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(see fantasy)

  1. something that seems to appear to the sight,but has no physical existance, apparition, vision, spector, a ghost
  2. a person that is something in appearance but not in fact (a phantom leader)

The following is documented in a medical library:

"When a person gets a limb amputated their is something in the brain that is described as a distorted little 
old man that reroutes the nerves in the brain, thus deceiving the brain into thinking that it has a whole body."

This article and definition reminds me of the Satanic Spirit (the little old distorted man) in your brain that is rerouting or changing the facts concerning the teaching (truth) with their fantasys and imaginations and is decieving the people into thinking that what they have is a whole body of truth (facts).

Remember the Phantom (Satanic Spirit) diverts your attention from the facts to their own fantasys and imaginations. What they do can be very subtile, or can be right out in the open. This is a magicians trick, a diversion of attention, rerouteing the facts, thus, a phantom leader.

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