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  • Def: Concrete 1. constituting an actual thing or instance; real; 2. pertaining to or concerned with realities or actual instances rather than abstractions; particular; 3. representing or applied to an actual substance or thing, as opposed to an abstract quality; 4. made of concrete: a concrete pavement; 5. formed by coalescence of separate particles into a mass; united in a coagulated, condensed, or solid mass or state; 6. set or cast in concrete, to put (something) in final form; finalize so as to prevent change or reversal;

  • Origin: 1471, from L. concretus, pp. of concrescere "to grow together," from com- "together" + crescere "to grow" (see crescent). A logicians' term until meaning began to expand 1600s. Noun sense of "building material made from cement, etc." is first recorded 1834;

  • Synonyms: accurate, actual, corporeal, definite, detailed, explicit, material, objective, particular, precise, real, sensible, solid, specific, substantial, tangible.
Source: Unabridged