better, you have these things in your Book. Nicodemus said, `no man can do the miracles which you do, unless Yahweh be with him, now that's how we know it.' Understand? But they could not confess Him even though they did know Him for fear of the Jews. And that knowledge, that they are saying that they knew, they only knew in part.., because the scriptures said, they wouldn't know the time of their visitation.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: And they missed Him, missed the Messiah. Everything in that Book has to be fulfilled, can't be anything left out of it. Now this name. Let me, let me get after that for a minute or two, I do not wish to continue to stand here and give you a, a long drawn out lecture, that's not the way the programs set up, but I had to interrupt it. Revelation 2:17.

READER: He that hath an ear, let him hear

DR. KINLEY: He that hath an ear. Now some people don't have no ears. And some don't have no eyes, blind and can't see. And I'm not talking about these things, but he that hath an ear.

READER: let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches DR. KINLEY: Let him hear what the spirit said to the church. Read. READER: To him that overcometh DR. KINLEY: to him that overcometh READER: will I give to eat DR. KINLEY: will I give to eat READER: of the hidden manna,

DR. KINLEY: of the hidden manna. Now if I can't find it, it's because it's hidden. You didn't have no problem up there at the banquet did you?


DR. KINLEY: See what I mean? He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit says unto the church. He that overcometh. Overcomes what? His colossal stupidity and ignorance of His everpresence. You understand? And he will be able to discern, find and know and realize. That's the only one that He was gonna bring and He had to overcome cause I told you the one that He was gonna bring with Him. Is that right? In what? Sit with Him where?

READER: and I will give him a white stone, DR. KINLEY: No. Repeat.

READER: To him that overcometh, I will give to eat of the hidden manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written.

DR. KINLEY: No, I want you to repeat. I want you to go back. He that overcomes, will I bring. 2:17. Repeat. READER: He that hath an ear, DR. KINLEY: He that hath an ear. READER: let him hear DR. KINLEY: Let him hear. READER: what the Spirit saith unto the assembly: DR. KINLEY: What the spirit saith unto the church. Continue. READER: To him that overcometh DR. KINLEY: To him that overcometh. READER: will I give to eat of the hidden manna, DR. KINLEY: Will I give to eat of the hidden manna. READER: and will give him a bright stone DR. KINLEY: and will give him a white stone READER: and in the stone a new name DR. KINLEY: and, and in the stone STUDENT BODY: Revelation 3:21 READER: to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, DR. KINLEY: There now. Now listen. That's 2:17 and you've got 3 what? STUDENT BODY: 3:21 DR. KINLEY: I want this one first. What.., 2:17. READER: He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches. That's 2:17. DR. KINLEY: Alright, read. READER: 3:21 - to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne. DR. KINLEY: He that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in READER: my throne DR. KINLEY: In my throne. Continue. READER: even as I also overcame DR. KINLEY: Even as I also have overcome. READER: and am set down DR. KINLEY: And am set down. READER: with my Father DR. KINLEY: With my Father. READER: in his throne DR. KINLEY: In his throne. Now listen here folks. They said, is there anything said there about Peter's throne? STUDENT BODY: No, no. DR. KINLEY: Is there anything said there about Yahshua the Messiah's throne? STUDENT BODY: No, sir. DR. KINLEY: Is there anything said there about Elohim's throne? STUDENT BODY: No, sir. DR. KINLEY: But in His Father's throne. Is that what it says? STUDENT BODY: That's what it says.

DR. KINLEY: Now he's gonna bring them that overcome to sit with Him in His Father's throne. Now you can get all of your exalted feelings out of your minds. And they're setting around perched on some exalted thing, these big shots and little shots and... Get all of that out of your mind. Now if He don't have no throne, if Yahshua the Messiah don't have no throne, what's he doing with one? And you got a translation up here, Elohim, that you call God. Now notice we told you time and time again, God is a title and He couldn't have a throne. No title, no throne. So now if you wanna remove the title and call Him Elohim, which is a title for Yahweh, and he ain't got no throne. Is that right? `Well, why did you say that?' Because it says my Father's throne. Now I was just trying to be just this: He was all of us Father (get the point) so that all have overcome are to able to set with Him in His Father's throne. Now go back to the stone in 2:17 and read it.

READER: He that hath an ear DR. KINLEY: He that hath an ear READER: let him hear DR. KINLEY: let him hear READER: what the spirit saith unto the churches; DR. KINLEY: What the spirit saith unto the churches. READER: To him that overcometh

DR. KINLEY: Now those are the 7 churches in Asia, that the epistle was addressed to. What they're ___. Now listen, you in all your stupidity, you and all your dogmatic concepts, ideologies and opinions. Now Yahweh told him, John's letter, sent that letter to them and the papacy had not arisen as yet. ___ but it just hadn't risen yet and he did not send the letter that he wrote to Rome for a imprimatur or for any scrutiny. John was told on the Isle of Patmos to write what He saw and heard. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: I'm trying to show you how that you have been deceived all along and I'm trying to show you that I, my name that you know me as Henry Clifford Kinley, that really is.., you know my earthly name, just like when He spoke to Moses, and said, `Moses, Moses,' and He spoke with Paul on the road, He said, `Saul, Saul,' so he wouldn't miss to recognize that He was talking to him because He has everybody's name all enrolled up there in the book, that's not the book Moses wrote. And he knew him personally, I mean Moses. Moses. Now when it's all said and done, while Yahweh had to identify him by the name, just like you have identified me by my name, Henry C. Kinley and I likewise recognize you by your name that your parents and all gave you. And some are running around and saying `well look, we took the name of our slave owners.' And raised a lot of sand about that. Well, I heard some say around here that they had been in the penitentiary and in other different things, a lot of you have been in trouble, I been in jail myself, I've disobeyed Uncle Sam's orders. But now here I, I'm still a prisoner and I don't have not way to break out of this jail. And anybody that has been to the penitentiary or any other prison, for that matter, all of them that haven't been, you're no better than the fellow that has been.

STUDENT BODY: Right. DR. KINLEY: You don't have no boasting to do about. Now alright. READER: To him that overcometh DR. KINLEY: Um hum. READER: I will give to eat of the hidden manna DR. KINLEY: Um hum. of the hidden manna. READER: and I will give him a white stone, DR. KINLEY: I will give him a white stone. READER: and in the stone DR. KINLEY: And in the stone. READER: a new name written, DR. KINLEY: It's a, a, a brand new one. Alright read. READER: which no man knoweth DR. KINLEY: Which no man knoweth. READER: saving he DR. KINLEY: Wait a minute. Now don't no man know it. How's anybody, how's anybody gonna know it? READER: saving he that receiveth it.

DR. KINLEY: Saving he that receives it. Now if you haven't received, then you don't know nothing about the name, that is my new name. You know me by Henry C. You know me well, but that's not my name.


