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A highly addictive and deadly drug; "co-" means "with" + "caine" (drop the "e" at the end and what do you have? "Cain"). Cain was the first murderer, just as Satan is a spiritual murderer.

We have to remember that we are not the drug, but we can be persuaded, lured into and seduced by partaking of this drug. And that it can ruin your life. The effects of cocaine, or any destructive drug, is just as devastating as the influence of the Satanic Spirit. Just as we are not the satanic spirit, but can be persuaded or possessed by it, lured into and seduced into believing what appears to be the truth; however, in reality it is a delusion.

Eric Clapton did an anti-drug song called "Cocaine", warning people what will happen to you if you take the drug. Dr. Kinley opened a 'spiritual rehab' center (IDMR). But just as in the physical rehab centers, there is no garantee that you will be saved. The key is: you have to want to receive help, you have to change your way of thinking, and your environment.