Can You Prove the Existence of God?

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Lecture given by Dr. Kinley on December 14, 1958 in Los Angeles, CA.

I am indeed glad to be here and to talk with you on the subject which we have put in the newspaper, "Can, you prove the existence of God?" Can you prove it?

Now we realize and recognize that man, from his very inception down unto this present time, has had many conceptions and ideas and opinions about the deity of this Universe. If you read history and also some of the religious concepts, you will find that they vary from one degree to another. Also, if you notice the ministry of today, that all of them get up and begin to talk about God -- they never go into any of the basic fundamentals or details of what God really is so that you can get a clear conception of what they mean when they begin to talk about God, if he would examine the ideas, the thoughts of men relative to what you would call slow scrutiny of his concept and idea of God.

These are some of the things that you would find, you would find the anthropomorphic concept. Now what I mean by anthropomorphic is this; some think that God is a man that sits up in the sky, way up above the sun, moon, and clouds. Others reject that idea. Out of the whole entire of all, nobody has come up today with any clear, conceivable concept, or a way to prove that his idea and conception of God is true. And from there on we have many religious organizations, among all of them nobody has a way of presenting God and his purpose in a clear and condensed, and a concise way whereby that the people of the earth plane can be reconciled one with the other.

Now if you have the full impulse of what I am talking about, you can see why it is that one believes this thing, another believes another, and none of them have no way of pointing out, or assuring the other that what he thinks is right, is right. Now that is one of the basic and fundamentals of teaching this group. We want to find God, we want to know him as he really is, or actually exists. Now we realize that even before the appearance of the Messiah, assuming that you accept that, there was many philosophies relative to the Creator of this Universe, how it came into existence, etc, I refer to Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Huxley, Spencer, etc. They all have different ideas, and they express themselves, but among the smartest of them, they were not able to reach or establish a definite, concrete, clear and understandable definition of who? what? or where? this great God of this Stellar Universe exists and how you might come into direct contact with him, invoke his almighty power, his manifestations in nature, and even as Dr. Harris has said, even in your own body.

We are told that we are created in his own likeness and image of God. Immediately in my mind the Question would rise, why? Why am I made in the likeness and image of God? There should be some reason. The reason is that you really don't have a justifiable and a reasonable excuse of not knowing God as he really is. That is why we were made in his own likeness and in his own image. Now let me say this: First, what is God? Now if you have made an extensive study you will find in these more modern days the psychologists think that God is a Universal three-fold mind. Let me name the departments: (1) The Universal Mind (2) The Subconscious Mind and (3) The Conscious Mind. Now that's what they think God is. When you are dealing in the phases of mind, nobody has been able to distinguish, or draw a line of demarcation between the Conscious and the Universal, or between the Universal Mind and the Subconscious Mind, and the Conscious Mind. Question, why? That means he can't prove what he is talking about. First place, he can't prove that God is mind. He don't even know what mind really is. Those things are some of the things that we came to discuss with you.

Now Jesus Christ to us is the Messiah, the one that the Prophets spoke of in the Old Testament, or under the Old Covenant. Moses and the Prophets, they spoke of one that was to come. He was to restore and redeem man back to God after the fall of Adam. Now this great question as to whether or not he has appeared, some are yet looking for him, some say, well I don't know, and so goes the story. Now I want you to find out whether he has appeared or not. I want you to find out whether he is yet come. Some say that he has left and he will be back again. So all of those things are things where the world hasn't come down to the place where we can have Universal Conscientious understanding of what God really is. Now unto such time we can get on the right road and find out where God really is, then we can prove he exists.

Now just to prove that God does exist, we must first find out what God really is. The one that we just spoke about coming. The Messiah, or Jesus Christ as he is known to you. We said in John 4:24, God is Spirit. Now what is spirit? Unless we know what Spirit is, we are still in the dark. Lexicons, or those that give definitions of words, they try to imbue Spirit and Mind synonymous. Is that true? They don't have no way to prove that Spirit and Mind are synonymous at all. So how do we go about it to find out?