DR. KINLEY: Not my new name. And don't nobody know nothing about that but me and you that have received it. Now when I got up here, I got up here to tell you with the knowledge and the gift that you haven't discerned what my name is, is because you don't know what yours is, other than just calling one another by the name that you've already got.


DR. KINLEY: Get the point? And for that reason you don't discern who's talking. And since you don't discern who's talking, it's not necessary to obey. Get the point? And that's the reason why some of you haven't.., you haven't obeyed at all. You got first one excuse, then the other. We tell you to come to class, come to school and then you making a Wednesday or a Friday, can't make it. You're out there on Sunday, just any kinda way. You know the reason why? Cause you don't know who's talking, who's talking to you. We've had you to come to this convention, so you would come, you're here, some of you. Some of you are here and some of you are not here that are here.


DR. KINLEY: You understand what I'm talking about? You may be here in bodily presence, just like I'm here in bodily presence but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're here. Get the point?

STUDENT BODY: Yes. DR. KINLEY: Now. READER: 3:21 DR. KINLEY: 3:21 READER: To him that overcometh DR. KINLEY: Now to him that overcometh. READER: will I grant to sit with me in my throne, DR. KINLEY: In my throne. READER: even as I also overcame, DR. KINLEY: Even as I also overcame. READER: and am sit down with my Father in His throne

DR. KINLEY: And am sit down with my Father in His throne. Now look and listen, there have been so many errors made by these false prophets and teachers that I have pointed out to you, all of these religious organizations have made it. Now it was prophetic that this abomination would be universal, abomination of desolation. And some of you haven't hea.., just haven't heard a thing about it, the real truth. And that's why I've had such a problem. Now I told you what my new name was, you know my old one. Is that right?

Now, I think I should tell you this. I think I should. You have a brain in your head. And your brain.., ask any medical doctor, cranium. Is that right? And that cranium in your brain, in that brain, now you listen at what I'm going to tell you. I told you this, not too many times, but I had a reason for telling you now. That brain is just like roots and limbs, let's say limbs on a tree, the limbs on a tree that would bring forth fruit in its season. It wouldn't bring forth no fruit until the season is right. Be careful now in what I'm telling you. There are people that are going around now and they been doing it a long time, chanting. You know what chanting is? You could classify it as vain repetition. You want me to chant some? I'll give you a chant. Hail Mary, Mother of God, and you know about the fruit of your womb and so forth. Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Mother of God. Now how, now the reason why I told about that, and the reason why I'm telling you about it is now they've got chants in Buddhism, they got chants and every other kinda thing. They say, `well if you don't understand, you just do what I tell you, repeat what I'm telling you, after me, don't matter whether you see any sense in it or not, just go ahead and repeat it.' Well now, what's happening there is this, for your information, them, them branches that coming out, cutting grooves in your brain, that's them branches coming out. And by and by when she grows unto fruition, she's ripe. You understand?


DR. KINLEY: And then, it's just like searing some rubber, elastic with a hot iron. What's happened? You're burnt up. Yahweh sent you a strong delusion and caused you to believe that lie. And you get satisfied in it. You don't wanna hear nothing nobody's got to say. You just know good and well, you know the truth. See how it works. Well now, that's the way you have been raised all your life, so it's necessary for me to tell you these things about what our new name is and since the folks is running around saying, `now look, I've found what I've been looking for.' Been in front of him all the time, he found what he's looking for. `Now I'm satisfied.' He won't hear nothing nobody else got to say about it. He's sealed with a strong delusion and don't know no more about Yahweh. Don't know nothing about Elohim. Don't know nothing about Yahshua the Messiah.

And here you have your Bible, King James Version. It's a matter of absolute impossibility for you to get the truth out of it, ___ about that. Well, somebody says, `I know good and right,' said, `we have the Vulgate.' This one's been imprimatured, that's by Jerome. King James Version, Archbishop Ussher, the Court of England, quite a few of them worked on that Book, instead of just one Jerome by himself. Would you expect that one man by hisself to do as well with it as somebody else? Couldn't be so stupid about that. There was 70 elders that helped Moses back there. You couldn't expect one man to do.., unless you were the right man. And there wouldn't be any interpolations and mistranslations in it, if you get the one man that I'm talking about, but Moses didn't have that book. And this one that he did have which you call the Old.., New Testament, they just messed it all so bad, written with pen and ink; and the apostle themself telling you that, that they wasn't writing no New Testament.

And Yahweh said.., listen folks, I tell you the truth, you can't find nothing out there in Babylon that's right, absolutely nothing. And since you can't find nothing because it isn't out there, the abomination of desolation which is prophetic and it's supposed to come down unto this present time. Now do you think Yahweh's gonna be a liar? You don't, you don't think it's out here. You understand what I'm talking about? I said I didn't wanna take up a whole lot of ___ and then I didn't want to take up a whole lot of time in this thing. Now it's driven me around to a place where there isn't hardly any of you that can take my place to tell anybody anything about me and get it straight and right. I almost have to do it myself. And I don't wanna keep on telling you about myself, `well,' you say, `that man is preaching hisself.' Now for example.., would you mind standing up, would you mind standing up. Turn around here. If, if there's anybody in this room that can't tell which one of `ems black and which one of `ems white, just step forward. Now this is the, this is the president, this is the vice president. Now we put `em there permanently so you wouldn't have to come in here and ask what kind of outfit it is or, or is white people accepted or that the, the founder and dean of yours and all that kinda thing. Get the point? `What's his racket?' And we have been charged many times of being communist and every other kinda thing you can think of. And people look at me.., say, `well look you oughta be for your people.' Well I am.

STUDENT BODY: (LAUGHS) DR. KINLEY: You just got my people mixed up. STUDENT BODY: Right.

DR. KINLEY: Now the reason why it's this way is so you don't have no trouble. Since you can't see nothing otherwise, so we just have to put a black one up here and a white one. Now you don't have to ask no question about that, so then that means that when he was born ___. Do you see me get up? Every few, every time, do you see that?

STUDENT BODY: No. DR. KINLEY: Now this man, it was stated...


DR. KINLEY: And seeing offer, people offering me money. And I'm not sure, I haven't looked over the audience to see.., there's a man setting out there, if he's present.., that worked for people worth better than a 100 million dollars. And you setting in the car with me, $18,000, special built Continental. What is the rest of that thing, Continental what?

STUDENT BODY: Limousine.

DR. KINLEY: Limousine. And the man I'm talking about, if he's setting back there in the audience, he was setting up there driving. And I'm going out on a mission to do something for the person. And when I got there the first thing I told her, she'd never seen my face, first thing I told her, `look, I don't want a dime out of you, I don't want no money out of you at all, I want you to get that understanding before we get started, now, what is the reason you wanna say to me, go ahead and say it.' And she told me about her son. And I, I haven't seen, I haven't seen her son's face yet in the flesh, not even till this day. And I did just what she asked me to do. And you were setting right there. Is that right?

