Principle of 2520

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2520 is a number that has been recognized by philosophers, theosophists, and mathematicians as a very special and mystical number. For example, 2520 is the ONLY number in the universe that is equally divisible by the primary foundation numbers:

2520 divided by

1 = 2520

2 = 1260

3 = 840

4 = 640

5 = 504

6 = 420

7 = 360

8 = 315

9 = 280

10 = 252

Try this with ANY number and you will get a decimal or fraction before you reach the end.

The Holy Scriptures does not record the number outright, but it is heavily inferred. When our founder, Henry Clifford Kinley, received his panoramic vision and revelation, he clearly illustrated the principle when he painted his "Moses Chart" depicting the Great Pyramid with the number on it. He stated that the edifice was built by angels and that the number is recorded on there.

The Great Pyramid is a type of Elohim who is the builder and maker of this universe and the foundation or chief corner stone of it as the number 2520 signifies. (Heb 11:10)

The first instance we come to concerning this number is when after the Israelites left the land of Egypt, after 10 devastating plagues, and they came to Mt Sinai as that Great Phenomenal Cloud led them there. (Ex 13:21) Moses, in his first trip up the mountain, is given instructions for himself and the people. (Ex 19:3-25) Also, the Law is spoken from the mount. (Ex 20th ch.) In Moses' second trip he is told to come up ALONE and by himself. (Ex 24:1) However, Joshua the son of Nun went with him. (Ex 24:13-14) Moses went up into the cloud and Joshua (Yahshua) transfigured before him and Moses received the vision of the heavens and the earth which took 7 SOLAR days (6 creative days + 1 sabbatical day) for Moses to view. (Ex 24:15-16)

The year this event took place is 2513 A.M. or Anno Mundi which means the year of the world. That means that these numbers go forward as oppose to going in 'reverse' when one uses BBY or Before, Birth of Yahshua. We often use the date 1490 or 1491 BBY to signify the date of the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt. 2513 A.M. and 1491 BBY are the same date! This is the proof:

                                2513 A.M.
                               +1491 BBY
                                4004 B.C.--year Adam cast out of the Garden
                                  -4 B.C.---29 A.D.--date most historians say 'Jesus' lived in. 
                                4000 years from Adam to Yahshua

The four year error by Dionysius Exiguus is necessary as it is part of the calculations but even in the error Yahweh is still correct!

Since the event took place in 2513 A.M and seeing that Moses has been viewing the vision of the creation for six solar days and on day SEVEN he views Elohim standing in the sabbath. Now prophectically those seven days become seven years (Num 14:34) and are added on to the date:

                                   2513 A.M.

This is clearly pointing to Elohim who translated (in part) into each day of creation for Moses and is the MAN who is standing in his rest on the SABBATH day.

Yahshua fulfills 2520 when he takes Peter, James, and John up into a mountain and transfigured before them. (Matt 17:1-9) Verse one states,"And after six days, Yahshua bringeth up Peter, James and John, his brother into a high mountain privately." Now that means that it was on the SEVENTH day or the SABBATH that they went up. First they went up the mountain in which Yahshua transfigured then they came down the mountain. (Matt 17:9) That is a round trip or mathematically speaking 360 degrees, so when put together: 360 x 7=2520

On our Chronology or Ages and Dispensation chart the words 'beginning' and 'ending' are marked on opposite ends of the chart. One could use a pointer to draw an imaginary line from the word 'beginning' thru the ages of Creative, Ante, Post, Present,etc to the word 'ending'. Now that would make the chart appear 'linear'.

However, it is not, it is a CIRCLE. (Isa 46:9-10) So as Elohim makes a round trip thru the ages and there are seven ages, again: 360 x 7=2520 and Elohim is appearing in the Sabbatical age as he did for Moses on the seventh day of the vision.

Also 2520 is the DIVINE PROOF that Elohim IS NOT always in shape and form. Paul states that the invisible things are reflected by the visible, even his supernal nature and ETERNAL power.(Rom 1:19-20) What is the Eternal power of Yahweh? The power of transmutation. If you say Elohim is always in shape and form then you have taken away His Eternal power!

Another controversy this principle blows to smithereens is one concerning various individuals supposely containing the fullness of the Supernal nature of Yahweh. This cannot be as 2520 signifies the foundation, builder and maker of the universe. 2520 pointed out Joshua (Yahshua) to Moses, in fulfillment 2520 pointed out Yahshua to Peter, James, and John. 2520 does not point out ANYONE else in scripture or history saving one Henry Clifford Kinley. Here is how:

Luke states in 21:24:"And they shall be led by the sword,and shall be led away captive into all nations; and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled." To understand the fulfllment, one must understand when the times of the Gentiles was initiated. This is well recorded in our textbook, fourth volume, pages 42-43. In brief it is this:

"In his days Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, came up and Jehoiakim became his servant THREE years; then he turned and rebelled against him. And Yahweh sent band of the Chaldeans, and bands of the Syrians, and bands of the Moabites and bands of the children of the Ammon, and sent them against Judah to destroy it, acccording to the word of Yahweh, which he did speak by his servants, the prophets." (2 Kings 24:1-2)

Yahweh had told Israel that if they broke the law then they were subject to the punishment statutes in the law. (Deut 28:49-52, 63-65) The Israelites had been thru six servitudes in their own land(see textbook, volume four, page 36). In the seventh servitude they would be dispossessed of their land or inheirtance:

                            1004 BBY-year Solomon's Temple finished but Dedication deferred
                            -400 years (Ex 34:7 zeroes can be added or subtracted)
                             604 BBY-year Jehoiakim becomes Nebuchadnezzar's servant
                              -3 years servitude in their own land
                             601 BBY-Jehoiakim rebels, Nebuchadnezzar disposesses Judah
                                           Times of the Gentiles begins. (Dan 1:1-9)

Another way to look at this:

                            1004 BBY-year Solomon's Temple finished but Dedication deferred
                              -3 years taken to move furniture into Temple       
                            1001 BBY-Dedication of Solomon's Temple 
                            -400 years (Ex 34:7)
                             601 BBY-Begining of the Times of the Gentiles.

And another:

                             1491 BBY-year of Israelites Exodus from Egypt
                             -490 years cycle or 70 weeks of years (Dan 9:24)
                             1001 BBY-Dedication of Solomon's Temple
                             -400 years (Ex 34:7)
                              601 BBY-Begining of the Times of the Gentiles                           

The Times of the Gentiles is 2520 years and beginning at 601 BBY they stretch into these last days and times:

                           601 BBY-Beginning of the Times of the Gentiles
                         -2520 years (Ezek 4:6)
                          1919 AD
                            +7 years-covenant confimed (Dan 9:27)
                          1926 AD
                            +5 years or Pentecost/50 (age of Moses when Joshua appeared in Egypt)
                          1931 AD-year Founder receives vision, Times of the Gentiles fulfilled.

What this means is that if you believe the TRUE report given by our Founder concerning this vision and revelation then YOUR TIME AS A GENTILE HAS BEEN FULFILLED and you are now a SPIRITUAL JEW (Rom 2:28-29) because 2520 (Elohim) has TRANSLATED you into His kingdom, that is, you have an Immortal Spirit dwelling in a mortal body and you have come to the heavenly Jerusalem. (Heb 12:22-24)