When I say here we sit, I am referring to mankind everywhere. What do we do, or where do we go? What are the steps to take? Now it is almost silly and it's folly to continue to talk about something and worship something that you have no idea of who, where, what, or anything about. I say that it is an absolute mental and physical impossibility for you to do that. The subject has engaged the attention of mankind from its very early conception.

Now these are some of the recommendations. First, let me say this. Somebody said, well I believe Yogism has it; another says, no, I believe Buddha has it; another says another philosopher's concept has it. Does he prove it? By and by we just don't have anything but more and more confusion. It has created a lot of doubts in the minds of mankind.

Now everybody surely has a burning desire in his heart and mind to want to know God as he really is. Man was imbued from this very beginning of creation with a sufficient amount of mind and intellectual capacity, or wisdom and knowledge, that he get acquainted and know God as he really is. God himself has given a prescribed and a definite, a concrete and simplified, pattern to prove his existence. Every animate and inanimate object in this Universe, not just the man only, but every animate and inanimate object in this Universe expresses it when you know how to use them, and confirms and proves the existence of God. There is not a mathematician, including Einstein, who is supposed to be the greatest, that could count and say how many manifestations of God there really is. So what it does is abolishes all reason, justifiable reason for our stupidity and colossal ignorance of his ever presence. What you will have to do, is to get real serious about it, lay down all folly, all foolishness, this ignorance, superstitions, traditions, ideologies, and opinions, etc., then you will begin to learn, not until then.

Let us assume that there is a God. That the Bible, and when I say Bible, I am now talking about the Old Covenant and the prophets who claim to have seen God through visions and they wrote what they saw in the vision. That is by inspiration to us. We will take the testimony of those who claim to have seen God in a vision or through revelations and we will test what they say by the things that exists, then we will begin to realize something about God.

Now what is Spirit? Spirit is substance, it is essence. Now if you take the masculine and feminine bodies and the secretion that is generated within those bodies, and take the sperm, from that another child, or another form is conceived; it's formed. Eventually it is born. So Spirit, I am telling you, is Substance. Not a visual substance, but incorporeal substance from which this great God of the Stellar Universe manifested himself in incorporeal form according to the testimony of those who have claimed to have seen him in a vision, and when I say those, I am referring to Moses and the Prophets. For example, in the 24th Chapter of Exodus, Moses says he saw God and he described him. If he was up in the mountain and he saw a form, not a physical form because it also said that no man has seen God at any time, that is to say with his physical eyes. What Moses saw in that cloud and heard in that cloud, he wrote it down. Even the creation, he wrote all of the history of the creation and what he saw in the cloud and identified as God. He said God (he saw in the cloud) made man in his own image and own likeness. So we have man, he is an animated physical object.

As Dr. Harris quoted the Apostle Paul, he said that Romans l:19-20, that which may be known of God is manifested in them, or to the Israelites. "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." Nobody has a legitimate excuse for not knowing God, because every physical thing points right back to the invisible.

Now we have this polytheistic idea that God is like this gentleman here; Son is like Dr. Gross setting next to him; and the Holy Ghost is like the gentleman sitting next to him. To me that is not the way it is. I would say that man is three-fold. I mean this, let's call it your mind or the psychic forces. I can put my hands on your head, but I can't put it on your mind. There is a difference between his mind or his spirit. Let's say that then his physical body: so then using mind as one (1); the body as two (2); the capacity of his intelligence as the third (3rd) counterpart; therefore, I would say that he was three-fold. But when I look at this man sitting in this chair and call him by name we don't say mind, soul, and body, or pneuma, psyche, and soma, we just call him by his name; that takes care of the whole thing. He is made up just like God. So I would say that his mind can't say anything at all about shape and form; he can set in his chair and think about something 2 or 3,000 miles, or 10,000 miles from here, but yet and still he remains in this chair. I couldn't limit the scope or how wide or how narrow to a channel or a spot to what his mind was thinking about, or whether it was round or straight or what not, so it is without shape or form.