DR. GROSS: Right.

DR. KINLEY: Your clients. And you're a medical doctor, no quack. You're looking at one, not one of 'em but you're looking at the smartest medical doctor there is in the world.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: I don't care what you think about it, how you feel about it, and what you believe about it, cause he knows what I'm talking about, cause he was there. I don't ___ without that, that woman, you're a little closer to him than that. Thank you reverend. Now here's what I wanna get over to you. Now that man, and there's others that are setting around here, have seen millions upon top of millions of dollars offered to me.

MAN: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: I can't take it. I am a pauper. I will remain a pauper by choice. Well, what's it all about? Let's put 2 and 2 together. When Yahshua the Messiah was walking around here on the earth, healed everybody, raising the dead and everything else. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: He said the foxes have holes and the birds, they have nests but the Son of Man don't have nowhere to lay His head. He was one of the richest poor men you'll ever see. Now I have to take that attitude on this account, I don't want you to think, I'm gonna make it my business to see to it that you don't think it, by rejecting your money that you offer to me for the job done. And I wanna let you know ain't nobody around here that done any greater than what Yahweh has did through me. Ain't nobody around, ain't nobody walking around alive. These, these, these people know about that, but if I had a whole lot of money, then you would say, as they did say about me when I come to California... There was about 70 families sold out everything and just come on back here, I don't mean come back, I mean come out. I didn't tell `em to come out, they just come on. And you know what folks said about it, said, `now, he's a smart man, he's a wise man.' They knew what all had happened around there, the doctors and the hospitals and everything else. Said, `he's gonna get `em out there and he's gonna get everything that they got.' ___ ___ ___. Now you watch what I tell you. And they went so far as to write up some of that kinda stuff. Get the point? I said I'm a pauper and all these folks that come out there with me, about 70 families, have I took anything from you?

STUDENT BODY: No. DR. KINLEY: Have, did you ever hear me ask any of you for a penny? STUDENT BODY: No. DR. KINLEY: Did you ever hear me get up here in the pulpit and say anything about any money? STUDENT BODY: No.

DR. KINLEY: You see? Now the reason for that is I don't wanna blind your mind. I got something far more important to get over to you and I'm not gonna beguile your mind thinking I want something and I need something and I'm trying to work you for something. And you ain't got nothing to give me. I'm giving you, just like the Messiah. That's right. Now I thought it was my duty to alt.., just alter this service and tell you them things. And there's a lot of things I could tell you that I don't think right now you're ready, but I though it was time for me to tell you about that which I haven't been telling you. And for 35 years of my life I walked around with a deep esoteric secret that I could not tell you until here, just before the convention in 1967. And I think something else I should tell you too. It's absolutely necessary for me to tell you. I'm not afraid to die. You heard me say many times, I would rather be dead than to be bothered with you. I'm just as sick of you as you are of me. And as a man in the flesh, I don't expect you to care anything about me. And I'll tell you to your face, I don't care nothing about you. That ain't, that ain't, that ain't, ain't what it's all about. I don't care about you, Mixon. Where'd you get the idea that I cared something about you? Do you see what I'm talking about? Who do you think you are anyhow? Well somebody says, `well, who do you think you are?' Well, I know who I am, do you know who you are? You got to know. Messiah didn't die out there on the cross to save Bob Harris, Leonard Snellbaker, or Mixon. That ain't what it's all about. And then listen, there isn't anybody going to heaven, black, white, I don't care nothing about that, there ain't, ain't nobody. Somebody says, `my goodness gracious me, what do you mean by that? Don't you know that John said that there was 144,000 standing out on Mount Sion or the earthly flesh that's going to heaven and the rest of them...' No, I didn't know that. It's not like that. There ain't nobody. He didn't die out there to save nobody. And listen, let me give it to you straight. Paul said in Romans, in a twinkling of an eye, we shall all be changed. All means body, therefore he said, nobody, no place. Yahshua the Messiah didn't come in like that.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: And neither are you. If you could just realize how badly hoodwinked you have been all of your life in all the ignorance and superstitions and traditions and customs and ideologies and opinions and concepts that you got. See what I mean? This convention is important folks. There will be no more conventions like this one. There will be another convention, and everybody will be there.


DR. KINLEY: That's right. Every, now I don't mean recon... You get the point? You don't have to worry, you'll be there. Now we've got the song, `When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there.' That's in the song. You're singing about it. Get the point? Now these things are absolutely necessary and essential. Now could I just say one more thing. I wasn't...

STUDENT BODY: Alright Doc. Take your time.

DR. KINLEY: Now if I say it, if I say I come in my own name, Henry C., that's a lie. You're acquainted with old Henry C. Henry C. lived here, even though my address and telephone number is not in the book, I mean in the telephone directory. And the reason why I'm bringing out these things out to you, do you see me walking out there among these people all surrounded with guards. Do you see that?


DR. KINLEY: Ever since I have been in the hotel, I told you I wasn't afraid to die, you'd be doing me a favor but we have letters in our files, where them same people that brainwashed and circumscribe and got all this junk in their mind that they are right and that their church is builded upon Saint Peter. And they are taught to kill in defense of the church.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: And we have letters in our files where they've set in the audience and listened at me speak and then went out and wrote a letter back and wouldn't even sign their name to it.

DR. WILBUR TRAYNHAM: We have one letter here now.

DR. KINLEY: Now you see. And let's don't expose it. He's, he's got it, he's got it right there now. Now I am not a fool. The devil was a murderer right straight from the beginning. And it is not time for me to plant the seed till I tell you what it's all about. I know what it's all about, devil don't like it. You're not allowed to talk like that, not supposed to do that. Well, I know that. See the point? `Well,' said, `Jesus said, now He..,' first one thing and then another. Yeah when He come, He said, `I didn't come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.' They're reasoning within their minds and since there's an old satanic, they're all tied to it with a carnal mind. They wouldn't allow you to give you no ___ ___. Now look, now if they had known that the scriptures said, `there is none righteous, no not a one.' Now you see what He knew about His Bible. And whenever He would do one of them nice things like healing somebody. See they wanted to have conference or something or other with Him. They come and psycho Him, like they done with me many times. `Good master.' `Why do you call me good? There's none good but the Father.' You see they ___. They just can't think in that category or in that channel. You can't think right, somebody said, `well, I thought, ___ ___ I'm mad.' Um um. That won't do either. `I thought...' Now whatever you thought, that's wrong. You admit it that you thought it, didn't you?

