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  • Def: Inorganic 1. not having the structure or organization characteristic of living bodies; 2. not characterized by vital processes; 3. not fundamental or related; extraneous; 4. Involving neither organic life nor the products of organic life; 5. Not composed of organic matter; 6. Lacking system or structure; 7. lacking the properties characteristic of living organisms; 8. Not arising in normal growth; artificial;

  • Origin: 1785–95; in-3 + organic;

  • Synonyms: asleep, bare, barren, brute, cold, comatose, deceased, defunct, departed, desert, empty, exanimate, extinct, faint, inanimate, inert, insensate, insensible, late, lifeless, sterile, unconscious, uninhabited, unproductive, waste.
Source: Unabridged