We will say then, to correlate and to coordinate it, we would say then, now instead of using the word mind we would say spirit. Spirit is substance, it is something. His body is something, The attributes is something, but it is all right there; so it is with the Godhead. The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, these three constitutes the one Godhead.

Let's go back from the creation, see if that is straight. Science today claims that we are living in the atomic age and we have gone far back into the physical realm to investigate the composition of matter, and we have gone back to what is known as the Atom. As a small particle of matter, the Atom is ultra-microscopic, that is to say, you can't see it with a microscope. Science tells us this Atom is composed of an Electron, Proton and a Neutron, just like this man is composed of Pneuma, Psyche, and Soma, or Soul, Body and Spirit. The Godhead is composed of the Father, the Son, the Word; the power to transmute the spiritual secretion to physical. So in that condition, you have incorporeal form; next to that he manifested into a physical body. We understand that that body is known as the Messiah. Now those are three different, distinctive manifestations of the one God, and is correlated in the smaller of the microscopic particles of matter. They say there are 92 basic elements of matter. Now all I said should be proven, don't you think so? Or else put in the wastebasket somewhere. You will find that if you continue to probe into those others that claim to know something about God, they will either have to give you a reasonable answer, or admit that they don't know.

Calling your attention back. I said God is Spirit; I said Spirit was substance. I said from that substance he took on incorporeal form. He took on incorporeal form before he began to create. Create what? Before he began to create the Universe. Now I want to show you how to prove that.

If the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are: clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that we don't have no excuse. Now we have talked about Spirit; shape and form in the incorporeal; also, we talked about it coming down into the physical. Now let's go back and see if we can prove that from the beginning.

In the first chapter of Genesis, we find that in the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form, that is to say, it didn't have shape and form. Darkness was upon the face of the deep. So then, if you are going to take the physical and understand the invisible, then matter then must first be manifested or revealed or shown to be without shape or form. Then it from being in that condition, without shape and form, we can understand the meaning of Spirit, from looking at matter without shape and form. We can also come on down into the masculine and feminine generative organs and look at the secretions there, that takes on shape and forms a child. Why was the earth without form? Why did he create it that way? It is because he is showing that Spirit is without shape or form. Substance and the secretion. As we go on down we find in the first chapter of Genesis how that same essence, the same matter took on form; that is to say, both animal and vegetable. That is what Paul is talking about -- Romans 1:19-20.

Now you will always find that man is trying to improve on the things that God has done. For example: When the children of Israel left out of the land of Egypt, went through the Red Sea and into the wilderness of Sinai, God told them to gather around Mt. Sinai, gave them three days to clean up. This is what he says: I am the Lord thy God that has brought you out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage; thou shalt have no other Gods before me, in the likeness that is in the heaven above or in the earth beneath. Why? Why did he say that? It is because God made the man in his own likeness and in his own image and put life in him. There is no mechanical robot or anything that you can make that will improve on the man that God has made to prove his identity and his presence. It is wonderful when you begin to search to find and to know God as he really exists.

Now let me go back and pinpoint this: now your physical body and your soul or the attributes -- wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence -- that the soul prolonged, or that part that you can't put your hand on, that is without any known shape or form, which we say that is the Spirit that is in you. Please be advised that that is God. Why? Because you cannot exist independent of God. You are inseparable from him, therefore you cannot exist unless you are united to a counterpart of God. Let me prove that.