STUDENT BODY: Yes. DR. KINLEY: I'm almost just right. STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: Now he comes to me and said, `well I thought so and so, and so and so.' Is that what you do from time to time. Well, that's wrong, if you thought it. It ain't like that. `Who said so?' Yahweh said, `now my thoughts is not your thoughts, and neither is my way, your way.' What's the difference? It's just as high above your thoughts as the heavens is above the earth, but you don't perceive when you're talking like that, but I do. See what I mean? Oh yes old reverend I got you covered. Somebody said, `you come on to our church and hear our preacher preach.' There ain't no need of me wasting my time, I've been over there alright. And that, these, these meetings that's going on right in this building here they tried to tell me about ___ this and that and the other. Get the point? And they're satisfied and they done found what they're doing and all like that. (SOMEONE COUGHS) around. Buddha. Lot of people don't even know who Buddha is. His name is Siddhartha Gautama. And he's one of.., he's got around 600 as they say Before Christ, and learn. But I tell you, I wanna say something about this fella. If they tell you they will do a thing, they'll do just that, what they say they will do, you can depend on them but you cannot depend on a Christian, cause a, a Christian said, `let me have so and so until I pay you back Saturday tonight, when I get paid.' Now if you wanna end this tonight, if you wanna end it let him have it, you don't expect him to pay it back. But the best way to do that is, say, `no, I won't lend you nothing, how here's what you're asking for, I'm, I'm, I'm not, I'm not lending you anything, so that means you won't have to pay it back, so you won't have to be dodging across the street and up and down the alley and across the lane, you can, you can just pass on by, and say hi, how you feeling, Doc.' `Sorry buddy, I haven't got nothing right now.' You ___ my nature, cause you, you told me you were gonna pay me back Saturday night and I told you uh uh not that. Now I keep you from dodging and keep from making you an enemy, cause Saturday night just, it just hasn't come yet. I don't want you to go on Sun.., or Monday morning to dodge me the rest of your life on account of Saturday night. Get the point? I don't wanna make enemies like that. And now listen, lot of you have come to me and told me to my face that you knew that I didn't have no money. I just got through telling you I was a pauper. And they come and tell me right to my face, `I know you ain't got nothing doc, but so and so is lacking in my family.' What you saying, is, `because I, that costs between 9 and 100 and 1000 dollars.' So if you knew I ain't got nothing, what did you come out there to see me for? And you told me to your, to my face when you got there you knew I didn't have nothing. And there's people setting around here who would know about these things. I said, `look, I'll see you at 9:30 tomorrow.' Now that don't mean the next couple of days after that. That's 9:30 the next day. And I'm gonna watch my watch too. And I'm not gonna let it become 5 minutes to 10. If anything I'm gonna be there before 9:30. Say, `here's that 1000, ain't no bargains, didn't say nothing about paying it back, here it is,' ___ ___ ___ cause he'll never have it. That's the truth of the matter. I know he won't, he didn't. __ ___ ___ ___. You know I didn't have nothing, the next thing you know I come up with 500 dollars this afternoon ___ ___ ___. Now you might want to stop and ask me, say, `hey, where did you get this?' That ain't none of your business.


DR. KINLEY: Yahshua the Messiah feed the multitudes out there, didn't He? It wasn't none of their business, they ___ ___ ___. Is that right? So then ___ ___ ___ cut out, ain't none of your business. Now I said these things to tell you this. Now this is gonna sound like a lie, listen, all the things I'm saying to you now is, that I've told you thus far, and the reason why I just got through telling you about that is because I want to tell you something else. It's coming up. You see this work here. You have a book, it wasn't ___ ___ everybody. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: You see the picture there. I don't know whether any of you got any ___ where or not. Here's one, let me show it to you. Now here's a, here's the book we just wrote and we're talking about being on sale out there. Ain't any colored pictures in the book at all. Not, not the first. We don't have no money to put it in color and they told you that we come here to put it in movie pictures. Every which a way you thought the devil's got you blocked and they're right setting on top of the ___. Now you see how.., see the color in these, in these, in these charts. Now that's a bed sheet over there by the door, that's the first one I made. That's call, what we call that an elementary chart, that is 37 years old. And you are not going down on Broadway and buying any of that good, lasted for 37 years rolling it up and down, rolling it up and down, rolling it up and down, rolling it up and down. You're not going down there and buy one. ___ ___ ___ cause there may be some good ones down there. Now listen, Yahweh Elohim told me to make these charts. I didn't make it cause I wanted to, and I'll tell you this in a minute and to your face. I ain't making no more charts, if you can't learn from these, I'm sorry. If you can't learn from the things that Yahweh has, has given through me, if you can't learn from that and from what I've showed you about the vision, I've done wrote it out as Habakkuk 2:2 said, `write the vision, make it plain,' I did. And listen, let me tell you something, nobody from nowhere has ever been able to dispute what I say. You can't do that. Now we've got `em setting up in this school that's been out there, for some of `em as high as 40 years and they're on the who's who in America list. We've got celebrities and multi-millionaires in the school on the honor rolls.


DR. KINLEY: That's right. Every which a way. And I get up and say something or other like that and people look around, `you telling me one of them silly looking people..' and all like that. `And how many of you are ___ that?' You ain't got, you ain't seen nothing yet. And there's more that you haven't seen than you will ever see walking around here.

STUDENT BODY: (LAUGHS) Yeah, that ___ ___ (LAUGHS)


DR. KINLEY: Who belongs to that thing. Get the point? Well I'll tell you who belongs to it. I'll tell you who belongs to this: all of them that Yahweh intended to be on this earth and all of them that, that was in heaven. That's right. And listen, the whole family, I'll tell you about that name. Said the whole family in heaven and earth are called by that same name. Now what I wanna know, do you belong to the family? You haven't told me yet how many is in there. Satan's tail drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven. Abraham couldn't count the stars and so it was counted. Is that right? Maybe I better just go on and shut up.

STUDENT BODY: No. Speak. Go on.

DR. KINLEY: We'll take a, we'll take a count down on the whole business. How's that? You wanna know how many's in here and how many's out. That's why I'm telling people, ___ ___ see through them, even with eyeglasses that's under the microscope you can't see nothing, you can't hear nothing. How many belong to that thing. And they been telling you that the school was chartered back down in, in Ohio in 1931 and every time you get up here they tell you about that. I'm getting sick of it. Now look he didn't say it was a church. If it was a church, I couldn't be the founder and the dean, I mean Henry C. Old Henry C's the founder and dean of this school, but old Henry C. is not the founder and the dean of the church.


DR. KINLEY: And for your information, and for your information, said, `who is, who, who, who's your teacher down there in that school.' Said, `old Henry C.' Uh uh. Say, `well who?' Say, `we got to put something down here, we got to make a report.' Now since you have to make a report then you put down old Henry C. is, is the dean and founder of this school down here but don't try to fool nobody, the government's up there on us. Now I think that you should understand if I teach you something. Yahshua the Messiah said when the comforter is come, He told the disciples that, when the comforter is come (listen) said He'd receive of mine and show it unto you. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: When the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit is come, He'll do the teaching. We just got too many teachers. I'm not the teacher, fellow, the Holy Spirit is the teacher. That's the reason why we can't, so many things you don't understand and don't wanna hear it. Get the point? In other words, wait just a minute. Now what should he ___ ___ ___. Must I do this?


DR. KINLEY: Well, see this chart here, see this chart here and then you kinda see it here, go along here but that ain't where the thing started at. They're having trouble and that old satanic spirit cast out of heaven and it just come all the way down through the ages and dispensations of time, it come right on down, right on down to where you are. This is what happens. He just transforms. 2 Corinthians tell, say that Satan himself is transformed into a angel of light or a Doctor of Divinity or a pope or a cardinal. ___ ___ ___. Transformed. They were transformating over there. See the point? Just changed up, you know? And listen, you don't want no stuff, you don't want no raising no cain around, no he can't fool you like that. He wants you to put on the very best of some kinda religious garb and get as high up in religion as you can get. He can't fool you out there running up and down the street with a pistol in your hand and robbing somebody. Now you see what I'm talking about? He's got to make the grade. Here he is up there with all of his eloquence, extemporaneous oratory. Reach on back in etymology and lexicology, that's the derivative and meaning of words. And his gestures and genuflexuation, that boy sure is smart.


DR. KINLEY: That's right. Get the point? Now that's the way, that's now, that's the way, that's the way they work out here. He changed over, that's the only way he'll fool you, and he may praise you. Now, He cast down that old serpent. Let's, let's take it from here. And his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars from heaven, course this is where he's really cast down at. Now his tail, you are always asking me how many? Now his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars from heaven. Now when He told Abraham to count `em and He would multiply his seed as the sand of the sea and as the stars of heaven. Is that right? So when you get to counting down on how many stars there is, just, just take a 3rd part of `em and you got, you got how many. And there's enough devils to go around too.

STUDENT BODY: Yes. That's right.

DR. KINLEY: Kinda got doubled up there at one time - legions. Ain't that right? Then in the 12th chapter of, of Hebrews, remember these are jews. Look at the 22nd verse.

READER: But ye DR. KINLEY: 18th verse, try that. READER: For ye are not come

DR. KINLEY: Now look. These folks had come to the, a mountain, they could lay their hands on it, just like you lay your hand on your face, just like you can lay your hand on your face, down on the street corner, the buildings and all. Now you haven't come to nothing like that. That's the way it was back here. You can lay your hands on anything around here. You see what I mean? But now, we talked.., now look, this is an epistle to the jews, and please not the gentiles. Now He's telling the Jews, `ye are not come..'

READER: unto the mount DR. KINLEY: unto the mountain READER: that might not be touched DR. KINLEY: and that might not be touched READER: and that burned with fire DR. KINLEY: Read that out... READER: for ye are not come to the mount DR. KINLEY: you are not come to the mount READER: that might be touched and that burned with fire DR. KINLEY: uh hum READER: nor unto blackness DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: and darkness DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: and tempest DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: and the sound of a trumpet DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: and the voice of words DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: which voice they that heard

DR. KINLEY: Now, that's.., this is what he's talking about here. When Yahweh spoke the commandments from the mountain, Elohim. And now look, He told them at that time, say, `don't, don't, don't, don't, don't touch that mountain.' You come to one here that you can lay your hand on, but then don't you touch it. If you do you'll be thrust through with a dart. And Moses had to put some kinda partition around there, or `come this far, mark it, don't get no closer, just don't get no closer.' Alright.

READER: which voice, they that heard

DR. KINLEY: Now which voice they that heard. Now when we're preaching up here, yeah, you haven't heard nothing. You had eyes to hear with and ears to hear but ain't heard about it, you didn't know that the gun was loaded. You understand what I mean by that parabolical expression. Alright read on. But they that did hear...

READER: which voice, they that heard entreated that the word

DR. KINLEY: Now look, look, let, let, let, not getting, getting away from it. And said, `don't let him speak, Moses, don't let Him speak that no more.' Is that right? `You got Him, you tell Him, you talk to Him, get out and.., cause we don't want Him speaking to us no more,' that mountain's dancing out there. ___ ___ ___ and all. Is that right?

READER: entreated that the word should not be spoken to them anymore DR. KINLEY: Now, we don't want it anymore. Read on. READER: for they could not endure that which DR. KINLEY: And they couldn't stand it. Alright, read. READER: For they could not endure that which was commanded. DR. KINLEY: They, they couldn't endure, endure that which was commanded. READER: And if so much as a beast touch the mountain, DR. KINLEY: That's right. READER: it shall be stoned DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: or thrust through with a dart. DR. KINLEY: um hum READER: And so terrible was the sight DR. KINLEY: And so terrible was the sight READER: that Moses said

DR. KINLEY: that Moses. Now look, here's a man that spoke to Him down there in Egypt and brought `em on.., at the burning bush and go on down there and brought `em all out right to the mountain out there. You see what I mean? And now here's Yahweh communicating with Moses. And after all the signs and the wonders He performed down there. And now here's Moses, the man is right along with him. And there he was standing out there shivering and shaking. You see what I mean? He shook too. Alright, read on Doc.

READER: and so terrible was the sight that Moses said DR. KINLEY: that Moses said READER: I exceedingly fear and quake DR. KINLEY: You haven't, you're not afraid by yourself. You see the point? Alright, read. READER: but ye are come unto Mt. Sion DR. KINLEY: Now you see what they do is hang up on `em. Would you repeat that again. READER: but ye are come unto Mt. Zion

DR. KINLEY: I'd like a little, I'd like a little stress put up, cause you done read the thing so many times and recite and recite and read. And that's the reason why I tell you, most of us, we don't know where you are, if we did, we wouldn't talk like each other and act like you act. Would you mind reading that again.

READER: Go back to read the 18th verse and then go right through? DR. KINLEY: And, and, well. I don't know how far you got down there but I don't have too much time. READER: Alright. DR. KINLEY: but read on, get the conjunction READER: But DR. KINLEY: But. READER: ye are come

DR. KINLEY: Hold it, hold it. These ands, buts and fors... or these conjunctions joined together to two complete thoughts. Now, you're not come to a mount that could be touched and that, they wasn't allowed even to touch that. And that's a natural thing, couldn't lay your hand on it. But is a conjunction joined together 2 complete thoughts. But ye are come, talking to the jews. Is that what it said?

STUDENT BODY: Right. DR. KINLEY: Read it to you. READER: But DR. KINLEY: But READER: Ye are come unto Mount Sion DR. KINLEY: But ye are come to Mount Sion. You have already arrived, the jew. Is that right? STUDENT BODY: Right.

DR. KINLEY: Now there's always somebody talking about going to heaven. Always somebody talking about the sins of the jews back over there in Palestine, which they're fighting around with. Is that right? But ye are come. Come to what?