As the children of Israel went into the wilderness of Sinai, God told Moses to build a tabernacle. "Moses build a tabernacle according to the pattern seen in the mount" in a vision. As I have said before there is always some opponent. As soon as he seen that and come down out of the mount to construct the tabernacle according to the pattern that he saw, down at the foot of the mount was his opponents, just as we have today. Nathan, Dathan, and Korah, now they were skilled in the practice as a trade that we know of today. They understood something about building. So they went to advise Moses that this was not the pattern or plan or layout that you are supposed to build. Build it this way. God had told Moses to see to it that he builded it just like the pattern that was shown him in the mount, Exodus 25:40. He cautioned him. Why did he caution him? Because this is the pattern of everything. Now Moses, if you don't make it like I tell you, then you have tore up both heaven and earth. So you make sure you make it just like I have showed you, even if the adversaries of this land oppose it, you make it like I said. How is that? Make a court around about, that is part one; make a Holy Place, that is part two; it is divided from the Most Holy Place by a vail; and make a Most Holy Place; that is part three.

I told you above that your body was pneuma, psyche, and soma; soul, body, and spirit. There is your tabernacle which is made that way. There is the atom that is electron, proton, and neutron coming up even from the invisible.

Now when Moses got the tabernacle constructed as God had told him to, he took Holy anointing oil compounded after the art of the apothecary and dedicated Aaron his brother -- was the first High Priest under the dispensation of the law. Melchizedek was before this, 430 years to be more specific and emphatic according to the scripture. The purpose for building this, God said, was so that I might dwell among them, and he dwelled in the Most Holy Place between the wings of the Cherubims. The Most Holy Place is allegorical or it is figurative of heaven itself. God dwelled in that tabernacle in the wilderness. I want you to correlate the tabernacle to your body. The tabernacle is the dwelling of God, as is your body. God dwells in you whether you are conscious or unconscious of it. Your body is the tabernacle or the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Now let's move into the Most Holy Place. Here we find the ark of the covenant and the two cherubims of glory overshadowing the mercy seat, symbolizing the throne of God. That is why we showed you that eye in between the wings of the cherubims in the cloud. I don't like to intrude on someone else's ground, but I would like to say this. The children come out of the land of Egypt under a cloud, as Dr. Harris said. The cloud led them by day, and a pillar of fire by night. Now remember the two wings of the cherubims overshadowing the mercy seat, you find that in the 9th chapter of Hebrews, and when you read, remember Hebrews are Jewish people, to whom God chose to reveal and manifest himself to, and they were to carry the message to the rest of the world, or to the Gentiles.

Now let's get into your physical body. Now if you look at the left and right hemispheres of the brain, you will find that under your cranium, under your skull, you have that left and right hemisphere, and you are walking around all the time under that cloud, and mind, spirit, is functioning through your mind. The temple is a figure. Noah's Ark has a lower deck, a middle deck, and an upper deck. Just anywhere you want to go you will find it through the whole entire of everything. That is why these lines are shown here on the chart, they divide it up and show the tabernacle, that is what we call the Divine Pattern of the Universe. We even watch the functions of the High Priest going in and out.

Now let's say this; Egypt, according to the testimony, it was dark down unto the time the paschal lamb was slain, after the 10 plagues were poured out. Now taking the Passover down in Egypt, take the authenticity and the validity of it, and find out if it is true or not according to history. Moses took the blood of the lamb, and put it on each side of the door, and up over the lentil of the door, and it was dark. Death down in Egypt, the paschal lamb, and the angel flew over, and the first-born was slain. This is in the Post-Diluvian Age. Go back to the Ante-Diluvian Age, you find the flood, the same identical figure back there. Someone will say they don't believe that. Go back in the creation, so if the paschal lamb was slain back there, and if Jesus is going to be the Messiah, then there must be a lamb slain before the foundation of the world, and it has to be dark back there, just as it was in the beginning of the creation. This is the beginning of the migration. The 10 Plagues were poured out down in Egypt and devastated Egypt. Then in the beginning of the creation up here we have to show the same thing; blood and water, the cloud denoting Spirit. You have to show it in this dark chaotic state back in the beginning. It has to correlate; if it doesn't you have the wrong story. Then you don't have any way to prove the existence of God. Now then, there is Christ as the paschal lamb, or using the lamb as a figure of Christ. Then when he hung out there on the cross, it has to turn dark over the face of the earth from the 6th to the 9th hour. His blood has to be on both sides of the cross, just like the blood was on both sides of the door and over the lentil and there you have the crown of thorns on his head. Get around to a place where you know something about the great creator of this Universe. Moses and all the prophets that wrote what they saw in a book, and told you what they saw in a vision and the revelation of the vision. All of those men speaking symbolically, metaphorically, allegorically, saying practically the same thing with different physical eyes. God in manifestation is multiplied in many manifestations, but the principle never does change.