READER: Unto Mount Sion

DR. KINLEY: Unto Mount Sion. Now here's mount Sion. Right there, crossed through the River Jordan, and here's Mount Sion there. You are come to Mount Sion.

READER: And unto the City of the Living God. DR. KINLEY: And unto the City of the Living God.

(TAPE 2 SIDE 1) READER: The heavenly Jerusalem.

DR. KINLEY: No doc, we ain't gonna buy that. We ain't gonna buy it at all. We're just not gonna have it. And to the heavenly Jerusalem, a heavenly Jerusalem. Is that right? Now what we try to do, we try to find out about, how many is in and out.

READER: And to an innumerable DR. KINLEY: And to a 144000

STUDENT BODY: No. READER: And to an innumerable DR. KINLEY: To an innumerable company of who? STUDENT BODY: Angels

DR. KINLEY: Angels. Would you like to run that through the brain and through the adding machine and subtract these that heard the Messiah ___ and you got how many. Alright. Innumerable company of angels, only you hadn't even thought about Michael and Gabriel and ___ and ___ and all them angels, you never even thought about `em being in the church. What would you look like going up here with a angel that flew through the midst of heaven? And count the number of angels there, he's just trying to chunk him down and in some water. ___ ___ ___. How would you like to stand up and say, `Jesus said for us to baptize you angels.' Said, be careful. Alright, read on.

READER: and to the general DR. KINLEY: And to the general assembly. That means all that is to come. Alright, read on. READER: to the general assembly DR. KINLEY: to the general assembly READER: and church of the firstborn DR. KINLEY: and church of the firstborn READER: which are written in heaven

DR. KINLEY: Which are, yups, hold it now. Hold that now. Hold that real tight. Don't you forget now that Peter had to ___ kingdom, he excommunicate, so before you start to count how many's there. Have we got the book? ___ ___ ___. Cause you have to explain to the power that put you in heaven and purgatory and all that kinda thing. Now wait a minute, now you was raised up in that. Get a check up on that. Do you see what I mean? Do you see what I mean? Now you can, if you all wanna know, to a innumerable company of angels. Now he excommunicated. Now Pope Pious the 12th, I don't think you heard about it or not, he promoted the archangel Gabriel, could you imagine something like that? He promoted him. The archangel Gabriel over all the lines of communications, over the TV's and the radio's and every method of communication, Pope Pious promoted him now. Now they say when they don't.., one Pope sends out an eject or an insentia the oncoming Pope cannot rescind it. And Pope John come along and before that angel throw that, run out there and ___, a mistake, made a mistake about the end of the world and Pope John Paul he was gonna be the last Pope. And when he found out, he said, then Pope John demoted him. Now you thought that was wonderful didn't you? Them lies, the father of lies. Look over here, as it says in the 14th chapter of Romans the 17th verse says flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom. I want to know whether that is right or not.


DR. KINLEY: And whether the Bible said it or not. Okay, Pope Pious the 12th in 1950... What a disgraceful thing, let the holy Mary Mother of God lay out there in the cemetery until 1950. And he put her, and he put her in heaven whole soul and body, I just got through telling you flesh and blood cannot inherit. Now he put her in in 1950, but you got that junk in your mind, you talk about Hail Mary Mother of God, the thing's nothing but warn out, you got some truth on there to live right and you're conscience is sealed and you believe all them lies. And you tell me, `you mustn't talk that way about the Most Holy Father.' Now look, digging around over there under the Va.., under the, under the Vatican trying to find and hope to bring to the world the discovery of Saint Peter because they put the Vatican right on, on, on, right on top of him, Saint Peter. That's been, there ain't been two or three years ago and I don't think they've ever found him yet. I haven't see no final news of it but they said they come pretty close to it here not long ago. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: Because it said the Church was built on Saint Peter. Now look here, I'd like to ask you a question. If you can reach way back yonder and get Mary the Mother of God and put her in heaven whole soul and body, what the hell are you digging down there under the altar? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Where are you gonna ___ ___. ___ ___ ___ around down there. Now you know why I said that like that? So that you would notice and wouldn't be so quick to guess that the grave is translated hell. And them standing around saying Pete's gone to hell. It's nothing no way. They tell you any kinda junk then cause I tell you the truth you wanna shoot me in defense of the church. Well if I'm sent to preach the truth and teach the truth, I don't have no other alternative than to tell you about that. And you're seeing out like that you don't have.., devil'll make you kill your mother

STUDENT BODY: Right. Sure will.

DR. KINLEY: and your father. It's just forbidden. And that's why Yahshua told `em they can believe that lie and be more blood shed. And here I am right down here at the end, and I'm on your side trying to rescue you. And you setting up here with all that stuff in your head, all hot in the collar at me, talking about the Most Holy Father. And Yahshua the Messiah said, `don't call no man on earth your father.' And you said, `well, that isn't what He said, I'm gonna call him the Most Holy Father anyhow.' You see what I mean?

STUDENT BODY: Yes. DR. KINLEY: You call your preacher reverend, don't you? That's the same thing. STUDENT BODY: Right. Just as bad.

DR. KINLEY: You see the point? You see how it works? Now I'm using them words in the King James version of the Bible, I could have said sheol for hell and I could have said destroy. But if I say it that way and you're not accustomed to the correct translation then you won't recognize if I use it. Alright read on.

READER: to the general assembly and the church DR. KINLEY: to the general assembly and church of the first born. READER: which are written in heaven

DR. KINLEY: Which are written in heaven. Now he didn't have a.., Moses didn't have nothing to do with that, John didn't have nothing to do with that, `write that book and,' then He wrote Hisself and there ain't no Pope and no, no preacher, nobody gonna get no understanding out of it. Thirty second chapter of Exodus and the third, the first and thirty third verse, says whosever sins against me, I'll blot him out. And John on the Isle of Patmos, talking about the same book. Death and hell gave up the dead that were in them, and whosoever's name was not found written in the Lamb's Book, Moses didn't have nothing to do with it, was cast into the lake of fire. You get these records straight, you took out Philemeenia and all, you can't find no record of `em. You can't find no record of this one either. But every spermazoa and ___ is present and accounted for with Yahweh. Read on.

READER: and to God DR. KINLEY: and to God READER: the judge of all DR. KINLEY: the judge of all READER: and to the spirits of just men made perfect DR. KINLEY: And to the spirits. Look folks, and to the spirits of just men made perfect. Now you want me to explain that? STUDENT BODY: Yes.

DR. KINLEY: Now look, when Yahshua the Messiah was walking around on the face of the earth, to cut it up real short, raised Lazarus from the dead, had been dead four days. Kneeled down out there at that tomb. And He wa.., He was weeping out there at the tomb. Somebody said, `He certainly did love Lazarus.' He said, `you can see that He did,' but that ain't what the trouble is. Jesus was weeping because of your ignorance, that you didn't know that He was the resurrection and the life. He told them to roll the stone out of the way. That man been dead four days which is equivalent to four thousand years, 4 days. You said, `that certainly was a wonderful thing.' And here come Lazarus out of the tomb, bound him hand and foot, and they bring Lazarus forth. Mary and Martha heard, their story was this, this is what their story was. He'd been dead four days, by this time he stinks. And He keep telling them, `I am the resurrection.' Listen, this is what I'm saying. He did not say that I am the resurrections. Trying to make two resurrections out of it. If you do you got to have two messiahs.

STUDENT BODY: That's right. DR. KINLEY: He said, `I am the resurrection,' Is that right? STUDENT BODY: Right.

DR. KINLEY: `he that believeth on me though he were dead,' as was in the case of Lazarus, and all of them on back to Adam, `yet shall he live, and he that liveth and believeth in me shall never die.' `Do you believe in this?' `Oh yes, cert.., certainly, I know I'm gonna see my brother in the last day.' Just didn't get the gist any more so then they have about coming to the church and general assembly of the first born. Just didn't get the gist. Said roll the stone away and so as the stone was rolled away and He did resurrect him. Now I told you I was cutting this story up short. You say, `what are you saying? Wasn't that a stupendous and wonderful thing.' Anybody would say that, any one of us. Now He tells the disciples greater works than these shall you do because I'm going unto the Father. ___ could a person do than to raise a man from the dead ___ ___ ___ ___. Now we got to preach and ___ ___ ___ ___ ___. Now those of us that sit around and spiritually are dead ___ ___ ___ ___ have been seeing all the different ---_-__ ___ ___ have a resurrection from the dead, then that would mean that it's going on now. And I hope somebody gets resurrected from the dead in this meeting.


DR. KINLEY: Alright. Now here it is, that, you say that was a, you'd even say that was a (SOMEONE COUGHS). Alright. Is that what you read. Repeat it.

READER: and to God the judge of all

DR. KINLEY: Um hum.

READER: and to the spirits of just men made perfect

DR. KINLEY: You just read that. Now I want you to turn, you stay where you are. Somebody else turn to Matthew 27:52. Now I'll show you what he's talking about that you don't believe. Now here he is, he died out here. And when He went to Lazarus' tomb, say look, He has to know these folkses name, make sure He knows the name. If He just, if He'd just said, `dead folks come forth.' He didn't do it that way. He went down to that tomb, make sure you say Lazarus, cause if you don't you're gonna have something on your hands, I'm fixing to prove it to you. So, so here come Lazarus and said, `loose him,' not the pope, `and let him go.' Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: And you say that's a wonderful thing. Right?. Now you're gonna do greater things than that. `Boy you must be a humdinger, to do something greater than that.' Alright, now here He is hanging out on the cross. `He that believeth in me though he were dead,' dead from the fall of Adam on down. And He is the resurrection and He is the life. And when they planted Him in Joseph's new tomb and when it come time, well actually when He hung out there on the cross, when He hung out there on the cross, and they pierced Him in the side, he bowed his head and there was an earthquake. Somebody listened out there, `I think there's been an earthquake on the moon since the astronauts have been there.' He said there was an earthquake and the man pierced Him in the side. While they crucified Him for saying that He was the Son of God, that was a Roman soldier that pierced Him in the side. And he knew what they was crucifying, but the Roman soldier didn't know what he was crucifying Him for. And when all that earth trembled, all them earth shaking, the Roman soldier said, `truly He was the Son of God.' Say, `that earth and heaven is just all, is just about to pass out;' and that man says, `truly He was the Son of God.' Alright. Now, read doc or whoever has it, 20, Matthew 27:52 and listen.

READER: and the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints which slept

DR. KINLEY: And the graves were opened when they put Him in the heart of the earth. And the graves were

open, not a grave, but the graves were opened. And what?

READER: and many bodies of the saints which slept arose

DR. KINLEY: And many bodies of the sons, not saints. I can do a translation too. Many of the sons that slept in the dust of the earth arose. Read.

READER: and came out of the grave

DR. KINLEY: And came out of the grave.

READER: after His resurrection.

DR. KINLEY: Now wait a minute, now this is (HITS THE BOARD). After He's all freshened up. He's the first fruits of the resurrection. He was raised from the dead first. They couldn't come out of there until after He come out. See the point? So many of the bodies of the saints that slept in the dust of the earth, I'm going on with the story so you can see what I mean, arose; then they went on into where?

READER: and went on into the holy city.

DR. KINLEY: And went on into the holy city. I'll read it out of that Bible.

READER: and appeared unto many

DR. KINLEY: and appeared unto many. Hurry up I'm.., read right along.

READER: Now when the centurions and they that were with Him watching Jesus saw the earthquake,

DR. KINLEY: That's right.

READER: and those things that were done they feared greatly saying, truly this was the Son of God.

DR. KINLEY: You see that now? This, this, this was the one. Now here's what he said. Them that were dead clear on back to Adam, they slept out right there in the dust of the earth, not just Lazarus, but after His resurrection, they rose and went on into Jerusalem. Now you were reading down here and they, they saw them, ___ ___ ___, no, they didn't appear to everybody. Maybe you don't, you didn't see them. Alright, read on. No not that, over here.

READER: and to Yahshua the mediator

DR. KINLEY: Now you have come to the spirit of these just men all the way through here. You've come to the general assembly and to the spirits, not the body. And then laid sinews upon `em when He brought `em up out of that grave, so that they could appear, and take off the thing, all of them back in here, the saints, and then went on into Rome.


DR. KINLEY: ___ ___ raising. Well He just might as well have gone to Rome, cause Peter done transferred and moved the Holy See over to Rome.


DR. KINLEY: Saving them all that trouble in transferring `em. And went on into Jerusalem. Is that right?

READER: and to Yahshua the mediator of the new covenant

DR. KINLEY: No, no, no, no, no, no, now, Yahshua the mediator of the new covenant

READER: and to the blood

DR. KINLEY: and to the blood

READER: of sprinkling

DR. KINLEY: and of sprinkling

READER: that speaketh better things

DR. KINLEY: That speaketh better things

READER: than that of Abel.

DR. KINLEY: That's right.

READER: see that ye refuse not Him

DR. KINLEY: Say, listen. I'm telling you, whenever God Almighty speaks through this black body or any other

body for that matter, regardless of what color it is

READER: see that thou refuse Him not

DR. KINLEY: See you don't you refuse Him.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: You got any ___ ___ you better hear too. Alright.

READER: for if they

DR. KINLEY: For it they

READER: escape not

DR. KINLEY: If they escaped not

READER: who refused Him that spake on earth

DR. KINLEY: Refused Him that spake on earth

READER: much more

DR. KINLEY: Much more.

READER: shall not we escape

DR. KINLEY: You, you are, you're not gonna, you ain't gonna escape. You're not gonna escape these ___. You ain't going nowhere. ___ ___ ___ ___. `I ain't gonna believe this stuff, I ain't coming back no more.' You don't know where you are.