In order to prove the existence of God, what you must be able to do is to take the physical things all the way through from the creation, even from its atomic structure and every small particle of matter on through the universe in its totality. Examine every operation and find out whether or not by its correlation of one thing to the other, and that will prove the existence of God, beyond the question of a doubt.

If man was created in the likeness and the image of God, the prophets speak of him and saw him in visions. I'm talking about Moses seeing him in a vision in the 24th chapter of Exodus. Moses saw him in a vision in incorporeal form, that's the anthropomorphic idea or content, saying now that this came from Spirit and took on shape and form, up in Mt. Sinai, not down on the flat surface of the ground. Now being up in the mountain, because the mountain is elevated, extended up in the atmosphere is allegorical of heaven or eternity itself. Then if Moses saw him in the mount, then by his coming down into the atmosphere of invisibility into visibility to build this tabernacle or what he saw in the vision, the descent, which means figuratively, the same one that he saw in the incorporeal form, which must take on physical form, and he must descend to visibility. God was to abide in that physical body or in that tabernacle, When will he be along? You watch it back in chronology, back to 490 years, to seal the vision of the prophets from the going forth of the commandment under Artexerxes.

Unto the Messiah, 490 years have passed and gone, so the Messiah had to be here and gone. So when he came down out of the mountain, to prove that he was the one. Moses said he saw him create the heaven and earth, while he was up there in that mount. It was created by this pattern; that's why God divided the waters beneath from the waters above. Why? Because the Holy place is divided. The next day he divided the light from the dark. What's happening? God is not the Divine, but the Archetype Pattern of the Universe, or the Original or First Pattern. The Divine is this physical. The Archetype or the original is the Godhead. So all through nature you see him functioning through nature in those days. Moses told you what he saw in the beginning of his vision; the heaven and the earth surrounded by water. He told you what happened on the first day, second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day, sixth day, seventh day; there hasn't been anymore creation since then. Then John came on the Isle of Patmos. Moses saw him in the beginning of his vision; saw him create and the earth was surrounded with water. Then John certainly had to see it on the Isle of Patmos. It has to be surrounded by water. So if Moses told what happened through those six consecutive days and God rested on the Sabbath and hasn't done anything since, then there isn't any other place for John to go in but on the Sabbath Day.

Now I will try to show you this creation through here and the Messiah had come down into visibility, so when he came he had to do the same thing. If the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters there and it was dark then, he has to be the one incarnated into a physical body, he has to walk on the waters. It can't be light, it has to be dark. You work with the vegetation and everything. What is he doing? Fulfilling what Moses and the prophets said is so. Proving that God does exist, and existed in incorporeal form, and now he existed in a physical body. He said peace be still, and the winds and the waves, Moses saw that day when he saw the Spirit moving upon the face of the waters, violent move. The boys were out there in the boat at night, he said peace be still; they said they never saw a man like that before. Why? Because there is but one creator. There is none like him, and this is him embodied in this tabernacle.

Now I hope you have received something about proving the existence of God. We are trying our best to make you realize and to come to the realization and the competence that the truth of it that there really is a God, that he is manifesting himself, and it is only our ignorance of his ever presence, it's our ignorance of not understanding how to go about it, to reconcile man everywhere on this earth plane.