STUDENT BODY: That's right.

DR. KINLEY: ___ ___ ___. They said you are right, got you all ___. The earthly Jerusalem is Rome and not the ...


DR. KINLEY: Well they said that's the eternal city over there.


DR. KINLEY: Ain't that right? They'll come along and tell you any kind of a lie. Now we have come to those spirits, not bodies. Now you got a doctrine of purgatory there. Now John said he saw under the altar souls of them that were beheaded and he heard a cry. Is that right? I know where we are. Told him to stand when you see the abomination of, of desolation, stand in the Holy Place, whoso readeth, let him understand. Is that right? Understand what? Where the Holy Place is, where you stand at in the, in the scriptures, and what spirit do you... We can't even read right. We got the Pope setting up in here (HITS CHART.) I just, now listen, did you get them words? I said, He said STAND now, now here's the Pope setting up there with a rod in his hand (we got the pictures in the book.) And you better not come up here in that. That's the reason I tell you we need some money in the treasury to get this record printed up, I'm not talking about me. You see the point? I'm talking about you, we put it in color and everything else. When I come up here the people say.., this is their own stuff, it ain't mine. There's the picture, there he is setting right there. See him setting right there? ___ Now here's hell, here's purgatory and here's heaven and you see him setting there. Don't put no picture in no book unless you document it, that's their picture, that's their own picture. Now you see, see that, now this is hell. The next picture, purgatory; and the next one is heaven. 1, 2, 3. Now you watch the gun. Now they got him setting down in here, it's in the book like that and there's some more in there. Said, `now when you see the abomination of desolation stand in the Holy Place. Now in the migratory pattern this is the Outer Court and this is the Holy Place, and that's the Most Holy Place. Here they are matched up right together. So here's where you would be right under the alter there and that's where John said he saw `em at. Right?


DR. KINLEY: Said, `STAND.' Now here he is setting down. `What do you wanna stand up for?' They stood up around the ___. Why? `We're the only mark, we ain't no time to do that setting around here.' We're on the move, every time you come to school and learn a little bit more, you're on the move.


DR. KINLEY: You see what I.., you're on the move. We ain't got no time to be setting around somewhere, sitting duck for the devil. Now look, hell here, purgatory there and look in the book. Now we say, they say that when you die, you have to go to purgatory and be purged from your sins in the flames of purgatory until you're fit for appearance in the presence of God. Course they got a dispensation on once in awhile and they get you out for about 40 dollars. Now look, this man just got through reading and Peter said so too, said, `if the righteous scarcely escape,' just want to escape by the skin of your teeth, where shall the sinner and ungodly appear? The point is this, now here's the point, they wanna run me in, I know what they're after, now here's the point. Now when some of `em die, and if you don't have enough Hail Marys to accumulate enough indulgence to get you out of purgatory, you borrow enough from Pete and borrow from Mary, the left over, borrow yours to get you out. Now if the righteous.., John said He that is righteous is righteous even as He is righteous. Ain't that right? And if the righteous scarcely escape where shall the sinner and ungodly appear? Listen again, now he said the flames of purgatory, John said again, he said how many lies. If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have confidence one with another and His blood, not the flames of purgatory, cleanseth us from all sins. Is that right?


DR. KINLEY: ___ ___ ___, not the flames of purgatory. Here's the ___, these boys are gonna take me outa here.

READER: once more shall not we escape if we turn away from Him that speaketh from heaven

DR. KINLEY: You, you, you ain't going no, you ain't going off no where.

READER: whose voice then shook the earth

DR. KINLEY: Whose voice then shook the earth

READER: but now he hath promised saying

DR. KINLEY: But now He hath promised saying



READER: once more

DR. KINLEY: once more

READER: I shake not the earth only

DR. KINLEY: I shake not, just not the earth only.

READER: but also heaven

DR. KINLEY: But heaven.

READER: and this word

DR. KINLEY: And this word.

READER: yet once more

DR. KINLEY: Yet once more.

READER: signifieth

DR. KINLEY: signifies

READER: the removing of those things

DR. KINLEY: the removing

READER: that are shaken

DR. KINLEY: That are shaken.

READER: as of things now made.

DR. KINLEY: That's right. And anything, temple is gonna be moved.

READER: that those things which cannot be shaken may remain

DR. KINLEY: You see what I'm talking about?

READER: wherefore we are receiving a kingdom

DR. KINLEY: Wherefore we are receiving a kingdom

READER: which cannot be moved

DR. KINLEY: See, you're not gonna move it from Jerusalem to Rome. They don't move it around ___ to Rome and all that kinda carrying on. Can't get move it. You get it now? We're receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved and cannot be shaken. Alright, finish up there.

READER: let us have grace

DR. KINLEY: Let us have...

READER: whereby we may serve Yahweh

DR. KINLEY: Whereby

READER: acceptably with reverence

DR. KINLEY: Acceptably, wait, wait, wait, wait. You don't understand, `I'm the Pope, you fall down.'


DR. KINLEY: John seen that angel fly through the midst of heaven and John is ___ ___ he said, ___ ___ and John was caught up in the temple and healed a man. Ain't that right?


DR. KINLEY: And then ___ that ___ which ___ said, `get off from here ___ ___ ___ do like the beast.' `You ___ ___?' ___ ___ the Pope, you say, `we ain't worshipping the pope, we're worshipping God through the pope.' You got that wrong. It was him through Yahshua the Messiah. Now I ___ said ___ ___ since we are so many and that's why at this convention is. And we need you. And we don't care absolutely nothing about your money cause you can gain the whole world and lost your soul. And that's why I, I never have and I never will accept a penny from nobody for preaching cause I don't want you to have that stuff all mixed up in your mind that I'm not preaching the true gospel and I, my life is in jeopardy for saying the things to you that I'm saying. And I have to be ___ and the devil setting, walking around talking about like a fool. Did you hear when they read up there about things that I had told `em about. I told some of you up ___ and they know I told `em about the election, nomination and election and assassination of John F. Kennedy before the man was even nominated from ___ right in town. Nobody. I ain't telling you a thing, it won't help you none. How are you gonna check it?


DR. KINLEY: Got the Warren Commission running around and all the investigation. The Roman Catholic.., did you know it, they shot Abraham Lincoln. Somebody said, `How do you know about Chiniquy?'1 Abraham Lincoln was his lawyer, and Chiniquy been in the Roman Catholic Church for 50 years. That's right, it's on record and ___ ___. He's trying to get to Abraham Lincoln, cause he knew that that plot was there to assassinate him. And he didn't quite make the grade and they had him bumped off before he got there. I could tell you just.., I can tell you so many things, there's a time and a place. Then you think I'm nutty enough to be walking around here. Ain't nobody can do nothing with me. You think I'm some kind of a fool. They, they, they, they got me now.